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Chapter 535: Can you be any more stingy?

“Tian Mo Qin, now, tell me your choice!”

Hum, hum, hum–!!

The blood-covered Tian Mo Qin produces an unwilling, yearning sound.

But in the end, this sound slowly fades away under Muyan’s determined and strong will.

Immediately after, a deafening zither sound suddenly erupts.

The entire stone room seems to shudder violently because of this sound.

Liu Se only feels that the Qi and blood in her body is surging. Soon after, she discovers to her horror that she’s unexpectedly lost control over the Corpse King Gu Yue.

“What’s going on?! Jun Muyan, what did you do?!”

She strains her eyes to look.

Only to see that zither in Muyan’s hands is unexpectedly shining with a resplendent radiance, when it was an unremarkable black zither just a moment ago.

The bloodstains on the zither body has thoroughly disappeared, becoming gleaming and lustrous, looking like the most precious and magnificent ancient jade carving in the world.

“Little girl, hear this Sage clearly!”

“What I am now forcibly unlocking for you is a skill at the third level realm of the Shen Musicians–[Waning Moon].”

“Bypassing ranks, you are be able to use a Shen Musician third level skill on the Yanwu Continent.”

“If you still lose even with this, and if this Sage is sealed once again as a result, I will definitely scatter your soul and have you fall into the underworld, into Hell.”

At this time, the Tian Mo Qin’s voice carries a trace of agitated exasperation.

But strangely, it’s no longer ancient and deep, but it resembles a the voice of a young man instead.

But Muyan couldn’t mull over it at the moment.

That’s because a sudden absence of sound has fallen in her within her mind, and a powerful energy rushes in with a roar from the hand that’s holding the Tian Mo Qin.

In that split second, she feels like her meridians and Dantian are bursting.

An acute pain instantly hits her whole body, and in a few short breaths, she’s entirely soaked in cold sweat.

Soon after, it’s as if there’s a tinkling noise in her brain.

A Shen Musician skill that she’s never seen before appears in her mind.

[Seven Sword Spirit]!

At the third level or lower of the Shen Musicians, it is the only melee skill.

Strings turning into blades, ten thousand spirits converge!

Once this skill is unleashed, the seven strings on the zither transform into seven swords that revolve around Muyan.

Driven by Spiritual Power, the qin sound automatically provides support.

It can defend in retreat, it can attack in going forward.

Since she received the Shen Musician Inheritance, Muyan has been close to invincible in the Yanwu Continent.

But Muyan herself clearly knows that there’s a fatal flaw with the Shen Musician skills in her currently arsenal.

There’s only ranged attacks, and no melee.

It’s just that the ones she’s previously encountered were all inadequate opponents, and there was no need to utilize Shen Musician skills in order to defeat them.

So this weakness wasn’t exposed.

And now, at last, she’s finally made up for this weakness as well.

Muyan’s complexion is pale, but a corner of her mouth slowly curls up into a lopsided smirk, “Going into such a big battle, but you only unlock a single level three skill for me. Tian Mo Qin, can you be any more stingy?”


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – the seven different-colored swords hovering around Muyan’s form tremble simultaneously, like they’re protesting.

But Muyan snorts and gives it no mind. Reaching out to wave lightly, one of them flies into her hand.

Just then, Gu Yue receives Liu Se’s command. Letting out a beast-like snarl, he rushes over once again.

The sword in her hand suddenly strikes out.

Gi Yue’s figure nimbly dodges out of the way, his long nails carrying a swift and vicious rush of wind as it comes whistling over.

But the next moment-

There’s a clanging sound!

In front of the black claws, a violet swords has appeared, effortlessly blocking Gu Yue’s attack.

And the remaining swords instantly turn into sword lights, shooting straight towards Gu Yue.

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EMHS – CH534

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Chapter 534: I am your Master

The Tian Mo Qin is unscathed, but Gu Yue’s powerful attack is transmitted through the zither.

It makes Muyan suddenly cough out a mouthful of blood.

The scalding blood offering falls on the strings of the instrument, triggering the Tian Mo Qin to produce a humming noise.

Muyan could only watch her vision go blurry. Her entire body, from top to bottom, be it her meridians, Dantian, or Qi Sea — they’re all alight with a restless, searing pain.

And it’s as if she could hear Xiao Bao’s loud, heartbreaking cries in her ears.

“Niangqin! Niangqin! Let me out! Let me come out!”

His very small form keeps on ramming against the Space’s barrier, wanting to rush out.

But he cannot! He may not!

Muyan firmly bites the tip of her tongue, forcing her own mind to settle down.

She cannot fall, she cannot lose!

Her collapse would not just spell her death, Xiao Bao is still inside the space.

At the moment of her rebirth, she once swore that in this life, she will absolutely protect her darling boy.

In no way would she allow her treasure to come to any harm.

