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Chapter 409: Warning
    One of them even laughs and says: “Nie-daren’s vision is really good. Since it’s someone that Nie-daren fancies, then the men in the Residence naturally wouldn’t dare vie for her. In all likelihood, after Wangye is tired of playing with her, he would certainly give her to Nie-daren.”
    Nie Zheng’s eyes are burning brightly, he looks excited and greedy.
    His hand slowly stretches out towards Muyan’s clothes.
    However, his fingertips have yet to touch that smoother-and-softer-than-tofu skin, when a white light suddenly flashes before his eyes.
    Nie Zheng is caught off guard, and the entire person goes flying out because a tremendous force.
    His qi and blood roll over and over in his chest, his face twists from an even greater pain in his Qi Sea.
    “Wha… what happened?”
    Everyone is stunned by this development.
    What exactly happened just now?
    Nie Zheng is even more alarmed and confused. What was that white light just now? What was that energy?
    How could it be so dreadful? It made him feel like he didn’t have a thread nor a hair of resistance.
    He raises his head to look.
    The girl is still sleeping quietly on the bed, without the slightest change.
    The entire room is extremely quiet, without any anomalies.
    Nie Zheng frowns and gets up.
    Fixedly staring at Muyan on the bed, a sliver of ruthlessness suddenly flashes in the depths of his eyes, and he moves forward once again.
    He doesn’t believe that he couldn’t handle an unconscious girl.
    But without waiting for Nie Zheng to do anything, the door is pushed open.
    Standing outside the door is a man wearing a red robe. Everyone stares blankly.
    Then they all kneel down, “Seeing Wangye!”
    The one outside is actually Jin Wangye, already dressed up in his wedding clothes.
    And behind him, there’s Bai Yichen who had already rushed back from delivering a letter to the Imperial Palace.
    He sees the blood on the floor, and remembers Lou Beiyu who was dragged away just a moment ago.
    Bai Yichen’s hand tightens on the sword hilt.
    Lou Beiyu may not know it.
    But he knows what’s happening.
    The situation about Muyan remaining unconscious right now – she should be in the middle of an advancement or a breakthrough.
    As long as she can pass through this period of time, there would be no one in the Jin Wangfu who could stand up to Muyan.
    Jin Wangye is also aware of this point, and he’s anxious to get married right away.
    Right now, the only thing he can do is to ensure Muyan’s safety until she could finish her breakthrough.
    Nie Zheng is kneels on the ground, but he finds that Jin Wang’s sharp glare has fallen on him, making him tremble like he’s sitting on pins and needles.
    “Wangye, this subordinate…”
    Before he could say half a sentence, Jin Wang interrupts him.
    “Ben Wang made you bring people to change my Wangfei’s wedding clothes, not to let you put your hands on my Wangfei.”
    Nie Zheng is startled. He raises his head in shock, panic filling his eyes, “Wangye!”
    “Muyan is completely different from Ben Wang’s concubines from before. In the future, if you dare to have improper thoughts again, then you shouldn’t blame Ben Wang for being impolite!”
    Meeting Jin Wang’s eyes, there’s a bone-deep coldness in them. Nie Zheng quivers from head to foot, his face turning white from fear.
    For so many years, Wangye had never given him such a severe warning before. 
    It seems that this Jun Muyan is different to Wangye.
    Just a moment ago, he… he had actually been conspiring against Miss Jun, to take up a few small advantages.
    Thinking about it now, it’s only making his vision go dark, he’s practically frightened out of his mind.
    “Wangye, this subordinate’s mind was momentarily befuddled, I wouldn’t dare in the future, I wouldn’t dare anymore!”
    Jin Wang towers over Nie Zheng, watching the latter grovel.
    He knocks his forehead, and only then does he indifferently say: “Immediately change Wangfei into the wedding dress. If you miss the auspicious hour, all of you in this room don’t want to live. My Jin Wangfu cannot keep wastes.”
    After throwing those words, Jin Wangye leaves.
    This time, Nie Zheng doesn’t dare to be rash anymore, and he directly retreats.

