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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 171: Rabbit Lantern

She sends Chang Yu a quick glance, and takes out a bottle of draught.

She motions for Xiao Bao to come over, “Xiao Bao, your group of subordinates have been undergoing training for quite a while now. Who do you think is the most remarkable one among them? Give him this Philter of Barrier Breaking as a reward.”


Philter of Barrier Breaking–?!!!

Could it be that Philter of Barrier Breaking that is valued at 10 million gold coins?!

After Muyan says this, all the members of the Ink Camp stagger.

Especially when they see Xiao Bao expressionlessly giving the Philter over to Chang Yu, they become even more regretful that their intestines are turning green.

They are pigs a! They’re idiots!

Why didn’t they perform better in the first place?

If they did, that Philter of Barrier Breaking would probably be theirs today.

Chang Yu is overwhelmed from Xiao Bao’s favor as he receives the Philter.

Although he’s already rapidly reaching the point of breaking through to Earth Stage, having this Philter is tantamount to brushing away all obstacles.

There will no longer be any dangers or repercussions during the breakthrough.

And after that, he would be in a very stable state, and would be able to advance more rapidly in a short period of time.

How can he possibly be dissatisfied with this?

“Thank you, young master!” Chang Yu holds the draught, and his scarred face becomes creased with laughter, “From today onward, this subordinate will definitely spare no effort to pledge my life, loyalty, and devotion to the young master.”

Xiao Bao nods, slowly saying three syllables: “You’re not bad!”

Even though it’s just a simple assessment, these words come from the mouth of the little master who cherishes words like gold!

That’s just not easy to get!

Chang Yu is so moved that his body can’t help but tremble, and the other Ink Camp members become even more mad with jealousy.

They swear that they’ll perform better next time, strive to win the Philter of Barrier Breaking as a reward, as well as the acquire the little master’s praise.

Muyan looks at this scene and the corners of her mouth curls up into a shallow smile.


The autumn wind is soughing, and the Yanwu Continent’s annual Lantern Festival has already arrived without their notice.

Followed by Yan Haotian, Muyan takes Xiao Bao to leisurely and carefreely walk the streets of Xia’an.

The streets today are really bustling with noise and excitement.

Both sides of the street are lined with brilliant and colorful hanging lanterns, and there’s a glittering and delightful array of goods below.

On this day, both men and women are on a jaunt, and there are cheers and laughter everywhere.

“Xiao Bao, is there anything that you want? Niangqin will buy it for you?” holding Xiao Bao’s hand, Muyan bows down asks Xiao Bao with a soft voice.

But Xiao Bao shakes his head and simply tightens his hold on Muyan, “There’s nothing.”

It’s enough as long as he has niangqin by his side.

Muyan is somewhat distressed. Her baby is too well-behaved, too sensible. Why can’t he be a little bit more like the other children and act spoiled, make a fuss, and want this and that?

“Baby, look, doesn’t that rabbit lantern look nice?” Muyan suddenly points to a lantern hanging outside a stall not far from them. She asks Xiao Bao, “Doesn’t it resemble the fat rabbit?”

Xiao Bao follows the direction where Muyan is pointing at. And sure enough, he sees a white, fat rabbit lantern.

Long ears, red eyes, and a very small mouth.

It really looks so cute, so much lovelier than that stupid rabbit inside the space.

Inside the space, the fat rabbit lets out an “achoo”, like how a person ordinarily sneezes.

It uses its short claws to scratch its nose, then it changes its position on the ground, and then it is sound asleep.

Muyan sees that Xiao Bao’s eyes are shining like the moon as he looks at the rabbit lantern. She happily picks him up and goes in front of the shop.

“Boss, I want this rabbit lantern.”

“Boss, give me this lantern.”

Almost at the same time, a low and gentle voice is heard coming from beside them.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch170

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 170: To Dedicate a Life

“What?!! You’re breaking through?!”

“This… how is this possible?!”

Chang Yu looks around their circle and sneers: “Could it be that you can’t tell how your own cultivation had been rising at a frightening speed in this short period of time?”

When Chang Yu brought that up, everyone looks at each other and begins to examine themselves.

And they find this inspection really incredible.

“Fuck me, your father is actually about to breakthrough to the peak Profound Stage!”

“My, my… my cultivation has also advanced!”

“God, I didn’t notice it at all!”