Muyan shakily stands up, her hands tightly clutching the Tian Mo Qin.

Without her notice, the blood on the strings has slightly seeped into the body of the zither.

At this moment, the blood that should definitely have gone cold after such a long time has become scalding hot.

Muyan’s reddened eyes are closely watching Gu Yue.

She wants to win!

She absolutely wouldn’t allow her baby to be all alone.

“Do you… want to become stronger?”

All of a sudden, she hears a deep, low voice.

This voice seems like it’s coming from the void.

And also like it’s ringing out from the depths of her soul.

This voice is foreign but vaguely familiar at the same time.

“You, do you want to become an existence that reigns supreme within the Three Realms?”

Muyan’s pupils slightly contract, and in her mind, she silently calls out three characters, “Tian Mo Qin!”

Yes, this is the voice of the Tian Mo Qin.

Previously, in that Shen Musician Inheritance Space, she faintly heard this voice as well.

During the reconstruction of her Spiritual Roots back in Jin Wangfu too, this voice had vaguely rung out.

But never in those previous instances was it as clear as it is now.

It echoes in her mind over and over again, that old, deep, and beguiling voice.

“Do you want to become strong?”

“If you want to become the Supreme Ruler, then you shall offer your flesh and blood as a sacrifice to me, you shall dedicate your soul to me!”

“I shall take your place, take you in my protection, and henceforth set you up high enough to sweep everything before you.”


Gu Yue’s black nails once again tear through Muyan’s clothes.

A wound appears on her back, so deep that one could clearly see bone.

The initially suppressed Corpse Poison begins to stir in her Dantian, like it’s set aflame.

Muyan’s consciousness is getting more and more fuzzy.

But Xiao Bao’s heart-wrenching, lung-splitting wails, as well as the Tian Mo Qin’s enticing voice — they’re getting louder and louder.

If she offers her soul to the Tian Mo Qin, she could obtain supreme power.

If she lets the Tian Mo Qin control her body, she could survive, and she could protect Xiao Bao…

Muyan’s lips move, like she wants to say something.

But then suddenly, it’s as if a garbled voice is speaking from the distant horizon, “Niangqin is the best… Xiao Bao loves Niangqin the most…”

“Jun Muyan, by the Mandate of Heaven, you are destined to be my, Di Ming Jue’s wife!”

The eyes that are completely dyed red suddenly flash with a blazing radiance.

Her figure, slumping due to the pain and propped up on the blood-drenched Tian Mo Qin, slowly straighten up.

“Tian Mo Qin, I’ll say it again!”

“I am your Master! Do not try to lure me, control me, or replace me!”

Slim, bloody fingers lightly and gently stroke the strings.

The movements are gentle, but brimming with a resolute and unyielding threat, “Today, we shall only have two endings. Either I die and you wait for your next Master; or, you will lend me your power. Help me get out of the present predicament.”

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EMHS – CH533

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Chapter 533: Just like a Zombie

“If I didn’t guess it wrong, you must have given Shi Lanling a special kind of Gu several days ago, letting her believe that she has removed the poison of the White Jade Purple Frost. Even her powers in alchemy also increased. But she didn’t know that every time she performed alchemy, or refined medicine, that Gu bug was eating up her Blood Essence.”

“This kind of Gu had given Shi Lanling beauty and powerful abilities in alchemy – briefly. In addition, you had also made use of Shi Lanling’s temporarily enhanced abilities to refine drugs that would poison the Ghost Lord, making him the living dead that he is right now – or should I say – your puppet.”

“Ghost King Liu, did I get it right?”

Clap, clap, clap! Liu Se applauds, exclaiming praises, “Truly worthy of being called the great Enchantress of Medicine. With only these spider’s thread and horse’s tracks*, you’ve managed to deduce so many things, it really leaves me to choice but to admire you. But, so what if you figured it out? Now that you have my Corpse Poison, and no one can enter this stone room to save you, hehe… I advise that you behave with your hands tied and wait for capture, lest you suffer even greater tortures…”


Muyan raises a hand, and the Tian Mo Qin immediately appears within her hold.

Under the candlelight, her beautiful little face perks up. With an untamed, willful smile, “Whoever will ultimately suffer more tortures, how can we know without seeing it through?”


The strings quiver, countless wind blades shoot towards Liu Se like a rain of arrows.

Liu Se stands where she is, not moving an inch.

But beside her, the Ghost Lord Gu Yue rushes over in a sort of flurry.

Black claws lengthening once again.

Along with a fishy stench of putrefaction, a powerful ramming pressure assaults her senses.

It is far, far greater than the strength of a peak Precelestial.

The whole space of the stone room is like an overturned sea, churned up by Gu Yue.

And Muyan is like a small boat in the middle of the ocean, one that will capsize any moment now.

This is a strength suppression that transcends so many stages.

This is not something one could overcome through talent and skill.

