EMHS – ch102

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 102: Junji Drugstore

“A! Don’t mind it, don’t mind it! Xiao Bao is so thoughtful!”

Xiao Bao turns his head and brings the steamed bun Muyan’s mouth, “Niangqin, eat!”

Muyan leans down to take a bite, smiling as she says, “Mm, the steamed bun is delicious, Xiao Bao should also eat!”

The little guy takes the bun and stuffs it to his mouth like a squirrel.

Even when he eats, Xiao Bao’s handsome little face is still icy and expressionless.

But looking at that undeniably adorable and clever appearance, it can simply melt the hearts of even the hard-hearted.

Mother Chen can only sigh: “Miss Jun, you have a great relationship with your son!”

When they snuggle together, everything in the world seems to fade away. As long as they have each other, they have already transcended over countless civilizations.

Muyan leans down to lay a kiss on Xiao Bao’s head, her features soften, “Mn, Xiao Bao is the greatest gift that was given to me by the Heavens.”

Xiao Bao tilts his head to look at Muyan, his blue eyes have the luster of the stars.


The second day comes, then the third day, and “Junji Drugstore” had been very deserted. Only flies hither and thither around the counter.

By the way,

The Chenjia Drugstore had been formally renamed Junji Drugstore a few days ago.

And it was changed due to Chen Qingfeng and Aunt Cheng’s insistence.

According to Chen Aunt, they have already taken so much from Muyan.

Now that the pharmacy belongs to Muyan, of course it can’t be called Chenjia Drugstore anymore. Otherwise, what would be the difference since Muyan had bought it?

Muyan can’t change their mind, so she allowed them to change it.

On the third day, Chen Qingfeng is sitting anxiously at the counter when he suddenly hears some noise and messy footsteps. It’s coming towards his shop.

“Tian-dashao, this… do we really need to buy Mysterious Energy Philters in this small, run-down pharmacy? Why don’t we go to Hongsheng Medicine Hall? This small shop is really too shabby to look at.”
dashao- some rich guy’s eldest son, or an arrogant spendthrift.

“Hmph, don’t you know that our Tian-dashao have some enmity with Hongsheng Medicine Hall’s young master? Wouldn’t we be hitting our own face if we go to him to buy medicine?”

As they’re talking, they’ve already come inside the shop.

There’s a total of five people in their group, headed by a young man in blue clothes. His looks can’t be regarded as handsome, but his pair of eyes are like sizzling currents that people wouldn’t dare look directly.

His impatient voice comes over: “Enough jabbering! Isn’t it just buying some Mysterious Energy Philters? It’s the same wherever you buy it.”

“Tian-dashao is right, the Philters have the same effect no matter how good they are. The Hongsheng Medicine Hall isn’t the only one selling Mysterious Energy Philters.”

When Chen Qingfeng sees the group, he immediately gets up to welcome them.

He is in the early Profound Stage, and he can’t see through the cultivation of any of the five before him.

So these people should be on the middle Profound Stage or higher.

Martial practitioners that have cultivated at this level are usually more generous with money.

“These guests, what kind of medicine would you like to buy?”

Next to the blue-clad youth, there’s a short man that speaks: “Bring out all your shop’s Mysterious Energy Philters to our Tian-dashao. Wrap up everything for us.”

“Right away!” pipes Chen Qingfeng, who suddenly has his brows raised in delight and his eyes laughing. There’s the pleasant surprise of a big business, “Please wait a moment, I will immediately go and take it out. The price of Mysterious Energy Philters in our shop is 100 gold coins apiece, guaranteed fair trade.”

Soon, all Mysterious Energy Philters in the store are placed on the counter.

There are only a few dozens of bottles in total.

The young man in blue immediately frowns and asks in displeasure: “Why only this much?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch101

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 101: Xiao Bao Sets the Price

Nevertheless, Chen Qingfeng stares in awe.

This this this… isn’t this the same price of the Mysterious Energy Philter in the market?

Just how can one throw dice and determine its price?

After the die clatters around, it finally stops on a side.

Xiao Bao looks at that single side. He wrinkles his heroic brows in dissatisfaction, “Too cheap.”

Just how great is niangqin’s draught, and the selling price is actually just this much.

Chen Qingfeng quickly smiles and says: “One hundred gold coins is already a lot, and the price of the Mysterious Energy Philters on the market is also the same. Even the most famous ‘Hongsheng Medicine Hall’ in Xia’an, that has mid-level apothecaries overseeing it and a Philter can only sell up to two hundred gold coins.”

At this time, he is 100% sure that the draught that Muyan had given him to treat his mother’s illness, must have been purchased somewhere else.

But also because of this, Chen Qingfeng thinks that Muyan had paid a large sum to give him the draught to cure his mother. All the more reason that he should properly repay this benefactor, and he must not let her down.

Even if Miss Jun’s Mysterious Energy Philter is not good enough, he will surely help sell it.

Xiao Bao shoots him a cold glance.

Those beautiful blue eyes that look so much like Muyan’s, are completely filled with contempt at this moment.

As if Chen Qingfeng’s words are such a huge joke.

Chen Qingfeng looks on cluelessly, and just as he’s about to ask,

He hears a cold childish voice: “Who told you that it’s one hundred gold coins?”

“Ah? Then… how much should we sell it?”

“Ten thousand gold coins.”

Chen Qingfeng stumbles on his own feet, and his head knocks against the table all of a sudden.