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EMHS – ch408

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Chapter 408: I’ll put it on for her

It’s to the point where getting intimate with those concubines in front of his subordinates is a common matter.

Nie Zheng is one of Jin Wangye’s closest confidants – who knows how many naked women’s bodies has he seen.

But whenever Nie Zheng takes a second look, Jin Wang will directly bestow her to them.

That’s because, for Jin Wang, a woman is something good, but completely worthless compared to his great ambitions, his quest for power.

Nie Zheng licks the corner of his mouth.

He inwardly thinks, once Jin Wang had finished wringing out this Jun Muyan’s worth, he’ll definitely ask for her and nicely enjoy her.

He’s never seen such an absolutely splendid woman who can ruin and overturn the state, and he’s never coveted a woman this way before.

Seeing that her inner garments are about to be taken off,

Nie Zheng couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, his gaze burning.

Yet Lou Beiyu’s eyes are red, like he’s almost going mad. He simply doesn’t care about the thorns on his shoulders, as he suddenly dashes over.

“You dare to defile my Master, I’ll kill you all! Go away! Go away!”

Nie Zheng’s face sinks, and he abruptly jerks his hand.

There’s a bursting sound, it’s the sound of a rupture on the meridians of Lou Beiyu’s shoulder.

Lou Beiyu screams and falls to the floor.

Nie Zheng presses a foot down on his face, abruptly tightening up the thorned whip in his hand, “Hehe, don’t you want these hands anymore? If you want to turn into a useless person, then I might as well help you with it!”

After he says that, he tugs his hands, and stomps his foot down.

Merely listening to the crackling sound, everyone inside the room has their complexions change.

Those maids are ever showing expression of horror and aversion.

“Aaaah—!” Lou Beiyu lets out a miserable, blood-curdling scream. He couldn’t keep himself up anymore, and he loses consciousness.

Both of his hands are limply hanging down.

Nie Zheng has crushed every inch of bone from his shoulder blades, down to his fingers.

“Take this guy out.” Nie Zheng has a faint smile, “Change him into new clothes, and arrange him on the seat reserved for the representative of the bride’s family. After all, it’s the wedding of Wangye and the new Wangfei – it would be unseemly if there isn’t even a single guest over on the side the bride’s family.”

“Yes, daren!”

They directly drag Lou Beiyu out.

The blood on the floor is a ghastly sight, as they make a bloody drag mark.

But Nie Zheng smiles in an incredibly carefree way.

Soon after, his vision shifts, falling on the face of the girl on the bed.

His breathing suddenly becomes rushed.

It’s only as he sees her closer, that he discovers that Jun Muyan is so beautiful.

Simply like a heavenly creation, all the essence of grace has been gathered on the girl’s body.

Porcelain skin as white as snow; long, thick, fan-like eyelashes; delicate red lips; and a waist that couldn’t fill his grasp.

Nie Zheng suddenly holds out a hand, “Give me the wedding dress, I’ll put it on for her.”


The old woman and the servant girls reveal expressions of shock.

Nie Zheng shows a cold and gloomy smile, “What? This daren can’t?”

“But… but this is still the new Wangfei?”

“Hmm…” Nie Zhen sneers, “So what if she’s the new Wangfei? Once Wangye gets tired of toying with her, he’ll still reward her to me. Moreover, which of the women around Wangye couldn’t we touch as we please?”

The guards all nod one after another, showing depraved smiles.

Jin Wangfu’s favored concubines, they’ve also had their share of all those extraordinarily beautiful women before, and they taste really good.

Like when those women were driven out of Jin Wangfu-

They’re said to be driven away, but they’ve actually been given to these men.

Then among Jin Wang’s men, almost every house has several beauties – and they are completely without any misgivings in maltreating or toying with those women.

This is also one of the reasons why they are so deathly loyal to Jin Wang.

So now, as they’re listening to Nie Zheng saying such a thing, they immediately show looks of understanding.

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EMHS – ch407

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Chapter 407: Secondary preparations

The thorns continue to carve through his flesh.

It appears to grow frantically.

Soon after, it turns and bends in front of him, abruptly piercing through his other shoulder.

It goes back into Nie Zheng’s hands.

