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Chapter 373: Prodded by a pig
    “Brother, I know I did wrong!” Muyan grabs Shen Jinglin’s hand and tugs it, there’s a rare naive and innocent look on her face – like that of a spoiled young lady, “Rest assured, how can I allow myself and Xiao Bao to get in danger?”
    Since they were young, Shen Jinglin hasn’t changed the way he treats his most treasured baby sister.
    So even if he was very scared and on-edge for seven days, he only indulgently pats her on the forehead, with a helpless expression on his face.
    But this time, without waiting for Shen Jinglin to move-
    Muyan is suddenly pulled back by the scruff.
    She bumps straight into a solid embrace.
    Then the initially noisy entrance of the medical center immediately falls into a deathly stillness, one would be able to hear if a pin falls.
     Everyone’s line of sight turn to look at the man behind Muyan.
    In this world, how can a man grow up to be so good-looking?
    Demeanor of jade; exceptionally handsome; tall, stately, and noble – the use of such definitions on him seem to sully his temperament instead.
    The man is like a beautiful, aloof and remote god, placed on the highest of thrones.
    Shen Jinglin blankly stares at the man who has taken his little sister away, placing her into his embrace – every movement declaring possessiveness.
    He could only feel his breathing stop, his mouth slightly gaping, as he couldn’t say a word for quite a long time.
   “Yanyan, this… this is?”
    Muyan sends Di Ming Jue a glance: would this man dare to change the way he grabs her? Every time, he lifts her and Xiao Bao by the collar – are they supposed to be sacks?
    Di Ming Jue responds by tightening his hold on her waist, clearly and unmistakably asserting his sovereignty.
    “This one is Di Ming Jue, Muyan’s fiancé.”
    The man’s voice is deep, clear, and cold – but it’s as if the sound of muffled thunder rumbles through everyone at the scene.
    “Fiancé?!” Shen Jinglin suddenly raises his voice, “when did you get a fiancé?”
    “Brother, don’t listen to his nonsense, I don’t have… mph–!”
     Before Muyan could finish her words, the man hooks her chin and tilts her head up, sealing her little mouth.
    Di Ming Jue lets her go after a moment, offhandedly saying: “Yanyan, you and I have already had intimate relations, and bathed together like a pair of mandarin ducks. Don’t tell me you still don’t want to take responsibility?”
    Blue veins suddenly pop up on Muyan’s forehead.
    Having intimate relations with you, mandarin ducks bathing together, he’s talking as if they’ve already… done something like that.
    It was clearly just making a half-naked painting of him, taking his clothes off, and submerging together in the hot springs… that’s all.
    Muyan feels like she can’t continue with these thoughts.
    If these words are spoken out loud, she’s afraid that not only would she be unable to clarify, big brother would pressure them to get married right away.
    Shen Jinglin sees this scene happen before his eyes, and his body sways unsteadily.
    “You… you two… already…” Shen Jinglin stammers for a while, then he abruptly glares at Di Ming Jue.
    “You have the impertinence to lay your hands on my little sister, without the parents’ blessing, nor the words of the matchmaker, you even dare to frivolously kiss my little sister in such a public and crowded place – i’ll kill you, you lecher!!”
    At this time, Shen Jinglin is really hysterical.
    As anyone would be when they see their “cute and adorable baby sister” prodded by a pig.
    And for that to happen in such a crowded place, who would be able to endure that!
    He clenches his fists, and condenses all of his Mysterious Energy in his palm, ruthlessly sending an attack towards Di Ming Jue.
    But that punch that can crack mountains and crush rocks, as it arrives before Di Ming Jue-
    It is lightly and easily caught by the latter.
    The man in front of him clearly hasn’t used used any force, there isn’t even any Mysterious Energy fluctuations on his body.
    But Shen Jinglin feels as if his hand has struck nothing but empty air.

