EMHS – ch178

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 178: Whetstone

These four people inside the room, Ru Yan and Feng Haitang are mid Earth Stage, Yan Haotian is high Earth Stage, and Old Tao is already at the summit of Earth Stage.

“What… what draught?” Ru Yan gulps.

Muyan’s mouth hooks up, like a smile yet not a smile, “Hm, the special draught would probably be two times more effective than the Philter of Barrier Breaking.”


Ruyan and Old Tao choke down their spit, Yan Haotian himself also reveals astonishment.

Two times more effective than the Philter of Barrier Breaking?

What kind of miraculous draught is that?

But after the initial astonishment comes the feeling of wild joy, Ru Yan and Old Tao even clasp their hands in the end, “Subordinates will absolutely spare no effort to serve the Lord.”

Yan Haotian looks at Feng Haitang, then again at Muyan.

His initial intention of persuading her to leave weakens.

That’s because he realizes just how formidable is this Master of his, and how miraculous and invaluable are the draughts that she provides.

For Haitang to follow Muyan, maybe it’s her good fortune.

“By the way, Miss.” Old Tao’s foolish smile abruptly disappears, “For the past two days, it seems as if there are always some strangers loitering around the drugstore’s vicinity, and they don’t seem to want to purchase a draught. It’s better to say that they’re scouting the area…”

Halfway through his narration, Old Tao stops.

That’s because he notices Xiao Bao, who’s in Muyan’s arms, is looking at him in contempt.

Eh? Did he say something wrong?

Why is the little master looking at him like he’s an idiot?

“This subordinate… did this subordinate say something wrong?” Old Tao very carefully looks towards Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao has a displeased look: “Moron, they’ve already been wandering around the area for five days.”

And only discovered today!

Old Tao and Ru Yan glance at each other, wishing so much that they could find a hole to burrow in.

The four-year-old little master discovered it, while it completely slipped their notice.

And only today, when the other side have come closer, are they able to vaguely detect them.

Truly losing their faces.

Old Tao’s face is blushing with shame as he faces Muyan, “Miss, would you like this subordinate to go over and dispose of those people?”

“Of course not.” Muyan squeezes her son’s little face, and simply says in a drawl, “Those people would be best as a whetstone for the Ink Camp. Wouldn’t it be such a waste if you were to go and deal with them?”


Very late into the night, there’s a waning crescent moon.

In Muyan’s boudoir, she sleeps spooning Xiao Bao, enjoying a pleasant dream.

Without notice, a group of people sneaks into the backyard of the Junji Drugstore.

Eight black silhouettes, like ghosts, jump down from the high roof.

“Second brother, after several days of observation, no matter which angle, this Jun Muyan is just a common apothecary. Too weak to stand up to the wind, and she even has a child. Are you sure that this is the woman who killed our Commander?”

“Hmph, you also mentioned that she refines drugs, maybe this slut used some underhanded means and secretly harmed our Commander in the Arena. What’s more, it was Princess Gong Qianxue who informed us that this woman killed Commander Yan Lie. Princess Gong Qianxue had a profound relationship with our Commander, how can she lie to us?”

“Since this woman killed our Commander, we must exact vengeance for him!”

The eight people gather together, lowering their voices as they quietly discuss how to silently catch Muyan, and take revenge for their Commander Yan Lie.

“Why do I feel like this yard is a little strange? How come there isn’t a single guard around?”

“Shan Zi, why is your courage getting smaller and smaller? From the eight of us, six are at the Earth Stage. Do you think that we can’t deal with an insignificant draught-maker?”


A stifled laughter could be heard coming from a corner of the courtyard.

“This group of idiots dare to come for Miss Jun? Do they have stunted brains?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch177

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 177: Jealousy

“This is my own decision.” Feng Haitang quirks her brows, a gallant and untamed energy appears on her gorgeous face. “In this life, I’ve set my mind on him. To be with him, anyone else’s objections are useless, even his rejections.”

Muyan couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After wiping the tears away, this Feng Haitang’s positively heroic beauty shines through, straightforward and dashing.

Such an obstinate and carefree woman, unafraid of society’s views, and without the shyness and restraint of women. It’s really a rare find.

But she likes it!

“Fine, I agree. Henceforth, you’ll follow beside me.” Muyan drawls, “Feng Haitang, I will ensure that as long as you and Yan Haotian are by my side, I will guarantee your well-being.”

In this life, she hopes that she can use her own strength,

And ease the bitter fate of this couple of mandarin ducks*, possibly let them have a smoother path to peace and happiness, so that love will find a way.


