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Chapter 388: Pain
    Seeing this object, Bai Yichen’s eyes suddenly go wide, and he cries out in surprise: “The Dragon Meteorite, how can the Dragon Meteorite appear in this place?”
    “What’s the Dragon Meteorite?”
    At once, Muyan raises her pale face to look at Bai Yichen.
    Bai Yichen takes a deep breath and says: “It is said that the Dragon Meteorite appeared in the Yanwu Continent a thousand years ago. At that time, it caused a vision in the heavens, and fell into the Fog Forest, leading to countless people scrambling to take it.”
    “In the end, everyone found a piece of grey stone, just as where that vision has occurred.”
    “Initially, no one could figure out the wonders of this stone – until one night, at zi shi, a practitioner sat in meditation beside it, and the stone suddenly let out a lustrous white light. It resulted in that practitioner’s cultivation advancing by leaps and bounds, and breaking through a small realm overnight.”
    “From then on, people had been frantically fighting over this piece of stone, even giving it the name Dragon Meteorite.”
    “But as early as several hundred years ago, the Dragon Meteorite had gone missing. I saw records and sketches of it in a secret scroll at Zi Yang Zong. I didn’t expect that the Dragon Meteorite, which everyone had been fighting over back then, is actually in Jin Wangye’s hands.”
    Lou Beiyu examines the meteorite that’s emitting a bright and gentle glow, then he looks at Muyan, “Then why did this Dragon Meteorite suddenly fly until it’s in front of Master? Does it want to recognize my Master as its Lord?”
    Muyan is well aware.
    Without a doubt, this Dragon Meteorite doesn’t want to recognize her as its Lord.
    Instead, it wants to return to its main part — the Tian Mo Qin.
    If she didn’t guess it wrong, this meteorite should be a piece of material that had split from the Tian Mo Qin.
    She remembers a mark on the map.
    That mark is in the Yanwu Continent, and it is particularly close to the Fog Forest.
    At that time, she tried looking for it for a long time, but she didn’t find anything.
    Now it may be inferred, that it’s because people have taken this Dragon Meteorite away.
    Hum, hum, hum!! Clang, clang, clang!!
    The deafening sound of the qin surges in her ears.
    And there’s a burst of turbulence in the entire Space.
    Clearly, the Tian Mo Qin couldn’t wait any longer, as it impatiently urges Muyan to hurry up and take that stone over.
    Muyan takes a deep breath, and slowly reaches her hand out.
    As her fingertips touch the meteorite, all of a sudden, the resplendent radiance shines brighter.
    In a flash, the Dragon Meteorite turns into a shooting star, as it enters her body at a breakneck speed.
    “Ugh–!!” a ripping kind of pain comes through from inside her.
    This pain is a few times stronger than the one from earlier, so Muyan finally couldn’t help but grunt.
    Big droplets of sweat roll down from her forehead.
    “Master, what’s wrong?”
    Muyan’s body is on the verge of collapse. If Lou Beiyu’s hand hasn’t been supporting her, she probably would have fallen to the ground already.
    “First, help me back to the room.” Muyan forces herself to suppress the acute pain in her body, speaking in a weak voice, “Lou Beiyu, I’m afraid I can’t bring you back for the time being.”
    “Master, what are you talking about! It doesn’t matter if this disciple can’t leave, as long as Master can!” Lou Beiyu urgently cries out, “Master, is something the matter?”
    Yes there is, but this is quite the timing!
    Since she can’t find the means to fix the Tian Mo Qin, Muyan has originally been anxious.
    The words that Baili Yinlou said before she disappeared – Muyan has been firmly keeping them in mind all along.
    Only by fixing the Tian Mo Qin, can she truly advance to a level that can break out of this Yanwu Continent.
    And Xiao Bao can only grow healthy and happy by ascending from the Yanwu Continent.
    The only depressing thing is that be it the Tian Mo Qin recognizing her as Lord, or getting itself restored, the process is incomparably painful.
    Such pain and torture is absolutely not something that an ordinary person can endure.

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  1. I guess fate works in mysterious ways. There was purpose for her to come to Jin Wangye’s place.


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