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Chapter 531: Doesn’t look alive

Immediately after that, the ground below her trembles.

Innumerable white lights, like a dense cloud of fireflies, float towards the shining Tian Mo Qin.

Muyan watches this scene wide-eyed and gaping, and she subconsciously reaches out a hand to touch those firefly-like motes of light.

The light motes touch her skin, making Spiritual Power happily flow like a stream within her whole body. It feels so comfortable, she almost wants to sigh.

What… what is happening?

Why does it seem like the Tian Mo Qin is absorbing this Spiritual Vein?

Since when could a Spiritual Vein be absorbed within a short period of time?

This is really too outrageous, isn’t it?

In a flash, Muyan’s form disappears from its spot, entering the Space.

As soon as she gets in, Xiao Bao immediately rushes over and hugs her thigh. His normally cold voice carries a bit of surprise and amazement, “Niangqin, niangqin, look! The Space changed!”

Yes, the Space has changed.

Ahead of what used to be encompassed by dark green mountain fields, a small hill has appeared.

All kinds of flowers are blooming on that hill. Specks of light cover the space over these flowers, like they’re sprinkled to become a star cluster.

Beautiful beyond words.

Xiao Bao gazes at that “star cluster”, his large eyes sparkling, “Niangqin, the air coming from there smells good!”

Muyan takes a deep breath, and the astonishment on her face slowly turns into ecstasy.

Of course the air smells good, because that’s clearly the breath from a Spiritual Vein.


The Tian Mo Qin really did absorb the Ghost Sanctum’s Spiritual Vein!

Moreover, the Vein just appears in the Space.

Muyan takes Xiao Bao by the hand, and they slowly approach it.

As they get closer to the Spiritual Vein, the feeling of her body being washed and saturated becomes even more palpable.

Her dried-up Dantian excitedly absorbs the rich and mellow Spiritual Power, then it soon circulates through the meridians of her entire body.

At that moment, Muyan indeed feels that her Spiritual Power Cultivation has advanced.

It’s just that right now, she’s still totally confused about the system of Spiritual Cultivation, so she’s completely ignorant of exactly what level she’s achieved in her own Cultivation.

Still, this doesn’t stop her from being in a great mood.

If only she’s not in the wrong place (and still has to treat the Ghost Lord’s illness), she would have immediately sat down to cultivate.

After helping Xiao Bao settle down to cultivate next to the Spiritual Vein, Muyan flashes out of the Space.

At this time, that dazzling radiance from earlier has already disappeared.

The whole stone room has reverted back to its original dimness.

The candle flame slightly flickers a little ways away, shining upon the only bed in the entire room.

The Ghost Lord is lying on that bed.

Ghost Lord Gu Yue, also known as the Ghost Emperor, the true commander of the Ghost City.

In the Yanwu Continent, this is an individual who can call the wind and summon the rain, a person whom the ordinary Practitioners revere and look up to.

But at present, he’s lying helpless and alone inside this cold stone room.

Muyan slowly makes her way to the edge of the bed. The moment she sees the man on top of it, she jumps in alarm.

She could see that the man on the bed is completely motionless, his body is stiff.

Under the candlelight, his complexion appears bluish.

This… why does this not look like a living person?

Just at this moment, the man on the bed suddenly opens his eyes.

Ash grey eyeballs, without the slightest bit of focus.

His blue-grey lips open slightly, like he’s breathing, like he wants to speak.

He can move, open his eyes, and breath?

This ought to be a living person.

But Muyan still feels it’s very off.

She grabs the Ghost Lord’s hand and feels the vein on his wrist.

The pulse under her fingertips is beating powerfully and steadily.

But Muyan has a deep frown. Why is this pulse so strange?

There’s definitely breathing, there’s a pulse, but the air of death permeates all over him.

Just as she prepares to inject her Internal Force to carefully examine the Ghost Lord’s illness-

A drastic change suddenly comes over her face, the whole person quickly recoiling.

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