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Chapter 501: The Play Begins

The Xuan Division that is headed by Ying Mei is the sharpest knife in the Polar Domain, a knife that’s hidden in the dark.

Han Ye and Ying Mei glance at each other, and finally bow: “As you bid, Jun Shang!”


For the next three days, Muyan hides inside the Space to do alchemy and refine medicine.

As well as to avoid seeing Di Ming Jue.

It’s really that night, whenever Muyan thinks back on it, it’s as if her entire being is set on fire.

That shameless lecher, scoundrel!!

Just a few soft words of begging had actually, really made her abandon her principles and resistance.

Though they didn’t go all the way, but…

“Madam Enchantress, don’t you feel like something is very odd?”

Dr. Wang’s inquiry pulls her mind back from that fascinating night.

“We were clearly told that we’ve been requested to come and treat the Ghost Lord, but it’s been three days and we have yet to see the face of the sick Ghost Lord. Up until now, we don’t even know what exactly ills him. Don’t you think this is too weird?”

Since the day Muyan had ruthlessly taught him a lesson, after he was awed by her consummate medical expertise-

Dr. Wang has been respectful and fearful towards Muyan.

He would occasionally brave going to Muyan, and ask her questions about the art of healing.

In the course of time, Dr. Wang is practically prostrating himself in admiration towards Muyan’s knowledge and strength.

These past three days, aside from Muyan, other doctors also eventually sensed that something amiss.

It’s already been three days since they were invited to come, and in this three days, the Ghost Wind Valley has been serving to make them comfortable, they can’t point out any faults.

But the problem is: they didn’t come here for pleasure, they’re here to treat an illness!

Just as that was pointed out, a group of Ghost Envoys dressed in the Ghost Wind Valley’s uniform suddenly walks inside in a line.

In a blink, Muyan and Dr. Wang find themselves in the middle of an encirclement.

The leading Ghost Envoy arrogantly looks down on the pair, looking haughty and pitying, “Dr. Jun, Dr. Wang, the Ghost King requests your presence!”

“You’re making us go now?” Dr. Wang shows a flabbergasted expression, “Don’t tell me you’re making us go to treat the Ghost Lord?”

The head Ghost Envoy has his mouth split open to reveal a malicious smile, “Precisely, so if you please, doctors.”

“But the sky is dark now, we’re preparing to retire for the evening.” Dr. Wang quickly says to refute, “For doctors, the most important thing in treating an illness and refining medicine is our concentration and presence of mind. If we go there now, we couldn’t do a proper examination and treatment.”

“Hehe, that isn’t up to you!” the Ghost Envoy derisively snorts, then his gaze becomes more and more chilling, “Haven’t you two heard the saying? If the Ghost King wants you do die on the third watch, you will not survive the fifth watch*. Since our Ghost King-daren is allowing you to treat the patient’s illness now, you have to go there now. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

night watch period. ‘If she wants you to die on midnight, you won’t be alive come 3am.’

As soon as his voice falls, the dozen or so Ghost Envoys unsheathe their weapons, the cold gleams flickering at the tip of their blades, along with the chilling and gloomy atmosphere within the room becoming heavier, close in on Dr. Wang and Muyan little by little.

Dr. Wang is frightened, and he falls from his place, falling on his butt to sit on the floor.

Nevertheless, Muyan has an almost imperceptible quirk at the corners of her mouth.

That Ghost Envoy looks at Muyan and sneers: “Madam Enchantress, I know that several of your subordinates are quite difficult to deal with, but the gate of the Inner chambers is already close at the moment. They wouldn’t be able to come in even if they want to. You should put your ideas to rest!”

Muyan brushes the hems of her coat, and unhurriedly stands up. Her expression is incredibly light and carefree, “After so many days of waiting, the play has finally begun. I’ve already been itching to get on with it, wanting to take a look at the Ghost Lord’s illness. We’ll be troubling you to to lead the way!”


