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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 66: A Long Road Chasing His Wife

Di Ming Jue stares, then a small suspicious flush appears to rise up on his cheeks.

However, his expression is still cold, indifferently saying, “Her liking Ben Jun, is that not rightfully inevitable?”

“Yes, yes, Jun Shang, your martial skills are brilliant, your spiritual might is incomparable. It is only right and certain that Miss Muyan will like you. However, *cough*… it also requires a process.”

Di Ming Jue tilts his glance, giving him a signal to continue.

Han Ye forces a smile as he says, “In order to get Miss Muyan to like you, it’s natural to give her things that she likes and do what she wants you to do. By any means, don’t get in her way…”

For example, the enemy of that Miss Muyan had waited for many years to exact vengeance upon – was instantly extinguished.

If he were Miss Muyan, he would also really wish he could chop up the guy who ruined it!

Di Ming Jue’s eyebrows creases together till they could pinch a fly.

He remembered the tiny figure that suddenly appeared between him and Jun Muyan.

Although the time was extremely brief that he wasn’t able to clearly see who it was, the energy fluctuation made him feel inexplicably shaken.

So much so that the spiritual form maintained by the Qian Kun Mirror, in a flash, unexpectedly fell apart and returned.

Hmph, regardless of who that was! Even dared to disturb his time alone with Muyan, rascal!

Han Ye kneels at the side, keeping quiet as a cicada in winter.

It was a good while before he hears the man’s icy and stately voice, “Build a transmission matrix for Yanwu Continent, it must be completed within ten days!”

“Ah-!” Han Ye snaps his head up to incredulously look at Di Ming Jue, “Jun Shang, you want to… seal your power and have your real body descend to Yanwu Continent?”

It is the lowest-order continent without any spiritual power. For Jun Shang to go there, he must seal 90% of his cultivation and he won’t be able to return to the Xiuxian Continent for a short period of time.

Once he lifts his head and makes contact with the man’s dark blue eyes, Han Ye immediately shivers. He bows and says, “Yes, My Lord!”

His voice has the tranquility of one who chops the nail and slices the iron*, but Han Ye’s heart has already set off turbulent waves.

  • No hesitation, resolute

Even if he knows the importance that Jun Shang places on Miss Muyan, it never occurred to him that it’s at the point where he would descend to Yanwu Continent with his real body.

What Han Ye doesn’t know at that time, that because of his suggestions,

Di Ming Jue’s long road of chasing his wife has only just begun.


Chi Yan Country, Xia’an City.

In the largest restaurant within the city, a waiter busily runs up and down, carrying delicious and steaming food and drinks into a room.

Inside the large private room, food and drinks spread on top of a massive round table.

The amount of these dishes should be enough for more than dozen people to enjoy.

However, the whole room only contains a drop-dead gorgeous woman in white, and a pink jade-carved little boy that seems to have stepped out of a painting.

After sending in the last course, the waiter stands in place with uncertainty.

Honestly, he doesn’t think that a girl and a little boy could finish eating so many dishes.

If these two can’t finish their food, won’t they forego paying their bill?

So the waiter turns to the girl in white, faking a smile as he gives their check, “This girl, may I ask if you’ll be the one paying, or will someone come to settle the bill?”

The seated young woman and little boy is naturally Muyan and Xiao Bao, respectively.

Since they exterminated the entire Jin Hong Men in Chi Yan Country, they came to Xia’an City to enjoy their free time.

Because she feels guilty about making her darling boy cry, Muyan asked Xiao Bao out to have a nice meal.

Hearing the waiter, Muyan didn’t even lift her head as she minds her own business, and eats at her leisure.

The waiter wrinkles his brows, darkly wondering if he really ran into people that will ‘dine and dash’?

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch65

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 65: Jun Shang Gnashing His Teeth

When Muyan sees her son’s tears, for a moment, she feels so distressed that she might as well bleed.

All the discipline and constructive criticisms are thrown to the back of her mind, she hugs her son and softly croons: “Don’t cry Xiao Bao, niangqin isn’t mad, I’m also unhurt. Niangqin is just afraid that you’ll get in danger, because for me, Xiao Bao is the most precious and important one in the entire world… I’m sorry for the way I said that earlier. Xiao Bao, forgive niangqin okay?”

