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Chapter 406: Not allowed to touch my Master
    Listening to Lou Beiyu, Nie Zheng sneers, his eyes are filled with disdain, “Indeed, Wangye did agree to give Miss Jun seven day’s time to think it over. But as early as yesterday, Miss Jun has already responded that she wants to marry Wangye, and become the new Wangfei of Jin Wangfu. My family’s Wangye adores Miss Jun, and she is eager. Since Miss Jun has already agreed, it’s only natural to hold the wedding early, so as to avoid a long night of many dreams.*”
  • many complications
    “You’re talking rubbish! How can my Master possibly agree?”
    “Why wouldn’t she?” Nie Zheng’s smile becomes even more contemptuous, “When all is said and done, Miss Jun only came from Chi Yan, that small Low-ranked country. No authority, no influence, the backing of a Shen Family that couldn’t even be shown to the public. Moreover, her purity had even been seized by a man when she was young, giving birth to an illegitimate child. For this kind of woman to be able to marry my family’s Wangye as the main wife, that’s a blessing as big as the sky.”
    “After hearing my Wangye’s proposal, Miss Jun was so happy she that was moved to tears, and she agreed to Wangye on the spot. She also made Wangye hold the wedding as soon as possible. As a result, my family’s Wangye could only set the wedding ceremony today.”
    Lou Beiyu is practically trembling all over from anger.
    How can these people be so shameless?
    Master clearly didn’t agree to anything, yet they invert black and white like this!
    “Haven’t you noticed that my Master is in a coma?!” Lou Beiyu stubbornly stands in front of Muyan’s bed, “Even if you want to celebrate a wedding, shouldn’t it be done after my Master wakes up?”
    A mysterious light flashes through Nie Zheng’s eyes at lightning speed.
    Wangye had a thousand warnings and ten thousand injunctions, the the ritual of kneeling to heaven and earth, and consummating their marriage in the bridal room – everything must be completed before Jun Muyan wakes up.
    This is also the reason why the wedding ceremony that should’ve been conducted in the evening is ultimately brought forward to the morning.
    At that time, when the rice is cooked, even if someone comes to know of Jun Muyan’s peculiarity, she would already be Wangye’s person.
    If other people have any unwillingness, what else can they do?
    Nie Zheng draws up the corners of his mouth, revealing a smile that isn’t a smile, “The propitious day and the lucky hour have already been determined. Even if Miss Jun is unconscious, the last rites simply couldn’t be delayed. Miss Jun wants to marry our Wangye so much, so after she wakes up and becomes aware of the matter, in all likelihood, she would only be happy, and she would absolutely not be object.”
    Saying that, waves a hand.
    Two guards immediately step forward and grab Lou Beiyu.
    The old woman and the servant girl go over to the beside, preparing to take off the clothes on Muyan, and put on the entire set of phoenix crown and red clouds shawl on her.
    “You people aren’t allowed to touch my Master–!!”
    As he sees Muyan’s outer garment being taken off, Lou Beiyu’s eyes go red.
    The Internal Force of his body suddenly bursts forth.
    Those two guards are just high Earth Stage practitioners. They’re caught off guard, recoiling a few steps back from the shock.
    Lou Beiyu staggers and rushes over, grabbing the old woman who’s disrespecting Muyan.
    He raises a hand and ruthlessly slaps her twice on the face.
    “Who allowed you to touch my Master with your filthy hands!!”
    “Ouch–! Murder! Murder!” the old woman lets out a miserable bawl, like a dying pig.
    Lou Beiyu also kicks those servant girls to the floor, and the whole room descends into chaos.
    He crouches down to cover Muyan, directly lifting her up.
    But all of a sudden, he feels a tearing pain on his shoulder.
    Then, along with the smell of blood, a whip of thorns whooshes out from his left shoulder.
    “Ah–!!” a scream spills out of Lou Beiyu’s mouth.
    Muyan, who he was originally supporting up, also falls back to the bed.
    The blood dripping out from his shoulder fall down on Muyan’s snow white dress.
    It blooms like a tender and beautiful red plum flower.
    However, it’s still not over.
    The thorns continue to carve through his flesh.

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