EMHS – ch461

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Chapter 461: These belong to Niangqin and Xiao Bao
     “Oh well, seeing as you’ve reminded me over and over again, I will let you try the Elixirs refined using [Winnow], and see how they taste!”
    Very late at night, the entire courtyard is extremely quiet.
    Xiao Bao is on the bed by himself, in deep sleep.
    All of a sudden, his tiny nose twitches, and he slowly opens his eyes, a soft mumble in his mouth: “Smells good?”
    Just what is it? How could it smell so sweet?
    He gets up from the bed, only to discover that there’s no one in the room.
    Neither Niangqin nor that lecher is present.
    Yet the source of the fragrance is clearly inside the room.
    Xiao Bao seems to think of something, then his figure disappears, and comes into the Space.
    In an instant, a fragrance that’s infinitely stronger than earlier assaults his senses.
    This aroma is really too strong, too tempting, to the point that Xiao Bao feels like his tummy seems to growl, and it’s as if his blood burns and boils from hunger.
    Looking up, Xiao Bao sees a huge Pill Furnace on a not-so-distant patch of grass, with a blazing flame inside it.
    That tempting smell comes from within that furnace.
    What’s strange, is that there’s no one beside the the Pill Furnace that’s controlling the Dan Fire, but the fire is burning very vigorously.
    He hears a mellifluous and beautiful zither sound.
    Xiao Bao turns around, and sees his beloved mother sitting in front of the Tian Mo Qin, unhurriedly strumming its strings.
    With the movement of the strings, the medicinal fragrance becomes even richer, and all the more appetizing to his heart and soul.
    At the side, the fat rabbits mung bean eyes are already flashing red.
    Greedily staring at the Pill Furnace, itching to just pounce on it.
    So much so that it’s not even aware that its Little Master has come in, when he’s usually the fat rabbit’s favorite.
    “Niangqin–!” Xiao Bao lowly calls out, looking at Muyan with his eyes filled with adoration.
    Niangqin is really the best!
    That ugly old aunt also said that niangqin couldn’t do alchemy.
    But not only could she do alchemy, she could even refine the best of the best Elixirs in the world!
    Xiao Bao twitches his nose, and a trace of hunger appears in his eyes.
    He also really wants to eat it!
    The sound of the zither eventually falls and comes to an end, and the Dan Fire in the Furnace gradually dies out with the dissipating music.
    Soon after, they hear a loud bang.
    The cover of the Pill Furnace flies out by itself.
    It’s immediately followed by a medicinal fragrance that’s a hundred times richer, and more mellow, than it was just a moment ago.
    Muyan stands up from the Tian Mo Qin, looking a little pale.
    Then she only sees flashes in front of her, two shadows: one blue, one white. They fly past before her eyes, like arrows leaving their bows.
    They land on the Pill Furnace.
    After that, Muyan witnesses a scene that renders her speechless.
    She watches as her darling son – who’s always been calm, controlled, and mature – gather all the Elixirs in the Pill furnace into his arms.
    Glaring at the fat rabbit, he uses an ice-cold voice to enunciate: “These belong to Niangqin and Xiao Bao!”
    Across from him, the fat rabbit looks aggrieved and imploring, as well as restless – like it couldn’t wait to snatch a Pill from Xiao Bao’s hands.
     Muyan suddenly laughs despite herself.
    It’s actually common for other children to take food and fight over things.
    But her baby has never shown this adorable and childish side before.
    Muyan walks over and picks Xiao Bao up. Kissing his soft and tender cheeks, “Baby, why are you awake?”
    Xiao Bao immediately gives the Elixirs to Muyan like he’s presenting a treasure, “Niangqin, eat!”
    He has always possessed a strange talent in intuition.
    He could tell when something is precious, and whether or not a weapon is strong.
    At this very moment, Xiao Bao only feels that these five Elixirs in his hands only appear ordinary and unremarkable on the surface.

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