EMHS – ch234

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Chapter 234: Divorce You, Poisonous Woman

    Seeing that familiar smile, Shen Jinglin could no longer keep himself up. His body goes soft and he falls down.

    Yan Haotian has quick eyes and quicker hands, catching Shen Jinglin.

    Muyan grasps his wrists to examine him, and determines that he has only collapsed from exhaustion. Only then does she sigh in relief, and has Yan Haotian take him to his room to rest first.

    “Father.” after sending Shen Jinglin off, Muyan turns to Shen father, “In the end, Su Yuexiang is your wife. It would be yours to decide how to deal with her.”

    Shen Yicheng slowly nods. He goes on to crouch before Su Yuexiang.

    Su Yuexiang trembles as she looks at him, tears and snot all over her face, “Master, I’ve waited upon you for so many years, without credit for all the hard work. Can you spare me… spare me!”

    Shen Yicheng quietly looks at her, then he closes his eyes in bitterness, “My ultimate regret in this life is that I was tempted by you for a while, and slept with you for a night. Not only did I cause the death of my first wife, I even brought harm and suffering to my two children.”

    “Su Yuexiang, from today onward, you and I will be breaking all ties, we would no longer be husband and wife.”

    Su Yuexiang snaps her eyes wide open, saying with a hiss: “Shen Yicheng, you… what do you mean by this?”

    “What this means is that I’m divorcing you, you poisonous woman. From now on, you and your malicious daughter are no longer people of my Shen family.”

    “Shen Yicheng, you cannot divorce me! I don’t have anything left now, if you divorce me, how can I live?!”

    Su Yuexiang herself doesn’t have the least bit of cultivation. Now that her daughter had turned into a waste, even the Su family wouldn’t accept her.

    How can she keep on living after she gets driven out?

    However, Shen Yicheng’s face is resolute, not even looking at her. As if he’s already spurning her to the highest degree.

    Su Yuexiang is at a loss as she looks around, anxious and desperate.

    Suddenly, her eyes zero-in on Muyan and Xiao Bao.

    In a split second, the despair within the depths of her eyes turn into a complete and unhinged resentment.

    “Slut, this is because of you! If only you didn’t return, everything would be all right. It’s you who caused harm to my daughter, caused harm to me!”

    “You won’t let me live, then I also want you to live a life worse than death!”

    Su Yuexiang shouts as she frenziedly charges towards Xiao Bao.

    She wants to kill Jun Muyan’s son, she wants to let Jun Muyan also taste the pain of losing a child.

    She wants Jun Muyan to live a life worse than death!!

    Shen father didn’t expect that by intending to leave Su Yuexiang a way to survive,

    this deranged and demented woman would actually want to injure his grandson.

    He immediately roars anxiously, “Su Yuexiang, stop! You’re not allowed to harm my grandson!!”

    However, he’s physically weak and Su Yuexiang has charged so suddenly. There’s no way he can stop her.

    In a moment, Su Yuexiang’s sharp-nailed fingers have already arrived near Xiao Bao’s head.

    Yet every individual in the audience is calm, steady, and unperturbed. It’s as if they’re simply not seeing this scene at all. 

    Muyan is leisurely plucking on the zither strings.

    The people of the Ink Camp are picking their nails in boredom.

    It seems as if no one cares about Xiao Bao’s life or death.

    Su Yuexiang lets out a laugh like a broken wind box*. She extends her hand to go for the child’s soft and tender neck, intending to squeeze it, “Bastard, drop dead! You can only blame the fact that you are Jun Muyan’s s…”

  • an instrument used to blast wind, usually to help making a fire.

    She couldn’t finish saying the word ‘son’.

    A sudden burst of piercing pain comes through from her wrist, along with the crackling sound of bones breaking.

    A pair of stubby little hands are fastened around Su Yuexiang’s wrists, lightly twisting.

    The bones on Su Yuexiang’s hand are as feeble as dried twigs as they break.

    Xiao Bao releases her hand and he pushes a palm towards Su Yuexiang’s chest.

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EMHS – ch233

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Chapter 233: Tit for Tat

    “Ah! What did you do to me? Why can’t I move?!”

    Shen Xiaoru suddenly screams.

    She seems to be trying to struggle with all her might, but no matter how she moves, there seems to be countless invisible threads linking together and firmly binding her.

    Preventing even the smallest bit of movement from her.

    Shen Jinglin is already walking towards her one step at a time, until he’s finally in front of her.

    “Shen Jinglin, I’m warning you, I’m a disciple of Zi Yang Zong. Zi Yang Zong is extremely protective, if you kill me… aaah–!!”

    Before Shen Xiaoru could finish saying her threats, she just hears a ‘thwack’.

    Her arm flies straight out.

    Blood sprays up!

    Shen Jinglin watches her with his bloodshot eyes, there isn’t the slightest bit of fluctuations inside them even with her miserable shrieks, “This sword is for everything that you’ve done to Yanyan back then.”


    “This sword is payback for Fang-er!”

    The sword slashes down for a second time, and Shen Xiaoru’s other hand flies out.

    She falls down to the ground, blood gushing out from her arms.

    The intense pain makes her whole body convulse again and again.

    At this moment, she finally gets scared, terrified. She twists her body to move back and escape, crying, “Don’t… don’t, brother, I was wrong, I was wrong! Spare me! I’m your younger sister, I’m your younger sister by blood!”

    Shen Jingling slowly lifts his sword again.

    Su Yuexiang suddenly comes to her senses, screaming and charging over, “Don’t kill her, don’t kill my daughter!”

    However, she has yet to rush in front of Shen Jinglin when she is ruthlessly kicked by someone from the Ink Camp.

    Su Yuexiang doubles over from the strike, and falls right in front of the Shen patriarch.

