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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 165: Don’t Discard Me

These past few days, she was busy with familiarizing herself with the Shen Musician techniques, as well as refining special draughts. So she didn’t have time to operate anything else.

But she has already been planning to build up her own power.

In this life, she wants Gong Qianxue’s complete defeat and fall from grace, to have her left with nothing.

Make Heavenly Road Sect, the number one sect of Huang Yao Country, collapse and fall apart – for it to disappear between heaven and earth.

No one knows it more clearly than she does, just how strong are the forces of the Jing Cheng Country’s royalty and the Heavenly Road Sect’s forces. Gong Qianxue’s influence is numerous and complicated, and they are scattered everywhere.

If she herself doesn’t have enough power and strength, how would she be able to avenge the Blood Sea Vendetta of her previous life?


At this time, Muyan could see that Chen Qingfeng is clearly not suited for business.

She was originally thinking on whether or not to hire a shrewder shopkeeper.

On the contrary, Ru Yan and Old Tao’s arrival at this time eases Muyan’s troubles by a lot.

“Ru Yan, you will be in charge Junji Drugstore’s business later. Old Tao, you’ll assist Ru Yan. Tell those people with other ideas that if they want to buy my Junji Drugstore’s draughts, they need to abide by the rules. Otherwise, just beat them out with a stick for me.”

Along with the increasing number of special draughts that Muyan refines, the drugs’ effects become more and more in defiance of the natural order as well.

It would be impossible to say that there aren’t people in Xia’an that would want to take advantage, and use force to buy and sell.

Ru Yan and Old Tao give a start, both seeing delight in each other’s eyes. They bow in succession and say: “Yes, Miss.”

They didn’t expect that Muyan would entrust them with such a heavy responsibility just after they arrived.

This could only mean that they’re totally not regarded as outsiders.

However, although Ru Yan and Old Tao are in a cheerful mood, Chen Qingfeng is hanging is head dispiritedly, almost about to cry.

Muyan looks over at Chen Qingfeng funnily, “Come with me.”

Chen Qinfeng hangs his head down and dejectedly follows.

After entering through the door, Muyan just picks up a tangerine and starts feeding half to her son, and the other half leisurely enters her mouth. While doing so, she asks: “Do you know why I wouldn’t let you manage the Junji Drugstore anymore?”

Chen Qinfeng’s eyes are red, doing his best to stop the tears from falling, “I… I do, it’s because I’m too stupid, I’m too useless! But, but Miss Jun, can you not discard me?”

Not to mention that compared to Ru Yan, who’s hundreds of thousands of times stronger than him, he’s just an ordinary drugstore shopkeeper.

Had it been someone else handling the miraculous draughts that Muyan refines, the store’s business would have already become dazzling, and flourishing in Xia’an.

And what about him? Going out empty-handed from the treasure mountain, that even now, the shop is still unfrequented, that except for when they’re selling those draughts, they don’t have any revenue at all.

Muyan almost chokes on her tangerine!

What ‘don’t discard him’? Who exactly did she provoke that everyone is saying that she’s abandoning them?

cough…” Muyan takes the towel proffered by Xiao Bao and wipes her mouth with it. Only then does she speak, “Well then, wipe away those tears. A grown man, aren’t you ashamed of crying in front of Xiao Bao. I’m not letting you manage the drugstore because there are more important things that I want you to do.”

“More important things?” Chen Qingfeng’s rabbit-like red eyes looks at Muyan.

Muyan raises a hand and throws a book towards Chen Qingfeng, “I remember you saying that you have some basic knowledge about refining! Within half a month, thoroughly study the contents of these notes. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.”

Chen Qingfeng picks up the book and flips it open, the words ‘Draught Manual’ written there.

In flower pin shorthand, inside are densely-packed explanations about draught ingredients, how to handle herbs, their different proportions and usage, as well as their various effects.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch164

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 164: To Offer an Apology


Cheng Qingfeng couldn’t keep a stable footing as he tumbles to the floor.

Mommy! What did he hear just now?

Miss Jun, sh-she-she… she ruined Ghost City?!

How is this possible?!

That’s the Ghost City a! There’s only one of it in the whole Chi Yan Country, and there several Precelestial experts in the Ghost City!

Miss Jun actually ruined it?!

Hearing Muyan’s words, Xia Yi forces a smile, “Miss Jun must be joking, that matter from the other day was my Ghost City’s fault. Even if Miss Jun had… had ruined it, then that is also a result of courting punishment.”

Muyan gives a smile that isn’t a smile as she says: “Oh? If you’re not seeking retribution, why have you come with such a big party today?”

“As I said, our Ghost City have come to offer an apology today.”

Xia Yi grits his teeth and waves his hand.

Ru Yan and Old Tao promptly step forward, then respectfully kneel down towards Muyan, “Greeting the master!”

Following closely, the dozens of fierce fiend-like slaves come to kneel down as well. They shout out uncoordinatedly, “Greeting the master!”

Muyan quirks up her brows, “What did you call me?”

Ru Yan lifts up her head, her pair of beautiful eyes fix themselves on Muyan. She says one word at a time: “Ru Yan is willing leave the Ghost City to follow the master, and if there’s disloyalty hereafter, let heaven and earth not tolerate it.”

Old Tao raises his head as well, exclaiming with a rough voice: “I, Old Tao, also requested to leave the Ghost City. Following that, I will be the Master’s person. Asking the Master not disregard Old Tao for my being uncouth!”

Those dozens of slaves don’t say anything, but each one of them secretly send glances towards Muyan, trying to measure her up.

Muyan looks at Xia Yi instead, “What do you mean by this, Ghost King Xia?”