Seeing Muyan look straitened under Gu Yue’s attack, Liu Se bursts into loud laughter, “Jun Muyan, to actually achieve the cultivation of high Precelestial at your age, I admit that your talent truly astonishes me.”

“But only up to a point! In the eyes of someone from our Xiuxian Continent, the creatures on your Yanwu Continent are only a little higher than insects at best. Or did you think that just by relying on your current cultivation, you’d really be able to prevail over my [Corpse King]?”

“Ghost Lord Gu Yue’s true cultivation, do you know how much higher it is compared to yours? Even if he’s now become a Corpse Soldier, he’s actually retained his cultivation, he’s not even subjected to the limits and restrictions of the Spatial Boundaries. Don’t tell me you still genuinely believe that you can win?”

Right now, Muyan’s situation is extraordinarily bad indeed.

Since she’s been reborn, this is the first time that she feels her life is threatened.

Gu Yue is currently similar to a zombie.

He doesn’t fear pain, doesn’t fear injury, but his movements are extremely nimble.

Muyan’s sound blade attacks has already reached the level of shooting a hundred blades at once, but Gu Yue doesn’t even need to dodge.

The distance between the two of them is getting shorter and shorter.


Muyan couldn’t dodge in time, and Gu Yue’s fist heavily lands on her shoulder.

She feels a violent agony from that shoulder.

She could even hear the sound of bones cracking.

Muyan’s complexion instantly turns deathly pale.

Gu Yue is already opening his fist to expose his palms.

Black claws immediately extend, hissing with a cold gleam, they rush straight to her heart.

As a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, the Tian Mo Qin is lifted up, and manages to obstruct the strike.

The sharp nails scrape against the zither, producing a grating, creaking sound.

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EMHS – CH532

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Chapter 532: Corpse Poison

Suddenly, a drastic change comes over her face, and she bodily recoils.

But it’s still a step too late.

That hand which she was examining for it’s pulse, it’s fingernails suddenly lengthens.

It makes a vicious grab towards her.

The black claws suffuse a strong putrid stench as it scratches and rips the clothes on her shoulder, tearing into her skin.

Three glaring, bloody lines appear on her snow white shoulder.

Muyan turns her head to check the wound.

Only to see that within a moment, the three bloody cuts are staining with an inky black color.

A numbing ache immediately spreads from her shoulder to her whole body.

This is…. Corpse Poison!!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Your reaction is really fast. My Corpse King’s Claws was supposed to pierce straight to your heart, dig out the organ, and let me have a little taste.”

She hears a rough, cracking voice from a corner.

Soon after, there’s a loud, rumbling sound on the wall next to the bed, as it parts on two sides.

Liu Se’s figure very slowly walks out from there.

The light from the candle shines upon her wrinkly, pockmarked face. Along with her harsh unpleasant laughter, it’s exceptionally terrifying.

“But, no matter. You’ve already been infected with my Corpse King’s Poison. It will flare up in a moment, and you would still be a fish under my knife, which I could sample as I please.”

Muyan icy stare falls on her, but there’s not a trace of panic on her face.

She quickly takes out a bottle of draught from the Space, pouring it over the cuts.

Then she immediately swallows a Pill.

She operates her body’s Internal Force together with Spiritual Power, and the numbness on her body disappears.

But this Corpse Poison is unusually powerful, she really couldn’t completely get rid of it in a short while. She can only localize it to an area of her body.

Liu Se fixedly watches her series of movements, the hatred in her eyes slowly changing into greed: “Jun Muyan, tell me. Why do you have Spiritual Power? Why could you produce genuine Elixirs? What kind of Magic Tool was the zither that you used to concoct Pills?”

“If you obediently answer all my questions, perhaps I could leave you with an intact corpse.”

Coming to the Ghost Wind Valley, Liu Se’s original purpose was, of course, to avenge her kept man Xuan Ji.

She wanted to make mincemeat of Jun Muyan.

But she witnessed the technique Jun Muyan used in alchemy, she saw the mysterious Di Ming Jue, Han Ye, and the others placing importance on Jun Muyan.

Liu Se slowly came to realize that there’s a great secret hidden in this woman.

This secret might even give her a chance to return to the Xiuxian Continent, return to Tian Yi Men.

Yes, like Xuan Ji, Liu Se was originally an inhabitant of the Xiuxian Continent.

Because of a mistake, Tian Yi Men banished her.

But unlike Xuan Ji, who was stripped of his Immortal Bone,

Liu Se was made to take the most terrible Gu Poison in Tian Yi Men.

Liu Se had been banished to the Yanwu Continent for a hundred years already.

Due to the effects of the Gu Poison, she’s become more and more hideous, her body is riddled with problems, turning into one who’s neither a person nor a ghost.

She’s also given up on the hope of returning to the Xiuxian Continent again.

