EMHS – ch73

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 73: Why is it No. 3 Again

When Gong Qianxue sees Yan Haotian’s blood-covered and scarred appearance, she immediately shows a distressed expression, “Are you hurt? Don’t be afraid, I’ll get you out of here soon.”

Saying that, she shows no aversion to the filth as she reaches out to touch Yan Haotian’s wounds.

As she does that, Yan Haotian roars angrily and swats her hand.

Yan Lie sees the red marks on the back of Gong Qianxue’s hand and he immediately erupts in anger.

He picks Yan Haotian up by the collar, and ruthlessly slaps his face..

Ye Ling flings him away and Yan Haotian tumbles to the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Yan Lie hasn’t vented enough, still moving to continue with the beating, but he is pulled back by Gong Qianxue. “Brother Yan, don’t be like this, I’m fine. I believe that he didn’t mean it…”

Then, she crouches down in front of Yan Haotian once again, quietly and softly saying: “Would you like to tell me what you’re name is? My name is Gong Qianxue, Jing Cheng Country’s princess… don’t be afraid, your bitter suffering has come to an end, I’ll save you out of here as soon as possible… but you first have to promise me that you’ll win your next Beast Fighting match, okay? Because I can only ask to buy you from the Ghost city if you win in the arena… after leaving the Ghost city, I will definitely let you live a good life… won’t you believe me?”

Any normal person, who had struggled for months within the dark world of the Beast Fighting Colosseum, will surely be emotionally moved if he hears a beautiful girl saying that she wants to save him.

Not to mention that even though this beautiful girl is country’s princess, but she is still so gentle and so patient with him. She doesn’t even blame him for hurting her just a moment ago.

Gong Qianxue is very confident in her mind.

She believes that after he gets out, this beast slave will definitely be willing to die for her.

Sure enough, the eyes of this beast slave glows brightly after hearing her words.

To anyone who sees it, it seems that this beast slave is brimming with the west king’s will to fight, all because of Gong Qianxue’s words.

Satisfied, Gong Qianxue leaves with Yan Lie.

At the entrance, Yan Lie takes out the initial deposit and gives it to the ghost envoy, saying: “I want to buy the beast slave number three.”

The Ghost envoy reveals a strange expression, “Number 3?”

“Can’t do it?”

“No! Of course you can!” the Ghost envoy takes the deposit and gently mumbles to himself, “Why is it number three again?”

However, Gong Qianxue and Yan Lie hurriedly left so they didn’t hear it.


At noon, the match officially begins.

Two cages covered in black cloth are pushed to the center of the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

The first cage is four or five meters high, it is as big as a house. The other is a cage shorter than two meters. Beside the first cage, the latter appears very dainty.

Immediately afterwards, a seductive figure of a woman appears on the high observation platform.

As soon as the woman appears, the crowd immediately bursts into enthusiastic cheers, “Miss Ru Yan, miss Ru Yan…”

“Greetings to all the martial practitioners, who had spared some time in order to watch the Beast Fighting match today.”

Ru Yan smiles sweetly, her voice crisp like a yellow oriole.

Although she doesn’t raise her voice to speak loudly, everyone could hear her properly and clearly because of this Ghost city’s strange formation.

“Appearing on the stage today, one is an early Earth Stage saber-toothed tiger, and the other is beast-slave Number 3 of the peak Profound Stage! Ladies and Gentlemen, which side do you think will emerge victorious?”

As soon as Ru Yan’s voice is heard, the cages are simultaneously uncovered by yanking away the black cloths using ropes hanging from above.

“ROAR!!” an earth-shattering beast roar shakes through the sky.

Several people in the audience go terribly pale from the powerful pressure, coming from the giant creature revealed before them.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch72

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 72: Him

Muyan pauses her steps to take a glance back to the man, she reveals an enigmatic smile, “Do you want to ask how I know your real name?”

The caged man nods desperately, his eyes glowing with a ray of intense longing.

Muyan slowly shakes her head, “Not only do I know your real name, but I also know of the blood sea vendetta that you carry with you. If you want to follow me, have me to heal your injuries, and take your revenge, then you must first win the next game. Prove your own worth.”

Having said that, she doesn’t pause again but and turns to leave with Xiao Bao.

While doing so, a foolhardy man reaches out and tries to grab her, but she gracefully and skillfully clutches him instead.