    As she meets his eyes which are brimming with resentment, a shudder runs over her.
    On the other side, Shen Jinglin’s sword falls for the third time, “This sword is for the reason that, even though things have come to this, you still want to hurt Yanyan!”

    Shen Xiaoru’s leg flies out.

    “A–!!” Shen Xiaoru makes a gasping screech. Her body gives a jerk, both of her eyes turn up, and she faints.

    From the open cut on her thigh, blood is pouring out like a spring.

    At the rate that the blood is flowing out, Shen Xiaoru will definitely die if this continues for a while longer.

    However, how can she be allowed to die so easily?

    Muyan softly plucks on the zither strings.

    Two distinct melodies intertwine with each other.

    The skills [Prison of a Painted Earth] and [Echo Recovery] fuse together.
    The blood actually stops flowing out from Shen Xiaoru’s thigh, and her eyes slowly open.

    Yet that violent pain doesn’t disappear. She opens her mouth wide, desperately gasping for breath, and she produces and anguished howl.

    This time, there is no longer any smugness in her eyes, only panic and cowardice remain.

    “Spare me! I beg you to spare me! Wuu, wuu… I’m a disciple of Zi Yang Zong, how can you do this to me?”

    Shen Jinglin laughs bitterly, “If Zi Yang Zong wants to look for someone to exact their vengeance upon, they can lay it all on me.”

    Saying that, the sword stabs down again, but it doesn’t chop off her only remaining leg.

    Instead, it directly pierces through her Qi Sea.

    Hoarse, blood-curdling screams once again comes out from Shen Xiaoru’s mouth. But this time, she could not even struggle. She can only stay limp and powerless on the floor, unable to budge.

    Shen Jinglin discards the bloody sword from his hands, turning slowly, and walks with difficulty towards Muyan. 

    “Yanyan, big brother has finally avenged you!” 

    He’s still in the middle of his words but the tears are already rolling down his eyes.

    Muyan smiles with a tenderness that cannot be put into words. She slowly nods, and just like when they were children, she shows a spoiled expression, “Mhm, I know that big brother will definitely protect Yanyan.”

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EMHS – ch232

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Chapter 232: Deranged Shen Xiaoru

    “Jun Muyan, I’m telling you, I’m a disciple of Zi Yang Zong. If you dare to touch me, you’re dead. My Master and my senior brother won’t let you get away with it.”

    Chang Yu takes the wobbling Shen father by the arm, and assists him to sit down.

    The Shen patriarch’s eyes are bloodshot as he very fiercely glares at Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru.

    The murderous air coming out from all over his body leads people to believe that, if only his Internal Force isn’t exhausted right now, if his body isn’t so weak,

    He would surely tear those two into pieces.

    “Speak! Five years ago, what did you do to Yanyan?! For her to lose her innocence, isn’t that also because of a sinister plot by you two animals?!” 

    “Hahahaha!” hearing the Shen father’s indignant questions, Shen Xiaoru couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The way she looks at Muyan shows that she is indeed inexplicably happy and proud of herself, “So what if it is?”

    “Who let Jun Muyan, this slut, have an appearance of a fox; she’s obviously not a biological daughter of the Shen family, but her treatment is better than mine, when I’m the real Eldest Miss of the Shen family! Even the men around me, each and every one of them had their spirits and souls turned upside down because they were seduced by her – completely ignoring me, how can I stand that!!”

    She seems to be remembering the grievances she was holding back before.

    Shen Xiaoru’s swollen pig-like face distorts in malevolence, then she once again smiles as if she’s completely happy with what she’s done.

    “That’s why, I took advantage when you and Shen Jinglin went out to travel, and had my mother send her to uncle’s home.”

    “Haha, but I know that useless cousin of mine have been drooling over this pretty slut for a long time already. I just casually instigated it, handed him some aphrodisiac, and he just couldn’t wait to get his hands on this slut…”

    Shen Xiaoru gets more excited the more she speaks, seemingly very pleased with her masterpiece from back then.

    But Su Yuexiang isn’t as brainless as she is.

    From Muyan’s every movement, she has become very aware that this woman is now very ruthless.

    “Ru-er, don’t say that!” Su Yuexiang pulls on Shen Xiaoru, forcing a smile, “I think you must’ve gone deranged, saying so much nonsense ah! Muyan is your little sister, you have always taken care of her, haven’t you?”

    “Are you kidding me?!” Shen Xiaoru is completely ungrateful to her efforts, screeching, “Who would let that fox-faced slut be their little sister? Pah! I really want to chop her up into thousands of pieces! Ma, why has your courage become so small now? What are you scared of? Even if they’ve eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s guts, they still wouldn’t dare to do anything to me. Don’t forget, I’m a disciple of Zi Yang Zong!”

    Saying that, she shakes off Su Yuexiang’s hold and continues complacently: “That time, five years ago, I originally wanted my cousin to bring a group of punks to toy with you to death. This slut, I didn’t expect that you would actually escape, even running into that forbidden area that no one in the entire Yanwu Continent would dare to enter.”

    “Slut, you are really lucky, otherwise you should have already died five years ago! But it doesn’t matter. Even if you weren’t toyed with to death, you still lost your innocence. Not only that, you even lost your chastity to a wild man who you still don’t know to this day. Getting pregnant without marriage, turning into everyone’s laughing stock, haha… Jun Muyan, what do you have that you can be so arrogant!”


    Shen Jinglin suddenly stands up, red-blood eyes glaring tenaciously at Shen Xiaoru, his body shaking because of the supreme effort to restrain his emotions.

    “Yanyan, can you let big brother deal with this woman?”

    Muyan insipidly smiles, “Of course.”

    As she says that, the sound of the zither spreads out from under her hand, producing a mellow and pleasant melody.

    What’s strange this time, is that the notes don’t turn into blades but seem to be flowing like a small stream, trickling into Shen Xiaoru by itself.

