EMHS – ch273

Chapter 273: Who is the one that follows the path to doom

    Their leader, this man with a short stubble, is even at the Earth Stage. The surging Mysterious Energy from him is still denser than Shen Jinglin’s.

    It is practically impossible for him to deal with all these people by himself!

    However, it’s also absolutely impossible for him to obediently go with this group of people!

    He heard them just now – these people want to catch him in order to deal with Yanyan.

    “And if I don’t go with you?”

    “You won’t?” the leader seems to have heard a joke, “If Shen-dashao doesn’t want to go, then I can only handle you like I did with Zhao Chunming, chopping off parts of your body. For example, your hand, foot, and whatnot!”

    “Shen-dashao’s leg had just been healed, you probably wouldn’t wish for them to be crippled again so soon!”

    Shen Jinglin firmly clenches his fists, his eyes seem like they’re about to erupt in flames.

    There is not a thread nor a hair of cowering on his face, but he adapts an aggressive stance instead.

    Even if he dies, he will never allow himself to be a burden to Yanyan.

    “Haha… you want to resist? Then don’t blame these uncles for being vicious and merciless!”

    “If you want to blame someone, then blame that younger sister of yours. Who let her eyes be blind and offend someone who shouldn’t be offended?!”

    Just as his voice falls, the leader raises up his long knife, and fiercely slashes towards Shen Jinglin.

    Boundless Internal Force rushes out to the atmosphere, making everyone under the stage show horrified expressions and recoil again and again.

    A lot of people are filled with pity and sympathy for Shen Jinglin in their hearts.

    It was with great difficulty that his leg injury has been cured, and his cultivation has recovered, but he’ll become a waste once again.

    Just who is this sister of Shen Jinglin in the end?

    Why had she been so blind?

    Who else shouldn’t you offend in Tianyuan City, but Dr. Deng of Xuan Medical Pavilion!

    Isn’t this following the path to one’s own doom?

    The Internal Force surging in the air has a chilling pressure and the murderous spirit fills the atmosphere.

    But suddenly, there’s a mellifluous music in the distance, and from that distance it goes nearer, coming through like spirals of smoke.

    That music speaks of high mountains and flowing water, faraway and gentle.

    They don’t know why, as the music rings in their ears,

    It’s making the blood of everyone who hears it boil a little.

    The beleaguered Shen Jinglin, who has originally fallen into a tight spot, suddenly raises his head, his eyes gleaming and flashing.

    He seems embarrassed, yet moved.

    And the other people on the scene seem to have gone foolish as they listen, their heads raised as they listlessly stand around, and they could only return to their senses after a long time.

    In the next moment, there’s suddenly fluttering pink petals falling down from the sky.

    The petals are sporadic, and there’s not a lot of them.

    But it’s as if they’re alive, as petals actually stick to those killers around Shen Jinglin by themselves.

    The man with the stubble was initially still immersed in the music that plucks on one’s heartstrings.

    He suddenly feels a petal fall on his face, and he can’t help but reach out to touch it.

    The peculiar fragrance, along with a piercing chill, seeps through his skin and into the bone marrow.

    There’s a thudding sound in the leader’s mind, and he has an inexplicably bad feeling in his guts.

    However, without waiting for him to make any move,

    He hears an explosion in his ears, and simultaneously, he feels a tearing pain, and all the flesh on his body bursts open.

    A blood-curdling scream erupts from the stage.

    In just a few short breaths, the dozen or so individuals surrounding Shen Jinglin evenly fall to the floor. They’ve become badly mangled, that except for letting out pained moans, they can’t do anything else.

    In the sky, the sweet-sounding music gets farther and farther.

    However, the figure of a young woman in white clothes, as if dropping from the sky, slowly falls on the platform.

    The young woman’s complexion is like snow on high mountains, cold and bright, and sacred.

    There’s a noble charm and laziness in each movement, just one look and it could entrance their souls.

    And as her feet touches the floor, her eyes fall on Shen Jinglin, and the corners of her lips slowly curl up.

EMHS – ch272

Chapter 272: This is retribution

    No matter what language, they’re completely rendered incapable of expressing their astonishment.

    A man with withered meridians, destroyed Qi Sea, and a crippled leg – he has actually recovered after a year.

    More than that, not only has he recovered, his cultivation has even advanced. 

    How did this come about?

    And who healed him?!

    With his leg, Shen Jinglin mercilessly stomps on Zhao Chunming’s chest, like wants to just trample the latter’s internal organs: “Zhao Chunming, one who forgets favors and violates justice like you, a bastard with the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog, you simply don’t deserve to live in this world.”

    “Did you forget, at that time when you suffered some injuries in the forest during our travels, who looked after you day and night? It was Fang Jingya!”

    “Did you forget, you used to circle around Fang Jingya every day, showing off and fawning for favor, even pointing to the heavens as you swore under the sun – saying that if you marry her, you will surely treat her well!”

    Fang Jingya’s eyes become teary, and as she dazedly watches Shen Jinglin’s deity-like image, her tears couldn’t help but slip out the rims of her eyes.

    Zhao Chunming spasms all over because of the pain, tears and snot flowing down his face, “Jinglin-brother, I was wrong, wuu wuu… spare me, spare me! I was blinded by pig grease*… I’m begging you to spare my life! ”

  • deluded mind

    Just at this moment, a group of people suddenly appears from who-knows-where.

    They loudly jump up to the platform.

    These people have coldly glinting weapons in their hands.

    Formidable pressure and killing intent leaks out from each individual, making everyone standing under the platform feel a burst of terror.

    Shen Jinglin raises his head to look at this group: “Who are you?”

    “Hehe, who we are is none of Shen-dashao’s concern!”

