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Chapter 471: I’ll have you die without a burial site
    “Sure enough, my speculations are correct. What is the biggest weakness of the people who came from the Xiuxian Continent? Nobody knows better than us. Just a small amount of Spirit Devouring Powder, and you wouldn’t be able to convert your Spiritual Power into Internal Force, you wouldn’t have the power to resist in the least, even a mortal would fare better.”
    Xuan Ji goes forward, walking until he’s in front of Ying Mei. With his ice-cold slimy hand, he captures Ying Mei’s face, then he obsessively stares at her.
    “Ying Mei-daren, you probably don’t know how beautiful you are right now.”
    “I’ve been dreaming of this day, dreaming about it for a very long time.”
    “With the same method I used to obtain you, I’ll use it to eliminate Han Ye. By then, we can stay and fly together here in the Yanwu Continent. I’ve been yearning and dreaming of such a day to come to pass!”
    Ying Mei does everything she can to struggle, but try as she might, she can’t produce even a little bit of energy, “If you dare to touch me, believe it or not, there will come a day when I will dismember you into ten thousand pieces!”
    “Haha, wait until you return this passionate love, tasted the intimacy of lovemaking – how could you still be bear to kill me then?”
    Xuan Ji isn’t afraid at all. On the contrary, he’s becoming more and more audacious as he goes to touch the the lapel on Ying Mei’s clothes, “What’s more, even if you were more powerful in the Xiuxian Continent, in the Yanwu Continent, your cultivation is scaled down to the same level as mine. I’ve been steeping here for many years. Be it in means or influence, I far outstrip you and Han Ye. If you want to kill me, I’m afraid that it’s impossible for you.”
    The man’s hand strokes her skin, and it feels slippery, like a reptile wriggling over her.
    Ying Mei is insanely mad.
    She suddenly raises her hand, resolutely flinging it towards Xuan Ji’s face.
    But unfortunately, her strength is almost nonexistent under the effects of the Spirit Devouring Powder.
     The slap on Xuan Ji’s face not only failed to hurt or tickle him, but it evokes more hunger and burning in his eyes.
    Xuan Ji abruptly pounces over, pushing Ying Mei to the bed.
    He reaches out a hand to eagerly tear up the clothes on her body.
    “Hahaha, you really are the ruthless and unrelenting Ying Mei-daren. Even as you fall into this kind of situation, you still have such spirit. But I like it, when the drug flares up in a moment, when you’re writhing in pleasure under my body – the more unyielding you are, the more beautiful and alluring you will be, the more you’ll lose yourself!”
    Ying Mei’s expression suddenly changes, her eyes are slightly red, and her body trembles a little.
    It’s because she also discovers, that as the effects of the Spirit Devouring Powder flares up, her body doesn’t just keep on losing strength, but there’s a burning that is surging from within her.
    It’s actually making her thirst for a man’s touch, yearning to let out the tide of repressed feelings.
    “What.. did you do?!”
    “Hahaha… when I had Shi Lanling refine the Spirit Devouring Powder, I had some interesting drugs mixed into it, that’s all. Why? Ying Mei-daren, so soon and you couldn’t bear it already?”
    “Don’t worry, this subordinate will definitely service you properly, have you reach the seventh heaven with little deaths*, and you will be tied to this subordinate, now and forever.”
  • make you wish you were dead, not in murder sense, as it’s nearer to la petite mort.
    There’s a tearing sound.
    Ying Mei’s outer garments are torn apart.
    There’s a thin cloth, leaving only a loose translucent fabric, hinting at the soul-stirring white skin and it’s contours.
    Xuan Ji’s eyes are red, and his hurried breathing is like the huffing of a bull.
    His eyes fix themselves on Ying Mei’s breasts. He swallows his saliva, then he reaches out a trembling hand to grope her chest.
    “Xuan Ji! I, Ying Mei, swear!! The day I escape from this plight, I will have you die without a burial site!”
    Ying Mei’s eyes are already dyed red from hatred and humiliation.
    Although right now, she doesn’t have a sliver of strength, she will absolutely dismember Xuan Ji, this animal, even if she loses her life.

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  1. I am waiting for Jun Muyan to give him a life worst than death. Perhaps he should suffer eternal lust where nothing can satisfy him since he is such a lustful person.


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