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Chapter 380: Jin Wangfu
    Muyan slowly nods, her long eyelashes hang low, and she seems like a frail and harmless girl – too weak to stand up to the wind.
    Where is that huge threat?
    The middle-aged man promptly throws those vague ideas to the back of his mind.
    A Precelestial that’s less than twenty years old, ha, how is that possible?
    His eyes must have gone dim just now, and he made a mistake in his perception!
    The middle-aged man has someone escort Muyan to the carriage, while he and his subordinates clear up the traces they’ve left behind.
    According to the information that they’ve gathered, Jun Muyan has a very powerful man at her side.
    Steward Sun has been killed by that man.
    Although Jin Wangye isn’t afraid of anyone, it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble.
    As long as Wangye and Miss Jun are joined, when the timber has turned into a boat, when the rice has already been cooked, what does it matter if Miss Jun previously had a lover?
    This isn’t the first time that his Wangye has snatched a woman from another man’s hand.
    Hehe, things that have been snatched always have just the right flavor.
    After they’ve finished cleaning up all the traces, the middle-aged man is fully happy with his handiwork, and he leaves with his subordinates.
    The whole alley is quiet, like they’ve never been there.
    Jin Wangfu.
    “Wangye, Wangye, don’t drive us away, we want to serve you all our lives. Wangye, we’re begging you!”
    “Wangye, the sun and the moon could testify Xiangxiang’s love for you. Leaving you, how can Xiangxiang live!”
    “Even if the new Wangfei enters the door, we will be good and obedient, we won’t provoke the new Wangfei, won’t make her unhappy. Please Wangye, don’t drive us away, wuu wuu…”
    Outside the courtyard, you could hear the sound of several women crying like their liver and guts are cut to pieces.
    But inside the room, a tall and handsome man reclines on the couch, sipping on a cup of wine in his hand.
    There’s not a thread nor a hair that shows he’s emotionally moved by these.
    “Jin Wangye, can’t you hear your lovely wives and beautiful concubines crying and weeping that they don’t want to part with you? You can actually be so hard-hearted, and be without tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex.”
    Sitting not far from the man, there’s a youngster with elegant features.
    Had Muyan been there, she would definitely be able to recognize him. This is the person that has been missing for several days – Lou Beiyu.
    And the man on the couch is naturally Huang Yao’s Jin Wangye.
    Listening to Lou Beiyu’s words, Jin Wangye lets out a low laugh: “These common rouges and vulgar powders, how can they compare to Jun Muyan? If Ben Wang doesn’t drive these people out, how can I show my determination of wanting to marry her?”
    “Stop dreaming!” Lou Beiyu could no longer control his emotions as he turns red in the face, angrily saying, “How can my Master possibly marry a man like you? You’re simply a toad that wants to eat swan meat!”
    Getting provoked this much, a sliver of obvious fury flashes through Jin Wangye’s eyes – but it quickly turns into a thrill that could only stem from a vigorous transgression.
   “The more difficult it is to get the woman, the more interested Ben Jun becomes. Moreover, that doesn’t mention the fact that Jun Muyan is the best type of woman, one who can refine miraculous draughts, and regenerate dead flesh and bones.”
    Lou Beiyu grinds his teeth: “Do you think that mere wastes from Jin Wangfu can take my Master away?”
    “I know that Jun Muyan’s cultivation isn’t low.” Jin Wangye reveals a meaningful smile, “But don’t I have you within my hands? You are the only apprentice that Jun Muyan has recognized. Knowing that her apprentice is in trouble, say, won’t she come over to the rescue?”
    “You want to use me to threaten Master?!” In his anger, Lou Beiyu suddenly stands up, and he resolutely throws the tea water in his hands towards Jin Wangye.
    However, a white figure suddenly flashes in front of him.
    The tea from the cup is blocked off by a glinting double-edged sword.