Xiao Bao clutches Muyan’s neck and buries his whole head in her arms. He sullenly nods, saying in a throaty voice: “Ni-niangqin is also the most important, the most most most important.”

Muyan smiles then, as she carries her son out of the doorway of Jin Hong Men.

She doesn’t know why her mind suddenly recalls that man’s face, so handsome that he shouldn’t have friends.

In her past and current life, Muyan has never seen anyone more attractive than that man.

But unfortunately, he turns out to be a willfully disrespectful man, a lunatic with some brain problems.

If he’s not a lunatic, how can he just incomprehensibly propose marriage to a total stranger?

Di Ming Jue… Xiuxian Continent. As far as Muyan is concerned, that’s still a really, incredibly distant place.

She presumes, they’re not likely to meet again later, right?

Touching her lips that are still swollen, a trace of irritation flashes through Muyan’s heart. She soon throws the issue to the back of her mind and focuses on teasing her son.

Above the Ninth Heaven, Jun Shang, whose marriage proposal was just rejected, and was also cursed that ‘even if all the men in the world die off, it won’t be your turn to marry’; he recalls everything that transpired and is rapidly going insane from anger.

Even Han Ye’s figure in the ‘Qian Kun Mirror’ flashes.

As he comes through, one’s whole body could feel the low pressure together with the chilling cold. It seems as if he could simply freeze everything within the radius of thousands of miles.

Han Ye shivers from head to toe, and he frantically falls to kneel before this heavenly monarch. “Jun Shang!”

Di Ming Jue interrogates with gnashing teeth: “Xiuxian Continent, all those women crying and yelling that they want to marry Ben Jun, was that just a lie?”

“It’s… genuine!” Han Ye says in a trembling voice, “So long as Jun Shang says the word, there is no woman in the world that would refuse you.”

That’s right, all the women in the world cannot refuse him.

But as it happened, the one woman that he fancies had rejected him, so directly and so bluntly rejected him!

Is he not powerful enough, is his status not high enough, or is he not wealthy enough?!

This woman, this Jun Muyan… where did she get the nerve that she dares to reject him?

She even said that, ‘Even if all the men drop dead, it won’t be your turn‘!

Thinking of that point, Di Ming Jue has the urge to destroy the entire Yanwu Continent.

Han Ye coughs lightly, braving death: “Jun… Jun Shang, Miss Muyan is your destined, compared to other women… she’s different. Like this you’re… not likely to persuade Miss Muyan.”

Di Ming Jue coldly looks at the other.

That harsh and freezing gaze seems to convey that if he says a single wrong word, he’s dead.

Han Ye gulps his spit down, and continues: “If, if you truly like Miss Muyan, then first… woo her first, and also make her be moved by you. How can one directly… just directly propose marriage?”

Moreover, even betrothal gifts are absent! If I were Miss Muyan, I would not agree!

Han Ye rants internally, but he doesn’t dare reveal that on his face. He looks sincere: “Therefore, Jun Shang, what you must do now is to make Miss Jun like you first.”

Di Ming Jue stares, then a small suspicious flush appears to rise up on his cheeks.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

s h a d y t r a n s l a t i o n s . c o m

EMHS – ch64

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 64: Stubborn Xiao Bao

“Future husband?” Muyan raises her brows, “Then you have come today to…”

“Propose marriage!” The cold, thin lips resolutely proclaims, and then he lowers his voice and softly says, “I want you to become my, Di Ming Jue’s, wife!”

The light in Muyan’s eyes grows darker, she gently says: “Since it’s a marriage proposal, could you let me go first? My hand is sore from your grip.”

Di Ming Jue is stumped from that, quickly loosening his grip. His concerned gaze falls on her slender wrist.

And indeed, there’s a red imprint marring her slender jade wrists.

However, the red mark doesn’t look like a flaw; on the contrary, it adds a certain kind bloody aesthetic.

Just like the girl’s slightly swollen lips, so luxurious and so tempting that he couldn’t help but want to take another taste.

Di Ming Jue’s pupils gradually seeps into darkness. He steps closer to Muyan, the flame of desire burning in his eyes.

