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Chapter 432: Arrangements
    Old Tao is also very happy. He picks up an ingot and bites it, “In this Jin Wangfu storehouse, there’s so much money, weapons and armors, treasures of gold and silver. In all likelihood, he’s secretly been preparing for a long time, probably wanting to start a coup. He never expected that these would all be for our convenience now!”
    Muyan also couldn’t help but show a small smile.
    Even though Jin Wangye couldn’t really be considered as someone allied to Gong Qianxue, he’s still a person of the Heavenly Road Sect, Senior Brother to Gong Qianxue and Jian Feng.
    She suspects in his lifetime and former incarnations, he’s done many bloody atrocities that cry to heaven.
    Now, she can take the enemy’s supplies to augment her strength, an eventually deal with Gong Qianxue.
    It’s only natural that her mood would be extremely good.
    Besides the loot, there’s also a lot of people in the Jin Wangfu.
    Apart from those soldiers who have been completely killed, there are also ordinary guards and servants in the Wangfu.
    There are also those poor concubines that have been cheated or snatched by Jin Wang, and have been casually handed down to his subordinates.
    These people are not stained with blood, neither are they aware of Jin Wang’s conduct and deeds.
    Muyan gives them an opportunity to choose.
    Either drink the [Three Days’ Lost Soul] and leave; or join the Ink Camp and the Tianji Unit.
    Of course, the people joining can only be considered as Reserve Force.
    But whether they can become real members of the Ink Camp or the Tianji Unit, it ultimately still depends on their performance and character.
    Ru Yan and Yan Haotian are very satisfied with the addition of this batch of people.
    Now, they’ve also come to know that the person that Muyan wants to deal with is Jing Cheng’s Princess Qianxue.
    A country’s princess could hold an unimaginable amount of troops and influence in her hands.
    Not to mention that Gong Qianxue is also a core disciple of the Heavenly Road Sect.
    There’s also Jian Feng, this powerful Master that’s always there for her every beck and call.
    Since she’s taken control of the Tianji Unit, Ru Yan has sent people to investigate the extent of Gong Qianxue’s power.
    But the more they investigate, the scarier it becomes.
    That’s because Gong Qianxue’s schemes and ruthlessness are far beyond what they’ve imagined.
    She’s clearly just a young woman in her twenties, but the power in her grasp is enormous.
    More than that, the blood and the lives that stain this hand of power, it could make one’s hair stand on end.
    Ru Yan is giving Muyan a report on the situation about the acquired personnel, as well as the looted supplies, “There are a lot of people in the Jin Wangfu who want to become a member of the Tianji Unit, especially those former concubines of Jin Wang – almost none of them want to drink the [Three Days’ Lost Soul] and leave. I’ve also taken a look, and these people are very qualified. I believe that after this, the intelligence that the Tianji Unit could obtain will also scale up accordingly.”
    Having heard that, Muyan gives a light nod, but she can’t help but inwardly sigh.
    Jin Wang had really been too sick and too cruel.
    Even if he acts tyrannically, he still went so far as to bestow these women to his subordinates as soon as he no longer fancies them, letting them get ravaged, and completely disregarding the fate of the women he previously shared an intimate relationship with.
    After experiencing such a hellish life, how could these women go back to their previous lives?
    Ru Yan still continues to speak: “The first batch of spies trained by the Tianji Unit could already begin their assignments. Jingya and I will personally send them to the Imperial Capital of Jing Cheng, and the Xing Lou City of the Heavenly Road Sect.”
    Feng Haitang also speaks on behalf of Yan Haotian: “The Ink Camp will also allocate some people to set up branches in the countries of Huang Yao and Jing Cheng.”
    Muyan quirks up her brows, “You mustn’t act with undue haste on these matters.”
    One can say that the Imperial City of Jing Cheng is right inside Gong Qianxue territory.
    And Huang Yao’s Tai Yi City has it’s skies covered with the hands of the Heavenly Road Sect.
    It would be too dangerous for the people of the Ink Camp and the Tianji Unit to go. What’s more, Ru Yan and Fang Jingya are planning to go by themselves.

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