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Chapter 500: Extinguish
    A wide palm cups the back of her head, forcing her closer, preventing her from running away.
    But the movements are so gentle, so careful, like cherishing a treasure.
    Muyan sinks a little bit deeper, unable to free herself.
    A long while later, their lips part. Muyan’s lips are slightly red and swollen, all the more alluring.
    A sticky silver trail connects the ends of their lips, and the pulsating and ambiguous atmosphere inside the room seems to be set on fire.
    “Little to no conscience!” Di Ming Jue’s voice is husky and scandalous.
    Wide palms capture her small hand, slowly bringing it lower, and finally pressing it to a hard and hot location.
    Muyan starts, almost jumping straight up. She wants to struggle out of the man’s hand, but she’s restrained and couldn’t move.
    As a result, she becomes increasingly aware of the man’s desire, directly feeling the anticipation of drawn swords and bent bows.
    “Woman without conscience, if I really just want your body, why would I have to restrain myself this hard?”
    Muyan’s face is so red now, it’s almost dripping.
    But it seems as if a fire is reignited in her heart, thawing little by little the ice that had just formed there.
    “Let… let go!”
    But Di Ming Jue presses her hand more firmly, his voice is like a hoarse murmur that carries wisps of begging, “Muyan, before you are completely willing, Ben Jun will not touch you. However, you are responsible for extinguishing the fire you ignite.”
    Two hours later, Di Ming Jue has the deeply sleeping girl within his embrace. He bows his head to lightly place a kiss on her forehead.
    Only then does he get up and go outside the room, lightly tapping the edge of a table.
    “Jun Shang!” Han Ye and Ying Mei quickly come over from the room next door, and kneel before him.
   Di Ming Jue looks incomparably cold and detached in the darkness, “Shi Lanling has a [Gold Silkworm Gu] inside her body.”
    “Gold Silkworm Gu?!” Han Ye and Ying Mei snap their heads up, looking shocked, “Isn’t that-, isn’t that the Poison Gu that only the sect members of Tian Yi Men could use?”
    Ying Mei frowns deeply, “Jun Shang, are you saying that there’s a person from Tian Yi Men in this Ghost Wind Valley? Why would someone from the Tian Yi Men come to the Yanwu Continent?”
    “Don’t… don’t tell me…” Han Ye clenches his teeth and speaks out, “Don’t tell me that someone from the Tian Yi Men has determined that the Shen Musician is in the Yanwu Continent? Even…”
    Someone might even be aware of Miss Jun’s identity as the Shen Musician heir.
    At that time, when Muyan triggered the Shen Musician inheritance, it alerted the Xiuxian Continent but Jun Shang went and covered it up.
    When Muyan reconstructed her Moon Spiritual Root however, the Spirit Clock in the Shen Musician ruins tolled by itself, without the help of any wind. In the end, it still attracted heavy attention from the Tian Yi Men, and all the sects on the Xiuxian Continent.
    No one knows more clearly than Di Ming Jue, how those old bastards on the Xiuxian Continent loathe the Sect of the Shen Musicians, the extent of their jealousy, and the depth of their… fear.
    Muyan is still so small and weak right now, but if those people were to know of her existence…
    Even Di Ming Jue might not be able to save her.
    The hand hanging on Di Ming Jue’s side slowly clenches tight, then loosens, “Once we go out of the Ghost Wind Valley, I will go back to the Xiuxian Continent.”
    “Jun Shang!” Han Ye anxiously says, “Your real body is currently staying on the Yanwu Continent. You won’t even have a tenth of your strength when you return to the Xiuxian Continent, if you go and handle the affairs related to the Shen Musicians, it would be too dangerous, why not…”
    “There’s no room for further discussion.” Di Ming Jue’’s gaze sweeps over to the inner room, the light in his eyes becoming gentle beyond words, “In any case, I will never allow anyone to harm Muyan.”
    “Ying Mei will come back to the Xiuxian Continent with me. Han Ye will stay here and protect Muyan and Xiao Bao.”

EMHS – CH499

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Chapter 499: You’re angry
    But she never thought that there will come a day, when she would be the one that everyone condemns.
    “Aaaargh–!!” with Shi Lanling covering her face, an insane screech madly rushes out, and gradually fades into the distance.
    After today, the Shi-xianzi that everyone had chased after is now completely pulled down from the altar.
    Everyone leaves laughing.
    The door slowly shuts, and the candle inside the room goes out, sinking it into an endless darkness and quiet.
    Muyan’s figure slowly withdraws from the space, and she quietly goes to the open window.
    Just as she’s about to jump out of the window and leave, a scorching breath suddenly wraps around her.
    An iron-like arm is placed across her waist, securely confining her.
    A man’s deep, low voice enters her ears, “Now that Muyan is here, how could you be so eager to leave so quickly?”
    Muyan’s breathing stutters, but her expression very quickly comes back to normal. She unhurriedly turns her body around.
    “When did Jun Shang discover that I’m here?”
    Di Ming Jue furrows his brows, displeasure evident in his eyes, “I told you to call me by name.”
    Muyan doesn’t want to fight him about this topic, so she readily follows the advice and calls out, “Di Ming Jue.”
    “Your breath was very well-hidden, I didn’t notice it at first. It wasn’t until Shi Lanling undressed that I sensed the the fluctuations from your breath.”
    Di Ming Jue gently strokes her hair, but Muyan moves her head to the side to avoid it.
    “This is a Pill that I refined, it could suppress the miasma of the Ghost Wind Valley.”
    Muyan doesn’t bother about Di Ming Jue’s surprised expression, as she spreads her hand out, three Elixirs appearing on the hollow of her palm, “I’ve come to give Pills to you, Ying Mei, and Han Ye, but then I thought that maybe you guys don’t need it at all.”
    “No, Ben Jun needs it.” Di Ming Jue’s countenance is tinged with indescribable gentleness, “As long as it’s something from Muyan, Ben Jun needs it.”
    Saying that, he goes directly to Muyan’s hand and swallows the Pill into his belly.
    The man’s warm lips touches the hollow of Muyan’s palm, and her heart couldn’t help but jump.
    She quickly takes her hand back, and places the other two Pills on the table, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first.”
    After saying that, she pries Di Ming Jue’s arms to open, turning to leave.
    She has barely taken a step away from him, when Di Ming Jue suddenly pulls her back.
    “Muyan, you’re angry?” the man’s low voice sounds in her ears.
    Muyan starts, but soon shows a smile that isn’t a smile, “Why would I be angry?”
    “Or should I say, are you eating vinegar?”
    “Eat your big-head damn vinegar!” Muyan finally snaps angrily.
    A foot resolutely goes to kick the man, while her body thrashes like fish to struggle out of his embrace, and rapidly bounds to the door.
    As she’s about to go past the doorway,
    The door suddenly slams shut before her eyes.
    Following that, she is pressed against the closed door by a tall, warm body.
    Di Ming Jue’s handsome face is too close.
    A blazing flame seems to burn within his ice-blue irises, wanting to engulf her until there’s nothing left.
    His scorching breath puffs gently against her lips, on her face, making her entire being boil and churn.
    “Di Ming Jue, let go!”
    “No.” Di Min Jue leans down, slowly saying, “Muyan, I said, I’ll never let go of your hand in this lifetime.”
    Muyan sneers: “Because my body is useful? What Precelestial Saint Physique, it could make you rapidly…”
    Before she could finish her words, Di Ming Jue’s lips press down, completely swallowing up her voice.
    The man’s kiss is passionate and overbearing, but with indescribable pampering and indulgence towards her.