The next day, when Yan Haotian sees Feng Haitang standing next to Muyan, his bell-like pair of eyes are practically about to pop out.

Muyan thinks it’s funny, “Starting today, Haitang will be the same as you. She’s also my subordinate, and will dedicate her life for me for five years. What? Any objections?”

Yan Haotian moves his mouth, but no sound comes out. He can only look at Feng Haitang with his eyes filled with anxiety.

However, their positions are reversed today.

Feng Haitang doesn’t even look at him, but takes a out a piece of thin handkerchief instead, and hands it to Muyan, “Miss, please use this.”

“Ah–!” Yan Haotian couldn’t help it in the end, as he makes a cry of surprise.

Feng Haitang came from a rich family, treated as the precious eldest daughter since she was a child.

For him, how can she enter servitude and wait upon other people?

But before he could say anything, Ru Yan and Old Tao’s voices could be heard through the door, seeking audience.

Yan Haotian desists, and he can only swallow his words back down to his belly. His line of sight shifts towards Feng Haitang’s direction from time to time.

But on the contrary, Feng Haitang is concentrating with her eyes on the tip of her nose, her face expressionless as she stands behind Muyan and Xiao Bao, looking like a close maid.

“Reporting to Miss, this is the ledger of Junji Drugstore for this month.” Ru Yan hands over a book.

Muyan casually flips through it, and nods in satisfaction, “You did very well.”

It has only been half a month since Ru Yan took over managing Junji Drugstore, but the results are pretty good.

These days, the store’s revenue doesn’t rely solely on Muyan’s special draughts, but there are also other herbs and draught ingredients that generate some income.

Once they’re done with the report, Ru Yan and Old Tao don’t leave, but remain looking at Muyan with some hesitation.

“Miss, that… can we participate with the Ink Camp’s training?” in the end, Old Tao can only ask with a nervous laugh.

In just a little over half a month, the progress of the dozen or so people from the the Ink Camp is obvious to all.

It’s not enough to merely describe it as their ‘strength advancing by leaps and bounds’.

Muyan sees Ru Yan and Old Tao’s eager appearance. She can’t help but laugh, “What, jealous?”

The pair titters, somewhat embarrassed, but they still easily admit it in the end.

“That Chang Yu only took half a month to advance from Profound Stage to the early Earth Stage. If this matter becomes known outside, I’m afraid that all the Practitioners within Xia’an would burn with rage from jealousy.” Ru Yan skillfully says with a winsome smile, “Miss, we promise that even if we participate in the training, it will absolutely not interfere with the shop’s business.”

Muyan shakes her head, “This training isn’t suitable for you.”

Before the the two could be disappointed, she continues to say: “The four of you have already stabilized in the Earth Stage for many years. The Ink Camp’s training program would be of little help to you. What you all need is a more specialized training, as well as higher-ranked draughts. Don’t worry, as long as you follow me, you all won’t be doing without.”

  • *mandarin ducks = affectionate couple. I’m guessing that most of you know this already so I added this at the end, instead of the middle. Also, I just like ducks, so we’ll be using the term. Ducks eat pests from plants.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch176

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 176: Stump of Elm Wood

Muyan glances at the screen, then looks back at Feng Haitang, “One can say that he doesn’t have anything at all now, mutilated, do you really not care about that?”

“I don’t care! I don’t care at all!” Feng Haitang could bear it no longer. She jumps off of the couch, then steps barefoot unto the floor. She cries out, “Girl, beg you to tell me where Haotian is, please? I just want to meet him, I want to be by his side. Even if he curses me and blames me, I will never leave him.”

“This is what I, Feng Haitang, has set my mind on in this life!”

There are no regrets within her hoarse and trembling voice, as it’s brimming with decisiveness.

At this moment, a soft and gentle smile finally appears on Muyan’s face.

She looks over to the screen and unhurriedly says: “Yan Haotian, did you hear that?”

With that, Feng Haitang stares blankly, then suddenly turns around to look at the screen.

The screen slightly moves once more, and a tall figure slowly comes out from behind it.

It’s Yan Haotian.

“Haotian–!!” Feng Haitang immediately throws herself into his arms. She tightly holds on to him and makes a heart-wrenching wail, “Haotian, I finally found you! Don’t push me away again, okay? It was really so exhausting to look for you!”

Yan Haotian’s whole body goes rigid. His hands remains in the air, not having the slightest bit of movement for quite a while.