EMHS – ch372

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Chapter 372: Couldn’t Retort
    Muyan was reluctant to throw it away, and keeping it doesn’t feel right either – so she folded it up, and then tucked it within the pages of a book.
    How could she have anticipated that Di Ming Jue would take one of her books, and it’s actually the one that has the painting tucked in its pages.
    But who do you take Muyan for!
    The panic only lasts for an instant, then an ethereal smile very quickly curls up on her elegant face, “In the eyes of a painter, there’s no difference between men and women, only the imperfections on the model. Jun Shang’s appearance and build are the best in thousands of miles – after I got it into the painting, I bring it out to admire from time to time. Is there anything strange about that?”
    As soon as she says this, Xiao Bao promptly nods.
    Niangqin also drew the bare bodies of Lou Beiyu’s bodyguards, and the people from the Ink Camp!
    What so strange about adding this lecher?
    In the future when he grows up, and looks all tall and strong, he would also have niangqin paint him.
    Di Ming Jue’s face stiffens, somewhat gritting his teeth.
    This woman without conscience!
    In her eyes, is he just like those subordinates of hers?
    In particular, he recalls that scene when he captured Muyan.
    More than a dozen men were in front of her, bare from chest to abdomen, one of them was even looking passionately at his Muyan.
    Thinking of such a scene, Di Ming Jue wishes he could hide her back in the Di Yuan.
    Muyan sees the man eat defeat, and her mood finally lightens up.
    She carries Xiao Bao and takes a seat on the couch.
    The smile at the corners of her mouth has yet to vanish, when the man’s towering figure abruptly comes near.
    Removed from Xiao Bao, she’s pressed against the carriage walls.
    A scorching breath is puffing over Muyan’s face, “Ben Jun dares to guarantee that after painting my body, you will never look at other men’s bodies again.”
    “Muyan, Ben Jun believes that from this point forward, you wouldn’t be able to make this kind of painting. That is unless, the subject of your work is me!”
    The man’s voice chops the nail and slices the iron, and it is laced with insufferable self-confidence.
    Veins bulge out of Muyan’s forehead, and she very much wants to retort right away-
    However, she miserably discovers that she actually couldn’t say anything to refute.
    After coming to know of Di Ming Jue’s perfect body – if she’s made to go and paint other men’s bare forms, she… she really, truly couldn’t muster the motivation to do it.
    Hateful! It’s really as this scoundrel said!
    The trio’s carriage arrives in Tianyuan City, stopping in front of Junji Medical Center.
    The appearance of such a large and luxurious carriage quickly attracts everyone inside and outside of the medical center, to come stand in a circle and watch.
    Even though Muyan has been gone for seven days, the Junji Medical Center is still operating normally.
    But if Muyan never returns, then this medical center would lose its original advantage, and would one day be squeezed out of business by other establishments.
    Therefore, once they see Muyan carrying Xiao Bao down from the carriage,
    The doctors and the patients within the Junji Medical Center all let out a cheer.
    Come up and say welcome, meet and approach them; go in and call people, shout for the others.
    Just a short while later, several people seem to be rushing out like the wind.
    “Little Master–!!”
    Muyan didn’t have the time to react, when she’s hugged by someone.
    Shen Jinglin grabs her, looking her up and down for a good moment, making certain that there’s nothing wrong with her, and only then does he relax and say: “Yanyan, where have you been? Why were you gone for so long? Do you know how worried your big brother was?”
    “And Xiao Bao said you asked him to go to you, such a small child, how can you let him set about by himself? Big brother knows that you are very strong, but…”
    The moment Shen Jinglin sees Muyan, it’s as if he’s shooting one bullet after another in his incessant scolding.
     The normally unbridled and willful Muyan, as well as the indifferent and disaffected Xiao Bao – both of them bow their heads and obediently listen to it.

