EMHS – ch83

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 83: Second Slap

Muyan lifts her hand up and curls her jade-white forefinger inward, “Then come, I accept the invitation!”

It is like the movement to call a dog to come over. It can be said to be an extremely provocative gesture. It also attaches completely no importance to Yan Lie.

Yan Lie is finally enraged at this moment.

He bellows, and shoots himself up in the air. As he comes down, he uses the railings as a footboard and soars toward Muyan like an eagle.

“Ah-! Be careful-!!”

“Oh no, this girl is dead!”

“Commander Yan’s Internal Force has a really formidable pressure!”

However, since the beginning, Muyan has been lazily leaning on the railing all along, completely disinclined to move away from her position.

Only when Yan Lie has landed on the second railings and he springs toward her, did her fingers softly pluck on the zither strings.

The wonderful zither sounds, accompanied by fierce energy blades, whistle towards Yan Lie.

A muffled groan spills out from Yan Lie’s mouth.

Immediately afterwards, ribbons of red marks appear on his thighs and his arms, blood bursts out.

Yan Lie cuts a sorry figure as he drops from the air and falls back down on the arena.

The whole audience goes silent for a moment and all eyes fall on the Tian Mo Qin in Muyan’s hands.

“This… this is a sound blade attack? Could this girl be someone from FanYin Hall?”

“Stop joking around. Although the FanYin Hall is the only sect that uses the sound blade attacks, it’s merely an unremarkable little sect. How could they have obtained such an unbelievable draught, and how could their people hurt Commander Yan Lie?!”

“I… did I see an illusion just now? The Internal Force from those sound blade attacks were so powerful, that I even feel that it’s stronger than Commander Yan Lie’s.”

“Can you see through that woman’s cultivation for us? I’m on early Earth Stage and I couldn’t see it at all.”

“I’m a late Earth Stage and I can’t see it either.”

“I… I’m a mid-rank Heaven Stage, this old one, I can’t see it at all!!”

On the spectator’s grandstand of the Beast Fighting Colosseum, all the martial practitioners are looking at each other in dismay. The way they’re looking at Muyan is no longer that of shock, but that of amazed horror.

A girl unleashes a sound blade attack, and the Mysterious Energy infused with it is stronger than Yan Lie’s.

Even a mid-rank Heaven Stage practitioner can’t see through her cultivation. This… what does this mean?!

“Don’t tell me that this woman is actually the same peak Heaven Stage as Yan Lie?!!” someone couldn’t help but cry out in fear.

However, another one immediately retorts, “How is this possible? Looking at the girl’s body shape and listening to her voice, she is clearly way younger than Gong Qianxue. If she is at the peak of Heaven Stage, then how to regard Gong Qianxue, the number one genius of Yanwu Continent?”

The crowd’s eyes inadvertently sneak a peek at Gong Qianxue standing outside Private Room Seven.

Countless eyes are directed at her, making Gong Qianxue almost crush her silver teeth.

Just how much had her vanity enjoyed the the countless people’s attention just a moment ago; and now that there’s too much disgust and disdain, she’s wishing that she could immediately disappear from here. Wishing that the woman in white that made her lose face, that she could dismember that woman’s body in thousands of pieces.

Below, Yan Lie could also hear everyone’s comments.

He could endure his own injuries and humiliation, but he could not endure it when Gong Qianxue’s reputation is tarnished.

With a strong killing intent, he resolutely glares toward Muyan. Through gritted teeth, Yan Lie says: “Can you only use sound blades to strike, this evil spirit’s trick that shamelessly sneaks to attack from a higher ground? Come down if you have the ability, and fight me one-on-one!”

Muyan still looks as indifferent as before. A hand trails down her chin and she chuckles, “There’s something that I find a little strange. If I remember correctly, the person who wants to buy this beast-slave is Gong Qianxue, and not Commander Yan, correct? ”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch82

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 82: Battle Invitation

“Niangqin!” a small, soft hand captures her cold one.

Muyan quickly sobers up from the hatred of her previous life.

Seeing her son’s supple and handsome little face, tenderness and warmth appears in Muyan’s eyes.

She must keep in mind that in this life,

Vengeance must be exacted,

But the most important thing in her life is not revenge, but her most cherished Xiao Bao.

As long as it’s good for Xiao Bao, even if she expends her life and gives up on her revenge, she wouldn’t mind it.

