EMHS – ch439

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Chapter 439: I’m not dead! I’m not dead!
    Lou Beiyu swings his arms, and there’s a look of shock across his whole face.
    Really… totally fine! Crushed bones, ruptured muscles and veins, even the gods might not be able to cure them!
    Could it be that he’s dead already?
    He’s in the form of a ghost, so he couldn’t feel any pain?
    While Lou Beiyu is preoccupied, the door is pushed open, and a very small figure walks in with his hands clasped behind him.
    Lou Beiyu sees the other’s unharmed appearance, huge eyes sparkling a little.
    “Little Senior!!” Lou Beiyu cries out in alarm, then he shows an incredulous and startled pain, “Little Senior, did you die as well? That Jin Wang killed you, didn’t he? Aaargh, that damned scoundrel, even if I’ve become a ghost, I’ll never let him get away with this!”
    Just as he shouts that, he meets Xiao Bao’s eyes that seem to be looking at him like he’s an idiot.
    Even though Lou Beiyu has long been accustomed to Little Senior looking down on him,
    He still feels that the disdain this time is particularly strong and harsh.
    Xiao Bao expressionlessly walks over to him, and with a crisp voice: “You’re not dead!”
    “Not dead?” Lou Beiyu stares blankly, “That’s not right! If I’m not dead, how can I be in such a good condition? Little Senior, you shouldn’t lie to me, I’m definitely dead, and I’ve turned into a ghost. That’s why I don’t feel even the slightest bit of pain from my crushed bones.”
    “Idiot!” Xiao Bao finally couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes.
    Just then, another figure also walks in from outside the door.
    Lou Beiyu sees the beautiful young woman coming in, and the rims of his eyes immediately redden, “Aaargh, Jin Wang, that scum still went so far as to kill you as well, Master! I must drag him down to the eighteenth layer of hell!”
    A slap hits him on the head.
   Then a voice, like it’s smiling but not, enters his ears, “I see, I shouldn’t have treated your injuries first – instead, I should have treated your brain before that. Otherwise, if it becomes known later on that my, Jun Muyan’s apprentice is deathly stupid, what face could I still have?”
    Lou Beiyu has been slapped stupid.
    He raises his head to look at Muyan, and then at Xiao Bao.
    The words that Muyan had just said slowly echoes in his ears.
    –I shouldn’t have treated your injuries first.
    Lou Beiyu suddenly opens his eyes wide, “M-M-M-Master?! You cured me? You mean I’m still alive right, and not a ghost?! I’m not in a dream at the moment, right?”
    Muyan slowly reaches out with her long, delicate, snow white fingers.
    She pinches Lou Beiyu’s cheek, and ruthlessly pulls to the side.
    “Ow, ow, ow, ouch… hurts, it hurts…. Mashter ith hurtsh… Mashter let go…”
    Muyan unhurriedly loosens her hand, and with a smile that isn’t a smile: “Now, do you still think that you are dreaming?”
    Lou Beiyu cups the bright red side of his cheeks, then he tearfully shakes his head, “I’m not dead! I’m not dead! Master has cured me!”
    Soon after, finally he realizes something.
    “B-but Master, all the bones in my arms have been crushed, even my muscles and veins have also ruptured. How, how did you cure me?”
    “Also, why do I feel that my strength has improved? Currently, it already doesn’t seem like it’s in initial Earth Stage.”
    “That’s right, what about Bai Yichen? Hi injuries were worse than mine. Master, did you also save his life?”
    “Master, you’re really too awesome. Other people say that you can wrangle a life out of the underworld’s grasp, I still didn’t believe it then. But now, this disciple truly believes it firmly, and is without any doubt.”
    After making confirming that he’s still alive, Lou Beiyu’s words come babbling out.
    Muyan’s mouth spasms. She thinks that it would be better if this noisy guy is kept in the [Realm of Stars] forever.
    “That’s right, Master, my big brother’s illness…”

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