    [Prison of a Painted Earth], trapping her beyond hope.

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EMHS – ch231

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Chapter 231: Almost Falling Apart

    “You animal, I’ll kill you!! I will kill you with my own hands!!!” Shen father couldn’t bear it anymore and he abruptly gets up from the bed. He resolutely charges towards Shen Xiaoru.

    Shen Xiaoru wants to fight back, but the people of the Ink Camp are already guarding by the sides.

    How could she get the opportunity to strike back?
    As a result, the Shen patriarch very quickly has Shen Xiaoru pushed down to the floor.

    He raises his hand and ruthlessly slaps her face.

    Shen Xiaoru squeals like a pig, “You people dare to hit me, I am a disciple of Zi Yang Zong. Jun Muyan, if you dare to kill me, Zi Yang Zong wouldn’t let you get away with it! Aaah… save me, hurry up and save me! You idiots!”

    However, there’s no one there who’s paying attention to her.

    Only the sound of Shen-father’s slaps could be heard.


    Shen Jinglin’s body trembles uncontrollably. He couldn’t bear it any longer and he curls himself up into a ball.

    Tears gush down from his eyes.

    His despair and sadness wrap around him like a huge cage, one that would prevent him from being free one day.

    Muyan quickly helps him up, pressing a silver needle into an acupuncture point. She helps him cross this mountain pass.

    “Brother, don’t be like this. If Linfang-sister was still alive, she would definitely wish for you to live well.”

    Shen Jinglin slowly opens his eyes. A big iron-like man, is now crying like a child, “Yanyan, I’m so sorry for her. I caused her harm… even though I promised uncle that I can properly take care of her! But I let her suffer such a humiliation… I couldn’t protect you five years ago, and I similarly couldn’t protect Fang-er now. What’s the use of me being an older brother? What qualifications do I have to live?!”

    “Brother, that has nothing to do with you!” Muyan’s voice choked with emotion, tightly hugging Shen Jinglin’s trembling body, “I’m the one who should apologize. If only I let go of my resentments a little bit earlier, if only I came back a little bit sooner, you wouldn’t have to suffer so much pain. Brother, if you want to blame someone, then blame me!”

    Scalding tears fall down to Shen Jingling’s face, slowly calming and stabilizing his state of mind, which was already on the verge of collapse.

    Seeing the remorse in Muyan’s eyes, seeing Xiao Bao frightened and confused because of Muyan crying, tears slowly gathering in his huge eyes,

    Shen Jinglin suddenly realizes that he cannot fall apart, he cannot self-destruct. Otherwise, Yanyan will surely feel guilty all her life.

    “Yanyan, don’t cry.” Shen Jinglin reaches out to wipe the tears off from Muyan’s face. With a hoarse voice, “How can you be blamed for these? Without you, I probably wouldn’t know the truth all my life. You can rest assured that your brother won’t crumble down, this big brother will keep on living well. When my illness is cured, big brother will still protect you.”

    Muyan holds back her tears and gives a firm nod.

    Shen Jinglin gently strokes her head, and it’s just as soft as when they were children, whenever he would placate her after teasing her.

    Although the little sister before his eyes has already become so powerful, there’s almost nothing she couldn’t do,

    In Shen Jinglin’s heart, she is still the one from five years ago, the one who likes to follow behind him, calling him big brother, the one who would secretly sniffle and cry, the little girl who would smile sweetly towards him.

    “Brother, the people who really deserve punishment are those animals that are cruel beyond reason.”

    Muyan wipes off her tears, withdrawing the character of that little girl who hasn’t shown herself for the past five years. Her cold eyes turn towards Su Yuexiang and her daughter, as well as the people of the Lu family.

    Being stared at by her clear monochrome eyes, Lu Yongli and Su Yuexiang are both so scared, they’re shaking uncontrollably from head to foot, close to fainting.

    Only Shen Xiaoru is still arrogantly clamoring, even if she already looks like a pig because of the beating.

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EMHS – ch230

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Chapter 230: Not an Accident

    Hearing Lu Yongli outline the events in light shades*, Shen Jinglin couldn’t suppress his body from trembling.

  • play down, understatement

    He thought that the one who crippled him was that frightening man whom the Shen family couldn’t provoke.

    But it wasn’t. The ones who gave him a final blow and turned him into a waste is actually Su Yuexiang and the Lu family.

    “Why?! Why must you be this vicious?!” Shen Jinglin can’t help it anymore, and he bellows towards Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru, shouting himself hoarse, “Even if I resent you for killing my mother, I’ve never even so much as badmouth you. And Shen Xiaoru, even though I don’t like her as much as Yanyan, but I also treat her like an ordinary younger sister. Why? Why would you do this to me?!”

    Shen Xiaoru is frightened by his fierce appearance and she takes a step in retreat.

    But then, she seems to think of something, and so she replies confidently like she’s in the right: “Isn’t this still all your fault, who made you set aside all the good opportunities for that little slut, Zeng Linfang! The chance to go to Zi Yang Zong should obviously be mine, but father made you and Zeng Linfang go instead! I’m his biological daughter, aren’t I?”

    “Hehe, I know that little slut liked you. You two dogs have already hooked up and fooled around with together.” as she’s talking, Shen Xiaoru reveals a sinister smile, “Seeing that you’ve turned into a waste, that little slut couldn’t stop crying. She looked like she wanted to take care of you for a lifetime, not even going to Zi Yang Zong. This is just right, hahaha… in this way, going to Zi Yang Zong and having the chance to get close to Yichen-brother, they are all mine.”

    Hearing Shen Xiaoru’s vicious words, Shen Jinglin is simply stunned. His voice trembles and his eyes are filled with fear, “Don’t tell me, don’t tell me that cousin Linfang’s death isn’t really caused by slipping and falling into the water?”