    Their leader laughs grimly, “Still, we’d like to invite Shen-dashao to come with us!”

    As soon as Zhao Chunming sees these group, the expression of begging for forgiveness immediately changes. With a distorted face, he fearlessly yells: “Shen Jinglin, my godfather is coming, if you still don’t hurry up and let me go… cough cough… even if your cultivation has recovered, so what? Could you deal with this many people all by yourself?”

    “Godfather?” Shen Jinglin frowns.

    “That’s right… do you know who my godfather is?”

    Because of the pain, Zhao Chunming coughs quite a few times, but his face is covered in crazed resentment, “My godfather is the great elder Xuan Medical Pavilion, Deng Hongfeng. He is also a disciple of the Godly Doctor Qian Qing…”

    “You and your sister, you’ve offended my godfather… cough cough… you’re screwed… ha… haha… argh!!”

    Before he could finish laughing, he suddenly lets out a brief shriek.

    Immediately after that, Zhao Chunming’s face bursts out with blood.

    In a just a moment, his tongue is severed, his ears are cut off, and his eyes have turned into a pair of bloody sockets.

    Even both of his hands are also chopped down directly. His fingers are still twitching at the side as they pale to green and deathly grey.

    “Useless trash!”

    The group’s leader snorts. He withdraws his blade, and speaks with a voice overflowing with disdain, “You can’t even properly handle this very small matter, what’s the use of keeping you?”

    Zhao Chunming originally thought that Deng Hongfeng sent these people to save him.

    But how could he have expected that they will ultimately destroy him completely, when he had tired to every means possible to curry favor from his godfather’s subordinates.

    From now on, he will live worse than a dog or a pig, but he can’t die, nor can he live.

    This is retribution!

    As everyone in the audience is overwhelmed with shock, nobody goes to take care of him.

    All eyes are gathered on Shen Jinglin.

    “Shen-dashao, if you please!”

    Shen Jinglin coldly looks at the people surrounding him.

    Each one of them have at least high-level Profound Stage cultivation.

EMHS – ch271

Chapter 271: Not a waste?

    “Hahaha…” Zhao Chunming bursts out laughing, “Dashi, you can take it easy, don’t beat him to death. When all is said and done, the Shen family’s young master used to be a peak Profound Stage. We should also leave him some face!”

    Shen Jinglin used to be a famous young talent in Tianyuan City.

    But now, hehe, his Qi Sea is damaged, his meridians have dried up, his leg is crippled – he’s but a useless person and nothing more!

    Being ridiculed in this way, Shen Jinglin’s face doesn’t change in the slightest, as he simply looks at them coldly.

    Wang Dashi’s laughter abruptly stops, and he suddenly lets out a loud shout.

    His right hand makes a fist, and without any warning, he sends a ferocious punch towards Shen Jinglin.

    The powerful Mysterious Energy around his fist rushes forth, bringing a gust of wind that seems to tear a hole through the air.

    “Big brother Shen, quickly go! Go!”

    Fang Jingya lets out a sad and shrill wail, her body struggling desperately but she couldn’t break out from the binds.

    One after another, everyone standing around the stage shake their heads, certain that Shen Jinglin would undoubtedly die.

    In the next moment however,

    What happens astonishes the entire audience.

    Just as Wang Dashi’s earth-shattering fist strikes in front of him,

    Shen Jinglin simply lifts up a hand to resist against that powerful fist.

    Then, he raises the leg that was supposedly injured and crippled.

    The breath of a majestic Mysterious Energy surges up from under his calf–

    A sudden kick!

    With a bang, Wang Dashi’s stout body directly flies out and knocks against the guardrails on the platform.

    The acute pain coursing through his chest is making his features twist up, and he lets out a pained groan.

    Just a moment ago, at the instant when Shen Jinglin kicked him, he seemed to hear the sound of his own breastbone shattering.

    In a split second, the entire audience goes quiet.

    All of them are struck dumb.

    This… what is going on?

    Isn’t Shen Jinglin a waste?

    Didn’t his Qi Sea break, didn’t he completely lose his cultivation?

    Then what was the Mysterious Energy that had just rushed out of his foot?!

    Zhao Chunming has a listless face, his eyes fixedly staring at the man who he thought has been ruined already.

    Shen Jinglin doesn’t spare a glance to Wang Dashi, the latter no longer able to get up from where he is.

    He slowly moves towards Zhao Chunming instead.

    This time, his strides are surprisingly normal, without the slightest hint of a limp.

    The powerful pressure diffusing out from his entire body is making Zhao Chunming tremble uncontrollably.

    “You… how is this possible?!”

    Zhao Chunming incredulously says: “Aren’t you already a waste? Aren’t you a cripple without any cultivation? Why… why…”

    He couldn’t finish his shocked remarks.

    Shen Jinglin abruptly grabs him by the collar.

    Then a huge fist that is covered in thick Mysterious Energy firmly pounds against his face.

    With a loud smash, Zhao Chunming’s nose directly caves in.

    The sound of his nasal bone shattering into small pieces still seems to be ringing  in his ears.

    Following immediately is a terrible piercing pain, making Zhao Chunming squeal out like a dying pig.

    Shen Jinglin doesn’t let him go.

    He sends a foot to Zhao Chunming’s chest, kicking him straight out.

    Then he ruthlessly steps on the other.

    There’s another crackling sound, and Zhao Chunming’s ribs break under his foot.

    “Aaah–!!” a shrill, blood-curdling screech, and everyone on the scene shudders from a chill.

    The eyes that they’re using to look at Shen Jinglin are filled with shock and awe.