But he couldn’t attend to the pain as he quickly straightens up, “You’re kidding, little master. For ten thousand gold coins, this Mysterious Energy Philter is the lowest order draught a!! Even the Heavenly Road Sect of Huang Yao Country wouldn’t dare to sell it for that much! You, have you been mistaken?”

And so he looks towards Muyan for help, hoping that Muyan could correct Xiao Bao’s concept of money.

Muyan just picks Xiao Bao up to give him a kiss, beaming as she says, “How much my baby says it is, is how much we’ll sell it.”

“Bu… but Miss Jun, this won’t be able to sell at all! Mysterious Energy Philters only sell for 100 gold each on other shops!”

Muyan goes on, carefree as she says, “It’s fine, you can give this bottle a different price, sell it separately. If someone buys it, you sell it; nobody buys it, and I won’t hold you responsible.”

How could someone buy it?

Chen Qingfeng could only lament to himself.

Isn’t it simply too much to pay ten thousand gold coins for a single Mysterious Energy Philter?

He still wants them to reconsider, but Xiao Bao shoots him a cold glare, tiny mouth opens to spit out two syllables: “Moron.”

Chen Qingfeng stiffens.

Muyan knocks on her son’s head. “Don’t be discourteous to Uncle Chen.”

Xiao Bao wrinkles his small nose, with a humph: “How could something that niangqin made be the same as ordinary draughts? Not knowing even this, isn’t that a moron?”

Muyan giggles at her son’s pouting little face, unable to help herself from pinching his small chubby cheeks.

A blush rises on Xiao Bao’s handsome features, but it immediately returns to being cold again.

Chen Qingfeng is still baffled, he still wants to raise some questions.

Mother Chen’s voice could be heard from the back door, “Just do what Miss Jun told you to do. Why so much nonsense?”

Chen Qingfeng doesn’t dare say anything more after having been reprimanded by his old mother.

On the other side, Mother Chen herself is holding a steamed bun that she just made. She enthusiastically calls for Muyan and Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao takes the stuffed steamed bun, his childish voice saying, “Thank you, grandma.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch100

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 100: Sell a bottle

As soon as he sees Muyan, Chen Qingfeng comes over in shame. He says with his head hanging low: “Miss Jun, I’m so useless, I’ve let you down. You spent so much to buy this shop, but my shop can’t make you any money at all. On the contrary, its even making you lose money.”

In reality, Muyan doesn’t really care about this pharmacy’s income.

After all, she still has the entire property of Jin Hong Men.

But seeing Chen Qingfeng’s miserable appearance, she smiles a little and says: “It doesn’t matter. I got your shop just because I was looking for a place to sell the draughts that I personally refined.”

“Ah! So Miss Jun actually makes draughts!” Chen Qingfeng excitedly says, “Could it be that what you gave me, you also made that bottle of draught for insanity and tuberculosis?”

Even though he received the draught from Muyan, Chen Qingfeng never thought that the person who made it would be Muyan.

After all, Muyan looks too young.

Muyan just smiles faintly, noncommittal.

Chen Qingfeng promptly asks again: “May I ask what kind of draught are you planning to sell in this shop?”

Muyan flips her wrist and a porcelain bottle appears in her palm. She says in an unenthusiastic manner: “Sell this bottle.”

Chen Qingfeng carefully and excitedly takes it to check, and when he sees the draught’s name that Muyan placed on it, he becomes dumbfounded.

“This… this… this is a Mysterious Energy Philter?” Chen Qingfeng blinks his eyes, hesistantly saying, “That, Miss Jun, you… are you not mistaken? Mysterious Energy Philter is the most basic draught, any apothecary can refine it easily, there’s some even in our pharmacy.”

That’s right, Chen Qingfeng’s Chenji Drugstore doesn’t have an apothecary to refine or prepare draughts, they only prepare the ordinary herbs.

This is also the reason why almost nobody ever comes here.

After all, how much benefit can you really get from taking ordinary herbs?

Of course, the herbs that are made into draughts can produce the best results for the practitioners.

However, Chenji Drugstore doesn’t have those good kinds of draughts.

But this Mysterious Energy Philter, the cheapest and most common draught… can still appear in their shop from time to time

Nevertheless, Muyan heedlessly says: “Right, what I want you to sell is precisely this Mysterious Energy Philter.”

Chen Qingfeng becomes even more flabbergasted: “Only this bottle?”

Is this a prank? Selling not only this lowest ranked draught, but also just one bottle?

There are more than a dozen of this Philters in the store’s current inventory!

Muyan nods, unquestionable, “Sell a bottle.”

The expression on Chen Qingfeng’s face is all messed up.

He gently and carefully asks: “That, Miss Jun, for how much should we sell your draught?”

It’s unexpectedly at this point where Muyan shows a hesitant expression.

Because she doesn’t know how to set a price for the “New Mysterious Energy Philter” that she refined.

“Baby, how much money do you think should I set for this Mysterious Energy Philter?” and so, Muyan bows her head down to ask her darling son.

Xiao Bao tilts his tiny head up, his big bright eyes looking at Muyan, but they also reveal a blank look.

Xiao Bao doesn’t have any concept of money!

Muyan’s eyes turn, having a sudden enlightenment, “There is a way!”

Sayin so, she fishes out a dice from her chest pocket and hands it to Xiao Bao: “Baby, roll this, and the number you’ll roll will be the amount of gold we’ll sell it for, okay?”

Xiao Bao expressionlessly nods. He takes the dice and puts it in his small, fair hands. He makes a show of doing it seriously as he shakes it, before releasing the dice on the table.