    Zeng Linfang is Shen Jinglin’s younger cousin from his mother’s line.

    Because of the Zeng family’s decline, she had been living in the Shen family for the past two years.

    Although Shen Jinglin didn’t really love this cousin, he still treated her like a close relative.

    But six months earlier, just a day after he was crippled, this cousin unexpectedly lost her footing, fell into the water and died.

    At that time, Shen Jinglin had all his hopes practically turned into dust. He only felt that each and every one of the close relatives by his side are leaving far away him.

    Like he’s a lone star of disaster, and he has caused the deaths of his family members.

    But he never thought that all of it weren’t by accident, but by design.

    “Of course it wasn’t an accident!” Shen Xiaoru laughs smugly, “The one who was supposed to be married off to that fool of the Lu family is your good cousin, Zeng Linfang. I didn’t expect that once Zeng Linfang came to know of it, she wouldn’t agree to it no matter what. She even tried in vain to escape.”

    “I just called Master Lu to come over, to let him have a nice taste of that little slut’s flavor first. Hehe, if she lost her innocence, then she probably wouldn’t care whether or not she’s married off to a fool. If she were to give birth to a big fat boy, it would still be of the Lu family’s seed anyway! Didn’t you say so, Master Lu?”

    Shen Xiaoru speaks halfway, ambiguously sending a glance towards Lu Yongli.

    Lu Yongli’s whole body is dripping with cold sweat. He looks at Shen Xiaoru like he so badly wants to chop her into thousands of pieces.

    This moron, doesn’t she know what the situation is right now?
    Even if she’s this aggressively moronic, why does she still have to drag him down?!

    Unfortunately, Shen Xiaoru’s life revolves around interpreting what is the meaning of ‘you won’t die unless you court death’.

    “The result wasn’t as expected. That little slut was actually unable to tell good from bad, I even arranged such a good way out for her but she didn’t take it. Instead, the very next day, she threw herself down the water to kill herself. Giving trouble to me… want me to marry a mere fool from the Lu family, just dream!”

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EMHS – ch229

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 229: Waste Him

The tendons on her hands and feet have all been cut off, they couldn’t move anymore.

Madam Lu has completely become a cripple.

Master Lu straightens his eyes, glaring at Muyan who had mangled his wife, his whole body and his mouth are shaking uncontrollably.

He points at Muyan and screams, “My Lu family didn’t have any disagreements or hatred against you before. Even if our eyes had failed to recognize Mount Tai and offended you, you didn’t have… didn’t have to be this ruthless, did you?”

Muyan laughs grimly, her quiet eyes are devoid of any warmth as they look at him, “No disagreements or hatred in the past? Then Master Lu, can you please tell me, for what reason would the Lu and Shen families make this kind of marriage contract?”

This question has made several people there suddenly tremble.

Lu Yongli’s eyes reveal the color of pure fear.

He hears Muyan continue: “Or should I ask, what was your agreement with Su Yuexiang? Did she agree to draw up a marriage contract with the Lu family? Who was initially supposed to marry Lu Chengcai? Why did it change into Shen Xiaoru afterwards? If you can give me the answers these questions one by one, and if I’m satisfied with those answers, then I will spare the people of the Lu family who are present at this moment. What do you think?”

Lu Yongli looks at Su Yuexiang in alarm, and again at Shen Jinglin. His voice is trembling, “No… no, I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Before he could finish what he’s saying, he hears a metallic sound.

Lu Yongli could only feel a sharp pain on his hands and feet, and he falls down to his knees with a thud.

He has yet to produce a shrill anguished wailing, when he hears Muyan’s frosty voice by his ears, “If you still don’t want to speak the truth, then next, you will be exactly the same as your wife – a cripple.”

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak! I’ll tell you everything! You mustn’t cut off my tendons!” Lu Yongli couldn’t take it anymore, and he begs for mercy again and again, his face dripping with tears and snot.

“A year ago, Su Yuexiang looked for me all of a sudden, saying that she would like to marry off a daughter of the Shen family to my son, Lu Chengcai, on the condition that I would do something for her.”

“Do what?”

Lu Yongli sends Shen Jinglin a terrified glance once again, and just as he’s about to speak,

Su Yuexiang screeches, “Lu-fellow, you mustn’t talk rubbish, when did I look for you…”


With a sound of the zither, a hole suddenly splits open in Su Yuexiang’s flapping mouth, blood flies about in all directions.

Her whole body rolls down to the floor in pain, continuously howling.

Muyan icily says: “It’s still not your turn to talk right now, don’t rush.”

Turning to Lu Yongli, “Continue!”

Lu Yongli’s intestines are seriously ruined now, and he also hates Su Yuexiang to his bones.

If it weren’t for this woman, how could his Lu family fall to this end?

“Su Yuexiang, she… she wanted me to find someone in Shen Jinglin’s travels, and waste him!”

Upon hearing this, Shen Jinglin and his father snap their eyes wide open, incredulously looking over.

Only Muyan is loftily unmoved, continuing to say: “What did you do?”

Lu Yongli shudders, and proceeds with resignation: “Shen Jinglin’s cultivation was pretty good, and he also had a lot of companions by his side. My people were unable to succeed in the beginning.”

Shen Jinglin’s original cultivation has already reached the peak of Profound Stage. Except for Lu Yongli and his father, no one in the Lu family was able match against Shen Jinglin without any assistance.

“Until at one point, who knows who he has provoked, but he got beaten and severely wounded, veins were half-destroyed, and dying. My… my people seized the opportunity… seized the opportunity to completely break his leg bone, even destroying his Qi Sea, and made him a complete waste.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch228

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 228: Lu Family is Completely Destroyed

Shen Jinglin and his father have shocked expressions. They dumbly look at Muyan, then at Xiao Bao by her side.

Lu Yongli has finally sensed the pressure that seeped out of Muyan’s sound blades, and his expression becomes heavy. There’s even a tinge of fear within his eyes.