But today, looking at Jun Muyan, her chest has once again ignited with hope.

That’s because a bold conjecture has formed in Liu Se’s mind.

Muyan snorts, but she doesn’t answer the questions. Instead, she unhurriedly speaks: “Ghost King Liu has some questions for me, but it just so happens that I also have some things that I would like to ask Ghost King Liu.”

“When I saw Shi Lanling performing alchemy today, I felt it was very strange. At her level, it’s simply impossible for her to refine a fourth level Vein Shield Dan. Moreover, that Vein Shield Dan even contained a whiff of Spiritual Power.”

“If I didn’t guess it wrong, you must have made Shi Lanling swallow a special kind of Gu several days ago.”

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EMHS – CH531

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Chapter 531: Doesn’t look alive

Immediately after that, the ground below her trembles.

Innumerable white lights, like a dense cloud of fireflies, float towards the shining Tian Mo Qin.

Muyan watches this scene wide-eyed and gaping, and she subconsciously reaches out a hand to touch those firefly-like motes of light.

The light motes touch her skin, making Spiritual Power happily flow like a stream within her whole body. It feels so comfortable, she almost wants to sigh.

What… what is happening?

Why does it seem like the Tian Mo Qin is absorbing this Spiritual Vein?

Since when could a Spiritual Vein be absorbed within a short period of time?

This is really too outrageous, isn’t it?

In a flash, Muyan’s form disappears from its spot, entering the Space.

As soon as she gets in, Xiao Bao immediately rushes over and hugs her thigh. His normally cold voice carries a bit of surprise and amazement, “Niangqin, niangqin, look! The Space changed!”

Yes, the Space has changed.

Ahead of what used to be encompassed by dark green mountain fields, a small hill has appeared.

All kinds of flowers are blooming on that hill. Specks of light cover the space over these flowers, like they’re sprinkled to become a star cluster.

Beautiful beyond words.

Xiao Bao gazes at that “star cluster”, his large eyes sparkling, “Niangqin, the air coming from there smells good!”

Muyan takes a deep breath, and the astonishment on her face slowly turns into ecstasy.

Of course the air smells good, because that’s clearly the breath from a Spiritual Vein.


The Tian Mo Qin really did absorb the Ghost Sanctum’s Spiritual Vein!

Moreover, the Vein just appears in the Space.

Muyan takes Xiao Bao by the hand, and they slowly approach it.

As they get closer to the Spiritual Vein, the feeling of her body being washed and saturated becomes even more palpable.

Her dried-up Dantian excitedly absorbs the rich and mellow Spiritual Power, then it soon circulates through the meridians of her entire body.

At that moment, Muyan indeed feels that her Spiritual Power Cultivation has advanced.

It’s just that right now, she’s still totally confused about the system of Spiritual Cultivation, so she’s completely ignorant of exactly what level she’s achieved in her own Cultivation.

Still, this doesn’t stop her from being in a great mood.

If only she’s not in the wrong place (and still has to treat the Ghost Lord’s illness), she would have immediately sat down to cultivate.

After helping Xiao Bao settle down to cultivate next to the Spiritual Vein, Muyan flashes out of the Space.

At this time, that dazzling radiance from earlier has already disappeared.

The whole stone room has reverted back to its original dimness.

The candle flame slightly flickers a little ways away, shining upon the only bed in the entire room.

The Ghost Lord is lying on that bed.

Ghost Lord Gu Yue, also known as the Ghost Emperor, the true commander of the Ghost City.

In the Yanwu Continent, this is an individual who can call the wind and summon the rain, a person whom the ordinary Practitioners revere and look up to.

But at present, he’s lying helpless and alone inside this cold stone room.

Muyan slowly makes her way to the edge of the bed. The moment she sees the man on top of it, she jumps in alarm.

She could see that the man on the bed is completely motionless, his body is stiff.

Under the candlelight, his complexion appears bluish.

This… why does this not look like a living person?

Just at this moment, the man on the bed suddenly opens his eyes.

Ash grey eyeballs, without the slightest bit of focus.

His blue-grey lips open slightly, like he’s breathing, like he wants to speak.

He can move, open his eyes, and breath?

This ought to be a living person.

But Muyan still feels it’s very off.

She grabs the Ghost Lord’s hand and feels the vein on his wrist.

The pulse under her fingertips is beating powerfully and steadily.

But Muyan has a deep frown. Why is this pulse so strange?

There’s definitely breathing, there’s a pulse, but the air of death permeates all over him.

Just as she prepares to inject her Internal Force to carefully examine the Ghost Lord’s illness-

A drastic change suddenly comes over her face, the whole person quickly recoiling.

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EMHS – CH530

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Chapter 530: Spiritual Vein

Seeing the Dark Lord’s token, the Black and White Protectors suddenly have their eyes go wide, conflicted looks appearing on their faces.