EMHS – CH498

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Chapter 498: Kicked out naked
    Shi Lanling’s heart burns hotter.
    Slowly, with an eager posture, she raises a hand and places it on her chest.
    She pulls the clothes off a little.
    Just until an alluring, snow-white bare flesh is revealed under the flickering candle light.
    “Di Jun, Lanling is ready for your picking now, doesn’t Di Jun want this?”
    She says the clingiest and most childish words in her softest and most gratifying voice, and she walks over towards Di Ming Jue.
    The man looks at her body without even the smallest fluctuation of emotion in his eyes.
    It’s like he’s looking at a dead thing, a pile of trash.
    Shi Lanling’s heart sinks down, then she tries tries harder to twist her body to move more invitingly, shedding off the small remainder of what she’s wearing.
    “Di Jun, allow Lanling to serve you!”
    In the darkness, Muyan’s expression turns a little bit colder.
    Her heart, which had already opened a little bit because of Di Ming Jue’s protection and company, shutters close once again at this moment.
    Like a thick layer of ice solidifying around it, it won’t open to anyone anymore.
    Only the strands and twists of pain, like knife wounds in her heart, are left as a reminder to her.
    Her core was so close to being moved by this man, almost moved to feel-
    Calm washes over Muyan’s mind.
    She ponders how she should quietly get away when, in a moment from now, the two would fall into passion.
    Just at this time however, she hears the sound of a loud crash.
    Muyan starts. Looking out through the small gap of the screen, she sees that of the two people that should’ve been intimately entangled by now-
    Only Di Ming Jue alone remains standing inside the room at this moment.
    And Shi Lanling is bodily flying out, breaking through the door, and heavily landing outside the room.
    The loud noise wakes up the guards and guests of the outer chambers.
    Everyone comes over by following the sounds, only to see Shi Lanling lying naked on the grass, without a stitch of clothing on her body, and befuddlement and incredulity on her face.
    “What’s going on?”
    “Ah–! T-th-this… isn’t this Shi-xianzi?”
    “Oh my, why is Shi-xianzi not wearing any clothes? And just now, I think she just flew out of that room, didn’t she?”
    Along with all sorts of voices entering her ears, there are eyes falling on her naked body – some of which express excitement, perhaps disgust, and possibly schadenfreude.
    Everything, all of it – they’re all making her brain roar inside, she couldn’t think.
    Why did things turn this way?
    Wasn’t she just offering herself to Di Ming Jue?
    Wasn’t she about to succeed in seducing this man?
    How did she fall from heaven to hell in just the blink of an eye?
    “Jun Shang, what happened?” Han Ye and Ying Mei hurriedly rush over, and see Shi Lanling without any clothes and lying down at Di Ming Jue’s doorway. They both show disgusted expressions.
    “Why is it this woman again?” Han Ye unhappily says, “Shi-xianzi, don’t you want to keep some face? My family’s Jun Shang already said that he doesn’t fancy you, and more than that, our Jun Shang already has a lady. You’ve come running over and over again, offering to bed him, your face is rather too thick, isn’t it?”
    “Ah, I didn’t expect that the Shi-xianzi, who is lofty and unsullied like a green lotus on the outside, is actually so licentious in secret.”
    “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Offering herself to sleep with a man, but was kicked out instead. If this matter spreads out, I fear for Shi-xianzi’s reputation later on.”
    “What Shi-xianzi! Pah! Simply just a prostitute without any sense of shame!”
    Shi Lanling used to take advantage of her pure and noble identity to guide public opinion, and destroy many women that she found unpleasant to her eyes.
    She crowned almost every one of them were with the reputation of being shameless, licentious and lowly. Once their reputations were completely destroyed, they no longer had any strength to compete against her afterwards.