That’s because he clearly felt that the pressure from Muyan’s sound blades is actually stronger than his.

Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru look like they’ve seen a ghost. They retreat for several steps out of shock and horror.

Shen Xiaoru is even faintly regretting it in her mind.

She had brought this comet of disaster back. Didn’t she just lift up a stone to smash her own feet?

It’s just a pity that everything is too late now.

Muyan shows a faint smile: “What’s the hurry? Didn’t I just say it? The show hasn’t started yet!”

Just as she finished her words,

There’s suddenly the sound of footsteps from the corridor, heading towards them.

While everyone is distracted, there’s already a dozen or so people walking inside in a line. They come before Muyan and Xiao Bao.

The group bow and kneel in unison, “Seeing Miss, seeing the little Master!”

Entering along with them is a rich smell of blood from their bodies.

As these people lift up their heads, Shen Xiaoru gets to take a look at the leader’s face, and she instantly cries out in fear.

The person heading them is, unexpectedly, unexpectedly Muyan’s servant, Yan Haotian!

And the person that has burst in is the one in charge of Ink Camp.

Chang Yu takes a step forward and says: “Reporting to Miss, about a hundred people from the Lu family – excluding the weak women and children, those who sold themselves into slavery, and those that had escaped by themselves – all of them had been killed and beheaded. This is the head of the Lu family’s esteemed grandfather.”

Saying that, he tosses with his hand.

A bundled-up cloth fall on the ground. As the cloth comes undone, it reveals someone’s bloody head inside.

When Lu Yongli sees that head, he immediately produces a heart-rending, lung-splitting roar, “Father–!!”

The head belongs to the Lu family’s esteemed grandfather.

“You killed my father, I will fight you! Aargh–!!”

Lu Yongli frantically charges towards Muyan.

Before he can take two steps however, his chest gets pressed against a sword.

Yan Haotian blocks in front of Muyan and Xiao Bao, and the tip of his sword is right against Lu Yongli’s chest.

Internal Force belonging to an Earth Stage peak rushes to the tip of the sword, it seems like it can shatter his heart at any moment.

Lu Yongli stops in his footsteps, aghast. And the burst of his fury to avenge his father just now-

At this moment, it has been completely replaced by a fear of death.

It’s also at this moment that he finally comes to be aware of just what is going on.

More than a hundred guards from Lu family are killed?

All of them were killed by this group?!

Even his father who was at the peak of Earth Stage had been beheaded?

Lu Family is completely destroyed!

In horror, Lu Yongli turns towards Muyan, his body begins to tremble.

Just who has he offended?

Muyan takes a look around everyone in the room, and sees that each and every one of them has a deathly white complexion, like they’ve seen a ghost. A leisurely smile couldn’t help but curl up on her lips.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? The show has just begun – wouldn’t it be such a pity if no one is saying their lines?”

Saying that, her gaze shifts to Madam Lu, “Just a moment ago, weren’t you saying that you want to cut off the tendons of my hands and feet, then have me consummate the marriage with your son?”

“No no!!” Madam Lu is so frightened that her fat folds are trembling, she waves her hand and shakes her head repeatedly, staggering along and trying to escape.

But just as she takes a step to run away,

There’s immediately a sound of the zither.

The blade splits in the air and abruptly streaks over Madam Lu’s four limbs.

“Aaaah–!!” the skies resonate with the sound of a blood-curdling scream, sounding like that of a dying pig.

Madam Lu falls heavily on the floor, three of her teeth breaking, and her nose becoming crooked at an angle.

She cries and wails in terror, she wants to use her hand to cover her own blood-filled mouth,

However, she finds that she’s completely unable to move her own hands and feet.

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EMHS – ch227

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 227: Gra-Gran… Grandfather

If this really explodes,

Su Yuexiang would indeed receive a serious injury, but Shen father would also be like a lamp with it’s oil burned out, and die.

Just as a thousand pounds are hanging by a thread, a sudden thrum of a zither echoes inside the room.

And just as Shen father wanted to deliver that palm strike, before he could even attempt to do it – a very small, fair and delicate hand captures his own.

At the same time, a young woman’s gentle and euphonious voice accompanies the sound of the zither that is permeating inside the room, “Isn’t this a wedding day? Why is everyone venting their anger so much? Why don’t we sit down, so everyone could watch a good show together.”

“Xiao Bao, please have your grandfather and uncle take their seats.”

Shen Yichen dazedly lowers his head, and is overwhelmed with shock as he meets an exquisite little face.

It’s a pink jade-carving, a little child of about four of five years.

However, when he gathered his life’s Internal Force, wanting to deliver a blow-

It was tempered down and made to return back into his Qi Sea, with only a light grasp from this little child.

This… what’s going on with this?

Xiao Bao has a wooden expression as he looks at him, an ice-cold but childish voice speaks out: “Grandfather, niangqin asked you to sit down.”

Gra-gra-gran… grandfather?!!

This little child, more beautiful than the Golden Boy by the gods’ side*, called him Grandfather?!!

The Shen patriarch is struck dumb.

It’s to the extent that he forgets to resist or ask questions, letting Xiao Bao lead him to unsteadily walk back to the bed, and sit down there.

Xiao Bao’s eyes are clear and luminous like sapphires, and they turn to look at Shen Jinglin.

Without waiting for Xiao Bao to open his mouth, Shen Jinglin promptly says: “Alright, alright. Uncle will sit down.”

Xiao Bao sees that grandfather and uncle have taken their seats, so he takes his small hands back.

Then he returns to Muyan’s side like a little grown-up, pulling closely to her.

Muyan is already lazily sitting by the short table since who-knows-when, and has placed a zither on top of it. Unadorned jade-white fingers softly pluck on the strings, making a sweet sound.