But in the end, their loyalty to the Ghost Lord inhibits their fear and reverence towards the legendary Dark Lord.

“Rejected.” the Protectors shake their heads, “Except for the doctor, no one is allowed to enter the Sanctum wherein the Ghost Lord resides! However, we can guarantee that the Enchantress of Medicine will be absolutely safe inside.”

“Damn your Sanctum, isn’t that the room where that guy, Gu Yue, sleeps and cultivates? A few hundred years ago, laozi* couldn’t count the number of times I’ve been in and out of this place! When laozi was pissing in there, neither of you have even been born yet!”

arrogant way to address oneself

“Impudent! To have the impertinence to insult the Ghost Lord!” the Black and White Protectors abruptly stand up, their bodies completely revealing their killing intent.

It’s at this moment that Liu Se laughs gently, “Han Ye-daren, why so anxious? The Ghost Lord’s chambers is a stone room, there’s no windows on all sides, and there’s only one door. We would guard outside the door, and no other people can get in. This way, do you still worry that the Enchantress would meet with any danger?”

Han Ye still wants to say something, but Muyan lightly pats him to stop.

Then, she sends Liu Se a profound look, speaking in a low voice: “All right, I agree to go in by myself.”


The heavy stone door closes behind her.

Muyan slowly makes her way inside, and she senses threads of Spiritual Power bubbling up from under the ground. Then, it suddenly becomes clear to her.

It’s no wonder that this place is called the Ghost Sanctum.

As it turns out, there’s actually a Spiritual Vein hidden underneath this stone room.

Although this Spiritual Vein is very thin, as only wisps and slivers of Spiritual Power are seeping out of it.

However, if a Practitioner cultivates next to this Spiritual Vein, the rate of his improvement would be several times faster compared to the normal speed outside.

Back in that nameless mountain from before, Muyan also found a cave that has this kind of Spiritual Vein.

But it’s far from being as dense and as pure as this Vein in the Ghost Sanctum.

When Muyan discovered that Vein, she only thought that cultivating next to it would increase the growth rate of her Internal Force by a lot.

It’s only now, after she had constructed a Spiritual Root in her body, that she’s become aware.

The most important thing about a Spiritual Vein is simply not the increased Internal Force that the Practitioner could absorb.

Rather, it is the strands of Spiritual Energy seeping out here, the only Spiritual Energy that could be found in the Yanwu Continent.

If one cultivates beside a Spiritual Vein for a long period of time, even one’s bone root could slowly improve as well.

In her past life, this last Spiritual Vein too, had probably fallen into Gong Qianxue’s hands.


Muyan furrows her brows a bit and crouches down. She gently touches the surface of the bluestone pavement.

As her palm makes contact with the floor, she feels the Spiritual Power flowing out becoming even denser and purer.

It’s simply making her feel indescribably relaxed and at peace all over.

It’s as if her whole body’s meridians, as well as her Dantian, are being washed.

This is different from the Spiritual power found inside the Tian Mo Qin’s Space.

She can only use the Spiritual Power within the Tian Mo Qin for alchemy.

If she wants to use it for cultivation, she doesn’t know why, but she couldn’t absorb any of it.

“Such a pity, it would be great if I can only bring around a Spiritual Vein with me all the time for Cultivation.” Muyan mutters somewhat regretfully.

That way, her Spiritual Cultivation rank might also grow like her Martial Cultivation.

But just as her voice fades, something unexpected occurs.

All of a sudden, the dim interior of the stone room, which was initially lit only by a dim candle flame, abruptly shines with brilliant rays of light.

The melodious sound of the zither echoes within the confined space.

Muyan raises her head in astonishment, only to see that her Tian Mo Qin has unexpectedly gone flying out by itself, without her notice.

As it plays by itself, it emits a lustrous white light.

In the wake of the sound of the zither, she watches as that white radiance seems to be taking the shape of a vortex, it keeps whirling and expanding.

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EMHS – CH529

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Chapter 529: Must Save

Of course, the Ghost Lord is neither a relative nor a friend.

But from the way Han Ye and Ying Mei spoke about him, she could hear that this Ghost Lord Gu Yue should be quite close to them.

They’re merely hindered by the fact that they’re at the Yanwu Continent, they cannot set about as they wish and influence the destiny of the Continent. Therefore, they can only endure silently, unable to help.

They cannot help, but Muyan can.

Moreover, remembering her previous life – after not seeing the Ghost Lord when he was alive, and not seeing his corpse when he died – all the resources of the entire Ghost City went to Gong Qianxue.

This kind of development is something that she absolutely couldn’t stand.

Therefore, she must save the Ghost King!


“Halt! Ghost Sanctum, the people without any business here cannot come inside!”

Muyan follows after Liu Se, all the way to a hall in the deepest area of the Ghost Wind Valley.