    Suddenly, a man lets out a cry of surprise, “This pressure, this… this doesn’t belong to a Profound Stage peak, but to an Earth Stage!!”

    “Not only is Shen Jinglin not a cripple, but instead… instead he has turned into an Earth Stage expert!”

    As soon as these words are said, the whole audience goes into an uproar.

EMHS – ch270

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Chapter 270: Denouncement through tears of blood

    However, Zhao Chunming doesn’t have the slightest bit of fear, laughing heartily instead, “Shen Jinglin, sure enough, you came. You really have such a deep relationship with your old lover! Even if you’re already a waste now, you’d still drag your crippled leg and rush over to save her, hahaha!”

    Hearing Zhao Chunming say this,

    The surrounding people immediately notice that this man is indeed walking with a limp, his strides don’t seem too nimble.

    Soon after, there’s someone who takes a quick look and recognizes him.

    “Ah, isn’t this the Shen family’s young master, the one that became a waste a year ago?”

    “Right, right! It’s really the Shen family’s young master, he originally had a peak Profound Stage cultivation. But in the end, his cultivation was scrapped and even his leg got crippled, Shen Jinglin!”

    “What’s he doing here?”

    Zhao Chunming could hear everyone’s discussion down there, and the smile on his face becomes increasingly sinister and arrogant: “Everyone, there’s something that you don’t know!”

    “Although this Fang Jingya is my female slave, I originally wanted to treat her well, and give her the status of a small concubine. Who would have imagined that this slut is actually a fickle woman with no sense of shame, that she openly consorted with her old lover, Shen Jinglin.”

    “Why would I continue keeping this kind of shameless bitch? Since she wanted a man this much, this young master will properly help her get what she wants! But I didn’t expect that today, this bitch’s old sweetheart would actually come running. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shen-dashao, you really are affectionate and true!”

    When he said these words,

    To say nothing of those nauseatingly vulgar men, even just those who enjoy watching the bustling scene, even the people who were sympathetic to Fang Jingya before – all of them show a despising expression.

    A woman that doesn’t abide by the proper conduct of women.

    A man who fools around with a married woman, simply has no sense of shame!

    Fang Jingya still wasn’t so worked up when her clothes were getting torn off.

    It’s at this moment that she can’t help but yell out, almost to a shriek, “Zhao Chunming, you animal, you mustn’t talk rubbish and slander Shen big brother! At that time, you clearly said that you’ll marry me as your wife, but after I passed through the door, every day, you would beat me or curse me. You even used me… used me as a gift to that old eunuch, letting him abuse and humiliate me…”

    “Zhao Chunming, you’re simply not human, you’re a devil! An animal! I, Fang Jinya, my ultimate regret in this life is getting myself deceived to marry you… Shen big brother and I, we simply ran into each other a few days ago, where could we be improper… you mustn’t spit blood*!”

  • mud-slinging; slander

    Hearing Fang Jingya’s denouncement, almost weeping blood,

    Shen Jinglin, who had just stepped on the platform, gets stunned in place.

    He looks at the woman who is tied at the wooden stake, and his eyes burst with raging flames of fury.

    That day, at their chance encounter on the street, he knew that Fang Jingya wasn’t living well.

    But he simply didn’t expect that she actually spent her days as worse than dogs or pigs.

    There’s also an uproar from the crowd below.

    That’s because Fang Jingya’s appearance is indeed too miserable, and each word of her denouncement is through tears and blood. People can’t help but want to believe her.

    Zhao Chunming wrinkles his brows, and he immediately turns to his guard, Wang Dashi. He commands: “I order you, as long as you beat Shen Jinglin within an inch of his life, not kill him but let him fall into my hands, then this woman is yours.”

    Wang Dashi licks his lips as he sends Fang Jingya a leering glance. With large strides, he immediately walks up before Shen Jinglin.

    “Shen-dashao went up on stage, you want to take the challenge so you can win this female slave?”

    Wang Dashi’s voice rumbles, brimming with disdain, “It’s just, I’m afraid a waste like Shen-dashao won’t be able to handle even a finger from me. Tch… it’s making me too embarrassed to start!”

EMHS – ch269

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Chapter 269: Finally here

    “You bastard! Beast! You won’t have a good end!” Fang Jingya finally couldn’t help but let out some hysterical wails, “Big brother Shen won’t come, just give up on this idea!”

    A cold light flashes through Zhao Chunming’s eyes. He gets up, raises a hand, and ruthlessly slaps her, “Slut, you’re as fickle as water. Clearly married to me, but there’s only Shen-brother in your mind, shameless thing!”

    Fang Jingya feels faint and her vision goes blurry because of this slap. Blood seeps out from the corners of her mouth, and she couldn’t say another word.

    Zhao Chunming suddenly gives a sinister laugh as he looks towards the audience, raising his voice as he says: “Everyone, why don’t I give you a little bit more incentive?”

    “If this friend on the stage can persist for a quarter of an hour, I will tear all the clothes off this female slave.”

    “I wonder if everyone wants to take a look?”

    The people under the stage immediately let out depraved nasty laughter, yelling loudly together to cheer the challenging man.

    Those who are more good-natured couldn’t bear how things are going too far, opting to quietly leave.

    Time passes by very quickly until it’s been a quarter of an hour.

    Zhao Chunming’s treacherous gaze searches through the crowd, but he doesn’t see the figure of Shen Jinglin.

    He knits his brows tightly, murderous intent and impatience filling his eyes.

    Did that waste Shen Jinglin got scared? He doesn’t dare to come?

    Shouldn’t that be impossible?

    After all, Shen Jinglin is famous for his stupid loyalty, anything for brothers and friends, that knives would pierce both sides*.

  • to attach a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it

    For a friend’s life, he can throw all caution to the wind.

