EMHS – ch472

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Chapter 472: Peel off your skin
    However, all her power has been drained away, even her fingers won’t move, let alone  allow her to commit suicide by biting her tongue off.
    Her body is betraying her rationality and hostility, as it years for a man’s touch.
    As Xuan Ji’s hands rips off the muslin cloth, there’s an ear-piercing tearing sound, and Ying Mei is finally unable to bear the despair and humiliation.
    Tears slide down from the corners of her eyes.
    Seeing her tears, Xuan Ji only gets more stirred-up instead, the entire person shivers from excitement.
    “Back when I was fantasizing, I yearned to see the look of the great Ying Mei-daren begging in tears underneath me. Previously, I hated Han Ye for destroying my Immortal Bone and driving me out of the Xiuxian Continent. Now, I actually want to thank him. Hahaha!”
    Saying that, he hooks up Ying Mei’s jaw. Bewitched, he leans down, about to kiss Ying Mei’s lips.
    However, before Xuan Ji could feel the balm he’s been yearning for in his dreams,
    They suddenly hear a huge rumbling sound.
    Immediately following that, the entire basement shakes violently, dust and debris fall from above.
    “What’s going on?!” Xuan Ji abruptly stands up from the bed.
    Just as he’s about to call for people to come in, he sees a flash of shadow before his eyes.
    Then a tremendous energy rushes over from somewhere in front of him. His entire body goes flying out, and heavily knocks against the wall.
     An overwhelmingly severe pain courses through his five viscera and six bowels.
    Xuan Ji can only cough out a mouthful of blood.
    Yet just as he’s struggling, wanting to get up-
    He’s caught by the neck and picked up, then he is ruthlessly thrown down to the floor.
    Xuan Ji lets out a pained howl, and before he could resist-
    A foot presses down on his chest, and his ribs make a cracking sound.
    “Aaargh–!” splintered ribs pierces into his inner organs, making him feel so much pain that he almost wishes he was dead.
    Soon after, slowly appearing before him is a face that he knows well, and one that he loathes day and night.
    “Han… Ye…!” Xuan Ji’s lips are trembling as he spits out those two words.
    Han Ye ruthlessly flings a slap on his face.
    “Back in the Xiuxian Continent, I gave you a chance to live. Clearly, I made a mistake!”
    “What do you think you are? Daring to covet Ying Mei!”
    “Speak, what did you do to Ying Mei? If you dared to lay your hands on him, I am going to peel off the skin on your body!!”
    At this time, there’s not a thread nor a hair of expression on Han Ye’s normally careless and frivolous face.
    The cold murderousness coming out from his entire body makes Xuan Ji’s pupils suddenly contract.
    He seems to come back to the memory from many, many years ago.
    In that faraway Xiuxian Continent, the pain and despair of getting stripped of his Immortal Bone, the humiliation when he was facing Han Ye, falling to the dust without the least bit of power to resist.
    Yes, deep down, he doesn’t hate Han Ye, but he’s frightened all the way down to his marrows.
    He initially thought that since Han Ye and Ying Mei were struck down to the mundane world,
    Xuan Ji would naturally be able to raise his brows and easily blow them away.
    At this very moment however, with the way Han Ye is standing before him, Xuan Ji is unexpectedly so frightened that he’s completely forgotten what he has in plan for the other, so much so that his whole body is shaking uncontrollably.
    Han Ye’s eyes and voice are bone-piercingly cold, “Oh, so you don’t want to talk. Then tell me where do you want me to start peeling off your skin – how about from the top of your head?”
    Han Ye flips his wrist, and a dagger appears on the hollow of his palm.
    The blade glints with a cold light, unhurriedly falling towards the top of Xuan JI’s head.
    “Han… Han Ye…” a low, breathless voice comes from behind him.
    Han Ye’s movements stop, and he suddenly turns around, “Little Shadow?!”
    On top of the only bed inside the room, covered by a thin fluttering canopy, an indistinct graceful silhouette enters his eyes.

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