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Chapter 285: Seven steps back
    His cold gaze sweeps over Deng Hongfeng, and eventually falls on Muyan, “You can only blame this woman, actually daring to humiliate the Xuan Medical Pavilion. Today, I can see that you’re already a senior doctor, so I won’t take your life, just give you a little lesson!”
    Before his voice could fall, his figure is like lightning as it disappears from his spot.
    When everyone is able to react, a palm that’s wrapped with a powerful Internal Force is already charging towards Muyan.
    Not only does this palm boil with pure Internal Force, it contains boundless pressure.
    What’s even more frightening is the sinister miasma coming out with it.
    The people who are standing even a little bit too close, when they make slight contact with the sinister gas-
    They could feel their Qi Sea boil, their skin burning like they’ve been set on fire.
    Everyone in the Junji Medical Center, even Old Tao and the others, they all show expression of alarm and concern.
    There are even some people that can’t help but cry out, “Be careful, doctor!”
    The rolling wave of heat from that Internal Force makes even Xiao Bao feel a stifling oppression.
    In a split second, his handsome little face is stretched taut even further.
    Without waiting for him to prepare for combat however, his is pulled back by the collar, until he’s behind someone.
    A fair, jade-like palm slowly strikes out.
    Under that tidal wave of sinister Internal Force, those lily-white hands seem like they will be destroyed at any instant.
    The next moment however, a magical scene takes place.
    From the void, those white jade palms suddenly turn and invert, appearing to unfurl some layers like a snow lotus from the Tianshan mountains, spreading out and blossoming.
    Immediately after that, even though there clearly aren’t zither strings that are being strummed-
    A melodious and beautiful sound of a zither seems to ring in everyone’s ears.
    In the wake of this creeping Qin music, the black-tinted Internal Force seems to have met it’s bane.
    It’s getting quickly swallowed up.
    When it’s not swallowed, it also flees in panic like a stray dog.
    A trace of shock finally appears on the guard’s face, when it has always been high and mighty.
    It’s at this time that those two hands come into contact with each other.
    Zheng–!! A thrumming sound of the zither.
    Boom–!! Now the collision of the two palm strikes.
    The pair draw back at the same time.
    Muyan takes three steps back.
    But that Enforcer retreats for no less than seven steps.
    Once he has steadied his form after great difficulty, his face bursts into green then white, unsightly that it’s almost dripping with ink.
    His eyes are fixed on Muyan, barely able to control his tone and emotions, “You… who are you?!!”
    She’s clearly a girl who’s less than twenty years of age, but unexpectedly… she can match his palm strike!
    Wouldn’t that mean that she must have a Precelestial cultivation?!
    No, it’s absolutely not just a simple Precelestial!
    But how is this possible?!
    Before Muyan could respond, Deng Hongfeng hurries to yell loudly: “This stinking bitch is called Jun Muyan. With just a little bit of skill in medicine, she already completely doesn’t put our Xuan Medical Pavilion in her eyes, even humiliating Master with her words!”
    Deng Hongfeng has really been greatly overwhelmed and suppressed by Muyan this time.
    He’s never been this aggrieved before!
    He thought about all kinds of means to kill Jun Muyan, but there was no way to do it.
    Even the mercenaries, each and every one of them also disappeared and never came back.
    Of course, he knows that Enforcer Li is powerful, but the latter is one of the most capable subordinates around Master.
    How could he send Enforcer Li on an errand, when he doesn’t even dare use words of persuasion.
    That’s because Enforcer Li is extremely dreadful, his whole body is like poison. If Deng Hongfeng gets close to slightly provoking the other, he would have to fear for his life.
    But he didn’t expect that today, Jun Muyan, this fool would actually enrage Enforcer Li.
    Isn’t that courting death for herself?
    How would he be willing to let go of such a great opportunity?

EMHS – ch284

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Chapter 284: The Dangerous Enforcer Li
    Jun Muyan doesn’t bother with him, opting to turn towards that beautiful woman instead.
    “Oh, that’s right. Just now, wasn’t it you who said that my establishment’s treatment killed someone?”
    The woman meets those bottomless peach-blossom eyes of Muyan, making her quiver from head to foot.
    She repeatedly shakes her head and says: “No no no! I… I just misunderstood! This housewife was simply worried about husband and got anxious!”
    “Haha? Anxious and worried about your husband?” Muyan’s mouth is slightly quirked up, “But just a moment ago, why did I hear you say that you didn’t mean to harm him? Moreover, if you’re really anxious and worried about your husband, why is it that seeing him alive, your first reaction isn’t to go wild with joy, but you tumble to the ground from fright?”
    Saying that, Muyan even turns to Dr. Yu and sticks out her lips, “Look, the person you accused of killing your husband – he didn’t feel scared at all when he saw your husband come to life, he’s very happy instead!”
    Having himself referred to, Dr. Yu is simply overwhelmed by the favor from his superior.
    He promptly gives a deep bow towards Muyan. When he raises his head up, the rims of his eyes are all red, “Thank you, Miss, for your grace of saving me!”
    Muyan smiles towards him but she doesn’t say anything.
    Hearing Muyan’s questions, the middle-aged man’s gaze turns sharp as he looks at that beautiful woman.
    The woman begins to uncontrollably tremble from head to foot, “I… I’m not… I just didn’t expect that my husband would still be alive… I’m very… very happy…”
    Halfway through her words, a hand suddenly clutches her throat.
    The middle-aged man coldly says: “No wonder I felt pain on my neck when I stood up, it was at that time that you moved against me, wasn’t it? You poisonous woman, I wasn’t unkind to you, how can you treat me like this!!”
    After that, the five fingers immediately tighten up.
    The woman opens her eyes wide in horror. She can’t bear it any longer, and she lets out a broken, hoarse voice to beg forgiveness, “No… not me… it’s… it’s someone from the Hongfu Medical Center that made me… made me kill you in the Junji Medical Center, and blame them…”
    “Someone from the Hongfu Medical Center? Who?”
    The beautiful woman tearfully looks towards the direction of Deng Hongfeng.
    But she suddenly feels a pang in her skull, and soon after, she has completely lost her breath.
    The one who moved is unexpectedly not the middle-aged man, but the guard by Deng Hongfeng’s side.
    That guard’s appearance is very ordinary, but when he moves, he gives off the breath of a dreadful cultivation.
    This breath is frightening to the point where everyone in there feels a chill run down their spine, cold sweat flowing down.
    After he returns to Deng Hongfeng’s side, he smiles coldly and says: “A poisonous woman who dares to shift the blame to a senior doctor, she’s simply tired of living!”
    “And you!” he looks at Muyan, the expression in his eyes is so cold that it could freeze other people stiff, “Clean your mouth a bit for me. The dignified Xuan Medical Pavilion is not something that a silly little girl like you can provoke.”
    Hearing someone insult his mother, Xiao Bao’s eyes grow cold, and he takes a step forward to set out.
    However, Muyan very quickly restrains him by the shoulder.
    The breath on this guard is very dangerous.
    Although his cultivation is not as good as her own, Muyan just has this inexplicable intuition of danger.
    Most of all, when he was hiding behind Deng Hongfeng just now, she herself wasn’t able to sense him.
    She may not be afraid of him moving against her, but there are innocent patients in Junji Medical Center. They might suffer a calamity.
    Seeing the guard act, Deng Hongfeng’s eyes brighten all of a sudden, “Enforcer Li, you… you’re finally willing to do it at last!”
    The man is clearly dressed-up as a guard, but Deng Hongfeng is extremely respectful towards him.
    And that guard called Enforcer Li – the eyes that he uses to look at Deng Hongfeng doesn’t have even a tiny bit of submission or awe. On the contrary, it is filled with disdain.

