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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 41: Unable to Live Past Ten Years Old

Speaking till here, tears escape from Baili Yinlou’s eyes. There is unwillingness and enmity in them, but more than that, there is longing and sadness.

Muyan deepens her frown and takes Xiao Bao back in her arms: “So, you are a ghost now?”

“No, I’m just a strand of Baili Yinlou’s soul.” She says with a sigh, “Back then I, with my own mouth, promised my people that I would make sure to pass on the legacy of the Shen Musicians. This is the most cherished desire of all who died from the God Musician Hall. This is what I must accomplish even after I die. A thousand years have gone by and I thought I couldn’t keep on waiting anymore. I didn’t expect that We have finally found you.”

Muyan raises her brows and asks, “You mean to say, I am the chosen heir of the Shen Musicians?”

“Yes! For a thousand years, you are the only one who have passed the space’s trials, as well as receive the recognition as master of the Tian Mo Qin.”

“Why should I accept your inheritance?” Muyan says slowly.

Baili Yinlou blankly replies, “You can see how powerful a Shen Musician is, and with the inheritance, you will move unhindered through the Three Realms…”

“But aren’t you also the target of a multitude of arrows?” Muyan smiles derisively, “Having your inheritance means that one day, I will also be chased by countless experts that want to kill me.”

Baili Yinlou sneers, “Are you afraid?”

She has a taunting expression. Muyan smiles and, without any psychological burden, admits, “Yes, I am afraid! So please, take back your inheritance.”

While talking, Muyan looks at Xiao Bao with a soft glow in her eyes.

If she wants the ability to exact revenge, then she will take the Shen Musician Inheritance without the least bit of hesitation.

But she has Xiao Bao now and she can’t possibly pour all her life’s energy into hatred.

If she accepts the inheritance and becomes the kill target of all those terrible and unknown forces, then what’s to be done if Xiao Bao gets implicated?

Baili Yinlou chokes on air from Muyan’s reply. But when she sees the way Muyan is staring at Xiao Bao, her mind stirs, “Are you not willing to accept the inheritance because you’re afraid of involving this little Immortal beside you? Then I’ll give you an advice, it would be best for you to accept.”

“What do you mean?” Muyan raises her brows.

“The body of an Immortal would not survive past ten years old in this Yanwu Continent, that is without any Spiritual Energy. Even if he reaches the upper boundary of Yanwu Continent, he can only survive for another two or three years…”

Muyan’s expression suddenly transforms. Her gaze on Baili Yinlou is no longer carefree and easygoing, only a chilling frost remains: “Speak clearly!”

“The Immortal physique is the purest spiritual body in the world. If he is in the Xiuxian Continent, his speed of cultivation can be a hundred times faster than others. But in the Yanwu Continent and Xiuzhen Continent, where the Spiritual Energy is scarce and impure, he will only deteriorate day after day until he dies. .”

Baili Yinlou looks deep into Muyan’s eyes and says: “I don’t know how could there be such a pure Immortal in this lower Continent, but you should know that I speak no lies, I don’t have to deceive you. Accepting the Shen Musician inheritance and truly controlling Tian Mo Qin – that is the fastest way you can fly to the Xiuxian Continent.”

Muyan purses her lips tightly, the hand hanging on her side clenches slightly.

Xiao Bao seems to feel her unease and conflict. He raises his head and calls out softly, “Niangqin”.

Looking down on her son’s adorable little face, the clouds in her eyes disperse, with a tender gaze she says: “Xiao Bao, niangqin will become a Shen Musician, and then I’ll take you to a higher and wider world, okay?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch40

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 40: The Downfall of the God Musicians

The Tian Mo Qin, that had become incomparably eye-catching in the space of inheritance, has become a dark, rotten wood at this moment.

Oh, a little better than rotten wood.

The Qin’s body has become slick and smooth, and the snapped strings have reconnected by themselves.

Furthermore, there’s a very curious thing – the left corner of the Qin has her name engraved on it – Jun Muyan.

