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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 20: Help Arrives

MuYan takes it with a smile and finishes the remaining Blue Treasure Fruit. Then she nonchalantly throws the core, “Well, stupid disciple, let’s go and not waste more time here.”

Lou Beiyu absentmindedly nods his head, and couldn’t help but take a second look at the Blue Treasure Fruit’s core.

Other people have the same expression and actions as him.

The famous Blue Treasure Fruit, a precious seven rank mysterious fruit, was thrown away after a few bites.

Lou Beiyu comes to a realization then, that this Master of his is apparently not simple at all.

“Wretch, we guarded the Blue Treasure Fruit for three days ah! I’ll kill you!!” The maid beside Gou Zifei roars, finally unable to hold back and swings her sword.

Seeing the coldly glinting sword nearing before his eyes, Lou Beiyu doesn’t think twice and steps in front of MuYan.

A hand wearing gold gloves stretches out and catches the attacking sword.

His Internal force surges, demonstrating the strength of an Earth grade practitioner.

There is the sound from that impact, and the sword breaks.

Lou Beiyu releases another palm, pushing out several maids with the wind pressure of his strike.

Two of them cry out and are driven to the ground.

Gou Zifei looks at Lou Beiyu in disbelief, then looks at MuYan in bitter resentment.

She never expected that for MuYan, Lou Beiyu would actually raise his hands against her people.

But she is just on the middle of Profound stage, how could she be an opponent to the Earth grade Lou Beiyu?

Could it be that she really needs to condone the woman who took her Blue Treasure Fruit?

As the two parties are confronting each other, they suddenly hear the sound of rushing horse hooves.

Everyone simultaneously pay attention to it.

They see a few horses coming in from outside of Fog Forest. In this dense fog, there’s not the slightest bit hesitation or panic from them.

The horses are clearly not your average foals.

As Gou Zifei sees the arriving people, she immediately reveals a happy expression and loudly calls out: “Second Highness!”

“Shu–” The horse walks up to their group before it finally stops.

A handsome man in bright yellow garments dismounts from his horse.

Gou Zifei hastens over to him at once, and nestles into his arms like a bird. She says while pouting playfully, “Your Highness, why are you only arriving now? I’ve been waiting for you in this thick fog for several days!”

“Haha, to have troubled Feifei to wait so long, that’s benwang’s* sin!” The man strokes Gou Zifei’s face, he says with a smile that isn’t a smile, “Now the precious Mysterious Plant that we want to collect from the Fog Forest, the one that benwang asked you to get, how is it?”
*That’s how some princes address themselves.
At the mention of the precious Mysterious Plant, Gou Zifei immediately remembers the Blue Treasure Fruit that had been eaten.

She grits her teeth for a moment and instantly shows a depressed expression. “Your Highess, you must act for Feifei! With great difficulty, we finally found Blue Treasure Fruit and guarded it for three days and three nights, just as we grabbed it from the mouth of a Strange beast, who would think that it would actually be stolen!”

“Blue Treasure Fruit?” the indulgent man who looks like he’s spoiling a child, couldn’t help but slightly widen his eyes after hearing the name Blue Treasure Fruit. “Where is Blue Treasure Fruit now?”

Gou Zifei points to MuYan, and hatefully says: “This woman snatched it. I clearly said that it was something we obtained with great difficulty, but she still shamelessly took it for herself. Also, she actually ate our Blue Treasure Fruit!”

The man’s eyes follow the direction pointed by Gou Zifei.

When he sees MuYan holding Xiao Bao, his pupil involuntarily contracts.

He immediately lets go of Gou Zifei. Stepping forward, his eyes fixatedly stares at MuYan, “This girl, did you eat my Blue Treasure Fruit? Do you know who I am? If you take away what’s mine, you should pay a price!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch19

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 19 Good appetite

Pftt – , the guards and maids at Lou Beiyu’s side couldn’t help but laugh.

When they were tortured by this Jun girl on the road, they really felt like dying.

Seeing her directing that to others however, they inexplicably feel a sense of satisfaction.

Gou Zifei’s pretty face turns white, her maid is further incensed: “This is a spiritual fruit, not some strange animal. How could it possibly respond? You better not twist words and force logic, if you know what’s good for you, you should give the Blue Treasure Fruit back to us… you should be clear on the fact that offending people of our Royal Highness, Jing Cheng Country’s Second Prince, there won’t be any good end!”