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Chapter 497: Devotion
    That is to say, Di Jun really doesn’t have his heart set on Jun Muyan.
    He just wants to use her, that’s all.
    Shi Lanling vigorously presses down the desire that’s rolling over and over in her heart, expressing more and more coquettish glances on her face.
    A few days ago, her skin was still filled with white white patches. 
    Now it has become fair and translucent, like the finest jade.
    But on careful inspection, you would be able to see that the skin is so thin, it seems like it could rupture at any second.
    The brightness and translucence, pureness and clarity – they’re somewhat unnatural.
    “For Di Jun to care about Jun Muyan this much, isn’t because she has the Precelestial Saint Physique, rarely seen in thousands of years?”
    “Be it in Dao Cultivation or Healing, a Yin and Yang Paired-cultivation with this kind of woman would be several times more effective.”
    “Even if Jun Muyan had already lost her innocence, no longer a pure Yin Physique, it’s still a very rare furnace in this world.”
    “Say, Di Jun, did Lanling say it right?”
    Di Ming Jue unhurriedly raises his head, a faint gleam in his eyes, “This is the extent of what you know?”
    Shi Lanling stares blankly, not understanding what Di Ming Jue means by that sentence.
    Soon after, the man’s low and cold voice comes through, “Perhaps, I should ask who imparted those words to you? And who planted the [Gold Silk Gu] into your body?”
    A change comes over Shi Lanling’s complexion, then she presses it down, determinedly saying: “Lanling is unable to make sense of what she heard, what is Di Jun talking about? On behalf of the Ghost City, Lanling hopes to cooperate with Di Jun…”
    Her throat is clutched in a steel-like grasp, tightening up little by little.
    The air in her body is getting squeezed out bit by bit.
    Shi Lanling’s face goes green and purple, panic and dread filling up her eyes, “Di Jun, spare… spare me… it was the Ghost King… it was the Ghost King Liu Se, she made me… made me…”
    He throat is released from the stranglehold, and she gulps in large amounts of the icy air into it.
    Shi Lanling coughs violently.
    At this very moment, besides adoration, there’s a little more fear in her eyes as she looks at  Di Ming Jue.
    Trembling with fear and trepidation, she says: “Di Jun, it was the Ghost King Liu Se who made me come and find you, hoping that the Ghost City could work together with you. So long as you don’t stop or interfere with what’s about to happen next – then later, all of the resources in the Ghost City could be sent to you. Whatever you want to look for in the Yanwu Continent, Ghost City could try to find them for you.”
    “The Ghost King also guarantees, that as long as she sits on the Ghost Lord’s position, she pledges that she would be more deferential to you than Gu Yue. Even…”
    As she’s speaking, Shi Lanling has a faint blush on her face.
    She slowly reaches up, and removes the outer clothing on her body.
    Revealing a snowy jade-like shoulder, half-hiding her soft chest, as well as the graceful body under that thin, meager attire.
    “Even Lanling, if Di Jun wants it, Lanling is willing to present and offer my body to you.”
    “Even though Lanling doesn’t have the Precelestial Saint Physique, it’s also the millennium-rare Sky Yin Female Physique. Moreover, compared to that Jun Muyan, Lanling is still a virgin.”
    “If Di Jun wishes it, Lanling is willing to devote herself to you, even as a slave or a concubine, even as a furnace, as long as it’s for you, Di Jun, Lanling is willing.”
    Saying that, she shyly looks at Di Ming Jue with hope and expectation, her eyes brimming with sincerity and affection.
    The man sitting in front of her is like a god, set up on high, incomparably beautiful.
    Even in the Xiuzhen Continent, such a man is inevitably unsurpassed as well.
    This small, insignificant Yanwu Continent – how could it hold Shi Lanling’s ambition down?
    As long as she can devote herself to this kind of man, be it as a slave or a concubine, even as a furnace – so what?
    She can follow him and leave the Yanwu Continent, be respected and incomparable from then on.
    That could only be the life that belongs to her, Shi Lanling.
   Regarding her actions, she sees that the man doesn’t get angry, nor does he have any objections.