These three characters are very small and the carving isn’t very clear. They can’t be seen without looking closely.

The zither that Muyan is currently holding would give others the impression of an unremarkable and commonplace seven-stringed qin. But it will not gather belittling looks from others, they won’t think of it as trash.

However, Muyan had seen the brilliance and glamour of the real Tian Mo Qin!

How could she be reconciled? She says in dismay, “What’s going on? It was definitely pretty just now, why did it become worn-out?”

Xiao Bao sees that Niangqin is really alright. Her vitality it getting better and better, and even her complexion is becoming ruddy. He relaxes.

He pushes the Tian Mo Qin aside and nestles into Muyan’s hug. He says in a muffled voice, “Xiao Bao only needs niangqin, not the Qin.”

Muyan immediately cuddles her baby and smiles: “Nn, niangqin also doesn’t want the Qin, just Xiao Bao.”

The ignored world treasure, Tian Mo Qin: …this new owner just can’t tell what’s good!

“*cough* … Tian Mo Qin just hasn’t returned to its original state. It is just because it was sealed, and the seal needs to be lifted.” When Muyan and Xiao Bao are hugging each other, the mild female voice can’t help but speak up: “Congratulations on becoming the master of Tian Mo Qin, as well as being the sole heir of the Shen Musicians.”

“I would also like to congratulate myself. A thousand years, I have waited here for a thousand years. I have waited for this day to finally arrive. After everything, my Shen Musician inheritance will not be thoroughly broken.”

Muyan lets go of Xiao Bao and stares into the void, frowning, “Can you tell me who you are now? And, you say that I’m the heir to your God Musicians’ inheritance, won’t you show yourself?”

After she says that, a woman’s silhouette slowly appears a little ways in front of her.

The woman is dressed in white; she has refined features and a sublime temperament. Her age appears to be in the early twenties, but those eyes contain the reflection of blue seas turning into mulberry fields*. (*great changes)

“My name is Baili Yinlou, a Shen Musician, the last one of the God Musicians.”

The woman slowly asks with a gently voice: “Do you know of the Shen Musicians?”

Muyan shakes her head, “I’ve only heard of musicians.”

“That’s right, how could you possibly know of the Shen Musicians?” Baili Yinlou reveals a distressed expression, “That’s precisely their purpose… to rid the world of Shen Musicians, to make it so no one knows we ever existed. Otherwise, if those people knew that the legacy of the God Musician is still preserved, I am afraid that they won’t have a restful sleep!”

“Are God Musicians very powerful?”

“Haha… you’re asking me if Shen Musicians are powerful?” Baili Yinlou reveals a taunting smile, “It used to be the most formidable existence in the world, but precisely because it was too strong, it gave rise to fear and anxiousness to others. Then, those despicable people banded together to scheme against us, and destroy the entire God Musician’s Hall.”

“My father and my husband have exhausted their hearts’ blood just to send me to this Yanwu Continent, hoping to save the last bloodline of God Musicians. But those people still refused to give up. After a chase of thousands of miles, I still died in their hands.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch39

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 39: Demonic Resonance

Even with blood leaking from the corner of her mouth, the pain seeping into her bones like maggots rampaging in her body – at this moment however, Muyan looks like a queen who is up on high. Looking down on everything in the world, nothing can hinder her stride.

“I don’t care about the power to warp and weft through the three realms; I don’t care about the inheritance of the God Musicians. But in this world, if anyone dares to separate me from Xiao Bao, I swear on my life that I will destroy heaven and earth!”

As she says that, Muyan shifts her gaze and looks at the broken Qin with the corner of her eyes, then: “Tian Mo Qin, I don’t know how glorious you once were, but today, either you recognize me as Master and let me return to my son, or I will die with you.”

The female voice speaks mildly with a sigh: “The Tian Mo Qin is not something that you can threaten…”

Her words are stopped short before she could finish the sentence.

That’s because she sees Muyan’s fingers dig into the creaking zither, and Tian Mo Qin was is no longer a piece of decrepit wood.

Instead, it shines like an awn under the red sunrise.