“Do you really want this spiritual fruit?” MuYan raises her mouth, directing her gaze towards Gou Zifei. “If you want it, I can give it.”

“Jun girl – !” The head guard couldn’t just stand by so he exclaims, “Don’t let yourself be cheated by this woman!”

Gou Zifei nods, “Quickly give me the Blue Treasure Fruit!” Thinking that MuYan finally compromised, she inadvertently reveals a happy and complacent expression.

MuYan’s next sentence, however, stupefied everyone on the spot, “As long as you kneel down and give my apprentice three kowtows with your head banging* on the ground, then say ‘I am a cheap person (slut)’ a hundred times. Then I’ll give this Blue Treasure Fruit to you, how about it?”

*Standard Procedure


“Pftt … … ha ha ha ha … …” Lou Beiyu finally cracks a laugh out loud.

Those guardsmen, who had been tormented by MuYan’s till they wanted to die, now look at her with their eyes full of worship.

Lou Beiyu stops laughing. He looks at MuYan with red-rimmed eyes, and there is an inexplicable surge of sourness and warmth in his heart.

After being cast away by Gou Zifei, he became the laughing stock of Chi Yan Country.

Because of the power and influence of Jing Cheng Country’s second prince, he could not even seek justice for himself. Even his Emperor father wasn’t able to support him.

But he never could’ve thought that MuYan, whom he only got acquainted with for a few days, a Master he arbitrarily recognized, is actually willing to stick out for him.

Gou Zifei’s face color warps between green, red, white, and purple. Her whole body trembling, she suddenly unsheathes a long sword, and sternly shouts, “If you speak inconsiderately again, and not return the Blue Treasure Fruit to me, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

MuYan gives a mocking smile, her expression taunting, “It seems that you don’t want this Blue Treasure Fruit. Since you don’t, then Xiao Bao, you eat it.”

With his cold and exquisite little face, Xiao Bao hums, and then he takes the Blue Treasure Fruit and cracks it open and eats it.

The whole audience is struck dumb!

Ate it! Ate it!! Ate it!!!

That little pink jade-carving of a child, unexpectedly gnawed on the Blue Treasure Fruit directly?!!

This is a Blue Treasure Fruit!

It is filled with Mysterious Energy. Used in medicine and alchemy, it is rarely encountered in the world. A treasure that healers and alchemists dream of!

In the end, such a treasure was actually eaten raw by a child!

“M-ma-ma… Master! That was a Blue Treasure Fruit a! It contains extremely powerful Internal force. Ordinary people can’t eat it without having it undergo a refinement process, or it will burst their internal organs and kill them!” Lou Beiyu regains his wits. Looking at Blue Treasure Fruit that Xiao Bao has already chewed halfway, Lou Beiyu doesn’t look good.

MuYan has a carefree smile, and she casually and leisurely takes a handkerchief from her pocket to wipe her son’s mouth, “Rest assured, Xiao Bao has a good appetite and it will not fill him till he bursts.”

What kind of special classification, a good appetite!

Can this still be explained as a good appetite?

After Xiao Bao had eaten most of it, he hands the Blue Treasure Fruit to MuYan. “Niangqin, you eat!”

“Baby, are you full?”

Xiao Bao nods, the pink cheeks are still bulging, oozing with unbearable cuteness.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch18

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 18: Call Out as I Listen

Lou Beiyu just shouted a warning when he sees that the maid is only two or three steps away from MuYan, and then the maid staggers and heavily falls to the ground. They were not able to see why.

Crash – a crashing sound, dust flying, fog drifting

When the maid raises her head again, her nose and mouth are smeared with blood, and she’s missing a big chunk from her front teeth. She was really horrible to look at.

MuYan looks on leisurely, she didn’t move as she’s still carrying Xiao Bao. Her smile is very relaxed and peaceful.

All the people at the scene stays silent for a while, before someone finally reacts.

Gou Zifei steps forward to help the maid stand up. Her red-tinted eyes look straight at Lou Beiyu, “Cousin, how can you do this? Even if you really don’t have any feelings for me, and even blame me, it isn’t really necessary to touch my maid, is it? I never thought that you are actually such a narrow-minded person!”

Lou Beiyu’s handsome face scrunches up and turns red in that instant – angered.