There’s a cracking sound of shattering bones, followed by a man’s shrill and blood-curdling shrieks.

The ‘ghost envoy’ comes after hearing the commotion, and sees a very strange scene –

A young woman looks absolutely beautiful in fluttering white clothes. With a shallow smile, her whole body gives off the disposition of an Immortal – obscure yet noble, holy but beguiling. People dare not look directly.

Those fiendish slaves in their cages, swept over by her gaze, each and every one incessantly tries to shrink back. There’s an occasional pained wailing from someone that had his hand broken.

The way that the ‘ghost envoy’ looks at Muyan changes in an instant.

He realizes that he made an error of judgement. Perhaps this girl is neither weak nor stupid. On the contrary, she may actually be very powerful.

“This Guest, may I ask if you have chosen the slave you wish to bid on?” The ‘ghost envoy’s attitude has become extremely respectful.

Muyan points to the cage with the number 3. “Him.”

“Very well, I’ll register this Guest right away. Inviting this Guest to first go to your private box to wait for the Colosseum’s matches to begin .”

On the cage no. 3, Yan Haotian watches the direction where the pair of mother and son are leaving. The gleam in his eyes flickers in and out, and soon after, a brilliant flame roars into existence.

A pair of bloodstained hands tightly grasp the iron bars.


Not long after Muyan had left, wearing pink clothes and a veil over her face, Gong Qianxue also appears together with a tall man at the backstage area of the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

“Yan Lie brother, where is that beast-slave that you mentioned? Is he really as awesome as you said?”

The man called Yan Lie glances sideways to look at Gong Qianxue. There is adoration and longing in his eyes, “When has your brother Yan ever fooled you, Qianxue? Rest assured, before this beast slave was sold to the ghost city, he had already reached the peak of Earth Stage while being just twenty-four years old. Although his strength is now greatly reduced due to sustained injuries, as long he is treated with Dan medicine, he will definitely become your right arm in the future!”

Were it not because of such talent,

He wouldn’t have massacred this Yan Haotian’s whole family, cut off his tongue, and sent him to the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

After experiencing this level of despair, as long as Gong Qianxue descends from the sky to save him,

He will inevitably shed tears of gratitude, and thereby pledge his life to vow loyalty and devotion to Gong Qianxue.

Hearing Yan Lie’s words, Gong Qianxue reveals a grateful smile, “Brother Yan, even though you’re the head of Jing Cheng Country’s first mercenary group, you’re still willing to do so much for Qianxue. I really… really don’t know what to do in order to thank you!”

Saying that, she gently holds Yan Lie’s hand, her watery eyes glistening and filled with awe and gratitude.

Once she sees that dazed and obsessed expression on Yan Lie’s face, a trace of a contemptuous sneer flits within the depths of her eyes.

As they were talking, the two have already arrived in front of Yan Haotian’s iron cage.

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EMHS – ch71

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 71: It’s up to you, Number 3

A few ways away from them, the ferocious beasts in the lined-up cages go silent one by one, not even daring to pass gas.

The “ghost envoy” doesn’t follow after Muyan, wanting to frighten the girl and make her give up on the intention of buying a slave.

It’s may be fortunate that he doesn’t go after them, otherwise, he would be absolutely terrified to see this scene, that his eyeballs would fall out.

Going through the area where spiritual beasts and strange beasts are detained, Muyan and Xiao Bao eventually arrive at the place where the slaves are locked up.

The cages that contain slaves are much smaller than those holding the beasts’. Humans don’t have large bodies, they don’t have sharp fangs or claws, and they appear to be less dangerous than the fierce beasts.

In reality, it’s just the opposite.

As soon as Muyan walks into the area, pairs of cold, cruel, and brutal eyes affix on them.

Each and every one of those pupils are red, and are more dreadful than a beast’s.

Those gazes are as sharp as knives, like they could slowly strip away all the clothes, flesh and blood on her body.

There comes an insane gurgling laughter, “Here comes a little beauty, how long since I haven’t tasted such a fresh, sweet and tender flesh…chi chi chi… little beauty, come here, grandpa already can’t wait!”

Muyan takes Xiao Bao and very slowly walks inside.

Completely not caring about the surrounding slaves that are baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

Until they stop in front of a dark red, rusted iron cage.