“These people are Ghost City’s gifts to apologize to Miss Jun.” Xia Yi straightens himself and says in a dignified manner, “I hope that all the previous conflicts with the Ghost City would end here today. What does Miss Jun think?”

As he says these, Xia Yi’s heart is bleeding.

The losses of Xia’an’s Ghost City is really too big this time.

It’s practically a complete wipe-out.

To say nothing of all the treasures looted by Muyan, several infrastructures were destroyed; and the slaves of Wan Ren Ku, as well as the beasts of the Beast Fighting Colosseum – most of them had escaped.

The most heartbreaking part is still those five Magistrates. Five Precelestial powerhouses died, not one of them remain.

For the Ghost City to cultivate one Precelestial expert, just how many draughts and resources does it take?

But as it turns out, not only is he unable to hold Muyan accountable, he still has to send some people to Muyan as an apology.

He can only hope that this great aunt will overlook that event in Ghost City, and won’t try to find trouble with them again after this.

Otherwise, Xia Yi really doesn’t know what miserable state would that dreadful man reduce the Ghost City into.

Muyan gives it some thought, then she looks at Ru Yan and the others, before finally turning to Xia Yi. She faintly smiles and says, “Alright, then I would like to thank Ghost King Xia and the Ghost City for your kindness.”

After the handover, Xia Yi turns to take his leave.

Muyan makes Ru Yan and Old Tao get up. She slowly asks: “After I lost consciousness that day, what happened in the Ghost City? You narrate it systematically and in full.”

Ru Yan and Old Tao didn’t dare to hold anything back, they quickly and briefly recounted everything that happened that day.

After listening, Muyan is somewhat stumped.

So it turns out that that person made such a huge fire because of her? Even going so far for her?

“Master, would us staying here be a burden to you?” Ru Yan very carefully asks.

Muyan softly chuckles: “Don’t call me Master… aren’t you all tired? You should be, since you just arrived.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch163

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 163: There Are Visitors

This is clearly one auspicious and harmonious, wealthy and peerless household!

Xiao Bao ferociously glares at the boss.

Who’s family with that shameless lecher!

Unfortunately, the boss doesn’t receive his vicious looks, and only continues to be all-smiles as he praises Muyan, “Madam has such great fortune, your husband loves you so dearly, and your son is so filial to you…”

Muyan: “???”

It’s just that, before the boss could finish and before Muyan could ask some questions, Xiao Bao’s little face turns fierce and he directly pulls Muyan away.

Along the way, Xiao Bao wouldn’t say anything no matter how Muyan asks.

That man that he fought against, that man that he lost to…

This kind of shameful thing, he won’t say it, he won’t let niangqin know of it!


Muyan returns to the Junji Drugstore with Xiao Bao, only to find that that inside the pharmacy which should’ve been deserted, there are a lot of people sitting there right now.

Because Junji Drugstore sells a very special draught daily,

In the wee hours of the morning here everyday, there would be a tide of people, rushing forth like they can’t wait to flatten the pharmacy to the ground.

But it only takes a half an hour, and these people would completely scatter.

Because the special draught would be sold out by then!

Since it’s sold out, why would they still stay here? They would naturally wait until early the next morning to come again and line up.

It’s strange that today, it’s already in the evening when Muyan returns but not only is the shop not lonely and deserted, it’s even crammed with dozens of people.

Chen Qingfeng, the one receiving the guests, is shrinking in a corner, deathly pale and trembling.

Yan Haotian is there as well. His whole body is stretched taut, like he’s facing a big opponent.

As soon as he sees Muyan entering through the door, Chen Qingfeng immediately rushes over like one grabbing a final life-saving straw, “Miss Jun, little gongzi, you’re finally back!”

If they don’t return, he’s going to faint from fright.

Muyan indifferently shifts her line of sight to the others and quickly understands why Chen Qingfeng would be so scared, and the reason why Yan Haotian looks like he’s facing a big foe.

That’s because all the people that are here in the shop right now, they’re all from the Ghost City.

Both Ru Yan and Old Tao are among them.

Furthermore, some people aren’t Ghost Envoys, but Muyan had seen them from Wan Ren Ku and the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

These are slaves that are accustomed to seeing blood, perhaps they’re even savage and ruthless criminals.

Tsk… what does Ghost City want to do?

Could it be that they want to demand recompense for their losses a few days ago?

“Greetings to Miss Jun.” as she’s thinking, a middle aged man stands up from within the crowd, two streaks of frosty white hair on his temples. He respectfully cups his hands in greeting towards her and says, “This one is Ghost King Xia Yi of the Ghost City. Today, we’re disturbing Miss Jun, specifically coming to apologize to you. Hoping that you would be a person of great moral stature and wouldn’t remember the offenses of the coarse, pardon our Ghost City’s discourtesy towards you.”


Chen Qingfeng whips his head dim-wittedly, looking at the middle-aged man as he’s simply unable to believe his own ears.

Even Yan Haotian slightly widens his eyes in astonishment.

Just now, who did the middle-aged man say he is?

The Ghost City’s Ghost King?!

God, the one who even the three emperors of the countries of Chi Yan, Jing Cheng and Huang Yao aren’t in his eyes, that Ghost King?

Why would he show up here?

Not only that. The Ghost King has actually… has actually come to apologize to Miss Jun?

Chen Qingfeng thinks that his ears aren’t just broken, as this is like an auditory hallucination.

Nevertheless, Muyan has a leisurely look, neither happy nor angry as she finds a chair to sit on at the side.

Xiao Bao offers her a cup of tea. Muyan takes it with a smile, then brings Xiao Bao in her arms.

She sips her tea and unhurriedly smiles, “Ghost King Xia, will you not blame me for ruining the Ghost City and even looting it?”


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EMHS – ch162

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 162: A Perfectly-Matched Family

Muyan sees that Xiao Bao’s face is red, and eventually stops teasing her son.