The girl in front of him has a shallow smile. Her eyes are soft and tender, as if filled with wholehearted intimacy, waiting for him to take her into his arms.

Twang-! A zither note echoes out.

Di Ming Jue’s pupils shrink, and his figure is suddenly blown away.

In the end, the qin’s wind blade cuts a hole through his clothes.

The young woman in front of him no longer has any trace of tenderness or intimacy on her face, leaving only a ghastly and beguiling smile, “You want to propose marriage to me?”

“I’m really sorry, even if all the men in the world drops dead, it won’t be your turn to take the position of this girl’s husband!”

Di Ming Jue’s face turns extremely dark, immediately taking a stride towards her. He wants to recapture the girl back into his arms, and he would not allow her to escape again.

All of a sudden, a flash of white light flashes between the two.

It’s immediately followed by a small white hand, pushing towards Di Ming Jue, “You mustn’t bully niangqin!”

Internal Force surging, flooding it’s might.

It should be impossible for this Internal Force to pose any threat to Di Ming Jue.

But at the instant that the small, white tender hands make contact with the hems of his clothes, Di Ming Jue’s body suddenly turns transparent like a mirage, and eventually disappears.

Muyan looks at the empty space in front of her, unable to return to her senses for a long time.

So same as the last time, this scoundrel suddenly appeared again, and suddenly disappeared again.

“Niangqin…” Xiao Bao’s aggrieved call reaches her ears.

Muyan snaps back to herself and quickly bends down to carry Xiao Bao up. Tensed, she says, “Xiao Bao, didn’t you promise niangqin that you’ll obediently stay inside the space, and you won’t go out?”

Xiao Bao’s cold little face tightens as he says: “Someone bullied niangqin!”

“Even if someone bullies me, you can’t just risk going out as you please.” Muyan says with a grave expression, “Otherwise, if something bad happens to you, do you know how scared and broken-hearted I would be? Promise niangqin, that you’ll behave afterwards.”

Xiao Bao’s delicate little face is still as taut as before, his lips are tightly pressed together, and he doesn’t say anything.

Muyan has a sinking expression. She crouches down and removes Xiao Bao out of her embrace, “Jun Mochen, if you’re not obedient, niangqin will get angry!”

Hearing those words, Xiao Bao’s taut face and pursed lips slowly changes, at last.

Sparkling and translucent tears accumulate on his huge blue eyes.

The little boy’s face is filled with unease and grievance but he stubbornly bites his teeth, refusing to let his tears fall down.

“Xiao Bao doesn’t want people to bully niangqin, don’t wanna!”

His voice breaks into a sob, finally unable to stop the tears from rolling down.

Seeing her son’s tears, for a moment, Muyan regrets so dearly that she feels like she might as well bleed.

s h a d y t r a n s l a t i o n s . c o m

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch63

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 63: Your Future Husband

The person before her turns out to be that philandering scoundrel from the Fog Forest.

A sliver of astonishment flashes through the man’s eyes, but it’s only for a fleeting moment.

He says with a cold face, “He wanted to harm you!”

And he will not allow anyone to harm his woman!

Muyan practically laughs derisively, “You thought he could harm me? Rather, even if he was going to hurt me, what does it have to do with you? What do you have to do with me, that you’ve meddled in other people’s business?”

Having said that, Muyan once again feels frustrated.

She makes the decision to stay away from this mental case so she turns around to leave.

But before she could take two steps, the man catches her wrist and pulls her back.

Her whole body is embraced by wide, firm and scorching arms .

Muyan furrows her brows and suddenly twists to free herself.

But this time, not only is she unable to extricate herself like earlier, but the man holds her by her waist and brings her deeper in his embrace.

Immediately afterwards, the man lowers his head and, without the slightest hesitation, captures her soft pink lips.

Muyan snaps her eyes wide open, simply unable to believe what’s happening to her at this moment.

She was actually disrespected by this scoundrel, twice now!

Muyan raises up the hand that wasn’t seized, and flings it towards the man’s face.

The man immediately catches the slender lily-white hands in the air, capturing both of her hands and placing them behind her. He presses her body against his a little more.

Muyan wants to struggle but, be it the use of her Internal Force or even summoning Tian Mo Qin, there’s completely no response from them while in the presence of this man.