Lou Beiyu’s maid finally couldn’t continue to tolerate it and sharply says: “Miss Guo, you should complain less as you pretend to be noble and virtuous. In Chi Yan Country, who doesn’t know that you had been greedy for power and wealth so you abandoned His Highness, your fiancé? That you voluntarily followed Jing Cheng Country’s Second Prince, to be his Side Consort? Pei, it’s obviously what you did and you’re just asking for a ‘bitch’ memorial archway*. What’s the ‘had no other choice’ that you said? Disgusting!”

* a play on the “to lead the life of a whore but still want a monument put up to one’s chastity” idiom


“That’s right, what Side Consort, in the end, isn’t it just a concubine? When she grows old and feeble, lets then see what kind of good end she would have!”

This time, Gou Zifei trembles in anger.

Two tracks of tears stream down. She stares at Lou Beiyu with redness on her eyes, “Cousin, would you allow your maid to insult me so much? Did you forget that, at one time, we were a couple that grew up as childhood friends? Could it be that you really have no feelings of friendship for me?”

Lou Beiyu is sullen but calm. He doesn’t pay her any attention but turns to MuYan instead. “Master, let’s go!”

“Cousin, at least ask this woman to surrender my Blue Treasure Fruit to me!” Gou Zifei urgently says in a loud voice, “The Blue Treasure Fruit is something we kept for three days and three nights and it was difficult to obtain. Cousin, you had always been upright and straightforward, do you want to snatch someone else’s property?”

“That’s right, in order to get this Blue Treasure Fruit, we even lost some people!” Gou Zifei’s maid can’t help but chime in.

Lou Beiyu coldly replies: “This is now my Master’s Blue Treasure Fruit, and it’s none of my business. It’s useless to ask me.”

Gou Zifei takes a look at MuYan and sees her skin like snow, glamorously brilliant. She was even more beautiful compared to her.

See also observes Lou Beiyu’s treatment, his attentiveness, and obedience to her. Her heart suddenly feels depressed and bursts in a raging jealousy.

MuYan looks only about eighteen or nineteen, her figure is delicate and slender. She is younger than Lou Beiyu.

How could she be Lou Beiyu’s master?

There can only be an affair between Lou Beiyu and her.

As soon as she thinks of how Lou Beiyu so quickly had a change of affection, Gou Zifei had to clench her teeth.

Shouldn’t Lou Beiyu constantly keep her in mind, unable to discard his love and hate for her in this life?

How can he so quickly fall out of love and fancy another woman?

Gou Zifei takes a deep breath, and faces MuYan. She tries to use a calm tone as much as possible: “This girl, you must have heard. This Blue Treasure Fruit was something that we secured. Please return it to us.”

MuYan is all smiles, “Oh? You say that this is yours? Why don’t you call out as I listen, then see if it responds? If it responds to you, I will give it back to you.”

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EMHS – ch17

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 17: Stir-fried Rabbit Meat

Especially when it runs, the small butt shakes, and short limbs wobble left and right. It’s even more silly and ridiculous.

Lou Beiyu sees MuYan staring with bright eyes at the stupid rabbit and diligently says: “Master, do you like this rabbit? Should apprentice catch it for you to be your pet?”

As he sees it, even if MuYan is powerful, she’s still just an eighteen or nineteen-year-old girl. It’s normal to like cute, small, furry animals like the rabbit.

MuYan’s eyes are indeed bright, but she’s thinking about stir-fried rabbit, and braised rabbit meat.

Lou Beiyu waves his hand, and some Flying Fish guards immediately rush up.

Who knew that the seemingly sluggishly slow rabbit can accurately avoid them whenever they try pounce on it.

Just when the head guard got frustrated enough to want to use his mysterious abilities, the silly rabbit suddenly twitches its nose to sniff… and then it flees into Xiao Bao’s arms.

Xiao Bao is expressionless when his small hands catches the rabbit and holds it up, “Niangqin, I’ll make you a stir-fried rabbit.”

The rabbit then shakes twice, light flashes through its pale red eyes, and suddenly it opens its mouth to spit out a blue fruit.

MuYan and Xiao Bao didn’t have any reaction after seeing this fruit, but at the side, Lou Beiyu and his guards can’t help but exclaim, “Ah, it’s actually a Blue Treasure Fruit!! Thumb-sized Blue Treasure Fruits can sell at sky-high prices in the Ghost City!”

And this Blue Treasure Fruit is at least the size of an adult fist.

The rabbit kicks out with its feet, struggling to jump down from Xiao Bao’s hands. It uses its small short leg to push the Blue Treasure fruit to Xiao Bao.