Locked inside this iron cage is a man with a dishevelled hair.

Compared to the fierce snarling of the other Colosseum slaves, the silence of this man is very strange.

The loose hair covers his expression.

However, the visible hands are covered in bloodstains, one can only imagine how many creatures this man had killed with his bare hands.

Seeing this man, Muyan’s mind couldn’t help but conjure his appearance in her previous life, a loyal and devoted guard standing beside Gong Qianxue.

This man is called Yan Haotian, a very ordinary name, but with an extremely persevering temperament and innate skill.

He was already practically invincible in the Beast Fighting Colosseum, but after he was taken away by Gong Qianxue, his strength had further risen up all the way to the peak of the Heaven Stage.

As a loyal dog, acting as Gong Qianxue’s claws and fangs, Yan Haotian had eliminated countless enemies for Gong Qianxue. For her, he also brought up a shadow guard unit called “The Order of the King of Hell”

And the reason why Yan Haotian was so readily loyal to Gong Qianxue was because Gong Qianxue had saved him from the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Pitiful Yan Haotian, as perhaps he didn’t know until the moment of his death: the man who murdered his whole clan is Gong Qianxue’s trusted henchman.


Muyan stands in front of Yan Haotian’s iron cage.

A white jade hand gently grabs the sign hanging on the cage, she indifferently says: “You’re number 3. Later, if you win on the Beast Fighting Colosseum, I will take you away.”

It was a long time before the man inside the cage slowly raises his head. There is no human emotion showing in those bloody eyes, just a vicious glare directed at the young woman in front of him.

He doesn’t speak, but a loud beast-like roar erupts from his throat.

Muyan completely pays no mind to his howling and threatening attitude. She holds Xiao Bao and gracefully turns around.

Immediately after she turns, a voice that is euphonious and light as a feather enters his ears. “You mustn’t let me down, Yan Haotian!”

“Ah-! Ah-!! Ah-!!!”

Hearing those words, the caged man behind her suddenly howls loudly.

When he opens his mouth, one could see that the tongue inside was cut off at the base. It’s not surprising that he can only cry out, but he couldn’t speak.

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EMHS – ch70

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 70: The Colosseum

Heavens, this four-year-old boy actually faced a brawny man, as well as man in the peak Profound Stage, the he instantly won over them.

How is this possible?!

Afterwards, no one dares to block the pair’s stride anymore.

From beginning to end, Muyan continues to wear that languid and leisurely smile. She holds Xiao Bao’s hand and care-freely walks to the direction of the Colosseum.

Despite that smiling expression however, there is frost slowly burrowing deep within her bright, water clear eyes.


“This girl, I’m sorry but this leads to the backstage area of the Colosseum. The regular guests can’t enter.”

Muyan and Xiao Bao were stopped at the junction of passageway by a black-clothed ‘ghost envoy’.

The Ghost city’s Colosseum is an area reeking of blood, a place of violence and business opportunities.

The “beast” in the Beast Fighting, doesn’t just refer to Strange Beasts and Spiritual Beasts, but it also includes slaves that were sold like animals in the Ghost city.


And so, in the Beast Fighting Colosseum, you can see people fighting against people, beasts against beasts, and more predominantly people against beasts.

Only by winning will they be given a meal, have their injuries treated, and be able to keep their lives .

If they lost, it will only result in a slow and miserable death.

Visitors of the Colosseum will be on the stands, watching the Beast Fighting matches, placing bets on the slaves – or even beasts – that they favor.

To put it bluntly, be it human or beast, it is nothing more than a plaything in the hands of wealthy people.

As one can expect, the humans and the beasts that had lived in this kind of environment can be very cruel and violent.

Where Muyan wants to enter is the backstage area of the Colosseum, it is the place where these man-beasts are detained.

They are in iron cages, but seeing such a scene and feeling the dark and bloody atmosphere… even your usual martial practitioner might piss their pants in fear.

Blocked by the ‘ghost envoy’, Muyan just smiles lightly and easily flips her wrist over. A banknote appears in her hand, “I want to purchase a beast slave. This is the initial payment.”

The ‘ghost envoy’ stares blankly, the wooden face reveals a rare astonished expression, “This girl, do you know the rules of Ghost city?”