Xiao Bao’s clever little face tightens and he coldly says: “Niangqin, if that person is bullying you, I will go and teach him a lesson.”

Muyan couldn’t help but beam, pinching those chubby cheeks, “Do you think it’s possible for that kind of trash to bully your Niangqin?”

Just at this time, Yan Lie shouts again because she has yet to respond: “Hmph, as it turns out, the person that could come up with that amazing draught is someone who’s greedy for life, and afraid of death – as timid as a mouse. That being the case, we will accept this beast-slave number three at once.”

Saying that, he looks at Ru Yan, “The Ghost City’s rule is as such, I believe that miss Ru Yan doesn’t have anything else of importance to say?”

Ru Yan reveals an awkward expression.

Letting Yan Lie take Beast-slave No.3 would reduce the auction sale based on Gong Qianxue’s bid. That is, a Restoration Dan in exchange for the ownership of Beast-slave No.3.

Although Master Jian Feng’s Restoration Dan is also very precious, compared to that incredible draught that made her advance to the middle of Earth Stage within just a quarter of an hour, it’s value is impossible to placed on a par with the latter.

And what if she’s unwilling?

The rules of Ghost City are as such, that the strong gets first pick on everything.

Even Ru Yan cannot go against it.

She says with a soft sigh: “Since…”

Before Ru Yan can say anything more, the hanging screen of Private Room One is suddenly raised and a figure slowly emerges.

A young lady wearing a long white dress appears, casually holding an old zither in her hands.

The girl is wearing a very ordinary ghost mask* on her face, covering her features.

  • Theater masks.

But only by looking at her figure and the exposed porcelain white skin, one can know just how young she is.

Moreover, despite the fact that the ghost mask completely conceals her appearance, this girl could make people unable to look away, even more than Gon Qianxue could. Though the latter is wearing a thin veil that is half-hugging the shape of her face to conceal it.

It seems as if every move and every gesture is accompanied by languid charm that could stir people’s souls.

Even without seeing her face, they are already bewitched from looking at such a moving grace.


“Does Commander Yan want to engage in a life and death trial against me?” Muyan lightly leans on the railings, her sweet-sounding voice indifferently asks, “Meaning, whoever wins will be the one to get his ownership?”

Muyan points at Yan Haotian in the iron cage.

“That’s right!” Yan Lie says clearly, “Do you dare accept my battle invitation?”

A low, mocking laughter spills out of Muyan’s mouth. She fiddles with the zither strings as she drawls: “Commander Yan is very young, it’s not good to follow the path to one’s doom. I’m afraid that you’re still not worthy to have me accept your challenge.”

When this large declaration comes out, the people in the Beast Fighting Colosseum couldn’t help but laugh in ridicule.

“This girl actually said that Yan Lie isn’t worthy to have her accept his challenge?”

“I think she’s crazy, right? Does she think that with an Elixir that can break through bottlenecks, she can defeat a peak Heaven Stage expert? Practically a pipe dream!”

A strong intent to kill flashes through Yan Lie’s eyes, “Without a match, you can’t know!”

“Oh, since Commander Yan really wants to die…”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch81

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 81: Not reconciled

“She’d been so overbearing that even if she were to buy that beast-slave, she would probably not treat him well. I’m really not reconciled, Yan brother!”

Yan Lie had always adored Gong Qianxue in his heart, so how can he bear seeing her current broken-hearted and mournful appearance?

Especially as he recalls how, back then, he was betrayed and gravely injured by his own subordinates and Gong Qianxue saved him.

This grace, he must pay it back!

At he thinks of this, Yan Lie immediately replies: “Qianxue, don’t worry. Yan brother will definitely take and return what belongs to you.”

Having said that, he doesn’t wait for Gong Qianxue’s response, as he is already leaping through the railings of the second and first floors, using them as foot-boards. After a few vertical jumps, he arrives at the center of the arena.

Once he reaches the arena, Yan Lie immediately says to Ru Yan: “This one does not accept the result of the bidding. Following the rules of Ghost City, I, Yan Lie invoke a trial of life and death against the guest of Private Room One. I wonder, martial practitioner in Room One, do you or do you not dare to accept my challenge?”

This turn of events makes the entire Beast Fighting Colosseum go absolutely silent for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, just like water droplets falling into a pot of boiling oil, the audience flares up.

