EMHS – Ch486

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Chapter 486: The show has just begun
    Han Ye is stunned, dumbfounded as he stares at Ying Mei. A smile on his face one moment, then listlessness in another.
    Soon after, it seems like he remembers something.
    He howls in grief all of a sudden, “Aaah, three more months, if you add that up, won’t I be staying in the Purgatory Pool for a year? Jun Shang, no! Spare me!”
    After all the laughter, Han Ye’s expression turns serious, saying: “Jun Shang, as of the moment, it appears like someone is exercising control over the Ghost City. Even with Gu Yue, that guy, everything bodes ill, no hints of good.”
    He pauses, watching Di Ming Jue, “Jun Shang, are we going to intervene?”
    Di Ming Jue looks indifferent, not saying anything.
    Han Ye shakes his head, “I understand.”
    They cannot intervene.
    People of the Xiuxian Continent have come to the Yanwu Continent. The karmic entanglement is too great.
    Especially since Di Jun’s real body has descended, they need to be more cautious of their conduct and deeds.
    Otherwise, it is extremely likely that they would trigger frightening consequences.
    Even though Ghost City was previously founded by the Polar Domain, so many years have passed that Yanwu Continent’s Ghost City has long been estranged with the Polar Domain.
    This time, Jun Shang came down to the Yanwu Continent only for Miss Jun.
    He won’t handle other matters, as he shouldn’t.
    The fate of Gu Yue and the Ghost City is already decided.
    They shouldn’t meddle anymore.
    Han Ye says: “Jun Shang, rest assured. We will not go and interfere with the affairs of the Ghost City anymore.”
    “Now that the herbs have all been gathered, shall we leave Wangjiang City as soon as possible?”
    After all, they killed a Ghost King. If the Ghost City comes to know of this, they probably wouldn’t be willing to take things lying down.
    However, just as Han Ye’s words fall, Muyan’s languid yet mysterious voice comes through.
    “Leave? The show has just begun, how can you leave now?”
    Han Ye looks at Muyan in astonishment.
    Muyan’s eyes are slightly narrowed, the corners of her mouth are still raised in an easy smile, but her expression is cold beyond words.
    “When you mentioned the name ‘Xuan Ji’ earlier, it felt familiar to my ears. Now I finally remember.”
    In her previous life, she had seen a strange, effeminate man at Gong Qianxue’s side.
    Moreover, at that man’s side, there stood a woman who was completely wrapped and covered from head to foot.
    At that time, Muyan seems to have heard Gong Qianxue calling that man “big brother Xuan Ji”, and calling that woman “Liu Se-sister”.
    Muyan wasn’t really clear about what she heard.
    After all, she didn’t know what the words “Xuan Ji” and “Liu Se” were.
    But at that time, upon seeing her, Gong Qianxue immediately made those two individuals leave.
    There was a hint of agitation on her face, and later, she repeatedly probed Muyan whether or not the latter recognized the identity of those two people.
    Back then, Muyan had been too foolish. She didn’t have even a tiny bit of doubt towards Gong Qianxue.
    But hearing the name Xuan Ji now, she finally remembers.
    That ‘big brother Xuan Ji’ was the Ghost King of Wangjiang’s Ghost City.
    Meaning, Wangjiang’s Ghost City had long fallen into Gong Qianxue’s hands.
    “If you guys want to go back, you can go back first.” Muyan nonchalantly sweeps her gaze over Di Ming Jue and the others, “You don’t want to meddle in the Ghost City’s affairs, but I do.”
    How could she possibly be indifferent to anything that concerns Gong Qianxue?
    Regardless of her fate, of karma-
    She only knows that in this rebirth, she will make all of Gong Qianxue’s dreams and ambitions turn into soap bubbles.
    She will definitely have this woman consigned to eternal damnation, the debt of blood must be paid in blood!
    “If niangqin won’t go back, Xiao Bao also won’t go back!” Xiao Bao hugs his mother, his huge eyes filled with conscientiousness, “Xiao Bao goes with Niangqin!” 
    Saying that, he even sends a dismissive glance towards Di Ming Jue’s group. Waving his hand, “You guys can go!”
     Di Ming Jue raises his eyes towards Muyan, his gaze deep and inscrutable.

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