“Of course,” Muyan says heedlessly, “Only the beast slaves who won in the Beast Fighting Colosseum are allowed to be up for sale. If the slave that I picked lost, the initial payment will not be refunded.”

That is a deposit of 10,000 gold coins.

And, ghost city has a certain provision –

If there are people fighting over a purchase, then it can only be resolved by a custom of the Ghost city – using martial power to determine the winner

Regardless of life and death!

The ‘ghost envoy’ couldn’t believe that such a delicate girl like Muyan can adhere to the Ghost city’s rule of using force to determine victory.

But seeing that Muyan is so insistent, the ‘ghost envoy’ no longer persuades her otherwise, and lets her enter.

The passage leading to backstage area is awfully long.

And the further you walk in, the damper and colder it becomes. It is also permeated by a nauseating smell of decay, a horrible fishy stench.

The first thing that catches the eyes is the rows of enormous cages lining on both sides. The cages contain a countless number of ferocious beasts.

As soon as they see Muyan and Xiao Bao, they immediately spread their bloody mouths wide open like sacrificial bowls. Eyes wide open like the hole inside a bronze bell, they let out sky-shaking roars.

Muyan’s expression doesn’t change, but Xiao Bao coldly looks at the ferocious beasts on both sides.

He doesn’t even diffuse his mysterious energy. It is only the faint glare of ice-blue pupils that would make the beasts shiver as soon as they catch sight of it.

“Wuu…” The various beasts whine in horror, desperately shrinking and curling up on themselves.

Some are so timid that they even bury their heads between their legs, their massive forms trembling.

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EMHS – ch69

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 69: Big Courage

For everyone who enters, they only should only avoid violating rules of the ghost city, as well as the “ghost envoys” that are responsible for maintaining the order within the the city.

So Muyan hears the uncle’s warning and knows that it’s definitely because of good intentions.

Since a lower ranked martial practitioner wouldn’t be able to see through the Internal Force fluctuations of those with a higher rank.

Muyan is at the Precelestial realm, Xiao Bao is also at the Heaven Stage, but the uncle behind them is just at the Profound Stage. Since the two of them are quite young, the Uncle must be thinking that they are ordinary people without Internal Force.

Muyan looks as mild as before, shaking her head, “Thank you for the reminder, uncle.”

Expressing her gratitude, she shows no intention to leave.

The middle-aged uncle originally wants to say a few more words of persuasion, but Muyan has already reached her turn in the line.

After paying a hundred gold coins, Muyan quickly leads Xiao Bao into the Ghost city.

The Ghost city of Xia’an is divided into two parts: the Trading Area and the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Once inside, one is greeted by the bustling extravagant atmosphere mingling with fluctuations of Internal Force.

A large part of the people that are enjoying the place and are on-the-loose, are men five points large, and three points rough*.
Large head, two hands, and two feet; thick thighs, waist, and neck. The expression could refer to other aspects (like knowledge, life experience, or personality) depending on the context and era.

There’s occasionally some women that don’t have that striking martial appearance, and they’re accompanied by a strong man for protection.

In this way, the appearance of Muyan and Xiao Bao’s peculiar combination has gathered a lot people’s eyes towards them.

One among the shirtless brutes, looking at Muyan’s tender and lovely face, couldn’t help running his tongue over the corner of his mouth, his eyes flashing with an ominous red fruit of greed.

He walks up two or three steps towards Muyan and blocks her path.

“Beauty, are you visiting the ghost city by yourself? Your courage isn’t small!”

Muyan sends him a bashful smile: “Yeah, my courage has always been big.”

“Hah… the little beauty is interesting. This uncle likes your little red mouth. How about this, as long as you sleep with me for a night, this uncle will guarantee that you can walk out safely from this Ghost city…”

Saying that, the perverted swine is already reaching out grab Muyan’s face.

The middle-aged uncle who entered after Muyan sees it and immediately has a bothered expression, but he’s going over his head.

He doesn’t understand why the little girl is so stubborn and insisted on going into the ghost city.

Speaking of persuading her to leave and go out while still in good condition, it’s still a question on whether she can come out of this alive.

But even If he can’t bear it, he absolutely can’t save these pair of “older sister and younger brother” with just his strength.

However, the perverted swine had yet to touch Muyan’s face,

When his stout body is suddenly up on the air.

