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Chapter 534: I am your Master

The Tian Mo Qin is unscathed, but Gu Yue’s powerful attack is transmitted through the zither.

It makes Muyan suddenly cough out a mouthful of blood.

The scalding blood offering falls on the strings of the instrument, triggering the Tian Mo Qin to produce a humming noise.

Muyan could only watch her vision go blurry. Her entire body, from top to bottom, be it her meridians, Dantian, or Qi Sea — they’re all alight with a restless, searing pain.

And it’s as if she could hear Xiao Bao’s loud, heartbreaking cries in her ears.

“Niangqin! Niangqin! Let me out! Let me come out!”

His very small form keeps on ramming against the Space’s barrier, wanting to rush out.

But he cannot! He may not!

Muyan firmly bites the tip of her tongue, forcing her own mind to settle down.

She cannot fall, she cannot lose!

Her collapse would not just spell her death, Xiao Bao is still inside the space.

At the moment of her rebirth, she once swore that in this life, she will absolutely protect her darling boy.

In no way would she allow her treasure to come to any harm.

Muyan shakily stands up, her hands tightly clutching the Tian Mo Qin.

Without her notice, the blood on the strings has slightly seeped into the body of the zither.

At this moment, the blood that should definitely have gone cold after such a long time has become scalding hot.

Muyan’s reddened eyes are closely watching Gu Yue.

She wants to win!

She absolutely wouldn’t allow her baby to be all alone.

“Do you… want to become stronger?”

All of a sudden, she hears a deep, low voice.

This voice seems like it’s coming from the void.

And also like it’s ringing out from the depths of her soul.

This voice is foreign but vaguely familiar at the same time.

“You, do you want to become an existence that reigns supreme within the Three Realms?”

Muyan’s pupils slightly contract, and in her mind, she silently calls out three characters, “Tian Mo Qin!”

Yes, this is the voice of the Tian Mo Qin.

Previously, in that Shen Musician Inheritance Space, she faintly heard this voice as well.

During the reconstruction of her Spiritual Roots back in Jin Wangfu too, this voice had vaguely rung out.

But never in those previous instances was it as clear as it is now.

It echoes in her mind over and over again, that old, deep, and beguiling voice.

“Do you want to become strong?”

“If you want to become the Supreme Ruler, then you shall offer your flesh and blood as a sacrifice to me, you shall dedicate your soul to me!”

“I shall take your place, take you in my protection, and henceforth set you up high enough to sweep everything before you.”


Gu Yue’s black nails once again tear through Muyan’s clothes.

A wound appears on her back, so deep that one could clearly see bone.

The initially suppressed Corpse Poison begins to stir in her Dantian, like it’s set aflame.

Muyan’s consciousness is getting more and more fuzzy.

But Xiao Bao’s heart-wrenching, lung-splitting wails, as well as the Tian Mo Qin’s enticing voice — they’re getting louder and louder.

If she offers her soul to the Tian Mo Qin, she could obtain supreme power.

If she lets the Tian Mo Qin control her body, she could survive, and she could protect Xiao Bao…

Muyan’s lips move, like she wants to say something.

But then suddenly, it’s as if a garbled voice is speaking from the distant horizon, “Niangqin is the best… Xiao Bao loves Niangqin the most…”

“Jun Muyan, by the Mandate of Heaven, you are destined to be my, Di Ming Jue’s wife!”

The eyes that are completely dyed red suddenly flash with a blazing radiance.

Her figure, slumping due to the pain and propped up on the blood-drenched Tian Mo Qin, slowly straighten up.

“Tian Mo Qin, I’ll say it again!”

“I am your Master! Do not try to lure me, control me, or replace me!”

Slim, bloody fingers lightly and gently stroke the strings.

The movements are gentle, but brimming with a resolute and unyielding threat, “Today, we shall only have two endings. Either I die and you wait for your next Master; or, you will lend me your power. Help me get out of the present predicament.”

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