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Chapter 496: What are you planning
    Muyan hesitates for quite a while, but she nevertheless leaves her room noiselessly, making her way to the outer chambers.
    The sky is already completely dark at this time.
    She softly pushes open the door to a room, but the interior is covered in black and totally empty.
    Di Ming Jue isn’t in the room?
    Muyan slightly frowns.
    At this hour, where would Di Ming Jue be if he isn’t in his room?
    But since the person isn’t here, she has no reason to stop over.  She turns to go to the direction of Ying Mei and Han Ye’s room.
    As a matter of fact, she also knows the peculiarity of Di Ming Jue’s physique.
    Ghost Wind Valley’s Poison Smog, perhaps he simply doesn’t place it in his eyes.
    Before she could go out however,
    She suddenly hears the sounds of footsteps and speaking voices from outside the door.
    Upon hearing the familiar voice, Muyan halts her steps, and subconsciously ducks behind the screen.
    “Di Jun, don’t walk so fast. Lanling won’t be able to keep up with you.”
    The door is pushed open, and the candles are lit.
    Soon after, Shi Lanling’s voice could clearly be heard, seeming like her throat is pinched to be frail and childish.
    Muyan unconsciously clenches her fists, tightly pursing her lips into slits.
    Not because of the sound of Shi Lanling’s affectations.
    Rather, it’s because she hears another set of footsteps and breath pattern, those are– Di Ming Jue’s.
    In a split second, her form becomes faint.
    Her breath completely vanishing into the Space.
    Without energy fluctuations, without careful examination, nobody would be able to sense her presence at this moment.
    Muyan leans a little to the side, through the small gap of the ornately carved wooden screen-
    She could vaguely see the silhouette of a man and a woman.
    Di Ming Jue sits on the chair, slowly turning a teacup in his hands.
    Those handsome and noble features appear bright and dazzling under the candlelight, in a way that’s too eminent and distant to reach.
    And not so far away, Shi Lanling stands, in a daze as she stares at his face.
    Appearing as if she longs to come near, but afraid to do so.
    “Di Jun, the matter that Lanling had suggested to you earlier, what do you think of it?”
    Di Ming Jue regards the cup in his hand, his expression cold and detached. He doesn’t answer.
    But Shi Lanling seems to be completely ignorant of his indifference, as she still dazedly gazes at him, then says,
   “Di Jun, you’re not a person from the Yanwu Continent, are you perhaps from the Xiuzhen Continent that everyone years for? Everything in the the entire Yanwu Continent, be it people or objects, it’s only natural that they won’t enter your eyes, Di Jun.”
    She takes a step and then another, a little bit closer to Di Ming Jue.
    The power and pressure coming out of the man’s body is almost rendering her incapable of gasping for breath.
    But it makes her increasingly overwhelmed, obsessed and desirous: “For Di Jun to come to the Yanwu Continent, there must be something that you seek here. That Jun Muyan is but a mortal woman with a child, one who has long lost her purity. For Di Jun to lower your noble self to stay by her side, it must be because there’s something on that woman’s body that Di Jun has designs for?” 
    In an instant, her heart seems to constrict from a ruthless grip.
    Muyan unblinkingly fixes her attention to the man’s face.
    However, there’s not the slightest bit of change on the man’s expression.
    It’s as if he’s listening to an insignificant statement.
    Soon after, he indifferently looks at Shi Lanling, “Oh? In that case, do say, what is Ben Jun’s scheme?”
    Hearing Di Ming Jue’s question, Shi Lanling’s eyes immediately go bright.
    Ecstasy flits across her face.
    Liu Se is right. Such a powerful man wouldn’t want Jun Muyan, that broken shoes. Sure enough, it’s because he wants something from her body.
    In addition, she also knows that the bastard child isn’t Di Ming Jue’s.
    It was born from Jun Muyan’s illicit relations with an unknown wild man from long ago.