    Heh, that is, it’s because of such a stupid behavior that he turned into a useless person a year ago!

    As long he becomes aware of this slut Fang Jinya’s present situation, Shen Jinglin will certainly come over.

    With a bang, that challenger is kicked down the stage by Zhao Chunming’s guard, Wang Dashi.

    The vicious light in Zhao Chunming’s eyes flickers and disappears.

    He laughs as he walks before Fang Jinya, “Although that brother had just failed the challenge, he had lasted for more than a quarter of an hour. Now, it’s time for me to give everyone a little taste of sweetness!”

    Saying that, Zhao Chunming’s hand goes to grab Fang Jingya’s undergarment.

    Fang Jingya closes her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks.

    Her last regret in this life is the mistake of acknowledging this animal, Zhao Chunming, and getting married to him.

    Fang Jinya, now that she can’t be happier to die, her only wish is that… is that Shen big brother can live well from here on out.

    Her heart has already conceived a longing for death, and just she’s just about to bite her tongue,

    she suddenly feels pain in her lower jaw.

    Zhao Chunming sneers: “You want to die? It won’t be so easy! Even if you want to die, you have to wait for me to squeeze you for all your worth!”

    Fang Jingya’s eyes are covered in despair.

    Her tears have run dry, heart has turned to ashes, but she can only look on helplessly as this animal pulls off the clothes that are barely covering her body.

    Just at this moment, there’s a sudden explosive sound.

    A strong wind rushes forth, and Zhao Chunming stumbles backwards.

    Immediately after, there’s a robe flying down from the sky and it wraps around Fang Jingya with precision.

    In an instant, it completely covers up her bare body.

    Fang Jingya snaps her eyes open, and her still-bleeding lips tremble because of extremely stirred-up emotions and disbelief.

    Zhao Chunming is both alarmed and furious at first.

    Then, as if reacting to something, he gets up from the ground with a grunt.

    His pair of sinister eyes unblinkingly stares at the crowd below, his gaze seething with warped malevolence and excitement.

    Shen Jinglin, that waste is finally here!

    The crowd seems to have sensed something, and it spontaneously opens up a path.

    There’s a man slowly coming towards the platform, his eyes firmly fixed on Zhao Chunming.

    It’s as if the murderous intent in his eyes is almost tangible, bone-chillingly freezing.

EMHS – ch268

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Chapter 268: Abuse

    Zhao Chunming has treacherous expression: “Slut, if only you’re obedient, do as you’re told and help me plot against Shen Jinglin, then you also wouldn’t end up this way. All of this is what you’ve brought upon yourself!”

    Saying that, he turns to look down the stage.

    He sees that everyone below is staring fixatedly at Fang Jingya’s wonderful body.

    There are some with big ears and thick waists that have even started to drool already.

    Fang Jingya’s appearance may not be too beautiful,

    But the snow white skin on her whole body, as well as tight and slender waist, could make men’s blood boil.

    Zhao Chunming pulls on Fang Jingya’s hair and forces her to bend back.

    Through the thin fabric, the undulations of her chest are in full display in front of the audience.

    “How about it? Everyone, do you still think that such a rare commodity isn’t worth getting up on the platform for?”

    There are quite a few gulping sounds below the stage.

    They can’t wait to rush up immediately, pull down that thin layer of cloth, and wantonly play with her.

    Zhao Chunming’s smile becomes even more malicious, “There’s one more thing that you all probably don’t know.”

    “This isn’t just any ordinary female slave, but she was once the precious Miss of Fang family’s Medical Center, Fang Jingya.”

    “Think about it, pressing down a noble Miss that used to be set up on high, wantonly play with her like an animal, how wonderful would that feeling be ah?

    As soon as Zhao Chunming says this, someone under the stage suddenly cries out in alarm!

    “Fang Jingya, that’s right, that’s really the Big Miss of the ex-largest Medical Center in Tianyuan City!”

    “Ah, I didn’t expect that a dignified precious Miss would actually fall to such a point!”

    “Who made the Fang family be so unlucky that they offended the Xuan Medical Pavilion, making the hundred years’ foundation get annexed… now this precious Miss is even reduced to a female slave, tsk tsk… really too pitiful!”

    Most people in Tianyuan City aren’t aware of the fact that Fang Jingya and Zhao Chunming are married.

    Since Zhao Chunming only took Fang Jingya as a wife because he envied Shen Jinglin, and wanted to take everything that belongs to him.

    After he’d taken possession of this woman, Zhao Chunming immediately got tired of her.

    Everyday, if he doesn’t beat her, he scolds her.

    Afterwards, he even directly used her as a gift, sending her to Deng Hongfeng so the latter could vent and amuse himself – all in exchange for Zhao Chunming’s own prospects.

    Therefore, how could Zhao Chunming let others discover that such an ‘unclean’ woman is his wife?

    In the entire Tianyuan City, the one who regards Fang Jingya as Zhao Chunming’s wife,

    Perhaps it’s only Shen Jingling alone.

    There are some people pitying Fang Jingya for her miserable fate.

    But there are still more who are eager to try, their eyes are filled with greed and beastly desire.

    They initially thought that it’s too risky to go against a Profound Stage expert just for a woman,

    But once they heard that it’s a former eldest Miss of the Fang family, the ones that have perverted hobbies start to feel eager to have a go at it.

    Soon, a man with fat cheeks and a big belly waves towards his own subordinate.

    That Profound Stage subordinate promptly jumps up on the platform.

    Zhao Chunming turns back and pats the guard’s shoulder, pointing as he says: “Fight well. If you successfully defend for four hours, then this female slave is yours!”