From the beginning until now, her appearance is like she’s leisurely watching a play. On her face, there’s isn’t even the slightest bit of dread and terror of someone who’s about to be married to a fool.

On the contrary, there is mockery and ridicule in her eyes.

It’s only as Xiao Bao leans in close to her, that she reveals a tender smile. She strokes his head to say that he’s doing very well.

Looking at this kind of attitude from her, Shen Xiaoru is inexplicably flustered.

In her mind, she can’t help but recall that time in the dining restaurant.

She thought that she could properly humiliate Muyan, but who would’ve imagined that she would be forced by the latter to crawl out at a public place with lots of people.

“Master Lu, what are you still dawdling for?!!” Shen Xiaoru suddenly yells at Lu Yongli, “Don’t you all want this woman to be your daughter-in-law? Tie her up now and carry her back, send her to your son’s bridal chamber at once! If he misses the opportunity to marry this woman, your foolish son certainly won’t be able to take in such a good wife anymore!”

Madam Lu fiercely glares at Shen Xiaoru, “If you dare to vilify my son again, I will tear up your mouth.”

It’s just that she could see her son obsessively staring at Muyan, drooling.

Nevertheless, she speaks to Master Lu: “But this girl is pretty good, really a long night with many dreams*. I think it would be better to immediately bring her back for a ceremony, and get them properly married.”

  • *cough*, when the situation is prolonged, it could have many problems.


Master Lu narrows his eyes and contemplates for a moment, then he waves a hand.

“Tie this woman up for me!”

Hearing the order, the Lu family servants instantly swarm around.

But before they could approach,

Muyan’s hands that have been resting over the zither, suddenly flutters on its strings.

In a split second, dozens of notes turn into sword blades, lightning fast as they shoot towards the Lu servants.

These dozen or so people don’t have the time to lift up their swords.

There’s some spluttering sounds from their chests, blood flies about in all directions, then they fall straight down.

The whole audience goes deathly still.

*Golden boy… it’s that boy here:

(I usually see them in calendars and whatnot)

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch226

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 226: The Truth

Seeing Shen Yichen suddenly wake up, Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru are practically frightened out of their minds.

Nevertheless, Su Yuexiang manages to react first, faking a laugh and going closer as she says: “Master, you finally woke up. You have been mentally confused this past year, making this servant* worried about…”

  • deprecatory self-reference for women

Before her voice could fall, Shen Yicheng suddenly raises his hand and ruthlessly throws a slap to her face.

“Poisonous woman, stop shedding crocodile tears in front of me. I know very well, just what you’ve done this past year! You and that fellow surnamed Zhou were at my bedside plotting to kill me, and destroy my son’s life. Do you think I wouldn’t know?”

Su Yuexiang staggers from the hit.

She’s still sluggishly coming back to her senses when she hears Shen Yicheng’s words. She immediately turns pale and begins to shiver from head to foot.

“Master, you, what are you talking about? This servant is unable to make sense of your words.”

“Unable to make sense?!!” the Shen patriarch’s eyes are red, and like a roaring lion, he’s itching to rush towards Su Yuexiang and tear her into pieces, “You took advantage of me when I was injured and unconscious, put poison in my medicine, making me go insane, making me go into a state that is neither a man nor a ghost. Now that things have come to this, you still want to cover up the truth?”

“Wench, my ultimate regret in life is marrying a poisonous woman such as you! I couldn’t wait to skin you alive!”

Father Shen bellows. He’s unable to bear it any longer and he madly rushes towards Su Yuexiang.

Su Yuexiang has been stifled under the Shen father’s momentum for a relatively long time.

Abruptly realizing that her plot has has been exposed, she could feel a rumbling in her brain and she entirely forgets to dodge.

However, Shen Xiaoru snorts and pulls Su Yuexiang away from the Shen patriarch’s attack.

Then she says in contempt: “Ma, what are you doing being all afraid of this half-dead bastard? After lying in bed for a year, do you think that Shen Yicheng would still be his former self? Look at him wobbling and teetering, I’m afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stand even one move from Uncle Lu. Isn’t that right, Uncle Lu?”

Hearing Shen Xiaoru’s praise, Master Lu immediately bursts into laughter.

He sends a taunting look towards Shen Yicheng, “Well said, do you think that you’re still that famous Shen Yicheng of Tianyuan? Humph, today, your daughter will be taken by my Lu family!”

“If you have a clear view of the circumstances, obediently do as you’re told, then afterwards, the Shen family and my Lu family will become relatives by marriage. You would also be able to enjoy a comfortable old age.”

“If you dare to resist, then I will kill you now!”

When Su Yuexiang hears that, she slowly comes back to herself from being frightened of Shen Yicheng.

She looks at his current appearance.

The black hair is now streaked with white.

The skin on his face is all wrinkled.

He’s been lying down for just a year, but he seems to have aged a decade.

Furthermore, the dreadful pressure of an Earth Stage expert is now dwindling to nothingness from his body.

Su Yuexiang seems to have finally realized something at this moment, and she gives a hearty laughter, “Shen Yicheng, you half-dead old coot, you’re getting what you deserve!”

“Those years, how have I worked like an ox, worked like a horse to serve you; but what about you?”

“Your heart only has Zeng Xiuying, that slut who has already turned into dust! You even treat a foster daughter better than your own child!”

“You’re cursing me as a poisonous woman? I’m telling you, you brought all of this on yourself! Today, not only do I want the death of your Shen family’s father and son, I also want you both to witness with your own eyes, how the adoptive daughter that you love so dearly, that you spoil and pamper so much, be covered in cuts in bruises when she’s defiled by a fool. Hahahaha!”

As Su Yuexiang speaks her piece, her elegant face becomes entirely distorted.

Becoming just like a sinister devil.