As the red glow on the zither’s body grows brighter and brighter, the blood that Muyan had dripped on it gets completely absorbed. The remaining strings begin to fiercely vibrate.

An austere and violent melody plays, the surroundings fluctuate madly.

Even the gentle female voice could no longer remain calm: “The demonic resonance… she actually triggered the demonic resonance. Even I was unable to accomplish that back then… just how intense is this woman’s blood, just how powerful is her mind!”


The dark space crumbles away and the red light on Tian Mo Qin fades until it disappears.

Muyan couldn’t support herself anymore and she starts to fall.

As soon as she was about to collapse, she suddenly hears Xiao Bao’s sad cries, “Niangqin-!!!”

Muyan’s mind suddenly tenses, and she stabilizes herself not to topple over. She looks up and blinks, “Xiao Bao.”

“Niangqin!” Xiao Bao couldn’t help but should and bawl as he burrows in Muyan’s arms. He holds her tight, unwilling to let go.

This child usually looks cold and impassive. At this time, his tears are falling like rain and the little body in her embrace cannot stop trembling.

Muyan is extremely distressed; she completely forgets the pain and exhaustion wracking her body.

She quickly hugs her son more tightly, and gently comforts him, “Good Xiao Bao, don’t cry. Can’t you see that niangqin is okay? Niangqin told you that I will never leave Xiao Bao and I will always be with Xiao Bao.”

Xiao Bao raises his tear-stained little face. The blue eyes resemble the sky after a rain, crystal clear and beautiful. He looks at her unblinkingly, as if afraid that she would suddenly disappear again, “Niangqin is hurt?”

Muyan smiles and shakes her head, “Niangqin isn’t hurt, I’m alright now and also got treasure!”

Saying, she brings out the Tian Mo Qin and shows it to Xiao Bao.

In the space of inheritance, she just saw with her own eyes how the Tian Mo Qin gave off a red glow, and then it became a brightly shining crimson treasure.

Definitely still a zither, but the whole frame emitted a powerful might and pressure, despite the excruciating pain in her whole body, Muyan couldn’t help but gasp in marvel.

It’s because the Qin was so beautiful, and she really wanted to have it.

That was the real Tian Mo Qin a, allowing one to move unhindered throughout the three realms, the treasure of the world that everyone longs for.

Muyan can’t wait to present the zither to her son, let him take a good look at the treasure.

As she shows it however, she becomes dumbfounded.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch38

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 38: Xiao Bao Sobs

A sword blade comes as a ray of light, striking her like a bolt of lightning.

Muyan wants to dodge, but the blade is simply too fast.

She could feel a sharp pain from her chest, and then the glowing blade that had suddenly struck her disappears.

After a short period of time, severe burning pain spreads from her chest to all parts of her body.

Muyan turns deathly pale like paper, fine beads of sweat from on her forehead.

She feels like her bones are melting from that burning pain.

Muyan couldn’t bear it anymore and she falls down on one knee. A muffled whimper of pain escapes from her mouth.

But that was the lone sound. She clenches her teeth afterwards. She refuses to issue another groan, even by biting her lips till they bleed.

“Really a stubborn little girl.” The gentle female voice gives a low sigh in Muyan’s head, and praises, “I very much admire your willfulness… that you can enter this place proves that you have the blood of us God Musicians in your body… but, if you want to control the Tian Mo Qin, a bloodline is not enough. You must have a powerful enough Shen soul along with a strong blood. Only then can you make the Tian Mo Qin yield and recognize you as master…”

“If you cannot overcome this, I can only kill you and the little guy beside you in order to not expose the existence of the Shen Musicians. But I hope that you can succeed…”

The mild voice echoes in Muyan’s ear, as if to encourage her and portray a beautiful, shining future.

At the same time, the pain in her body has become increasingly violent.

It is no longer just the pain in her flesh and bones, but she feels the grinding and tearing from the depths of her soul.

Muyan can’t keep herself up anymore and she falls to the ground, curling up like a shrimp.

