EMHS – ch474

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Chapter 474: Dimwit
    But Han Ye thinks that she’s in pain, so he forgets everything in his anxiousness and hugs her. His voice is trembling as he says, “Little Shadow, why is your face so red, how come your skin is so warm? Don’t, don’t scare me, do you have any injuries somewhere?! Or did that animal poison you? I- I’ll go look for your antidote at once.”
    Ying Mei’s whole body is burning hot, limp, powerless, and in pain. Her hazy eyes could see the sweat on Han Ye’s forehead, as well as his countenance of being so anxious that he’s close to crying.
    She doesn’t know why, but there’s a faint spark that warms her originally ice-cold heart.
    This… dimwit!
    He’s really too worried about her, that in his anxiousness, he’s completely lost the most basic ability to judge.
    Ying Mei’s lips move, about to say something.
    Suddenly, an effeminate male voice echoes inside the room: “Don’t worry, Ying Mei is all right. She just finds it difficult to endure the hunger and the thirst, wanting me to do her hard!”
    Han Ye immediately turns around, only to find the recently pummeled and dying Xuan Ji to already be in good condition as he stands up.
    Han Ye is not at all surprised by this.
    Their physical bodies are not as fragile as those of the people of the Yanwu Continent, even if Xuan Ji is already stripped of his Immortal Bone.
    Still, one could say that Xuan Ji could very easily recover from injuries that would generally be fatal to ordinary people.
    Facing Han Ye, a violently strong enmity bursts forth in Xuan Ji’s eyes. He laughs cruelly: “Han Ye-daren, seeing this Ying Mei, you’re very tempted and desirous as well, aren’t you?”
    “Hehe, I already have a hunch. The reason why you hated me so much back then, why you cruelly stripped me of my Immortal Bone and dumped me in this Yanwu Continent, to this wasteland that doesn’t have any Spiritual Power – it’s not really because I violated the laws of the Polar Domain, but it’s because you… were jealous of me!”
    “It’s because you also like Ying Mei, you’ve already been thinking of obtaining this woman… Han Ye, your inclinations are as filthy as mine, you’re just lusting after Ying Mei’s body as well, why did you punish me then?!”
    Han Ye coldly regards him, “Death is near at hand, yet you still talk rubbish!”
    “I’m talking rubbish?!” Xuan Ji bursts laughing, “You dare say that you don’t want to hold this woman? You dare say that you don’t want to press her underneath your body, and ruthlessly make her yours? Han Ye, stop deceiving others and yourself. You said that I’m disgusting, but how are you better than me!”
    Han Ye doesn’t care about anything Xuan Ji says, but he cares that Ying Mei might misunderstand him and spurn him. 
    He promptly lowers his head, eagerly saying: “Little Shadow, I haven’t…”
    “Dimwit!” Ying Mei harshly whispers, “Be careful of… the Spirit Devouring Powder…”
    She uses all her body’s strength to bark out about the Spirit Devouring Powder.
    But in the end, it’s still a step too late.
    Han Ye’s form sways, and he feels the Spiritual Power inside him drain out and dissipate at lightning speed.
    At the same time, he hears Xuan Ji’s hearty laughter.
    “Hahaha, what Jun Shang’s trusted aide, what Polar Domain’s death god – here in the Yanwu Continent, you’re no more than an insect on the ground that I can step on as I please.”
    “Han Ye, does the Spirit Devouring Powder feel good?”
    Han Ye’s body is on the verge of collapse, he almost couldn’t support himself.
    He fiercely glares at Xuan Ji, his eyes red, “Xuan Ji, do you know what you’re doing? Behaving so unscrupulously in the Yanwu Continent, if Jun Shang knows of this, do you know what end awaits you?”
    “Han Ye-daren, you can’t scare me. I, Xuan Ji, won’t be scared by you.”
    Xuan Ji snorts, his expression is unspeakably disdainful, “You’re now just a waste that’s been condemned to the Yanwu Continent, what qualifies you to lecture me? Whatever I do, how could Jun Shang possibly know of it when he’s at the distant Xiuxian Continent?”

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