Nie Zheng gathers both ends of thorned vine in his hands, lightly tugging it.

Lou Beiyu screams from his tugging.

Nie Zhen stares at his face, deathly pale and twisted from pain. He sneers: “A guy who overestimates himself.”

“A waste from a small third-rate country, even if we chop you up and feed you to the Wangfu’s watchdogs, you still wouldn’t qualify. In spite of that, you still want to set yourself against our Wangye, hehe…”

“If it weren’t for the fact that you’re Miss Jun’s apprentice, by now, a dog like you would probably be dead already. Guess, if you were to die, will your Chi Yan Country have the nerve to come and look for our Wangye to settle the debt?”

He puts more force in his hands.

The thorns dig into Lou Beiyu’s flesh and bones, eliciting a grinding sound that could make a person’s teeth ache.

Lou Beiyu’s head is drenched in cold sweat from the pain, his complexion is as pale as paper, he’s practically unable to say a complete sentence.

Nie Zheng bursts into loud laughter, and uses his blood-soaked hand to pat Lou Beiyu’s face.

“Don’t worry, stray dog. Our Wangye won’t kill you. Not only will he spare your life, you’d even be allowed to personally watch Miss Jun and Wangye’s wedding ceremony, then the bridal room after that… after all, you are the only one related to Miss Jun, and you’ll still serve as witness.”

“Keep… keep dreaming…” Lou Beiyu is shaking all over from the pain, but he squeezes each word through gritted teeth, “Just what does… Li Jinting amount to, he… he’s not even worthy… of carrying… my Master’s shoes…”

“If you people dare to force my Master to go through the rites, wait until she wakes up, Master will definitely… definitely annihilate your Jin Wangfu into… into a river of blood, your corpses won’t be intact… cough, cough, cough!!”

At Lou Beiyu’s words, Nie Zheng’s face immediately warps into a harsh expression.

Remembering the scene he witnessed last night, Nie Zheng’s heart beats like a drum.

No one had ever caused such a Heavenly Vision before.

If this Jun Muyan wakes up, and she’s really unwilling to marry their Wangye no matter what-

Then he dreads that their Jin Wangfu really won’t have good days.

Nie Zhen takes a deep breath, and he speaks with a gloomy and sinister smile: “Perhaps Miss Jun would still rebel if it was just going through the marriage rites, but what if our Wangye has taken her body? Guess she can only be resigned to follow our Wangye, or have her reputation completely destroyed – from then on, she would no longer be able to get a good marriage.”

What’s more, Wangye has also anticipated that there might be this kind of situation.

So he had still made secondary preparations.

As long as that matter is accomplished, no matter how fierce her temper is, Jun Muyan would have no other choice but behave, and turn into an object that Wangye could knead and enslave as he pleases.”

How could she still have any room to resist?

Thinking of this, the worry in Nie Zheng’s eyes dissipate, and he coldly looks at the old woman and the maids on the floor.

How could these people dare to be negligent? They immediately go forward to take Muyan’s clothes off, and put on the bridal clothes.

“Don’t touch my Master! Go away! Go away!!”

Lou Beiyu watches as these people go and take Muyan’s clothes off, and in a moment, only her inner garments remain.

And all the men and women in the room aren’t even averting their eyes.

Even Nie Zheng is engrossed, his burning eyes staring at the snow white skin on Muyan’s hands and neck. He only feels his lower abdomen slightly tighten up.

Jin Wangye is famous for his beauties, you can’t count the number of women he married into the Wangfu.

But very few people know that, as far as Jing Wangye is concerned, these women are only playthings and nothing more.

He would just randomly and casually reward his subordinates with these women.