There’s a buzzing in her ears, it sounds like she could hear her blood boiling, like she could hear her bones breaking.

There is an instinct urging her to lose consciousness, as this is a suffering that the human body cannot sustain.

There is a voice constantly speaking to her ears: “Give up… go to sleep… if you go to sleep, you won’t hurt any more, you won’t be tired again, and you don’t have to suffer all the hardships and sufferings of the world…”

Muyan truly feels like she can’t hold on anymore.

At this moment, she hears a child’s hoarse cries, “Niangqin, niangqin, come back!”

The voice is sobbing.

Her Xiao Bao, a child that’s always so clever, a cold face that doesn’t cry, doesn’t laugh, but her Xiao Bao that always takes care of her!

How can her child cry like this!

How can she go to sleep! How can she just leave Xiao Bao by himself in this world?

Muyan snaps her eyes open and uses the Tian Mo Qin to prop herself up. She slowly gets back up to a kneeling position.

The pain didn’t reduce in the least, but Muyan opens her eyes they become brighter and brighter, as if raging flames are rising inside them.

She grips the Tian Mo Qin, the pain makes her fingers dig into the rotten wood.

Her skin tears, and blood leaks out from the wounds; flowing down the worn-out wood, tracing the grains along the body of the zither.

The woman’s voice rings in her ear once again, “…If you can overcome this and get the inheritance of the Shen musicians, you will be facing against the Three Realms…”

“Noisy!” Muyan says in a coarse voice, interrupting the stimulus of the gentle voice.

The pale but beautiful face slowly creates an enchantingly sinister and wicked smile.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch37

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 37: Failure Means Death

The wood on it has deteriorated; it doesn’t have any feeling of might or internal force. Some of the qin’s strings have even snapped. What part of it does her Xiao Bao perceive as strong?

Hearing Muyan’s question, Xiao Bao himself is confused and can only say, “Xiao Bao just knows it. It’s – very strong.”

Muyan holds Xiao Bao in one hand, while her other hand carries the broken and worn-out qin. She can’t help but sigh ruefully.

She’s afraid that those who have died in the second place of inheritance would want to kill themselves if they knew – that the reputed extraordinary top-notch inherited instrument of the Shen (God) Musician… is this derelict qin.

“This isn’t just a broken zither, it is what has previously moved unhindered along the three realms, and all under the heavens must bend the knee in surrender, the most valuable treasure throughout the skies and the earth – Tian Mo Qin (Demonic Zither)!”

In response to Muyans doubts, the familiar female voice speaks once again.

This time however, this woman’s voice is no longer gentle, but is filled with deep and suffocating oppression that stems from experiencing the various vicissitudes of life.

Muyan speechlessly looks down at the broken zither in her hands.

Although she’s never heard of the Tian Mo Qin, the name just sounds so cool and imposing. Especially the part about “moving unhindered along the three realms and all under the heavens must bend the knee in surrender”.

Yet the zither in her hands is in serious disrepair no matter how you look at it. A little grazing from her fingers would result in bits of rotten wood falling off.

This is really the most valuable treasure throughout the skies and earth, the thing that those people desperately wanted to obtain?

Muyan is seriously skeptical.

Anyway, she doesn’t let herself brood over the Tian Mo Qin. Instead, she narrows her eyes and asks, “Who are you? What is this place?”

The female voice unhurriedly answers, “This is the third place of inheritance of the Godly Musician. If you want to know my identity, then you must pass the third trial! Succeed, and I will tell you who I am; Fail, I will obliterate you and the body of the Immortal spirit beside you. Now, are you ready?”

“Hold on!” Muyan’s face immediately changes once she heard that failure would lead to her son’s death, “I never said that I want to accept the inheritance.”

“Hehe, since you have entered and have chosen the Tian Mo Qin, everything is no longer within your control. God Musician’s Inheritance, the third trial begins…”

As soon as the voice fades, Muyan only feels as if the world is spinning. Everything around her disappears without a trace then she arrives at a strange space.

She can’t see any doors or windows around. There is only endless darkness in every direction.