The pale red, round eyes seem to beam with a fawning and cajoling light.

Xiao Bao looks up to MuYan, MuYan looks at the rabbit’s eyes and contemplates. As she was about to speak, the sound of noisy footsteps can suddenly be heard from the direction that the rabbit just emerged from.

“Miss, quickly come and see. The dead rabbit that stole our Blue Treasure fruit is really here!”

As the voice just finished, a few figures simultaneously appear.

At the front is a beautiful young girl wearing clothes of a lovely red shade.

She has bright eyes and white teeth, a beautiful complexion. Her features contain a tender, naive, and youthful charm; but there’s also the fascinating hint of a flavor of maturity and sophistication. It could draw people’s attention.

However, when Lou Beiyu sees this girl, his face immediately turns black.

The guards at his side also have unsightly expressions as they turn around exaggeratedly. They seem to loathe seeing this girl.

The girl also seems to be caught off-guard to encounter Lou Beiyu here, and she stares blankly.

It took a long time before she steps forward and says: “Zifei greets cousin. Cousin, long time no see.”

Lou Beiyu looks calm as he coldly says: “If there’s nothing, we will take our leave first!”

“Wait!” Gou Zifei quickly opens her mouth, then she bites her lips. Her voice carries a touch of grievance, “Do you still blame me, cousin? You should know that I have no other choice but to do it, and I didn’t really want to lose you!”

Lou Beiyu takes a deep breath, “You are now a consort of the Second Prince of Jing Cheng Country. You have nothing to do with me. I don’t want to meet you again in the future.”

Saying that, he walks over to MuYan and softly says: “Master, let’s go!”

Seeing this normally foolish royal prince expose an extremely indignant expression at this moment, MuYan goes pensive. She stands up while holding Xiao Bao.

But as they were about to leave, the maid besides Gou Zifei interferes, “Wait, you can leave, but that rabbit and the Blue Treasure Fruit that the rabbit stole, both must be returned to us!”

As she says that, the maid rushes towards MuYan and Xiao Bao, motioning to grab the Blue Treasure Fruit in Xiao Bao’s arms.

“Master, be careful!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch16

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 16: The Fog Forest


Lou Beiyu thinks of MuYan’s means. Shivers run up and down his spine.

However, he is quite broad-minded.

Seeing that MuYan had already finished her meal, he excitedly says, “Master Master! Can you teach me to paint now? How can you capture such charm when you draw people’s likeness?”

MuYan drinks her tea and leisurely smiles: “Of course that’s because your choice of subject is wrong.”

“It’s wrong? The one’s I’ve chosen are all real beauties, and I even made them put on thin, light clothes to stimulate the senses…”

Seeing MuYan’s eyes stare icily at him, Lou Beiyu urgently points to the heaven and swears: “Master, I swear that those beauties came willingly and I paid them generously. Only after seeing you, Master, you’re overly attractive… cough cough, in short, when I erred for the first time, Master caught me.”

MuYan’s lips curve up, “You’re so accustomed to seeing beautiful women, so how could that stimulate your senses? Don’t you think that the position your guards assumed yesterday was very novel and interesting? Doesn’t that especially make you want to draw?”

Lou Beiyu brightens up at that moment. “What Master said is right, particularly the head guard. He had different and special flavor while wearing that half-naked attire. Haha… Master, you’re really awesome. I’ll go and call people to come in.”

After seeing the idiot prince excitedly run out, cries of indignation and despair are soon heard from outside the carriage.

MuYan brings the teacup to her mouth and takes a sip, her smile is languid and evil.

How could it be so easy to retreat after they provoked her? Hehe, too naive!

The carriage slowly goes forward. Three days later, when Lou Beiyu’s guards were tormented enough that they’re better off dead, as they could not wait to dig a hole and bury themselves in it, they finally arrived at the Fog Forest.


Fog Forest is called as such because it is covered by dense fog all day and all night.

The deeper one goes into the forest, the denser the fog becomes; people could barely see their fingers when they stretch out their hands.

But within the dense fog, the strange animals have long adapted to such an environment.

But when human practitioners want to walk inside, they can only use their Internal force to perceive.

One can imagine how dangerous it would be inside.

But despite the dangers of the Fog Forest, there are many rare and precious Mysterious Plants inside.

Every day, many low-level practitioners come in to search.