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Chapter 283: Alive
    At this moment, do they have no choice but accept the fact – that the one who disposed of those people just now is actually this child?
    Unexpectedly, a four or five year old child has easily knocked down those dozen strong men with their high cultivation?
    This… where did this monster come from?
    “Ugh… gkh–! Cough, cough, cough–!!”
    Just as everyone is completely quiet from the shock, they hear a violent coughing from the floor.
    Everyone’s sight stiffly shift over to look.
    Soon after, they’re completely struck dumb!
    Heavens!! What are they seeing?!
    That middle aged man actually, actually, has really come back to life!
    The entire medical center falls into a deathly silence.
    Soon after, they hear the middle-aged man cough once again as he slowly sits up.
    Those eyes, still cloudy and red from bloody tears, dart over and squarely meet that beautiful woman’s gaze.
    A terrified screech rips through the sky, and the beautiful woman who was pitifully crying just a moment ago – now has her ass plop down to the floor from fright. She looks deathly pale, and her whole body is trembling like a sieve.
    “Ghost–! Ghost–!! Don’t come over, don’t come over! Aaaah– I didn’t mean to kill you, don’t come to me!”
    Apparently, the middle-aged man still hasn’t come to his senses, as his first reaction when he sees the beautiful woman is to cry out: “Jin’e? What’s going on with you?”
    Unexpectedly, the woman fearfully trembles even more instead.
    At this time, the other people in the establishment also start to react.
    “He came back to life! He really came back to life!”
    “God! As it turns out, the enchantress really has the capability to make someone rise up from the dead!”
    “This is the first time that I’ve seen such miraculous medical skills!”
    “The Enchantress really deserves to be called the number one Godly Doctor in Tianyuan City!”
    “What Tianyuan City, such miraculous skills on medicine is simply unprecedented, it has never appeared before – it should be the first in Yanwu Continent!!”
    All those discussing voices makes Deng Hongfeng’s originally smug expression suddenly freeze in place.
    He looks at the middle-aged man who is already getting up from the floor, then he turns to look at Muyan who is directing a smile that isn’t a smile towards Deng Hongfeng. One can say that his complexion is just getting extremely ugly.
    Muyan claps her hand, drawling: “Dr. Deng, didn’t you just say that the ‘enchantress is only at this level’? May I ask, what level would that be?”
    As she says that, her left hand makes a fist, and she softly strikes her right hand’s palm with it. With a lazy smile, “In fact, I would actually want to ask Dr. Deng,  what level of medical skills would a doctor have when he’s unable to tell if a person is dead or alive?”
    “Pft!” someone can’t help but laugh.
    Deng Hongfeng can’t bear it anymore, and he bellows: “Jun Muyan, don’t go too far! Don’t forget that I am a senior doctor of Xuan Medical Pavilion, how can a woman like you possibly censure!”
    “Hehe, a senior doctor from Xuan Medical Pavilion can’t even determine if a person is dead or alive. It seems that the examination for rating doctors issued by the Xuan Medical Pavilion doesn’t have any credibility!”
    When these words come out, the medical center goes quiet for a moment-
    Then it erupts into a series of low whispers.
    Deng Hongfeng’s complexion becomes more and more unsightly.
    That’s because, from the crowd’s discussion, he’s really hearing comments such as: “It seems like Xuan Medical Pavilion is unfair indeed”, “In reality, the Godly Doctor Qian Qing doesn’t have such miraculous skills like that of the Enchantress’”, “Remember Dr. Fang from back then? It’s because he opposed Xuan Medical Pavilion’s tyranny that the whole family was ruined…”
    In addition to the crazy resentment, there’s even a faint sense of panic rising up in his heart.
    Master had made him come here so he could expand the influence of Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    However, because of the emergence of this woman, Jun Muyan, the situation is getting worse and worse.