But his red eyes and trembling flesh nevertheless betray his emotions at this moment.

A long while later however, Yan Haotian still staunchly pushes Feng Haitang away.

There is a tenderness in his eyes, wistful, fond, and yearning. But at this moment, he thoroughly and completely represses them.

Yan Haotian takes a step back and looks at Feng Haitang with indifference, shaking his head with a distant expression.

He soundlessly mouths, ‘You should go, I don’t want to see you.’

Feng Haitang seems to have been struck by lightning, teardrops spilling down with no end in sight. Wipe them off and they still keep gushing out.

A flash of pain flickers within his eyes and disappears just as fast. Soon after, Yan Haotian grits his teeth and makes his salutations towards Muyan, turns around, and unhesitatingly leaves.

But before he could walk out,

The drawled words from Muyan nearly makes him trip mid-step.

“Tsk tsk, acting all unfeeling and coldhearted now. When she passed out earlier, you were so anxiously crying out, ‘ah ah’, asking me to save her!”

Yan Haotian stiffens where he’s standing. It’s a long time before he could open the door in a panic, and run out like he’s fleeing.

Feng Haitang watches in a daze as he cuts a sorry figure with his exiting back.

In her anguished and despairing eyes, a touch of cheer slowly appears.

Could it be that Haotian is not really heartless towards her, he’s just… just…

“That stump of elm wood* merely thinks of himself as a useless person now, and he’s not good enough for you.” Muyan conveniently says.

  • blockhead

It was out of good intentions that Yan Haotian pushed Feng Haitang away.

But it never crossed his mind that such an act might shove Feng Haitang into the fires of hell.

Feng Haitang bites her lower lip, her face happy in one moment then sad in the next.

She suddenly faces Muyan and plops down into a kneel, “Miss Jun, I have something to ask of you.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“I want to recognize you as Lord, and follow by you.”

“Recognize me as Lord?” this turn of events really gives Muyan a surprise.

Feng Haitang heavily nods, there is an unswerving determination in her eyes, “Haotian’s fate, you have saved and taken him away from the Ghost City. You are Haotian’s savior, so you are my savior. You are Haotian’s master, so you are my master. Please grant me this favor and allow me to follow you. Even if I have to work like an ox or a horse, I am willing.”

Saying she wants to follow me, when in fact, she just wants to follow Yan Haotian, that blockhead.

Muyan has a smile that isn’t a smile: “Aren’t you afraid that Yan Haotian might get furious when he knows?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch175

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 175: Feng Haitang’s Past Life

“Feng Haitang…” Muyan whispers this name, frowning slightly.

She feels that this name is somewhat familiar.

Suddenly, she has a flash of enlightenment, and a small change comes over her face, “The man that your parents had arranged for you, could it be Zhao Tianxiang, the son of Jing Cheng Country’s Mighty General?”

Feng Haitang snaps her eyes wide open, “How did you know?”

How did she know?

A dense chill flits across Muyan’s eyes.

Zhao Tianxiang was the son of a mighty general from Jing Cheng Country, but this person was useless, completely lacking any talent in cultivation.

Not only was he a waste, he’s also exceptionally cruel and tyrannical. His favorite hobby in life was defiling and torturing women who are better than him in cultivation.

The most tragic one among them had been Zhao Tianxiang’s main wife, Feng Haitang.

That’s because Feng Haitang was the most stubborn and unbending among the Zhao Tianxiang’s women, so she was also the most oppressed and miserable.

In the end, in order to prevent her from killing herself, Zhao Tianxiang went so far as chopping off both her hands and feet, cutting off her tongue, making her live a life as neither a person nor a ghost, and getting abused and insulted by him everyday.

This life that is worse than the lowest of the low, it took Feng Haitang three whole years to find an opportunity to end it.

And in that past life, it was still Gong Qianxue who made the match for Feng Haitang and Zhao Tianxiang’s marriage.

At that time, Gong Qiangxue’s spoke with a penitent and compassionate face- how she didn’t expect that Zhao Tianxiang would be that kind of person, saying how sorry she feels towards Feng Haitang.

Now, it may be assumed that all of these had been arranged by Gong Qianxue from start to finish.

That would include: dissolving the marriage contract between the Feng family and the Yan family, destroying the entire Yan family, and eventually forcing Feng Haitang to marry Zhao Tianxiang.

In the end, Yan Haotian had a ruined home and murdered clan, and was then sold and treated as a slave.

Feng Haitang lived a brief life that had gone to the dogs, death being more preferable.

