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Chapter 407: Secondary preparations

The thorns continue to carve through his flesh.

It appears to grow frantically.

Soon after, it turns and bends in front of him, abruptly piercing through his other shoulder.

It goes back into Nie Zheng’s hands.

Nie Zheng gathers both ends of thorned vine in his hands, lightly tugging it.

Lou Beiyu screams from his tugging.

Nie Zhen stares at his face, deathly pale and twisted from pain. He sneers: “A guy who overestimates himself.”

“A waste from a small third-rate country, even if we chop you up and feed you to the Wangfu’s watchdogs, you still wouldn’t qualify. In spite of that, you still want to set yourself against our Wangye, hehe…”

“If it weren’t for the fact that you’re Miss Jun’s apprentice, by now, a dog like you would probably be dead already. Guess, if you were to die, will your Chi Yan Country have the nerve to come and look for our Wangye to settle the debt?”

He puts more force in his hands.

The thorns dig into Lou Beiyu’s flesh and bones, eliciting a grinding sound that could make a person’s teeth ache.

Lou Beiyu’s head is drenched in cold sweat from the pain, his complexion is as pale as paper, he’s practically unable to say a complete sentence.

Nie Zheng bursts into loud laughter, and uses his blood-soaked hand to pat Lou Beiyu’s face.

“Don’t worry, stray dog. Our Wangye won’t kill you. Not only will he spare your life, you’d even be allowed to personally watch Miss Jun and Wangye’s wedding ceremony, then the bridal room after that… after all, you are the only one related to Miss Jun, and you’ll still serve as witness.”

“Keep… keep dreaming…” Lou Beiyu is shaking all over from the pain, but he squeezes each word through gritted teeth, “Just what does… Li Jinting amount to, he… he’s not even worthy… of carrying… my Master’s shoes…”

“If you people dare to force my Master to go through the rites, wait until she wakes up, Master will definitely… definitely annihilate your Jin Wangfu into… into a river of blood, your corpses won’t be intact… cough, cough, cough!!”

At Lou Beiyu’s words, Nie Zheng’s face immediately warps into a harsh expression.

Remembering the scene he witnessed last night, Nie Zheng’s heart beats like a drum.

No one had ever caused such a Heavenly Vision before.

If this Jun Muyan wakes up, and she’s really unwilling to marry their Wangye no matter what-

Then he dreads that their Jin Wangfu really won’t have good days.

Nie Zhen takes a deep breath, and he speaks with a gloomy and sinister smile: “Perhaps Miss Jun would still rebel if it was just going through the marriage rites, but what if our Wangye has taken her body? Guess she can only be resigned to follow our Wangye, or have her reputation completely destroyed – from then on, she would no longer be able to get a good marriage.”

What’s more, Wangye has also anticipated that there might be this kind of situation.

So he had still made secondary preparations.

As long as that matter is accomplished, no matter how fierce her temper is, Jun Muyan would have no other choice but behave, and turn into an object that Wangye could knead and enslave as he pleases.”

How could she still have any room to resist?

Thinking of this, the worry in Nie Zheng’s eyes dissipate, and he coldly looks at the old woman and the maids on the floor.

How could these people dare to be negligent? They immediately go forward to take Muyan’s clothes off, and put on the bridal clothes.

“Don’t touch my Master! Go away! Go away!!”

Lou Beiyu watches as these people go and take Muyan’s clothes off, and in a moment, only her inner garments remain.

And all the men and women in the room aren’t even averting their eyes.

Even Nie Zheng is engrossed, his burning eyes staring at the snow white skin on Muyan’s hands and neck. He only feels his lower abdomen slightly tighten up.

Jin Wangye is famous for his beauties, you can’t count the number of women he married into the Wangfu.

But very few people know that, as far as Jing Wangye is concerned, these women are only playthings and nothing more.

He would just randomly and casually reward his subordinates with these women.

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