EMHS – ch406

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Chapter 406: Not allowed to touch my Master
    Listening to Lou Beiyu, Nie Zheng sneers, his eyes are filled with disdain, “Indeed, Wangye did agree to give Miss Jun seven day’s time to think it over. But as early as yesterday, Miss Jun has already responded that she wants to marry Wangye, and become the new Wangfei of Jin Wangfu. My family’s Wangye adores Miss Jun, and she is eager. Since Miss Jun has already agreed, it’s only natural to hold the wedding early, so as to avoid a long night of many dreams.*”
  • many complications
    “You’re talking rubbish! How can my Master possibly agree?”
    “Why wouldn’t she?” Nie Zheng’s smile becomes even more contemptuous, “When all is said and done, Miss Jun only came from Chi Yan, that small Low-ranked country. No authority, no influence, the backing of a Shen Family that couldn’t even be shown to the public. Moreover, her purity had even been seized by a man when she was young, giving birth to an illegitimate child. For this kind of woman to be able to marry my family’s Wangye as the main wife, that’s a blessing as big as the sky.”
    “After hearing my Wangye’s proposal, Miss Jun was so happy she that was moved to tears, and she agreed to Wangye on the spot. She also made Wangye hold the wedding as soon as possible. As a result, my family’s Wangye could only set the wedding ceremony today.”
    Lou Beiyu is practically trembling all over from anger.
    How can these people be so shameless?
    Master clearly didn’t agree to anything, yet they invert black and white like this!
    “Haven’t you noticed that my Master is in a coma?!” Lou Beiyu stubbornly stands in front of Muyan’s bed, “Even if you want to celebrate a wedding, shouldn’t it be done after my Master wakes up?”
    A mysterious light flashes through Nie Zheng’s eyes at lightning speed.
    Wangye had a thousand warnings and ten thousand injunctions, the the ritual of kneeling to heaven and earth, and consummating their marriage in the bridal room – everything must be completed before Jun Muyan wakes up.
    This is also the reason why the wedding ceremony that should’ve been conducted in the evening is ultimately brought forward to the morning.
    At that time, when the rice is cooked, even if someone comes to know of Jun Muyan’s peculiarity, she would already be Wangye’s person.
    If other people have any unwillingness, what else can they do?
    Nie Zheng draws up the corners of his mouth, revealing a smile that isn’t a smile, “The propitious day and the lucky hour have already been determined. Even if Miss Jun is unconscious, the last rites simply couldn’t be delayed. Miss Jun wants to marry our Wangye so much, so after she wakes up and becomes aware of the matter, in all likelihood, she would only be happy, and she would absolutely not be object.”
    Saying that, waves a hand.
    Two guards immediately step forward and grab Lou Beiyu.
    The old woman and the servant girl go over to the beside, preparing to take off the clothes on Muyan, and put on the entire set of phoenix crown and red clouds shawl on her.
    “You people aren’t allowed to touch my Master–!!”
    As he sees Muyan’s outer garment being taken off, Lou Beiyu’s eyes go red.
    The Internal Force of his body suddenly bursts forth.
    Those two guards are just high Earth Stage practitioners. They’re caught off guard, recoiling a few steps back from the shock.
    Lou Beiyu staggers and rushes over, grabbing the old woman who’s disrespecting Muyan.
    He raises a hand and ruthlessly slaps her twice on the face.
    “Who allowed you to touch my Master with your filthy hands!!”
    “Ouch–! Murder! Murder!” the old woman lets out a miserable bawl, like a dying pig.
    Lou Beiyu also kicks those servant girls to the floor, and the whole room descends into chaos.
    He crouches down to cover Muyan, directly lifting her up.
    But all of a sudden, he feels a tearing pain on his shoulder.
    Then, along with the smell of blood, a whip of thorns whooshes out from his left shoulder.
    “Ah–!!” a scream spills out of Lou Beiyu’s mouth.
    Muyan, who he was originally supporting up, also falls back to the bed.
    The blood dripping out from his shoulder fall down on Muyan’s snow white dress.
    It blooms like a tender and beautiful red plum flower.
    However, it’s still not over.
    The thorns continue to carve through his flesh.