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Chapter 371: Brazen
    In the end, Di Ming Jue doesn’t come out, not even to send them off.
    The carriage Di Yuan has prepared for them is very large.
    The free space inside is more than enough to accommodate seven or eight people.
    There’s even a couch prepared on the rear part of the carriage, Muyan and Xiao Bao can use it to take short breaks as they travel.
    Muyan thinks, if she lets Xiao Bao take a nap through the journey until they reach the Junji Medical Center, maybe Xiao Bao wouldn’t be so down.
    Maybe he wouldn’t miss that man.
    She sighs softly and opens the carriage, just about to go inside.
    Her sight stumbles upon the figure on the couch, and she’s immediately struck dumb.
    “Di Ming Jue?!!” Muyan unconsciously raises her voice, “What are you doing here?”
    Di Ming Jue is reclining on the couch, his posture is languid, and the entire person is filled with a seductive charm.
    His deep voice is even more magnetic, it can make people’s ears pregnant, “This is Ben Jun’s carriage, why can’t I be here?”
    God knows who closed the carriage door outside.
    Along with the rasping sound, the inside of the carriage becomes a sealed space.
    The originally spacious carriage immediately becomes very crowded.
    That’s because almost every ounce of air is filled with the man’s powerful breath.
    Muyan composes herself and forces a smile: “How can we have the nerve to make Jun Shang send us back? Jun Shang should go back instead!”
    Di Ming Jue lifts up his eyelids, gently flipping a page of the book in his hand, “Ben Jun is not going to send you back.”
    “Then what are you doing here?”
    Di Ming Jue turns another page, looking proper and natural beyond words, “Didn’t you say that you want to go home? Ben Jun is going back with you.”
    Saying that, he once again lifts his eyes to look at Muyan and Xiao Bao, “How could we separate our family?”
    Muyan: “…”
    I’m really convinced that you’re a deviant! Who’s a family with you!
    Even Xiao Bao has his big blue eyes open into circles, like he’s accusing the other of being thick-faced and shameless.
    But without waiting for the two people to talk-
    Di Ming Jue’s slender fingers turn another page.
    Just at this time, a thin piece of paper flutters out from the book and lands on the floor.
    Muyan stares blankly, her sight shifts from that piece of paper, to the book in Di Ming Jue’s hand.
    Then, she’s shocked to find-
    That the book is actually from within her Space!
    Why would it be in Di Ming Jue’s hands?
    Did she take the book out of the Space during her free time these past few days, and then she forgot to put it back?
    These kinds of uncertainties have just turned over in Muyan’s mind, when her attention is thereupon drawn to that paper that had fallen down.
    She sees Di Ming Jue slightly reveal some surprise, then he bends down to pick up the folded paper from the ground, slowly unfolding it.
    As the paper is spread out, there’s suddenly a flash in Muyan’s mind, like a spark from flint.
    She finally remembers what this paper is.
    Her complexion immediately changes, “Don’t open it!”
    But in the end, her words are still spoken too late.
    Di Ming Jue unfolds the piece of paper, and sees within it a man reclining on a couch, with his clothes half-open. He raises his brows in great interest.
    His mouth curves up into a deep and delighted arc.
    He turns the paper in his hand to face Muyan and Xiao Bao, “Didn’t expect that Muyan would actually keep Ben Jun in your mind like this.”
    All of a sudden, Muyan’s face burns violently.
    Most of all, the son in her arms also casts a curious and surprised look.
    This painting is naturally the half-naked image of Di Ming Jue that she made.
    After completing it, she thought about tearing up this painting, or maybe throwing it away.
    But unfortunately, this portrait practically exhibits all the painting skills that she has, and it’s much better than any of her previous works.

EMHS – ch370

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Chapter 370: Alright, Return
    Saying that, she no longer cares about Shi Lanling’s reaction, as she carries Xiao Bao and walks straight into the Di Yuan.
    Di Yuan’s gates slam shut, as reflected in Shi Lanling’s eyes, and everything in them turn into panic.
    Her body that is on the verge of collapse is shivering even more because of fear.
    White Jade Purple Frost, that’s Yanwu Continent’s famous poison.
    Who has the guts to say that they could easily solve it?
    Now that this poison is insider her, don’t tell her that… that her life’s cultivation is going disappear just like this?
    No! No! How can this be?!
    Jun Muyan, you slut, how can you cause me such harm!!
    “Jun Muyan–!!” mixed with deep-rooted enmity, a hoarse and low howl comes out of Shi Lanling’s mouth, “Jun Muyan – I, Shi Lanling, swear that I will have you die without a burial place!!”
    “You want to go back to the Junji Medical Center?” the man sitting by the desk slowly raises his head, his handsome face is without any expression as his serene eyes fix themselves on her.
    Muyan has an inexplicable feeling that this gaze is burning and it’s somewhat startling.
    She also feels that the man who just raised his head has an unfamiliar poise with his body’s momentum.
    As a matter of fact, Muyan doesn’t know exactly where Di Ming Jue came from or what his identity is.
    But just by looking at his innate grace and nobility, as well as that gaze that truly gives no importance to anyone or anything in the Yanwu Continent-
    She already knows that this man’s background is definitely out of the ordinary.
    So much so, that there’s probably no one in the entire Yanwu Continent who can afford his presence.
    Only when Di Ming Jue is in front of her would he often show some spoiled childishness.
    There’s even the occasional shamelessness.
    To the extent that she would often forget that this man might have a different face, one that completely doesn’t know about.
    Ice-cold, powerful, set up on high, just like a monarch that rules the whole world.
    Muyan composes herself, and gets her thoughts back on track: “Yes, I have been receiving your hospitality for a long time already. Junji Medical Center can’t go on without anyone overseeing it, and my subordinates are waiting for me to go back. I think that it’s time for me to leave.”
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes darken, and he slowly stands up.
    As the man comes nearer, Muyan feels a scorching and dangerous atmosphere.
    But just when she’s about to retreat.
    She hears the man’s deep and low voice by her ears, “Alright, return.”
    Muyan stares blankly, unconsciously raising her head.
    He agreed?
    All the while she’s been confined here, the man wouldn’t let her leave, and he’s unexpectedly letting her leave so easily now?
    Di Ming Jue’s mouth twitches up into a shallow curve, “What? Muyan actually doesn’t want to leave?”
    Muyan doesn’t say anything further, as she turns around and walks away.
    But as she’s holding Xiao Bao, and prepares to get into the carriage,
    She can’t help but take a quick look at the slowly closing gates of Di Yuan.
    She doesn’t know why, but a sense of loss and loneliness rushes up in her heart.
    “Niangqin?” Xiao Bao’s voice rings by her ears, crisp and childish, but with a sliver of sadness, “that person isn’t going to send us off?”
    Even though he keeps on calling him a lecher, and say that he doesn’t like the other-
    But when that person walked up to that annoying woman and said, “Is Ben Jun’s son someone that you’re qualified to teach?”, Xiao Bao only felt his little heart beat incessantly.
    There’s a certain kind of pride and joy that he’s never felt before, it bubbles up in his heart, making him panic as he doesn’t know what to do with it.
    Even though niangqin is the one that he loves the most in the entire world, even though he can do anything as long as she’s there-
    But if Xiao Bao has a father, would he also be like that person?
    Muyan gently pats Xiao Bao’s back, with nothing to comfort him with. They jump into the carriage.