“I’ll kill you!! Wench, I’ll beat you up and kill you!” Shen Yicheng couldn’t keep listening to her malicious words anymore. He gathers the remaining Internal Force in his body, and ruthlessly lashes out towards Su Yuexiang.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch225

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 225: Wake Up

With a cold ‘humph’, he ruthlessly slaps the red wood table by his side.

That sturdy table unexpectedly gets smashed and reduced into pieces.

The powerful pressure that belongs to an Earth Stage expert is released, making everyone inside the room get quiet out of fear.

Especially Shen Jinglin – his complexion is deathly pale, his five organs are boiling, and he’s practically about to cough up blood.

Just at this moment however, a pair of tiny hands squeeze on his fingers.

Shen Jinglin feels an inexplicable warm current pouring into his body, and the pain of his five viscera and six bowels being crushed, all of it fades away and disappears at that moment.

He lowers his head in astonishment, only to be met with Xiao Bao’s frosty and exquisite little face.

For a short while, he looks on somewhat stupidly.

On the other hand, after Master Lou had slammed his palm down, he wraps himself in a terrible pressure and walks towards Shen Jinglin.

“Hehe, in Tianyuan City, there’s never been anything that my Lu family couldn’t do!”

“Don’t want to set about with the marriage today, turns out you actually don’t know what’s good for you. In that case, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Saying that, he lifts up his hand and sends a palm strike towards Shen Jinglin’s skull.

At the same time, Madam Lu also shouts: “Come, tie that woman up for me, and have her change into a wedding attire. It’s naturally your good fortune that you can be married into my Lu family, but you still dare to resist.”

“If she’s not obedient, then you can sever the tendons on her hands and feet. Anyway, to take the seat as my Lu family’s daughter-in-law, it’s enough that she can bear children!”


A fierce impetus comes out from the bed, and in a flash, it hits the Lu family Master’s hand.

Preventing it from killing Shen Jinglin.

“I, Shen Yicheng, still haven’t died! If you want to move against my son and daughter, you still have to ask if I wouldn’t… cough, cough, cough…”

The unexpected emergence of the hoarse voice makes everyone inside the room jump up in shock.

Shen Jinglin stiffly turns around, and sees the Shen patriarch sitting up with a sober and clear expression in the his eyes. The rims of Shen Jinglin’s eyes redden, “Dad… dad, how are you?!”

He immediately throws himself by the bed, unable to stop his tears from gushing out. He tightly grabs on to the Shen father’s emaciated hand.

Shen Yicheng is also red-eyed, gripping the other’s hand in return. His voice choking with emotions: “Jinglin, father is… very sorry. I’m also so sorry, Yanyan… cough, cough…”

As he says that, he raises his head to look at Muyan, teary eyes filled with guilt and self-blame, “Yanyan, father has let you down, I haven’t taken good care of you. Even letting you receive that kind of humiliation and grievance…”

Thinking of the time before Yi-brother left, it can be said that Yi-brother was entrusting a task before he faces death’s door, yet Shen Yicheng had not fulfilled it.

Shen Yicheng feels so guilty and ashamed that he doesn’t have the courage to keep on living.

However, now isn’t the time for him to die.

Shen Yicheng doesn’t wait for Muyan to speak as his expression becomes resolute, he says through gritted teeth: “But Yanyan should rest assured, father had made a mistake once, I’ll never repeat that mistake again.”

“Today, even if I have to fight with this old life, I will absolutely not allow these people to have their way!”

Muyan watches as this emaciated old man unsteadily gets up from the bed, her expression is somewhat complicated.

Can she say that she doesn’t blame the Shen patriarch?

Of course she blames him.

She blames him for causing the death of mother Zeng Xiuying, blames him for being half-hearted and brought about Su Yuexiang, blames him for handing her over to Su Yuexiang, letting her suffer all kinds of misery, even… losing her innocence, and getting pregnant.

However, when all is said and done, this man had still raised her for more than ten years.

In her previous life, this person had tried so hard to look for for her when she disappeared, never giving up.

They’re clearly unrelated to one another in any way, but he truly treats her as his own daughter and loves her dearly.

Muyan closes her eyes, only to feel that the remaining resentment in her heart has been exhausted at this moment.

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EMHS – ch224

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 224: Marriage Contract

There’s an unconcealed cheerfulness in the pair’s appearance.

Behind Su Yuexiang, there’s a man who’s wearing a red wedding attire. Due to his obese stature however, he resembles a red pig – Lu Chengcai.

There’s also Master Lu and Madam Lu who are wearing celebratory clothes as well.

As soon as she sees Muyan, Shen Xiaoru immediately laughs heartily and says: “Muyan-sister, congratulations, congratulations!”

Shen Jinglin sees this scene and gets a bad premonition in his heart.

Hearing Shen Xiaoru’s words, he becomes even more anxious: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Haha, today is the day of Muyan-sister’s wedding. As the older sister, it’s only natural to congratulate her.” Shen Xiaoru looks at the disgusting Lu Chengcai behind her, and turns to look at Muyan. The smile on her face is even more unspeakably carefree.

Lu Chengcai sees Muyan and his drool immediately pitter-patters down, his mouth persistently calling out: “Fairy-sister, take a wife back… take a wife back, and sleep!”

Madam Lu immediately laughs and appeases him, “Very well, Chengcai should rest assured. We will send you the fairy-sister to take her back as wife, right away. Let you two sleep together, and give mother a big and healthy grandson!”

At this point, how could Shen Jinglin still not understand what’s happening?

In a split second, he is shaking from head to foot in anger, “You all… shouldn’t go overboard! When did my Shen family agree to have a marriage with the Lu family? If you want to have my sister married off to a fool, you’re all dreaming!”

“Who said that there isn’t an agreement!” Madam Lu coldly snorts, “The marriage contract is right here!”

Shen Jinglin takes a look at the document.

