EMHS – ch125

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 125: How Scary

How can Old Tao not be wild with joy?

But the surrounding audience hears an important point.

“What?! Old Tao, you took the Philter of Barrier Breaking to help you with your bottleneck?!”

“You mean that miraculous draught circulating in the Ghost City, the Philter of Barrier Breaking that was valued higher than the Elixir refined by Master Jian Feng?!”

“Quick, quickly tell us where we can buy that draught!”

“My God! The Philter of Barrier Breaking can really make someone break through a bottleneck, I must buy it even if it costs me ten million gold coins. Quickly tell me where can I buy it?”

They soon learn from Old Tao’s mouth that the draught was purchased from this small and unremarkable pharmacy right next to them.

Moreover, he bought it when it was set on the cheap cabbage price* of four million gold coins.

Everyone’s eyes turn green!

Each and every one of them stare at Chen Qingfeng, who’s standing by the doorway, like tigers watching their prey.

The Philter of Barrier Breaking that was just auctioned in the Ghost City sold for a total of twelve million gold coins a!

But Old Tao actually bought it for four million gold coins from this Junji Drugstore.

Three folds cheaper!

Aargh, so enviable to the point that it’s hateful!

Chen Qingfeng has a pale face as he takes a few steps back, he swallows his spit and says: “Calm, everyone please calm down! Today’s Philter of Barrier Breaking is already sold out! If the guests would like to buy it, please come back early tomorrow!!”

Finishing his lines, he doesn’t dare tarry and immediately slams the door close, running away like he’s flying.

Wuu wuu, Miss Jun, these people that want to buy the special draught are so scary!

If you don’t put up a few more draughts for sale, this humble one won’t be able to keep this head!


Unfortunately, Chen Qingfeng’s wish is a beautiful one, but Muyan’s inclination on refining draughts seems to be the same as it was before.

It’s just that, looking at Chen Qinfeng’s pitiful look, Muyan ends up giving him a huge mercy. She lends him Yan Haotian in order to “maintain public order”.

Sure enough, Yan Haotian, with his scarred face and his fiendish appearance, immediately reduces those daring people by more than half- only by standing outside.

On this day, Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin are both hurrying towards the Junji Drugstore first thing in the morning.

Each is determined that today, he must be the first one to grab that special Mysterious Energy Philter instead of the other.

They initially thought that once they get there, they would see the same deserted scene as in the past.

Just as they turn at a corner, the two people are stunned at what they see.

That’s because there’s a dense and overflowing crowd right at the door of Junji Drugstore.

Everybody has their necks stretched, their heads suspended up as they desperately try to peep inside the pharmacy.

Someone couldn’t help but knock on the door, yelling loudly: “Open up, hurry and open up! We’ve already been waiting here all night! Hurry and let us buy the draught!”

Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin are struck dumb, just what is going on?

Why are there so many people crammed in front of Junji Drugstore?

Could it be that the thing about the special Mysterious Energy Philter has been exposed?

Simultaneously, they both glare furiously at the other, “Did you babble?! Are you stupid?”

How would they be able to hog the special Mysterious Energy Philters when it’s existence is known by other people, and there’s only one bottle of it a day?

Once they finished asking, the men could only give each other the same blank stare, “Don’t tell me you didn’t babble about it?”

Wang Jia Qin has sharp eyes and finds someone he knows among the crowd. He immediately sucks in a mouthful of cold air.

He could see a gray-haired elderly man within the crowd, his eyes are glinting like a tiger’s, and he obviously has and extremely high cultivation.

It’s actually an elder of the great and famous Li family of Xia’an.

How could an elder from the great Li family come to this tiny Drugstore and line up at its door?

Isn’t this too extreme even for that special Philter?

As they are contemplating, the shop suddenly opens its doors.

T/N: *Cabbage price = low price. I just thought the term is funny so I kept it. I’ll use it again given the chance, hahaha…

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch124

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 124: The Heavens Have Not Forsaken Me

Chen Qingfeng looks towards the door and sees that he’s just cultivating. He decides to not pay him any mind and just happily work on bookkeeping. He’s thinking that since they have some capital now, they should naturally stock up on some decent draughts.

They can’t just rely solely on Miss Jun’s draughts to support the store’s business, right?

Lost in his thoughts, he hears some unexpected noise coming from outside.

Chen Qingfeng looks up, only to discover that without him noticing when, the shop’s exterior is already surrounded by lot of people.