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EMHS – ch99

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 99: Chen Family’s Teachings

Not waiting for Muyan to prevent it, he has already banged his head to floor four or five times.

When he raises his head, one could see that his forehead is all purple.

Muyan doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she doesn’t try to stop it anymore. If this method of kowtowing to express their gratitude would make the Chen mother and son feel peace in their minds, she would just receive it to get things over with.

Mother Chen’s next statement however, gets a flabbergasted look from Muyan.

“Girl, if you don’t want to rescind it, let Qingfeng work like an ox to repay the kindness that we owe you!”

Muyan is startled, “Isn’t that too extreme?”

“No, it’s not an exaggeration. We have our Chen Family’s Teachings, we must repay our benefactors! Give our Qingfeng a chance, girl! Although he’s clumsy, he will be loyal and devoted to you.”

Under Mother Chen’s insistence, Muyan can only compromise, “No need to work like an ox. Why don’t we do this: since I just bought the shop, I still need someone to lend a hand and manage it. If Chen-gongzi doesn’t mind, why don’t you look after the shop for me? I’ll pay you according to the usual shopkeepers’ wage.”

“I don’t mind, I wouldn’t mind!” Chen Qingfeng excitedly says with spittle flying all over, exclaiming his agreement as loud as he could, “I would be so honored to work for you, miss. You don’t need to pay me anything!”

Mother Chen also interjects, “That’s right, girl, that’s what we owe you. How can we receive payment for it?”

Muyan doesn’t argue anymore.

She doesn’t think that it’s alright to forego the wages. Seeing that Chen Qingfeng’s cultivation had stagnated in the early Profound Stage, she can just give him a draught that will help him advance then.

Therefore, she gives a faint smile and says: “Aunt, my name is Jun Muyan. Later you can call me by name. This is my son, Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao, call her grandma.”

Xiao Bao’s lovely little face has an indifferent expression, but hearing Muyan’s instruction, he childishly calls out, “Grandma.”

Such a young girl, and she already has a son.

Mother Chen and Chen Qingfeng both show a hint of surprise, only to immediately go back to being at ease.

Anything that their benefactor does is right.

Moreover, their benefactor’s son looks this beautiful, turning out following after her mold.

Mother Chen couldn’t help but sigh in admiration: “What a good and handsome boy.”


The truth is, Muyan bought Chen Qingfeng’s shop all in order to repay his kindness.

And she is completely uninterested in running a business.

So in the next few days, she just takes Xiao Bao into the space to practice. The shop is still given to Chen Qingfeng to manage like before.

At the same time, she’s also practicing the use of the Shen Musician support skill “Spring Snow” to recreate various kinds of of draughts.

For example, one of the most basic draughts that is simply used for replenishing Internal Force – Mysterious Energy Philter.

When it comes to the formula, the Mysterious Energy Philter is virtually the same as the original. But normally, a bottle of Mysterious Energy Philter can only replenish about seventy percent of a Primary Stage practitioner’s Internal Force.

Moreover, the more Mysterious Energy Philters someone takes, the more the drug’s toxins would accumulate in the meridians.

Therefore, one can’t take too much of the draughts in a short period of time.

However, the skill “Spring Snow” could further refine the Mysterious Energy Philter, catalyzed and purified by the sound of the Tian Mo Qin.

The draught can now increase in the amount of Internal Force being replenished, and more importantly, its side effects on the meridians and the Qi Sea have also been reduced to the minimum.

After cultivating in the space for a few days, Muyan whimsically takes a stroll to visit the shop.

Only to find Chen Qingfeng pulling a long face.

The pharmacy is deserted, and only one or two customers came in after almost half a day.

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EMHS – ch98

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 98: The Chen Mother and Child

Three days have already gone by, and the young woman who said she’ll find him tomorrow didn’t appear.

Today as well. Since early morning, Chen Qingfeng once again opens shop, going to and fro in front of the doorway until the sun has set.

Suddenly, he catches sight of two familiar figures.

At the far end of the street, there a beautiful young woman in a long dress, slowly coming over while holding a small boy that’s more beautiful than any other child.

Following behind them is a man, five points large and three points rough, a brawny man with scars all over his face. Even looking from such a distance, one could feel the threatening atmosphere of the brawny man.

But Chen Qingfeng is unable to dwell on fearing the big guy. He runs, almost like a gallop, “Miss, you’ve finally come! I even thought that you’d never show up again! Miss, you… you’ve really helped me so much! The draught that you gave me… all along, for the past few days, I was afraid that you won’t appear anymore; and your kindness to me, I won’t be able to repay it anymore…”

As he says that, he bends his knees to fall into a kneel.

Muyan reaches her hand out to gently help him up, easily lifting up the man’s seventy or eighty-kilogram body.

“Let’s put off the discussion until we go back inside the shop.” the young woman’s voice is as clear as the sound of flowing water, and as pleasant as the singing of an oriole. It seems to have an indescribable magic that renders others to be unable to resist.

Chen Qingfeng hurriedly replies: “Right, right, right. Look at me, foolishly getting carried away by my excitement. Let’s go back first and talk. Benefactor, this way, this way!”

The few people soon arrive in front of the shop. Before they could come inside, they could see a gray-haired old woman standing at the doorway, constantly looking around.

Upon seeing Chen Qingfeng coming over, the old lady immediately asks, “Feng-er, how is it, is our benefactor coming?”

“Niang, why’d you come here?” Chen Qingfeng hurriedly rushes over to support the old woman, “Your body had just gotten a little better, what if you catch a cold?”