EMHS – ch379

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Chapter 379: A Blessing or a Curse
    Against reason, this Miss Jun has actually forgotten all about their Wangye, as well the matter of the marriage proposal.
    However, just who is this uniformed man ah!
    What great gales and turbulent waves has he not encountered?
    He quickly adjusts his facial expression, smiling as he says: “Miss Jun, in complete sincerity, I am waiting to have you come with us. Please follow us back to the residence for a chat, and please do not refuse.”
    Muyan looks at them with a smile that isn’t a smile, “And if I absolutely want to refuse?”
    The color of the man’s eyes grow darker, and his tone becomes more and more respectful. But what he says next makes Muyan frown for the first time.
    “Miss Jun is a person that our Wangye has fallen for – in any case, we wouldn’t dare to raise a hand against you, Miss.”
    “But there’s something that this humble one would like Miss Jun to know. My family’s Wangye has always been on friendly terms with the royal family of Chi Yan. This time, we unexpectedly ran into Chi Yan’s Third Prince, so we specially invited him to the Jin Wangfu, just to reminisce about old times with Wangye.”
    Muyan slowly narrows her eyes, and a dangerous light comes out of her whole body, “You captured Lou Beiyu.”
    Nevertheless, she can’t help but inwardly bewail about this stupid apprentice.
    What kind of fate is this!
    Easily getting captured, threatened, or made to wear a green hat.
    This stupid apprentice shouldn’t have a naturally terrible feng shui in his eight characters, right?
    The middle-aged man sees Muyan’s expression, and he can’t help but laugh, “How can it be said that he was captured? The Third Prince was merely invited over as a guest. Of course, if Miss Jun is not willing to go back with us…”
    “Whether the Third Prince would remain as a guest, or be lowered to a prisoner – this humble one wouldn’t dare to give any guarantees.”
    The light in Muyan’s eyes congeal, and her figure suddenly disappears.
    A change comes over the middle-aged man’s expression.
    Within a spark of flint, he only feels a brush of wind on his face.
    The next moment, an unadorned jade-white hand is lightly pinching his neck.
    The man widens his eyes in alarm, his face is filled with incredulity as he stares at the beautiful face that is in close proximity.
    She… when did she approach?
    Why didn’t he see her move just now?
    He instinctively operates the the Mysterious Energy in his body, wanting to fight back.
    He is a peak Heaven Stage powerhouse, and it is reasonable to say that Jun Muyan, a girl who isn’t even twenty, could never be his match.
    But to his horror, he finds that as he operates his mysterious energy, it seems to be sucked away by a gigantic force.
    Like a clay ox entering the sea, it disappears without a trace.
    The terror in the middle-aged man’s heart is like a tremendous, towering wave.
    Just who is this Jun Muyan?
    Could it be that she’s stronger than him?
    A young girl that is stronger than him, what could her cultivation be? Is it… Precelestial?
    This… how is this possible?!
    Such talent, isn’t this ten thousand times more awe-inspiring than Jing Cheng Country’s Princess Qianxue?
    The middle-aged man is bewildered, and he can only try to gather his Mysterious Energy to fight back once again.
    However, the hand clasping his neck suddenly loosens.
    The girl’s figure is like smoke as it suddenly retreats, and once again stands leisurely in a distance.
    “Alright, your threat gives me no choice but to accept.”
    “I will follow you back to Huang Yao.”
    The man stares blankly, he looks at Muyan somewhat disbelievingly.
    A vague premonition rises in his mind for a moment.
    Jin Wangye insisting on marrying this woman, is it actually a large calamity approaching?
    Very quickly however, he shakes his head to throw these thoughts away. He bows to say: “Miss Jun, please, the carriage is already ready at the alley’s entrance. From here, we would definitely arrive at Huang Yao within three days’ travel.”