Before anyone could react, he flies in a semi-circular arc and heavily crashes against a pillar.

There was a moment of deathly silence among everyone present, and everyone takes a look towards the unconscious burly man, and once again shifts their eyes to look at Muyan and Xiao Bao.

They only see that the young woman is still smiling gently like before, her body appears slender, as if too weak to stand up to the wind.

The little boy she’s holding still has that taut face. His peerless little features not showing a sliver of expression.

And so, what happened in the end?

Muyan doesn’t concern herself with the thoughts of the people around. She takes Xiao Bao to continue walking towards the direction of the Colosseum.

They barely take a few steps before another person pops up once again.

It’s a man of the peak Profound Stage, reaching out haughtily to block Muyan’s way.

However, this man is more tragic than that brawny man from earlier.

Because he didn’t even have the time to say anything, and he is immediately caught by an impatient Xiao Bao and is thrown aside.

Boom–! A crashing sound, pillars shake and it causes the dust on the beams to fall.

It also jolts everyone to regain their wits.

Soon after, each and every one widens their eyes in alarm, unable to believe what they had just seen.

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EMHS – ch68

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 68: Good news?

Gong Qianxue has spent the past few days recuperating at the Heavenly Road Sect due to the backlash from the sacred beast egg.

Because of Jian Feng’s medicine and treatment, eventually, her body slowly recovers.

Just as the anger displeasure in her heart had finally gradually abated however, she suddenly receives a shocking news that makes her unable to maintain self-control.

Jin Hong Men has been wiped out!

This nail that she had securely embedded in Chi Yan Country, how could it be uprooted like this?

Gong Qianxue just wants to split her anger. On that same day, she leaves for Chi Yan Country.


Xia’an State.

Several black-clothed men kneel before Gong Qianxue, silent as cicadas in winter.

Gong Qianxue presses down her surging anger and asks in a low voice: “Jin Hong Men’s matter, how did that come about in the end? Ge Changming is a peak Heaven Stage expert, and I’ve spent a lot of labor and resources to cultivate the killers in Jin Hong Men. How could it just be destroyed overnight?”

“Subordinate… this subordinate doesn’t know. At the time when we arrived, Jin Hong Men was already full of dead bodies. There wasn’t… wasn’t a single living mouth, Master Ge doesn’t even… have bones left. We have searched for a long time, but no traces of murderers have been found. We only know that they were injured by a peculiar sword energy, there was barely any struggle before they died…”

Hearing this, Gong Qianxue finally couldn’t restrain herself anymore and raises her foot to kick ruthlessly, “What’s the use of Bengong raising you, this group of waste?!”

“Princess, spare us, spare us a!”

The men in black are grovelling, trembling and begging for mercy.

It wasn’t until Gong Qianxue has vented enough of her anger, did one of the black men raise his head to say, while shivering in fear, “Princess, please quell your anger. Although Jin Hong Men was wiped out, there’s good news that came from the Ghost city.”

“Good news?”

Seeing Gong Qianxue’s interest, the man in black loosens up and quickly replies, “It was Division Head Yan that sent the message. He said, the talented individual that the princess fancies has been found, asking princess to come and receive him at your convenience.”

Sure enough, Gong Qianxue brightens up after hearing the news.

Now that she had lost Jin Hong Men, she urgently needs to add more strength.

It really can’t be better for her that Yan Lie had sent a message at this time.

As for the one who dared to destroy her Jin Hong Men, hmph, one day she will make this person pay a terrible price.


“This girl, are you going to enter Ghost city?”

Muyan is holding her son as they line up at the entrance to the Ghost city, waiting to pay the 100 gold coins entry fee.

She suddenly hears a man’s voice behind her.

Muyan looks back and sees that it’s a middle-aged uncle with a simple and honest appearance, she can’t help but give a light smile, “Yeah!”

“Ah, don’t you know what kind of place the Ghost city is?” the uncle shows a concerned and disapproving expression, “How can a sweet-looking little girl like you just come in here? I see that you don’t even have the slightest Internal Force fluctuations on you. You won’t have any room to resist if someone bullies you inside. Not to mention, you’re also bringing such a small kid… ah, listen to the uncle’s advice and quickly leave, okay!”

Ghost city, this is a mysterious, bloody, chaotic but formidable area.