EMHS – ch282

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Chapter 282: This Group of Straw Bags
    Deputy General Lu was originally in the middle of dazedly looking at Muyan, his soul stolen.
    But as soon as he hears that beautiful woman’s cries, he abruptly comes back to himself.
    He is jolted under Deng Hongfeng’s sinister gaze. Shuddering, he resumes his fierce demeanor, “Well, it’s already an established fact that your Junji Medical Center’s quacks has harmed people, treating human life as grass. It’s useless no matter how you quibble. You better obediently come with me! Someone come and…”
    Deputy General Lu’s words stir up the atmosphere.
    However, it’s as if Muyan simply hasn’t heard anything at all.
    She calmly passes through the city guards like she’s taking a leisurely stroll in her courtyard, gradually making her way in front of that middle-aged man.
    “Smelly girl, I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”
    Being ignored like this, Deputy General Lu immediately flies into rage out of humiliation.
    Like a palm-leaf fan, his wide palms reaches out towards Muyan’s shoulder, so he could firmly grab it.
    However, without waiting for Deputy General Lu’s hand to reach Muyan-
    Xiao Bao expressionlessly lifts up his own free hand, and pushes it out.
    There’s a loud sound, and before anyone could react-
    Deputy General Lu is already flying straight out. He crashes against a pillar, and suddenly spurts out a mouthful of blood.
    Everyone is startled by this sudden turn of events, and only then are they able to come back to their senses.
    Just now, nobody was even able to see it clearly in that split second. Who’s hand was it in the end?
    And at this moment, Muyan has already arrived before that “dead” man.
    She reaches out to gently stroke Xiao Bao’s head, “Stand guard for niangqin. You mustn’t let anyone get near before I could cure this person.”
    Xiao Bao’s little face goes taut, and he nods in deadly earnest.
    After she finishes instructing Xiao Bao, Muyan once again ignores everyone else and takes out silver needles, then she single-mindedly inserts one into a major acupoint in the man’s head.
    Everyone in the medical center looks at each other, all of them are somewhat flabbergasted.
    “Don’t… don’t tell me a dead person can really be brought back to life still? Could it be that the man is really not dead?”
    “How is that possible? Just a moment ago, you also went over to check his breathing. There was no reaction at all, and his corpse is cold… how could she possibly still save his life?”
    “But don’t forget, that’s the enchantress that could wrestle a life out of the king of hell’s hands!”
    “That’s right, that woman with the intestinal blockage from a few days ago, didn’t all the doctors in Tianyuan say that it was incurable? But against reason, when the enchantress handled it, it only took her a day to get rid of the illness!”
    Listening to everyone’s tongues’ wagging, Deng Hongfeng’s expression becomes more and more unsightly.
    He knows perfectly well that it’s impossible for that man to live.
    But for some reason, his chest wells up with a bad premonition.
    His harsh gaze sweeps over to Deputy General Lu who had just gotten up.
    The latter presses a hand against the faint ache on his abdomen. He clenches his teeth and waves a hand, “Capture her! Anyone in the Junji Medical Center who dares to resist will be killed without exemption!”
    As soon as this statement comes out, the patients in the medical center simultaneously reveal frightened expressions.
    They cry out and hide in the corners.
    But strangely enough, apart from those few attending doctors, each and every person in the Junji Medical Center are calm and unperturbed, without the least bit of intention to intervene.
    Old Tao glances at Xiao Bao who is guarding in front of Muyan, and he can’t help but disdainfully roll his eyes.
    With just this group of straw bags, they want to get advantages from the little Master’s hands?
    Hehe… they’d be lucky if they don’t die too miserably!
    This thought has just crossed Old Tao’s mind,
    then they hear some crashing sounds.
    Those dozen or so city guards, each of them are thrown out like sacks.
    That Deputy General Lu even coughs out blood once again, and this time, he wouldn’t be able to get up for quite a while.
    All the onlookers open their eyes wide in astonishment, staring at Xiao Bao like they’re looking at a monster.