Everyone is pointing towards the edge of the door, having the expressions of shock and excitement.

What… what is going on?

Cheng Qingfeng walks over to the door and is surprised by what he sees.

He sees that the old man who was just sitting there is now completely surrounded by a fog.

The old man’s face is barely visible from within the mist that is around him.

As Chen Qingfeng approaches, he could feel the surging and churning of the immense and powerful Internal Force.

That Internal Force and pressure makes his complexion turn pale, and he unconsciously takes a step back.

“Breakthrough, he’s really going to breakthrough!”

“Is he breaking though the middle of Earth Stage into the high Earth Stage?”

“No, not really! He has already broken through the high Earth Stage, but the pressure of his Internal Force is still rising!”

“Are you kidding me? Does he want to breakthrough from the middle of Earth Stage directly into Heaven Stage? How could that be possible?!”

The crowd is continuously whispering their speculations, there’s no end to their surprise, envy and admiration.

Yet some people are quite puzzled, “Hey, if I’m not mistaken, isn’t he ‘Old Tao’, a Ghost Envoy from Ghost City? He was stuck in the middle of Earth stage, and it has already been thirty years since. How could he suddenly have a breakthrough now?”

“I’ve heard that Old Tao had already been driven out of Ghost City because he can’t make any progress in his cultivation. I never expected that he would be able to slowly deliver what he has accumulated*, when he wasn’t able to breakthrough then, he would surprise everyone by doing it all in one go!!”

idiom: good preparation is key to success.

While everyone is talking, a loud ‘bang’ is suddenly heard coming from Old Tao, who was sitting in meditation.

The Drugstore’s wall that Old Tao was leaning against is blasted through, creating a large hole.

The grey clothes on his body are blown away into tatters.

The people that are standing near him are even more shocked by the wave of energy, they are pushed several steps backwards.

Old Tao slowly stands up from the ground, there’s only a pair of tattered trousers on his body, and they aren’t doing a good job of covering the important bits.

After a moment of silence, he suddenly looks up at the sky and bursts out laughing, “Hahahahaha! I broke through, I finally broke through!! The Heavens have not forsaken me, actually letting me find the Philter of Barrier Breaking!! Hahaha, the Heavens did not abandon me!!”

It turns out that this old man is actually a Ghost Envoy from the Ghost City.

He had already been stuck in the middle of Earth Stage for thirty-two years.

If he can’t break into the high Earth Stage, he won’t have any hope of glimpsing into the realm of Heaven Stage during this lifetime.

But the more anxious he is, the more he loses his hope.

And along with him getting older, talented Ghost Envoys are getting promoted one by one.

His position is being seriously threatened as well.

If he doesn’t make a breakthrough, he will most likely be driven out of the Ghost City.

And so, after hearing that Ru Yan had taken a Philter of Barrier Breaking and advanced into the middle of Earth Stage, he immediately began to frantically search for it in Xia’an.

Today, he finally found it.

And the effect of this draught is more extraordinary than he had ever imagined.

Not only did it make him break through his bottleneck, it also cleared up the impurities within his Qi Sea, stimulating all of his body’s Internal Force.

After more than thirty years of bitter cultivation, he is finally able to deliver what he has accumulated. Not only did he break through the bottleneck of mid Earth Stage, he was directly promoted to the peak of Earth Stage. Even that high and distant Heaven Stage is only a single step away.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch123

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 123: Crazy Old Man

Cheng Qingfeng gulps. Only after quite a while is he able to say with difficulty: “Tian-dashao, the Philter of Barrier Breaking that this humble one had just mentioned, it’s a hundred times more potent than the special Mysterious Energy Philter… so the price is naturally a hundred times that of the special Mysterious Energy Philter. That’s why, forty thousand gold coins… isn’t enough.”

“Forty thousand gold coins, multiplied by a hundred?!!!” Tian Yongjin is taken aback for a moment, then he incredulously bellows, “Four million gold coins? You want this young master to pay four million gold coins for a draught that I’ve never heard of, do you take me for a fool that you can play with?!”

Chen Qingfeng then retreats in fright, but he nevertheless insists: “I’m very sorry, Tian-dashao, this is the price that the owner decided upon, there’s nothing that this humble one can do! If you really want to buy the Mysterious Energy Philter, why don’t you come again a little bit earlier tomorrow?”