EMHS – ch405

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Chapter 405: Wangfei, rejoice
    “Appearing in Muyan’s chambers, is it because you have an affair with her? Haha, in that case, Ben Wang wouldn’t mind making Muyan into my woman right now.”
    Saying that, he moves like he’s turning around to go back inside.
    Bai Yichen grits his teeth, “Wangye must be joking. How could this subordinate possibly be acquainted with Wangfei? I’m merely worried that if I were to leave the Residence, there wouldn’t be anyone to guard Wangye from danger.”
    Jin Wang only shows a smile at this, “There’s no need for Yichen to worry about that. Just go quickly and return quickly. Ben Wang and Muyan… we’ll wait for you to come and disturb the privacy of the bridal room!*”
  • Chinese custom where guests banter with and play pranks on the newlyweds
    Bai Yichen ultimately sends a glance to the room, then he turns to leave.
    At chen shi (7-9am), the door to Muyan’s room is pushed oped with a bang.
    Lou Beiyu has been guarding by Muyan’s bedside, groggy from sleep, and scared witless.
    As soon as he hears this sound, he immediately jumps up from the floor.
    He’s only greeted with the sight of servant girls, guards, even an old woman, and so on – all entering in a line.
    The maids are carrying trays on their hands, with all kinds of jewelries on them, as well as bright red clothes.
    Every one of them is dressed in extremely festive clothes.
    As soon as the old woman enters the door, she immediately shouts with a big smile: “Wangfei, rejoice, there is great joy!”
    Lou Beiyu vigilantly watches the incoming people, and he speaks with a stern voice: “Who allowed you all to enter? Get out! Don’t bother my Master’s rest!”
    The old woman who just spoke turns to look at the still-unconscious Muyan.
    Her smile becomes increasingly fawning, “Today is the Miss Jun and Wangye’s big wedding day. This is a matter of great honor, privilege, and joy – how could it be a bother? Third Prince, please step aside so we can put on the wedding clothes on Miss Jun. The lucky hour waits for no one, we absolutely mustn’t delay!”
    Saying that, the old woman turns her head to pick up bright red clothes, unfolding them. She cries out: “Look, look, this phoenix crown and red clouds shawl, they’re all weaved from the thread of the sky silkworm – it would be an understatement to say that they have a value of a city. Jin Wangye has never been so meticulous for a woman. Not only are they having an official wedding, he even specially tasked people run through the night and buy these wedding dress from the Ghost City…”
    “What kind of joke is this?!” Lou Beiyu angrily extends a hand to push the old woman away, “Stop dreaming, my Master will not get married to that abnormal pervert! Tell him to get lost!”
    “Hey, ouch!” the old woman cries out, then she tumbles to the floor. The wedding dress that she’s holding also falls to the floor. 
    Lou Beiyu lifts his foot up to step on it, but just as he raises his foot-
    He feel a formidable Internal Force assault his senses.
    He grunts, retreating several steps back. His qi and blood boils, and he’s about to throw up blood.
    A pair of black boots slowly step forward until it’s in front of that wedding dress. Bending down, bronze-colored hands pick it up.
    Lou Beiyu’s line of sight slowly move up, and he sees what seems to be common and unremarkable facial features.
    But feeling the pressure coming out from this man’s body, Lou Beiyu’s complexion turns pale.
    “This humble one is Nie Zheng. Today, I’ve specially come to respectfully meet Wangfei, have her dress up, then by si shi (9-11am), take her to Wangye for the marriage ceremony.”
    The man’s voice is very calm, and there aren’t any vicious currents on his face – one could say that it’s very harmless.
    But Lou Beiyu’s heart sinks down.
    Nie Zheng and Zhu Hai are the two most important confidants on Jin Wang’s side.
    Both of their cultivations have already reached the peak of Heaven Stage.
    One can’t tell how many human lives their hands have taken.
    With his own weak strength, how could he possibly protect his Master?
    “Didn’t we come to an agreement with Jin Wangye, that he would let my Master consider this for seven days?” Lou Beiyu stands up to the pressure from Nie Zheng, his neck stiff as he says, “Don’t tell me that the magnificent Jin Wangye of Huang Yao would contradict himself, and would go back on his word – isn’t he worried of being ridiculed?”

