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Chapter 390: What Xiao Bao Longs For
    Muyan could no longer hold back an anguished howl because of the sudden and violent pain.
    Immediately after that, the Space shatters and disappears, and Muyan reappears in the room.
    Even the fat rabbit is forced out, cutting a sorry figure as it tumbles by her feet.
    The door is pushed open with a ‘bang’, then Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen come rushing in.
    What they see inside is Muyan has her entire body drenched in blood, her complexion is deathly pale, and she appears to be unconscious.
    Lou Beiyu almost kneels on the floor from fright, but he scrambles and crawls to make his way towards Muyan.
    Tears gushing out, “Master, Master, what happened to you?”
    Even Bai Yichen, who has always been cool-headed, has a change come over his appearance, “Muyan, how could this possibly be? What exactly happened?”
    However, there’s no way that the completely unconscious Muyan could still hear their voices, or answer their questions.
    The two people have lost their heads in panic, and they completely don’t notice – that outside the room, under the night sky, between the Three Realms – changes that would turn the sky and earth upside down are beginning to appear little by little.
    The only one that notices is the fat rabbit, as it comes back to its senses from being confused and disoriented.
    It looks out the window, and at the vision in the sky that has started to form.
    And it turns back to look at the unconscious Muyan, specks of horror and amazement appearing in its mung bean eyes, a shocked and disbelieving look.
    This… how is this possible?!
    In the Yanwu Continent, there is no Spiritual Power, no vitality of Heaven and Earth, yet someone is actually forming a Spiritual Root on her own.
    More than that, it’s… unexpectedly unlike any other Spiritual Root.
    But it is one that is unique and unmatched between heaven and earth…
    Tianyuan City, Junji Medical Center.
    Even when they’re taking a bath, Di Ming Jue doesn’t let go of the opportunity to train Xiao Bao.
    Being the in water is the most natural adversity for humans.
    Within the extremes of adversity, one ultimately breaks through a bottleneck, or collapse under the weight of it’s limit.
    It is the best place to test and temper a person’s frame of mind.
    Xiao Bao springs up and breaks out from the water, taking in a big mouthful of air.
    His white and tender little face is very red, and he looks extremely exhausted.
    But his eyes are bright and sparkling, as he unblinkingly looks at Di Ming Jue.
    Di Ming Jue raises his hand, wrapping a towel that is several times bigger than Xiao Bao, around the latter’s very small form.
    The man’s cold, languid voice slowly echoes, “Four hours, not bad. Today’s training stops here.”
    Saying that, he bends down and directly picks the blanket up, with Xiao Bao in it. They leave the bath.
    This time, Xiao Bao obediently allows Di Ming Jue to carry him.
    Stubby little hands are even holding on to Di Ming Jue’s neck.
    A pair of blue eyes, exactly the same as Di Ming Jue’s, softly blink. Dense, long, fan-like eyelashes are misty with condensation.
    The whole person looks particularly adorable.
    Long eyelashes blink, and Xiao Bao couldn’t help but ask: “One day, can Xiao Bao be as strong as you?”
    Di Ming Jue glances towards him, and reaches out to wipe the damp spots on his face with the towel.
    Though his movements are awkward, but it contains and almost imperceptible tenderness.
    “As long as you properly practice, you naturally can.”
    The man’s voice is indifferent, but it has a finality of expecting something as a matter of course, “You are my, Di Ming Jue’s son. If it becomes known that you’re not strong enough, wouldn’t that be throwing Ben Jun’s face away?”
    Xiao Bao opens his mouth, wanting to say something, but he ultimately couldn’t speak out a word.
    Even though he’s small, he knows.
    This man in front of him isn’t his real father.
    Niangqin never mentioned it before either, just who is his real father?
    Previously, Xiao Bao didn’t care in the slightest about whether or not he has a father.
    But at this very moment, a bit of sadness and longing wells up in his tiny little heart.

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  1. Awwwww, chibi, I love you!

    Ha! Ji Muyan is deserving! Nobody can talk shit about her now.



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