Moreover, there are certain phenomena that appear these days, confirming the birth of a precious treasure. That’s why, even the higher-grade practitioners are gathered here.

“Master, Little Senior, there is a clean blue stone over here, come sit!”

Lou Beiyu attentively calls MuYan and Xiao Bao over, wiping off the dew from the bluestone for them.

The head guard of His Highness, the Third Prince, comes over to help, unable to bear looking at the stupidity of their master.

Can he still remember that he’s the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country?

MuYan looks completely underwhelmed by the favor as she sits down while holding Xiao Bao.

Lou Beiyu also says: “Master, you and the Little Senior should rest for a while. Your apprentice will go and collect some plants for you. The Mysterious Plants on the edge of Fog Forest can’t compare to the ones inside, but they can still sell for a lot of money!”

Lou Beiyu is about to leave when a furry shadow emerges from the fog.

The forest is filled with ferocious animals and Lou Beiyu’s guards are immediately on alert.

But when they see the furry figure, everyone is dumbfounded.

It’s actually just a rabbit, with long fluffy ears, and is only slightly larger than the two adult palms.

A pair of round, reddish eyes is buried in the snow-white fur. They don’t have any brilliance, and instead look silly.

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EMHS – ch15

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 15: She Had Been Such a Fool Back Then!

That lasted for but a moment as he laughs and fawningly says: “Of course, I can’t possibly compare to Master and Little Senior!”

“Moreover, we don’t want to go and seize the precious Spiritual Treasure, just want to join in on the commotion, and try to benefit from it. There are a lot of precious Mysterious Plants in the Fog Forest… As far as I’m concerned, no one can raise a hand against me as long as I don’t contend with people from those big factions.”

“When this treasure emerged, I’m sure that a lot of heaven’s favored children have gathered, and perhaps I’ll be able to meet a lot of beauties. I’ve heard that even Jing Cheng Country’s Gong Qianxue, one of heavens’ favored, will come over. Ah, just thinking of seeing all those beauties, it inspires me to paint, and I can’t hold in my excitement. Even if I can’t obtain any treasures, it’s still worth it. Master, don’t you think so?”

Something dark flashes through MuYan’s eyes and the corners of her mouth hook up without a hint of humor.

Has she heard of Fog Forest?

Of course she’s heard of it!

It can be said that no one in this world is more familiar with Fog Forest than she is.

In her past life, there was also a meteor that fell, as well as the colorful radiance that filled the sky.

Numerous experts from the three countries – Chi Yan, Jing Cheng, and Huang Yao – have gathered in the Fog Forest to find this fallen treasure.

It was later proven that the treasure is truly incomparably valuable, extraordinary.

After all, it was actually an egg of a sacred beast that’s about to hatch.

In Yanwu Continent, there are wild animals, there are strange beasts, and spirit beasts, but no one has ever come across a genuine sacred beast.

A sacred beast, one that is truly unique within the Continent.

As one can imagine, whoever obtained the sacred animal would be able to walk sideways in Yanwu Continent.

MuYan was just an unremarkable Profound Stage practitioner at that time, and she came to the Fog Forest with Gong Qianxue, in order to gather some experience.

She did not even think about contending for the holy egg or anything.

Neither did she expect that in the end, the sacred egg fell into her hands by some twist of fate.

Thinking about this, the smile on MuYan’s face deepens into a ridiculing sneer.

What a fool she had been!

She already grasped the sacred beast’s egg that everyone yearns for even in their dreams. Just a drop of blood and the sacred beasts could recognize its master.

But just a little bit of flowery and insincere words from Gong Qianxue, and the yearning within her eyes,

She eagerly gave away the egg of sacred beast.

Later, the holy beast hatched and became Gong Qianxue’s contracted animal. Allowing her to move unhindered across the entire Yanwu Continent. No one can match her then on.

Niang–” the sound of Xiao Bao’s soft voice suddenly reaches her ears.

MuYan suddenly recovers from the icy hatred of the past and comes to herself. She looks down to see those big eyes of Xiao Bao that are filled with concern. Her heart can’t help but soften, and all the hatred is diffused by warmth.

Picking up Xiao Bao, MuYan chuckles and said, “It just so happens that we’re going to the Fog Forest as well. Then, we’ll accompany you for a while!”

“Master, it’s great that you’re willing to stay! What are the rest of you still dithering about, still not going to prepare food?!”

The Flying Fish guards and palace maids look aggrieved at their own Prince.