Instead, she smiles and takes his little hand as they continue to walk forward.

Xiao Bao thinks with a bright red face—

Niangqin is too easy, too… too unserious.

So many people are looking!

But he can’t help but tighten his hold on Muyan’s hand, his huge, bright and intelligent eyes has the brilliance like the twinkling of the stars.

It would be good if he can always be together with niangqin like this.


“Hey, little gongzi, please wait, little gongzi!”

Just as Muyan and Xiao Bao have finished eating, and are about to go back,

They’re passing by the Treasure Pavilion when the proprietor hastily runs out and calls for them to stop.

Muyan halts her steps and turns around with Xiao Bao, the pair looking at the man together.

The boss promptly shows a flattering smile, “Little gongzi, do you still remember this humble one? A few days ago, you bought a pair of white jade earrings from our store. I was wondering if you’ve already gifted away those earrings?”

Before Xiao Bao could respond, Muyan giggles and lifts up her long hair, “The boss’ earrings are really exquisite, I like it very much.”

“It turns out that the little gongzi gifted the earrings to you, Miss. The little gongzi is really on great terms with his older sister!”

The boss can see that Muyan is less than twenty years old, and has a lot of resemblance with Xiao Bao. He automatically believes that Muyan is Xiao Bao’s older sister.

But Xiao Bao is unwilling.

His little face grows cold immediately, just like frost. He clutches Muyan’s hand even tighter.

The frosty childish voice says: “My niangqin!”

The boss has already experienced this little devil’s dreadful pressure, and he’s so scared he’s trembling violently, nearly running away to escape.

But after hearing Xiao Bao’s words, he becomes stumped for words. He immediately comes to his senses, and immediately speaks in a more flattering manner: “So it turns out, so it turns out, the little gongzi is really filial. Madam, you’re truly blessed!”

Muyan smiles gently as she says: “No need for boss to be so flustered. Is there a reason for you to call us to stop?”

“Yes… yes, it’s like this, those earrings that the little gongzi had bought previously, they’re actually with…”

As the boss is halfway through his explanation, he suddenly widens his eyes. Pointing towards the white jade bracelet on Muyan’s wrist, he says in disbelief: “That… how could that bracelet be on your hands too?”

Muyan also stares blankly because of his words. For a brief moment, not knowing how to answer.

What, is this jade bracelet not supposed to be with her?

The boss stares distractedly for quite a while, then he suddenly slaps his thigh as he comes to a realization. Saying: “I see, so the deity-like gongzi that day is actually this young woman’s and the little gongzi’s family! So these set of Dragon and Phoenix jewelry was actually gifted to the young Madam.”

“And I’ve been extremely worried too. That’s because the master who made these earrings and bracelet had once said, that it is an omen of uncertainty if the Dragon and Phoenix are separated. Now these Dragon and Phoenix are symbols of good fortune on madam’s hand. It really sets my mind to rest.”

Saying so, he still glances at Xiao Bao with a blaming look, “Little gongzi, you and that gongzi are obviously family, how come the surging waters flooded the Dragon King temple* that day, like relatives not recognizing their own?”

  • a dispute between close people

At this time, there’s not a trace of doubt in the boss’ mind about their identity as family.


That’s because they’re so perfectly-matched.

The woman before his eyes is so beautiful. Not to mention the bone-deep grace and the atmosphere that is free from the vulgarities of the world.

And the man that day, needless to say, one look and you can tell that he had been sitting in a high position for a long time, an incomparable and majestic existence.

Nevertheless, this little gongzi is still the most obvious.

He inherited this woman’s beauty, and the momentum coming out of his body is the same as that man. Those rare blue irises, now that he thinks about it, they’re almost exactly the same as those of that man’s.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch161

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 161: There’s! No! Need!

Han Ye’s voice comes to a grinding halt under Di Ming Jue’s murderous glare.

He shrinks his neck, then shrinks it even further – desperately trying to reduce his presence.

It’s over!

Miss Muyan must have retaliated against Jun Shang on account of the little gongzi.

If Jun Shang knows that he was the one who confessed to Miss Muyan, then he’s afraid that he won’t be able to see the sun rise tomorrow.

Han Ye is thinking how he can flee and disappear without a trace.

However, he sees Di Ming Jue suddenly frown and slightly raise his hand up.

In a split second, several glowing golden letters appear out of the void.

“Jun Shang, someone found traces of the Shen Musician, quickly return!”

Di Ming Jue’s expression suddenly becomes severe, his whole body going taut.

Despite being angered half to death by that little scoundrel, Muyan,

Information about the whereabouts of the Shen Musician absolutely mustn’t be leaked.

No one knows more clearly than Di Ming Jue how, a thousand years ago, the entire Xiuxian Continent, and even the Xiuzhen Continent, how cruel and decisive they were to pinch off and execute the Shen Musicians.

No one knows more than him, how fearful the major forces of the Xiuxian Continent are of the Shen Musicians.

Although Muyan received the Shen Musicians’s inheritance, she’s still too weak right now.

If those people know about Muyan, about the existence of the heir to the Shen Musicians,

The consequences are too horrible to imagine.

Di Ming Jue says in a low voice: “These next few days, I will return to the Xiuxian Continent.”

Han Ye also completely withdraws his funny demeanor, then asks with creased brows: “Jun Shang, are you going to use the law of [Wan Zong Gui Yuan]?

  • Ten Thousand Temples, Return to Fundamentals

The law of [Wan Zong Gui Yuan], is also using one’s mind to control an avatar.

However, it can solidify into a real entity, and the time he could stay in Xiuxian Continent will be extended by a lot.

But at the same time, Jun Shang’s main body in Yanwu Continent will fall into true suspension of consciousness. It can be said that he will be completely defenseless.