EMHS – ch281

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Chapter 281: In the end, dead or not
    When the beautiful woman hears that, her eyes immediately shines brightly, and she loudly says: “Even Dr. Deng has said so, what else do you people still have to say? Deputy General-daren, you mustn’t let the murderer get away!”
    Deputy General Lu immediately waves his hand, his eyes containing a murderous glint: “Come, capture everyone involved in the murder for me, take them away for inquisition, close down the Junji Medical Center!”
    The swords in his subordinates’ hands make clanging sounds, brandished.
    Suddenly, they hear a melodious and sweet-sounding voice, having a touch of nonchalance.
    “Murderer? Hehe… who said that this man is dead?”
    Almost simultaneously, everyone’s line of sight gather towards the source of the voice.
    They see a young woman wearing dark clothes, holding a four or five year old child as she slowly comes over.
    She has a light makeup on, making her delicate and graceful countenance shine like a bright moon.
    The tip of her brows are faintly quirked up, containing a thread of inexplicable languid charm.
    One one glance at those peach blossom eyes that gleam like ripples of water under the sunlight, and people’s spirits are snatched away, their souls captured.
    And the little boy she’s holding,
    He’s clearly at such a young and tender age, but his handsome face doesn’t have any expression.
    Those pair of blue irises are as cold as frost.
    While they’re slowly walking over, his whole body unconsciously exudes a noble atmosphere that people can’t ignore.
    Many people on the scene had never seen Muyan before.
    Seeing her now, it’s as if they’ve lost their souls, and it’s only a long while before they could come back to themselves.
    However, there’re also some people who have previously seen her face.
    After their absent-mindedness, they can’t help but exclaim: “Enchantress! It’s the Enchantress-daren!”
    With this first shout, the atmosphere in the whole medical center has a sudden change.
    Everyone gaze turns fervent as they look at her.
    In a split second, the atmosphere that accuses everyone in Junji Medical Center as quacks just earlier, it fades away and disappears without a trace.
    Just how powerful is this doctor, when one looks not at the skills and reputation from those flapping mouths-
    But at the genuine strength.
    And with her godly medical skill, Muyan has conquered almost everyone in Tianyuan City.
    On sharp contrast to those who admire her-
    The moment Deng Hongfeng sees Muyan, his eyes are practically spurting out fire.
    Slut, it’s all because of this slut!
    Causing him trouble that his reputation in Tianyuan City has reached rock bottom, he can’t even continue opening the Hongfu Medical Center these days!
    Looking at this woman now, he’s already completely unable to come up with covetous thoughts.
    There’s only a hostility that makes him want to chop her up into ten thousand pieces.
    Very quickly however, he restrains himself and sneers: “What did I just hear? You said that this person isn’t dead? Hahaha… the so-called Enchantress of Medicine is actually only at this level? Saying that this person isn’t dead, does your Junji Medical Center’s own doctors even believe that?”
     Dr. Yu, as well as the few others who had checked that middle-aged man’s condition, they all have dark complexions as they lower their heads.
    They have been practicing medicine for several decades, and they also obtained their doctor’s qualification from Xuan Medical Pavilion.
    They can still see whether that man is really dead or not.
    Dr. Yu wobbles over to Muyan’s side, and bends both knees in order to kneel down, “Miss, I’ve dragged you all down…”
    Before his knees could touch the ground however, he is held up by Muyan.
    The corners of her mouth are gently quirked up, an intense but composed smiling expression rises up to her eyes, “Right now, it’s still to early to conclude whether or not you’ve dragged anyone down!”
    “You… what do you mean by this?” it’s only at this time that the beautiful woman could react. She points at Muyan and starts swearing, “Do you want to deny the fact that my husband died in your establishment? Even if you’re the renowned ‘enchantress’, this kind of behavior is rather extremely shameless and repugnant. Wuu, wuu… Deputy General Lu, you must give justice to this small woman ah!”

EMHS – ch280

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Chapter 280: Set-up
    There’s panic across Dr. Yu’s whole face, but his eyes are filled with confusion, “I’m don’t understand it either. When I was treating him, he really only suffered some common internal injuries. I used the needle to loosen and drain the clotted blood from inside his body, and he only need to apply medicine to it for two days and he should be fine. I don’t know what made him this way!”
    Old Tao slightly narrows his eyes and looks at that middle-aged who’s bleeding on the seven holes holes of his face, and who’s body seems to be cold.
    There’s an indescribable bad feeling in his heart.
    It’s at this moment that a large group of uniformed people fiercely burst into the Junji Medical Center.
    “I am Deputy General Lu from Tianyuan City’s guards. I heard that there’s a murder that took place in Junji Medical Center, is this the case?”
    As soon as the woman sees this group of people, it’s like she has met her saviors. She throws herself towards them, kneels on the ground, and proceeds to tearfully cry out: “I beseech Deputy General-daren, you must give justice to my husband! My husband is a good man, but after Junji Medical Center’s quack doctor gave him treatment, he came to such an unnatural death.”
    “Now they still want to shut my mouth by force. Begging the City Guard, Deputy General-daren, be sure to get justice for this housewife!”
    Deputy General Lu listens as the woman finishes her complaints.
    Sharp eyes sweep over and fall on that now-dead man.
    He waves a hand, declaring with a lowered voice: “Junji Medical Center has caused someone’s death. This is a crime that cannot be pardoned. Come, give me everyone in the Junji Medical Center, including their shopkeeper, capture all of them and take them back to prison!”
    In a split second, Old Tao’s complexion becomes thoroughly unsightly, “This sir, we still haven’t investigated this matter so it’s unclear. How can you casually convict our whole establishment? At the moment, we’re not certain if this patient was put to death by a doctor from our medical center.”
    “Who else could it be but you!” the beautiful woman weeps, “Before that, my husband was clearly doing well, but after he let this doctor examine him, he died like this. If you didn’t kill him, don’t tell me that I’m the one who killed my own husband?”
    Old Tao has long realized that something is amiss.
    Even if their doctor really did kill someone, how could an official get here so fast?
    This is very obviously a deliberate set-up against their medical center.
    As Old Tao is about to say something, there’s a sudden scream from the entrance once again.
    “Step aside, step aside! Dr. Deng of the Xuan Medical Pavilion visits. What are you people still doing there, why don’t you quickly come over and welcome him?”
    Hearing that, everyone simultaneously turns towards the sound.
    They see Deng Hongfeng strut in with several small servant boys escorting him.
    As soon as Deputy General Lu sees him, he immediately shows a respectful expression, “Dr. Deng, why have you come over?”
    “I heard that someone in this Junji Medical Center died after a treatment, so I’ve come over to take a look.” Deng Hongfeng says as wrinkles his brows and shakes his head, “That’s why I said back then, not just any cat or dog can open a medical establishment and play doctor. The benevolent heart of a doctor saves people’s lives. Medical establishments that kill people with their treatment, what qualifications do they have? In the future, I must improve the standards of Xuan Medical Pavilion for testing the doctors, we mustn’t let those quacks mix in with the doctors and cause harm.”
    Deputy General Lu repeatedly nods and smiles fawningly, “Dr. Deng, you are our Tianyuan City’s only senior doctor. How can a little girl possibly compare to you when she hasn’t even fully grown her hair yet?”
    “Who doesn’t know that Dr. Qian Qing is the number one Godly Doctor in Yanwu Contient. What enchantress, music healer, hehe, she’s not even qualified to carry his or your honorable self’s shoes!”
    Deng Hongfeng nods arrogantly, then he walks to that middle-aged man’s side. He crouches down and takes a look.
    Like chopping the nail and slicing the iron, he says: “This man died from improper treatment, to the point where his qi and blood went the wrong direction, and he died on the spot.”

