EMHS – ch52

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 52: Killing the Employer?

Everyone focuses their attention on what had fallen to the ground. It turns out to be a tongue.

Muyan’s takes her ice-cold gaze away from Gong Qian Teng’s face. She displays a lazy smile, merely saying two words, “Too noisy.”

The old man’s face changes and he grinds his teeth: “You are very vicious and merciless.”

Muyan plucks the zither’s string once again; the rope binding Lou Beiyu is instantly severed.

Xiao Bao, beside Muyan, rushes out like a bolt of lightning. In a blink of an eye, the blood-covered Lou Beiyu is dragged towards Muyan. She takes out a mysterious plant and feeds it to Lou Beiyu.

Lou Beiyu opens his viscous eyes and sees the figures of Muyan and Xiao Bao. The rims of his eyes redden, he croaks, “Master, little senior, kill me and then run away! I don’t want to live as a handicap and be humiliated. I don’t want to burden you either… they are people of Jin Hong Men. They are from a famous assassin organization in Yanwu Continent. I don’t want to burden you…”


Xiao Bao knocks him out with a fist. The small, chilly face spits out two words: “Too noisy!”

Muyan chuckles, she looks towards the old man and unhurriedly says, “Being vicious and merciless, how many people would dare compare with Jin Hong Men in that aspect? Your slightest displeasure could cause whole families to ruin. You’ve done nothing less these recent years, right?”

The old man smirks proudly and says: “It seems that you’re aware, you won’t have a good end if you offend our Jin Hong Men!”

Muyan hands the qin over to Xiao Bao, then conveniently picks up a sword from the ground. She beams: “What a coincidence, I would like to throw those words back – you won’t have a good end if you offend me!”

Even though the person before him has a child, she only looks about 17 or 18 years old.

In the old man’s eyes, she’s just a silly little girl.

He may still have some level of fear if Muyan had chosen to use the zither. Does this girl really want to beat him in swordsmanship? Hehe, what a joke!

“Just a little girl daring to threaten this old man. You should know that this old man’s cultivation has reached the late Heaven stage. You can only pay the price of not knowing how high is the sky and how wide is the earth!”

After a time it would take to make tea.

The yellow-clad old man stares at the sword pointing at his neck. He is shaking from head to toe, his eyes are filled with shock and disbelief: “Impossible, this is impossible! Precelestial… how could you be a Precelestial Practitioner?!”

A Precelestial teenage girl, who would believe it? Who can believe it?!!

Just how many Precelestial practitioner are there in Yanwu Continent?

Which one isn’t on their seventies or eighties, or even at their hundredth years?!

Gong Qianxue has shocked the world for being a twenty-two-year-old Heaven stage practitioner. If so, how would this eighteen-year-old Precelestial Practitioner’s name resound?!

The old man shivers. He takes a look at his own body lying prone on the ground, and he makes an effort to maintain his calm: “Our Jin Hong Men is an assassination organization. We have always taken money to eliminate other people. If the girl is willing to be lenient, Jin Hong Men will surely return the favor to the girl afterwards.”

“Oh?” Muyan curls her lips up, she gives a smile that isn’t a smile, “Saying so much, are you going to betray your employer and defect towards me?”


“And if your employer doesn’t agree?” Muyan looks towards Gong Qian Teng, who is frightened on the wicker chair.

There isn’t a sliver of conflict within the yellow-clothed man’s eyes. He callously says: “Might as well kill him. Without an employer, naturally, the mission won’t be a failure.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch51

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 51: Weren’t You Looking for Me?

The sword swings down to chop both hands off, suddenly –

A zither’s pleasant and melodious sound could be heard from a distance.

The zither sounds so wonderful, so beautiful that all the people in that place, from the yellow-clothed man of Jin Hong Men, to the guards and servants of Gong Qian Teng – all of them reveal a look of intoxication.

The yellow-clad old man feels an ominous thumping in his mind, saying that being muddled is anything but good and he wants to sober up.

But his mind is immediately compelled to get drawn into the sounds of the zither. His long, horse-like face exposes a look of revelry.

Before anyone knows it, the qin’s melody drastically changes from a mellifluous melody, to a harsh and rousing tune.

