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Chapter 533: Just like a Zombie

“If I didn’t guess it wrong, you must have given Shi Lanling a special kind of Gu several days ago, letting her believe that she has removed the poison of the White Jade Purple Frost. Even her powers in alchemy also increased. But she didn’t know that every time she performed alchemy, or refined medicine, that Gu bug was eating up her Blood Essence.”

“This kind of Gu had given Shi Lanling beauty and powerful abilities in alchemy – briefly. In addition, you had also made use of Shi Lanling’s temporarily enhanced abilities to refine drugs that would poison the Ghost Lord, making him the living dead that he is right now – or should I say – your puppet.”

“Ghost King Liu, did I get it right?”

Clap, clap, clap! Liu Se applauds, exclaiming praises, “Truly worthy of being called the great Enchantress of Medicine. With only these spider’s thread and horse’s tracks*, you’ve managed to deduce so many things, it really leaves me to choice but to admire you. But, so what if you figured it out? Now that you have my Corpse Poison, and no one can enter this stone room to save you, hehe… I advise that you behave with your hands tied and wait for capture, lest you suffer even greater tortures…”


Muyan raises a hand, and the Tian Mo Qin immediately appears within her hold.

Under the candlelight, her beautiful little face perks up. With an untamed, willful smile, “Whoever will ultimately suffer more tortures, how can we know without seeing it through?”


The strings quiver, countless wind blades shoot towards Liu Se like a rain of arrows.

Liu Se stands where she is, not moving an inch.

But beside her, the Ghost Lord Gu Yue rushes over in a sort of flurry.

Black claws lengthening once again.

Along with a fishy stench of putrefaction, a powerful ramming pressure assaults her senses.

It is far, far greater than the strength of a peak Precelestial.

The whole space of the stone room is like an overturned sea, churned up by Gu Yue.

And Muyan is like a small boat in the middle of the ocean, one that will capsize any moment now.

This is a strength suppression that transcends so many stages.

This is not something one could overcome through talent and skill.

Seeing Muyan look straitened under Gu Yue’s attack, Liu Se bursts into loud laughter, “Jun Muyan, to actually achieve the cultivation of high Precelestial at your age, I admit that your talent truly astonishes me.”

“But only up to a point! In the eyes of someone from our Xiuxian Continent, the creatures on your Yanwu Continent are only a little higher than insects at best. Or did you think that just by relying on your current cultivation, you’d really be able to prevail over my [Corpse King]?”

“Ghost Lord Gu Yue’s true cultivation, do you know how much higher it is compared to yours? Even if he’s now become a Corpse Soldier, he’s actually retained his cultivation, he’s not even subjected to the limits and restrictions of the Spatial Boundaries. Don’t tell me you still genuinely believe that you can win?”

Right now, Muyan’s situation is extraordinarily bad indeed.

Since she’s been reborn, this is the first time that she feels her life is threatened.

Gu Yue is currently similar to a zombie.

He doesn’t fear pain, doesn’t fear injury, but his movements are extremely nimble.

Muyan’s sound blade attacks has already reached the level of shooting a hundred blades at once, but Gu Yue doesn’t even need to dodge.

The distance between the two of them is getting shorter and shorter.


Muyan couldn’t dodge in time, and Gu Yue’s fist heavily lands on her shoulder.

She feels a violent agony from that shoulder.

She could even hear the sound of bones cracking.

Muyan’s complexion instantly turns deathly pale.

Gu Yue is already opening his fist to expose his palms.

Black claws immediately extend, hissing with a cold gleam, they rush straight to her heart.

As a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, the Tian Mo Qin is lifted up, and manages to obstruct the strike.

The sharp nails scrape against the zither, producing a grating, creaking sound.

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