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Chapter 532: Corpse Poison

Suddenly, a drastic change comes over her face, and she bodily recoils.

But it’s still a step too late.

That hand which she was examining for it’s pulse, it’s fingernails suddenly lengthens.

It makes a vicious grab towards her.

The black claws suffuse a strong putrid stench as it scratches and rips the clothes on her shoulder, tearing into her skin.

Three glaring, bloody lines appear on her snow white shoulder.

Muyan turns her head to check the wound.

Only to see that within a moment, the three bloody cuts are staining with an inky black color.

A numbing ache immediately spreads from her shoulder to her whole body.

This is…. Corpse Poison!!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Your reaction is really fast. My Corpse King’s Claws was supposed to pierce straight to your heart, dig out the organ, and let me have a little taste.”

She hears a rough, cracking voice from a corner.

Soon after, there’s a loud, rumbling sound on the wall next to the bed, as it parts on two sides.

Liu Se’s figure very slowly walks out from there.

The light from the candle shines upon her wrinkly, pockmarked face. Along with her harsh unpleasant laughter, it’s exceptionally terrifying.

“But, no matter. You’ve already been infected with my Corpse King’s Poison. It will flare up in a moment, and you would still be a fish under my knife, which I could sample as I please.”

Muyan icy stare falls on her, but there’s not a trace of panic on her face.

She quickly takes out a bottle of draught from the Space, pouring it over the cuts.

Then she immediately swallows a Pill.

She operates her body’s Internal Force together with Spiritual Power, and the numbness on her body disappears.

But this Corpse Poison is unusually powerful, she really couldn’t completely get rid of it in a short while. She can only localize it to an area of her body.

Liu Se fixedly watches her series of movements, the hatred in her eyes slowly changing into greed: “Jun Muyan, tell me. Why do you have Spiritual Power? Why could you produce genuine Elixirs? What kind of Magic Tool was the zither that you used to concoct Pills?”

“If you obediently answer all my questions, perhaps I could leave you with an intact corpse.”

Coming to the Ghost Wind Valley, Liu Se’s original purpose was, of course, to avenge her kept man Xuan Ji.

She wanted to make mincemeat of Jun Muyan.

But she witnessed the technique Jun Muyan used in alchemy, she saw the mysterious Di Ming Jue, Han Ye, and the others placing importance on Jun Muyan.

Liu Se slowly came to realize that there’s a great secret hidden in this woman.

This secret might even give her a chance to return to the Xiuxian Continent, return to Tian Yi Men.

Yes, like Xuan Ji, Liu Se was originally an inhabitant of the Xiuxian Continent.

Because of a mistake, Tian Yi Men banished her.

But unlike Xuan Ji, who was stripped of his Immortal Bone,

Liu Se was made to take the most terrible Gu Poison in Tian Yi Men.

Liu Se had been banished to the Yanwu Continent for a hundred years already.

Due to the effects of the Gu Poison, she’s become more and more hideous, her body is riddled with problems, turning into one who’s neither a person nor a ghost.

She’s also given up on the hope of returning to the Xiuxian Continent again.

But today, looking at Jun Muyan, her chest has once again ignited with hope.

That’s because a bold conjecture has formed in Liu Se’s mind.

Muyan snorts, but she doesn’t answer the questions. Instead, she unhurriedly speaks: “Ghost King Liu has some questions for me, but it just so happens that I also have some things that I would like to ask Ghost King Liu.”

“When I saw Shi Lanling performing alchemy today, I felt it was very strange. At her level, it’s simply impossible for her to refine a fourth level Vein Shield Dan. Moreover, that Vein Shield Dan even contained a whiff of Spiritual Power.”

“If I didn’t guess it wrong, you must have made Shi Lanling swallow a special kind of Gu several days ago.”

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