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Chapter 369: Chain of Slaps
    Now, she can’t even think about how terrible her swollen cheeks and bloody wounds are.
    That’s because later, wounds that are ten times uglier than these would be reproduced on Jun Muyan’s face.
    But after a short period of time, Shi Lanling suddenly feels that the cuts on her face are somewhat itchy.
    She furrows her brows, barely restraining herself from using her hands to scratch it.
    But the itch is getting stronger and stronger, making Shi Lanling almost doubt whether or not Jun Muyan is deliberately causing her harm.
    Just when she couldn’t bear it anymore, wanting to scratch it-
    Jun Muyan’s drawling voice drifts by her ears, “Shi Xianzi, wounds that are rapidly healing would naturally be itchy to an almost intolerable degree. But in order to not leave any scarring, nor affect the healing process, I advise that you better not to scratch it with your hands.”
    Shi Lanling’s hand stiffens, and she’s about to retort, ‘how could it possibly heal so quickly’.
    Suddenly, her eyes widen into circles as she rigidly stares at the glass mirror in front of her.
    The wound on her face is really closing! It’s really healing!
    Furthermore, as time goes by, the itching on her face becomes more and more intense, and the wound is healing faster and faster.
    Shi Lanling doesn’t know how much time has passed, but it absolutely hasn’t been fifteen minutes yet.
    The three cuts on her face has unexpectedly, already begun to scab.
    A piece of scab has even fallen off, revealing the new flesh beneath it.
    But sure enough, as Muyan said, even though there’s remnants of the damage, it’s not deep at all.
    It probably wouldn’t take three days for them to completely disappear.
    “A quarter of an hour… has come.” Muyan twirls a stray hair that’s hanging at the side of her face, unhurriedly saying, “I wonder if Shi Xianzi is satisfied with the wound’s healing?”
    Shi Lanling goes stiff from head to foot, her complexion is sluggish from shock, and she couldn’t say a single word.
    At the side, Rui Zhu can’t help but take a closer look, and she’s unable to stop herself from shouting: “Miss, your wounds really did heal completely! This, how is this possible?! In this world, how can there be such a miraculous draught?!”
    Muyan laughs grimly and turns around, then she takes Xiao Bao from Di Ming Jue’s arms, kissing the former on his cheek.
    Humph, being able to do alchemy is so amazing – hah!
    Even if she can’t concoct Pills, she can still leave this woman behind by ten blocks!
    Nevertheless, remembering that the Nine-Holed Golden Dan that she absorbed was refined by this disgusting woman, Muyan still gets very upset.
    Isn’t it just alchemy?
    She doesn’t believe that she couldn’t learn it!
    As soon as he enters Muyan’s embrace, Xiao Bao immediately hugs her neck, and he speaks with a crisp and childish voice: “Niangqin’s medicine is the best!”
    That intimacy is completely different when he was in Di Ming Jue’s hold.
    Han Ye derisively watches Shi Lanling’s listless face.
    He’s not sure if this woman has brain damage or mental problems.
    Why does she keep on handing her face over and over to get slapped!
    Jun Shang slapping her wasn’t enough, so she still asked for the Little Gongzi to strike. The Little Gongzi’s slap still didn’t satisfy her, and still had to make Miss Jun slap her again.
    Tsk, tsk… a cheap crook is really hopeless!
    “Shi Xianzi, now that your wounds are healed, may I ask if there’s anything else? If there’s nothing else, then please hurry and leave! Our Di Yuan does not allow… outsiders to come near!”
    Shi Lanling’s body sways unsteadily, and she turns around to walk away.
    Just as she’s leaving however, Muyan suddenly beams a smile and begins to talk.
    “Oh, that’s right. There’s one thing that I forgot to tell Shi Xianzi.”
    “The draught that Shi Xianzi had just used to heal your wound, I accidentally mixed it with a bit of White Jade Purple Frost.”
    “But I think Shi Xianzi certainly wouldn’t mind. After all, Shi Xianzi had said that a mere White Jade Purple Frost is something that you can casually and easily solve.”