One of the guards suddenly takes out a knife and slashes it towards a fellow beside him.

A spray of blood!

“Kill you! Kill you!” Roars of anger pervades within the crowd.

Everyone has a warped and sinister expression on their faces, like they are obsessed, attacking anyone that’s near them, regardless of everything.

Only when some warm blood splashes on his face, did the yellow-clothed man suddenly wake up and regain his senses.

“All of you, stop–!!” an efferent roar that contains the mysterious energy of a Heaven stage practitioner.

The sound of the zither is interrupted at that moment, letting the people around to cease fighting like mad demons.

Everybody has a bewildered expression, unaware of what they had just done.

The yellow-clothed man’s complexion turns very unsightly, he turns towards the direction where the sound came from, coldly saying: “Your sound attack is very skillful, are you a distinguished disciple of “Fanyin Hall”? I do not know why you’ve set yourself against my Jin Hong Men.”

The Fanyin Hall is the only sect in Yanwu Continent that specializes in music.

The old man could only guess that it is an expert from the Fanyin Hall because that sound attack just now was really too strong.

Not far from them, the figure of a girl in white slowly emerges from the fog.

Her clothes are stained with specks of blood, there’s a humble guqin on her left hand, and her right hand is holding a pink, jade-carved little child.

She’s discernibly unadorned by cosmetics, her clothes are dirty and disordered – but when they see the girl’s raised face, those unfairly surpassing snow-like skin, and the moving complexion that entices… everyone’s gaze is inadvertently drawn to her at once, so much so that they forget to breath for some time.

Muyan hooks her lips up into a faint smile, “Weren’t you looking for me?”

The old man’s pupils suddenly contract, his gaze flicks to Muyan’s face then rests on Xiao Bao’s figure, a thick killing intent flashes through his eyes.

Is this the youngest Heaven stage expert, that from what the sect master had instructed, that should be eliminated at any cost?

On the day that Gong Qianxue’s men were sent to inspect below the cliff, they didn’t find anything, not even a single drop of blood.

They later heard that Gong Qian Teng was defeated by a 4 or 5 year-old little child. Gong Qianxue immediately made an associative connection to that little brat that stole her sacred beast.

Because she had something she must deal with, Gong Qianxue had to leave early.

This is the reason why the man in yellow followed beside Gong Qian Teng, saying that he will take revenge on the other’s stead. The real purpose is actually to find this pair of mother and son, kill them, and retrieve the egg of the sacred beast.

Gong Qian Teng sees Muyan and Xiao Bao, he screeches loudly, “Tramp, slut! You are the one that brought me harm! Quickly catch her for me, along with that son of a bitch beside her. I must flay and strangle that son of a bitch…”

Before Gong Qian Teng could finish what he’s saying, Muyan gently plucks a string.

His opened mouth, that’s about to spew some curses, suddenly freezes and distorts along with his face.

Soon afterwards, there’s a snapping sound as a red thing comes out of his mouth, and falls to the ground.

Then there’s blood, a lot of blood flows out of Gong Qian Teng’s mouth.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch50

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 50: Hard Bones

  • Could mean firm moral character/ stubborn

“As the third prince of the dignified Chi Yan Country, is your Highness really willing to become a waste from now on?”

Lou Beiyu slowly raises his eyes and his pale cracked lips show a cold and ridiculing smile: “Didn’t I say that I don’t know where Master is? Even if I know, I won’t tell you. Kill me if you can. In any case, Gong Qian Teng will accompany me to die, and I won’t suffer any losses!”

The old man frowns and as he is about to speak, a painful crying and groaning pierces through from the side.

There is a paralyzed man on that side, reclining on a wicker chair with his whole body festering.

He has completely lost mobility on his lower body, even his urination and defecation now requires other people’s help to clean up.

The skin is has a lot of swelling, black pustules. Every time the pustules rupture, putrid mucus disperses along his body.

This man is precisely Gong Qian Teng.

Xiao Bao hit his spine and paralyzed half his body. Add poisoning on top of that, so every inch of his body feels like it’s being painfully bitten by ants.