Di Ming Jue nods, and Han Ye no longer pursues the discussion. Instead, he only says: “Rest assured Jun Shang, this subordinate will certainly keep close and guard you.”

“Right, Jun Shang, what words do you want to leave for Miss Muyan?”

For example, sending another love letter to the other and what not?

As for Miss Muyan’s protection,

Hehe, Han Ye contemplates: in this mere Yanwu Continent, people who want to scheme against Miss Muyan, shouldn’t they be mourned instead?

Han Ye asks this because he thought Jun Shang would certainly cheerfully take up the pen and write.

Then just casually make him deliver some trunks of gold, silver, and jewelry to the other once again.

Who would have thought that after hearing this, Jun Shang would only squeeze out three syllables through gritted teeth: “There’s! No! Need!”

Hmph, he wants to properly give that woman the cold shoulder for several days!

Let her know that this Monarch’s sincere heart and sentiments, they’re not something that can be trampled with as one pleases.

In short, our Jun Shang is jealous, and petty, with a spoiled and proud glass heart.


On the other side however, Muyan is completely unaware that it will be quite a long while before she could see that spoiled and proud Jun Shang again.

Early in the next morning, Muyan goes out with Xiao Bao.

“Baby, in order to celebrate your promotion to the middle of Heaven Stage, niangqin will take you out to eat some delicious food and buy some new clothes, okay?”

Muyan beams and squeezes her son’s velvety little face.

Xiao Bao’s exquisitely handsome tiny face goes taut, his expression serious as he lets Muyan help herself in squishing him.

Muyan is tickled by her son’s appearance of acting like a small grownup. She can’t help but bend down and kiss his soft cheeks.

However, Xiao Bao moves his little face away.

Muyan can’t bear it anymore and laughs while swaying to and fro.

This attracts the passers by to look at them.

Seeing the beautiful girl and the little boy who’s as pretty as a painting, the passers-by can’t help but show admiring and good-natured smiles.

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EMHS – ch160

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 160: Play and Run

  • The term is usually used on people who play with someone’s body, then run after getting what they want

Di Ming Jue fixes his burning eyes at the woman before him, he slowly takes a step forward.

As soon as he moves, the Qin sounds turn into blades. A fierce momentum assaults him directly.

Muyan smilingly says: “Di Ming Jue, are you trying to force me?”

Seeing the coldness in the young woman’s eyes, Di Ming Jue abruptly halts his footsteps.

The blood clogging up his brain slowly calms down as well.

He will naturally never force Muyan!

This is the woman he wants to take as a wife, the woman who will be with him all his life.

How could bear to force her for even a little bit?

What’s more, just who is Di Ming Jue?

Is he unable to pursue the woman that he fancies, so he’s at the point where he can only resort to using force?

Putting it this way, what face does he have left to show in the Xiuxian Continent?!

The lust in Di Ming Jue’s eyes slowly recedes, but the fire of indignation and jealousy burns even higher.

“Is your mind still so occupied by a man who is already dead?”

A man who is already dead? Mind still so occupied?

Muyan stares blankly at first, then she suddenly regains her wits.

Di Ming Jue is actually talking about that groundless story of hers.

“*cough*…” Muyan lightly coughs because she feels somewhat guilty. Raising her head towards Di Ming Jue however, she’s already donned a bold and self-confident demeanor, “He is my baby’s biological father. I have deep feelings and continue to keep him in my mind, what’s the problem with that?”

Di Ming Jue is simply infuriated by this woman!

He is the dignified Monarch of the Polar Domain, the greatest person in Xiuxian Continent, and he is still lacking compared to a dead man!

Compared to him, was that man stronger, was he more handsome, and was he better for Muyan?

Muyan looks at the man’s eyes that are about to erupt in flames, almost bursting with the dense killing intent.

But even if he’s angry to this extent, he still doesn’t harm a hair on her.

Muyan’s heart can’t help but soften to some degree.

Giving a soft sigh, she says in one breath: “Di Ming Jue, I don’t know who you are, or what kind of status you have, but there shouldn’t be a shortage of women who fancy you. Why do you bother me when I’m already married, waste your time with a person who has a child, and insist so much?”

Reliving her life, her heart has already become too hard and too harsh.

Except for Xiao Bao and her vengeance, it doesn’t have room for anything else.

Moreover, she still has those unbearable experiences. Even if more than a decade had gone by, it’s impossible to erase them from her life.

Di Ming Jue and her, their identity, status, even their strength… there’s a difference of the sky and earth between them.

After all is said and done, they are unsuitable for each other.

Di Ming Jue suddenly takes another step forward, towering as he looks down, fixedly staring at her, “And if Ben Jun still insists on wasting time, and insists on continuing so?”

Muyan becomes sluggish, slightly lowering her eyes, not daring to meet the man’s passionate gaze, “Di Ming Jue, you better just give up, I…”

Before she could finish her words, she’s interrupted by the man’s cold voice.

“Jun Muyan, Ben Jun said that if you are not moved, I will pursue you until you are; If there’s someone in your heart, Ben Jun will wait until I’m the only one left… but you’re dreaming if you want to cast off Ben Jun, and run after playing!”

Saying so, Di Ming Jue doesn’t wait for Muyan’s response as he turns to leave.

If he doesn’t leave, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to stop himself from throttling this conscienceless woman!

Left at her spot, Muyan stands dumbfounded for a while, before she suddenly returns to herself.

“Wait wait, Di Ming Jue, tell me more clearly! What did I do, that you’re accusing me of running after playing?”

This man is still so shameless!


“Jun Shang, you’re back? How was Miss Muyan’s food, did you…”

Han Ye’s voice comes to a grinding halt under Di Ming Jue’s murderous glare.