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Chapter 495: Why unhappy
    But this glance makes her heart sink down a bit.
    That’s because this is the first time that as she looks at Di Ming Jue,
    And Di Ming Jue is looking at another woman–
    Shi Lanling!
    One can say that the rooms provided by the Ghost Wind Valley to the doctors are very luxurious.
    The furnishing inside are incredibly extravagant, everything that should be there is on hand.
    Each room is allocated with four elegant, clever and intelligent little servant girls.
    Muyan waves them away, and after making certain that nobody is spying around, she flashes into the Space.
    “Niangqin!” Xiao Bao pounces into her embrace, attachment filling up his raised little face, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao has been properly cultivating.”
    The fat rabbit also hops twice, letting out howling sounds: Me! I’ve also been properly cultivating!
    Muyan reveals a gentle smiling expression, stroking Xiao Bao’s head, as well as the fat rabbit.
    “Nianqin is now going to refine a type of Elixir, so look out for me. You must warn me if anyone approaches.”
    Xiao Bao nods seriously.
    Holding the fat rabbit, he sits next to Muyan, but he places his full attention outside the Space.
    Muyan takes out a furnace tripod, and ignites the Dan Fire.
    This time, she wants to refine an Elixir that can suppress the miasma of the Ghost Wind Valley.
    From the moment she entered the Valley, she immediately felt the wisps of gloomy cold air eroding her muscles and veins.
    Perhaps it wouldn’t matter for a short period of time, long-term exposure on the other hand…
    Or if the miasma becomes a little denser, she’s afraid that it will bring about a bad effect on her.
    When the Yin air that she breathes into her body becomes too much, it could also corrode the Space.
    Of course, Muyan will not allow such a thing to happen.
    Zither sounds ring out little by little, and the Dan Fire within the furnace burns more vigorously.
    A good while later, six Pills eventually take shape.
    They are unlike that first batch of Elixirs that exuded a fragrance that awed countless creatures over a great distance.
    The six Pills this time are very ordinary.
    Muyan stuffs one to Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit.
    Then she also swallows one herself.
    Xiao Bao obediently swallows the Pill down, then he turns to look at Muyan. He hesitates for a moment before saying: “Niangqin, why are you unhappy?”
    Muyan stares blankly.
    She’s unhappy?
    Why is that so?
    Is it because Di Ming Jue looked at another woman?
    She knits her brows, strokes Xiao Bao’s head, and pulls out a smile, “Don’t worry, baby. Niangqin isn’t unhappy. I was just thinking on whether to give Han Ye and Ying Mei some Pills as well.”
   Hearing that, Xiao Bao immediately nods, “Give. After taking the Pill, Xiao Bao feels the cold and uncomfortable feeling on my body disappear.”
    “Niangqin is so awesome!”
    Xiao Bao’s “Niangqin is so awesome” phrase is purely his willful adoration and faith towards Muyan.
    Indeed, if this kind of Elixir becomes known to the other people in the Ghost Wind Valley-
    They would have their jaws fall off from shock.
    See, what about the Ghost Wind Valley has always frightened people the most?
    It isn’t the strong guards within in, but this [Poison Smog] that corrodes people’s lungs and internal organs.
    Without the appropriate antidote, if someone inhales a certain amount of the Smog, he would feel pain and be limp all over, left without any power to resist.
    This is also why, even if it’s someone on the Precelestial Realm,
    Once they enter into the Ghost Wind Valley, they might not be able to come out alive.
    The Valley’s [Poison Smog] has existed for hundreds of years, and it has been studied for the same amount of time, yet there’s never been anyone outside the Ghost City who has deciphered it.
    But at this very moment, Muyan refined an Elixir that could resist the [Poison Bog], only on using her body’s contact with it as a basis.
    If something like this is spoken out loud, who would believe it?

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Chapter 494: Separate
    She fiercely glares at Muyan, her face filled with twisted resentment. But in the end, she still clenches her teeth and says: “It… it was my mistake, I ask Miss Jun not to take offense.”
    Muyan looks at her with a smile that isn’t a smile, “I’m sorry, Shi-xianzi, but I don’t see the sincerity in your apology.”
    Shi Lanling’s white face turns green, green turns to purple, purple to black. Ultimately, she has no choice but to stiffly make salutations towards Muyan, “My mistake, I ask Miss Jun to forgive me!”
    The Valley’s guards at the side, as well as Dr. Wang and his medicine boy, each and all of them have their eyes open wide. 
    They look like they’ve seen a ghost.
    These two, one is the Ghost King of Huang Yao, and the other is Shi-xianzi, who is the only one who can do alchemy within the Ghost City.
    But now, in order to urge a young girl to stay, they go as far as to humble themselves and apologize.
    This… this Enchantress of Medicine, is her skills in medicine really so formidable?
    The draughts that she refines, are they really so miraculous?
    Even the Elixirs that Shi-xianzi refines, are they actually no better than hers?
    It’s only natural that Shi Lanling could feel the curious and pitying gazes of the surrounding people.
    With how high and unattainable her position is within the Ghost City, never has she received this kind of humiliation.
     At this moment, she seriously wishes she could pounce over and dismember this slut, Jun Muyan, into ten thousand pieces.
    But unfortunately, she must bear it.
    Muyan is calm and unruffled as she looks at Shi Lanling in mockery for quite a while.
    Only then does she heedlessly borrows a donkey*, “Since Shi-xianzi is so sincere in her apology, then I’ll accept it. However, Shi-xianzi has committed such a low level mistake over and over again, it really makes me doubt – with this level of intelligence, can you really concoct Pills that could help people? When you’re doing alchemy, you don’t make mistakes in handling the main drug ingredients, do you?”
  • exploit an advantageous position
    “Perhaps, I should be so bold as to guess that the Ghost Lord’s illness has now turned for the worst because you, Shi-xianzi, had given improper medical treatment?”
    “Haha, if so, the Ghost Lord is really too pitiful!”
    Muyan’s words sound like a joke, but the Valley guards uniformly turn to look over at Shi Lanling.
    On the faces of quite a few guards, there’s even the color of suspicion showing.
    Shi Lanling already has a purple complexion, and after hearing those words, she feels her vision go black. She’s on the verge of a break down, almost to the point of fainting.
    Jun Muyan, this slut, slut, slut!! She must kill her as soon as possible!
    Deriding Shi Lanling enough, Muyan enters the Ghost Wind Valley at Ghost King Liu Se’s invitation.
    “The Nether Hall in the Ghost Wind Valley is divided into the the inner and outer chambers.”
    “The ill-stricken Ghost Lord is currently convalescing in the inner chambers. All the doctors are also going to stay in the inner chambers.”
    “However, your entourage is not allowed to go inside the inner chambers, so they can only stay on the outer chambers.”
    Behind the mask, Liu Se’s eyes subtly watches Muyan, “Miss Jun surely wouldn’t mind, I hope?”
    Muyan has yet to say anything, when Ying Mei and Han Ye are already protesting: “How could this be allowed? By yourself, Miss Jun, if there’s any danger…”
    “Haha, our Ghost Wind Valley has sincerely invited Miss Jun to come and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness. How could there be any danger here!”
    Shi Lanling snorts, as she casts a glance towards Muyan, her eyes are brimming with disdain and provocation, “Or do you mean to say that Miss Jun doesn’t even have a drop of courage, that she would absolutely insist on having someone by her side, and only then dare to stay in the Ghost Wind Valley?”
    Muyan slightly raises her long eyebrows, stopping the protests from Han Ye and the others.
    Matters that must occur will always come to be.
    It’s not her style to shirk and cower.
    She would actually like to see, for Shi Lanling and Liu Se to insist on separating her from Di Ming Jue and the others, in the end… what do they want to do?
    Before turning around, Muyan couldn’t help but look towards Di Ming Jue.