The whole person looks neither like a man nor like a ghost, divorced from his former elegant and handsome appearance just like heaven and earth, cloud and mud.

Even if the maid waiting on his side did the best she could to endure, she still reveals an expression of fear and disgust.

“Ah–! Get lost! Go away! Slut, you dare slight benwang, I’ll kill you!!”

Saying so, Gong Qian Teng pulls out a long sword from a guard next to him, and directly cuts off the maid’s head.

The maid wasn’t even able to make a sound, as her head falls to the ground and she dies.

Blood splatters across Gong Qian Teng’s face.

Gong Qian Teng goes crazier. His red eyes furiously glaring at Lou Beiyu, he bellows hysterically: “Beat, beat him within an inch of his life. I must let him live to want death, but not allowed to die!! Chop off his hands and feet for me!! Aaargh!!!”

The old man in yellow clothes looks at Gong Qian Teng with contemptuous eyes, but respectfully says: “The second prince can rest assured, our Master has given us orders and we shall certainly vent anger for you properly.”

Saying so, he looks towards Lou Beiyu with a vicious smile on his mouth, “Do you think it would be that easy to die after falling into our Jin Hong Men’s clutches? When we cripple the tendons on your hands and feet, and your internal force is eroded by the Tian Du Vagary Powder, you will turn into a waste that can’t muster any power to resist. Then, we will sell you to the dirtiest “Wan Ren Ku (Everyman’s Hole)” in the ghost city, where people like you with soft skin and tender flesh are the most popular, no matter male or female. Hehe, at that time, there are people in Wan Ren Ku with plenty of ways to make you obedient…”

Although Lou Beiyu is already lifeless, he suddenly raises his head after hearing this. He yells, “You dare?!! I’m Chi Yan Country’s third prince, you can kill me but you can’t dishonor me!”

“Haha… there is nothing under the skies that our Jin Hong Men wouldn’t dare to do!” says the yellow-clothed man as he raises his sword and slashes it down.

Lou Beiyu immediately produces a pained exhale as both his feet lose strength and go limp. The tendons on his feet are maimed.

“How about now, are you ready to tell us the whereabouts of that mother and child?” The old man in yellow clothes speaks slowly, “If you’re still not going to speak, then next will be both of your hands’ turn…”

Lou Beiyu clenches his teeth and refuses to say a word. But in the end, humiliated and desperate tears slipped out of his eyes.

When he thinks that the dignified third prince will be degraded in Wan Ren Ku as a slave that people can trample as they wish, he really can’t wait to die.

The old man in yellow laughs, “The bones are actually quite hard. I also want to see how long you can remain that way!”

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EMHS – ch49

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 49: Saving Your Stupid Junior Brother

Where better to find mysterious plants than in the Fog Forest?

Muyan takes Xiao Bao’s hand and they leisurely stroll in the Fog Forest.

She doesn’t know if it’s because of Xiao Bao’s great luck, but after just half a day, Muyan had already collected a lot of precious mysterious plants.

Muyan happily kisses her darling son several times.

Just as she is about to put him down, there’s suddenly a loud sound coming from behind them.

When the mother and child pair turns around, they see a bloody person falling from a distant overhanging cliff.

They could hear some vague voices coming from above the cliff.

“No need to chase. You’ll definitely not survive if you fall from there.”

“Haha, there’s actually no need to keep chasing. Even if he wants to call for backup in this Fog Forest, he has to see if he could find that backup first!”

“Let’s go!”

Muyan blinks. She pulls Xiao Bao and walks before the bloody person.

It is not so much a person as it is more like a “corpse”, but there is probably a single breath left.

But when Muyan could more clearly see the bloodied man’s mostly obscure appearance, her pupil slightly contracts.

The person turns out to be the peak Profound Stage head guard beside Lou Beiyu.

“Niangqin!” Xiao Bao lowly calls out and looks at Muyan, obviously recognizing the head guard as well.

Muyan sets her son aside and lightly pats his head. She then takes out some silver needles and pierces the various acupuncture points on the guard’s head.

This head guard’s internal vitality has already been completely severed, and the veins are also disintegrated.

There’s no way his life could be saved.