Gong Qianxue got herself a loyal servant, and also obtained great benefits from Zhao Tianxiang’s father.

Hehe… really such a pungent scheme, such a sinister heart.


Muyan unconsciously exudes a dense and chilling energy from her body.

Even if Feng Haitang’s cultivation isn’t low, sweat appears on her forehead, unable to suppress a whimper.

Not far away from them, a screen faintly trembles because of this whimper from Feng Haitang.

Muyan abruptly comes back to her senses, and curbs down the killing intent that welled up from her memories.

She focuses her attention towards Feng Haitang: “Since you’re already engaged to another, why do you still want to look for Yan Haotian?”

“I will never marry someone else!” Feng Haitang says resolutely and decisively, “When we were young, I once swore that I will definitely be married to Haotian and become his wife.”

Inside the room, that same screen imperceptibly shudders once again.

It’s just that Feng Haitang’s frame of mind is too agitated that she doesn’t take notice.

Muyan sends a glance to that screen, and continues to ask: “Even if his whole face is covered in scars?”

“Yes!” Feng Haitang nods without the slightest hesitation, “No matter how his outward appearance has changed, Haotian will forever be the person inside my heart.”

Muyan isn’t moved, but she becomes more aggressive: “Even if his clan is ruined and the people there are dead, and he’s without the backing of an illustrious family, even if he’s now a mere subordinate of mine?”

Feng Haitang’s eyes are bright like they could flare up, “Haotian is Haotian, his family background, his status- none of those matter.”

“Even if, he had his tongue cut off, and he’ll never be able to speak from now on? Even if he’s become a waste in other people’s eyes?”

Feng Haitang’s entire body shudders. Soon, her tears are like pearls from a broken thread, pattering down as they drop.

“No wonder, no wonder he didn’t say a word when he saw me, and he didn’t call out my name. I thought that he didn’t want to forgive me, it turns out… turns out… hu hu, Haotian, I’m so sorry. Why? Why wasn’t I at your side during your most painful moment?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch174

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 174: Former Fiancée

The woman in his arms is deathly pale. There’s crusted dust across her face, the eyes that were just closed seem like they will remain that way for a long time, not waking up.

Yan Haotian could bear it no longer. He raises his head to look anxiously towards Muyan.

He opens his mouth, “ah ah”.

Ever since he had reported an enormous hatred back in the Ghost City’s Beast Fighting Colosseum, Yan Haotian has been grave, stern and indifferent. He rarely makes even so much as a sound.

But right now, he seems to be frantic, his eyes are turning red.

Muyan jests: “Didn’t you say you don’t know this?”

With both hands, Yan Haotian carries the woman and he plops down to a kneel, a pleading expression filling his eyes.

Muyan lightly sighs: “Let’s go. Take her back, I’ll help her.”


On the couch, the woman slowly opens her eyes.

She’s muddle-headed at first, before she abruptly jolts up.

“Finally awake?” a clear and euphonious voice suddenly speaks up.

The woman’s head whips to the side, and she sees a young lady wearing white bedclothes. The other has a book on her hands while she sits by the candle flame, absent-mindedly staring at her.

Under the candlelight, the young lady’s countenance is shadowy, ethereal like an immortal. Simply looking would make others feel a sense of shame from their inferiority.

The woman lowers her head in sadness, the color of loneliness fills her face.

“Do tell, what’s your relationship with Yan Haotian? What do you want to do by following us the whole way today?”

The woman tenses her neck, coldly saying: “My relationship with Haotian, why should I tell you?”

Muyan smirks, calm eyes looking at her, “It’s just that he’s my subordinate now.”


The woman is struck dumb, “You… you two aren’t together? Not… that kind of relationship?”

After the shock, she’s visibly ecstatic.

A bright and beautiful smile rises to the surface of the woman’s face, adding a tender beauty to her originally pale complexion.

“Oh? What did you think our relationship was?” Muyan’s mouth curls up into a funny smile, “I really didn’t think that there’s actually someone who likes Yan Haotian, that chunk of wood.”

The woman’s expression turns cold, she lowers her voice: “Haotian, he’s very good!”

Soon after, she eases her tone until it sounds almost pleading: “Please tell me where Haotian is right now? Can I see him? How has he been all these years?”

“Before asking about him, shouldn’t you tell me your identity first?” Muyan says.

The woman stares blankly, then she wipes away her tears. She slowly says: “My name is Feng Haitang, Yan Haotian’s former fiancée.”

With the woman’s story, Muyan finally understands the whys and wherefores of the whole thing.