“Oh my God! That’s Yan Lie, the Commander of the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group. I heard that his strength has already reached the peak of Heaven Stage. Also, the Raging Inferno has entered the top five of mercenary group rankings in Yanwu Continent. ”

“Yan Lie actually demands a trial of life-and-death against the woman in Room One. That girl’s voice had sounded even younger than the Princess Jing Cheng Country, how can she compete against Yan Lie?”

“Yes, yes! If I were that woman, I would definitely not accept the life and death trial!”

“But if that happens, then according to the rules of Ghost City, that beast-slave will automatically be owned by Yan Lie. Ghost City will also be unable to obtain that heaven-defying draught. Two parties would be unhappy this way. ”

“What can be done about it? Ghost City’s rules have always been the same, the strong preys on the weak. Isn’t being unable to buy this beast-slave generally better than losing one’s life?”

People’s voices of discussion in the stands could be heard by Yan Haotian, they could also be heard in Private Room One.

Yan Haotian takes a look Yan Lie then looks at the second floor again. There’s none of that flustered expression from a while ago, but instead, he has an indescribable confidence

Inside the private room, Muyan slightly quirks her lips up after hearing Yan Lie’s challenge.

It’s really interesting. Yan Lie ah, another old friend.

In her previous life, as Gong Qianxue’s subordinate, Yan Lie was even more loyal than Yan Haotian.

For Gong Qianxue, he is capable of doing anything without conscience. For one, killing Yan Haotian’s whole family, cutting off his tongue, and selling him to the Ghost City.

For another example, only because he suspected that Muyan had betrayed Gong Qianxue, she and another person were immediately sold to the Wan Ren Grotto (Everyman’s Cave), and she was almost defiled by some bastard. Then Gong Qianxue once again descended from the sky like a savior, making her even more grateful to Gong Qianxue, and even more willing to die for her.

Haha, this good pawn of Gong Qianxue; this good, loyal, and devoted dog!

Through the thin hanging screen, Muyan’s far-reaching gaze falls on Gong Qianxue. Her smile is enchanting and cold, like a malevolent spirit from the Crimson Hell*.

Gong Qianxue, don’t be so anxious!

I will not easily kill you in this life!

Because simply having you die would be letting you off too easily.

Little by little, I will remove all of your pawns, your claws and teeth. One by one, I will pluck out all your nails buried in Yanwu Continent.

I want to see with my own eyes, how you perish in pain and madness when you have nothing left.

Only in this way can you dispel the hatred of my previous life, when you made my living child become an Elixir!

  • Red Lotus Hell, but the name itself is just figurative of the features in the seventh level (2nd hell if you count from top to bottom) of the eight Hells in Buddhism. The majority of religious references in EMHS seem to be Buddhist but I would like to put a disclaimer that I am not an expert.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch80

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 80: First Slap

A brief quarter of an hour later, condensed Internal Force turn into mist, rising in spirals from the top of Ru Yan’s head.

A raw and powerful force exudes out of her whole body, creating a mighty pressure.

“This… this is the pressure of an mid-rank Earth Stage expert!”, an old man of peak Earth Stage couldn’t help but exclaim.

A higher level practitioner is able to see through the level of lower level practitioners.

When this statement comes out, everyone at the Beast Fighting Colosseum is stunned.

“I remember that miss Ru Yan is an early Earth Stage, right?”

“Absolutely right, miss Ru Yan has been stuck in the Earth Stage for more than a year already.”

“It’s…it’s really genuine! Oh my God, there really is a draught that can make people break through bottlenecks? This is incredible!”

Some people’s eyes reflexively look towards Gong Qianxue’s direction, lowly whispering to themselves.

“Compared to it, the Restoration Dan brought out by the Princess of Jing Cheng Country may sound daunting, but it’s real value is completely inferior to the draught that the guest from Room one had brought out!”

“That’s right! That’s a draught that can make you break through a bottleneck, I’ve never even heard of it before!”

“Hehe, it’s fortunate that just a while ago, her Royal Highness the Princess did not agree to take the bet. Otherwise, won’t she be crawling around the Beast Fighting Colosseum now?”

Although Gong Qianxue can’t hear all of their words clearly, the gist of it can still enter her ears.

Those gazes that are discreetly looking at her with pity and ridicule are making her feel even more like she’s sitting on pins and needles.