EMHS – ch378

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Chapter 378: Admirer
    Muyan doesn’t disturb anyone as she leaves. Even her guards, Ying Mei and Han Ye, doesn’t know where she’s gone.
    Going out, other than looking for her stupid apprentice, Muyan also wants to gather some ingredients for alchemy.
    Admitting that, ultimately, she is provoked by the fact that “Di Ming Jue requested Shi Lanling to concoct a Pill”.
    After the first time a furnace had exploded on her, she originally had no further intentions to try alchemy again.
    But now, she has decided to give it another shot.
    Humph, isn’t it just alchemy!
    She doesn’t believe that she couldn’t do it.
    While shopping however, it doesn’t take long for Muyan to realize that she’s being followed.
    Quirking up her brows, she casually strolls around a few apothecaries, eventually walking into a remote and uninhabited alley.
    “Greetings, Miss Jun.”
    At almost the same instant that Muyan steps into the alley, several figures silently land in front of her.
    Seeing them, Muyan raises her brows in surprise.
    Just as Yan Haotian said, these people have high cultivations.
    The lowest ones are at peak Earth Stage, and there’s even quite a few of them that have already reached Heaven Stage.
    No wonder Ru Yan and the others are deeply worried.
    However, these people’s approach towards her doesn’t seem to resemble that of Qian Qing’s subordinates.
    Muyan lifts up her eyebrows, “Everyone has followed me all the way here, what do you want to do?”
    They’re headed by a chubby middle-aged man. He has good-natured features, and he’s wearing embroidered clothes.
    He appears very harmless, but Muyan knows that this man has the highest cultivation among this group of black-clothed people.
    He steps forward, and slightly bows to Muyan, “Miss Jun, my house’s Wangye requests the pleasure of seeing you, I hope Miss Jun would come back with us.”
    “Your Wangye?” Muyan is surprised.
    If indeed, it’s not Qian Qing, when did she get acquainted with a Wangye?
   The middle-aged man shows a hint of pride on his face, but he looks as mild as before, one might even say humble: “My master is Huang Yao Country’s Jin Wangye. He has admired the lady’s good name for a long time, and wishes he could see your bright countenance.”
    Jin Wangye from Huang Yao?
    Muyan frowns.
    This name sounds somewhat familiar, but she can’t remember it for now.
    Still, she listens as the uniformed middle-age man continues to talk: “The last time’s marriage proposal had Steward Sun acting on his own, and made the lady suffer a grievance. Even if he’s dead, that is a misfortune that he had brought upon himself, and it wouldn’t be held against anyone. Yet the heaven and earth can attest* to our Wangye’s love for you, you mustn’t misunderstand him.”
  • Half of this: The heaven and earth can attest, the sun an moon can testify; used in sweet-talk, or solemn vows
    As soon as she hears ‘Steward Sun’ and ‘marriage proposal’, Muyan finally remembers it.
    Oh, it turns out to be that Wangye, the one who wanted to marry her as a concubine.
    It ended just when that guy, Di Ming Jue, came looking for her. The sexy man snapped the other’s neck.
    Then that Di Ming Jue gave her a shock so deep, that she completely forgot that a Wangye had proposed marriage to her.
    Seeing Muyan suddenly look like she had just remembered it, the middle-aged man’s expression can’t help but go stiff.
    Jin Wangye of Huang Yao, that is a famous and brilliant character in the Yanwu Continent.
    Whichever woman he wants, isn’t it just a matter of stretching a hand to take?
    And usually, after taking a fancy on a woman, Jin Wangye would turn around and get tired of playing with her, throwing her to the back of his mind.
    But this Miss Jun is completely an exception.
    The group that Wangye sent to pick up the bride has unexpectedly disappeared without a trace, not one of them returned.
    They also investigated for quite a while, only to discover that the group has died, possibly at Junji Drugstore.
    Then their Wangye’s obsession with this Miss Jun began.
    In the beginning, he was merely collecting a beauty.
    But now, he is determined to have her, even sending their group out – the best strike unit of the Wang Fu.