As it turns out, Feng Haitang and Yan Haotian grew up together as childhood sweethearts.

Their families have already arranged the two of them to marry.

However, just half a year before the Yan family was ruined, the Feng family suddenly requested to withdraw the pair’s wedding contract.

A marriage contract was even quickly drawn out for Feng Haitang and another man.

At the time of the incident, Feng Haitang was following her master’s travels, she knew nothing about dissolving her engagement nor the new marriage contract.

When she came back, don’t even say anything about the marriage with Yan Haotian, even the Yan family itself was ruined and exterminated.

Having said that, Feng Haitang firmly clenches her fists, her eyes are filled with tears of remorse, “My parents told me that the Yan family had been exterminated, and that Yan Haotian had already died then. But I absolutely didn’t believe it, in no way did I believe that Haotian would die like that. So despite my parent’s objections, I secretly ran away from home, searching all over the north and south sides of the Yangtze River. I was only able to hear news about him once I arrived at the Xia’an State of Chi Yan.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch173

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 173: You Know Each Other

In the end, both sides of the road are completely empty. Only the three lonesome figures remain.

However, Xiao Bao abruptly stops on his steps. He raises his head to look at Muyan, “Niangqin?”

Muyan smiles faintly and faces the empty space, with a clear voice: “Sire has followed us all the way to this place, don’t tell me that you’re still not planning to show your distinguished self?”

As soon as her voice drops, there’s a flash of light along with the burst of a harsh momentum.

Muyan and Xiao Bao remain where they are, while Yan Haotian makes his move.

The towering form hunches down and springs forward, wielding a palm strike towards another figure.

Dense Internal Force rushes forth like a tidal wave from his whole body.

A crashing sound, and the Internal Force produces an intense flare.

Yan Haotian used to be a high Earth Stage Practitioner, and although he had his cultivation crippled afterwards, the experience is still there.

After going through Muyan’s treatment, he directly recovered to the early Earth Stage.

And for more than a month, as the head of the Ink Camp, he had been continuously training together with his subordinates.

Now, he has already returned to high Earth Stage.

Although the other person is quite skilled and the cultivation is also high, it’s still far from being Yan Haotian’s match.

So a few breaths later, there’s a barely restrained chill within Yan Haotian’s eyes as his hands are hooked into claws, clutching around the other’s throat.

There’s a terrifying fury radiating out of his body.

It’s as if, as long as there’s even a little bit of movement from the other, he would immediately twist and break the person’s neck.

But in the next moment, he hears a soft, weak voice and it’s as if Yan Haotian’s entire person has been struck by lighting. His mind goes blank and his hand loosens.

“Yan Haotian, I finally… found you.”

Yan Haotian staggers and recoils, he opens his mouth to talk.

But he’s already been a mute for a while now, he’s no longer able to say anything.

Yet at this moment, this tower-like man’s body is shaking, the rim of his eyes slightly turning red.

“What? You know each other?”

He doesn’t know when Muyan has walked before them. She looks at Yan Haotian, then turns to look at the person he’s facing. There’s an amused expression on her face.

Standing directly across from Yan Haotian is a person wearing a man’s outfit, red eyes unwavering as they stare at Yan Haotian.

Yet with those red lips and white teeth, the face with the shape of a peach – no matter how you look at it, it’s a beautiful and delicate woman who is dressed as a man.

From the start, Muyan didn’t find any malice from the person following them.

She initially thought that it would be that youth who bought the lantern from the street stall.

Didn’t expect that it would actually turn out to be a woman.

Not only that, the woman’s relationship with Yan Haotian doesn’t seem to be a shallow one.

Hearing Muyan’s words, Yan Haotian suddenly comes back to himself. He soon curbs all his emotions, stiffly shaking his head.

Seeing that, the woman’s frail body suddenly wobbles.

She could no longer hold back the tears as they gather on the rims of her eyes.

A long while later, a hoarse and trembling voice spills out from the woman’s mouth: “Do you still blame me? If I tell you that on that day, I didn’t want to retract that marriage agreement, would you believe me?”

Yan Haotian closes his eyes. Soon after, he lightly shakes his head and looks at Muyan’s direction.

Muyan has a smile that isn’t a smile: “Oh, since you don’t know each other, let’s go then.”

The woman’s gaze slowly shifts towards Muyan. Seeing the latter’s absolutely beautiful countenance, the hurt and sadness in her eyes turn into despair within just a split second.

Drop by drop, tears tumble down from her eyes.