In the end, Tian Yongjin doesn’t buy the Philter of Barrier Breaking. To be honest, four million gold coins is too expensive even for Tian-dashao who squanders money like dirt. He can’t just casually come up with that amount.

What is this ‘Philter of Barrier Breaking’ anyway? He’s never heard of it.

However, in the next few days, Tian-dashao will regret his decision today until his intestines are all green.


Since the departure of Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin, Junji Drugstore has become deserted once again.

Throughout the day, there’s not even a single visitor.

Just when Cheng Qingfeng thinks that there won’t be any further business for today, he sees an old man with an unshaven beard and wearing grey garments.

The old man’s appearance is somewhat down and out, but Chen Qingfeng doesn’t neglect him in the slightest. He goes up and gives an enthusiastic welcome.

“Excuse me, does this guest want to purchase some herbs or maybe draughts? However…” speaking ‘til here, Chen Qingfeng trails with a bit of embarrassment, “Our shop is quite small, so the only draught that we sell is the Mysterious Energy Philter.”

After hearing his words, the old man shows an understanding but disappointed expression. He turns around to leave.

However, Chen Qingfeng appears to have recalled something, and hesitantly adds, “This shop is also selling a special kind of draught called Philter of Barrier Breaking. It is something that our boss had personally refined, but the price is a little…”

Chen Qingfeng has yet to say the word “expensive” when the old man suddenly opens his turbid eyes wide, and says in a trembling voice: “Y-you, you, what did you just say this draught is called?”

“Philter of Barrier Breaking.”

The old man’s expression looks even more animated, his eyes staring unwavering at Chen Qingfeng. Both of his withered hands grab onto Chen Qingfeng’s clothes, “Philter of Barrier Breaking, give me the Philter of Barrier Breaking!! Do you know how long I have been looking for this draught?!”

Chen Qingfeng jumps in shock from the old man’s crazy appearance, “But this guest, the Philter that our boss refined has a very expensive price. It costs four million gold coins, and it is only effective for practitioners that are Earth Stage and below. Are you certain?”

“Hahaha, four million, how is four million expensive?” the old man looks up and laughs heartily, “As long as it can help me break through my bottleneck, don’t even mention four million, even if I pay another four million, it would be worth it!”

Saying that, the old man rapidly takes out a case.

Opening it, there are dozens of pearls and a stack of banknotes.

Chen Qingfeng gives it a rough estimate, and the value already exceeds four million gold coins.

He feels like he’s in a dream, in… in a blink of an eye, did their pharmacy already earn a profit of four million?

More importantly… these four million is a net profit ah!!

As soon as Chen Qingfeng hands him the Philter of Barrier Breaking, the old man immediately snatches it and drains all of its contents in one gulp.

Afterwards, he’s already at the door of the Drugstore, sitting cross-legged in meditation and operating his Internal Force.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch122

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 122: A Hundred Times Stronger

“I don’t mind!” Di Ming Jue says with a cold face. He clenches his teeth and says, “What’s past is past, Ben Jun doesn’t care.”

As for what he really thinks in his mind, whether he really cares or not, only Di Ming Jue himself knows for sure.

Muyan’s teeth itch: “Heh, you don’t care but I do!”

“Ben Jun will treat the little one like my own son.” Di Ming Jue ignores her protests and continues, “As long as you are married to Ben Jun, Xiao Bao will be a supreme crown prince within the three realms, and no one will dare to threaten him.”

These words are more sincere and genuine compared to his earlier “Ben Jun doesn’t care”.

He doesn’t know why, even though he’s fully aware that Xiao Bao is Muyan’s son from her “former husband”, even though he has a certain dislike for that little one… he could feel an indescribably sense of intimacy.

“I will protect my own son by myself, there’s no need for you-”

Muyan is barely able to utter half of her rejection when she is caught by her slender waist, and her red lips are sealed.

It’s a good while before Di Ming Jue releases her, saying in an insufferably arrogant manner: “If you don’t agree, Ben Jun will pursue you until the time that you do. If you have any misgivings, Ben Jun will eliminate your misgivings one by one; if you still have other people in your heart, Ben Jun will wait until I am the only one that remains in there. However Jun Muyan, you are bound by the Mandate of Heaven, and are destined to be my, Di Ming Jue’s, wife!”

With that, he doesn’t wait for Muyan’s response before his form disappears from the room.