EMHS – CH493

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Chapter 493: She has Di Ming Jue
    Furthermore, unlike the last time they saw each other, those ugly white patches on Shi Lanling’s face have already completely disappeared.
    Her appearance is even more beautiful than before the White Jade Purple Frost Powder.
    Seeing Muyan, Shi Lanling clenches her teeth, killing intent from bitter resentment filling up her eyes.
    But Muyan doesn’t even deign to spare a peripheral glance to her, opting instead to fix all her attention towards the masked person who’s completely wrapped from head to toe.
     This individual slowly makes their way out of the Ghost Wind Valley, and that cold and gloomy atmosphere from inside the Valley seem to twist around the person’s body.
    This makes the initially strange and malicious breath become even more sickening.
    “I’ve long looked forward to meeting you, distinguished Enchantress of Medicine. This humble one is Ban Yue City’s Ghost King, Liu Se.”
    Liu Se–!!
    Muyan’s pupils suddenly contract.
    Could she be that “Liu Se” that Muyan had heard of in her previous life?
    She truly didn’t expect that Gong Qianxue’s hands had actually stretched out this far already.
    Not just Jing Cheng Country, even Huang Yao’s Ghost City has entered into her pocket as well.
    So apparently, this time’s “Treating the Ghost Lord” is probably the real trap.
    Muyan slowly narrows her eyes, subconsciously holding out a hand, wanting to grab something.
    Had she only been by herself right now, she wouldn’t be afraid.
    But Xiao Bao is inside her Space.
    In case something bad happens to her, Xiao Bao would surely be exposed before people, and he will come to harm.
    This is something she will never allow even if she dies.
    This small hand that had reached out in panic is suddenly held by a warm, large grasp.
    A man’s body slowly draws near, and his deep and low voice is almost imperceptible as it reaches her ears, “Don’t be afraid, Yanyan.”
    “I am always by your side.”
    As soon as his voice falls, Liu Se’s form immediately goes stiff, she even recoils a step back.
    A pair of cold, harsh eyes dart between Muyan and Di Ming Jue.
   They show a tint of alarmed suspicion and restraining fear.
    The body pressing up against her is making Muyan have a clear awareness of Di Ming Jue’s body temperature, his heartbeat, as well as his unique and incomparable scent.
    That small bit of uneasiness that remains in her heart, at this moment, it fades away and disappears.
    That’s right!
    She still has Di Ming Jue.
    Xiao Bao and her, they also have Di Ming Jue.
    Immediately after, her thoughts abruptly come to a halt. She becomes a little annoyed, and somewhat absent-minded.
    Just when did she start to become so trusting of this man, becoming so dependent on him?
    Indeed, she already swore that in this life, what’s most important is only Xiao Bao and vengeance.
    Before she’s finished with revenge, in no way could she be infected with such an unstable factor like feelings!
    Muyan takes a deep breath, and breaks away from Di Ming Jue’s hand, resuming her usual languid calm.
    As this is her enmity-!
    Of course, she must avenge it herself!
    The corners of her mouth rise up to a shallow arc, “The way Ghost City shows it’s warm welcome, time and time again, is to disregard my good faith, and play me for a fool? This way of expressing how you ‘long looked forward to meet me’, my humble self couldn’t afford it. What Shenshu, what cooperation, I think it’s better to forget about it from here on out!”
    Saying that, she moves to walk away.
    Liu Se never thought that she would just leave this simply.
    Her brows couldn’t help but crease, “Wait!”
    Liu Se quickly opens her mouth to call for Muyan to stop, “Today’s issue is of my Ghost Wind Valley’s incompetence in handling matters, yet I ask that Miss Jun mustn’t take offense. Your name was accidentally deleted by Shi-xianzi. Shi-xianzi, why are you still idling about, hurry and apologize to Miss Jun.”
    “You’re making me apologize to this… apologize to her?!” Shi Lanling screeches out incredulously.
    However, Liu Se’s eerie and callous gaze sweeps over to her.
    Shi Lanling’s complexion turns white, showing a look of obvious fear.