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EMHS – ch159

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 159: You are the Antidote

No, that’s wrong!

Muyan can see the man’s flushed cheeks and the fire filling in his eyes. She says ‘this is bad’ in her mind.

Di Ming Jue didn’t lift the effects of drug. Instead, instead he’s directly resisting it.

His whole body hasn’t been rendered powerless and immobile. But it is still burning with desire.

This time, she really picked up a rock and smashed it on her own foot.

Muyan’s complexion changes, and just as she’s about to open her mouth and say something,

The man has already blocked her words.

In a split second, the flavor of an intense tyrannical invasion wrecks havoc within her mouth.

It’s as if he wants to soak her into his bones, every piece, taken into himself and merged into his flesh and blood.

The hand holding her also begins to misbehave.

Muyan’s pupils suddenly contract, and her pearly white teeth ruthlessly bite down.

The scent of blood instantly seeps through the gaps of her teeth.

A muffled groan comes out from the man, his rationality slightly comes back.

But he’s still watching her like a hungry wolf.

Muyan gulps down, “Wait, wait a minute, let me go. I can give you the antidote, I’ll give you the antidote!”

“No!” Di Ming Jue rejects without any hesitation, “You are Ben Jun’s antidote!”

Muyan: “!!!!”

Believe it or not, I, your great aunt, will castrate you, this smelly hooligan!

Di Ming Jue moves his hand, fingers slowly caressing her soft and supple face. His voice is heavy, as if suppressing an endless current of emotions, “Woman, it was you yourself who provoked Ben Jun first!”

As soon as this statement comes out, Muyan suddenly shudders.

A distant memory returns like a tide violently surging up.

That damp and dark cave, a man’s body burning like fire, the torment, the tearing pain.

After Di Ming Jue says this, she looks on distractedly, and slightly knits her brows.

This scene, this remark, why does it feel like deja vu?

In the next moment however, the light in Muyan’s eyes grows cold.

Slender jade fingers push out and raises up high.


Not far from her, the Tian Mo Qin seems to have sensed the call of it’s master.

It suddenly floats above the table, and hovers in the air.

The strings play along with the movements of Muyan’s fingers, playing on its own, making a noise similar to the hurried sound of rain.

The sudden sound of the zither takes Di Ming Jue aback.

The imprisonment on Muyan is also loosened slightly.

This is the chance!!

Muyan immediately bends her knees, and ruthlessly strikes it against a certain unmentionable part of a man.


There’s a loud thump, and the bed collapses. The dust falls from the beams.

Immediately after, a heaven-shaking roar comes out of Di Ming Jue, “Jun Muyan, you want to murder your husband!!”

Muyan stands a little ways away, Tian Mo Qin on hand, hair fluttering without wind. Her smile is lovely, like an evildoer that can overturn everything under the heavens, “What husband? Could it be that Jun Shang forgot that my husband is still buried beneath the soil right now? What I’m killing now is simply a lecher!”

Di Ming Jue is simply gnashing his teeth in hate.

This woman, why can’t she be like the other women that adore him and want to serve him?

Could it be that in Xiuxian Continent, all the women who are like bees and try to throw themselves at him with a thousand ways and a hundred plans, were they all fake?!

But the more Muyan is like this,

The more he loves her to his bones.

Even if she sets her clothes in order, her expression calm and leisurely,

Di Ming Jue can only stare at her feverishly, wishing he could hold this hateful woman and press her under his body, making her a part of him.

It’s clear that the draught’s effects has long been completely useless on him.

But the strongest aphrodisiac within him, is still his slipping self-control.

Di Ming Jue fixes his burning eyes at the woman before him, he slowly takes a step forward.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch158

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 158: You Are Playing With Fire!

Muyan’s little mouth, her scent, her everything – there seems to be a poison that with just a slight touch, he’s no longer able to extricate himself, getting addicted without him noticing it.

It’s as if countless years ago, they should have been one, Muyan should be a part of him.

And today, Muyan is unusually lovable and yielding.

Even as he takes her within his arms, she doesn’t struggle, she doesn’t complain.

Instead, her pair of eyes are shining even brighter than the moonlight.

However, just as Di Ming Jue is about to capture the sweet little mouth that he had long been yearning for,

Soft pink lips are slightly move, and a smiling lazy voice could be heard, “Five, four…”

Di Ming Jue is taken aback, unconsciously stopping his movements: “What did you say?”

Muyan is simply all smiles, a touch of mischief between her brows. The barely discernible mumbling continues: “three, two, one!”

As soon as she says the word ‘one’,

Di Ming Jue immediately feels weak and dizzy from head to foot.

To the point where he’s unsteady on his feet for a short while, almost falling down.

He firmly clenches his teeth and locks his eyes on the little woman in front of him, “What did you do?”

A smile increasingly deepens on Muyan’s beautiful face, “Why don’t you take a guess?”

Di Ming Jue sees red, reaching his hand out to take this hateful little woman and ferociously knead her in his embrace.

But Muyan nimbly turns away, avoiding the other.

On her bright and beautiful countenance, there’s a trace of a beguiling smile, “What’s wrong? Why is your face so red?”

“Jun! Mu! Yan!” Di Ming Jue growls.

Muyan gathers the scattered hair from behind, and places them in front of her. With a winsome laugh: “Why is Jun Shang making such a big fire? Do you feel very uncomfortable? Why don’t I go to the Spring Garden right now, and call the Queen of Flowers to come over for you?*”

  • She’ll go to a brothel and get a famous courtesan.

Saying so, she unhurriedly turns around and walks to leave the room.

She had given it some thought, about how to give Di Ming Jue his reckoning today.

She hasn’t prepared a meal by herself for several years.