Chang Yu continues to taunt them: “See you’re all idiots, not even noticing. Didn’t you see the scenes of those huge crowds outside Junji Drugstore these past few days? What did all those people come for? All of them came to buy draughts. You guys still don’t realize why would all those people line up even all through the night, insisting to buy from our Junji Drugstore?”

Everyone else has their eyes wide open, their hands trembling, somewhat unable to control their state of mind.

“That’s because our boss is a super-powerful draught refiner. The draught that she makes is hard to acquire even with ten million gold coins. And we’re drinking a bottle of it every day.”


Someone couldn’t help but gulp down his spit.

“As for the drills and the zither songs, I don’t know how you’re all feeling, but in these few days, I only feel that my body has become stronger and it’s old wounds are slowly healing. What’s harder to believe, is that I feel my mind has become sharper, and my heart demons are just banished subconsciously. The bottleneck that had bothered me for several years have unexpectedly become insignificant in just a few days.”

“Do you guys know what this means?”

Everyone in the room, simultaneously sucked in a mouthful of cold air, their bodies involuntarily shudder.

Chang Yu shakes his sleeves, turning around to leave the room, “If there’s still an idiot that wants to leave, then leave. I think there’s definitely a lot of people from outside that wants to enter our Ink Camp!”

As soon as Chang Yu is gone, the remaining people look at each other.

Someone suddenly exclaims: “Screw leaving! Your father will take root in the Ink Camp from now on, born in the Ink Camp, die in the Ink Camp!”

“Only swearing loyalty and devotion to the little master and it’ll help me advance rapidly and become stronger. So what if I dedicate my life to the young master?”

Besides, Jun Muyan gave them the time limit of ten years.

That woman said that as long as they protect and stay loyal to Xiao Bao for ten years, they can still go free. After this ordeal, they’d be able to decide for themselves.


On the next day’s drills, Muyan is surprised to find that these Ink Camp’s people suddenly have a surge of unprecedented enthusiasm.

Each and every one of them seem like they’ve been injected with chicken blood.

Even the submersion under the Tian Mo Qin’s [Life is But a Dream]- they originally dread to go through with it… but now, there’s a complete lack of fear and each one of them is eager to give it a try instead.

Muyan shakes her head in regret.

Tsk… these guys, how did they get it straight this soon?

If only they didn’t get the point of this, she still could’ve tortured them for a while longer.

Yup, although the training this time is beneficial for the members of the Ink Camp,

But it’s also true that Muyan is really tormenting them on purpose.

For example, the Body Tempering Draught originally doesn’t have any side effects when you drink it, but she modified it to become a “bitter medicine” that would give you the pain of hovering between life and death once you take it.

Another example would be that in the [Life is But a Dream], she made their lives a little bit more miserable, a little bit more torturous.

The reason is of course, to take revenge for the filthy words that came from these guys’ mouths when they were shaming Xiao Bao.

But now that these guys have become so proactive and obedient, Muyan finds it too embarrassing to keep on tormenting them.

She sends Chang Yu a quick glance, and unexpectedly takes out a bottle of draught.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch169

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 169: A Life of Torment

Muyan chuckles: “Xiao Bao is really smart, but simply defeating them isn’t enough. It’s still more important for Xiao Bao to make them more willing to listen to your words, and vow their loyalty and devotion to you. In this way, Xiao Bao could become powerful enough.”

“I’ll be as strong as that lecher!” Xiao Bao tightens his little fists, huge eyes shining like the full moon, “Then, I can protect niangqin.”


Muyan stares blankly for a good long while before she could respond. Xiao Bao is talking about Di Ming Jue.

She sends a quick look to the courtyard next to theirs, a complicated expression on her face.

Wu… it’s already been quite a while since she last saw that man’s figure.

It’s probably because that night, he was really angry, wasn’t he?


The next few days, the newly established Ink Camp has it’s members collectively fall into the torment of deep water and scorching fire.

Their daily life is like this–

Training, taking draughts, and listen to a song.

Doesn’t that sound particularly happy and fulfilling?

Is it really?

These group of people who crawled out of from the mountain of corpses and the sea of fire, these handful of butchers reeking with blood… each one of them are in fact, living a life worse than death.

This so-called training isn’t practicing martial arts or Internal Force.