But when Muyan’s needles pierce him, he slowly opens his eyes.

Muyan’s appearance is reflected on a pair of blood-shot eyes that are lost in some struggle.

A dazzling burst of light suddenly pierces through those dimmed eyes, “Muyan-girl, beg you… to save the third prince, save… he… is with Gong… Gong Qian Teng…”

Those final words to Muyan finally used up his last breath and the head guard’s eyes close as he dies.

He must have experienced extreme suffering before he died. But at this moment, his blood-covered face has a look of relief.

It was as if he has the confidence that so long as Muyan is found, his Highness would be saved.

Muyan slightly frowns and a cold light flashes through her eyes.

It’s not just due to her cheap apprentice getting into trouble, but also because of the poison in the head guard’s body.

Muyan could recognize it at a glance. It is a poison unique to Jin Hong Men, the “Tian Du Vagary Powder”.

“Niangqin?” Xiao Bao grabs her hand and shows her an inquisitive look, “Are we going to save?”

Muyan carries Xiao Bao up; her mouth is slightly hooked up, “Yeah, we’re going to save your stupid junior brother.”

Although stupid, he is still Muyan’s disciple.

He’s not someone that others could just lay their hands on as they please.

What’s more, the people who laid their hands on her apprentice were Gong Qian Teng and Jin Hong Men.


Deep inside the Fog Forest

At this time, Lou Beiyu is stripped off of his upper garment and hanged on a tree. His body is already covered with cuts and bruises.

Even his breath of early Earth stage cultivation has practically disappeared to nothingness.

His blood-covered face is gray in defeat and apathy, like he has already succumbed to despair and he simply doesn’t want to live anymore.


The whip once again strikes his body. It is held by a thin and tall old man wearing a yellow attire.

He retrieves the whip and with a malicious laugh, turns to Lou Beiyu: “Lou Beiyu, I advise that you better hurry up and tell us the whereabouts of that woman and her son. Otherwise, your mysterious energy itself will be gone, corroded by a poison that could only be found in our Jin Hong Men, Tian Du Vagary Powder!”

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EMHS – ch48

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 48: Said It’s Better to Kill

Above the Ninth Heaven, Xiuxian Continent.

“Jun Shang, you’ve returned!”

As the lofty man enters, everyone in the hall kneels.

The old man lifts his head and opens his mouth to ask, but before he could say anything, the other man leaves quickly without paying him any mind. He only leaves the others with a view of his tall and proud back departing.

Han Ye, who follows soon after, is still absent-minded and his steps are shaky.

Right now, he feels like he really needs some space to calm down a bit and to properly examine what had just happened.

Before he has the chance to disappear though, he finds himself surrounded by a group of people.

The old man nervously asks: “Han Ye, how did it go? Did Jun Shang really kill the destined woman?”

“After he killed his destined, did Jun Shang suffer any backlash?” another person anxiously brings up.

Han Ye looks at everyone absent-mindedly and shakes his head.

“No backlash?” The old man and the crowd loosen their nerves.

Unexpectedly, Han Ye’s complexion turns green and white. After a long while of that constipated-looking face, did he manage to squeeze out a few words, “Jun Shang… did not kill!”

Not just let her live, but he directly helped himself to the destined woman!

Then he quickly ran away after hitting on her.

When his state of mind returned to normal, he had also seen that Jun Shang’s ears were red.

He still had a serious face, and the chill emanating from all over him did not lessen in the slightest.

However, he swears that he really saw Jun Shang’s ears turn red!

“He didn’t kill the destined woman?” The old man reveals an astonished expression “There’s someone from the lower bound that Jun Shang is unable to kill? How is it possible?! Quickly, say what’s the matter in the end?”

Han Ye’s brain is paste. He opens his mouth several times to try and cough up the actual situation, but he just ends up swallowing it back down.

He thinks that, if he really speaks of what he saw, this group of people would think that he’s joking or there’s a problem in his brain.

The women of Xiuxian Continent appear unfeeling, but these women go in wave after wave to throw themselves to Jun Shang and try to gain his favor. To those women, their Jun Shang is indifferent, cold, and heartless. How could he have done something so brazen?