It’s almost like the whole field is kept under the control of his dreadful power, firmly suppressing them.

The man seems to have become intoxicated from the sweet taste of her lips.

The kiss is obviously very clumsy, not even knowing how the lips and tongues intertwine. Just greedily breathing in the fragrance of those lips. However, the dominance percolating throughout his body is incomparably despotic, as if Muyan is his possession.

Cannot resist, cannot escape.

The kiss lasted for a long time before the man reluctantly releases Muyan. His eyes still hungrily gobbling up the sight of her exquisite brows and eyes, sweeping over the fine upturned nose, the limpid pearl-like earlobes, and eventually falling on the slightly swollen lips.

Soon after, he slightly knits his brows, apparently quite displeased.

At this time, Muyan is quickly bursting into a rage, wishing she could shred this guy that had molested her twice.

But unfortunately, she doesn’t know where this man came from or why he’s too powerful.

Even a Precelestial practitioner like her is completely unable to fight back.

But who would have thought that this man’s ice-cold voice would sound somewhat discontented as he tells her: “Why are you so weak? This way, how can you follow Ben Jun to the Xiuxian Continent, and be qualified stand beside me? Ben Jun will allow you ten years, as soon as possible, pass the tribulations and ascend…”

Listening to the man’s insufferable prattling, Muyan takes a deep breath. The corners of her mouth lift up into a soft and bashful smile: “I’m sorry but may I ask, who are you?”

If Xiao Bao, who is as familiar with Muyan, could see this smile, he would know right away that his mother is angry!

Really, very angry!

The one who provoked her is totally out of luck.

Unfortunately, the man in front of her doesn’t know that.

So seeing the girl’s bright and beautiful smile, his eyes flicker and a sliver of gentleness thaws through his ice-cold expression.

His wide palm slowly strokes her fine porcelain cheeks, “Muyan, remember my name… Di Ming Jue, this shall be the name of your future husband.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch62

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 62: It’s you

Muyan expresses ‘such a pity’ on her face, she shakes her head: “Too bad, master Ge guessed wrong again!”

With the third slash of her sword, Ge Changming’s hand that was initially reaching for a knife from his lower back pocket, suddenly sprays blood. His palm is sliced in half.

“Aaaaah–!!!” a blood-curdling scream pierces through the sky.

“Master Ge’s screams are really miserable!” Muyan says slowly, “Maybe I should give you a hint! Four years ago, Chi Yan Country, nameless valley!”

Ge Changming clamps down on the wrist that only has half a palm. His whole body trembling into a spasm. The sharp pain is making it hard for him to concentrate.

But hearing Muyan’s words, he suddenly snaps his head up to look at her face.

The pupils in those bloodshot eyes suddenly contract, and Ge Changming opens his mouth wide and issues a shrill scream: “Jun… Jun Muyan, you are Jun Muyan, the pregnant woman four years ago…”

Immediately however, he frantically shakes his head, yelling hysterically, “Impossible! How could it be you?! Jun Muyan, shouldn’t you have died already?!”

Muyan stalks forward on the bloodied ground. Her shallow smile is pure and tender, “If I don’t live, how can I repay the ‘grace’ that you gave me… hm?”

Ge Changming stares at the young woman’s flowery smiling expression, then he looks at her pitch-black eyes that seem like a bottomless abyss. His body shakes like a sieve.

This time, genuine dread rises in his heart.

He kneels on the floor, his knees continuously drawing back. There’s a frightened whisper in his mouth, “Don’t kill me, the matter from back then, it was Gong Qianxue who instructed me. It’s none of my concern… I didn’t… I didn’t want to dig your child out!”

As he retreats, Ge Changming’s hand pries around his lower back.

He has hidden his last weapon there, Jin Hong Men’s unique poison “Tian Du Vagary Powder”.

It was refined by the alchemy and medicine master, Jian Feng of the Heavenly Road Sect. It was a special gift for Gong Qianxue.

Even a Precelestial practitioner would not be spared from the might of the Tian Du Vagary Powder.

Muyan listens to Ge Changming begging for mercy, and watches his hand reaching behind him. She narrows her eyes and her smile deepens.