The old woman brushes Chen Qingfeng’s hand away, and walks straight to Muyan and the others.

Her dim eyes sweep from Yan Haotian’s face, then Xiao Bao’s face, and finally falling on Muyan.

An astonished light flashes inside the cloudy eyes.

She did not expect that the one who gave her son such a valuable draught, and had saved her life, is actually this budding maiden.

One that has such an outstanding appearance at that.

The old woman slowly breathes out, bending both knees to kneel towards Muyan, “Benefactor, thank you for your grace to help this old woman!”

Muyan usually has a very careless attitude towards other people, but in front of such an elder, she is absolutely unable to receive this huge rite without any qualms.

The romantic laziness on her face disappears, and Muyan quickly reaches out to the old lady, and says softly: “Auntie, no need to be so courteous. I’m really not your benefactor. It’s just an fair transaction with your son, that’s all.”

Mother Chen shakes her head again and again, “This old woman’s eyes are no good, but my senses aren’t blind. How could our family’s shop be anywhere near the value of that draught? If not for this girl, your heart’s kindness, this old woman’s death would not be a pity. The only pitiful one would be this foolish son of mine, as he would certainly be dragged along and whittled down by my illness.”

Mother Chen knows her son all too well.

As long as there’s a sliver of hope for her to be saved, Chen Qingfeng will absolutely never give up – even if he loses all his properties, or even if he loses his own life.

But Mother Chen only has this one son, how could she be willing for him to suffer hardship, and how could she be willing to simply pass on and leave him?

Chen Qingfeng’s outcome in the previous life is also consistent with Mother Chen’s speculation.

Speaking ‘til here, Mother Chen’s eyes are red, on the verge of tears. She beckons Chen Qingfeng to come over: “Feng-er, still not coming over to kowtow to this girl!”

Chen Qingfeng exclaims, stumbles over, and immediately crashes down to kneel.

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EMHS – ch97

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 97: The Space’s Cheat

At that time, Yan Lie had sold her to the dirtiest and most horrible place in the world. She was about to be defiled, left to be violated.

When she was at her most desperate moment, a youth in this Wan Ren Ku saved her from such a fate.

The young man was also in a very bad situation, but he hid her away and she managed to escape the crisis.

Muyan didn’t even know the young man’s name. She just heard him talking to himself, and learned that the young man was originally a shop owner of a family pharmacy in Xia’an. Because his mother’s illness needed a very expensive draught, he had to sell his shop, and he ended up selling himself as a slave in the Ghost City.

Then, Muyan promised the youth that she will visit his mother in his stead, after she gets out of the Ghost City. But when Muyan was taken away by Gong Qianxue, and she was able to go and visit his mother, she found that his mother had already died of illness.

Even the young man, after getting into a fight in Wan Ren Ku, had a violent death.

In her heart, Muyan has kept the unpaid kindness of her past life. And now, she finally has the opportunity to repay this benefactor.


Three days later, Muyan opens her eyes inside the space. She beholds her son’s splendor.

Opposite from her is a pink, jade-carved milk doll that has his eyes closed and his legs crossed as he operates his Internal Force.

With the Internal Force running faster and faster in his Dantian, there’s a faint indication that he is about to have a breakthrough in his cultivation, from the early Heaven Stage to the middle of Heaven Stage.

Xiao Bao is only four years old now a!

And he’s already about to break through into the mid-Heaven Stage. Who’ll believe if she says that, just who could believe it?

Muyan looks at her darling boy with pride and satisfaction in her eyes.

Soon after, her eyes inadvertently shift to the side to look at the fat rabbit, lying on the grass as it sleeps.

Her lips smoothly curve up.

No wonder this stupid rabbit likes to stay in the space, except for when it wants food.

It turns out that aside from the beautiful scenery and the fresh air, the space has such an advantage.

The speed of one’s cultivation inside here is unexpectedly a lot of times faster than the outside.

In a short period of three days, Xiao Bao has already perfected the early Heaven Stage, and even her own cultivation has progressed.

Xiao Bao slowly opens his eyes after a while.

Those blue eyes, clear as the sky, fix themselves on Muyan.

Muyan’s face instantly blooms in a smile, “Baby, why didn’t you continue your cultivation?”

Xiao Bao shakes his head and pulls a long face, “Niangqin wants to go and do something.”

Muyan beams even brighter, “Does Xiao Bao want to accompany Niangqin?”

The fine, ice-cold little face in front of her becomes focused to a point, “Xiao Bao wants to protect niangqin!”

“Mn.” Muyan picks her son up and kisses him, “With Xiao Bao’s protection, niangqin isn’t afraid of anything.”

The pair exits the space, and before long, a knock comes to their door.

It’s extremely quiet outside, as no one gives voice to their presence. However, from the breath and the footsteps, Muyan immediately determines that it must be Yan Haotian.

“Come in.”

As soon as she says that, Yan Haotian enters through the door and pays his respects to Muyan.

Muyan looks at him and raises her brows, “You’ve properly stabilized in your realm.”

Yan Haotian takes a knee, bowing down with his right fist over his heart, as he once again performs the rite of pledging his loyalty and devotion.

Muyan stands up and says, “Just in time, as I have somewhere to go today. Since you’ve already stabilized in your cultivation, come along with me.”

Yan Haotian nods without hesitation. He gets up and follows behind Muyan.

After checking out from the inn, Muyan takes Xiao Bao, with Yan Haotian following behind them, and they all head straight towards Chenji Drugstore.