But it so happens that their Jun Shang’s mind is never reflected on his face, so how could they guess what his intentions really are?

Wouldn’t it be so nice if someone were to tell him what’s happening in his Lord’s mind?

While Han Ye is going crazy from the confusion, the lofty figure that had just left, now suddenly reappears in the main hall.

“Jun Shang!” Everyone falls to their knees.

The old man asks: “Pardon if I ask, does Jun Shang have any instructions?”

The man’s brows are slightly raised. With an ice-cold expression, his voice is powerful and resonating; “I hereby order, thoroughly expunge all news regarding the Shen Musician. Whether it is in the Xiuxian Continent or the Xiuzhen Continent, I do not want anyone to know that the Shen Musician’s successor has appeared.”

The old man is stumped: “Jun Shang?”

“Do you understand?”

“Und-understood!” The old man is intimidated by the other’s severe expression, and he immediately gives an affirmation.

His mind is filled with questions.

What happened? Wasn’t there a concurrence to kill the Shen Musician heir, the fated woman who will bring trouble upon Jun Shang?

How has the terms changed that it became a task to cover up the news that the Shen Musician has appeared?

Jun Shang, what… what are you up to in the end?


In the space, Muyan slightly sorts through the memories from the Shen Musician’s inheritance. Then she takes Xiao Bao to go out.

The Internal force fluctuations in the Fog Forest are extremely unstable due to the large number of Strange Beasts in it.

The space will be affected and become unstable if Muyan remains inside.

Furthermore, she intends to leave the Fog Forest after finding some spots to gather mysterious plants and then try the Shen Musician’s skills in refining drugs.


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EMHS – ch47

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Chapter 47: What is Transmigration?

Muyan’s attitude towards her son has always been with respect like that of an equal. She doesn’t treat him like a child. She doesn’t conceal things from him and gives him the freedom to have fun.

Although Xiao Bao is only four years old, he is talented and intelligent. He has already recognized most words thanks to Muyan’s guidance.

Sure enough, Xiao Bao immediately nods after hearing Muyan’s words, “Xiao Bao helps niangqin!”

His little face is still cold, but the blue eyes are shining and extraordinarily cute.

And thus, Muyan and Xiao Bao start sorting through the books in order to find a way to repair Tian Mo Qin.

The books are mostly ancient records and miscellaneous topics.

There is also an introduction to alchemy, but Muyan had never heard of the concoctions within it.

She doesn’t study it more closely when she can’t find anything pertaining to a “map” or “repairing Tian Mo Qin” after skimming. She directly returns it to the bookshelf.

On the side, Xiao Bao is browsing through books seriously, his little face taut.

After he finished flipping through a book, he moves to pick up another one. However, he notices an edge of a book, barely noticeable under the bookshelves.

Xiao Bao thinks for a moment. He crouches with his little butt to pull the book out.

That edge is actually on a niche. Others may not necessarily find it even if they are deliberately looking for it.

Muyan completely doesn’t notice this until she hears her son make a low, confused cry.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

Muyan thinks that Xiao Bao is in danger and she quickly looks over.

But she sees Xiao Bao lifting his head up and his handsome little face was full of confusion, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao can’t read some of the things written here. What is a television? What is an airplane? What is transmigration?”

Muyan stares and promptly goes over to take the book from Xiao Bao.

After reading this book, the Muyan that had been reborn can’t help but let out a hiss from her thoughts at this time.

No wonder, it’s no wonder that this Shen Musician faction had been so powerful!

That’s because the founder of Shen Musicians, Baili Liuyin, has two lives like her.

But she was merely reborn, yet Baili Liuyin was a soul from a different world that was reincarnated into someone else’s body in this world.

This book doesn’t contain any Profound Laws, but has Baili Liuyin’s notes instead.

It mentions some bizarre things from the “21st Century” that Baili Liuyin had lived, as well as her longing for her hometown.

What makes Muyan really happy is that, there is a map at the end of Baili Liuyin’s notes,.

There is a place with a red dot on it, where they can find the place with the method to repair the Tian Mo Qin, like what Baili Yinlou has said.