Looking on as Ge Changming is about to take out the Tian Du Vagary Powder, a dark shadow suddenly appears between them.


With the loud sound, Ge Changming’s form swells violently and directly explodes, flesh and viscera strewing all over the place.

Muyan is momentarily unable to have a reaction, just about bracing herself to get splattered by bits of flesh.

But in a flash, she is enveloped by a looming figure, totally blocking the blood splash.

It comes with a strong and cold masculine atmosphere, completely assaulting her senses.

Muyan is stunned and still doesn’t react. A deep, magnetic voice of a man probes into her ears: “Jun Muyan…”

Just a low whisper of her name, but it seems to contain endless longing and countless emotions.

The warm breath puffing on her ears brings a tickling feeling.

Muyan abruptly recovers her senses, her figure flashes away to break free from the man’s embrace.

Then she turns to look at the spot that Ge Changming occupied just moments ago.

Seeing that not even bones were spared, what remains of the corpse is just crushed bones and internal organs.

Muyan’s face turns green, “Who told you to kill him?”

Her prey, waiting for four years and with great difficulty, finally catching her first prey.

She had intended to properly torment and exact vengeance, but he was instantly destroyed this way.

As Muyan raises her head to take a clear look at the man’s appearance, her little face that have always appeared laid-back reveals a sick blue color, “It’s you!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch61

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 61: Irreconcilable Hatred

He has full confidence regarding his own abilities and strength, and even Gong Qianxue never entered his eyes.

Yanwu Continent’s first genius, Gong Qianxue is only at the early Heaven stage.

How can this young woman be his opponent when she looks younger than Gong Qianxue?


Seeing the momentous palm rumbling towards her, Muyan still maintains her calm and unperturbed expression.

A small jade-like hand raises slightly, internal force operating within her body, she launches her own attack against Ge Changming.

With a resounding noise, their palms collide against each other.

Ge Changming reveals a conceited smirk; this woman is stupid, isn’t she? Daring to compete against him using internal force…

But as quickly as the smile bloomed in his face, it freezes before reaching completion.

Ge Changming suddenly draws back for several yards. He grabs his chest with one hand, and coughs out a mouthful of blood.

His eyes focus in on the girl before him. His hoarse voice is filled with shock and incredulity, “You’re actually a Precelestial? How is this possible?!”

That’s right! How is it possible for a teenage girl to be a Precelestial master?!

Muyan chuckles and drawls: “You’re not bad yourself! In the few years I haven’t seen you, you’ve not only become the master of Jin Hong Men, even your strength has reached the peak of the Heaven stage.”

Listening to how she talks like they’re acquainted, the bewildered expression on Ge Changming’s face deepens, “Who the hell are you?!”

“Why don’t you take a guess?” Muyan carefreely laughs, “Oh right, by the way, I should tell the master. I have cleanly disposed of all the small-fries outside. Now you’re the only one left! Master Ge, we have plenty of time time to slowly chat.”

The girl’s words are like soft clouds and gentle winds, but in Ge Changming’s ears, they are like a sudden clap of thunder.

“You, what did you say?!” he bellows, the tone of his voice turning sharp due to extreme panic.

Quickly, his figure bolts out of the room, rushing towards the public square.

Muyan looks aloof, completely not bothering to stop him. Instead, she leisurely and unhurriedly follows behind him.

A body… two bodies… ten bodies…

As more and more mangled corpses turn up along the way, Ge Changming’s expression becomes even more aghast and frightened.

His Jin Hong Men that he trained for seven or eight years, until it finally became the primary killer organization in Chi Yan Country.

In the end… this woman has completely exterminated it overnight.

“You poisonous woman! What kind emnity do you have against my Jin Hong Men? You’re so vicious and merciless!!”

Ge Changming abruptly turns around, his fierce eyes glaring at the girl in white who’s slowly following behind him. He issues a scream similar to that of a wild beast.

Muyan’s mouth is slightly curved up, a charming smile on her dainty face. But there’s a chill within those eyes that could condense frost, “Between Jin Hong Men and I, there’s an enmity that wouldn’t allow us to live under the same sky…”

A luminous white wrist turns over, and a longsword appears on her hands. Muyan gently infuses it with mysterious energy.