EMHS – ch404

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Chapter 404: A big wedding tomorrow
    “Master–!” Lou Beiyu dashes to her, and stands guard at Muyan’s bedside. He ferociously glares at Jin Wangye.
    Jin Wangye wipes off the blood from his mouth, and he unhurriedly gets up.
    His line of sight shifts, falling on Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen.
    “Hmm, Lou Beiyu, how were you able to escape from the dungeon?”
    “Yichen, why would you be here?”
    Lou Beiyu turns red in the face, and he firmly stands guard in front of Muyan. He doesn’t say a word.
    Nevertheless, Bai Yichen gives a humble bow and says: “Reporting to Wangye. During the night, this subordinate found Lou Beiyu’s tracks and followed it to this place. However, there’s a sudden Vision, and before I had the time to handle the matter, Wangye has already come over.”
    Jin Wang slightly narrows his eyes, “Is that so?”
    From his tone of voice, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether he believes it or not.
    At his side, Bai Yichen’s hand turns into a clenched fist, “This subordinate will take Lou Beiyu back to the dungeons at once.”
    “That’s no longer necessary.”
     Jin Wang reveals a meaningful smile, “Tomorrow is Ben Wang’s big wedding day, and he is the apprentice of Ben Wang’s new Wangfei. Naturally, he’s going to stay and attend the ceremony.”
    Bai Yichen suddenly widens his eyes, almost unable to control his expressions.
    Lou Beiyu is more vocal, shouting: “Your big head is dreaming of spring and autumn, my Master will never marry you. You’re just a toad, but you still think that you’re worthy of my Master! Pah!!”
    The expression in Jin Wang’s eyes is severe, but he doesn’t get angry. He laughs grimly instead: “When tomorrow comes, Muyan will be Ben Wang’s woman, happily held in Ben Wang’s bed. Then you will know whether or not Ben Wang is dreaming!”
    After he says that, he turns around and leaves.
    As he arrives at the doorway, he abruptly stops in his steps, “Yichen, why are still staying in this room for? Don’t tell me you’re acquainted with Muyan?”
    Bai Yichen’s hand tightens on the sword, but he still walks out in the end.
    The door closes with a thump, and the window closes as well.
    Lou Beiyu promptly dashes to the over, wanting to open the door. However, he discovers that it’s tightly shut.
    Even if he exhausts all of his Mysterious Energy, he wouldn’t be able to open it.
    Lou Beiyu anxiously turns around, and he sees Muyan still sleeping on the bed, the silvery glow on her body has already receded.
    He firmly clenches both his hands into fists.
    He… he’ll definitely protect his Master, even if he dies!
    Outside the room, Jin Wang looks at the trusted subordinates around him, coldly saying: “You’re not allowed mention the things you’ve seen today to anyone. Otherwise, it’s a death sentence. Do I make myself clear?”
    “Yes, Wangye!”
    Only then does Jin Wangye’s sight falls on Bai Yichen.
    Bai Yichen speaks with a calm voice: “This subordinate would absolutely not make irresponsible remarks to others.”
    “Yichen, I naturally believe in your trustworthiness.” Jin Wang says with a smile, “Well then, Ben Wang wants you to go and do something for me. Send a letter to the Imperial Palace, deliver it to my Emperor brother, inviting him to come and take part in Ben Wang’s wedding ceremony.”
    “Me?” Bai Yichen shows an astonished expression.
    He has never entered the Imperial Palace of Huang Yao before.
    Moreover, he really doesn’t want to leave Jin Wangfu right now.
   Otherwise, what about Muyan?
    Jin Wang smiles even deeper, “Naturally. In this Wangfu, I trust you the most, Yichen. Going to the Palace to deliver a letter is such an important matter. Of course, I can only hand it over for you to handle. Don’t worry, as long as you rush back before noon, you’d definitely still have the time to take part in the wedding between Ben Wang and Muyan.”
    Bai Yichen tightly knits his brows, and he doesn’t reply.
    Jing Wang’s complexion sinks, and he murmurs: “Or do you mean to say that you’ve lied to Ben Wang just now?”
    “Appearing in Muyan’s chambers, is it because you have an affair with her? Haha, in that case, Ben Wang wouldn’t mind making Muyan into my woman right now.”

