EMHS – ch408

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Chapter 408: I’ll put it on for her

It’s to the point where getting intimate with those concubines in front of his subordinates is a common matter.

Nie Zheng is one of Jin Wangye’s closest confidants – who knows how many naked women’s bodies has he seen.

But whenever Nie Zheng takes a second look, Jin Wang will directly bestow her to them.

That’s because, for Jin Wang, a woman is something good, but completely worthless compared to his great ambitions, his quest for power.

Nie Zheng licks the corner of his mouth.

He inwardly thinks, once Jin Wang had finished wringing out this Jun Muyan’s worth, he’ll definitely ask for her and nicely enjoy her.

He’s never seen such an absolutely splendid woman who can ruin and overturn the state, and he’s never coveted a woman this way before.

Seeing that her inner garments are about to be taken off,

Nie Zheng couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, his gaze burning.

Yet Lou Beiyu’s eyes are red, like he’s almost going mad. He simply doesn’t care about the thorns on his shoulders, as he suddenly dashes over.

“You dare to defile my Master, I’ll kill you all! Go away! Go away!”

Nie Zheng’s face sinks, and he abruptly jerks his hand.

There’s a bursting sound, it’s the sound of a rupture on the meridians of Lou Beiyu’s shoulder.

Lou Beiyu screams and falls to the floor.

Nie Zheng presses a foot down on his face, abruptly tightening up the thorned whip in his hand, “Hehe, don’t you want these hands anymore? If you want to turn into a useless person, then I might as well help you with it!”

After he says that, he tugs his hands, and stomps his foot down.

Merely listening to the crackling sound, everyone inside the room has their complexions change.

Those maids are ever showing expression of horror and aversion.

“Aaaah—!” Lou Beiyu lets out a miserable, blood-curdling scream. He couldn’t keep himself up anymore, and he loses consciousness.

Both of his hands are limply hanging down.

Nie Zheng has crushed every inch of bone from his shoulder blades, down to his fingers.

“Take this guy out.” Nie Zheng has a faint smile, “Change him into new clothes, and arrange him on the seat reserved for the representative of the bride’s family. After all, it’s the wedding of Wangye and the new Wangfei – it would be unseemly if there isn’t even a single guest over on the side the bride’s family.”

“Yes, daren!”

They directly drag Lou Beiyu out.

The blood on the floor is a ghastly sight, as they make a bloody drag mark.

But Nie Zheng smiles in an incredibly carefree way.

Soon after, his vision shifts, falling on the face of the girl on the bed.

His breathing suddenly becomes rushed.

It’s only as he sees her closer, that he discovers that Jun Muyan is so beautiful.

Simply like a heavenly creation, all the essence of grace has been gathered on the girl’s body.

Porcelain skin as white as snow; long, thick, fan-like eyelashes; delicate red lips; and a waist that couldn’t fill his grasp.

Nie Zheng suddenly holds out a hand, “Give me the wedding dress, I’ll put it on for her.”


The old woman and the servant girls reveal expressions of shock.

Nie Zheng shows a cold and gloomy smile, “What? This daren can’t?”

“But… but this is still the new Wangfei?”

“Hmm…” Nie Zhen sneers, “So what if she’s the new Wangfei? Once Wangye gets tired of toying with her, he’ll still reward her to me. Moreover, which of the women around Wangye couldn’t we touch as we please?”

The guards all nod one after another, showing depraved smiles.

Jin Wangfu’s favored concubines, they’ve also had their share of all those extraordinarily beautiful women before, and they taste really good.

Like when those women were driven out of Jin Wangfu-

They’re said to be driven away, but they’ve actually been given to these men.

Then among Jin Wang’s men, almost every house has several beauties – and they are completely without any misgivings in maltreating or toying with those women.

This is also one of the reasons why they are so deathly loyal to Jin Wang.

So now, as they’re listening to Nie Zheng saying such a thing, they immediately show looks of understanding.

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