EMHS – ch470

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Chapter 470: Disgust
    The man lets out a sigh, the twisted expression on his face slowly recedes.
    Soon after, his eyes becomes fervent once more, “That’s right. Back then, I was just an insignificant pawn under your command, yet you were so high up, brilliant and dazzling, you could even stay close to Jun Shang. You naturally wouldn’t remember such a humble existence as mine.”
    Ying Mei’s eyes slightly widen, revealing a trace of an incredulous expression.
    This man used to be her subordinate?
    Now that he mentions it, there seems to be a vague impression in her mind.
    But she had so many people under her command back then, how could she remember each and every one of them?
    The man is still focused on himself as he speaks, like he’s immersed in a distant memory.
    “At that time, I was merely a member of the Xuanzi Division which was under your administration. You probably don’t know that you have someone like me, Xuan Ji?”
     “It was in an unintentional task that I discovered your identity as a woman dressed up as a man, and from then on, I could no longer get you out of my mind.”
    Ying Mei is inwardly shocked, clenching both hands into fists.
    It turns out that her crossdressing had actually been so prematurely discovered by someone before.
    It’s no wonder that after this man had kidnapped her, he directly removed the bindings on her chest, and dressed her up in women’s clothes.
    She had truly been too careless! She believed that since the partner by her side didn’t find out, there could be no way that other people would discover it.
    Xuan Ji’s muddled voice still continues, “At that time, you were so dazzling, so powerful, and I can only look up to you, can only frenziedly fantasize about you in the darkness of the night, then I could gather you into my embrace, wantonly kiss you…”
    Ying Mei finally could bear it, as she furiously shouts, “Shut up!!”
    She never thought that a person could make her feel so disgusted.
    “You said that you were my subordinate? Why are you in the Yanwu Continent?”
    Hearing Ying Mei’s question, Xuan Ji’s features twist once again, and his voice seems to be squeezed out from between gritted teeth.
    “That’s all Han Ye’s fault!”
    He grinds his teeth and says: “In one incident, he discovered me secretly hiding your clothes…”
    At that time, Xuan Ji had been crazily lusting over Ying Mei.
    However, Ying Mei was too strong. Moreover, they way she acts was too cold, detached, and merciless.
    If he’s discovered, his life would definitely be worse than death.
    Hence, Xuan Ji could only steal Ying Mei’s close-fitting inner garments, and hide them in his sheets.
    Through Ying Mei’s lingering fragrance, he fantasizes and gives himself release every day.
    Unexpectedly, such an act had actually been discovered by Han Ye.
    Soon after, his Immortal Root had been cruelly extracted, and he’s directly kicked into this Yanwu Continent which doesn’t have any Spiritual Power.
    He remembers those days when he had just arrived at the Yanwu Continent, living a life worse than death.
    Xuan Ji’s eyes are red, and by the sound of grinding teeth, it seems like he’s itching to tear off the meat from Han Ye’s body with his mouth.
    “If it wasn’t for Han Ye, I would still be in the Xiuxian Continent, enjoying a long life, as well as the worship of mortals.”
    “Do you know the despair and unwillingness of being an Immortal, that is then reduced into a mortal with a lifespan of no more than a century?”
    “However… the wheel of fortune spins, and now, it is finally your turn, hahahaha!”
    Xuan Ji speaks and speaks, and suddenly bursts into laughter, “That day, when I inadvertently saw you and Han Ye in the Ghost City, I simply couldn’t believe my own eyes.”
    “I never expected that Ying Mei and Han Ye, the ones who could see Jun Shang every day, the ones whose status cannot be surpassed – in that crazy way, they could also be driven out from the Xiuxian Contient, and be reduced to mortals in the Yanwu Continent. Hahaha…”
     “I am now a Ghost King, of towering power and privilege, I can have whatever I want. And you two, you don’t have any foundation in the Yanwu Continent, you can’t even fully use your body’s Spiritual Power here.”

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