Those things that look like black goo, the food that shouldn’t enter a mouth, they’re actually mixed in with a special draught that was made according to a formula left by Baili Liuyin.

Taking it alone has no effect. Moreover, it’s colorless, tasteless and odorless – no one would be able to detect it.

But used with the sound of the Tian Mo Qin’s [Life is But a Dream] song,

and the draughts effects will activate, and propagate thousands of times.

Even if Di Ming Jue has extraordinary strength, and a physique different from normal people, he would still be affected.

Hehe, Di Ming Jue, dared to bully her darling son!

Therefore she will let him know why the flowers are so red!

But as Muyan’s hand touches the doorknob,

Her body is suddenly rises up, both feet are lifted off the ground.

When she comes back to herself, she’s already been thrown on top of the bed.

And a man’s strong and scorching body is firmly pressing down on her, not giving her any space to budge even for a little bit.

“Woman, you are playing with fire!”

Di Ming Jue states overbearingly with a hoarse voice. His eyes are blood-red as they fiercely look down upon her, as if he’s going to devour her into his belly at any moment.

There’s a rare trace of chaos in Muyan’s breathing, “You… how did you get rid of the drug’s effect?”

It was written on Baili Liuyin’s notes.

This kind of draught had been modified from the properties of the drugs before she crossed-over.

Once it is inflicted, even the almighty from Xiuxian Continent would barely have the power to resist for a short amount of time.

Muyan initially thought that she would make Di Ming Jue burn with lust and suffer in this room for half an hour, and that should be considered as taking revenge for Xiao Bao.

The effects would naturally disappear after thirty minutes and there wouldn’t be any side-effects to one’s health.

But she didn’t expect this either.

That with just a few short breaths, how is it that Di Ming Jue has already shrugged off the drug’s effects?

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch157

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 157: Pleased with You

Some of them are even producing a pungent smell.

Is this… is this food for people to consume?!

By the side, Muyan looks at Di Ming Jue’s paralyzed look, and halts the movements on the strings. She rests her chin on a hand, and with a smile that isn’t a smile, she watches the man not too far from her, “What’s wrong? Jun Shang doesn’t like the food that I personally made?”

Di Ming Jue goes silent for a short moment, before he says with a wooden face: “I like it!”

Saying that, he directly sits by the table, picks up the chopsticks, and starts eating.

She watches as he takes the black lumps and places them in his mouth. He doesn’t allow his face to change color as he swallows it down.

Muyan herself can’t help widen her eyes in astonishment.

It must be known that she’s born without any talent in cooking.

Otherwise, the little bean sprout Xiao Bao also wouldn’t have had to attend to her diet, back when they were in the mountains.

Even dogs wouldn’t touch the stuff she makes.

Even her dear Xiao Bao decided not to eat a bite.

Yet this Di Ming Jue, he’s unexpectedly eating it all without having his face change color.

Soon, he really does finish eating a dish.

Muyan can’t quite keep her calm, “You… you’d really put it in your mouth?”

Di Ming Jue casts her a quick sidelong glance, coldly and indifferently saying: “As long as my lady made it, no matter what it is, Ben Jun would like to eat it!”

Muyan: “?!!!!” who is your lady!!

After a strange moment of silence, the corner of Muyan’s mouth twitches up, and she softly smiles: “Can’t have food without wine, wine without entertainment, isn’t that life’s blessing. Why don’t I play some music for Jun Shang?”

“…” Di Ming Jue coldly looks at her, neither speaking nor moving.

He has a seething appearance.

Muyan instantly understands, “Di Ming Jue.”

But this time, this Jun Shang-daren is still not satisfied, “Too unfamiliar!”

His body language, ‘If you don’t say it, I won’t eat, I won’t listen to a song’.

Muyan grits her teeth, and ultimately squeezes out two words between them: “A Jue!”

  • An “A” before a name indicates familiarity.

It should have been a very humiliating thing for the majestic Jun Shang to be called ‘A Jue’.

But Di Ming Jue seems to be satisfied. He bows his head and continues to eat those food that are too awful even for pig feed.

Muyan can’t help but feel up her own cheeks.

Calling out such an intimate appellation as “A Jue”, this guy Di Ming Jue responds like it’s nothing, but she herself is indescribably blushing and palpitating, unable to compose herself.

She takes a deep breath, calming down, and begins to softly play on the zither strings.

A mellow and touching melody flows out of her fingertips, gradually permeating within the room.

Di Ming Jue was just focusing on eating the ‘pig food’ at first, but he turns his attention to his ‘wife’.

Slowly, he finds that the blood within his body is gradually starting to boil.

Soon after, the heat on his body gathers at a certain area below.

And now in his eyes, Muyan who’s not far from him seems to ooze with charm and allure from every inch of her body.

The soft pink lips on her small mouth are moving slightly, snow white flesh is faintly discernible under the collar of her clothes. Those unadorned white fingers softly strum on the zither strings, seemingly provoking the lust within him.

Di Ming Jue can’t hold himself back any longer. He abruptly stands up walks over to Muyan with large strides.

The sound of the zither comes to a grinding halt!

Di Ming Jue gathers Muyan up from her position.

The tall figure firmly wraps around her slender form.

He puffs out a scorching breath on the girl’s skin, so delicate, as if it would break at the slightest pressure. An indistinct pinkness once again rises up on her cheeks.

“Muyan, Ben Jun is pleased with you!” he says in a hoarse voice, declaring the words he had been burying in the bottom of his heart for a long time.

Large hands grasp the nape of Muyan’s neck, and he leans down to capture those soft pink lips, ferociously ravaging them in an instant.

Since they parted in Jin Hong Men, Muyan had been completely rejecting him.