Instead, they’re made to line up in formation everyday, do drills, and run back and forth – it’s so tedious and boring that these brawny men just want to knock themselves against a wall.

After training, Muyan would prepare a bottle of body-tempering draught for everyone.

That’s a special grade draught a!

Outside Junji Drugstore, just how many people are scrambling over and racking their brains just to buy it, but they’re unable to.

But when the people of Ink Camp are drinking it, they would cry for their father and call for their mother.

That’s because the draught they’re taking is really too special that it hurts!

They feel like all the muscles on their body are set on fire, their flesh getting cut by knives.

It would continue that way, and it won’t disappear for a long period of time.

So every time they take the draught, there would be the sound of a dozen or so brawny men wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves.

Their schedule for the evening is to listen to a song?

Hasn’t this always been a pleasant activity?

People from Ink Camp would say: I, your father, don’t want to listen to this song again in my entire life.

No, till the next life! Until the next, next life, don’t want to listen to it again!

That’s because the sound of that zither has a dreadful power. Whenever it plays, it would be just like they’re sinking into a bottomless, endless nightmare.

They would desperately struggle within that nightmare, and wake up drenched in cold sweat.

Thinking about it, listening to that tune everyday, like their life has gone to the dogs* and merely and exhausting torture, day after day… who can bear that a!

  • wasted, it’s over.


Late at night, inside the Ink Camp.

“Fuck this, your father can’t stand this anymore, I want to escape from here!”

“Escape? How are you gonna do that? Do you think you can run away even just from this courtyard, when there’s Yan Haotian keeping watch in this camp?”

“We have to escape even if there’s no way! Don’t tell me you want to be tortured to death here?”

The people from the Ink Camp are together in a cluster, angrily discussing how they can escape the clutches of that female demon and the little king of hell.

Unexpectedly, a rough voice abruptly interrupts their indignant conversation.

“Bunch of idiots! These days, haven’t any of you noticed any changes on your body?”

Hearing this, everyone gives a start and simultaneously turn towards the scarred man.

“Chang Yu, what you do mean by this?”

“Also, who do you think you are, daring to say we’re idiots!”

That scarred man is known as Chang Yu. There’s contempt within his eyes as he coldly sweeps a glance over them, “You’ve found yourself deep inside the treasure mountain, getting benefits as big as the sky; but not knowing anything, you’re still thinking of running away. What are you, if not idiots?”

“Chang Yu, say it clearly, what benefits as big as the sky did we get in the end?”

Chang Yu takes a deep breath, suppressing the turbulent excitement and delight in his eyes. After a long pause, he speaks in a low voice: “Within three months at most, I’ll be preparing to advance to the Earth Stage.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch168

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 168: Ink Camp

Isn’t this kid a monster?

Muyan slowly walks over, looking around at the tragic sight of the dozen or so people. With an easy smile: “How about it? Will you serve?”

Some of them open their mouths to speak in anger.

However, Muyan’s next words intimidate their guts to shrink back.

“Baby, if there’s any insubordination, remember that you can hit them until they obey.”

Xiao Bao clenches his tiny fists and coldly nods, “En!”

All the slaves uncontrollably shake in unison.

Soon after, under the lead of that scarred man, each and every one of them clamber up and kneel towards Muyan: “Slaves are willing to follow Master!”

Muyan has a focused expression and she lowers her voice: “Your master isn’t me, but him, Jun Mochen!”

Muyan’s places her hand on Xiao Bao’s head, making it clear that he is their new master.

Xiao Bao stares blankly. He then raises his head to look up towards Muyan, softly calling out: “Niangqin?”

Muyan smiles at him and shakes her head. She then turns her attention to the slaves, “Any objections?”

Had this sentence been asked a quarter of an hour ago, these slaves will surely laugh loudly and derisively.

Now however!

If Muyan wants them to recognize her as Master, perhaps they would still have some hesitation.

But to recognize Xiao Bao instead?

The scarred man’s right fist is pressed against the left part of his chest, he bows and makes a salutation to Xiao Bao, “This slave is willing to recognize the young master as Lord!”

“This slave is willing to recognize the young master as Lord!” all the slaves shout together in unison.

Muyan continues: “From now on, you are all no longer slaves, and there would be no need to call yourselves as slaves. You are now members of the [Ink Camp] headed by Yan Haotian, and you will receive training and have a unified deployment.”