From childhood till now, she is a revered Princess, a favored disciple of Heavenly Road Sect. She’s always had propitious wind throughout the journey*, and is the object of envy and admiration of others.

  • Smooth-sailing life

When has she ever lost face so greatly like this?

And all this is brought upon her by the woman inside that room!

Gong Qianxue furiously glares at Private Room One as she clenches her teeth.

Yan Lie turns to see the goddess of his heart with tears gathering in her eyes, looking like she’s about to cry.

He immediately feels distressed.

Right at this moment, Ru Yan opens her eyes after a regulated breath*, and looks at Private Room One with a grateful expression. She directly says , “I declare that the draught that can make someone break through a bottleneck, brought out by Room One, has a value higher than a Restoration Dan. Pardon, will the noble guest from Room Seven still want to increase the bid? If you don’t increase your bid, I will determine that the ownership of the beast-slave will go to the noble guest of Room One.”

  • Part of meditation

On the arena, Yan Haotian tightly grips the metal bars as he holds his breath.

His eyes stare unblinkingly at Room One, waiting as the moment of judgement approaches.

Ru Yan waits for a while and observes no reaction from Gong Qianxue. She smiles as she says, “Since the noble guest from Room Seven will not bid higher, I now declare that beast-slave number three belongs to the noble guest of Room One. Asking noble guest to please come for the handover!”

As soon as this is said, the Beast Fighting Colosseum flares up again.

There’s someone exclaiming that the value of this beast-slave is too high, even exchanging a bottle of draught to Ghost City, one that can break through a bottleneck.

Some people are also anxiously asking Ru Yan when this bottle of draught will be auctioned.

Others are stretching their necks to take a peep inside Private Room One, hoping to see just which great person is able to come up with such a heaven-defying draught.

Everyone’s attention is gathered on Muyan.

On the other side, no one cares about Gong Qianxue anymore, nobody pays attention.

One could say that this is better for Gong Qianxue, instead of losing her face as they watch, but she still feels that it is intolerable.

Seeing Yan Lie looking over, Gong Qianxue’s tears immediately fall, whispering very sadly: “I just want to save the beast-slave, let him become my left and right arm. I don’t know why the woman from Room One wants to oppose me in every possible way, and then embarrass me?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch79

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 79: I Am Willing to Try

Sensing the coldness coming from Muyan’s body, Xiao Bao stops himself from looking up. He softly calls out, “Niangqin?”

The chill immediately dissipates and Muyan tilts down to gently stroke her son’s head, her eyes are overflowing with softness and warmth.

Xiao Bao still has a tight little face, but the soft and sweet little body gets into her arms and hugs her tightly.

Wordless, he seems to be saying that Xiao Bao will always stay with Niangqin.


In the Beast Fighting Colosseum, everyone is advising Ru Yan to think twice, that she mustn’t take a draught so carelessly.

However, Ru Yan is still indecisive.

Even Dr. Qian Qing, she has never heard that he’s able to assist a martial practitioner break through a bottleneck.

Right now, this guest No. 1 is presenting an enormous opportunity before her.

If she wins the bet, she will no longer worry about her prospects, and the nightmare is over.

But if she loses the gamble, then everything will be over for her.

Gong Qianxue never expected that even after mentioning Qian Qing, Ru Yan still remains unmoved.

Her eyes grow cold and she then looks towards private room one. Like she’s dissuading out of goodwill, “This guest, how can you be so irresponsible as to let Ms. Ru Yan test a draught with unproven effects? If some mishap were to happen to Ms. Ru Yan after taking it, how will you be able to apologize?”

Private Room one is silent.

Gong Qianxue thinks that the person inside is dumbstruck and unable to reply because of her. She can’t help but internally sneer and be pleased with herself.

Who would expect that as she is about to open her mouth, that lazy and pleasant voice once again speaks, neither hurriedly nor slowly, “Then why don’t we do it like this? Princess, your highness and I could make a gamble. If, after taking the draught, miss Ru Yan doesn’t break through her bottleneck or if something goes wrong, I will promptly crawl out of this Beast Fighting Colosseum. Conversely, if miss Ru Yan advances after taking it, then the princess will be the one to crawl. How about it, what say you?”

“You-!!” Gong Qianxue did not expect that she herself will get involved, her features somewhat twist for a split second, “You think I’d believe that in this world, there is a drug that could make people break through their bottleneck?!”