A little ways in front of her, she could see a bright glow, like a flame on a candle.

However, when Muyan tries to get closer to the light, she would find herself getting farther from it.

Muyan furrows her brows, she feels that this is a dangerous situation.

Right from the start, she has determined that the inheritance of this Shen Musician is very formidable.

In Yanwu Continent, who can bend space to their will, and who can use their mysterious energy to toy with these Yanwu experts and kill them easily?


In her past life, Muyan had already reached the peak of the Precelestial realm, and she had almost survived the thunder tribulations to achieve the forged body.

At that time, she was already aware that there is a much greater world above the Yanwu Continent.

Gong Qianxue had made all kinds of plans so that after ascending to that world, she could still call the winds and summon the rain.

Mu Yan also knows that people in that world are not martial practitioners, but true cultivators who are capable of roaming the heavens and the earth.

Then, is the master of this inheritance a cultivator from the higher realm?

As she is contemplating, the candle flame in front of Muyan suddenly flares.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch36

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 36: Because It’s the Strongest

Xiao Bao nods his head and holds the white rabbit to his chest.

If Niangqin says its stir-fried rabbit, then it’s a stir-fried rabbit; if Niangqin says that it his spirit beast, then it’s his spirit beast.

Niangqin is always right!

Muyan once again looks at the rabbit thoughtfully.

If it can swallow a sacred egg and still not suffer indigestion, it seems that this is not an ordinary rabbit!

Her son’s luck is really heaven-defying. He just casually picks up a rabbit and it turns out to be even more powerful than a sacred animal…

As she was thinking, the woman’s mild voice suddenly speaks in her mind again: “The second test of the Godly Musician’s inheritance has begun.”

“Within half an hour, from all the instruments in this palace, you must choose the musical instrument that is passed down from the God musician. Pick the wrong one and all the living people in this place will die; pick the right one and you will go to the third place of inheritance. The countdown starts now.”

Muyan is startled, the instrument passed down by the god musicians?

She looks at the densely packed palace. How could she pick when every direction has hundreds of instruments?

Her gaze darts to those twisted skeletons and her pupils suddenly contracts.

So these bones didn’t belong to the previous owners of this palace.

Instead, they belonged to those who previously entered the God Musicians test of inheritance, and eventually failed the trial.

On each of these skeletons’ hands, there is a musical instrument!

Therefore, if they choose the wrong one, they will ultimately end up just like those skeletons.

Still, the most important thing to consider is Xiao Bao.

Muyan frowns as she really wants to quit this God Musician interitance. However, this palace is clearly a sealed space. They can’t get out even if she wants to withdraw

“Niangqin, what’s wrong?” Xiao Bao asks, tilting his head up.

Muyan presses an acupoint on her temple: “Niangqin is now taking a test. It’s to find the God Musician’s instrument from this numerous musical instruments. However, niangqin doesn’t have a clue at the moment.”

Xiao Bao “Oh,” his tiny head tilts, “Is it the most powerful instrument?”

“That’s… probably.”

Hearing Muyan’s words, Xiao Bao pads away with his short legs, and arrives to a corner of the room. He kicks away more than a dozen worn-out and broken yaoqins, then digs and even more broken one from beneath them. Then he drags it, rattling, over to her side.

Muyan is quite astonished; the mild female voice once again speaks in her head, “You have selected a musical instrument. Are you certain? It is considered final unless you put it down within a count of three. Three… Two…”

“Xiao Bao, let go!!” Muyan’s face abruptly changes, she darts as fast as she could to her son.

In the end, it is still a step too late. The final count “one” is heard in her mind, “Musical instrument selected, the second trial for the God Musician’s Instrument, the result is…”

Muyan holds Xiao Bao tightly in her arms and closes her eyes.

At this point she can only wait for their fate.

However, in the next moment, she hears the mild female voice pause then announce the outcome: “The result of the trial – passed. The third place of inheritance of the God Musician will now open.”

The scene before their eyes transforms again, but Muyan couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.