Muyan sets Baili Liuyin’s notes aside and placed it on a shelf. She then picks up her son and kisses him heavily on his cheek, “Thank you, Xiao Bao. You found the thing that niangqin wanted. You really are niangqin’s little lucky star!”

Xiao Bao’s face shows a tiny, imperceptible smile.

He seems to think of something and his small brows pucker slightly.

He fastens on Muyan’s neck, and kisses her face, “Xiao Bao can help niangqin: Niangqin is mine!”

As soon as he says that phrase, Muyan recalls that bastard philanderer again.

However, she can’t help but laugh at her son’s adorable jealous little appearance.

“Mn, Niangqin is Xiao Bao’s, and Xiao Bao is also niangqin’s. All right?”


Above the Ninth Heaven, Xiuxian Continent.

“Jun Shang, you’ve returned!”

As the lofty man enters, everyone in the hall kneels.

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EMHS – ch46

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 46: Niangqin is Mine

A deep magnetic voice, touched with silken darkness, hums in her ears, “You are mine.”

Muyan widens her eyes and her whole body stiffens.

Han Ye, who followed after, actually staggers and nearly slipped off of the cliff.

Wait! Wait a minute! What is Jun Shang doing?!

He’s kissed the destined woman?! Moreover, he used the power of an oath!

Wait, wait! Jun Shang, sir, are we not here to kill?

Just who said that the nuisance of a destined woman should be killed instead?!

Did he remember it wrong, or did Jun Shang forget?


The man unhurriedly withdraws and straightens himself. He looks down to the dazed girl, a soft happy expression flits across his eyes.

His fingers lightly caress the Tian Mo Qin underneath, feeling the light, and almost invisible mark of a name.

The man speaks again, like an oath “Jun Muyan, you’re mine!”

Muyan immediately regains her senses. She recalls what just transpired and instantly burns in anger.

She raises her hand and swings a harsh slap!

At the instant her hand sweeps out, the figure before her eyes disappears like an illusion.

A cold wind blows on top of the cliff, as before. Corpses litter the whole area. It’s as if nothing has changed.

However, a distinct sensation still remains on her lips.

Was that her imagination just now?

While Muyan is puzzled, a figure suddenly appears before her. Xiao Bao throws himself into her arms all of a sudden. He raises his taut little face, those sapphire eyes have ‘I’m not happy’ clearly written all over them.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Muyan quickly asks.

Xiao Bao wriggles in Muyan’s hug and cups her face. He kisses both of her cheeks, one after another.

The cold, childish little voice declares: “Niangqin is mine!”

Muyan: “…………”


After the strange philandering man had disappeared, Muyan ends up pushing the whole ordeal to the back of her mind. She leads Xiao Bao back into the space.

The moment she enters the space, she sees the white-haired rabbit lying face-up on the grass, snoring in its sleep.

That sleeping position is totally unlike a rabbit’s, and more like a person’s.

Seeing as the rabbit is sleeping so soundly, occasionally turning sideways to nibble at the grass, it should be very satisfied with the environment in this space.

The space is really, incredibly huge, especially this expansive lawn. Muyan feels that she can raise a herd of horses here.

She holds Xiao Bao’s hand and enters the palace marked as “Demonic Hall”.

Muyan discovers that it’s not so much a palace as it is a library.

It’s a very tall palace that has a ring-like layout.

Lifting her gaze, she sees that all the bookshelves are made from red wood.

It’s a pity that the shelves are mostly empty now, with only a few tattered and ancient books scattered here and there.

Instead, open books are littered all over the palace floor.

The pages of said books are also torn and misplaced everywhere.

Muyan stares at the unreasonably tall bookshelves, somewhat speechless. It’s actually fortunate that there are a lot of scattered books down; otherwise, she would have to take them down.

“Niangqin?” Xiao Bao calls, his pretty little face expressionless, “What are we gonna do?”

Muyan crouches down to Xiao Bao’s level. She smiles and says, “Niangqin wants to look for some information. Before the Baili-aunt disappeared, she said that there’s a problem with Tian Mo Qin and niangqin needs to find a way to fix it. The way to repair it should be in this space. Can Xiao Bao help niangqin to flip through the books together and find some clues?”


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