Mysterious, because no one knows who the owner of the Ghost city is. Most People in the Yanwu Continent only know that Ghost city had already existed for as long as they can remember.

Formidable and bloody, because ghost city adheres to the principle that the weak are prey to the strong. In here, everything can be solved using force and money. The laws of the outside world do not apply here.

To the people that come inside, they simply mustn’t go against the rules in the Ghost City, and the ‘ghost envoys’ that are responsible for maintaining order within the city.


T/N: Ghost city is described like an autonomous area within another city. Somewhat like an embassy.

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EMHS – ch67

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 67: Rabbit, Play Dead

He watches as that pink jade-carved little boy jumps down from his chair, short little feet walk towards him, and raises his hand to give him a banknote.

While the waiter is surprised,

The cold, milky voice speaks with a touch of impatience, “No need for change, send some more drinks over.”

The waiter absentmindedly takes the banknote from the hands of the four-year-old child. He takes a look at the amount on the note and sees the largest silver denomination distinctly printed on it. He immediately gets dizzy.

Xiao Bao waits for the absent-minded waiter to walk away, only then did he run back to Muyan.

But instead of returning to his own chair, he climbs up on Muyan’s. Squeezing in the chair with her, intentionally or unintentionally snuggling as he sits.

Muyan’s lips quirk up. Might as well, she picks her son up and places him on her lap, giving him some food.

Since that time when Xiao Bao cried back in Jin Hong Men, he has been particularly clingy.

Even though his little face is always ice cold: but when they’re sleeping, he must nestle in her arms; when they’re eating, he must squeeze in with her . Every day, like three meals a day, he raises his tiny head for Muyan to kiss.

This adorable little appearance just makes Muyan’s heart melt, but she also feels a little distressed.

That’s why she just hopes to provide Xiao Bao with the best things in the world.

Muyan picks up a chicken leg puffing with a savory aroma, and she’s about to place it on Xiao Bao’s bowl.

A ray of white light suddenly flashes in front of Muyan eyes. Before she could react, the chicken leg has completely disappeared, bones and all.

Muyan blinks.

She doesn’t know when the white, long-haired rabbit got on top of the circular table.

The rabbit outwardly looks so stupidly adorable, people can’t help but want to cuddle it.

Its gaping mouth though, all the dishes directly in front of it are just instantly cleaned out.

In addition to the plates polished clean, not a single drop of juice nor any ingredients are left over.

While Muyan is stunned, the rabbit turns around and completely annihilates most of the dishes on the table.

That tiny mouth slightly opens to lets out a satisfied burp, and then continue –

Continue your sister!

Muyan catches the rabbit by its scruff and holds it right in front of her, coldly saying: “I see that you must be tired of living, yes? I ask my son to eat something, and you dare snatch it? You don’t believe that I’ll turn you into stir-fried rabbit?”

The rabbit’s eyes dart around looking for an escape, it’s hind legs give a twitch, then without further ado – plays dead.

Muyan laughs sardonically at it. She turns it on each side to take a better look, and asks Xiao Bao, “Did this stupid rabbit get bigger?

It was definitely only as big as about two palms formerly, but now it’s almost as big as three palms.

And the rabbit’s whole body is so plump, the silly face looks like it would feel so fluffy.

Xiao Bao nods, “The rabbit has been growing slowly after eating the sacred beast egg.”

Finished eating the sacred beast egg, it means that the sacred beast has already been digested by the rabbit.

According to Xiao Bao, Gong Qianxue has already signed a contract with the holy beast. She must have suffered the backlash now.

As she thinks of this, the corner of Muyan’s lips turn up into an ambiguous smile, and she also gives a more favorable look towards the rabbit that had one-upped her adversary.

But then she thinks of the rabbit eating a sacred beast egg whole, and only became a slightly fatter circle. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of change, it’s very discouraging.

Just how big is this guy’s appetite? Won’t she go bankrupt if she lets her son raise this thing as a pet?

Finished eating, Muyan takes Xiao Bao out of the restaurant.

As for the rabbit, after eating and drinking to its fill, it had already ran back into the space and is currently sleeping soundly in there.

Xiao Bao looks up and asks Muyan, “Niangqin, where are we going next?”

Muyan slightly quirks her lips up, and her eyes flicker once again. “Mother will take you to a fun place – the Ghost city.”

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