EMHS – ch467

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Chapter 467: Ghost King Xuan Ji
    “You’re talking about that untamed pretty boy? It was His Highness, our Ghost King, who carried him off!”
    The White Ghost sticks out his tongue and licks his lips, “Indeed, it is his honor to be taken away!”
    “It’s because our Great Ghost King has taken a fancy to him.”
    Han Ye’s pupils immediately contract, heavy murderous intent diffusing from his whole body: “What did… you say?!”
    The Black Ghost sneers, “Why are you making so much of a fuss about nothing? It’s an enormous honor for him to be fancied by our Ghost King. Besides, what are you getting so worked up about? Our Ghost King has taken him away an hour ago already.”
    “I’m afraid that the matters that ought to be done are already done, hahaha…”
    “I’ll kill you–!!” Han Ye’s figure flashes. He’s clearly not holding a sword in his hand, but he hacks down on the air.
    A dramatic change comes over the complexions of the Black and White Ghost Servants. They cry out in fear and draw back.
    The two of them have Precelestial cultivations, and they both practice the same cultivation method.
    If they act in concert with the other, they could bring out four to five times their power.
    Usually, even if the one facing them is a high-level Precelestial, he could only be good and obediently kneel down before them.
    They both originally thought that it would only be a simple matter to deal with this Han Ye.
    Never expecting that, after several blows-
    They would finally feel the immense dread of their lives being in danger.
    A quarter of an hour later.
    Han Ye has one hand clasped around the neck of the Black Ghost, while the other hand has a long sword firmly pressed against the White Ghost’s heart.
    His eyes are as cold and severe as a malevolent spirit of the underworld.
    A great contrast from his usual beaming smile.
    “Speak, where is Ying Mei? How were you able to lay a hand on him? With his ability, how could your bullshit Ghost King possibly detain him?!”
    At this time, Han Ye has slowly calmed down.
    The Ghost King’s cultivation would inevitably be quite high, but even so, just who is Ying Mei?
    He’s an Immortal from the continent that practices True Cultivation, a well-known figure in the Polar Domain who people look up to.
    How could he be possibly be plotted against, and detained, by an insignificant Ghost King of the Yanwu Continent.
    “Our Ghost King is all powerful!” the Black Ghost loudly declares, “Anything our Ghost King desires, he has never failed to obtain.
    “That’s right, in the Yanwu Continent, the name of our Wangjiang’s [Ghost King Xuan Ji] is greater than even the Ghost Emperor’s!”
    Han Ye abruptly halts his movements, there’s an expression of shock on his face: “Xuan Ji?!”
    “Yes, our Ghost King Xuan Ji!”
   “That Ying Mei has fallen into our Ghost King’s hands, if he wants to escape, it’s absolutely impossible! Hahaha, but isn’t this his good fortune? Who knows, he might already be infatuated with our Ghost King by now…”
    Han Ye tightens his grip on the sword, blue veins surfacing on his hand.
    Xuan Ji? Wangjiang’s Ghost King is actually Xuan Ji?
    Could it really be the Xuan Ji that he knows?
    If it’s him, and the Little Shadow has fallen on his hands…
    Han Ye’s hand begins to tremble a bit, the fear and anxiousness in his eyes are practically overflowing.
    As Ying Mei regains consciousness, she only feels that her whole body doesn’t have the least bit of strength.
    She wants to operate the Spiritual Power within her, but they all seem to have been drawn out of her.
    She furrows her brows and turns to looks around, only to find herself inside a strange stone room.
    She’s certain that she’s never been here before.
    What’s going on? She was definitely just picking up the herbs that Miss Jun has requested.
    But she suddenly felt dizzy, then she lost consciousness.
    Yet how is that possible?
    It is reasonable to say that the substances found in the Yanwu Continent cannot have any effect on her.
    Ying Mei struggles, trying to get up. But after moving for quite a while, she can’t even lift up a hand.

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