He had been haunted by the sweet and alluring taste.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch156

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 156: Unidentified Substance

“Oh!” Han Ye pats his forehead and hurriedly says, “How can I forget this number one priority! Jun Shang, Miss Muyan has woken up and already returned to her courtyard.”

“What?!” Di Ming Jue suddenly stands up and looks at Han Ye with a bloodthirsty glare, “Why didn’t you stop her?”

“No, that’s not it!” Han Ye is entirely unable to deal with fear as he continues to say, “Miss Muyan said that in order to express her gratitude for Jun Shang’s kindness of saving her, she will specially cook and prepare dinner for you. It’s already time for the meal, Jun Shang, would you like to…”

“Wait until Ben Jun come back and punishes you for your crime!!” Di Ming Jue throws him this sentence, and the figure immediately a flashes away.

Such an important matter and he only says it now!

Han Ye is left with a bitter expression on his face, silently sighing as he looks at Di Ming Jue’s disappearing back.

Xiuxian Continent is still better, Yanwu Continent is too awful, let him go back!



As the night falls, the setting sun emits a fiery glow.

The courtyard next to the Junji Drugstore is extremely quiet, there’s not a shadow of even a single person.

However, there’s one room that already has a lit candle inside. The candlelight flickers, casting shadows of graceful silhouette.

Di Ming Jue composes himself, and pushes the door open.

Inside, he sees a round table with some drinks, and a young lady gently strumming on the zither strings with a distant look in her eyes.

The moment he sees Muyan, Di Ming Jue sucked in a mouthful of cold air, his heartbeat and breathing slightly becoming chaotic.

Muyan usually dresses herself to deliberately appear more mature.

But tonight, she seems to have just taken a bath.

Her limp, ink-black hair drapes behind her, there’s mist framing her skin, making her absolutely beautiful countenance even more ethereal.

Like a wild orchid from a deep valley, otherworldly, yet there’s a fragility that makes people yearn to cherish, there’s an allure that tempts others to pluck.

She’s casually wearing a white dress as well.

The same colored belt is tied around her midsection, hugging waist and making it look as delicate as a willow bending to the wind.

Those exquisite clavicles slightly peek through the collar of her clothes, her luminous skin snowy and almost translucent. Di Ming Jue could feel his mouth go dry, and a burst of heat frantically rushes down to the lower parts of his body.

Hearing the door open, Muyan lifts up her eyes, the candlelight flickering in and out of her pupils, “Jun Shang has come at last?”

Di Ming Jue steps forward, ignoring everything to come closer in front of her.

The door behind him closes by itself, without the aid of wind.

Two people, one looks up while the other looks down. There seems to be a strange flame burning where their gazes intersect.

“I said, you should call me by my name!” Di Ming Jue opens his mouth, only to say these words.

Muyan can’t help but want to laugh from that spoiled tone and childish willfulness.

“Alright, Di Ming Jue. Didn’t you come to have a meal? Why don’t you take a look at the food that I’ve personally prepared for you?”

Di Ming Jue purses his lips, inwardly saying: Ben Jun wants to eat you more!

But Muyan went out of her way to prepare some food with her own hands, and he naturally mustn’t let her down.

There’s a round table in the room, and aside from the drinks, there are several dishes laid out on top of it.

All the food are in porcelain dishes with lids on top them.

There’s still some faint steam coming out of their covers. As Muyan said, it’s quite clear that they were prepared just recently.

However, as Di Ming Jue lifts up a lid–

The usually calm and stern Jun Shang-daren can’t help but become flabbergasted at this moment.

He only sees that the food within isn’t some fine delicacy that smells, looks and tastes great. Instead, it’s some sort of burnt lump, like black lacquer, an unidentified substance.

The most frightening thing is that juice gathered at the bottom of the dish, it’s actually a terrible dark green color.

All the bowls have their covers removed one after the other.

The dishes inside, none of them should be presented to people.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch155

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 155: Invite Him for a Meal

Muyan stirs the chicken soup. She says in manner which is neither fast nor slow: “It’s fine if you won’t speak, but I’ll just take it that your Jun Shang mistreated my darling son. Hehe, Han Ye, do you know the fate of the last person who wronged my son?”

Han Ye’s mouth twitches, saying to himself: How could I not!

Ghost City’s Lou Fei and Magistrate Xu, they simply said a few words of insult against Xiao Bao and now, their corpses have already begun to rot.

Wuuu… Jun Shang, it’s really not that your subordinate is an incompetent traitor, but Miss Jun is really too awful.

This subordinate thinks that Yanwu Continent is too dangerous, subordinate wants to return to Xiuxian Continent.

After a quarter of an hour.

Muyan is still calmly stirring the chicken soup like before, with a light and clear smile on her face. The light in her eyes doesn’t show, completely hiding her mood from other people.

Han Ye gulps down: “Miss Muyan, you… you’re not angry?”

Muyan curls up her lips and smiles sweetly: “How could I be?”

How could I be angry?

I am very furious!

Di Ming Jue, he actually dared to bully her darling Xiao Bao, even made her baby unhappy.

Hehe, good good, this is really very good!

Han Ye sees her blooming smile, and she really doesn’t look like she’s mad. He promptly speaks with relief: “Miss Muyan, by no means can say that this subordinate is the one who told you of this matter! Or else I will surely die very miserably!”

Muyan nods. She rests her chin on both hands, drawing out her words as she says: “Don’t worry, I’m very grateful for your Jun Shang for rescuing me from the Ghost City! By the way, what about your Jun Shang?”

Han Ye hesitates on how he should answer her question about Di Ming Jue’s whereabouts.

But he hears Muyan continue without minding it: “How about this, you go back and tell your Jun Shang to come to my humble courtyard this evening. I’ll personally cook and invite him for a meal, just to express my gratitude for his kindness of saving me.”