    The guard glances at Fang Jingya at his side. He licks his lips, eyes filled with lust and brutality.

    When he thinks that a mere laborer like him could just abuse a precious Miss like Fang Jinya,

    He becomes so excited that the blood in his entire body is boiling.

    The fight on the stage begins.

    Zhao Chunming sits cross-legged beside Fang Jingya, lowly saying: “I’ve already sent word to your old sweetheart. Try to guess, will your old lover come and save you?”

EMHS – ch267

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Chapter 267: Public auction for this female slave

    But Zhao Chunming is unable to deal with that, as he promptly rolls and crawls towards the other, “Godfather, godfather, don’t be angry, give me another chance, I… I will definitely handle it well.”

    As he says that, his face twists, and he speaks through gritted teeth: “Fang Jingya, it’s all that slut’s fault. I tried to reason with her in every way possible, but she won’t agree to help us entrap her old sweetheart. Sure enough, that wench really had an affair with Shen Jinglin.”

    Deng Hongfeng has a gloomy expression he looks down on the other, “Stop bullshitting me. Just give me the result. If you can’t handle this matter properly… what use would I have for keeping such a useless godson like you?!”

    Hearing these words, Zhao Chunming jolts and shudders. He kowtows again and again, “Rest assured, godfather. Chunming will definitely give vent for your anger!”

    With great difficulty, he exits from Deng Hongfeng’s room. Zhao Chunming’s eyes flickers with viciousness and malice.

    Fang Jingya, you whore, causing trouble for me to fall in such a sorry state.

    Then don’t blame me for being vicious and merciless, disregarding the feelings of husband and wife!


    Tianyuan City, east gate.

    Here is the city’s center of the slave trading, just like the Ghost City’s Wan Ren Ku.

    However, the slaves in Wan Ren Ku are usually of high quality.

    And the slaves here are basically just at the Primary Stage or lower. There are even ordinary people without the least bit of Internal Force.

    Since the quality of the slaves are not high, the atmosphere of this place is normally restrained and silent.

    People that want to buy slaves are always quiet and subdued. They would casually pick two and take those away.

    Today, however, this slave market is unusually bustling and lively.

    All because someone has made a big elevated platform in the middle of the public square.

    On the platform, there’s a tied up woman with a delicate and pretty appearance, yet with an exceptionally wan and sallow complexion.

    She appears to be meticulously dressed-up, the clothes on her body are semi-revealing. The woman’s good figure is faintly discernible.

    But on her exposed skin, one can see traces of bruising everywhere. It’s very obvious that she had suffered through long term abuse.

    Dong–! Dong–! Dong–!

    The resounding noise of the gong attracts the people who were originally browsing in the slave market, having them come over.

    Even outside the market, there are also people who heard this gong, and can’t help but move closer to the source of the excitement. 

    Zhao Chunming sees that there are enough people that have come, so he clears his throat and swaggers to the elevated stage.

    “Today, I, Zhao Chunming, will have a public auction for this female slave.”

    “Those who want to get this slave won’t need to spend a single silver coin, but you only need to defeat this guard of mine!”

    After Zhao Chunming finishes talking, a guard with a tough and stocky build immediately steps forward from his side.

    Big eyes like copper bells are wide open, his body’s formidable breath comes out and fills the air.

    Everyone can only cry out in surprise, “This powerful pressure, this must be at least on the Profound Stage!”

    Zhao Chunming claps his hands, and that guard immediately steps back.

    “To defeat a Profound Stage expert for a woman, it’s not easy!”

    “Yeah! Although this woman looks pretty good, but it’s not really like ‘divine fragrance, national grace’, not worth it, not worth it!”

    Zhao Chunming hears the discussion that follows.

    He narrows his eyes and abruptly strides to Fang Jingya’s side.

    His hand goes to the front of her clothes, and he pulls.

    A tearing sound could be heard.

    Fang Jingya’s clothes are ripped open.

    Revealing slender and smooth thighs, she’s only wearing a red belly wrap* on her.

  •     apron-like undergarment.

    That appearance is tantamount to exposing her naked body in front of everyone.

    Fang Jingya had already given up on all hope, given up any resistance.

    At this moment however, extreme humiliation, grief and indignation – it still makes her unable to hold her tears back and they fall down.

    Her teeth sinks down on her lips until blood seeps out.

    “Zhao Chunming, you animal, you won’t have a good end!!”

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Chapter 266: Ruining Hongfu Medical Center

    In sharp contrast to the flourishing Junji Medical Center,

    there are fewer and fewer people in Hongfu Medical Center. There’s now only a very small number people in such a large medical establishment, where it was once crowded.

    No matter how low the price for medical treatment is reduced,

    The people coming over are getting fewer with each day.

    There’s only one reason–

    It’s because there’s a big bulletin board hanging at the entrance of the Junji Medical Center.

    It reads:

    This medical establishment only receives two kinds of patients: one, those that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure; two, those that would no longer visit the Hongfu Medical Center from here on out. The Junji Medical Center will never receive any violators!

    At first glance, this announcement doesn’t matter. Thinking it over however, it wants to bury the Hongfu Medical Center whole.

    If the patients don’t go to the Hongfu Medical Center, do they have other alternatives?

    Of course they do!

    That’s because medical establishments are what Tianyuan City has the most of.

    Even if none are as big as the Hongfu Medical Center, there are still a lot of excellent doctors in those other places.

    Moreover, their fees are still cheaper than the Hongfu Medical Center.

    Now, in the whole Tianyuan City, even in the entire Chi Yan Country, is there anywhere that could replace the Junji Medical Center?


    Not single one!

    That’s because Jun Muyan’s medical expertise is too outstanding.