But the moment she’s about to enter, several figures suddenly appear like apparitions, blocking in front of them.

Liu Se seems to have anticipated this kind of event, as she speaks neither fast nor slow: “Please notify the Ghost Lord’s Black and White Protectors, this is the Enchantress of Medicine Jun Muyan, whom I specially invited to come and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness.”

Hearing that, a man among the phantom-like group looks at Muyan. He frowns, but doesn’t say anything.

He promptly places a hand on his lips, blowing out a strange whistle.

The whistle stops, and the gate of the Residence produces a loud, rumbling sound as it opens.

A deep and resounding voice, and a thin and high voice, simultaneously call from inside, “Enter!”

Liu Se takes the lead and walks in, Muyan and Han Ye following behind her.

Soon, the scene inside the chambers enters their eyes.

They see a waiting room that is several times smaller than the Great Hall where they just held the alchemy competition.

But the furnishings in this reception hall is more luxurious.

The center of the lounge is empty, but two men are sitting on each side.

The man on the left is dressed head to toe in black, his appearance is on the rough side.

The man on the right is completely dressed in white, and his appearance is somewhat effeminate.

The deep and high voices just a moment ago must’ve come from them.

Muyan has also heard that every Ghost King has a pair of Black and White Ghost Servants.

And the Ghost Lord will have a pair of Black and White Protectors.

They’re called separately as the Black Reaper and the White Reaper. Although they belong to the Ghost City, they’ve only vowed loyalty and devotion to the Ghost Lord.

In all likelihood, these two are the Ghost Lord Gu Yue’s Black and White Protectors.

“Which one is the Enchantress of Medicine Jun Muyan?” again, the two people ask at the same time.

Muyan steps forward. With a smile, she says: “This humble one is Jun Muyan!”

Seeing her look so young, the Black and White Protectors both frown.

Liu Se casually finds a place to sit down, indifferently saying: “Protectors mustn’t look at Miss Jun’s youth, as her skills in medicine are godly and consummate, her Elixirs had defeated Shi Lanling, and she even countered the Ghost Wind Valley’s Poison Smog.”

“My humble self had worked hard and suffered great difficulties just to find her. Furthermore, I’ve confirmed that she is the person who would most likely be able to cure the Ghost Lord, and so, I’ve brought her with me.”

After she said that, both Muyan and Han Ye look at her strangely, their brows slightly furrowed.

This Liu Se had actually spoken on her behalf?

One could say that Liu Se seems to be in a hurry to have her go in and treat the Ghost Lord.


Listening to Liu Se’s words, the Black and White Protectors mutter to themselves for a while. In the end, they nod, “You can treat the Ghost Lord’s illness, but you can only enter by yourself.”

“What a joke!” Han Ye immediately refutes, “What’s to be done if Miss Jun comes to harm after she goes in? I must go in with Miss Jun!”

Saying that, he directly takes out the Dark Lord’s token, “By this token of the Dark Lord, I order you to allow me to go inside with Miss Jun.”

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EMHS – CH528

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Chapter 528: Fulfilling the terms of the wager

Shi Lanling’s whole body shudders, and she fearfully lowers her head.

She sees the Ghost Slave’s hideous face, covered in blood, as it stops by her feet.

A pair of turbid, bloodshot eyes are firmly staring straight at her.

Within, there’s confusion, dread, as well as desperation for what’s about to befall him.


Shi Lanling lets out a shrill screech, her butt falling down to the floor.

Han Ye simply and casually wipes the blood off the sword in his hand, sneering: “As I said, if you dare to covet my family’s Lady, you’re simply courting death.”

Saying that, he beams at Liu Se, “Ghost King Liu, excuse me, I directly dealt with your subordinate on your behalf. You don’t have any objections, do you?”

Liu Se’s complexion is ashen, but she couldn’t come up with a single word to say.

Han Ye continues: “So what about that one? Do you still want me to go on and handle it for you?”

As he speaks, his sword is pointing at Shi Lanling, who’s on the brink of falling apart.

Liu Se slowly walks over, until she’s next to Shi Lanling.

Shi Lanling raises her head, looking at Liu Se with hope across her whole face, “Ghost King Liu, help me, save me! I don’t want my meridians destroyed, I don’t want to turn into a cripple…”

Before she could finish what she’s saying, Liu Se’s hand presses down on the crown of her head.

Along with a chilling breath, a powerful energy suddenly pours down from the top of Shi Lanling’s head.


There’s suddenly sounds from Shi Lanling’s body, like a leakage from a rubber water sack.

Soon after, everyone watches as Shi Lanling’s eyes, ears, mouth and nose, her five orifices; as well as the surface of her skin — they all have blood seeping out.

No, saying that it’s ‘seeping out’ would be inaccurate, it should be described as ‘gushing out’.

A few short breaths later, Shi Lanling limply falls down and lies on a pool of blood.