She dumbly looks at Xiao Bao, then turns to look at the beat-up qin that he’s holding in his small hands.

“Xiao Bao, do you know what kind of qin it is?”

Xiao Bao shakes his head.

Muyan: “Then why did you pull it out?”

Xiao Bao thinks for a moment and says: “Because it is the strongest.”

Muyan picks up the qin and turns it over and over. She tries to examine it but she doesn’t find any clues.

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EMHS – ch35

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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Chapter 35: Promotion from Stir-fried Rabbit to Pet

Muyan bandages up her wounds before setting forth with Xiao Bao to examine their surroundings.

Where they’re currently at is completely different from the cave from earlier. It appears to be a room in an abandoned palace.

The reason why one could say it’s an abandoned place, is because there’s layers of dust everywhere and there are a lot of cobwebs.

Tables, chairs, and stone benches are scattered on the ground. One could also see some broken wine cups. All of which also have cobwebs on them.

There are several bodies that have turned into skeletons lying in various places in the room.

From the distortions and damage on those remains, one can infer the pain that these people suffered before they died.


Looking at this desolate palace, Muyan could feel an indescribable sense of bleakness in her mind.

She feels like she’s looking at the curtains being drawn from a once magnificent and flourishing play.

That’s only for a moment as she throws the thought at the back of her mind.

What’s peculiar about this place is the musical instruments are piled up everywhere.

That’s right, all kinds of musical instruments.

There are lutes, zithers, guqins, pan pipes, flutes, harps, ocarinas, sheng…… all the musical instruments that Muyan had seen before can be found here.

However, some of these instruments are already extremely worn out, but some are bright and beautiful, and there also some that have an ominous breath that could give people a faintly creepy feeling.

Muyan remembers what the woman’s gentle voice had mentioned – Godly Musician’s inheritance.

She had never heard of any sort of God Musician in the Yanwu Continent. It seems that this should be the inheritance of some musician?

In Yanwu Continent, there were also ancient practitioners who specialize in music.

The internal force is injected into an instrument. It can disrupt the human mind in battle, and if trained to a high level, the sound waves can also cause injuries.

There are even musicians who can use internal force to calm patients’ minds and have them recover more quickly.

But overall, musician is just an auxiliary profession. In Yanwu Continent, where the strong is respected, there are not a lot of people who specialize in it.

As Muyan is thinking, Xiao Bao shuffles with his short little legs and brings over the white rabbit.

“Here niangqin, stir-fried rabbit meat.” The little guy hands over the fat rabbit, expecting to be praised.

Muyan picks up the fat rabbit but finds it deep asleep like a damned pig. It seems completely unaware that it’s being picked up by the scruff.

She couldn’t help but get curious: “What happened to it? Did it get hurt from falling down the cliff?”

Xiao Bao shakes his head, “The rabbit fell asleep after it swallowed that woman’s egg?”

Muyan stares blankly as she waits for Xiao Bao to tell the whole story – how the fat rabbit swallowed the sacred beast that Gong Qianxue desperately wants to form a contract with. For a moment, she looks like she doesn’t know how to deal with that.

The wind really didn’t blow in a direction where Gong Qianxue contracted with a sacred animal, like in the past life.

In this life, she thought that there was no way to destroy Gong Qianxue’s plan because she had to save Xiao Bao from the drop.

She didn’t expect that the sacred beast would actually get swallowed by this fat rabbit.

After a while, she couldn’t help but laugh heartily, “Ah, stupid rabbit, it seems like you’re good for something after all? Well then, seeing that you’ve done something great, we won’t have stir-fried rabbit.”

Muyan hugs the fat fluffy rabbit as she says that. Her hands slide along the soft silken fur, it feels so good.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Bao couldn’t help but tense his little face and cling on to Muyan’s thigh. He raises his head and stares intently at Muyan.

Muyan is amused by her adorable boy’s appearance. She leans down and kisses both soft and tender cheeks. She then hands the sleeping fat rabbit to Xiao Bao, “You should raise it well. Later, this will be your spirit beast.”

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