EMHS – ch377

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Chapter 377: You’re trying to do something bad
    A too-caring mother mother will spoil the son… when we have a daughter in the future… have a daughter!
    The whole person, Muyan, is just struck dumb.
    Once she has come back to her senses, Di Ming Jue has already carried Xiao Bao out.
    A mouthful of blood sputters out from her chest, and she barely stops herself from coughing it out: Scoundrel, who wants to have a daughter with you!
    Di Ming Jue carries Xiao Bao the whole way, passing through the corridors and the people, and going to the courtyard’s bathing area.
    At first, Xiao Bao still wants to struggle-
    But Di Ming Jue says: “You have made good progress during this time, and that strike against Shi Lanling didn’t make me lose face.”
    Xiao Bao’s struggling movements stop.
    His little face is taut and strained, but an indescribable feeling of pride and happiness bubbles up from the depths of his heart.
    This is the first time that this man has praised him.
    Although he doesn’t want to admit it, but, he feels so happy.
    Di Ming Jue continues: “The martial skill that I taught you is merely the starting level. If you can reach the tenth step within ten days, I can teach you a more advanced set, and I’ll also give you a storage ring as a reward.”
    Xiao Bao’s eyes are bright as he stares straight at Di Ming Jue, “Really?”
    In reality, he very much wants a storage ring as well, like that of his mother.
    This way, he would be able to go out alone, collect treasures and herbs, then come back to give them to her.
    Niangqin originally wanted to give Xiao Bao the one that Di Ming Jue had given her.
    But Xiao Bao refused.
    Even though he is young, he knows that there would be very serious consequences if the Tian Mo Qin’s space is discovered by other people.
    With a storage ring, niangqin would be able to cover it up.
    How could he want that?
    But now, this person is saying that he could give one to Xiao Bao.
    Di Ming Jue carelessly says: “Of course, really. But there’s one thing – you’re already a man, you can’t always cling to your mother.”
    Xiao Bao immediately sends him a disdainful look, “I know that you’re trying to do something bad, you want to take my niangqin.”
    “Your mother is rightfully mine!”
    “You’re talking nonsense, niangqin is mine!”
    The two men quarrel through the entire journey, all the way to the bathing area.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei, who were originally guarding outside the courtyard, see this scene but they’ve already become numb to the shock.
    Since meeting Miss Jun, their Jun Shang would do things that are out of character, and it’s already become a common occurrence.
    Nowadays, not only has Jun Shang learned how to hold a child, he even looks very proficient in his movements.
    Moreover, he can also be very childish and quarrel with a child.
    If those people from the Polar Domain could see this scene… it would be a picture too beautiful to imagine!
    Chang Yu stands not far away, and he watches the scene of Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao getting along in harmony.
    After dazedly watching for a good while, he soon lowers his eyes, covering up the pain and loneliness within them.
    This man standing together with the lady, that image once again appears in his mind.
    That beauty, the way they match – only such a man could be worthy of Miss, right?
    Chang Yu laughs self-deprecatingly. Soon after, all the expressions on his face are suppressed, until only steadiness and tranquility remain.
    Hasn’t he already decided that it would fine, as long as he can guard by the lady’s side?
    As for these lowly feelings, he shouldn’t have them, and he has long decided to bury them in the depths of his heart, for ever and ever.
    He mustn’t let anyone know.
    As long as he could keep guarding Miss, keep guarding the Little Master… watching from a distance is enough.
    After Xiao Bao and Di MIng Jue have left, Muyan plans to go out and try to find her stupid apprentice.
    After advancing to high Precelestial, Muyan can feel that her strength has improved by a lot.
    In addition, she has this indescribable feeling that there’s a power within her body that’s beginning to stir.
    Fettered, but it seems like it’s about to break out at any moment.

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EMHS – ch376

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Chapter 376: A too-caring mother will spoil the son

“If you’re done eating, go to the backyard to cultivate.” Di Ming Jue drawls in a taunting tone, “Didn’t you say that in the future, you’ll become stronger to protect your mother? Yet you’re so protected right now?”

