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Chapter 393: Xiao Bao’s Rage
    In this way, Wangye’s imperial dominance is imminent!
    The more he thinks of this, the brighter Zhu Hai’s eyes become. If he was initially somewhat dissatisfied – that a woman who has lost her innocence and gave birth to a child would become Jin Wangfei,
    Now he can’t wait, wanting Jun Muyan to turn into their Wangfei.
    “Cough… cough, cough… who exactly are you people?” Shen Jinglin gets up from the ground, and pulls Xiao Bao behind him. He firmly glares at Zhu Hai, “Why do you want to move your hand against Xiao Bao and my Shen Family?”
    Zhu Hai disdainfully looks at Shen Jinglin.
    There’s no way he would care about an insignificant Earth Stage Practitioner.
    His vision flits towards Xiao Bao behind Shen Jinglin, and his eyes flicker with restraining fear and foreboding.
    A mere four-year-old child already has a cultivation of middle Heaven Stage.
    In time, if this person is allowed to live, he would certainly become a great danger to Wangye’s people.
    Zhu Hai’s gaze darkens, a ruthless and sinister killing intent floats up to the corners of his eyes, “If you want to blame someone, you can only blame him for being Jun Muyan’s son.”
    “Our Jin Wangye intends to marry Miss Jun as Wangfei. As a dignified Wangfei of Huang Yao, how can she have an illegitimate child that couldn’t couldn’t be allowed in public?”
    “Therefore, before Wangye and the new Wangfei could get married, we can only kill you and erase every bit of your existence, vile spawn. From that moment on, Jin Wangfei would be clean and pure, and no one would know that she once had a child.”
    Hearing Zhu Hai’s words, the expression showing in Xiao Bao’s eyes suddenly become similar to that of the small beast that has its reverse scales touched.
    In a split second, a sliver of bloody red appears in his ice-blue pupils.
    He takes a step forward, and then another. With freezing air, pure Mysterious Energy spreads around his small form.
    With the distance between him and Zhu Hai getting smaller and smaller,
    A powerful and suffocating pressure assaults Zhu Hai’s senses.
    His expression suddenly goes through a huge change, “No… this is impossible… he is just in the middle of Heaven Stage, and I am at the peak level – how can I possibly be the one suppressed?”
    He desperately operates his Internal Force, wanting to move, but it’s as if an invisible power shackles his entire being.
    He’s completely unable to move a single step.
    The surrounding people are even more dumbfounded.
    As with each step that Xiao Bao takes, the bluestone tiles under his feet unexpectedly shatter into small pieces.
    A dreadful pressure spreads through the atmosphere, making each and every one of black-clad men go pale.
    The ones with lower cultivations even have wisps of blood seeping out of the corners of their mouths.
    All of these is actually caused by a four-year-old child!
    A very small palm pushes out to the empty air. Mysterious Energy, boundless like great sea waves and raging winds, attacks straight towards Zhu Hai.
    Along with the crackling of bones breaking, a loud ‘boom’ pounds against people’s eardrums.
    Dust clouds the surroundings, crushed gravel fly in all directions.
    There’s also a dense smell of blood that drift at the tip of everyone’s noses.
    The dust settles, revealing Zhu Hai’s deathly pale face.
    In front of him, there’s a splayed corpse – already as dead as can be.
    The bones of its entire body have been crushed into pieces, and the blood that spurted out of its mouth completely stains the lower half of Zhu Hai’s body to be red.
    Zhu Hai looks at the dead body below him, then he looks at Xiao Bao. He could no longer conceal the shock and horror on his face.
    At that time, when a thousand pounds were hanging by a thread, if he didn’t use the pain to free himself from the suppression, dragging a person over to suffer the attack for him-
    He would probably be the one with the incomplete corpse by now.
    Yet this person that he used as a sacrifice was still a high Heaven Stage expert.
    An elite among the elite of Jin Wangfu’s killing force.
    But in spite of everything, he died so easily in the hands of a child?!
    With his palm strike, Xiao Bao’s little face has become deathly pale, and his body can’t help but sway unsteadily.

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  2. *nods* this Zhu trash is a true cannon fodder pig teammate, even helpfully spilling the beans in a villainous monologue. I offer him two claps.



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