That leaves Muyan alone, foolishly standing in place. Her face is so red and she can’t seem to return to herself.

A long while later, she grinds her teeth and closes the opened window. She thinks of man’s overbearing declaration and her mouth curves up into a lazy and enticing shape.

In this life and the one before, Di Ming Jue is still the first one to harass her like this- wanting to pursue her, even disregarding the fact that she already has a child.

Hehe, she’s quite curious now.

Just how will this insufferably arrogant man pursue her, how will he move her?


Early in the morning of the next day, Chen Qingfeng had barely opened shop and two figures are already scrambling to get in

“Give me your special Mysterious Energy Philter!”

The two men are naturally Tian Yongjin and Wang Jia Qin.

The two men entered the shop at practically the same time, and they also yelled their orders at the same time.

Chen Qingfeng is confounded after getting yelled at, and he doesn’t react in the slightest. The two anxious men both have their faces redden.

Nevertheless, Wang Jia Qin reacts first and he quickly takes out a bag of gold coins and sets it on the counter, “Today, this young master is the first one to pay the money. Quickly give me the special Mysterious Energy Philter!”

Chen Qingfeng hurriedly and absent-mindedly takes the Philter and gives it to Wang Jia Qin.

Wang Jia Qin promptly reveals a complacent smile and sways it in front of Tian Yongjin, “Tian-dashao, you let me win today!”

Saying so, he swaggers away.

Tian Yongjin is left on the same spot, gnashing his teeth with a belly full of anger. He has nowhere to vent but towards Chen Qingfeng. He bellows: “Stinking brat, are you tired of living? You actually sold this young master’s draught to others!! Believe it or not, this young master will thrash your shop at once!”

From the bottom of his heart, Chen Qingfeng feels wronged.

He doesn’t want to offend Tian Yongjin, but neither does he dare offend Hongsheng Medicine Hall’s young boss, Wang Jia Qin!

“Tian… Tian-dashao, please calm down. Actually, our owner is launching a new kind of draught today. I think that you would like to buy this new draught? I can guarantee that this draught’s potency is a hundred times stronger than the Mysterious Energy Philter.”

Tian Yongjin asks skeptically: “What draught is so powerful? Go ahead and say it.”

“The Philter of Barrier Breaking.”

“What the hell? This young master is experienced and knowledgeable, but I’ve never heard of such draught. Well, whatever. Give this young master a bottle.” As he says that, takes out a bag containing 40,000 gold coins and sets it down.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch121

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 121: Ben Jun Doesn’t Care

On his ice-cold little face, a small happy smile blooms because of Muyan’s words.

Xiao Bao spontaneously reaches out to hold Muyan’s face this time, and gives her a kiss.

Then he goes into the space with a blushing small face.

Then, Muyan directly seals the space in a way that while Xiao Bao is inside, he won’t be able to see or hear anything happening outside.

This way, nothing outside with disturb Xiao Bao’s retreat.

She herself also follows into the space, and spends half an hour practicing with the Tian Mo Qin.

Playing the Shen Musician skill “Dissipating Fog” during cultivation can disintegrate heart demons, it can also double the effects of cultivation with only half the effort.

It’s just that this skill can be classified as one of the more advanced Shen Musician techniques. Muyan had studied and practiced it for a long time, but it’s still a little rough and she can only play it for a maximum of one hour per day.

But as she’s playing the Dissipating Fog, she could clearly see the Internal Force enveloping Xiao Bao’s body becoming gentler and more docile. Xiao Bao’s expression becomes more relaxed and tranquil as well.

Even the rabbit that’s usually too lazy to even bother opening its eyes, unexpectedly comes over upon hearing her play the ‘Dissipating Fog’. There’s a satisfied expression in its slightly hooded mung-bean eyes.

After an hour of playing, Muyan is already gasping for breath and dripping with fragrant sweat.

But seeing Xiao Bao’s cultivation improving at a steady pace, her face reveals a pleased smiling expression.

Muyan flashes out of the space, intending to take a rest. However, she suddenly sees a figure sitting on her bed.

Even the usually cool-headed and calm Muyan jumps in surprise at this.

After a long while, she asks incredulously: “Why are you here?”

The man sitting on the bed slowly stands up and walks towards her.

The candlelight shines upon his handsome, otherworldly face.

Every inch of his features were carved and chiseled meticulously to perfection. That ice-blue gaze is like the skies and the ocean, if you deeply stare for too long, it’s as if your very soul will be devoured.

