EMHS – ch436

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Chapter 436: Just who did he provoke?
    Di Ming Jue lowers his head, and softly kisses her lips. Gentle and tender beyond words, but also with a cautious solemnity of losing something and then regaining it.
    For the first time, Muyan doesn’t resist, but she lightly grabs the man’s sleeves and responds to his kiss.
    This kiss isn’t frantic or invasive, but it lingers like the two individuals are melting into an integral whole.
    It’s only after a long time that Di Ming Jue is able to let go of Muyan’s lips, which are already red and swollen. His voice is husky as he slowly say: “In the future, you’re not allowed to put yourself in danger.”
    “You’re not allowed to give special treatment to other men!”
    “Even more, you’re not allowed to get too close to other men!”
    As for the method of punishment, that’s of course “Misbehave and I will spank your butt”.
    Jun Shang-daren moves the hand that had just hit Muyan’s bottom. His ears are a little red, and he somewhat wishes to continue.
    His hand feels unexpectedly good, he… he really wants to give it another try.
    Jun Shang-daren, who was just in the middle of fantasizing, is directly kicked down from the bed.
    Muyan has a grim smile: “Di Ming Jue, you better not appear in front of me for three days, or else, humph…”
    Just as Han Ye passes by Muyan’s room,
    He sees his family’s Jun Shang getting shoved out.
    Even though Jun Shang’s appearance is still handsome without equal; even though Jun Shang’s temperament is still as cold and stern as the pine trees in the high mountains, eminent and unapproachable-
    Han Ye still feels that he’s watching Jun Shang cut a sorry figure.
    “Jun Shang, this subordinate has come to deliver lunch, aren’t you going to have your noontime meal with Miss Jun?”
    Di Ming Jue coldly looks at him. With a chillingly calm tone, he slowly says: “After you return, go to the Purgatory Pool and stay there for a month.”
    Looking at the cold face of the departing Di Ming Jue, Han Ye is simply left chaotic in the wind: damn it, just who did he provoke?!
   All the people in the Jin Wangfu that should have their memories erased have been given draughts, and those who should be silenced have been killed.
    But in the end, they can’t stay there for too long.
    On the third day, they have finished accounting for all the looted goods in the Jin Wangfu, as well as the people they’ve acquired. Along with the members of the Ink Camp and Di Ming Jue’s party, they all return to Tianyuan City.
    In the calm Imperial Capital of Huang Yao, a roaring fire suddenly rages up to the sky.
    The people in the surroundings respond by coming over, fetching water and extinguishing the fire. But after that, they discover that the formerly flourishing Jin Wangfu has already been burned to the ground.
    Jian Feng noticed the soul lamp of his apprentice Qing Feng flicker and get dimmer, making him know that the other’s life is in danger. As a result, he hurriedly rushed over with Gong Qianxue.
    But they only see that Jin Wangfu has turned into ruins and scorched earth.
    They asked the people of Huang Yao, but nobody knows why Jin Wangfu had caught fire.
    Even in the entire country of Haung Yao, there’s unexpectedly barely anyone who knows that Jin Wang was previously about to get married, much less who the bride was going to be!
    Just as Jian Feng and Gong Qianxue are reeling in bewilderment,
    Qing Feng rushes out with the help of Bai Yichen. Both of them are covered in blood and riddled with scars, “Master! Master!”
    “Qing Feng?” Jian Feng quickly prompts for people receive them and give them Elixirs, “What exactly happened?”
    “It… it’s Jin Wang’s new Wangfei, she is the person who caused the Vision of the Array of Nine Heavenly Bodies.”
    “What?!!” Jian Feng and Gong Qianxue simultaneously change color.
    There’s even a greedy light in Gong Qianxue’s eyes, “Did you say that the person who caused that Vision of Nine Stars in an Array was in the Jin Wangfu?”
    Qing Feng looks like he’s on his last breath as he says: “Yes, she was the woman that Martial Uncle was going to marry, she caused the Vision.”

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