    Only she has the miraculous skills to bring the dead back to life.

    Only she can wrestle a life out of the king of hell’s hands.

    Even if those patients don’t have an incurable illness today, who can guarantee that they won’t have it in the future?

    Even if they themselves won’t be afflicted with it, who can guarantee that their family members won’t fall ill in the future?

    Can’t go to the Hongfu Medical Center?

    What about it, just switch to another establishment!

    And they wouldn’t cut the bridge to the renowned “Enchantress”.

    As a result, the families are happy.

    And one can say that the businesses of the other medical establishments in Tianyuan are steadily rising, they’re so happy that they’re grinning from ear to ear.

    The only one that’s out of luck is the Hongfu Medical Center.

    Inside and out of such a big medical establishment, there’s not even the buzzing of flies!


    When Deng Hongfeng receives the report from the manager, his face becomes so gloomy, it could almost drip water.

    His sharp voice can practically pierce the eardrums, “Say it to me one more time!!”

    The manager trembles with fear, cold sweat oozing out of his forehead, “Dr. Deng, this… this is really not our fault ah! It’s that the Junji Medical Center is really going too far, and that… that Jun Muyan, her medical skills are really too frightening. The doctors that we have, no one… no one can compare with her…”

    As a matter of fact, what the manager really wants to say is:

    Even if they bundle together all the doctors of their Hongfu Medical Center, they won’t be better than even the smallest fraction of Muyan.

    Has anyone heard of an intestinal blockage that could be completely healed in one day?

    Have they heard of people that had their hearts stop beating, yet still be resuscitated?

    Has anyone heard of a patient that was on his dying breath because of a festered wound, that could still be made to leap and frisk about like before?

    This ‘Enchantress’ Jun Muyan, is she really a person?

    Can a person’s medical skills really rise up to this level?

    “Jun Muyan! Jun Muyan! It’s this wretched slut again!!”

    Deng Hongfeng tightly clenches his fists, teeth creaking as he grinds them. The bitter resentment in his eyes is almost bursting with fire.

    “Call that waste Zhao Chunming for me!!”

    It doesn’t take long before Zhao Chunming comes through the door, a fawning smile on his face, “Godfather, you were looking for me…”

    He still hasn’t finished his words.

    Deng Hongfeng raises a foot and ruthlessly kicks the other’s chest, “Waste, didn’t you say that you can make that slut Jun Muyan have a life that’s worse than death? It’s been so many days, you trash, have you done anything at all?!”

    Zhao Chunming tumbles to ground because of that kick, his chest hurts so much that he almost screams out loud.

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Chapter 265: The Enchantress of Medicine, Jun Muyan

    The small manservant, who keeps the order outside, has a sullen expression as he says: “The patients… the patients all went to the Junji Medical Center.”

    “What?!” says the doctor who came out to inquire. Stupefied, “How is that possible?!”

    Just then, Guan Hu, who has been staying in place, very slowly walks towards them.

    There’s an evil smile plastered on his mouth, “Oh hey, no clients! It seems that the Hongfu Medical Center is very unoccupied today, oh, I suppose you’d be very idle in the future.”

    “Did you people eat bear heart and leopard guts? Don’t you know that after offending our Hongfu Medical Center, you shouldn’t even think of mingling in Tianyuan City later!” that doctor’s entire body is trembling from anger.

    Guan Hu swats the finger that the doctor is pointing at him. He says with a sneer: “To mingle or not, just look at our capability. What qualifications do you have to be pointing around and lecturing, you old thing? If you dare to point your finger on Laozi again, believe it or not, Laozi will crush all your bones!”

    “You–! You–!!”

    “You what you?!” Guan Hu grasps the doctor up by the collar, holding him up like a chicken, sneering as he says, “Go back and tell your Master, daring to scheme against our Miss, making doctors and clients avoid coming to our Junji Medical Center?”

    “Hehe, then we also won’t let his Hongfu Medical Center have any patients in the future!”

    Saying that, he swings his arms and the doctor is thrown to the ground.

    Guan Hu waves his hand, “Brothers, our task is complete. Let’s end our work for the day!”

    Looking at the group of people leaving in a grand manner, then looking at the empty street outside their establishment,

    An unprecedented panic rushes forth in the hearts of everyone at the Hongfu Medical Center.


    In just a short period of about ten days’ time, the name “Junji Medical Center” is like squally showers sweeping through every corner of Tianyuan City.

    There’s even a topic that’s spreading out.

    Junji Medical Center’s doctor is called Jun Muyan, a Qin musician and a Senior Doctor.

    She has a superb artistic achievement with the zither.

    And her medical expertise can work on the flesh and bones of the living dead.

    Legend has it that as long as Jun Muyan wants to save someone, even if the King of Hell has already set the time of death, she could still use her pair of slender white hands to snatch back the life of that person.

    So many people that have been declared terminally ill by other medical establishments would go in there, and come out in a good condition.

    In this way, one becomes ten, and ten becomes a hundred.

    In Tianyuan City, Jun Muyan’s medical skills has already been mythologized to a legendary level.

    In the beginning, the sick people refer to Jun Muyan as “The Fairy Doctor”.

    That’s because this young lady doctor is no more than twenty years of age, and she has a pure, matchless and breathtaking appearance.

    In white clothes with her long her fluttering, just like a goddess from the Ninth Heaven that has fallen to the mundane world.

    Eventually afterwards, some people think that the tile of “Fairy Doctor” is not dignified enough.

    So everyone starts calling her “Music Healer”.

    That’s because Jun Muyan’s treatment always starts with the mellifluous song of a zither, and slowly ends with a mellow and lingering note.

    In the middle of this, patients won’t feel a lot of pain, but their minds and bodies would be in inexplicable bliss instead.