They flinch after taking a look at MuYan and Xiao Bao, before resentfully turning away to prepare the food.



“Master, you and the Little Senior are so powerful! I’m an expert in the early stage of earth grade, but I can’t even catch any of your blows… then there’s the Little Senior Brother who looks just about four or five years old, but he can defeat my head guard. Master, what’s your name? Which country are you from?”

MuYan leisurely eats the dishes, giving some to Xiao Bao. Then she glances at him with a smile that isn’t a smile.

From what he sees, Lou Beiyu immediately stiffens as he has a sudden feeling of his hairs standing on end.

His attempt to slyly inquire into Master’s background is discovered.

Lou Beiyu recalls MuYan’s means and shudders from the stimulation

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EMHS – ch14

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Chapter 14 Encountering a Mental Case

Several big men with two maids no longer have the arrogance they had before. They kneel before MuYan , sniveling and tearful, as they repent for their wrongs.

If they let the world see these people who look exactly like them, but posing in such a shameful arrangement, how will they conduct themselves in the future?

Not to mention keeping on being a palace guard, they won’t even have enough guts to go out the house!

“This heroine, queen, goddess, we know our wrong! We beg you to please give this painting to us!”

MuYan smirks and says: “When you kidnapped an innocent woman and made her undress for a painting, didn’t you enjoy playing? Now you know how to ask for mercy?”

Several people prostrate themselves on the floor and keep on repenting.

Now, the head guard is really regretting to the point that his intestines have turned green.

When encountering the beautiful woman along the road, he thought he could please the Third Prince by bringing her back.

He never expected to ultimately bring back an evil star. The head guard remember the ~身 ~ pose he just performed and it sure is incredibly embarrassing, he wishes he was dead instead.
(Imagine 身 as a stick figure)


But when they are crying and begging for mercy, they suddenly hear an excited voice in the carriage. “Beautiful, very beautiful. This charm, this style, these tones, such a breathtaking painting could only exist in the heaves ah!

Lou Beiyu is holding MuYan’s painting in his hands –

Still wearing the thin clothes from the painting, crossing his legs, and biting his lips – an alluring beauty on the couch.

However, not only is Lou Beiyu not simmering in shame and anger, he instead has bright eyes.

All of a sudden, he pounces to MuYan. “Master, please teach me, how to draw such a painting with a charm and ingeniousness. I’ve been studying how to paint for more than ten years and thought I had already seen the cusp of it. But now that I’ve beheld Master’s work, I now know my own ineptitude.”

MuYan’s mouth twitches, she feels like she just suffered mental damage.

The guards and maids at the side have their faces warp and weft red, yellow, green, and blue – it’s extremely fascinating.

MuYan lifts her foot and kicks him off.

But Lou Beiyu just climbs back up from the ground, completely heedless of his revealing clothes, and whether his important parts are exposed, “Master, master, if you lack money or Mysterious Plants, apprentice can give them to you in offering, so long as you are willing to give some pointers. ”

MuYan turns, with veins popping on her forehead, “Xiao Bao, let’s go!”

This mental sickness, she can’t provoke it so shouldn’t she avoid it?

The carriage curtain opens and Xiao Bao’s figure appears. He walks over to MuYan’s side and allows her to hold his hand.

MuYan opens the carriage window, and is just about to jump out.

Lou Beiyu rushes out and calls, “Master, little senior, don’t leave ah! As long as you’re willing to stay, I would be willing to comply with anything! Do you want a treasure from the Fog Forest? I, what we can get from this trip, I can offer them all to Master!”

The head guard at the side just sees his vision go dark, wanting but unable to slap his master.

MuYan stops her movement as her eyes turn to slits momentarily, “You’re headed to the Fog Forest?”

“Yes, yes!” Lou Beiyu sees that MuYan actually stopped in her action so he immediately nods frantically, and says in rapid succession, “A meteor fell into the Fog Forest a few months ago. A few days ago, multicolored light was also observed in the skies. It was also a sign of the presence of treasure. That’s why my emperor father had sent me to explore the forest.”

“Sent you?” MuYan couldn’t help but shake her head.

She feels that Emperor of Chi Yan Country probably has a problem in his brain, for why would he send such a hopeless mental case to explore the Fog Forest?

Lou Beiyu eyes flashes with a brilliant light as he slightly straightens his back, “Master, don’t underestimate me. I’m only twenty years old this year, but I’m already an early Earth grade practitioner.”

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