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Chapter 415: The Dustless Swordsman
    The long sword points at Jin Wang, suddenly releasing a powerful Internal Force, “If you want to force Muyan to marry you, then you have to step over my dead body!”
    All the guests on the scene reveal their astonishment.
    Near Bai Yichen, some people even tremble, “This… this is the pressure of peak Heaven Stage- no, not just peak Heaven Stage, this is only a step away from Precelestial.”
    In just a few short months, Bai Yichen’s cultivation had actually advanced from the high Heaven Stage of when he first met Muyan – reaching peak Heaven Stage, and only a fine line away from Precelestial.
    “The former number one genius of the Yanwu Continent, when exactly had he grown to this point? This talent is absolutely not inferior to that of Jing Cheng Country’s Princess Qianxue!”
    “Right! Just how old is Bai Yichen now? He’s certainly younger than thirty, right? I’ve never seen nor heard of such a young Precelestial before!”
    Jin Wang’s cold, malicious eyes turn to look at the wound on his own arm. Soon after, it slowly falls on Bai Yichen, “Good! Since you yourself are courting death, then you’re not allowed to blame Ben Wang!”
    “Nie Zheng–!”
    Jin Wang shouts out an order.
    Nie Zheng suddenly flies out from among the crowd. He leads a dozen black-clothed men to surround Bai Yichen.
    In a blink of an eye, the wedding reception turns into a battlefield of irreconcilable adversaries.
    The sword in Bai Yichen hands dances like a tempest.
    A peak Heaven Stage* Nie Zheng, with a dozen other Heaven Stage experts – to everyone’s surprise, for a moment, they couldn’t deal with Bai Yichen by himself.
    The atmosphere on the site is practically making people suffocate.
    One after another, wounds begin to appear on Bai Yichen’s body.
    His Internal Force is a little used up, and he almost couldn’t lift up the sword in his hand.
    In his mind, Nie Zheng inwardly thinks that a chance has arrived. Thorny vines noiselessly shoot out from his palms. 
    “Ah–!!” Lou Beiyu screams to warn Bai Yichen.
    But in the end, it’s still a step too late. The thorns pierce through Bai Yichen’s abdomen. Blood flows out in a gush, and in a flash, the snow white clothing is dyed red.
    Several of the guests on the scene haven’t heard of the name Dustless Swordsman Bai Yichen.
    Some people aren’t really impressed with such young talents.
    Seeing this scene however, they couldn’t help but open their eyes, unable to bear it.
    Lou Beiyu rolls straight down from his seat, letting out coarse and unpleasant screams as he wriggles his body, wanting to crawl towards Muyan and Bai Yichen.
    Nie Zheng looks at the thorns on Bai Yichen’s abdomen, laughing heartily as he says: “Bai Yichen, serves you right!”
    He has long thought that this pretty boy newcomer is unpleasant to his eyes. What number one genius of the Yanwu Continent, that’s just a joke and nothing more.
    Today, isn’t he still about to die in his hands…
    All of a sudden, Nie Zheng’s laughter comes to a grinding halt.
    That’s because he sees, that on the pale face of the man in front him, a taunting smile slowly curves up.
     Before he has the time to fully understand what this smile means, he becomes aware of a powerful gust beside his ear.
    There are swishing sounds, and he feels severe pain from the four limbs of his body.
    Nie Zheng’s eyes immediately go wide. He opens his mouth, wanting let out a shrill, blood-curdling screech. However, he can only look on helplessly, watching as his own two hands and two feet fly out, blood splattering in all directions.
    “Aaahhh–!!” a miserable shriek finally pierces the skies.
    In the short instant of a breath, everyone had just seen Bai Yichen throw the long sword, and it suddenly swooped up on it’s own.
    It shot towards Nie Zheng like a lightning bolt.
    Immediately after, blood splatters everywhere, and limbs fly out in random directions. Nie Zhengs two hands and two feet have all been chopped off, and he completely and thoroughly turns into a useless person.
    The whole audience sinks into a deathly silence.
    Nie Zheng squirms with his mangled body, his face overflowing with tears and snot. He worms his body towards Jin Wang, crying for help, “Wangye, save me… save me… I don’t want to die…”
  • author mistake that Nie Zheng was peak Precelestial Stage a few chapters ago – I was confused, but peak Heaven Stage is the right level. Fixed now.

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