He sees that it’s indeed a marriage contract between the Shen and Lu families, but it only indicates to have a Shen daughter, and it doesn’t say which one.

“This only mentions a daughter from the Shen family. If you want to send one over, why not marry off your own daughter? Yanyan is not surnamed Shen – how could you decide her marriage?”

Su Yuexiang faintly smiles in the face of Shen Jinglin’s questions, seemingly helpless as she replies: “There’s also nothing I can do about it! Who’s fault is it that Muyan has a national grace, divine fragrance – that the Lu family’s gongzi has taken a fancy to her, but not to our family’s Ru-er?”

“Jinglin, why don’t you look at the power of the Lu family in the Tianyuan City, and just what is the cultivation of the Lu family’s Master? Now that your father is in this state, more dead than alive, if we don’t marry off Muyan today, then our Shen family will certainly be done for!”

Shen Jinglin’s complexion is deathly white in anger, his eyes are practically spurting out fire.

He doesn’t have the slightest bit of cultivation now, but he doesn’t hesitate to guard in front of Muyan.

“You’re not allowed to touch Yanyan! Su Yuexiang, you pack of beasts. Five years ago, you have already ruined Yanyan once, and you actually still want to ruin her now. This time, even if I die, I will absolutely not allow you to destroy Yanyan’s marriage!”

Shen Xiaoru snorts, “You, who’s a cripple and a waste, still want to protect Muyan? Haha, don’t make me laugh to death. Jun Muyan, I advise you to obediently get married to the young master Lu, okay? Although young master Lu is somewhat foolish, but the Lu family is great and wealthy. In the future, I believe that you will definitely be able to eat delicious food and drink hard liquor every day. What else could you ask for?”

“You–! All of you–!! Get out! All of you should get out! My little sister won’t be married off, absolutely not!!”

Shen Jinglin seems to have gone mad as he goes to shove this group of people out of the room.

However, his strides are unsteady and before he could commence doing anything, he almost slips down to the floor.

If Xiao Bao hadn’t been by his side from the beginning, helping him at the crucial moment, he would have already fallen down and cut a sorry figure.

Master Lu seems to annoyed by such a farce.

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EMHS – ch223

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 223: Invite to watch a good show

All of the house’s old servants and maids that she’s familiar with, why isn’t there any of them that remain?

Shen Jinglin dejectedly shakes his head, “I’m not clear on it either. After you went missing, father had been continuously looking for your whereabouts, investigating from the burnt remains over at the Su family, to every city and every country.”

“There had never been any news, that is until a year ago, when father suddenly said that he seems to have grasped some clues about your disappearance back then, and he’ll go and investigate.”

“But since then, father didn’t send any messages for several months. When he appeared once again, he’s bloodied and collapsed on a pool of blood. When he woke up again, he had already been in that state of madness.”

Muyan stares, and it takes her a good long while before she could speak: “Father… had been looking for me?”

“That’s right!” Shen Jinglin guiltily looks at Muyan, “Yanyan, father and I have always felt that we’ve let you down. Back then, we knew perfectly well that Su Yuexiang, that woman is not good to you… but we left you and we went out to practice through experience. When we returned, only then did we know that they have sent you to the Su family, while… while you’re still pregnant with a child…”

“At that time, father and I did all we could, wanting to get you back. But Su Yuexiang obstructed us in every possible way. I had no choice but to sneak into the Su family’s land to try and look for you. Who would have thought that you were already gone.”

“Ever since you’ve gone missing, father often turned to wine to forget his worries. He would always yell when he was drunk, that he’s sorry to his Yi-brother, sorry to his benefactor that he didn’t take good care of his only daughter.”

Shen Jinglin holds Muyan’s hand, his voice choking with emotions: “Yanyan, can you forgive dad? He isn’t a good father, but all these years, he had dearly regretted how he wasn’t able to take care of you at that time.”

Muyan has a complicated expression as she looks at the Shen father who’s unconscious on the bed, whispering after a long pause: “Muyan still hasn’t repaid father’s kindness of raising me, what’s there to forgive?”

“Brother, how did your leg get injured?”

Shen Jinglin stares blankly, then emotions slowly whirl in his eyes – embarrassment, humiliation, pain, and unwillingness. One after another, they billow over and over.

Finally, he closes his eyes and says with a soft gasp: “Yanyan, brother begs you not to ask. That person is someone we can’t provoke, we… really can’t afford to offend. So let it be, okay?”

Muyan still wants to say more, but she sees that Shen Jinglin is in pain and despair, that he’s about to fall apart.

In the end, she swallows back those words on her lips, “Well, brother, I’ll leave it be, so don’t be sad. But you can be at ease that I can definitely cure your leg.”

Shen Jinglin’s mind slowly calms down, “Does father really need seven days before he could wake up?”

Hearing that, Muyan chuckles, “Of course not. Father’s poison, even if it had entered his heart, he can wake up immediately as long as he’s detoxified the right way.”

“Then… when you said seven days?”

“Hehe, if I didn’t say that, then how could those two foxes show their tails?”

Saying so, she sends Shen Jinglin a mischievous wink, “Brother, after six days, little sister invites you to watch a good show, okay?”


Six days later.

When the Lu family’s marriage sedan arrives with a grandiose procession, Muyan and Shen Jinglin are attending to their father inside the room.

Hearing the rumbling sounds of shawms, gongs, drums from outside, Shen Jinglin asks in astonishment: “What’s going on?”

Muyan looks outside, with a smile that isn’t a smile: “Probably the Lu family’s procession to escort a bride.”

“Lu family’s bride escort??!” Shen Jinglin is alarmed and wide-eyed, “When did our Shen family decide to have a marriage with the Lu family?”

Without waiting for Muyan to answer, the door is suddenly pushed open a with a ‘bang’.

Shen Xiaoru comes in first, followed by Su Yuexiang.

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