EMHS – CH485

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Chapter 485: So stupidly cute
    “They still haven’t come back?” all at once, Muyan’s brows draw together, “They only went to the Ghost City to pick up some drug ingredients, how come they’re not back yet?”
    There shouldn’t be any problem, right?
     Or, maybe the fat rabbit couldn’t stop itself, and had eaten up all the Strange Beasts in the Ghost City?
     Muyan can’t help but press between her brows, preparing herself to go to the Ghost City and take a look. 
    “Niangqin–!” a crisp, childish shout is accompanied by a very small figure that shoots itself into her embrace like a projectile.
    “Xiao Bao!” Muyan holds the small, soft form tightly to her chest, “How come you’ve only come back now?”
    There’s anxiousness in her voice, but her suspended heart finally falls back to its original place.
    Xiao Bao rubs his head against Muyan’s neck, then he looks up, “Nianqin, Ghost City had a bad person!”
   A fluffy white head pops out from the middle of Muyan and Xiao Bao’s hug.
    The fat rabbit lets out a howling sound, shaking its head to take credit for some achievement.
    The bad egg was fended off by me, all by this Grandpa Rabbit!
    Ah pah!! Since when was it Grandpa Rabbit? This wise, war deity of a mythical beast, how could it possibly be a Grandpa Rabbit?!
    Muyan doesn’t have the leisure to manage the fat rabbit’s identity crisis, as she turns to Han Ye and Ying Mei.
    Only to see that the two of them are all covered in blood, battered and exhausted.
    Even more, Ying Mei is just being carried on Han Ye’s back.
    Muyan has flash of understanding, then frowns.
    Even Di Ming Jue has a slightly grim expression, “What happened exactly?”
    Within Muyan chamber, Han Ye briefly recounts the events in the Ghost City.
    After he finished speaking, Han Ye plops down to a kneel in front of Di Ming Jue.
    “Jun Shang, I know that Ying Mei is a woman dressed as a man, deceiving Jun Shang. According to the laws of the Polar Domain, it is subject to capital punishment. If Jun Shang really wishes to punish her, can you allow this subordinate to receive it on her behalf?”
    Ying Mei snaps her eyes wide open, “Han Ye, what nonsense are you talking about?”
    Di Ming Jue narrows his eyes a bit, not a sliver of expression on his handsome face, “You should be very clear about the punishment one receives for violating Polar Domain’s iron law.”
   “This subordinate understands!” Han Ye says without the slightest hesitation, “but this subordinate wishes to take the punishment on behalf of Ying Mei!”
    What kind of punishment is he asking to receive?
    How could he not know?
    The few of them are Jun Shang’s trusted aides, and have pledged their eternal loyalty and devotion to Jun Shang – they simply cannot have the slightest bit of deceit or betrayal.
    If this vow is violated, they will be stripped off of their Immortal Bones, and driven out of the world of Immortals, eternally forbidden to return.
    For anyone in the Xiuxian Continent, such a punishment is considered hell.
    Han Ye is also afraid, but he can bear this kind of punishment for Ying Mei.
    He doesn’t have a thread nor a hair of regret.
    Ying Mei sighs softly. A trace of a helpless smile appears on her normally cool and indifferent face.
    This guy, Han Ye… how is he so stupid!
    And yet so stupidly cute.
    Di Ming Jue towers over as he looks down on Han Ye’s ‘viewing death as a return home’- face. He unhurriedly says: “Since it is so, you will stay in the Purgatory Pool for three more months.”
    Han Ye hangs his head down: “This subordinate shall comply… eh?! Three months… in the Purgatory Pool?!”
    “Jun… Jun Shang?!”
    Han Ye raises his head to look at Di Ming Jue in disbelief.
    Why is it merely going to the Purgatory Pool and staying there for three more months?!
    Shouldn’t it be sentenced to capital punishment?
    At the side, Muyan finally couldn’t help herself, giggling and laughing out loud.
    Nestled in Muyan’s arms, Xiao Bao disdainfully utters a phrase, “Stupid Uncle Han Ye!”
    Soon after, Han Ye reacts in late realization.
    “Jun Shang, you, you already know that Ying Mei is a woman?!”
    Ying Mei kneels beside Han Ye, and she couldn’t help but pat his head, “Fool, did you forget? We’ve made a blood contract with Jun Shang, how could I possibly conceal my secret from Jun Shang?”

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