Xiao Bao’s features are stiff. The anger on his face slowly disappears, but his mouth is still set on a stubborn line, “You don’t need to nag, I will train, and one day, I will be stronger than you!”

“Oh, quite the ambition.”

He loosens his hand, and Xiao Bao lands on the floor.

But he doesn’t wrap around Muyan again, like he did just moments before. He turns to look at her instead, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao is going to cultivate.”

After saying that, he goes off to the backyard.

Muyan watches his very small and lonely figure, and she’s somewhat distressed.

Her Xiao Bao is only four years old, and other four-year-old children are still acting spoiled in their parent’s embrace, but he has to bear so much.

In the end however, she doesn’t say anything.

Instead, she watches his tiny form go to the backyard, and begin to scrupulously exercise the martial skills that Di Ming Jue gave him.

Muyan isn’t a person who’s unable to tell good from bad.

She could tell that the martial skills Di Ming Jue handed over to Xiao Bao may look ordinary, but in cultivation, the Mysterious Energy within Xiao Bao gets a little more purified and refined.

His cultivation doesn’t improve rapidly, but his foundation has become more and more stable.

Nowadays, although Xiao Bao’s cultivation is still mid Heaven Stage, his real strength has already surpassed that of Shi Lanling, even though she’s on the same stage as him.

And all of these is something that Di MIng Jue had secretly and silently done for them.

“Muyan…” the man’s low voice could be heard from behind, and Muyan turns around to see that Di Ming Jue has already taken a seat by the table — where she and Xiao Bao originally were.

She watches as Di Ming Jue unhurriedly hands some chopsticks over to her, and Muyan reveals a confused expression.

The next moment, she hears the man’s magnetic and seductive voice slowly saying: “It’s a family of three, Muyan, you can’t favor one and neglect the other.”

Favor one and neglect the other? Favor one and neglect the other!

Muyan stares blankly at first, the she reacts to what the man is saying.

Favor one and ignore the other, is he saying that since she fed and kissed Xiao Bao, she also has to feed and kiss him?!

Kuh! Can this man get even more shameless!


One unspeakable breakfast has come to an end, and Xiao Bao has also finished practicing. He returns to Muyan’s side.

His little face is flushed, and there’s crystalline beads of sweat on his forehead. He’s somewhat gasping as he breathes, but those big eyes are filled with excitement.

That’s because Xiao Bao feels that he’s really getting stronger after each round of cultivating those martial skills.

One day, he would be able to protect his mother properly.

Muyan wipes the sweat from his face, her eyes are gentle beyond words, “Xiao Bao is so great, niangqin will take you to bathe, all right?”

Xiao Bao heavily nods his head.

But before Muyan could take Xiao Bao’s hand, Xiao Bao’s little form is already rising up, and gets into Di Ming Jue’s arms.

This time, Jun Shang’s posture of carrying a child has already become very standard.

But unfortunately, Xiao Bao doesn’t appreciate it. He struggles indignantly, “Let go, I want niangqin…”

“Such a big man, and you still want your mother to give you a bath?” Di Ming Jue drawls these words.

This immediately silences Xiao Bao’s screams of grievance.

But thinking of his mother gently rubbing his back and washing his hair, Xiao Bao is somewhat reluctant and unwilling.

His tiny hand can’t help but stretch towards Muyan’s direction.

Muyan promptly holds out her hand, wanting to carry him, “Xiao Bao is still so small, what’s wrong with me giving him a bath? Di Ming Jue, let go, let me carry him.”

Di Ming Jue casts her a glance, and leisurely words drift over once again, “A too-caring mother would spoil a child… a son, it would be better give him to Ben Jun to teach him. When we have a daughter in the future, Muyan, you can have your turn to guide her.”

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Chapter 375: Stupid Apprentice is missing

Ru Yan and the others sees so many draughts, and they all reveal expressions of pleasant surprise.