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Chapter 279: A treatment that kills
    “But why is it that after you treated him, my husband has become like this?”
    Dr. Yu is also somewhat alarmed, so he quickly gets up from his station, and goes to crouch by that middle-aged man’s side.
    But without waiting for Dr. Yu’s trembling hand to take his pulse,
    The middle-aged man’s whole body spasms, and in a split second, his eyes roll over to white.
    “Husband–!!” the beautiful woman screams once again, then she reaches out to feel her husband’s breath, only to discover that it’s already completely gone, “He’s dead! He’s dead! My husband is dead! Wuu, wuu… husband, how can you leave me like this?”
    Dr. Yu’s hand still holds the middle-aged man’s wrist.
    Feeling that deathly stillness as there’s no throbbing of a pulse, his complexion also becomes deathly pale.
    This man is actually… actually dead!
    “How… how is this possible? I undoubtedly examined his pulse and he didn’t have any problems! How can this be?”
    “It’s you! You killed him!” the beautiful woman suddenly jumps up from the ground, and recklessly grabs Dr. Yu by the collar. Loudly shouting, “You quack, give me back my husband’s life!”
    Although Dr. Yu practices medicine, his cultivation is still lower than the woman, and he simply can’t break away as she drags him.
    He can only be flustered and cry out, “Impossible! Really impossible… definitely impossible…”
    But how could the beautiful woman care about what he’s saying, as she drags him to the doorway and begins to tear her throat shouting,
    “Everyone, come over here, quickly come over here! Junji Medical Center’s doctor killed someone but refuses to admit it.”
    “What Enchantress that could raise people from the dead, in reality, all of them are quacks. My husband only had light injuries, but after he received treatment from a doctor here, he was put to death instead.”
    This development startles everyone inside and out the medical center.
    Seeing Dr. Yu getting dragged, the Ink Camp’s people quickly rush over to his rescue, as they’re in charge of the place’s security these days.
    The Ink Camp with their sweaty rough hands and feet,
    don’t exert a lot of force in their movements, but nevertheless, that beautiful woman stumbles to the floor.
    Soon after, she conveniently lets out a world-shakingly loud bawling, “Is there still any laws in this Tianyuan City?”
    “Junji Medical Center’s treatment killed someone, and they still want to kill me to silence a widow?”
    “Everyone, quickly come and judge between right and wrong for me! This so-called Enchantress of Medicine can kill people like scything grass, carelessly inflicting harm?”
    This woman is quite beautiful.
    Even if she’s weeping and making an unreasonable scene like this, she still appears pitiful.
    Then on top of that, someone goes to check that middle-aged man lying on the floor.
    Sure enough, he’s not breathing, the body feels cold, and it’s very evident that he’s already dead.
    At this time, the onlookers and the sick people looking for treatment in the Junji Medical Center immediately point their finger in blame at the Ink Camp’s people and Dr. Yu.
    “I saw that man just a while ago. His injury clearly wasn’t so serious, who would have imagined that he would die after just a blink of an eye!”
    “It’s surely because the treatment from the Junji Medical Center was harmful, killing someone.”
    “Ah, this place actually has such a quack doctor, I think we better not go here. If I had a minor illness, what would I do if they make me fall ill by just rubbing ointment on my chest?”
    Those big men from the Ink Camp feel unbearably wronged.
    They’re itching to go over that woman and tear her into pieces.
    They clearly didn’t touch her or anything, and she actually said that they want to kill and silence her?
    If they really want to kill someone, would they still let her talk here?
    Old Tao immediately tries to keep the situation under control, and promptly has someone go to the back and inform Muyan.
    At the same time, he whispers to Dr. Yu, “What exactly is going on?”

EMHS – ch278

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Chapter 278: Deng Hongfeng’s Plot
    “No, you’re mistaken.” she didn’t expect that Muyan would shake her head, “This time, I don’t want people from Wan Ren Ku. I want those who look unremarkable, those that can blend into a crowd and not be discovered. These people can have low cultivation, but they must be good at camouflage and concealment. I want you to use a period of three months to train them, and after that, have them infiltrate Jing Cheng and Huang Yao.”
    At first, Ru Yan was still somewhat disappointed when she heard Muyan’s words.
    See, if Yan Haotian can pick all the elite, those who emerged from a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood; and she can only pick some unremarkable people… wouldn’t they be immediately inferior in comparison?
    Yet the more she hears of it, the brighter Ru Yan’s eyes become.
    That’s because she already understands.
    The group of mercenaries that the young lady wants her to establish isn’t meant for fighting, but they’re meant to spy and gather intelligence.
    After realizing that, Ru Yan nods again and again, and listens carefully to Muyan’s instructions.
    The more she listens, the more she admires her Miss’ wisdom and foresight. 
    Moreover, for this specialist group to be formed, it all depends on whether or not there’s enough loyalty, and there’s not one bit of doubt on Ru Yan.
    Don’t forget just who Jun Muyan is.
    Not only is she the enchantress who can wrestle the life out of the King of Hell’s hands, she is also a godly apothecary that can refine miraculous draughts.
    When all that should be explained have been completely made clear,
    Muyan’s eyes sweep over to Fang Jingya, slowly saying: “This camp is called Enigma*, you will be the head, and Jingya will assist. I will cure Fang Jinya’s bodily injuries tonight, and at dawn tomorrow, you will take her to leave and prepare for your task.”
    “Yes, Miss!” Ru Yan leaves pleased.
    And Fang Jingya puts on proper clothes, and respectfully kneels towards Muyan in ceremony, “The Lady has given the grace of a new lease of life, Jingya will never forget this even as my teeth fall out. I will definitely go through water and tread on fire to serve my lady.”
    Muyan’s mouth quirks up. She slightly narrows her eyes and says: “Rest assured, I will certainly let you see your enemy’s miserable end.”
    “Be it the Xuan Medical Pavilion that brought a calamity to your entire Fang family, or Deng Hongfeng himself!”
    But what Muyan didn’t expect is that before she could move against Deng Hongfeng,
    Deng Hongfeng is already plotting against the Junji Medical Center.
    Due to Muyan’s reputation getting bigger and bigger, there’s now a large number of doctors who are splitting their heads, wanting to get into the establishment – compared to previously when those doctors don’t want to receive it’s offer to have them work there.
    That’s because, if they work in the Junji Medical Center, they might be able to see with their own eyes the transcendent medical skills of that “Enchantress” and increase their knowledge.
    And since Muyan herself is busy with so many things,
    She ultimately chose a few with solid medical skills and honest characters to sit on the hall.
    Not everyone who come to the Junji Medical Center is terminally ill.
    These doctors are more than enough to treat common illnesses, so even if Muyan only treats a small number of patients every day, it doesn’t affect the Junji Medical Center’s popularity.
    On this day, the medical center is open for business as usual.
    People come and go, and it’s unusually lively.
    Suddenly, not far from the doctor in charge, a woman’s scream could be heard.
    “Husband, husband, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me!”
    Hearing her cries, everyone looks over.
    They see a beautiful married woman supporting the figure of a tall middle-aged man.
    That middle-aged man’s complexion is pale. He coughs up some blood, sways unsteadily, and collapses to the floor.
    “Husband! Husband!” the beautiful woman’s voice becomes even more anxious, “Doctor, quickly come and see my husband. Didn’t you just say that my husband’s injury isn’t serious and it only needs a few stitches?”
*”Heaven’s intentions” is the closest translation but doesn’t really fit, as it is a reference to “the mysteries of heaven must not be revealed”. Let’s just say “Enigma”.