EMHS – CH492

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Chapter 492: Another Misunderstanding
    “Don’t tell me you guys don’t know who she is?” Magistrate Liu reproachfully says, “Ghost City’s newly-named Shenshu-daren, Tianyuan City’s Enchantress of Medicine who [Stymies the Underworld from Seizing Life], the one you’ve all been hearing of, you guys don’t know?!”
     “Enchantress of Medicine?!!” the first one who cries out is Dr. Wang, “You-you’re that Enchantress from Tianyuan City, who is said to be capable of regrowing dead flesh and bones?!”
    That’s right! This girl’s method and level of medicine just now, wasn’t it precisely to regrow dead flesh and bones?
    Magistrate Liu ignores him and continues to say: “Even if you haven’t heard of the Enchantress’ name, I presume you should’ve heard of the Godly Apothecary before? The finest draughts sold in Ghost City these days, most of them are refined by this Miss Jun. Have you all eaten bear hearts and leopard guts? Actually daring to doubt her identity, even daring to stop her outside?”
    “If you delay the Ghost Lord’s treatment, even if you have ten lives, I’m afraid that they wouldn’t be enough to compensate!”
    As this was said, Dr. Wang’s body sways and he falls to sit on the ground with a thud.
    Each of those Valley guards are even more frightened, their complexions turning deathly pale as they all sink to their knees.
    How could they have expected it?
    That Enchantress of Medicine who could regrow dead flesh and bones.
    That Godly Apothecary who refines the draughts that are sold in the Ghost City for an extremely high price.
    That it would actually be this girl in front of their eyes, who appears no more than eighteen or nineteen years old.
    Listening to Magistrate Liu’s incessant fawning and blabbing, and watching as the guards repeatedly kowtow to beg for forgiveness-
    Muyan looks indifferent.
    She lightly pats off the grime and blood that have stained her hands.
    The blood has dried up and she couldn’t pat it off. Just as she’s about to give up,
    Someone suddenly grabs her hand and wraps it with a soft wet cloth, gently wiping.
    Very quickly, the blood has been wiped clean.
    Muyan subconsciously raises her head, looking at that cold and handsome face of Di Ming Jue.
    To her surprise, as she makes contact with the man’s eyes, she couldn’t see beneath their depths.
    For they are filled with her own reflected image.
    Muyan’s heart jumps, and she unconsciously pulls her hands back. It takes her quite a while to calm her own mind.
    She softly coughs to cover up her drumming heartbeat.
    Turning towards Magistrate Liu with a cynic gaze, “I just want to know one thing. This guard said that I’m not in the list of invited doctors. May I ask if the Ghost City doesn’t wish to work with me from now on? Or does the Ghost City have any complaints with me?”
    “Since there are some gripes about me, it would be better that we don’t force ourselves to work together.”
    Saying that, she turns around with hardly any reluctance, “Then ‘till we meet again- oh, wrong. We probably wouldn’t anymore!”
    “No, no, no, Miss Jun, it’s not like this! Please listen to me, this is a misunderstanding, really just a misunderstanding!”
    Muyan acts like she wants to leave, like there’s no room to save the situation this time.
    Right at this moment however, she hears a hoarse voice.
    “Please stay, Enchantress of Medicine!”
    Muyan stops on her tracks, slowly turning towards it.
    Not far from them, an individual slowly makes their way over. The whole body is completely wrapped up, and the face is covered with a mask, that one couldn’t tell if it’s man or a woman.
    As this person comes near, Muyan’s heart rises up in warning.
    Her instinctive reaction to crisis is tightening every nerve on her body.
    This person is very strong!
    With an even higher cultivation than her.
    More than that, this kind of strength is emphatically not just from reaching the peak of Precelestial cultivation.
     It’s more because of a certain, suspicious and sinister breath coming out from the person’s body.
    This kind of breath is somewhat similar to that Enforcer Li from before, the Poison Man that Qian Qing made.
    But this is far stronger than Enforcer Li.
    Following behind this person, wearing an elegant goose yellow clothing, Shi Lanling flutters with the air of a fairy.