Chen Qingfeng, the owner of Chenji Drugstore, has been dithering at the doorway for several days, hoping to see a familiar beautiful figure.

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EMHS – ch96

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Chapter 96: Paying a Debt for Niangqin

For Muyan, that lecher who was lusting after her, as well as his rude guard, was nothing more than a boring interlude. She very quickly throws it to the back of her mind.

After strolling around with Xiao Bao for a while, Muyan abruptly stops in front of shop called “Chen Ji Drugstore”.

Xiao Bao looks up to see his mother’s complicated expression, as she looks at a busy youth inside the pharmacy. There’s a flash of absent-mindedness, as well as tenderness, in her eyes.

“Niangqin?” Xiao Bao couldn’t help but firmly grasp Muyan’s hand. “Do you want to buy medicine?”

Muyan shakes her head and says: “Xiao Bao, that brother inside had given niangqin a very large favor before. We’ll go in and thank him, okay?”

When Xiao Bao hears that, he promptly gives a solemn nod, “Xiao Bao will pay the debt of gratitude for niangqin.”

A laugh spills out of Muyan and she takes Xiao Bao into the pharmacy.

It’s a very simple pharmacy. Only medicinal ingredients are placed in the shop, there’s not even a single bottle of draught for sale.

The shop’s owner is also that young man that Muyan was just looking at.

He appears to have a dispirited expression and his eyelids are swollen. He has that broken and absent-minded appearance, he doesn’t even notice when Muyan walks in.

Muyan goes in front of the counter and softly knocks.

The shop owner immediately comes to himself, and adjusts his mind to a sales pitch: “This customer, may I ask what medicine would you like to buy?”

Muyan doesn’t answer his question, but she asks her own instead: “Do you want to sell this shop?”

A notice of sale is posted outside the pharmacy.

However, this notice has already been posted for almost half a month, but still no one had bought it. Occasionally, there would be some people that would inquire. Once they hear of his conditions however, they would also scoff and turn up their noses, telling him that he’s dreaming.

The shop owner gives a bitter smile, as he also doesn’t think that Muyan would be able to buy this shop.

“I won’t hide it from this girl, I really do want to sell this shop but I won’t accept gold or silver in exchange.”

“Oh? If you won’t accept gold or silver, then what do you want?”

“I… I need a draught that can treat insanity and tuberculosis*.” when he says this statement, the shop owner himself flushes to his ears, feeling too ashamed to raise his face.

  • Increased mental disorders could be observed along with tuberculosis – according to the first page of Google. I didn’t read a single medical journal.

Although his shop has been handed down for generations, it’s in a remote location. There is no supply chain, you can even say that it doesn’t turn up a profit.

And he probably won’t be able to buy the draught that he’s asking for, even for hundreds of thousands of gold coins.

Therefore, after hearing about this condition, everyone who comes to inquire after seeing the announcement would scoff and curse at his shamelessness.

The shop owner has already been mentally prepared to receive Muyan’s cursing.

Who would have expected that the young woman’s crisp and moving voice would reach his ears, saying, “Alright, I accept the deal.”

“This miss, it doesn’t if you don’t accept, wait… wait wait! You, what did you just say?!” The shop owner snaps his eyes wide open, asking incredulously.

Muyan smiles in a carefree manner, “I think what I said was already clear enough. I’ll give you a draught to treat madness and tuberculosis, and you will transfer this shop to me!”

The young man in front of her hangs his mouth open for a long time, unable to say even a single word.

Muyan flips over her wrist and a jade-white porcelain bottle appears in her hands. She unhurriedly says: “You don’t believe that I can come up with the draught that you want? No matter, you can give it a try first. I’ll come back to find you tomorrow.”

With that, she turns around and leaves without waiting for the youth to respond.

The youth is left alone in the shop, holding the porcelain bottle that was left to him. There is shock and struggle on his face. After a long while, he finally clenches his teeth and closes doors to his shop. He rushes to the backyard like he’s flying.

As she’s leaving, the youth’s simple and honest appearance keeps on flashing in Muyan’s mind.

In her past life, she and the shop owner, they met in the Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku.

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EMHS – ch95

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Chapter 95: Good Dogs Don’t Get in the Way

“Your master wants to see me?” Muyan mocks, “Just what kind of person is this master of yours? Wanting to see me so I’ll go and meet him? Haha, why don’t you make him go back and look at his own face, see if it’s bigger than a washbowl? ”

Muyan learned this way of insulting from Baili Liuyin’s notes.

Face as big as a washbowl!

The guard has never heard of such an allusion, but nevertheless, he can still hear the disrespect against his master from her words.

He is suddenly furious, but remembering what his master said, he still clenches his teeth and gets his temper under control: “My Master is from the “Jin Wangfu*” of Huang Yao Country. This girl should now know that it is your great honor to be invited by my master.”

  • Wangfu=Prince’s Residence.

In Yanwu Continent, Chi Yan is the lowest ranked country, while Huang Yao is ranked as the highest.

【Jin Wangfu】is a Prince’s official residence that’s very much revered even within Huang Yao Country.

So when the guard said these words, in his mind, he had already anticipated that the girl in front of him would be sincerely fearful and reverent. She would repent about her recent disrespect, and appeal to see his master right away.

However, what Muyan says next, once again renews his three views*.

  • Philo: worldview, concept of life, and values

“So sorry, I’ve never heard of that cat-or-dog-or-whatever Wangfu.” Muyan shows a somewhat derisive smile, “I only know that good dogs don’t get in the way. Or is it that, you can’t even do a good job as your master’s dog?”

