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Chapter 418: Indeed, cut their bodies into ten thousand pieces
    That’s because, when Jun Shang shows this kind of smile, it means that he is truly angry.
    With the fury of the Monarch, corpses float about for thousands of miles.
    No matter which sect it is in the Xiuxian Continent, it still couldn’t afford Jun Shang’s anger.
    The people in this Jin Wangfu are completely screwed!
    “You’re that bastard that Jun Muyan gave birth to!” Jin Wang blurts out, “So then, you are that adulterer staying at Junji Medical Center. Today, you’ve delivered yourself to my door, this truly can’t be better!”
    Di Ming Jue unhurriedly lifts his head, his gaze meeting Jin Wang.
    Jin Wang suddenly shivers from head to foot, a bone-deep chill runs up from his spine, straight to his entire body.
    However, as he sees the blood on Muyan’s lips, he immediately bursts into loud laughter: “I don’t care who you are, or what you want to do, but you’re already a step too late. Do you see the blood on Muyan’s mouth? Indeed, that’s my blood which contains the Wuqi seed.”
    “Now that Muyan has already swallowed the blood, she will turn into my very own puppet when she wakes up, haha…”
    Jin Wang’s laughter comes to grinding halt.
    That’s because he sees Di Ming Jue suddenly lean down to kiss Muyan’s lips.
    In this way, two lips affix to each other, and that blood naturally stains Di Ming Jue as well.
    “Ha… hahahaha… you’re actually bringing yourself to the road to disaster!” it’s simply as if Jin Wang has seen the biggest joke, “Within the hour, this Wuqi seed can make at least five puppets. It’s just that the time it can take effect would be reduced, that’s all… if you swallow Ben Wang’s blood, then that would be like taking in Ben Wang’s Wuqi seed as well, hahaha… then you can just turn into Ben Wang’s puppet…”
    Han Ye sneers as he looks at Jin Wang, his gaze is filled with pity and disdain.
    Ying Mei’s hand is grasping her scabbard. The entire person is like a taut bowstring ready to be released, waiting for Di Ming Jue’s order.
    It’s only after a good while that Di Ming Jue releases Muyan’s small mouth.
    The soft pink lips have become somewhat red and swollen from the kiss, but the blood on it has already been thoroughly erased by Di Ming Jue using a special method.
    He narrows his eyes, once again bowing down to lay a punishing nip on those captivating red lips. Only then does he turn to look at Jin Wang.
    “You want Ben Jun to turn into your puppet?” deep and low, clear and cold, the voice slowly speaks.
    Jin Wang’s body trembles, an indescribable fear rushes forth in his mind.
    Also, this man undoubtedly drank his blood, but there’s no change in the Mother Gu* of the Wuqi seed inside his body.
  • legendary venomous insect that is used to trigger certain effects, usually bred into it (make victim feel pain, or turn into a puppet, etc.)
    There’s not the slightest bit of indication that a bond is forming.
    This… how could this be?
    Could it be that the blood just now had lost its efficacy? To say nothing of Di Ming Jue, Jin Wang couldn’t even feel any response from the Wuqi seed on Muyan’s body.
    “Come, all of you come! Cut their bodies into ten thousand pieces for me!”
    Di Ming Jue’s brows and eyes droop down. With a deep and low voice, he slowly says: “Indeed, cut their bodies into ten thousand pieces.”
    “As you command, Jun Shang!” Han Ye bows to comply with the order.
    Ying Mei has rushed forth already.
    Her figure is like a demon that shuttles between the guards of Jin Wangfu.
    Who knows how long it took. It seems very short and brief, yet endless like falling to the eighteenth layer of hell.
    Jin Wang has his mouth open as he gasps for breath.
    One after another, he sees chunks of limb and flesh, even heads, thrown in front of him.
    Cutting into ten thousand pieces, this is literally cutting into ten thousand pieces!
    He spent an untold amount of effort and financial resources, and with great difficulty, he’s able to make warriors that would dare to die.
    If any single one of them were to go out, that warrior would be able to move unhindered through the Yanwu Continent.
    At this very moment however, they’re like young white radishes that are getting cut into pieces.

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  1. finally !! husband and son come.. such a long journey of anxiety if i may say. now kill them ten thousand times !!!!

    and thank you for the update 🙏🏻

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  2. I am sure Di Ming Jue save the best for last. Forcing Muyan to be your wife. Better hope for a quick death. Di Ming Jue is definitely not going to let Jin Wang off easily.

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