Having those scorching eyes fixated on her, Muyan’s breathing becomes slightly disordered and she takes a step back.

Di Ming Jue’s form flashes and he is suddenly uncomfortably close to her, the tips of their noses almost touching each other. Their breaths mingling, “Jun Muyan, I, Di Ming Jue, want to marry you as my wife!”

Muyan stares blankly.

This isn’t the first time that this man says he wants to marry her.

However, this is the first time that his declaration, his vow, has made her heart jump.

She becomes absent-minded in that instant, and Di Ming Jue leans down and slowly touches her lips with his own. One touch, a promised sealed by a kiss.

Muyan abruptly regains her senses and takes a step back. She says with difficulty: “Did you forget that I’m already married, and that I also have a son? By doing this, don’t tell me you want to fool around with a married woman?”

This time, Di Ming Jue doesn’t show the slightest bit of irritation. Instead, he is indifferent and self-assured: “I looked into it and found your Registration papers when you entered Xia’an.”

Registration? A sudden realization comes over Muyan.

In some of the bustling cities within the countries of Chi Yan, Jing Cheng, and Huang Yao – everyone must be checked and registered at the time of entry.

Muyan still remembers how she filled out her’s and Xiao Bao’s documents at that time.

Her husband’s column was empty.

And she just wrote ‘deceased’ in the column for Xiao Bao’s father.

“That little guy doesn’t have a father, and you are not married!” Di Ming Jue states confidently.

Muyan knits her brows as she stares at him, “So what about it? Xiao Bao is my biological son.”

“I don’t mind!” Di Ming Jue says with a cold face. He clenches his teeth and says, “What’s past is past, Ben Jun doesn’t care.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch120

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 120: Misunderstanding?

Han Ye gulps. He says with difficulty: “Jun Shang, that murder and stealing the treasure, wait no, I mean, murder and stealing the wife, isn’t that a bad idea? It can warrant the Five Heavenly Lighting*. Why don’t we think it over one more time?”

  • Heavenly punishment

Di Ming Jue looks at Han Ye coldly. After a long while, he slowly says: “Ben Jun will not do so.”

Not because it’s impossible, not because he wouldn’t dare, but because…

If he did that, won’t Muyan grieve and feel sad, won’t she detest him?

“Jun Shang, if you don’t intend to kill that person and steal his wife, what’s to be done if we do find him?”

That’s right!

What’s to be done if they do find that person?

What can he do by staying here? Will he just look on and watch Muyan be close to another man?

However, at the thought of forever losing the only woman who makes his heart move, at the thought that he will never see Muyan from here on out,

Di Ming Jue feels like someone is digging out a chunk of his chest, emptying it, as if he will no longer be able to feel any joy for the rest of his life.


The man before him still has an appearance that is unparalleled in the world, his expression is still indifferent and apathetic. And yet for the first time, Han Ye perceives it as bitter and sad.

Sad for their Jun Shang.

The first time he was moved, the first time he fell for a woman, and she is already someone else’s.

But Miss Muyan, isn’t she supposed to be Jun Shang’s woman of destiny?

How could she and Jun Shang be destined to meet but not fated to be together?

Wait wait, woman of destiny!!

“Jun Shang – !!” Han Ye suddenly shrieks.

Even Di Ming Jue flinches from surprise, and he calmly looks at the other.

Han Ye is completely not worried about Di Ming Jue’s cold look this time. Instead, he’s in high spirits: “Jun Shang, maybe there’s some sort of misunderstanding?”


“That’s right! Jun Shang, did you forget? Miss Jun is your destined, the fate between the two of you is foreordained by the Heavens. Elder Chang’s divination had never been wrong, it’s even more unlikely to be wrong if it concerns Jun Shang’s fate.”

“Therefore, there’s either a misunderstanding or some secret about this matter. We might as well investigate to understand it more thoroughly!”

Hearing that, a bright flame roars to life in the depths of Di Ming Jue’s eyes.


The curtain drops on a farce, and darkness colors the sky.

After their evening meal, Muyan takes Xiao Bao back to their room.

But unlike on normal evenings when Xiao Bao would usually stick to her and sleep together, he actually takes the initiative to let himself enter the space this time.

Muyan asks him why.

A tiny face, a cold and childish voice: “Xiao Bao is growing big, I can’t just stick to niangqin. Xiao Bao wants to be stronger, so I can protect niangqin.”

