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Chapter 429: Xiao Bao knows his mistake
    Even if it could really control a human, the insect will inevitably suffer an enormous backlash.
    This is the law of heaven and earth, the weak are prey to the strong. This is the most basic difference in rank.
    Before Qing Feng loses consciousness, a conversation between his Master and Princess Qianxue suddenly flashes through his mind.
    “What is an Immortal fetus?”
    “The Immortal fetus is a living body that is above all living things by nature. When they are born, they are destined to rule mortals and reign the world, so they receive the greatest gift of heaven and nature. If you eat the Immortal fetus, even though you still won’t be placed above the rest of humanity, you can have the Immortal fetus’ gift from heaven and earth.”
    Qing Feng abruptly opens his eyes wide, trying his best to get a clear look at the faces of Jun Muyan and Xiao Bao, but his consciousness goes farther and farther away.
    Four years old, four years ago… could it be that this child was the Immortal fetus that his Master wanted to refine for Princess Qianxue back then?
    A mere mortal wanting to use a Wuqi seed to control the body of an Immortal – that’s simply a fantasy.
    How could it not have a backlash?
    If only he had known that the other has the body of an Immortal, if he had known that he would fall into such a state if he attends this wedding banquet, he should’ve… he could’ve…
    Qing Feng couldn’t keep himself up any more, and he goes completely unconscious.
    “Xiao Bao!”
    Xiao Bao originally still wanted to punish Qing Feng, but as soon as hears Muyan calling out to him, he immediately turns back and throws himself into Muyan’s embrace.
    Muyan firmly hugs his small figure. Her arms are holding him so tightly, that they almost suffocate Xiao Bao.
    “Xiao Bao, are you all right?”
    Xiao Bao feels that his body hurts from the hug, but he doesn’t make a sound of protest. Instead, he uses a soft voice to say: “Niangqin, Xiao Bao is all right, don’t worry.”
    Muyan takes a deep breath. Only then does she reign in her emotions, and slowly loosens her hold.
    The worry, panic, and fear on her face – in a moment, they’re all hidden away and replaced with a concentrated seriousness, “Jun Mochen, you’re not allowed to put yourself in danger again, do you hear me? If you carelessly let yourself fall into a dangerous situation again, I will hit your butt!”
    Xiao Bao obediently bows his head, looking especially docile and pitiful.
    Stretching out his tiny hand, he grabs his mother’s finger, quietly squeezing it, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao knows my mistake, don’t be angry!”
    In the end, Muyan’s heart that is filled with worry and anger still melts into a soft lump.
    She brings him into her arms, and kisses him on the cheeks, “Xiao Bao, you are niangqin’s life. If something bad happens to you, niangqin wouldn’t be able to live.”
    The rims of Xiao Bao’s eyes instantly go red, tightly holding on to Muyan’s neck. He buries his face in her hair, whispering: “Nn, Xiao Bao knows!”
    After giving vent to her emotions, Muyan stands up, and turns towards everyone in the banqueting hall.
    Being stared at by the girl’s bright and beautiful pair of eyes, everyone on the scene let out pitiful pleadings in their interminable wails.
    “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me… wuuu, Enchantress, spare our lives! We won’t say anything, no, we don’t know anything, spare us!”
    “If you want me to spare you, that’s indeed possible.” Muyan conveniently brushes off the dust on her clothes.
    As she discovers that she’s still dressed in crimson wedding clothes, she knits her brows with a bit of disgust.
    Without extra trouble, she pulls the crimson wedding dress down, and throws it to the side.
    With disheveled hair, the girl dressed with only her inner clothes is supposed look like she’s in a difficult situation and act shy.
    However, the person before them unhurriedly walks over. With each step, it’s as if a snow-white lotus flower blooms under her foot.
    Pure and holy.
    Like a fairy from the Ninth Heaven who has unintentionally fallen into the mundane world.
    All the people in the hall even forget their fear. Watching as the girl slowly walk forward, with her snowy skin and white clothes, there’s only infatuation in their eyes.

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