EMHS – ch435

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Chapter 435: Softhearted
    A heavy spank falls on her ass.
    The sound is very loud, and there’s a burning pain on her butt.
    But… but this isn’t the important point.
    Muyan is simply going mad, “Di Ming Jue, you scoundrel, what on earth are you doing?!”
    She hears the man’s cold voice, “Isn’t this what you said? If you don’t behave, you’ll get spanked on the bottom. Muyan, tell me, didn’t you misbehave a lot this time?”
    Saying that, the second spank falls on her raised butt.
    Aargh! Di Ming Jue, this damned scoundrel!!
    Jun Muyan has grown this big, but she’s never before felt so humiliated and angry that she wants to commit homicide.
    As the third spank lands, Muyan’s figure flashes, suddenly disappearing.
    She’s already beyond caring whether or not Di Ming Jue would discover the secret of the Tian Mo Qin’s Space.
    Right now, she just wants to rip off all the clothes on this man, and whip him until he kneels down and begs for mercy.
    Seeing the girl disappear from his lap, Di Ming Jue slightly narrows his eyes.
    There’s a dangerous light flickering in his pupils.
    Muyan’s breath is so perfectly concealed that even Di Ming Jue could barely feel it.
    This doesn’t merely signify an increase in Muyan’s strength.
    But it’s more of an indication that the Tian Mo Qin’s Space has become more stable because of its first restoration.
    But so what if it’s become more stable? This little woman will never escape his palm.
    Di Ming Jue slowly closes his eyes, the power within his body surging into motion, and his hand suddenly reaches out to grab into the void.
    In his palm, which should have been empty, appears a girl’s slender snow-white wrist.
    He tugs with little effort, gathering the young woman’s body into his embrace.
    Muyan has been snatched out from the Space, but she’s not panicking much. Before he could notice it, a silver needle appears in her hand.
    Taking advantage of the moment Di Ming Jue has arrested her, she goes to strike the major acupuncture point on the side of his waist.
    In a moment, the tip of the needle is about to go through the man’s clothes and stab into his skin.
    All of a sudden, Di Ming Jue hugs her tightly, and buries his face in her neck, “Yanyan, do you know how scared I was when I found out that you were gone?”
    Muyan abruptly stops in her movements.
    The man’s deep, low voice still carries on, slightly hoarse and trembling, “I was afraid that you will leave me; afraid that you will be taken away; afraid that even though I’m clearly by your side, I’m still unable protect you.”
    Muyan couldn’t stop her needle-wielding hand from shaking a little.
    This scoundrel of a man, they’re not even done yet, but he’s actually trying to soften her up already.
    Just say a few lines of sappy endearments, and he thinks her heart will go soft, and she’ll forget the hatred from him hitting her butt just a moment ago?
    The finger that’s hooked around the needle trembles…
    Damn it, she’s really too softhearted!
    Di Ming Jue straightens up, and bows his head to stare at her.
    The usual indifference and towering aloofness in his eyes are mixed with slivers of almost imperceptible fragility and worry.
    It is precisely these slivers of vulnerability and fear that squeezes Muyan’s heart.
   She quietly takes the silver needle back into the Space.
    Muyan coughs softly and says: “This time, I’ve been crude and impetuous.”
    Even though getting an advancement and going unconscious had been an accident, in the end, it’s because she had been too self-confident and careless.
    “I apologize to you and to Xiao Bao. I will be more careful afterwards and I won’t put myself in danger.”
    Regardless of the past, present, or the future – she wants to take revenge, but in no way would she be heedless about her own life.
    Previously, it was because wants to look after her Xiao Bao.
    Now and in the future, there’s another person who cares about her, whom she would hate to let go and part with.
    This person is called Di Ming Jue.
    Muyan softly acknowledges this in her heart, but she doesn’t say these words out loud.

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