EMHS – ch277

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T/N: Ru Yan calls Yan Haotian a lump of “stone”. Muyan calls him a lump of “wood”
Chapter 277: A decade of dedicating one’s life
    With a soft sigh, Muyan says: “Are you really willing to disappear from my brother forever?”
    Fang Jingya nods without any hesitation, “I would be willing to never touch deep affection in this life, as to silently watch Shen-brother’s happiness from a distance would be enough for me.”
    “You’ve made up your mind? You won’t go back on it?”
    “I swear on my life that I won’t regret it!”
    The emotions in Muyan’s eyes slowly converge, turning into solemness. With a low voice: “Fang Jingya, I can help you kill Deng Hongfeng and take revenge for you; I can also give you enough power so that, with your own hands, you can protect that which you want to protect.”
    “The condition would be that you would dedicate your life to me for ten years. Do you consent?”
    Fang Jingya snaps her eyes wide open, and she couldn’t come back to herself for quite a while, “You… are you saying that you’ll let me dedicate my life to you?”
    “Are you unwilling?”
    “No! No! I am willing!” with a grunt, Fang Jingya rolls down from the bed, sinking to her knees on the floor, “I am willing to serve and have you as my Master! From now on, Fang Jinya’s life is yours!”
    What is ten or twenty years, even for a lifetime… these days, just how many people in Tianyuan City would be delighted to serve Muyan?
    Not for anything else, but for her reputation as the Enchantress of Medicine!
    Only for her art of healing that could regenerate flesh and bones!
    Fang Jingya, she who has no virtue nor ability, without even the strength to truss a chicken, but riddled with scars, and completely without innocence – but this woman before her eyes is willing to take her in.
    If she’s unwilling, then she is really foolish.
    Muyan has a smile that isn’t a smile: “What would I assign you to do? But first, there’s some ugly things to say before anything else.”
    “For those who serve me, they must have enough skills, enough willpower, and pass my evaluation. If you cannot succeed, it won’t matter if you have any relationship with my brother, as I’ll have you leave immediately!”
    Hearing Muyan’s seemingly pitiless conditions,
    Fang Jingya’s eyes are even brighter.
    That’s because this time, she believes that Muyan isn’t pitying her, but she genuinely wants to treat her as a subordinate and cultivate her.
    For the current Fang Jingya, she has practically lost her goals and desire to keep on living.
    But now, Muyan has given her a new purpose once again.
    Become stronger, and for a lifetime, protect the man she is grateful towards.
    Even if one day, you would get married and have children; even if one day, you would have a crowd of descendants – I wish to silently watch you in the dark, guard and protect your happiness until the end of your life.
    Muyan has someone call for Ru Yan. Soon after, she points to Fang Jingya and says: “I’ll hand this person over to you for training.”
    Ru Yan is stumped, not understanding her Master’s intentions.
    She just listens to Muyan continue: “I will give you three month’s time. It doesn’t matter if you search the Ghost City or recruit outside, after three months, I want you to establish a unit with as many people as the Ink Camp.”
    As soon as Ru Yan hears that, her eyes lights up, “What Miss means is that I can also organize a group of experts like the Yan-stone? That’s great, I will go back inside the Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku to pick some people!”
    Indeed, she has been jealous of Yan Haotian for quite a while.
     Her strength is clearly no worse than Yan Haotian, but he has the Ink Camp in his hands, and she can only manage the store.
    It should be known that each and every one of the people in the Ink Camp seem like they want to pull the heavens.
    Except for the Miss, the young Master, and that lump of stone, Yan Haotian – they don’t put anyone else in their eyes.
    Those people can’t do much individually, but as it happens, their strength is quite frightening when they move as a group.
    Plus, after entering Tianyuan City, Yan Haotian has been continuing to strengthen the Ink Camp as per Muyan’s orders.
    This really makes her envious, really jealous.
    “No, you’re mistaken.”