“In the future, I may dispatch you to undertake various kinds of tasks, but you must always remember one thing: your ultimate command and objective is only one, and that is to protect your young master. Anything conflicting with this command, even if it comes from me, you may refuse to obey.”

“Do you understand?”

The dozen or so slaves, or rather the members of the Ink Camp, fall into a very brief moment of silence. They simultaneously bow, and reply with clear voices: “Subordinate obeys!”

Xiao Bao looks up and stares at Muyan in a daze, his tiny hands couldn’t help but clench more firmly.

Muyan looks at the respectful manner of the Ink Camp’s members, but she knows that to genuinely tame them, it would still need some time.

However, she’s really not even a little bit anxious.

She believes that the process of making these people obedient will certainly be… very interesting!


After letting Yan Haotian take away the members of the Ink Camp to first help them settle down, Muyan crouches down to look at Xiao Bao, “What’s wrong? Is Xiao Bao unhappy?”

Xiao Bao’s little face is still cold, but there’s clearly an expression of hurt and grievance within those big blue eyes, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao doesn’t want protection, Xiao Bao wants to protect niangqin!”

“Silly child.” Muyan chuckles and gently strokes his head, “Those people have all the skills of a three-legged cat*, they’re not even a match for Xiao Bao, how can they protect niangqin and my baby?”

  • jack of all trades, master of note, unskilled.

Xiao Bao stares blankly and reveals a puzzled expression.

In the end, he’s just a four-year-old child and there are a lot of things that he still doesn’t understand.

“Xia Bao, you have to understand that becoming more powerful isn’t limited to the method of simply advancing your own cultivation. There’s still another way to make you incomparably formidable. That is to gather a group of people for you to utilize, making other people’s strength become your strength.”

Xiao Bao doesn’t really understand it as he nods, “So niangqin made me defeat those people?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch167

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 167: A Four-Year-Old Child

As she’s saying that, she turns to a distance and waves over, “Come here, Xiao Bao.”

Hearing Muyan’s call, the practicing Xiao Bao promptly and obediently comes over.

Muyan touches her son’s head.

She just unhurriedly says: “You’re opponent… is him.”

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Smelly girl, are you making fun of us?”

“A milk doll, I, your father could kill him with a finger.”

With a smile that isn’t a smile, Muyan looks on as they raucously curse. She waits for their commotion to settle down before she speaks with a sneer: “It seems that you don’t want this opportunity.”

Saying that, she turns around to leave.

“Wait a moment!” the scarred man immediately calls for her to stop, he says doubtfully, “What you said, that you’d let us go free as long as we defeat this small child, is that true?”

“Of course!” Muyan turns back, “I’ll never speak lies.”

“Is this one versus one, or two wins out of three sets?”

This puts Muyan on a stump.

So she looks down to Xiao Bao, “Baby, say, what would be more interesting?”

Xiao Bao’s tiny face is as cold as usual, but there’s a flash of impatience within the depths of his eyes, “All of you, all at once.”

Muyan looks up and beams, “You all heard that?”

The slaves from Ghost City are all stunned, doubting if what they heard was just their imagination.

A small child who’s less than five years old actually said “all at once” to face them – these strong fiendish men?

Is this foolish, or is this insanity?

After they’re done staring blankly, an ominous light emerges from within each slave’s eyes.

They are looked down upon by a milk down and a woman too weak to stand up to the wind, how could they tolerate this?!

“Little kid, since you’re courting death, don’t blame these grandfathers for being rude!”

“Just now, the woman said it herself, even if we pummel this little kid into powder, we can’t be blamed either!”

“That’s right, who made it so that this smelly girl doesn’t know how high the is sky and how wide is the earth!”

While they’re talking, a fierce killing intent thickly surrounds the slaves as they rush up like a swarm of bees.

Muyan unhurriedly steps back, arms crossed in front of her chest as she watches this overwhelmingly one-sided crushing battle as it’s about to begin.

Expressionless at the side, Yan Haotian can only look at her, then at the group of slaves surrounding the young master, then imperceptibly shake his head.

He has already determined that the future of this group of idiots would be very miserable.

One can’t just look at how the Miss is beaming right now, since all those who have insulted the little master, she won’t let a single one of them easily get away with it!

What’s more, just with this group of idiots, and they want to defeat the young master?