EMHS – ch403

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Chapter 403: Don’t touch my Master
    A trace of displeasure and jealousy flashes through Leng Qingwan’s eyes.
    In her mind, she’s the only one in the world who can match the unsurpassed Di Jun.
    That person who possesses the Moon Spiritual Root, just who is she anyway?
    Even if she’s a descendant of the Shen Musicians, how could she be placed on a par with Leng Qingwan?
    With a faint smile, the Tian Yi Men’s Master speaks coldly, “What do you take Di Jun’s identity for? Is he someone that a commonplace woman could just casually match with? What’s more, if that person with the Moon Spiritual Root is really a surviving member of the Shen Musicians, have you all thought about your own chances of survival if she’s allowed to become the Mistress of the Polar Domain?”
    As she says this, a dramatic change comes over the expressions on several individuals from the Polar Domain.
    Elder Chang is finally unable to stand it, as he steps forward and speaks with a sarcastic smile: “Madam Leng, with merely the windless tolling of the ghost clock, isn’t it too hasty to determine who’s the descendant of the Shen Musicians?”
    “Moreover, what sort of Mistress is ultimately married into our Polar Domain, and whoever our Jun Shang is going to match with – when is it Tian Yi Men’s turn to make it their business?”
    In a split second, the atmosphere has become somewhat awkward.
    The face of the Tian Yi Men’s Master immediately sinks.
    Leng Qingwan’s expression twists even more.
    After quite a while, she could only tuck her hands inside her sleeves with a flourish, “In any case, my Tian Yi Men will never let off any remaining evil element of the Shen Musicians. I would rather be wrong and kill a thousand, as I would absolutely not let a single one slip by. As for your Polar Domain, suite yourselves! Send my regards to Di Jun.”
    Saying that, the image in the air flickers, and their projected forms all drift away.
    And at that very moment, that Nine Luminaries and the Moon is finally complete in the sky.
    The Vision slowly begins to vanish in the sky, and the brightness turns back into a dark night once more.
    The unpredictable expression of everyone from the Polar Domain, are also slowly concealed in the darkness.
    Huang Yao Country, Jin Wangfu.
    Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen are caught off guard by Jin Wangye’s sudden intrusion.
    In particular, seeing his greedy gaze falling on Muyan’s form, as her whole body glows with a silvery light – the two of them have their hearts sink a little.
    Jing Wangye advances with each step, his vision seems to be burning as it’s fixated on the girl’s pure and sublime face.
    As he reaches out his hand, wanting to touch Muyan’s face, Lou Beiyu resolutely slams against him.
    “Don’t touch my Master!”
    However, even though Lou Beiyu’s palms contained all of his Internal Force as he launches it over to Jin Wangye, he couldn’t even push the other away.
    On the contrary, his complexion abruptly turns white, and he’s completely knocked back for several steps.
    There’s a sharp pain in his chest, and blood threatens to seep out of the corners of his mouth.
    Bai Yichen’s pupils contract, and his gaze turns heavy as he stares at Jin Wangye.
    Muyan has previously told him to be careful of Jin Wangye’s concealed strength, as he’s far more powerful than what he shows on the surface.
    At that time, he didn’t think much about it. Right now, it seems that Jin Wangye is actually so much stronger that him.
    It’s as if Jin Wangye simply doesn’t know of the pair’s existence, as his eyes are obsessively fixated on Muyan.
    He doesn’t re-extend the hand that Lou Beiyu bumped against.
    Instead, he presses it at the edge of the bed, and he slowly leans down to try and lay a kiss on Muyan’s pink lips.
    “You’re not allowed to touch my Master! Cough, cough…!!” Lou Beiyu wants to rush over, but he stumbles, falling down to the floor.
    Bai Yichen presses his palm against the hilt of his sword, veins popping up at the back of his hand.
    As Jin Wang’s face is getting closer and closer to Muyan, white light suddenly bursts brightly.
    Jin Wangye produces a muffled grunt, and the entire person is knocked a few meters away, tumbling down to the floor.
    Lifting his head up, his handsome face is twisted because of the pain, and wisps of blood spill out of the corners of his mouth.
    Yet the light in his eyes burns hotter.
    As he stares at Muyan, his gaze is brimming with desire.