EMHS – ch276

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Chapter 276: Implore
    It is solely the marks of inhumane abuse on a woman’s body that puts a dense frost in Muyan eyes, creating a freezing air of death.
    She takes a deep breath, slowly asking: “Who did these to you? Zhao Chunming?”
    If that animal Zhao Chunming did these,
    Then big brother’s final punishment to him was really too light.
    Fang Jingya doesn’t shy away to cover her ugly, dirty, and scarred body. She just shakes her head in distress, “It wasn’t Zhao Chunming. He likes to hit me, and burn me with a candle… but…”
    “It was the godfather that he sent me to, he was the one that used such crazed cruelty to abuse me. The Xuan Medical Pavilion’s great elder, Deng Hongfeng!”
    Muyan’s pupils slightly contract.
    Then she listens to Fang Jingya continue: “Deng Hongfeng likes to forcefully seize women, but not a lot of people know that he… he can’t get it up at all… and because he can’t, he would use all kinds of cruel ways to abuse women so he could give vent to his perverted desires.”
    As she speaks, her tears can’t help but slip out from the corners of her eyes.
    “At the beginning, I still wanted to resist, but the outcome of that resistance is only an incrementally worse misery each time… as a matter of fact, I’ve long thought of ending my life… clearly so filthy, why haven’t I ended myself yet?”
    “Now ending up in such a plight, isn’t all of this just what I’ve brought upon myself?”
    Muyan takes some clothes at the side and securely wraps it around the other.
    Her normally lazy voice has a rare gentleness, “Suicide is the most cowardly way to escape. Don’t cry, I can cure you of your body’s injuries.”
    Fang Jingya lifts up her watery eyes. Her gaze wells up with profound gratefulness as she looks at Muyan, “Miss Jun, thank you, thank you for not disdaining my filthy self, you’re even willing to make a promise to help me. But…”
    She slowly closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath.
    When she opens them again, what remains in the depths of her eyes is only a detached resolve, “But I don’t need to be cured, I only want to leave, leave Tianyuan City forever and disappear from Shen-brother. Miss Jun, can you promise me that?”
    Muyan stares blankly, “Why?”
    Fang Jingya’s tears fall from her eyes, one drop after another, the sorrow, grief, shame and distress – all of them intertwine to turn into despair, “When big brother Shen was facing his greatest hardship, I chose to abandon him and leave.”
    “It’s my fault that I ended up in this condition, but Shen-brother was still ready to disregard everything and save me.”
   “So much so that, for the purpose of righteousness and justice, for the affections of our past, for my current misfortune and distress – he may even ask to marry me.”
    “But how can I marry big brother Shen? To say nothing of Shen-brother not really having any romantic feelings towards me, even if he does, I would still be completely unworthy of him now.”
    The more she speaks, the more her tears flow like a broken dam, she speaks haltingly as she chokes with sobs.
    “My body is already so dirty, and you’re clearer about it than anyone else, that under the ravages of those two animals – Deng Hongfeng and Zhao Chunming – I have forever lost the chance to become a mother. The way I am, how can I be worthy to stand by Shen-brother’s side?”
    “He is so good, so good as he is… he deserves the best and most outstanding girl to be his wife.”
    Fang Jingya takes Muyan’s hand. Her tears a flood, but there is decisiveness in her eyes, without any cowering or hesitation.
    “Miss Jun, I beg you to send me away from Tianyuan City. No matter where I go, it wouldn’t matter if I live and perish on my own, just… just don’t let me stay by Shen-brother’s side.”

EMHS – ch275

Chapter 275: Niangqin, let’s go home

    The man with the short stubble is trembling from head to foot, his eyes are filled with panic an fear.

    Indeed, he knows more than anyone just how powerful this woman is!

    After Deng Hongfeng’s face has been slapped in front of everybody, how could he be willing to take things lying down?

    He even went to a mercenary guild straightaway, and spent money to hire a lot of them to get rid of this woman.

     However, no matter how much he spends, or how many mercenaries they dispatch – it was all like throwing a stone and seeing it sink without a trace in the sea.

    If alive, the people have disappeared; dead, the corpses are missing!

    That’s because Jun Muyan has a very frightening group of subordinates at her side.

    Every individual has a very high cultivation. Combined together, they could even sweep across Tianyuan City.

    Don’t even talk about teaching Muyan a lesson, the mercenaries sent out by Deng Hongfeng couldn’t even get close to her.

    This is also the reason why Deng Hongfeng wants Zhao Chunming to step in and use Fang Jingya to lure Shen Jinglin out.

    As long as they get a hold of Shen Jinglin, they’re not worried that Jun Muyan, this little sister, wouldn’t obediently give in.

    However, their wishful thinking has still been cut short.

    This woman doesn’t just have a group of experts on her side.

    She herself is a master that is strong enough to make them them shudder!

    “You… don’t you mess around!” the man with the thin stubble has his voice trembling, he growls to show strength while feeling weak, “If you kill us, you… that would be the same as you thoroughly offending Dr. Deng. Do you know what Dr. Deng’s backing is? His master is Qian Qing… don’t you know the Godly Doctor Qian Qing? He is the Jing Cheng Country’s state doctor, even Princess Gong Qianxue views him as a guest…”


    Before the man could finish what he’s saying, a heart-tearing and lung-splitting pain abruptly courses through him, making him produce a shrill, wretched bawl.

    Immediately after that, his own hand incessantly digs into his flesh, like he has gone mad.

    Then he can’t help but hold his own head and ram it against the ground.

    When the meat on his face is minced off until it reveals ghastly bones, he still refuses to stop for a rest.

    The corners of Muyan’s mouth are still slightly curled up.

    However, not the slightest bit of that smile reaches her eyes.

    Her beautiful peach blossom eyes has a bone-piercing chill that spans a thousand miles: “Is that so? I’m really looking forward to thoroughly offending Qian Qing’s apprentice, just to see how it ends.”