“You dare to call me a dog!!” the guard could bear it no longer. In a furious rage, blue veins pop up on his forehead and his body emits a strong killing intent, “What a good whore, it is already a blessing as big as the sky that my master took a fancy on you. Since you can’t tell good from bad, don’t blame me for being impolite!!”

His words are barely over but his expression is already sinister. He makes a grab towards Muyan’s shoulder.

Muyan still doesn’t move, but Xiao Bao is already stepping forward. A small, fair palm unhurriedly pushes towards the guard’s Qi Sea.


With a resounding noise, the scene that the guard was expecting, of Muyan crying and begging for mercy, did not appear. On the contrary, he suddenly suffers a severe pain in his Dantian*, and the entire person is blown away.

  • pubic region, area where his qi sea is(?).

The sturdy body hits the lion stone statue near the front door of the teahouse. The lion statue shatters into small pieces, turning into powder.

The guard himself suddenly spurts out a mouthful of blood. His body twitches uncontrollably and he completely loses consciousness.

Inside the teahouse, a private room on the second floor-

The man sitting by the window witnessed the entire scene that just took place.

After knowing his identity, he had thought that this young woman would inevitably gladly come over to see him.

Who would have thought, that it didn’t take too long before he sees his guard getting taken out in one palm strike.

With his cultivation, he can clearly observe that the guard’s Qi Sea was forcibly struck into shattering, his Internal Force madly rushing out.

An elite guard of the early Earth Stage is actually turned into a waste, with just a brief direct confrontation.

Not only is the man without anger, but the interest in his eyes becomes even thicker.

Just at this time, the girl from below raises her head up. The enticingly indolent eyes are without passion nor warmth as they drift over. At the instant the two pairs of eyes make contact, he could see a sudden flash of coldness.

She lightly raises an empty hand, and he can’t see her actions, but the window frame immediately breaks into countless fragments.

There are even a few wooden splinters that spatter directly on the man’s face, leaving lines of blood there.

Blood dribbles down along his cheek, passing through the corner of his mouth.

The man doesn’t get angry nor scared. Instead, he licks the corner of his lips.

In a split second, the curiosity in his eyes changes, bursting into a blazing desire.

Towards this woman, he was initially only interested in a dispensable enjoyment of a plunder.

But now, he feels that he is truly affected.

Such an interesting woman must belong to him.

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EMHS – ch94

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 94: Don’t Be Rude to the Beauty

In a comfortable room, second floor of the teahouse not far from them.

A man of about thirty years old sits near the window, his eyes casually sweeping across the streets below. Suddenly, his eyes zero in on a spot.

The relaxed expression suddenly turns into a stunned one. The fan on his hands fold close as he gets up. He leans his body forward and out, even his breathing becomes rough and heavy.

“Master, what’s wrong?” the subordinate beside the man sees the latter’s condition and quickly asks.

The man doesn’t pay him any attention, but he beckons a waiter, calling him to come over, “Do you know who that girl is?”

The teahouse waiter takes a look, and also sucks in a cool breath.

He sees that among the people coming and going along this large street, a girl in white is walking while holding a small child. Even with the numerous people passing by, the girl in white is able to attract others’ attention at a glance.

Simply because the girl’s countenance is extremely beautiful, her skin is like snow, her eyes are like stars reflected on water, lips are like the pistil of a flower. Even looking from afar, people’s heart would throb, unable to shift their gazes away.

It’s no wonder that this private room’s master will forget himself and inquire like this.

However, the waiter quickly shakes his head, “This girl is so beautiful. If this lowly one had ever seen her in Xia’an before, I would certainly remember.”

He’s implying that this girl has just appeared in Xia’an recently.

The man wordlessly looks at the girl below, he can’t help but run his tongue over his lips. Blazing lust passes through his eyes.

When the waiter goes out, the man’s subordinate immediately asks: “Is the master interested in this woman? If so, this subordinate will immediately bring her to see you.”

As the subordinate sees it, his master’s identity and position is extremely honorable. For the master to take a fancy on her, be it as a wife or as a concubine, even as a Tong Fang* servant girl, it is a blessing as great as the sky for her.

  • A maid that the master sleeps with

This is taken for granted.

After he listens, the man doesn’t hesitate to promptly give a nod, but he gives a rare reminder, “Be courteous, don’t be rude to the beauty.”

The guard bows in response, but when he turns around to go downstairs, there’s actually a sneer on his face.

Merely a woman from the lowly Chi Yan Country, it is truly her blessing of three lifetimes that she can receive Master’s favor. If he’s still more courteous to her, won’t she want to fly to the heavens?


Muyan puts Xiao Bao back down, and once again continues walking with him on the street.

But she finds that the little guy keeps on looking around from time to time. The expression on his little face grows even colder.

Muyan can’t help but curve her lips up and laugh. Her gaze inadvertently flicks to the teahouse not far from them, carefreely asking, “Xiao Bao cares too much about those two jumping clowns?”

As Xiao Bao is about to answer, he sees a man wearing a guard uniform running out of the teahouse and quickly blocking their way.

The guard raises his chin and looks down, high and mighty as he says, “This girl, my master fancies you.”

Muyan raises her brows, “Your master?”

“Exactly, my master is already waiting for you,” says the guard, “Please go up alone, you mustn’t let the master wait. That’s right, you can’t bring this child along with you. The master wants to see you alone.”

When Muyan hears that, her face can’t help but bloom into a bright and beautiful smile.