Whether it’s the Ink Camp or the Tianji Unit, at this time, they have more or less used up all their draughts.

And nothing compares to the draughts that Muyan refines.

You simply can’t put them with the ones on the pharmacy outside.

Ru Yan and Yan Haotian were just worrying about what they should do after training Tianji Unit and Ink Camp personnel.

Now that Muyan is giving them so many of these special draughts, how can it not make them happy?

“Oh, that’s right – where’s Lou Beiyu? Why haven’t I seen him?”

Muyan suddenly asks.

“Reporting to Miss,” Ru Yan bows and says, “The Third Prince went out yesterday and hasn’t come back since.”

Muyan lifts her eyes, flabbergasted.

“Because of the fact that Miss have been missing, it might be needed to use a lot of precious and uncommon herbs to cure His Highness’ older brother. So during this time, the Third Prince has been wandering about at every big pharmacy.”

If you ask: who among the people in the Junji Medical Center has the most faith in Muyan and Xiao Bao – it would definitely be Lou Beiyu.

Other people were still more or less worried that Muyan might suffer, or Xiao Bao might get kidnapped on the road.

Nevertheless, Lou Beiyu has been firm in his belief: “Who do you take my Master and Little Senior for! Under the sun, whoever wants to do them harm would surely get beaten so hard, they won’t be able to move half their body – miserable beyond compare. I just have to obediently wait here, collect herbs, then wait for Master to return to save my older brother.”

Ru Yan recalls Lou Beiyu’s calmness and confidence, and she can’t help but sigh in her mind.

This Third Prince of Chi Yan, he obviously doesn’t have the strength to even truss a chicken, but he can become the young lady’s apprentice, and gain the Little Master’s approval – surely, there’s some sense to it.

“Anyway, Miss shouldn’t worry.” Ru Yan quickly adds, “When His Highness left, he had guards by his side, and was followed by two people from Ink Camp. There shouldn’t be any danger in Tianyuan City.”

Muyan frowns a bit, then she nods.

Her stupid apprentice can’t be so unlucky to fall into someone’s hands, right?


Although the layout of Di Yuan is luxurious and comfortable, it still couldn’t compare to her own home.

That evening, Muyan and Xiao Bao had a beautiful night’s sleep.

Xiao Bao’s cheeks are rosy, and although there’s no expression on his little face, his eyes are particularly bright and glittering.

But today, Xiao Bao sticks to Muyan more than usual.

When Muyan goes on with her ablutions, he would hold her thighs, look up and stare fixedly at her.

Like he’s afraid that his mother would disappear once again.

When they’re eating, he would show a rare softness in Muyan’s arms, and let her feed him.

Muyan hasn’t seen Xiao Bao for seven days, and had absolutely missed him.

So not only does she not reject Xiao Bao clinginess, she’s extremely happy with it instead.

The two are like this: you feed me a bite, I spoon feed you. At this time, Muyan would even bow down to kiss Xiao Bao’s little cheeks.

Then Xiao Bao’s little face would go red and he would also kiss Muyan’s cheek.

It’s exceedingly sticky sweet.

As Di Ming Jue comes in to see this scene, the vinegar in his heart immediately becomes an ocean that could turn the sky and earth upside down.

He steps forward in large strides, and grabs Xiao Bao by his scruff, directly lifting him up.

“Let me go!” Xia Bao angrily yells, and uses his limbs to try and struggle free – but his hands and feet are short, there’s no way he could get out of Di Ming Jue’s hold.

Muyan quickly reaches her hand out, wanting to snatch him back, “Di Ming Jue, let go of my son!”

Di Ming Jue turns a deaf ear, and coldly stares at Xiao Bao, “Have you finished eating your breakfast?”

Xiao Bao angrily glares at him, not speaking.

