EMHS – ch466

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Chapter 466: Ying Mei is missing
    “Impossible!” Han Ye practically blurts out.
    If Ying Mei had already left at an earlier time, why didn’t he return to the private room to find him and the Little Master?
    Even if Ying Mei can abandon him, there’s absolutely no way for that guy to leave the Little Master behind.
    “You lie!!” Han Ye’s figure flashes, and he suddenly hauls Xu Fu by the neck, lifting him high up from the ground, “Spit it out, where is Ying Mei? What did you do to him? If you don’t speak, don’t blame me for being impolite!!”
    “I… I truly don’t know! Really, Ying Mei Gongzi had left already.”
    Xu Fu cries, shouting in fright, “Maybe-maybe when Ying Gongzi had passed by the Beast Fighting Colosseum, he got curious and went in to take a look? Why don’t you go and look for him there?”
    Han Ye suddenly flings him down, slamming him to the floor.
    Xu Fu lets out a pained, muffled groan from the pain.
    Soon after, Han Ye ruthlessly presses down on his chest, and there’s the sound of bones breaking into pieces.
    “I’m warning you, you better not play tricks with me. If something really did happen to Ying Mei, I’ll make you wish you were dead, and not allow you to die!”
    Xu Fu breaks into cold sweat from the pain, his tears and mucus are flowing profusely, “Spare me, Gongzi, spare me! If you don’t believe me, this subordinate can take you to all the areas in the Ghost City to go look for him.”
    The unease within Han Ye only gets even stronger and deeper.
    Especially since, as he’s pressuring Xu Fu, he had already searched everywhere at practically every corner of the Ghost City, but he didn’t find even a shadow of Ying Mei.
    “Han Gongzi, I… I just told you, right? Ying Mei Gongzi had long since left. Maybe he has returned home by now?”
    Han Ye could no longer control the panic and ferociousness in his heart. That hand gripping Xu Fu’s neck tightens a little.
    “Your lies, I don’t believe a word of them. Since you’re not willing to speak the truth, then there’s no point in keeping your life!”
    A crackling sound, the sound of his throat breaking little by little from the stranglehold.
    Xu Fee sees the killing intent and mercilessness glossing over Han Ye’s eyes, and fear finally surges up in his mind.
    “Don’t… don’t kill me… I… I’ll speak… cough, cough, cough!”
    Han Ye loosens his hand, but his foot firmly stomps down on Xu Fu’s abdomen. The expression showing in his eyes is eerie and grim beyond words, “Speak, where is the Little Shadow? What did you guys do to him?”
    “No… not me… cough, cough, it’s… it’s…”
    Before Xu Fu could finish what he’s saying, his eyes suddenly go wide, showing a look of horror.
    Then little by little, he lowers his head to look at his abdomen.
    Only to see that there’s a double-edged sword coming straight out of his stout belly, gleaming like frost and snow.
    Bloody with yellowish greasy fat, there’s still pieces of intestine hanging over it – incredibly nauseating.
    Xu Fu stiffly turns his around, and sees the two individuals standing behind him. There’s a burst of unspeakable hatred and unwillingness on his face, “Black Ghost , White Ghost, I… I’ve been so loyal and devoted to the Ghost King… why…”
    His large, fleshy body falls to the ground, completely devoid of breath.
    “Waste, can’t even handle this trivial matter. What qualifications do you still have to remain in the Ghost City?”
    Han Ye doesn’t spare another glance at Xu Fu’s corpse, facing towards the two individuals who are not far from him instead.
    Of this pair, one is dressed in white, while the other is dressed in black, the characters ‘鬼头’ are embroidered on their clothes using a thread of the opposite color.
    Han Ye recognizes this pair as Black and White Ghost Servants.
    Strictly speaking, the Black and White Ghost Servants are not part of the Ghost City’s personnel.
    Instead, they’re private agents that every Ghost King has.
    Han Ye coldly looks at them, “Are you the ones who took Ying Mei? What do you want to do?”
    The Black Ghost and the White Ghost exchange a glance, with strange smiling expressions on their faces.

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