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Chapter 417: Xiao Bao and… dad have arrived
    The red-clothed girl flies higher and higher, similar to a beautiful butterfly, spry and lively.
    But right now, she’s unable to move an inch. If she falls down from such a high altitude, she would certainly break, muscles and bones will get crushed – she might even die.
    Some people cover their eyes, they can’t bear to look.
    There’re also some people trying to rush over, wanting to catch her.
    In the next moment however, everyone watches the scene in front of them, and they all  get stunned.
    “That… who is that? Why is he carrying the bride?”
    “Wait, when did he appear? How could I completely not notice it until now?”
    All of them raise their heads, looking upwards.
    Within the weave of light and shadow, they see a tall and imposing silhouette. Not knowing when, he’s already floating steadily high up in the sky.
    As the red-clad girl flew out, his form flashed to gather her figure into his arms.
   One is dark purple, the other is bright red.
    Slowly spinning in the air, the sleeves of their clothes flutter about, as if blending into one.
    And yet it’s as if they refract the sunlight, the beauty of it is similar to a scene that could only exist within fantasy and literature.
    As the two figures reach the ground, only then could everyone get a clear look at the appearance of the man who just arrived.
    You can say that Jin Wangye could also be considered as a handsome man, famous in Huang Yao, and could make a person’s heart beat faster;
    You can say that Bai Yichen is gentle as jade, incomparably elegant, making others cherish him;
    Yet the man before them is one who gives a disdainful sidelong glance at all the lands under the heavens, perfect and without blemish, making everyone in the world look up to him with the hope of serving him.
    So much so, that the first thing that people notice isn’t his outstanding features that could make all the women in the world go mad.
    Instead, it is his grandeur.
    It is his peerless magnificence that is colder than ice, warmer than the blazing sun, and loftier than the gods.
    Everyone’s gaze falls on him, and on the girl in his arms.
    The phoenix crown has long fallen to the ground, broken into pieces. The girl’s absolutely splendid, quiet, and exquisite countenance is revealed.
    Even if her eyes are closed, it cannot hide the unparalleled beauty that could stun the world.
    At this moment, they suddenly feel like this pair should be a couple made by Heaven and arranged by Earth.
    As for Jin Wang, even if he could also be considered as handsome and powerful, he is still far from being worthy of this girl.
    “Who do you think you are? You dare to come to Ben Wang’s wedding to look for trouble?!”
    Jin Wang stands up with much difficulty. He sees the man man carrying Muyan, and inexplicable envy and dread suddenly rise up in his heart.
    Yet it is also precisely because of this spontaneously arising dread and fear, that he flies into a rage out of humiliation.
    With a wave of his hand, the guards of the Wangfu promptly rush over from all directions, trying to surround the man and Muyan.
    “Niangqin!” a crisp childish voice makes a tense sound.
    Only then does everyone discover, that in that godlike man’s hold, he also has a pink jade-carved little boy.
    As soon as the little boy sees Muyan, he immediately throws himself at her, the rims of his eyes slightly turning red, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao and… dad have arrived! We won’t let anyone bully you anymore.”
    Firmly clenching his tiny fists, his big blue eyes turn towards Jin Wang, brimming with a killing intent.
    The word “dad” had been spoken very softly, even Di Ming Jue didn’t hear it.
    Or perhaps, Di Ming Jue’s complete attention is just on Muyan at the moment.
    He stares at the girl in his embrace, the wedding clothes on her body, the stains of blood, as well as the paleness of her face.
    The corners of Di Ming Jue’s mouth slowly curls up into an extremely small arc.
    Those pair of ordinarily dark blue eyes are bone-piercingly cold, it’s as if they’re going to completely freeze all living things in heaven and earth, turning everything into chunks of ice.
     Han Ye and Ying Mei, who have caught up a step later, they see this scene and are almost scared into kneeling and shaking.
     Everyone in the Polar Domain knows.
    Jun Shang almost never smiles.
    However, in the entire Xiuxian Continent, nobody wants to see Jun Shang’s smile.

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