At this very moment, she not only has her meridians destroyed.

Even the bones on her limbs have fractured from the shaking.

And her appearance which could originally by regarded as outstanding, it has also become riddled with holes and sores, bloody pores.

The Great Hall is as silent as a grave.

Even the crowd of doctors who so hated Shi Lanling just a moment ago-

As they see her miserable state now, they couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.

The magnificent Fairy of the Ghost City, the alchemy genius that every person in the Yanwu Continent reveres, praises and envies-

In but a short instant, she’s completely crippled, turned into a mushy living lump that is no better than being dead.

And the one who did it is Ghost King Liu Se, this individual who should originally be on the same side as Shi Lanling.

Liu Se’s heart is so hard and black!

Liu Se takes out a handkerchief and wipes the hand that had just touched Shi Lanling’s head. There’s a smile on her face, “I wonder if this fulfills the terms of the wager? Is it to your satisfaction, Miss Jun?”

Muyan also responds with a smile.

But this smile simply doesn’t reach her eyes, “Ghost King Liu, now that the alchemy competition is over, and the bet has also been fulfilled, shouldn’t you let me examine the Ghost Lord’s illness?”

“Of course.” an obscure light flickers within Liu Se’s eyes, “Miss Jun, you’ve already proven your medical expertise, you’re naturally qualified to treat the Ghost Lord. Then please, Miss Jun, come and follow me!”

That said, not waiting for the other to respond, she turns around and walks to the back of the Hall.

The doctors see that Muyan wants to follow, and they immediately get anxious.

“Little girl, don’t go! That person is so vicious and merciless, who knows if she wants to do you harm!”

“That’s right! See how viciously she dealt with Shi Lanling, you must absolutely not believe this person!”

“The Ghost Lord is neither your relative nor your friend, there’s no need for you to take risks in order to save him!”

Muyan smiles softly, “Elders need not worry, I would naturally be careful and vigilant against this person.”

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EMHS – CH527

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Chapter 527: Sharp Face Slap

As soon as the Ghost Slave was made to move his hand, Shi Lanling had him carry Poison Smog.

When he struck to murder the Magistrate, the Ghost Slave had implanted the poison in the other’s body.

And so, if she said the Magistrate Liu died from the Poison Smog, then he definitely died from the Poison Smog.

“Damn it! Pah, ptooey… this old man’s bones are all falling apart because of that drop!”

Suddenly, they hear curses in the Great Hall.

They see the Magistrate Liu who had fallen among the rubble of furniture, sputtering as he’s standing up.

Meeting Shi Lanling’s flabbergasted face, he couldn’t help but split his mouth open, revealing a vicious smile, “Who told you that this little old man is dead?”

“You… how are you not dead?!” the Ghost Slave is even more astonished than Shi Lanling, he suddenly raises his nasty, hoarse voice, “My attack just now, it used my full power, and you broke through the Precelestial Realm just recently, how could you possibly survive?!”

The Magistrate moves his arms, spreading out his hands, “Tsk, tsk. That was full power? Little old me didn’t even get injured in the slightest. Well, all good!”

Saying that, he even jumps where he’s standing and turns a whole circle, very much like an old urchin, not caring about the incredibly infuriated people.

“How could this be? How is this possible?!” Shi Lanling desperately shakes her head, then she turns towards Muyan.

Muyan lets out a low laugh, slowly making her way to Magistrate Liu. She checks if he really doesn’t have any injuries on him before withdrawing her hand. Seemingly indifferent, she says: “Oh, yes. I forgot to mention the name of this Elixir earlier, didn’t I?”

“This Pill is the Improved Vein Shield Dan, which could provide resistance to the Poison Smog, treat mild internal injuries, and it’s most important effect of course, is that it can make you withstand the full strength attack of Practitioners up to high Precelestial Stage.”

Her gaze falls on Shi Lanling, and she drawls: “Shi-xianzi, with the similar Vein Shield Dan, which do you think is better, your product or mine?”

The entire audience fall into a deathly stillness.


“Hahahahaha…” a loud burst of unbridled laughter come out of doctors’ mouths.

A few of them are laughing so much, tears are coming out of their eyes.

“It’s actually the Vein Shield Dan, it’s also the Vein Shield Dan, to compare their potency, it’s simply a sharp and resounding slap in the face!”

There are even several venerated doctors who couldn’t help but stroke their beards, laugh to their heart’s content.

Moreover, the way they look at Muyan is already like they’re seeing a monster.

Then, it’s as if they finally realized something, as they suddenly clutch the Pills that Muyan had just given them.

Just like holding a rare treasure.

This is the Vein Shield Dan that can counter the Poison Smog!

Its value simply cannot be measured in gold.

“They’re both Vein Shield Dans, but one can only withstand an attack of a primary Precelestial, while the other can withstand an attack from a high Precelestial.”