    As soon as her voice falls, there’s a thrumming sound of a zither. The notes turn into blades, sending out a multitude of rays.

    In a blink of an eye, the sound blades have already cut through all the throats of the killers on the stage.

    One strike and die a violent death!

    The whole audience keeps quiet out of fear. You would be able to hear it if a needle were to drop.

    Even Shen Jinglin is dazed.

    He already knew that his little sister is formidable, but he also didn’t expect that it would be to this degree.

    Furthermore, for some reason, that ice-cold breath coming from his sister-

    It’s making even him feel a sense of fear.

    It’s at this moment that that a crisp little voice rings out, “Niangqin, let’s go home!’

    A fair and tender little hand holds on to Muyan’s slender white finger, gently squeezing it.

    Muyan looks down to Xiao Bao’s delicate and handsome little face.

    The ice-blue irises are like the distant clear skies, boundless, encompassing everything in the world.

    Her mouth can’t help but draw a gentle smile.

    In an instant, the icy chill from her entire body disappears without a trace. She bends down and picks Xiao Bao up.

    The gentle voice is like the sounds of nature as it echoes in Shen Jinglin and Xiao Bao’s ears, “Mn, let’s go home!”


    Night, Junji Medical Center.

    Under the light, Muyan examines the scars covering the weak woman’s body. She can’t help but frown deeply.

    Even if she had seen all sorts of patients, and she had also been subjected to various kinds of torment in her previous life,

    The injuries on Fang Jingya’s body could still shock her eyes and astonish her heart.

    Don’t even mention those purple whip lashes, bruises and burns-

EMHS – ch274

Chapter 274: In the end, who mustn’t be offended

    And as her feet touches the floor, her eyes fall on Shen Jinglin, and the corners of her lips slowly curl up.

    Her whole body emits a charm that resembles nature itself. Everyone looking can only hold their breath as their souls are stolen.

    “Brother, you just went out to do something, what’s taking you so long? If you won’t come back, you’re going to miss a meal.”

    The girl’s voice is incredibly clear and pleasant, it lingers on the ears like ice beads tinkling down a jade plate.

    Shen Jinglin has a blush of shame across his whole face, guiltily replying: “I’m sorry, Yanyan, it’s because big brother is too useless. I still needed you to come and save me.”

    “How could this be big brother’s fault?”

    Muyan chuckles and turns to look at the man with the stubble, as well and his companions, as they sprawl on the ground, “Just a moment ago, I seemed to have heard you say that I am blind, to have offended someone that I shouldn’t?”

    “I even heard you all say that my older brother is unable to tell good from bad, so you’re going to cut off a few limbs from his body?”

    While she’s saying this, the young woman has a bright and beautiful smile and her tone is gentle, like a girl in a boudoir who isn’t well-versed in the affairs of the world.

    But everyone, on or off the stage, 

    They tremble all over from feeling an inexplicable chill on their spine as they look at the young woman’s smile.

    Just then, someone in the crowd, who’s attentively staring at Muyan’s face, suddenly has a flash of recognition and let’s out a loud cry of alarm.

    “She, she, she… she is the Enchantress Jun Muyan!”

    “She is the fairy-doctor of Junji Medical Center who can wrestle a life out the king of hell’s grasp!”

    In an instant, the whole audience goes quiet.

    Not a single voice can be heard.

    The people on the scene, each and every one of them is struck dumb.

    Enchantress Jun Muyan!

    Before their eyes, this young woman with an exceptional countenance, unexpectedly turns out to be the most sought-after individual in Tianyuan City these days, Enchantress Jun Muyan!

    So that means, Shen Jinglin is actually the Enchantress’ big brother?

    And the person who offended Xuan Medical Pavilion’s great elder Deng Hongfeng, it’s Jun Muyan?

    For a moment, everyone is rendered speechless!

    They had just been in a lively discussion, saying that Shen Jinglin’s younger sister has no eyes to discern people. At this time, all of them has completely shut up.

    They can’t utter a word anymore?

    What else can they say?

    Even if Deng Hongfeng has a formidable background,

    In the end, he’s still unable to withstand the Enchantress of Medicine’s supernaturally excellent skills in healing, as it’s at the extent that it’s unparalleled in the world!

    Quite a lot of people have speculated that the Enchantress’ skills may even be superior to that of the Gody Doctor Qian Qing.

    In the end, who mustn’t be offended?

    Just take a look at the current situation of the Junji Medical Center and the Hongfu Medical Center – then it would all be crystal clear.

    “Ah! As it turns out, Shen Jinglin is the older brother of the Enchantress. It’s no wonder that he has made some advancements to his cultivation, and his leg that had been broken for a year is restored to its former condition!” someone yells out after a sudden realization.

    The other people nod one after another, and their eyes no longer contain pity as they look at Shen Jinglin. Only envy and jealousy remain.

    To have a younger sister like Jun Muyan, that would truly be the greatest blessing!

    This is equal to Shen Jinglin having more lives compared to ordinary people!

    Even if he receives a mortal wound, Jun Muyan could pull him back from the gates of the underworld.

    If ordinary people want to see the Enchantress and ask for a medical treatment, it’s in fact extremely difficult.

    In reality, there’s still something that these people don’t know.

    Muyan isn’t just a doctor who can wrestle a life out of the king of hell’s grasp,

    She’s also a godly apothecary who can refine miraculous draughts.

    The hype bubbling and gurgling in the Ghost CIty these days, the special draughts that can be auctioned off for a sky-high price every time they appear – all of them had come from this young woman’s hands.

    And so, on the day when they would hear about this information, 

    It wouldn’t just shake a small place like Tianyuan City, but the whole Chi Yan Country, even the entire Yanwu Continent.


    After Muyan has finished her question, her gaze leisurely falls on the people on the floor. Her smile is soft and relaxed, like she’s talking in a friendly manner.