At this point, Ru Yan finally speaks up. “I’m willing to try!”

Her voice is trembling but it is filled with determination.

When Ru Yan announces this, it was equivalent to a naked slap against Gong Qianxue’s face. Her features can’t help but distort for an instant, again.

In the private room, Muyan chuckles, “How bold!”

Then a bottle of draught is thrown to Ru Yan on the platform.

Although the private room and the high platform are at almost the same altitude, they are quite far apart.

Ru Yan sees the how the porcelain bottle is thrown towards her, and she gets so scared she almost cries out loud. In the next moment however, the porcelain bottle has arrived securely in her hands.

Ru Yan has a stunned expression –

Without the support of strong Mysterious Energy, it is simply not possible to throw this bottle safely on her hands.

This gives her a little more confidence about the other’s draught.

The light in Ru Yan’s eyes grow more and more resolute, she opens the bottle and pours the contents in her mouth, all in one breath.

The ice-cold drug flows into her stomach, and after only a few breaths, it begins to spread to her limbs and bones.

Inside her Qi Sea, faint warm currents begin to rush forth.

Along with the proliferation of the draught, her blood and Internal Force seem to be boiling over.

Ru Yan quickly sits down cross-legged and begins to meditate in cultivation.

The Beast Fighting Colosseum is silent, and everyone’s eyes are firmly set on Ru Yan, unblinking.

Everyone wants to know if there is such a draught that can make you break through a bottleneck.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch78

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 78: Qian Qing, another old acquaintance

Gong Qianxue and Yan Lie are also shocked at first, but they soon couldn’t help but express their disdain.

Yan Lie is even more vocal: “Not enough money and Elixir, and resorting to nonsense in order to deceive the Ghost City. This guest in Private Room One has a really, extremely unsightly face!”

Ru Yan awkwardly adds: “This distinguished guest, the draught that you mentioned has never been seen or heard of by our Ghost City. I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be proper to use it as an asset for bidding.”

Ru Yan explains this, believing that the guest from Room One would be able to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat.

Who would have expected that the languid and euphonious voice would still be so relaxed as she hears, “If you haven’t heard of it, why don’t we test it on the spot? Ru Yan girl, on you for example. Haven’t you been stuck in the early Earth Stage for a long time already? I wonder if you’re interested or not, how about advancing to middle Earth Stage right now? This bottle of draught, I won’t charge you for it!”

Ru Yan’s pupils suddenly contract, and even her breathing becomes quick and shallow.

Indeed, her cultivation has stagnated in the early Earth Stage for a very long time.

One must know that the competition within the Ghost City is very fierce. It is the survival of the fittest, the strong preys on the weak – that will always be the constant code here.

It will apply even if one is a guest or a ghost envoy.

Ru Yan knows that if she is unable to make any progress, and stay in the early Earth Stage for another year, other people would quickly replace her from her position.

That’s why, for the past two years, she had thought of countless means, taking various draughts and even buying the precious Elixirs.

However, while they can increase the Internal Force in her body, these drugs can only improve her physique at most. They are useless for bottlenecks.

And now, the woman in Private Room No. 1, did she see Ru Yan’s predicament with but a quick look?

Could this be genuine?!

In this world, is there really such a draught that can make people break through their bottleneck?

For a brief moment, Ru Yan’s eyes stares unblinkingly at Private Room One. Nervous, her voice is slightly shaking, “Guest, you… what do you mean by this?”

Muyan’s laughter is like a light cloud and a soft breeze, “I already said my intentions and it’s quite easy to understand. It is now for miss Ru Yan to consider, if you’re willing to venture or not.”

Although the pair aren’t raising their voices during this exchange, their voices are enhanced by the special structure of the Beast Fighting Colosseum. Everyone there can to hear them.

The people below once again breaks into a commotion, “This little girl from room one is crazy, isn’t she? She would even let other people try an unknown draught, what’s to be done if something goes wrong?”

“Say what ah! I’ve never heard of a draught that could be used to break through bottlenecks.”

“Miss Ru Yan, you mustn’t try it out!”

Ru Yan’s hands are rigidly clenched on the railings, and her chest is faintly moving up and down, revealing just how conflicted her current frame of mind is at the moment.