EMHS – ch368

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Chapter 368: Jun Shang learning how to carry Xiao Bao

One big and one small, the two people look at each other in dismay, their expression and movements inexplicably awkward.

At his side, Han Ye is even more dumbfounded.

Jun Shang is actually… actually holding a child! Genuinely carrying him! Not just picking him up or capturing him!

Muyan has already made her way before Shi Lanling.

The corners of her mouth are faintly lifted up, peach blossom eyes glittering; like a crescent moon shining down, like a flowering tree covered in snow, her beauty is suffocating.

Shi Lanling’s face goes stiff all of a sudden, her eyes oozing with thick jealousy.

At this moment, she really wants to claw Muyan’s face.

Or put this face on herself.

“Shi Xianzi, just now, you said that it would take at least three months for this wound on your face to fully heal?”

As if she can’t see the viciousness in Shi Lanling’s eyes, Muyan carries on to say, “But as luck would have it, I had just refined a certain type of draught a few days ago. Apply it on a wound, and you would only have to wait for a quarter of an hour for it to heal. If the cut isn’t too deep, the scars would also disappear after three days at most.”

Hearing that, Shi Lanling can’t help but sneer and say, “Miss Jun, are you dreaming?”

“I’ve been practicing alchemy for so many years, yet I’ve never heard of a kind of draught that could make a person’s wound heal within a quarter of an hour! Even if you want to brag about your own abilities in the presence of Di Jun, you don’t have to speak blindly with your eyes open, do you?”

Saying that, she even looks towards Di Ming Jue.

But unfortunately, Di Ming Jue is in the middle of clumsily adjusting Xiao Bao’s position in his hold.

Not even sparing her a wink.

Shi Lanling grits her teeth, and raises her voice again, “Miss Jun, you said that this draught can heal my wound within a quarter of an hour, but what if it can’t? What if my injury worsens instead?”

“By then, don’t tell me that you would only give a light apology, but I have to bear the pain of disfigurement?”

Muyan chuckles: “If it doesn’t heal, then Shi Xianzi can also make the same three cuts on my face. What do you think?”

Upon hearing this promise, Shi Lanling’s eyes light up.

This is Jun Muyan bringing herself to the road of disaster. When the moment comes, even if Shi Lanling destroys the other’s appearance, she couldn’t be blamed.

“Alright, then I will try the draught that Miss Jun had refined, and see just how magical it is.”

Shi Lanling completely doesn’t believe that in this world, there really is a draught that could heal her wounds within a quarter of an hour.

Even if she refines the most expensive of elixirs, coupled with a topical draught, it would still take ten days at least.

Fifteen minutes, haha, isn’t that saying that her wounds would heal at a speed that’s visible to the naked eye?

In a moment, if she isn’t healed, she’ll take a look at how Jun Muyan could still have the face to go and seduce Di Ming Jue, as well as confront her own disfigurement.

Letting her imagination play such a happy future, Shi Lanling doesn’t hesitate to take the draught Muyan is handing over.

Neither does she think twice on applying it to her own wounds.

Because of excessive excitement and anticipation, she doesn’t even notice that the medicine bottle is wrapped in twisting threads of blue-green light.

White Jade Purple Frost!!

