EMHS – CH484

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Chapter 484: Same to you
    However, her immaculate image has become flawed, it has already become irreparable.
    Even Senior Brother Jian Feng, who is infatuated with her and adores her, when she was covered all over with that body odor, he had also frowned and revealed a disgusted expression.
    Made proud and arrogant, never having suffered the least bit of grievance, how can Gong Qianxue bear it?
    And all this humiliation has been brought upon her by that slut, Jun Muyan!
    But Gong Qianxue isn’t willing to think-
    That if it wasn’t for her instigating the people of Raging Inferno Mercenary Group to deal with Jun Muyan, she needn’t have suffered this karmic backlash.
    Gong Qianxue takes a deep breath, then eagerly and indignantly says: “Liu Se-sister, I know who killed big brother Xuan Ji.”
    “It is the Enchantress if Medicine, who is arrogant and powerful in Tianyuan City these days– Jun Muyan. She is now in Jing Cheng’s Wangjiang City. With her own hands, this vicious woman killed big brother Xuan Ji.”
    “Jun Muyan! Jun Muyan!” Liu Se utters this name again and again, through gritted teeth, “Very well, I will go to Wangjiang City at once. I will make the one who killed my Xuan Ji pay, a hundred thousand times back.”
    “Jun Muyan, I want you to die without a burial site!”
    Seeing the raging murderous intent that’s burning in Liu Se’s eyes, the corner of Gong Qianxue’s lips slowly curl up, revealing a cold smile.
    Liu Se, this stupid woman is ready to go to Wangjiang’s Ghost City. Really, this can’t be better.
    In this way, be it Jun Muyan, the Ghost Lord Gu Yue, or the Ghost City – all of them could be settled easily.
    “Miss, you’re back.” Ru Yan sees the handsome man and beautiful woman swiftly coming in from outside the door, she immediately goes up to welcome them with a smile, “Going out with Jun Shang today, I hope you enjoyed…”
    Halfway through, Ru Yan’s voice slowly becomes small as it falls.
    That’s because she finally has a clear look on Di Ming Jue’s unhappy expression.
    Furthermore, after hearing her inquiry, the cold eyes dart towards her.
    Ru Yan shrinks her neck, looking towards Muyan with extreme grievance.
    Muyan sends Di Ming Jue a glance, somewhat amused, but she holds it back.
    She knows that this man had driven Xiao Bao out today in order enter a romantic couple’s world with her.
    But the outcome is apparently less than ideal.
    Every time the two of them want to be alone, they would always be interrupted by various people and all kinds of affairs.
     If it isn’t a man coming up to hit on Muyan, it would be a woman who wants to throw herself into Di Ming Jue’s arms.
    Finally, after great difficulty, they were able to go boating in the middle of the lake, and the atmosphere has become a little romantic.
    But then, an injured youngster fell from the sky, and after Muyan used a draught to cure his injuries, he knelt before her and insisted on selling himself into servitude to her.
    Angry, Di Ming Jue’s expression changes on the spot, and he directly kicks the recently recovered youngster into the lake.
    “Hey, are you still angry?” Muyan tugs Di Ming Jue’s sleeve, “Stop scaring my subordinate.”
    With a dark face, Di Ming Jue’s hand shoots out to hug Muyan by the waist, locking her up in his embrace, “Ben Jun really wants to lock you up in a room, lest you go out and attract bees and butterflies.”
    “Haha, I could say the same thing to you!” Muyan hooks Di Ming Jue’s chin up. With a mockery of a smile, “Jun Shang-daren’s ability to pick the flowers and trample the grass, isn’t quite great as well?”
    Di Ming Jue immediately leans in a little closer, his voice a little husky, “Ben Jun wouldn’t mind Yanyan locking me away, just… the two of us, you and I.”
    Muyan: “…”
    Maniac, the strength and thickness of his face has already become all the more unrivaled, she’s ashamed of being inferior.
    At the side, Ru Yan thinks: Miss, son-in-law, if you two want to make a public display of affection, in any case, show some consideration to this humble subordinate beside you!
    “Cough… Ru Yan, where’s Xiao Bao?”
    Ru Yan comes back to herself, “Little Gongzi and Ying Mei-daren, since they went out, they still haven’t come back.”

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