“Not to mention that Dr. Jun’s had produced about a dozen Pills in a furnace, and they even have both Poison Smog Resistance and Healing Properties.”

“In this Alchemy Competition, who lost and who won, is that still not obvious? Haha!”

Everyone’s eyes simultaneously gather on Shi Lanling.

Shi Lanling’s face, which was still insolent just a moment ago, is now deathly pale and completely terrified.

She shakes her head desperately, shaking her head as she retreats, “No! No! I haven’t lost! I don’t want my meridians destroyed!”

“I am the Ghost City’s Shi-xianzi, a famous alchemy genius in the Yanwu Continent, you people cannot do this to me!”

Her horrified voice has yet to fade.

Han Ye’s figure suddenly disappears from it’s spot like a ghost.

With a slashing sound, blood splatters everywhere

A head goes flying high up in the air, and comes tumbling down with a rumble.

It rolls towards Shi Lanling’s feet.

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EMHS – CH526

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Chapter 526: Sneak Attack
    The Magistrate stares blankly at first, then he abruptly clenches his teeth.
    He doesn’t say anything in response, but he turns towards the exit of the Great Hall and walks.
    Everyone holds their breath as they watch Magistrate Liu walk into the thick fog. Those wispy strands of the black mist slowly wrap around him, until the whole person is engulfed.
    The timid Dr. Wang could only gulp down his saliva.
    Fearing that in the next moment, they’ll hear the Magistrate’s screams.
    But a tea time has passed, and everything seems normal.
    After a quarter of an hour, there’s still no blood-curdling screech.
    Soon after, they see Magistrate Liu walk swaggering in from the outside.
    Not only is there an absence of fear on his face, it’s brimming with excitement instead.
    He goes into the Hall and rushes over to Muyan, shouting: “Shenshu-daren, this Elixir must be placed in our Ghost City and consigned for sale! I’ll only take half, no, no, no, I won’t take even a penny…”
    A corner of Muyan’s mouth twitches.
    This old fellow, really, even at a time like this, he still hasn’t forgotten about the Ghost City’s business.
    He must have a few loose screws in his brain, or he’s just thick-skinned.
    But at this time, there’s a sudden and unexpected movement.
    As the Magistrate is about to rush before Muyan and hug her thigh-
    A shadow suddenly leaps forward and up, covered in a powerful killing intent, and goes straight towards Magistrate Liu.
    It’s the Ghost Slave!!
    “Look out–!”
    “Despicable, shameless wretch, you actually went with a sneak attack!!”
    All the doctors shout out in fear and alarm.
    Dr. Song prepares himself to dash over and help the Magistrate.
    But it’s all too late, there’s not enough time.
    However, it might be fortunate that Dr. Song has yet to go over, otherwise, the Ghost Slave would only eliminate him along with Magistrate Liu.
    Since at this moment, they come to realize-
    This hideous and unremarkable Ghost Slave unexpectedly possess the formidable cultivation of high Precelestial.
    At the side, Shi Lanling slowly curls up her mouth, revealing a sinister smile.
    As long as the Magistrate is dead, it wouldn’t matter how he died.
    Jun Muyan’s Elixir couldn’t be declared capable of solving the Poison Smog.
    Neither could Jun Muyan be declared better than her.
    Therefore, she will not lose this challenge!
    In the end, the Ghost Slave’s palm strike, thousands of catties heavy, still falls on Magistrate Liu.
    The Magistrate as a whole is like a kite with its string snapped off, soaring backwards, and heavily slamming down on a table.
    The hard, red-wood table and chairs are smashed into tofu-like chunks.
    If even the furniture has suffered such an impact, what more would it be for Magistrate Liu?
    The doctors’ complexions instantly turn dark and gloomy, they couldn’t bear to go and check up on the Magistrate’s miserable state.
    Shi Lanling lets out a low laugh.
    Soon after, the laughter becomes louder and more piercing, “Jun Muyan, Magistrate Liu is dead, proving that your Pill cannot counter the Poison Smog, you still lose!”
    “Brazen, repulsive whore!!” the irascible Dr. Du couldn’t bear it any longer, he screams abuse towards Shi Lanling, “Don’t push too far! You people obviously killed him, what does it have to do with Dr. Jun’s Pill?”
    “Too shameless! I never thought Shi Lanling would actually be this thick-faced and disgraceful!”
    Several elderly doctors have their chests heaving up and down due to anger, itching to pounce over and tear Shi Lanling to pieces.
    They’ve never before seen someone who could be shameless to this extent.
    But Shi Lanling just laughs heartily, her bright red lips are spread wide, absolutely unrestrained, “He’s already dead, who can prove how he died? If you’re not convinced, then you could all examine whether or not there’s Poison Smog on his body. As long you find traces of it in his body, the Poison Smog is his cause of death. Hahaha…”

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