He pauses, then says: “Niangqin, this time, I will breakthrough to the middle of Heaven Stage before going out again.”

He doesn’t want to feel any more of his weakness and helplessness. Not only is he unable to protect his mother, his mother is the one protecting him instead.

Muyan’s eyes flood with distress.

Looking at him, he’s only a small four-year-boy but he’s already so clever and sensible. It makes her both proud and also sad.

But she doesn’t express this, she only shows a smile, and bends down to kiss her son’s forehead. She softly says: “Mn, okay. Niangqin believes that Xiao Bao will definitely succeed.”

On his ice-cold little face, a small happy smile blooms because of Muyan’s words.

Xiao Bao spontaneously reaches out to hold Muyan’s face this time, and gives her a kiss.

Then he goes into the space with a blushing small face.

Then, Muyan directly seals the space in a way that while Xiao Bao is inside, he won’t be able to see or hear anything happening outside.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch119

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 119: Henceforth, Farewell

“He?” Muyan stares blankly, then her mouth stretches into an even more enticing and secretive smile, “Oh, do you mean my darling son’s biological father? What about him?”

Di Ming Jue has been repressing his anger all along, but he’s completely stimulated by the phrase ‘my darling son’s biological father’.

He suddenly steps forward and closes in on Muyan: “Tell me where that man is!”

Ben Jun will go and slaughter him at once!

Muyan… Muyan… Jun Muyan… this woman is mine and mine alone!!

But why, why didn’t he come down to Yanwu Continent earlier? Why didn’t he meet her earlier?

Di Ming Jue’s heart seems to have submerged into a boiling pan, but is freezing solid at the same time.

The corners of his eyes redden, his hands reach towards Muyan’s face.

Hu – ! A palm strike is launched.

Yan Haotian fears that Muyan might be in danger, so he doesn’t hesitate and attacks.

However, the palm that contains all of his power condensed wasn’t able to get within one meter of the man, before the whole person is forcibly jolted and sent flying.

At this very moment, the pressure and killing intent coming out of Di Ming Jue can simply terrify anyone in the world.

Being stared at by those eyes, even Muyan can’t suppress the trembling of her body.

Just as when everyone thought that Di Ming Jue is going to erupt, the man’s eyes clear up and he abruptly turns around.

In the blink of an eye, the figure is already a dozen yards away from the pharmacy.

Yet for some reason, that back looks so lonely and desolate.

“Jun Shang!” Han Ye distractedly calls out. He looks at the retreating back, then sends a quick glance at Muyan and Xiao Bao. He clenches his teeth and quickly follows.

Muyan is in fact somewhat flabbergasted. She and Xiao Bao exchange a look, momentarily unable to form a reaction.

Xiao Bao looks out the door and suddenly hugs Muyan. There’s a puzzled look on his cold, handsome little face.

When Di Ming Jue just flashed towards them, he really thought that the man would hurt his mother!

Although such a dreadful breath was definitely coming out of that man, but in the end, he didn’t touch his mother at all.

Moreover, when he was about to turn around, Xiao Bao saw that the man’s eyes were red. That wasn’t a terrifying expression, rather it was more pained and grieving.

He looked a bit pitiful.

Xiao Bao scrunches his little nose, he feels too strange!

That shameless man was coveting his mother, why would he think that the other is pitiful?

“Niangqin~” Xiao Bao clings to Muyan’s neck. He asks softly, “Niangqin, will that person show up again?”

Muyan is a little hesitant, only replying with: “Probably… not.”

That man called Di Ming Jue, one look and you can tell that he is someone who is set up on high, cannot violate, cannot disobey.

He should have his ego and his pride. Knowing that she’s a married woman, also one with child…

He probably won’t appear before them after this, right?

Henceforth, farewell.


The Outskirts of Xia’an

“Jun Shang, w-what are your plans?” Han Ye looks at the somber back of the man, cautiously asking, “Should we return to the Xiuxian Continent ahead of schedule?”


Just when Han Ye is thinking that Di Ming Jue won’t reply, he hears the man’s hoarse and downcast voice say, “Find out who that man is for Ben Jun.”

Di Ming Jue’s tone is very flat and calm, but listening to it makes Han Ye quiver from head to toe.

Jun Shang, Jun Shang shouldn’t be plotting to kill the husband and steal the wife, right?

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