They’re dreaming!

Just as this thought flashes through Yan Haotian’s mind,

There’s a loud bang, and a huge body is already flying up and out the fray, he heavily tumbles down to the ground, and suddenly coughs a mouthful of blood.

Then the one becomes two, and the two becomes three.

Following that, one could hear miserable shrieks like wailing ghosts and howling wolves throughout the whole courtyard.

Afterwards, each and every one of the brawny, tower-like men are either sent flying with a kick, or lifted up in the air and thrown out.

In brief, after a short quarter of an hour later in the yard, except for the spectating Muyan and Yan Haotian,

Only a very small figure stands proudly in the the middle of the courtyard.

And around him are the disordered strong men lying on the ground, each one of them sporting a bloody nose and a swollen face as they continuously shriek miserably.

At this moment, the way that all the slaves look at Xiao Bao,

It’s no longer of mere shock and amazement, but it’s as if they’re looking at a monster.

This one is only a four-year-old child a!

A child that is not taller than their waists.

Unexpectedly… unexpectedly took on more than a dozen of them “devils” who have crawled out from a sea of blood and corpses, and he had completely beaten them to the ground!

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EMHS – ch166

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 166: Neither

The content itself is extremely crammed and messy, like scattered jottings of personal insights. But even a fool would be able to see how precious these notes are.

Chen Qingfeng looks at Muyan stupidly, “Miss Jun, why… why would you give this to me?”

This time, Xiao Bao himself couldn’t bear it any longer.

Once again, he eventually frostily spits out those two syllables, “Mo! Ron!”

Chen Qingfeng gives a start, like Xiao Bao’s “moron” seems to have unclogged his system.

He snaps his eyes wide open, shakily saying: “Miss Jun, you… are you going to teach me how to refine drugs?”

Muyan shakes her head, “Not that stupid after all.”

*cough*, *cough*… but, this should be your guarded secret, how can you just teach it to an outsider like me?”

This Draught Manual is indeed Muyan’s notes when she was researching how to refine during her four years in the mountains.

If you take it outside and sell it to another refiner, it would definitely fetch a high price.

But for the current Muyan, it’s not really a top secret or anything.

That’s because her real secret when it comes to refining draughts no longer rely on these formulas, but on the Tian Mo Qin, on the Shen Musician techniques.

But with this Chen Qingfeng’s distracted and foolish look, the explanation doesn’t seem to be clear enough.

Muyan narrows her brows and says in a deep voice: “Adult man, stop being overly-sensitive. It’s simply a matter of learning or not learning.”

“Will learn, will learn!” Chen Qingfeng takes the Draught Manual to his chest like he’s holding the most precious treasure. With his head banging on the ground, he kowtows several times to Muyan, “Rest assured, Miss Jun. Everyday, even if I don’t eat or sleep, I will definitely not fail your expectations.”

First, it goes without saying that Chen Qingfeng would neglect sleep and forget about food for the next few days, plunging deep into refining draughts.

Next, the Junji Drugstore, under the management of Ru Yan and with the assistance of Old Tao, has become popular within the whole city of Xia’an, like waves rising with the help of wind.

So for the following days, Muyan’s attention is mostly placed on the slaves that came from the Ghost City.

The Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku – it is named as such because of course, there’s a countless number of slaves in there.

And from these slaves, there is a harshness within their eyes, and an ominous air oozes out from their bodies. You would know at once, that they aren’t the good type of people.

But Muyan must say: she is very satisfied.

“I can give you all a chance.” Muyan sweeps her eyes over these people, and she directly goes straight to the point, “I will immediately give you your freedom as long as you win. Moreover, I will also ensure that Ghost City and I will not find trouble with you anymore. But if you lose, you will behave and do as you’re told, and give your life to me. Does any of you object?”

The slaves look at each other in dismay, their eyes shifting repeatedly.

Yet not one person is jumping in joy.

A man steps forward from within the crowd. His face is covered in knife scars, and his appearance is even more frightening than Yan Haotian’s. He asks with a rough voice: “Who do we have to defeat? You, or him?”

The scarred man points his finger towards Yan Haotian.

With Old Tao helping to look after the Junji Drugstore, Muyan reassigned Yan Haotian to be by Xiao Bao’s side.

Making him completely listen and obey Xiao Bao’s orders, as well as attend to Xiao Bao.