Muyan’s lips twitch up into a cold smile, then it slowly becomes subdued.

A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.

The wound from the fat rabbit’s scratch, she will treat it.

This woman wants to use the White Jade Purple Frost on Xiao Bao, then she will naturally return the favor.

Didn’t Shi Lanling say that she could casually and easily remove this insignificant poison?

Hehe, then go ahead and try to solve it!


After applying the draught on her face, Shi Lanling promptly takes a small mirror from Rui Zhu, calm and unruffled as she observes her wound with it.


EMHS – ch367

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Chapter 367: Disgust
    Saying that, Shi Lanling looks at Muyan, a sincere expression in her eyes, “Miss Jun is also a woman, so you must know how important one’s appearance is to women. Had it been you who had your face injured, wouldn’t you be furious?”
    “But I was only angry for a while, and wanted to punish your young son to prevent a larger-scale repetition. I absolutely had no intention of killing him.”
    The tip of Muyan’s brow quirks up, filled with sarcasm, “‘To punish a little to prevent a lot’ by using White Jade Purple Frost powder?”
    “Correct! The powder is extremely poisonous, but I’m an alchemist, as well as an apothecary.”
    Shi Lanling reveals a disdainful and arrogant look, “On alchemy and refining drugs, I believe that you won’t find even a few people who are better than me in the entire Yanwu Continent. After disciplining the young Gongzi, I can naturally help to remove the insignificant poison of the White Jade Purple Frost from him.”
   Pausing, she sends Di Ming Jue a glance and says: “This is also the reason why I didn’t dare to use the draught from the young Gongzi. Although Miss Jun is now the newly-famous Enchantress of Medicine, but I’m afraid that she’s still far from reaching me when it comes to refining medicine and alchemy.”
    “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have look for me to refine the Nine-Holed Golden Dan that you had taken.”
    After saying this, Shi Lanling has a grim smile as she looks at how Muyan’s complexion changes.
    Such a reminder is plainly letting Muyan know that Shi Lanling is far better than her when it comes to the field of Pills and medicine.
    Even if she fooled around with Di Jun and even gave birth to a vile spawn, what about it?
    She hasn’t heard of any information in the Ghost City about Di Jun getting married.
    Han Ye also said that Jun Muyan is merely the future Mistress of Di Yuan.
    That is to say, Di Ming Jue is only temporarily bewitched by this woman.
    As long as Jun Muyan and her son are rooted out, then position of Di Yuan’s Mistress is still hers.
    Since young, with Shi Lanling’s awe-inspiring talents and deep ambitions-
    Knowing what she wants, she will definitely be able to obtain it, even if she doesn’t know how.
    So even though she’s battered and exhausted right now, and the hate in her heart has reached an extreme point,
    She still immediately adjusts her state, and tries to tenaciously suppress Jun Muyan – all to make Di Ming Jue know that she is the most suitable Mistress for Di Yuan.
    Shi Lanling’s words are indeed making Muyan very frustrated.
    That’s because Shi Lanling said something that’s true.
    She can’t do alchemy!
    And as it happened, Di Ming Jue had to look for Shi Lanling when he wanted to have the Nine-Holed Golden Dan refined for her.
    The Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers that she had painstakingly cultivated were all sent to this woman as well.
    All of these is making her feel disgusted, like she has swallowed a housefly.
    Shi Lanling sees the changes on Muyan’s expressions, and an aggressive smugness flashes through her eyes.
    “I specially came here today to deliver the Nine-Holed Golden Dan to you, Miss Jun. I didn’t expect that I would now suffer such a disaster, my appearance damaged. Although I could refine a draught to heal the wound, it would take at least three months to completely be restored…”
    She doesn’t continue saying the end of her piece, but the hurt and grievance in her speech is plainly and clearly displayed.
    Had it been someone who doesn’t know the entire situation, that person would probably, truly think that she is the very innocent victim.
    Di Ming Jue could feel Muyan’s anger, and a desire to commit murder suddenly flashes through his eyes.
    He didn’t pay any attention to Shi Lanling, because everyone in the Yanwu Continent are like rocks and insects to him, except for Muyan and Xiao Bao. He simply doesn’t care about other people, nor does he bother with them.
    But this woman actually moved against Xiao Bao, and even made Muyan unhappy.
    It would be better for her to die!
    However, Muyan unexpectedly tugs his sleeves, and directly places Xiao Bao in his arms.
    Di Ming Jue is stumped, and his movements are stiff as he holds Xiao Bao in his embrace.