At that time, Gong Qianxue opens her mouth: “Miss Ru Yan, if you have any problems with your cultivation, I can contact Master Qian Qing for you. I believe he will definitely be able to solve what’s bothering you. As for those drugs of unknown origin, it would be better if you don’t take it.”

Dr. Qian Qing is one of Yanwu Continent’s most renowned physicians today. He is said to have superb medical skills but he rarely appears in public.

A person requesting to see the doctor for a treatment would have to queue for at least a few years.

Today, Gong Qianxue even says that she could invite Dr. Qian Qing to see Ru Yan. It makes everyone in the Beast Fighting Colosseum exclaim in admiration once more.

In their private room, Muyan hears the name “Qian Qing” and the corner of her mouth slightly hooks up, her eyes flooding with a dense chill.

Qian Qing, Dr. Qian!

Hehe, it’s nice to hear the name of an old acquaintance!

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EMHS – ch77

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 77: Laughter

It’s obviously not deliberately supple, but when people hear her, they can feel a numbness on their scalp to their bones.

The young woman’s voice is actually ten times more pleasant than Gong Qianxue’s.

Everyone’s eyes are drawn to private room number 1.

They think that the girl from room one would also come out like Gong Qianxue did, and let them see a beauty.

Therefore, each and every one of them are anticipating with stretched necks.

But after waiting for quite a long time, the person inside shows no intention of going out.

Ru Yan comes back to herself and apologetically says, “I’m sorry, this guest. It is Ru Yan’s negligence. Pardon me, will you put forward an Elixir comparable to the Restoration Pill?”

Behind the hanging curtain, Muyan still drawls, as if she’s indifferent, “I don’t have an Elixir. What about a draught?”

After this statement, a brief silence comes over the Beast Fighting Colosseum, then they all burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, a draught? She actually mentions a draught on equal terms with an Elixir, is she silly?”

“I don’t know from what nook this country bumpkin had emerged from that she doesn’t know how high is the sky and how wide is the earth.”

“Don’t even talk about a rank three Elixir refined by Master Jian Feng, even the most common rank one Elixir is more precious than most draughts. To compare a draught with an Elixir, hearing it is really the best joke I’ve encountered, haha…”


Listening to everyone’s ridicule and laughter, Gong Qianxue’s reveals a complacent and sardonic smile.

On the high platform, Ru Yan shows and embarrassed expression, “Noble guest, a draught simply can’t compare with the value of an Elixir. Even if you add the original 4 million gold coins, it’s still very insufficient.”

“Oh, is that so?” like before, Muyan’s voice is neither fast nor slow, but her next words are like a sudden clap of thunder in the Beast Fighting Colosseum, “And if I say that this draught that I offer, can assist martial practitioners of Heaven Stage and below to break through a bottleneck?”

Muyan hasn’t been a Shen Musician for long.

Refining an Elixir is complex. She also has no previous foundation, and she still didn’t have time to properly study.

But she’s already very skilled with draughts, so while they were hurrying on the road this past few days, she refined some on passing.

She originally intended to put them up for auction, but since Gong Qianxue puts an Elixir forward first, she doesn’t mind going with it.

Muyan says it like sketching in light shades*, but the people from below are nevertheless thoroughly stupefied.

  • downplay/deemphasize

After quite a while, someone finally returns to their senses and says in a loud voice: “Break through a bottleneck, how is that possible? How come I’ve never heard of such a draught?”

“Have you heard of this drug?”

“Never, this little girl is just talking big, isn’t she?”


Questioning voices rise and fall for a time, hardly anyone is convinced.

A cultivation bottleneck is a nightmare that almost all practitioners have.

Whether it is a breakthrough in minor or major stages, those with great luck will take several years to break through, while having bad luck could take ten, or dozens, even a lifetime and make no headway, eventually consuming one’s lifespan.

Even though a Restoration Pill is a precious life-saving drug, it is only a short-term fix.

But breaking through a bottleneck can bring a huge impact throughout the life of a martial practitioner.

That said, how can these people not be astonished?

How can they believe that what even Master Jian Feng’s Elixir couldn’t do, an insignificant little girl’s draught can accomplish?


Gong Qianxue and Yan Lie are also shocked at first, but they soon couldn’t help but express their disdain.

T/N: We’re not quite there yet on the Alchemy part with all the refining of Immortal Pills/Drugs. I won’t spoil anything but we’ll be using the term “draught” for the not-really-medicine, not-quite-pills…

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