    It’s as if their souls are getting washed.

    There are also some people that secretly give Jun Muyan the tile “The Enchantress of Medicine”.

    Especially those patients that were personally saved by Jun Muyan,

    No one is more clear about it than them, the girl clothed in white, it’s like there’s an indolent and evil charm in her smile. Refined and free from vulgarity, but a turn of her wrist could pull back their lives from the quagmires of hell.

    Even if Muyan never receives more than ten patients a day,

    The entire Junji Medical Center is still packed with people.

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Chapter 264: The crowd, like a pot boiling over

    “Is this for real?” there are still some who couldn’t believe it, “That’s intestinal blockage ah! Is it really possible to cure it? How did that doctor from Junji Medical Center treat it?”

    The middle-aged woman stares blankly, seemingly recalling yesterday’s events.

    It’s a good while before she slowly says: “That fairy doctor said that the intestinal blockage is only caused by improper diet, there’s inflammation from infected blood, and it decreases blood flow. The treatment is very simple, just cut the belly open and remove that inflamed appendix, and I’ll recover without drugs.”

    “What?! Cutting your belly open? Are you kidding? Wouldn’t you definitely die if you had your stomach cut open?!”

    The surrounding patients show aghast expressions one after another.

    The middle-aged woman shakes her head, “That’s what I also thought at first. To have my belly cut open, even if my intestinal blockage would get cured, wouldn’t I still die from pain? But… but it’s like that fairy doctor did magic. She just held a zither, played a very pleasant song, then I fell asleep.”

    “When I woke up, the pain in my abdomen has entirely disappeared, and only a very small scar is left on my belly.”

    The middle-aged woman says that as she lifts her clothes open, letting everyone see the cut on her abdomen.

    Sure enough, there really is a very small scar with stitches still on it.

    “The Fairy doctor said that these stitches can be removed in a few days, and it won’t leave a scar afterwards.”

    She has awe and gratefulness on her face, “Although I don’t know how the Fairy doctor did it, but I believe that her medical skills have reached perfection, I… I feel like I could really keep on living!”

    This remark, as well as the display of the middle aged woman who is currently weak but full of vitality,

    It’s making everyone there completely stunned.

    There are even those that have studied medicine and they couldn’t help but take the woman’s pulse, only to be surprised with their findings.

    That intestinal blockage is really gone, the woman is quite healthy now, she is very healthy!

    “Can you cure someone by cutting them open? This… is there really such a miraculous method in this world?”

    “Didn’t you guys hear about it? A few days ago, the Xuan Medical Pavilion let out the news that our Tianyuan City has produced its first Senior Doctor. Not only that, it’s a woman that’s less than twenty years old. It must be the Fairy-doctor that this big sister is talking about!”

    “Is it possible for my tumor to be cured?”

    “I’ve already spent thousands upon thousands of gold coins in the Hongfu Medical Center, but there’s no signs of my condition getting any better, I… I should also go and see this Junji Medical Center!”


    In an instant, the crowd seems like a pot boiling over.

    A patient with an incurable disease is like a person drowning in water. So long as they could grab a life-saving straw, they would frantically climb up.

    That’s why, even if they know perfectly well that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure their illnesses, they would still choose to spend a great amount of gold coins to go in and out of there everyday.

    All in order to grab their only remaining hope.

    Now that the Junji Medical Center has allowed them genuinely see hope at last, how could they not go crazy?

    Even Guan Hu and the others, these fiends that lick blood off the edge of a knife, they’re also stupefied by the surging crowd in front of them.

    “Wait… wait a minute! Our Miss will only see one patient a day!” 

    But how could these sick people care about him? They walk without paying heed to Guan Hu.

    They just directly ask that middle-aged woman about the Junji Medical Center’s address, and they rush towards it like a swarm of bees.

    As soon as the Hongfu Medical Center is done with its first batch of patients, they go outside to call the waiting people to enter.

    To their astonishment, they find that it’s completely empty outside, not even the shadow of a single person.

    “This… what is going on here? The people?”

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Chapter 263: Heavens, Cured!

    The middle-aged woman hesitates for a moment, before finally clenching her teeth to say: “Okay, I will go with you to the Junji Medical Center!”

    Anyway, she has a terminal illness, already determined to be incurable.

    What’s the worst that could happen?

    Just give medicine to a dead horse!

    Hearing this, Guan Hu smiles even brighter, “Alright, we’ll receive today’s client. Brothers, let’s go back!”

    After he says this, the group immediately escort that middle-aged woman and they walk away in a grand manner.

    The patients that were initially starting to get restless, wanting to ask around, are struck dumb.

    Someone can’t help but call out: “I, I want to go and try it too. The doctors of the Hongfu Medical Center said that I could no longer be saved, but I don’t want to give up hope.”

    Guan Hu looks back, a sly smile showing on his ferocious features, “Sorry! Our Miss will only receive one patient a day.”


    Seeing the group of troublemakers walk away, the Hongfu Medical Center very quickly resumes order.

    Even that doctor who had fainted from anger has also woken up, once again taking his post and taking pulses.

    As for that Junji Medical Center or whatever, they simply won’t put it in their eyes.

    But what a farce!

    What a joke!

    Their Hongfu Medical Center is the largest and most powerful medical establishment in in Tianyuan City.

    If the doctors here determine that the illness can’t be treated, then it must be an incurable disease.

    In the end, the Junji Medical Center’s doctor is just boasting shamelessly, only capable of saying such big talk like “treating patients that they’ve determined incurable”.