When the scarred man asks this, each and every one of the slaves are like looking at a big opponent, nervously staring at Yan Haotian.

In the Ghost City, only a few slaves wouldn’t be familiar with this ever-victorious “Madman Number 3” from the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Even if some of them have a higher cultivation than Yan Haotian, they’ve never had the upper hand against him.

Muyan sees the look on these slaves, and the corners of her mouth slightly quirk up. It reveals a shallow smile, indescribably bright and moving.


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EMHS – ch165

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 165: Don’t Discard Me

These past few days, she was busy with familiarizing herself with the Shen Musician techniques, as well as refining special draughts. So she didn’t have time to operate anything else.

But she has already been planning to build up her own power.

In this life, she wants Gong Qianxue’s complete defeat and fall from grace, to have her left with nothing.

Make Heavenly Road Sect, the number one sect of Huang Yao Country, collapse and fall apart – for it to disappear between heaven and earth.

No one knows it more clearly than she does, just how strong are the forces of the Jing Cheng Country’s royalty and the Heavenly Road Sect’s forces. Gong Qianxue’s influence is numerous and complicated, and they are scattered everywhere.

If she herself doesn’t have enough power and strength, how would she be able to avenge the Blood Sea Vendetta of her previous life?


At this time, Muyan could see that Chen Qingfeng is clearly not suited for business.

She was originally thinking on whether or not to hire a shrewder shopkeeper.

On the contrary, Ru Yan and Old Tao’s arrival at this time eases Muyan’s troubles by a lot.

“Ru Yan, you will be in charge Junji Drugstore’s business later. Old Tao, you’ll assist Ru Yan. Tell those people with other ideas that if they want to buy my Junji Drugstore’s draughts, they need to abide by the rules. Otherwise, just beat them out with a stick for me.”

Along with the increasing number of special draughts that Muyan refines, the drugs’ effects become more and more in defiance of the natural order as well.

It would be impossible to say that there aren’t people in Xia’an that would want to take advantage, and use force to buy and sell.

Ru Yan and Old Tao give a start, both seeing delight in each other’s eyes. They bow in succession and say: “Yes, Miss.”

They didn’t expect that Muyan would entrust them with such a heavy responsibility just after they arrived.

This could only mean that they’re totally not regarded as outsiders.

However, although Ru Yan and Old Tao are in a cheerful mood, Chen Qingfeng is hanging is head dispiritedly, almost about to cry.

Muyan looks over at Chen Qingfeng funnily, “Come with me.”

Chen Qinfeng hangs his head down and dejectedly follows.

After entering through the door, Muyan just picks up a tangerine and starts feeding half to her son, and the other half leisurely enters her mouth. While doing so, she asks: “Do you know why I wouldn’t let you manage the Junji Drugstore anymore?”

Chen Qinfeng’s eyes are red, doing his best to stop the tears from falling, “I… I do, it’s because I’m too stupid, I’m too useless! But, but Miss Jun, can you not discard me?”

Not to mention that compared to Ru Yan, who’s hundreds of thousands of times stronger than him, he’s just an ordinary drugstore shopkeeper.

Had it been someone else handling the miraculous draughts that Muyan refines, the store’s business would have already become dazzling, and flourishing in Xia’an.

And what about him? Going out empty-handed from the treasure mountain, that even now, the shop is still unfrequented, that except for when they’re selling those draughts, they don’t have any revenue at all.

Muyan almost chokes on her tangerine!

What ‘don’t discard him’? Who exactly did she provoke that everyone is saying that she’s abandoning them?

cough…” Muyan takes the towel proffered by Xiao Bao and wipes her mouth with it. Only then does she speak, “Well then, wipe away those tears. A grown man, aren’t you ashamed of crying in front of Xiao Bao. I’m not letting you manage the drugstore because there are more important things that I want you to do.”

“More important things?” Chen Qingfeng’s rabbit-like red eyes looks at Muyan.

Muyan raises a hand and throws a book towards Chen Qingfeng, “I remember you saying that you have some basic knowledge about refining! Within half a month, thoroughly study the contents of these notes. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.”

Chen Qingfeng picks up the book and flips it open, the words ‘Draught Manual’ written there.

In flower pin shorthand, inside are densely-packed explanations about draught ingredients, how to handle herbs, their different proportions and usage, as well as their various effects.

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