She pulls out a forced smile: “It turns out, you already have someone to accompany you. Like this, it’s really good, really… great.”

After she says that, the woman turns around and walks away with unsteady feet.

Having just taken a few aimless steps, her body goes limp and she directly crumbles down.

And at that very instant, Yan Haotian’s form rushes forward like a bolt of lightning, catching and holding her in his arms.

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EMHS – ch172

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 172: Guess the Riddle

Muyan turns to look while she’s holding Xiao Bao.

A youth in white clothes enters her sight. He has a lithe body, and an outstandingly refined bearing.

A wholesome warmth lingers around the person’s form, balmy like the sighing wind. Just one look and people would have a feeling of intimacy.

However, the youth is wearing a mask, covering most of the his face.

It only reveals a pair of clear black eyes, and thin dewy lips that have a soft arc.

Hearing Muyan’s voice, the youth also turns to look.

Seeing Muyan, as well as Xiao Bao in her arms, there’s a faint astonishment in the youth’s eyes.

“These two guests, I’m truly sorry. There’s only one of this rabbit lantern in or shop.”

The shop owner comes forward with a smile, “But there’s a custom in our store that if you want to buy a lantern, you have to guess it’s riddle. These two guests might as well try to guess this old riddle. This lantern will belong to whoever gives the correct answer first.”

“The riddle is this: All living things sleep together in a dream. It’s a type of draught ingredient.”

Muyan’s lips twitch, thinking that it’s interesting.

This boss’ riddle is actually on the subject of draught ingredients.

As Muyan is about to answer, she hears Xiao Bao’s crisp and lively voice: “Niangqin, Xiao Bao wants to guess!”

It’s for the rabbit lantern that Xiao Bao wants, so Xiao Bao has to guess it himself!

You should personally fight for the things that you want!

Muyan can’t help but be amused by her son’s aggressiveness. She looks down and nods, “Okay, Xiao Bao will guess.”

The exquisite little face slightly frowns, thinking hard about it.

For a while, he can’t seem to think of anything.

Just at this moment, the youth beside them says: “It’s the Plenary Scorpion Grass.”

  • Buthus Martensii is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s an herb here but actual scorpions are used irl.

Plenary Scorpion Grass is a very rare draught ingredient.

All living things sleep together in a dream, total sleep, Plenary Scorpion!

  • sleep and scorpion have different characters but both are “xiē”

Xiao Bao has never encountered it, therefore he can’t think of it.

“The gongzi guessed it!” the boss exclaims. He laughs as he takes the rabbit lantern down and hands it to the youth.

Xiao Bao is a little disappointed, but he doesn’t regret it.

He grabs Muyan’s hand and is about to leave.

“Little gongzi, please wait.” the youth suddenly calls out to stop them.

Just as Xiao Bao turns his head, the rabbit lamp is already presented in front of him, “For you.”

Unfortunately, Xiao Bao doesn’t appreciate the gesture. He speaks in a low muffled voice: “Niangqin said that, for a proper man, a loss is a loss.”

Won’t accept charity.

The corner of the youth’s mouth hooks up in amusement, revealing a sliver of an absent-minded smile. After a while, there’s a quiet reply: “The one who likes this rabbit lantern… I can’t find any traces of her for a very long time now. So even if I bring this back, I won’t be able to give it to her. That’s why it would be better to give this to you instead, little gongzi. Besides…”

The young man raises his head to look at Muyan, “Your niangqin had already guessed the answer first. On principle, this lantern is yours.”

Saying that, the young man places the lantern on Xiao Bao’s hands, then turns to walk away.

Looking at the youth’s retreating back, Muyan raises her brows as she catches sight of the jade card by his waist.

That’s the jade card of [Zi Yang Zong].

In the Huang Yao Country, Zi Yang Zong is a sect second only to the Heavenly Road Sect.

A few years ago however, it could be said that it was merely a small, second or third-rate sect in Huang Yao.

But these past years, it has gained some reputation, and its strength has soared.

That’s all because Zi Yang Zong has a genius that shocked the Yanwu Continent, Bai Yichen.

Before Gong Qianxue had advanced to Heaven Stage at the age of 22, Bai Yichen was publicly known as the number one genius in the entire Yanwu Continent.

Well anyway, Muyan very quickly throws Zi Yang Zong and the youth to the back of her mind.

Holding Xiao Bao, they continue to wander around the city.

When the moon is in its highest point in the sky, only then does the three people slowly walk back.

The more they walk towards the Junji Drugstore, the less people they encounter.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father