    The next day however, just as the Hongfu Medical Center has opened for business,

    As the first patients are swarming in from outside,

    Someone suddenly starts a commotion while running there, “Cured, really cured! It’s a miracle! That doctor in Junji Medical Center is really godly!”

    As soon as these words are out, each and every one of the patients that have been standing outside the building are all stunned.

     “Are you joking? Really cured?” someone can’t help but question, “I’ve heard with my own ears, the Hongfu doctor said that the woman has intestinal blockage*, and it has already reached the point where any treatment would be in vain. It’s simply impossible to cure it!”
  • appendicitis

    “Right right, I also saw that the woman’s complexion was grey, very clearly almost on the point of death.”

    The person getting questioned is somewhat unhappy, “I saw it with my own eyes, if you guys don’t believe it, go and take a look yourselves!”

    Just as he says that, they see Guan Hu and the others holding up their signs, strutting as they come over.

    This group of people didn’t even change their lines.

    “Junji Medical Center, treating patients that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure.”

    “Don’t miss it when you’re passing by, as long you’ve been determined incurable by the Hongfu Medical Center’s doctors, please come to Junji Medical Center.”

    This time, everyone’s sight isn’t focused on them, but gathered on that woman behind them instead.

    They could see that the woman’s complexion is still a bit pale, and her figure is as emaciated as before.

    However, her pair of turbid eyes have become bright and sparkling, brimming with the hope towards the future.

    The hand that she was using to cover her belly has already been put down.

    Even the way she walks looks incredibly relaxed, not like before, when she looked like she would collapse at any moment. 

    “Big sister, you… has your intestinal blockage really been cured?” Someone can’t help but take a step forward and ask.

    That middle-aged woman laughs, her wrinkled eyes curving upwards, and there’s even a trace of absent-mindedness in her voice.

    “Yes, I’m healed! The Junji Medical Center’s young woman, no, that fairy, her medical skills are really extremely miraculous. I was already desperate, thinking that I was definitely going to die. But now, I… I feel light and relaxed from head to foot, like I could still live for several decades.”

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Chapter 262: No payment if you’re not cured

    Just a confrontation of skill, and they’ve already beat the other group unconscious.

     The other party didn’t even have the slightest bit of power to fight back.

     And these men holding the sign, men that look like devils and monsters… continue to hold their signs up, yelling as they’re walking back and forth. It’s as if they can’t see their audience at all.

    “You people, just who are you people?” A doctor of Huangfu Medical Center finally couldn’t bear it, shouting angrily as he walks out, “Do you know where this is? You actually dare to run amok here!”

     Hearing that, one of the men holding a sign walks over with large strides. He has a disdainful expression as he sweeps his eyes over the doctor, saying: “What’s it to you? Laozi is talking to these sick guests, what does that have to do with you, old fart?”

    This person is called Guan Hu.

    A member of the Ink Camp.

    It’s important to know that the Ink Camp are filled with people who have crawled of a mountain corpses and a sea of blood.

    Cunning, fierce, fearing nothing in Heaven of Earth.

    Just a mere medical establishment wanting to push the people of Ink Camp around,

    Why not just flatten it directly, consider each and every skull a watermelon, chop them up or smash them down. 

    Why does it have to be so troublesome?

    But there’s nothing to be done about it, who made is so that this is the female devil’s… *cough*… the Miss’ plan?

    They are the Little Master’s servants, and the Little Master is obedient to his mother.

    That said, the people of Ink Camp also fully understand what it means to survive by becoming stronger.

    Meaning, they can ignore the words of a noble and authoritative person,

    But if the words came from Miss, it must be carried out with scrupulous attention to detail, otherwise, they’ll definitely be damned.

    Not only that, but they would no longer have any opportunities to advance in the future.

    Guan Hu operates his body’s Internal Force, and he could feel the noticeable improvement with each day. His heart is brimming with hope and longing.

    That doctor had passed as an Intermediate Doctor in Xuan Medical Pavilion.

    Except for Deng Hongfeng, he is the most respected person in the entire Hongfu Medical Center.

    When had he ever been angered like this.

    He immediately trembles all over because of anger, “You… you… you’re going too far! You and your master, are you all tired of living? You dare to come to our Hongfu Medical Center to snatch the patients!!”

    “Yeah, right!” Guan Hu snorts and slaps the sign he’s holding, “Old fart, don’t you know how to read? Laozi is looking for a sick person that your Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t treat. Your medical center had already determined them incurable anyway, we’re calling them to go to our Junji Medical Center. This is just what our Miss calls ‘saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda.”

    “Saying that we’re snatching patients, does our Miss need to snatch the crumbs of your patients? Old fart, you’re really going senile, have your brains already turned to paste?

    That doctor could no longer continue to support himself, as his eyes roll back from anger and he faints.

   No way Guan Hu would take care of him. He lifts up the sign and joins his companions in the Ink Camp to go on with tearing their throats yelling.

    No one cares at first.

    After all, they’ve never heard of the Junji Medical Center before, and it would be impossible to mingle in the Tianyuan City if they were to offend the Hongfu Medical Center.

    But there will inevitably be patients that have been sentenced to death by the establishment.

    Reading the words on the sign, and hearing what Guan Hu and the others are shouting,

    There’s a spark of hope in the heart that was originally as still as a grave.

    “You… are you guys saying the truth?” a very thin middle-aged woman unsteadily walks over to them, her eyes are filled with the brilliant rays of hope, “All illnesses can really be cured?”

    Guan Hu’s mouth splits open, revealing a mouthful of big white teeth, a very bright smile.

    But on that fierce face of his, it seems especially horrifying, “Big sister, whether or not it can be cured, why don’t you go over and check it out? Guaranteed that you won’t have to pay if you won’t get cured, do you think that we could still cheat you?”