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Chapter 399: Like a Goddess that Descended to Earth
    She… cannot die!
    No matter how much it hurts, she must still grit her teeth and bear with it.
    Under the guidance of Muyan’s consciousness, the chaos in her meridians slowly come together in a bundle, then it flows through her body.
    Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen, who are frightened and at a loss of what to do, they discover in astonishment-
    The surface Muyan’s skin, which has been unceasingly oozing with blood, it begins to glow with brilliant rays of light.
    The blood that’s covering Muyan’s clothes, even the stains that have seeped into the fabric, they all slowly fade away under this radiance.
    It seems like they’re being absorbed into Muyan’s body.
    “Bai-brother, you… look, Master’s meridians!”
    The two look down to see Muyan’s meridians that are exposed to the outside. To their surprise, the meridians slowly begin to change color.
    Red, orange, yellow, green, blue-green, blue, purple, grey, brown… nine colors continuously shift and alternate.
    The meridians that have begun to be visible all over, they still appear malevolent, but their colors slowly turn transparent.
    Soon after, they completely turn into a white glow.
    Bai Yichen subconsciously goes to take a glance outside the window, which he had overlooked earlier.
    Indeed, it’s glowing white – white like the moonlight outside the window.
    The moon in the sky has only become bigger and brighter. The vivid moonlight spills down, illuminating the space between heaven and earth like it’s daytime.
    The people in the entire Jin Wangfu have also come out because this strange event.
    As the moonlight turns brighter, the nine resplendent stars surround the moon.
    The glowing white meridians that have floated to the surface of Muyan’s skin slowly fade away.
    But the rays of light on her body grow brighter and brighter.
    Even if it’s already as bright as day outside, the illumination inside the room is still extraordinary.
    Both Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu are showing worried expressions.
    This way, Jin Wangye would surely find the peculiarities…
    Just as they’re thinking about this, the door is suddenly pushed open.
    Jin Wangye and his trusted aide rush in with large strides.
    Seeing the situation inside the room, Jin Wangye has his mouth and eyes wide open in shock.
    Bai Yichen and Lou Beiyu are too close, so they couldn’t see it clearly.
    But Jin Wangye, who is standing at the doorway, he could clearly and sharply see that there’s an encompassing halo behind Muyan.
    Glowing white, dazzling, pure, and holy.
    Like that bright moon in the sky.
    Two moons have emerged in the world. One is high up in the sky, surrounded by nine stars.
    And the other is behind Muyan, brilliantly spinning – and it’s as if a Goddess has descended to earth.
    This… what does this mean?!
    Jin Wangye stares and stares, his breathing slowly gets rougher and heavier. A greedy and possessive light bursts forth in his eyes.
    It is at this very moment that the whole Yanwu Continent, perhaps even everyone in the Three Realms, have their sky and earth turn upside down – all because of this vision that has emerged.
    Huang Yao Country, Heavenly Road Sect.
    In the middle of the night, at the highest peak of Lingyun Mountains, where it should originally be completely quiet, desolate and uninhabited.
    Now however, almost all the central figures of Heavenly Road Sect are standing up there.
    They are watching the vision in the night sky with astonishment.
    “Why would heaven and earth give birth to such a vision?”
    “If something abnormal has occurred, there must be a demon. Could it be that in the near future, this world will lose its peace and security?”
    As he’s speaking, the nine stars that’s surrounding the moon begin to move at an extremely slow speed.
    Faint rays of light come out of the nine stars, coming together with the silver moon above.
    The Nine Luminaries and the Moon.
    The dark night is as bright as day!
    All of a sudden, everyone on the Lingyun peak feel the Internal Force within them begin to stir.
    It’s like they want to greedily devour something, and yet they want to serve it as well.
    Every inch of their meridians feel like they’re being washed, and it’s like they’re burning.
    Just as everyone is bewildered, there’s a sudden sound of explosion on Lingyun peak.
    The mountain rock shatters.

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