Han Ye snaps his eyes wide open and stares at Muyan foolishly, simply unable to believe his own ears.

The situation changed too fast, he just can’t believe it!

Is Miss Muyan finally moved by Jun Shang, and is now willing to accept him?

Han Ye gets dizzy and exits giddily, leaving Muyan sitting on the same spot. The corners of her mouth slowly hooks up.

Her smile is like soft and balmy spring wind, but there’s a barely discernible flickering within her eyes.


In the evening, Han Ye anxiously guards outside a room.

The moment he hears some movement inside, he immediately bursts in, “Jun Shang, you’re finally back!”

There’s a man as handsome as a deity on the bed, slowly opening his eyes and sitting up.

A presence as majestic as a force of nature radiates out from his body.

This monarch that overlooks the land under the heavens, the grandeur of his disdainful sidelong glance, making each and every creature want to swear their allegiance and follow him,

This is Di Ming Jue, the king of the Polar Domain, as well as the strongest person in the Xiuxian Continent!

Seeing Han Ye rushing in without permission, Di Ming Jue coldly turns towards him.

One look and Han Ye trembles, promptly halting his impatient pace.

“Seeing Jun Shang!” he respectfully kneels to make his salutations, “Jun Shang has returned from attending to the Polar Domain this time, how was the upper bound?”

“Without inconvenience.” Di Ming Jue indifferently replies.

‘Without inconvenience’ should mean that Elder Chang and the others simply made some standard reports, and there weren’t any major issues that required delay before they could be dealt with.

Han Ye breathes a sigh of relief.

Jun Shang’s real body is in the Yanwu Continent right now.

If he separates his soul and returns to the Xiuxian Continent with an avatar, he can only do it for a short time. Moreover, his strength would even be less than ten percent of what it originally was.

It would be considerably detrimental if something happened in the Xiuxian Continent.

Fortunately, nothing big happened.

Han Ye doesn’t speak, so Di Ming Jue asks in a low voice: “You intruded here in a fluster, what happened?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch154

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 154: Say, What Happened?

When the rabbit has finished swallowing the jade, it scuttles to Xiao Bao’s side, sticking its tongue out to lick him.

As if its assuring its little master that it will definitely keep this piece of vermilion jade safe.

Xiao Bao strokes the rabbit, and the taut lines on his melancholic face finally loosens. A faint smile flashes through his eyes.

He will definitely defeat that man!

Then afterwards he will give niangqin that jade ornament with his own hands.

When that moment comes, niangqin will surely be very happy!


Muyan leaves the Space and returns on the bed, coincidentally seeing Han Ye coming in while he’s carefully carrying some chicken soup.

Han Ye is startled when he sees Muyan appear out of thin air.

But he very quickly returns to normal.

In the Xiuxian Continent, a portable Space is common, so it’s not that strange.

Even though it would stand to reason that it’s simply impossible for a portable Space to appear in the Yanwu Continent,

But Miss Muyan is the heir to the Shen Musician after all!

And just who were the Shen Musicians?

When in those days, they have turned over the sky and the earth of the Three Realms, making all the high and mighty clans in the Xiuxian continent become fearful and panicky upon hearing them!

If such a frightening and formidable legend were to leave a Space of inheritance in the Yanwu Continent, what would be strange about that?

“Miss Muyan, this is the Black-Boned Chicken Soup that Jun Shang had specially instructed to kitchen to stew for you. You have excessively consumed your Internal Force in the Ghost City, and you’ve also lost too much blood. It would be best to drink this chicken soup to recover your strength!”

Muyan stirs it for a bit and takes a sip. She says with a smile: “Thank you.”

“Miss Muyan, please don’t mention it. Also, this is what Jun Shang specially instructed this subordinate to stew for you…”

Han Ye is very long-winded in his words, trying to give their Jun Shang a more favorable impression.

But the listening Muyan suddenly asks heedlessly: “Yesterday, when I was asleep, did something special happen?”

Hearing that, Han Ye immediately trembles all over, shaking his head like a conditioned reflex, “Nothing, absolutely nothing special happened!”

He regrets it as soon as he finished talking.

He really wishes that he could slap himself in the face!

His attitude, isn’t it a dead giveaway?

Sure enough, Muyan lifts up her eyes and the corners of her mouth slowly hooks up into an enchanting smile. She curls her fingers to beckon him.

Han Ye looks at her expression as she does this, and all the hairs on his body are suddenly raised. His mind grows cold.

“Tha-that, Miss Muyan, if there’s nothing else, this subordinate will… go back first!”

Muyan just smiles at him. She doesn’t say a word and just drinks the chicken soup leisurely.

Han Ye hesitates for quite a while, but in the end, he doesn’t have the courage to go out and escape.

With a suffering expression, he finally obediently walks in front of her.

Secretly thinking: while Miss Muyan was sleeping… he will die before he admits that Jun Shang bullied the little gongzi. Miss Muyan mustn’t know!

Who knows that when he hears Muyan’s next words, he would almost pee in fear.

“Then let’s talk about it. While I was sleeping, what did your Jun Shang do to my son?”

Han Ye flinches, he’s already howling in grief within his mind.

Hold on, he didn’t say anything of the sort. How did Jun Muyan know!

Muyan curls her lips, and a trace of iciness flashes across her eyes, “Did he mistreat my Xiao Bao?”

“Did not, did not! Absolutely not!” Han Ye hastily says over and over, “Jun Shang treats the little gongzi like his own son, how could he mistreat him? Just… just a little friction, that’s all… a small friction… hehe…”

Muyan says “Oh”, and looks at him meaningfully, “If that’s the case, just tell me what kind of little friction was it!”

Han Ye has a pained expression, and he really very much wants to make a run for it.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father