A gash suddenly splits open on Ge Changming’s body, blood spraying everywhere.

“Ah – !! Who are you?” Ge Changming moves to the side, going away from the attack while screaming loudly, shouting himself hoarse.

Muyan sneers, “Master Ge’s memory is really bad! Have you forgotten me so quickly?”

As soon as her voice falls, the swords strikes for a second time. Ge Changming gets a bloody hole on his shoulder.

He makes a plaintive whine, a pair of embittered and frightened eyes stare at Muyan.

“I absolutely don’t remember Jin Hong Men having an enemy like you…”

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EMHS – ch60

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 60: Extinguishing the Entire Jin Hong Men

“Hehe, won’t be angry?” Ge Changming reveals a sardonic smile. “That’s of course, you haven’t seen her fly into rage four years ago. Back then, she killed quite a few of my trusted subordinates, and even I was myself sustained serious injuries…”

Speaking halfway, Ge Changming becomes wary once again, swallowing down the rest of his words from fear.

He has a distant stare, as if reliving what happened four years ago.

Gong Qianxue suddenly gave them an order. She asked them to take a pregnant woman’s unborn child and deliver it to her.

At that time, Ge Changming was yet to be the nominal master of Jin Hong Men, but he was the main person in charge of that task.

He thought everything should be foolproof.

After all, the pregnant girl was so weak, she completely lacked the ability to resist.

In spite of everything, the final result…

That young girl must have died already. In the end, she’s a pregnant woman without the strength to truss a chicken. She wasn’t caught in their encirclement, so she must have escaped into the mountains. And when she entered deep into the mountains, she could only meet her end.

As Ge Changming is lost in his thoughts, he didn’t react even when Hall Owner bid goodbye as the other takes his leave.

Out of nowhere, he hears Hall Owner Ren exclaim, “Who are you?!”

Just as the voice falls, there’s a loud thud and a dark shadow rushes towards him.

Gushing blood spatters around his feet.

Hall Owner Ren has widened eyes, his mouth opens as if to say something but he only gurgled thin blood. The second he stumbles down, he completely stops breathing.

Ge Changming is alarmed and furious. He snaps his head up to see a young girl in snow white clothing, her long hair trailing over her shoulders as she unhurriedly enters the room.

The soles of feet are dripping with the Hall Owner’s blood. But walking on this bloody ground, her entire body is surrounded by an inviolably sacred atmosphere.

“You, who are you? Why did you enter the restricted area of my “Kuai Hou Grove” without permission?”

Before Ge Changming’s yelling, across from him, the young woman slowly hooks up her lips.

That pure and holy temperament instantly morphed, from the snow lotus of the Tianshan Mountains, to the fiery and flirtatious lycoris of a distant shore, enticing and dangerous.

“I took the liberty to visit at such a late hour. I hope Jin Hong Men’s sect master won’t take offense.” the girl’s voice is like the clinking of jade on ice, sophisticated and euphonious.

Ge Changming snaps his eyes wide, saying with disbelief: “You, how do you know that I’m Jin Hong Men’s…”

“How do I know that you are the master of Jin Hong Men?” Muyan chuckles as she glances up to him, “Not only do I know that you are the master of Jin Hong Men, but I also know that Jin Hong Men is about to disappear from the world! ”

Like snow, a clear and cold gaze stare at Ge Changming, making him inexplicably tremble.

After some effort to calm his mind, he asks: “Girl, what do you mean by this?”

“It means that today, I will extinguish the entire Jin Hong Men.”

Ge Changming stares blankly at first, then bursts into laughter soon after. Hot anger rises in his eyes, “The girl really likes to talk big! There are a lot of people who wants to extinguish my Jin Hong Men from this world, but none have ever succeeded. ”

“So young yet so daring to talk nonsense. I would actually like to see if you really have the ability!”

Before finishing his words, Ge Changming has already sent an attack towards Muyan, producing a loud, thunder-like rumble.

A powerful and oppressive Internal Force radiates from him. Ordinary people would shiver under the might of this tremendous force, even if they stand ten meters away.

Ge Changming’s eyes are filled with murderous intent and arrogance.

Although he submits to Gong Qianxue’s money and drugs, he is still an expert at the peak of Heaven Stage.

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