EMHS – ch374

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Chapter 374: Just thoroughly waste him
    There’s completely no effort put into it, and there’s no shifting from a parry at all.
    But against reason, his hand is restrained by this void, and it’s like his Mysterious Energy has been sealed – he couldn’t use even a little bit of it.
    Shen Jinglin raises his head to look at Di Ming Jue in horror and amazement.
    This man is too strong!
    He’s even so much stronger than his little sister! Soon after, he can’t help but look at the two people that are very close to each other.
    Truly made by Heaven and arranged by Earth, an unparalleled match.
    Shen Jinglin has this vague illusion – that the man in front of him is the only one in the world who can stand by his sister’s side, without getting himself overshadowed.
    And vice versa.
    Di MIng Jue lets go of Shen Jinglin’s hand.
    The pride and nobility on his body become somewhat restrained, “Ben Jun also believes that without the parents’ blessing, nor the matchmaker’s words, it is a very irresponsible act to have intimate relations. As long as Muyan is willing, Ben Jun is ready to rectify this at any time.”
    Shen Jinglin stares blankly, “You mean to say that you want to marry my sister?”
    “Of course. As soon as Yanyan is ready, the wedding ceremony can be held at any time.”
    Saying that, he even leans down to look at Muyan, “Say, Yanyan, are you still unwilling to take responsibility for Ben Jun?”
    Muyan grinds her teeth: Can this scoundrel get even more shameless?
    And who are you calling Yanyan! Am I that familiar with you?
    In the end, with his exceptional appearance and shamelessness, Jun Shang-daren successfully enters Junji Medical Center’s rear courtyard.
    Moreover, he gets a room next to Muyan and Xiao Bao’s.
    At her side, Muyan assures Shen Jinglin over and over again that she and Di Ming Jue are innocent, and they’re still not planning to get married for the time being.
    Only then does Shen Jinglin walks away with some hesitation.
    Before leaving, he nags, “Yanyan, even if you really like that person, you must still consider it properly, and you absolutely shouldn’t get married so casually and carelessly. If by any chance, you put your trust on the wrong person, like Jingya’s encounter with that devil, then you…”
    Muyan mouth stretches up to show a gentle smile, “Then I’ll just thoroughly waste him.”
    Shen Jinglin shudders, he almost forgot how valiant an existence his sister is.
    In this world, how can a man just bully Yanyan?
    It’s only when Shen Jinglin has left, does Muyan let out a sigh of relief.
    Brother is now more and more inclined to act like a nanny, going on and on with his questions, quickly overwhelming her.
    But despite getting overwhelmed,
    This kind of annoyance is mixed with even more sweetness.
    Because only those who really care about you, would keep worrying about you over and over again – worrying about your happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy; worrying about your future.
    Muyan lets out a sigh of relief, and sees that Xiao Bao is somewhat sleepy in her arms.
    She conveniently sends him into the Space, placing him together with the fat rabbit, which is sleeping sprawled on it’s back and facing the sky.
    She returns to the front hall and calls in Yan Haotian, Feng Haitang, Ru Yan, Old Tao, Chang Yu, and Chen Qingfeng.
    “Did anything happen these past few days?”
    Ru Yan bows and replies: “For the past few days, the Medical Center has been operating normally, but Mr. Yan said that there seems to be a strange and powerful unit that has appeared in the vicinity of the medical center – origins are unknown, objectives are also unknown.”
    Muyan turns to Yan Haotian.
    Yan Haotian raises his hands and signs: “There are several people among them that have higher cultivations than me and Old Tao. We cannot match them.”
    Muyan slightly furrows her brows.
    Maybe Qian Qing’s side had received the news that his Poison Man, as well as his apprentice, had been killed – so he sent some people to come and scout for information.
    “Then next time, you should all be more careful.” Muyan raises her hand, and dozens of bottles of draught are densely laid out on the table, “In these medicines, there are healing draughts, antidotes, as well as cultivation supplements. Distribute these to the Ink Camp and the Tianji Unit.”