EMHS – ch469

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Chapter 469: Specially Prepared for You
    Several servant girls walk in, proceeding to help Ying Mei up from the bed.
    “What are you people doing?!” Ying Mei lowly demands.
    However, these servant girls look like their souls have been drawn out of them – showing no indications of awareness, and even their pupils are unfocused.
    They just mechanically take off the clothes on her body, and remove the plain white cloth that’s binding her chest.
    They replace it with a red apron as an undergarment, and a semi-transparent red muslin skirt.
    The beautiful, generous curves of her body are fully displayed, while her snow white skin and alluring long legs are just faintly discernible.
    In such an attire, Ying Mei’s beauty becomes apparent and unmistakable, but it makes her so resentful and disgusted that she wants to commit murder.
    She wants to struggle, but these women are weirdly strong. They’re even completely unaware of pain, unable to hear sound.
    Ying Mei has no choice but to quash down the anger filling her up. She slowly operates her Cultivation Method to gather strength.
    As they’re about to place a hairpin on her hair, Ying Mei suddenly gets up. She takes down the hairpin from the bun, piercing it into the chest of one of the slave girls.
    Then she rallies all the strength in her body, bolting up and out.
    Just as she has charged out the door however, someone captures her.
    A soft male voice enters her ears, “Don’t waste your energy, Ying Mei, my Spirit Devouring Powder was specially prepared for you.”
    Ying Mei jerks her head up, and she sees an androgynous face, neither fully male nor female.
    The man’s facial features could still be considered as refined and elegant, but the corners of his eyes are raised too high, his lips are extremely thin – overall, he appears unkind and malicious.
    It makes her feel sick.
    As he speaks, he extends his tongue to lick on Ying Mei’s face.
    Ying Mei almost wants throw up in disgust.
    She uses up all her strength to firmly push him away.
    She staggers for a few steps, going back into the room.
    Her fierce, darting gaze ruthlessly glares towards him, and even though she doesn’t have the least bit of Spiritual Power in her body, a grim and eerie murderous intent gradually fills the air.
    This killing intent makes the unknowing, unfeeling maids shudder instinctively.
   Only that man’s eyes burn brighter, the whole person appears incredibly excited.
    That effeminate voice even seems to go higher, “It’s precisely this kind of expression in your eyes, such temperament, which had obsessed me so much for so many years. No matter how many men and women I take, those people couldn’t be compared to you at all. Ying Mei… Ying Mei… hahahaha… you’re now in my hands at last…”
    Ying Mei’s fury burns and rages as she listens, and the way this disgusting man looks at her is making her extremely murderous.
    But before she could move-
    She could sense a faint musk hitting the tip of her nose once again.
    What little strength remains inside her is sapped out, and she could no longer support her body. She stumbles along until she could sit and collapse on the bed.
    The man laughs heartily and walks over towards Ying Mei, “I said that I’ve specially prepared the Spirit Devouring Powder for you. In this Yanwu Continent, there is nothing that could resist the efficacy of the Spirit Devouring Powder. Ying Mei, you should accept your fate!”
    Ying Mei tenaciously grits her teeth and bears it, trying to resist the drug’s effects.
    Cold, gloomy eyes stare at the man, “Who exactly are you? Why did you capture me?”
    The man’s expression becomes rigid, then a ruthless anger and unwillingness surges over his face, “You don’t know who I am? Ying Mei, until now, you still don’t recognize me?”
    Ying Mei tightly knits her brows, her expression not changing.
    Inwardly, she keeps on thinking whether or not she’s seen this man before.
    His voice and appearance are indeed somewhat familiar, but she can’t remember exactly who he is.

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