Set off by the smiling expression, the originally romantic countenance becomes even more gorgeous and moving.

The guard’s breathing becomes slightly chaotic, saying to himself: really a stunning beauty; it’s also no wonder that the master can be moved.

In the next moment, the daze in his eyes is completely replaced by rage as soon as he hears the girl’s next words.

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EMHS – ch93

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Chapter 93: Niangqin is Really Dense

Moreover, he could distinctly feel that except for some wounds and bone fractures in his hands, his meridians and Qi Sea internal injuries are almost completely healed now.

From the moment he had his family wiped out, until today, his body had never felt this light.

Muyan is a little disappointed.

She even thought Yan Haotian could be directly promoted to the peak of Earth Stage with his recovery.

In the end, her performance just now is still not skillful enough for the Shen Musician technique ah!

She has also lost her touch, the outcome being quite less than anticipated.

So she must practice more on Yan Haotian later. Anyway, there’s a free experimental subject, not using it is a waste!

Yan Haotian, who doesn’t have the slightest idea about his Lord’s intentions, once again kneels and offers three kowtows to Muyan.

He’s not even the slightest bit curious about such a godly skill of Muyan, having the ability to use the zither’s sound to treat serious internal injuries. These three kowtows are only filled with gratitude, and resolute loyalty.

Muyan is very satisfied with his attitude. She nods and says, “Well, you have just recovered to the middle of Earth Stage and your state is unstable. Retreat for the next three days and carefully stabilize. By all means, don’t let me down!”


The next day after a night’s rest in the inn, Muyan takes Xiao Bao for a stroll around town.

Xiao Bao grew up in the mountains. He didn’t have any interesting toys like ordinary children do, and he also didn’t go through various kinds of clothing.

Later when Muyan’s cultivation was high enough, she can bring Xiao Bao in and out of the unnamed mountains as she wishes. But they usually just go the small town near them. The supplies in that small town were very limited. The food that one can buy there was very ordinary and the clothes were extremely rough.

That’s why Muyan isn’t in a hurry to leave even though she’s already finished her business in Xia’an City. She just wants to play and have fun with Xiao Bao, properly enjoy themselves.

After a lap around town, the plain rough clothes on Xiao Bao are replaced with gorgeous silk garments. His soft and smooth ink hair is also tied up using a tasseled rope with jade, revealing an exquisitely handsome little face.

He may only be four years old, but seeing him dressed-up like this, the adorable jade-carved baby that’s firmly holding on to her, he exhibits a dashing handsomeness that would somehow make people squeal and redden.

Muyan takes Xiao Bao walking on the streets, only to feel the passers-by on both sides turn their heads, their stunned and admiring eyes glancing at Xiao Bao from time to time.

She could even hear a young girl’s excited voice, “Whose little boy is that? How come I’ve never seen him in Xia’an before, really so cute!”

Muyan couldn’t help but stoop down to pick her son up.

Xiao Bao is caught off guard, and he quickly grabs her neck. There’s a puzzled expression on the handsome little face.

Muyan rubs Xiao Bao’s soft little cheek and complains, “Xiao Bao, niangqin is really reluctant to take you out. See the expressions of the people on this street when they look at you. They really want to take you away from niangqin. I wonder, what should I do if someone steals Xiao Bao from niangqin because you look too adorable?”

Muyan just wants to tease Xiao Bao as she says this.

But Xiao Bao’s tiny face actually goes serious, he puckers his brows and says: “No, if someone makes Xiao Bao leave niangqin, Xiao Bao will immediately beat them up.”

Muyan giggles and kisses his small cheeks, “Mn, Xiao Bao is so good. Xiao Bao and nianqin won’t get separated like this.”

Xiao Bao stonily nods his head, but his fierce gaze nevertheless looks towards the second floor of a teahouse, not far away from them.

Secretly saying in his mind: niangqin is really dense, thinking that all those people are looking at Xiao Bao when in fact, some people are fixated on niangqin. No matter, niangqin is his, and he won’t let other people steal her away!

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EMHS – ch92

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 92: Xiao Bao is Incredible

Xiao Bao raises his head, and the clear blue eyes shimmer with dissatisfaction and distress, “Xiao Bao must not let niangqin work too hard!”

Seeing this now, Muyan’s smile is still bright and lazy, but she’s incredibly pale, even her usually red lips don’t have any color.

This is obviously from the excessive consumption of Mysterious Energy.

Muyan knows that Xiao Bao is worried about her, so she cups his little face and gives him kisses, “Good Xiao Bao, niangqin knows her capacity. I only used up a portion of my Mysterious Energy. Niangqin will be fine after resting”

Xiao Bao takes Tian Mo Qin, his short and small fingers move through it.

It stands to reason that the except for Muyan, the Master of Tian Mo Qin, no one should be able to play the instrument.

However, as Xiao Bao strums on the zither, faint Mysterious Energy ghost over Xiao Bao’s fingertips and spreads through the zither, flowing out with the tinkling and humming of the notes.

Although the music that Xiao Bao makes is somewhat jerky, and completely unable to compare with Muyan’s euphonious performance,

Muyan could clearly feel Internal Force beginning to slowly fill her dried-up Qi Sea just as Xiao Bao started playing a song.

Moreover, the replenishing Internal Force doesn’t have the side effects of residual impurities, unlike when one takes draughts or Elixirs.

It’s also different from another person transferring their own Internal Force, as two kinds of Internal Force would have incompatible attributes and cause rejection.

