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Chapter 535: Can you be any more stingy?

“Tian Mo Qin, now, tell me your choice!”

Hum, hum, hum–!!

The blood-covered Tian Mo Qin produces an unwilling, yearning sound.

But in the end, this sound slowly fades away under Muyan’s determined and strong will.

Immediately after, a deafening zither sound suddenly erupts.

The entire stone room seems to shudder violently because of this sound.

Liu Se only feels that the Qi and blood in her body is surging. Soon after, she discovers to her horror that she’s unexpectedly lost control over the Corpse King Gu Yue.

“What’s going on?! Jun Muyan, what did you do?!”

She strains her eyes to look.

Only to see that zither in Muyan’s hands is unexpectedly shining with a resplendent radiance, when it was an unremarkable black zither just a moment ago.

The bloodstains on the zither body has thoroughly disappeared, becoming gleaming and lustrous, looking like the most precious and magnificent ancient jade carving in the world.

“Little girl, hear this Sage clearly!”

“What I am now forcibly unlocking for you is a skill at the third level realm of the Shen Musicians–[Waning Moon].”

“Bypassing ranks, you are be able to use a Shen Musician third level skill on the Yanwu Continent.”

“If you still lose even with this, and if this Sage is sealed once again as a result, I will definitely scatter your soul and have you fall into the underworld, into Hell.”

At this time, the Tian Mo Qin’s voice carries a trace of agitated exasperation.

But strangely, it’s no longer ancient and deep, but it resembles a the voice of a young man instead.

But Muyan couldn’t mull over it at the moment.

That’s because a sudden absence of sound has fallen in her within her mind, and a powerful energy rushes in with a roar from the hand that’s holding the Tian Mo Qin.

In that split second, she feels like her meridians and Dantian are bursting.

An acute pain instantly hits her whole body, and in a few short breaths, she’s entirely soaked in cold sweat.

Soon after, it’s as if there’s a tinkling noise in her brain.

A Shen Musician skill that she’s never seen before appears in her mind.

[Seven Sword Spirit]!

At the third level or lower of the Shen Musicians, it is the only melee skill.

Strings turning into blades, ten thousand spirits converge!

Once this skill is unleashed, the seven strings on the zither transform into seven swords that revolve around Muyan.

Driven by Spiritual Power, the qin sound automatically provides support.

It can defend in retreat, it can attack in going forward.

Since she received the Shen Musician Inheritance, Muyan has been close to invincible in the Yanwu Continent.

But Muyan herself clearly knows that there’s a fatal flaw with the Shen Musician skills in her currently arsenal.

There’s only ranged attacks, and no melee.

It’s just that the ones she’s previously encountered were all inadequate opponents, and there was no need to utilize Shen Musician skills in order to defeat them.

So this weakness wasn’t exposed.

And now, at last, she’s finally made up for this weakness as well.

Muyan’s complexion is pale, but a corner of her mouth slowly curls up into a lopsided smirk, “Going into such a big battle, but you only unlock a single level three skill for me. Tian Mo Qin, can you be any more stingy?”


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – the seven different-colored swords hovering around Muyan’s form tremble simultaneously, like they’re protesting.

But Muyan snorts and gives it no mind. Reaching out to wave lightly, one of them flies into her hand.

Just then, Gu Yue receives Liu Se’s command. Letting out a beast-like snarl, he rushes over once again.

The sword in her hand suddenly strikes out.

Gi Yue’s figure nimbly dodges out of the way, his long nails carrying a swift and vicious rush of wind as it comes whistling over.

But the next moment-

There’s a clanging sound!

In front of the black claws, a violet swords has appeared, effortlessly blocking Gu Yue’s attack.

And the remaining swords instantly turn into sword lights, shooting straight towards Gu Yue.

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