The Internal Force produced by this music unexpectedly feels like her own, compatible with the ones remaining in her Qi Sea as they fuse with each other.

Muyan’s complexion slowly returns to normal, only the look of astonishment stays on her face.

“Baby!” Muyan carries her son up, his cool, smooth and tender face is peppered with kisses, “Baby, how are you so awesome? Niangqin had just learned [Echo Recovery], I still haven’t used it yet. Didn’t expect that my baby can already do it.”

[Echo Recovery] is one of the skills inherited from the Shen Musician. According to Baili Liuyin’s notes, this is a group support skill.

It uses music as the medium to recover the human body’s internal force or spiritual power in a short period of time.

In its early levels, it can only restore the internal force of one or two people simultaneously, the scope increasing proportionally with the skill level. On a high enough level, it is even possible to restore the Internal Force of thousands of people at the same time.

When Muyan was practicing this skill, Xiao Bao was sitting quietly at her side as she plays the zither, and watching her operate her Mysterious Energy.

Unexpectedly, he quietly learned this skill.

Xiao Bao’s cold little face finally reveals a barely-perceptible smile.

He hugs Muyan’s neck, and the little figure nestles deeper in her arms. He whispers: “Xiao Bao will help niangqin recover from now on, Xiao Bao will not let niangqin work too hard.”

Muyan heart is warm, her eyes has a gentle smiling expression. As she’s about to speak, Yan Haotian’s knock comes through the door.

Xiao Bao immediately jumps out from Muyan’s hug, and stands at her side with a displeased look.

Like the spoiled baby from earlier wasn’t him.

But if you look closely, you can see a trace of redness on his ears.

Muyan is amused by her son’s antics, but she holds back her teasing, as Yan Haotian walks in.

Mn, she still needs to give her baby boy some face while in front of outsiders.

Her eyes turn to look at Yan Haotian, light faintly flashing through her eyes. Only saying, “You are now in the middle of the Earth Stage.”

Yan Haotian nods his head, and his lifeless face finally shows a grateful and moved expression.

He never thought that there would come a day where his cultivation would still recover.

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EMHS – ch91

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Chapter 91 Muyan’s Order

Porcelain fingers make contact with his scarred wrist.

Feeling his pulse, Muyan slightly furrows her brows.

Sure enough, Yan Haotian’s injury is way more complicated than it appears.

When Yan Haotian was Gong Qianxue’s confidant in her past life, he ultimately achieved the peak of Heaven Stage.

However, he had side-effects from being treated with too many draughts and Elixirs.

That’s why after reaching the peak of the Heaven Stage, Yan Haotian suffered difficulties in making any progress, and eventually passed away at a young age from a serious injury.

At the time of his death, he did not know that his own mortal enemies were Gong Qianxue and Yan Lie.

Muyan takes her hand back and says, “Sit cross-legged on the floor, and for a while, don’t resist whatever I do.”

Yan Haotian sits cross-legged down on the floor.

The Tian Mo Qin is already on Muyan’s hands without him noticing when.

She closes her eyes and quickly mobilizes her Internal Force.

Xiao Bao stands up and goes to guard by her side, his little face tight as usual.

Along with her ten fingers slowly moving along on the ash black zither strings, the mellow and pleasant melody flows of out of her strumming

Yan Haotian’s fierce expression gradually softens into gentleness as he listens to the music.

His brows smooth over and his scarred face reveals a sweet and happy expression, like he’s recalling a beautiful memory.

Muyan softly sighs in her mind, but the movements of her hands doesn’t have the slightest pause.

The sound of the zither slowly changes from a touching sweetness, it gradually shifts into a mournful music, evoking a gut-wrenching ache.

Yan Haotian’s expression progressively changes from softness to pain and struggle.

Huge beads of sweat dribble down from his forehead.

The burly body cannot hold back some slight tremors.

And within the area of his Qi Sea, Mysterious Energy throbs along with the beat of music, and begins to flow in his five viscera and six bowels, as well as his Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

Wherever the Internal Force goes, what it brings with it is not the usual warmth and comfort, but the piercing pain of continuously tearing flesh.

Yan Haotian firmly clenches his teeth, blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth. His clothes are also completely drenched in sweat.

Be he doesn’t let out the smallest of groans, let alone any movement. Neither does he operate his Mysterious Energy to resist.

It’s because of Muyan’s order.

When the Internal Force, charged by the zither’s sound, passed through every inch of his meridians, the poignant music of mourning suddenly changes again to become a harsh and violent tune.

An even more severe pain racks Yan Haotian’s flesh and bones, throughout his whole body.

In the end, he opens his mouth, unable to suppress a suffering beast-like wail.

Fine beads of blood, mixed with a viscous black liquid, seeps out from the surface of his skin.

At this very moment, Yan Haotian looks a hundred times more miserable than he ever did in the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Red-black blood and tears flow out of his seven head apertures. The new clothes that he had just changed into are completely dyed by the black blood.

However, the sound of Muyan’s zither doesn’t halt or soften even by a bit.

The music continues for half an hour, until it slowly stops.

Muyan takes back the fingers that have gone numb, saying quietly, “Go back and take a shower first, change your clothes, and come see me afterwards.”

Yan Haotian struggles to get up from the floor. His whole body is like a fish that came out of a quagmire of black blood, It was foul and filthy.

The weak body is even more unsteady, nearly stumbling and falling just after he gets up.

But he bows respectfully and unsteadily walks out.

After Yan Haotian leaves, Xiao Bao immediately pounces over and clings to Muyan .

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Muyan asks quietly.

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