EMHS – ch62

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 62: It’s you

Muyan expresses ‘such a pity’ on her face, she shakes her head: “Too bad, master Ge guessed wrong again!”

With the third slash of her sword, Ge Changming’s hand that was initially reaching for a knife from his lower back pocket, suddenly sprays blood. His palm is sliced in half.

“Aaaaah–!!!” a blood-curdling scream pierces through the sky.

“Master Ge’s screams are really miserable!” Muyan says slowly, “Maybe I should give you a hint! Four years ago, Chi Yan Country, nameless valley!”

Ge Changming clamps down on the wrist that only has half a palm. His whole body trembling into a spasm. The sharp pain is making it hard for him to concentrate.

But hearing Muyan’s words, he suddenly snaps his head up to look at her face.

The pupils in those bloodshot eyes suddenly contract, and Ge Changming opens his mouth wide and issues a shrill scream: “Jun… Jun Muyan, you are Jun Muyan, the pregnant woman four years ago…”

Immediately however, he frantically shakes his head, yelling hysterically, “Impossible! How could it be you?! Jun Muyan, shouldn’t you have died already?!”

Muyan stalks forward on the bloodied ground. Her shallow smile is pure and tender, “If I don’t live, how can I repay the ‘grace’ that you gave me… hm?”

Ge Changming stares at the young woman’s flowery smiling expression, then he looks at her pitch-black eyes that seem like a bottomless abyss. His body shakes like a sieve.

This time, genuine dread rises in his heart.

He kneels on the floor, his knees continuously drawing back. There’s a frightened whisper in his mouth, “Don’t kill me, the matter from back then, it was Gong Qianxue who instructed me. It’s none of my concern… I didn’t… I didn’t want to dig your child out!”

As he retreats, Ge Changming’s hand pries around his lower back.

He has hidden his last weapon there, Jin Hong Men’s unique poison “Tian Du Vagary Powder”.

It was refined by the alchemy and medicine master, Jian Feng of the Heavenly Road Sect. It was a special gift for Gong Qianxue.

Even a Precelestial practitioner would not be spared from the might of the Tian Du Vagary Powder.

Muyan listens to Ge Changming begging for mercy, and watches his hand reaching behind him. She narrows her eyes and her smile deepens.

Looking on as Ge Changming is about to take out the Tian Du Vagary Powder, a dark shadow suddenly appears between them.


With the loud sound, Ge Changming’s form swells violently and directly explodes, flesh and viscera strewing all over the place.

Muyan is momentarily unable to have a reaction, just about bracing herself to get splattered by bits of flesh.

But in a flash, she is enveloped by a looming figure, totally blocking the blood splash.

It comes with a strong and cold masculine atmosphere, completely assaulting her senses.

Muyan is stunned and still doesn’t react. A deep, magnetic voice of a man probes into her ears: “Jun Muyan…”

Just a low whisper of her name, but it seems to contain endless longing and countless emotions.

The warm breath puffing on her ears brings a tickling feeling.

Muyan abruptly recovers her senses, her figure flashes away to break free from the man’s embrace.

Then she turns to look at the spot that Ge Changming occupied just moments ago.

Seeing that not even bones were spared, what remains of the corpse is just crushed bones and internal organs.

Muyan’s face turns green, “Who told you to kill him?”

Her prey, waiting for four years and with great difficulty, finally catching her first prey.

She had intended to properly torment and exact vengeance, but he was instantly destroyed this way.

As Muyan raises her head to take a clear look at the man’s appearance, her little face that have always appeared laid-back reveals a sick blue color, “It’s you!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch61

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 61: Irreconcilable Hatred

He has full confidence regarding his own abilities and strength, and even Gong Qianxue never entered his eyes.

Yanwu Continent’s first genius, Gong Qianxue is only at the early Heaven stage.

How can this young woman be his opponent when she looks younger than Gong Qianxue?


Seeing the momentous palm rumbling towards her, Muyan still maintains her calm and unperturbed expression.

A small jade-like hand raises slightly, internal force operating within her body, she launches her own attack against Ge Changming.

With a resounding noise, their palms collide against each other.

Ge Changming reveals a conceited smirk; this woman is stupid, isn’t she? Daring to compete against him using internal force…

But as quickly as the smile bloomed in his face, it freezes before reaching completion.

Ge Changming suddenly draws back for several yards. He grabs his chest with one hand, and coughs out a mouthful of blood.

His eyes focus in on the girl before him. His hoarse voice is filled with shock and incredulity, “You’re actually a Precelestial? How is this possible?!”

That’s right! How is it possible for a teenage girl to be a Precelestial master?!

Muyan chuckles and drawls: “You’re not bad yourself! In the few years I haven’t seen you, you’ve not only become the master of Jin Hong Men, even your strength has reached the peak of the Heaven stage.”

Listening to how she talks like they’re acquainted, the bewildered expression on Ge Changming’s face deepens, “Who the hell are you?!”

“Why don’t you take a guess?” Muyan carefreely laughs, “Oh right, by the way, I should tell the master. I have cleanly disposed of all the small-fries outside. Now you’re the only one left! Master Ge, we have plenty of time time to slowly chat.”

The girl’s words are like soft clouds and gentle winds, but in Ge Changming’s ears, they are like a sudden clap of thunder.

“You, what did you say?!” he bellows, the tone of his voice turning sharp due to extreme panic.

Quickly, his figure bolts out of the room, rushing towards the public square.

Muyan looks aloof, completely not bothering to stop him. Instead, she leisurely and unhurriedly follows behind him.

A body… two bodies… ten bodies…

As more and more mangled corpses turn up along the way, Ge Changming’s expression becomes even more aghast and frightened.

His Jin Hong Men that he trained for seven or eight years, until it finally became the primary killer organization in Chi Yan Country.

In the end… this woman has completely exterminated it overnight.

“You poisonous woman! What kind emnity do you have against my Jin Hong Men? You’re so vicious and merciless!!”

Ge Changming abruptly turns around, his fierce eyes glaring at the girl in white who’s slowly following behind him. He issues a scream similar to that of a wild beast.

Muyan’s mouth is slightly curved up, a charming smile on her dainty face. But there’s a chill within those eyes that could condense frost, “Between Jin Hong Men and I, there’s an enmity that wouldn’t allow us to live under the same sky…”

A luminous white wrist turns over, and a longsword appears on her hands. Muyan gently infuses it with mysterious energy.

A gash suddenly splits open on Ge Changming’s body, blood spraying everywhere.

“Ah – !! Who are you?” Ge Changming moves to the side, going away from the attack while screaming loudly, shouting himself hoarse.

Muyan sneers, “Master Ge’s memory is really bad! Have you forgotten me so quickly?”

As soon as her voice falls, the swords strikes for a second time. Ge Changming gets a bloody hole on his shoulder.

He makes a plaintive whine, a pair of embittered and frightened eyes stare at Muyan.

“I absolutely don’t remember Jin Hong Men having an enemy like you…”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch60

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 60: Extinguishing the Entire Jin Hong Men

“Hehe, won’t be angry?” Ge Changming reveals a sardonic smile. “That’s of course, you haven’t seen her fly into rage four years ago. Back then, she killed quite a few of my trusted subordinates, and even I was myself sustained serious injuries…”

Speaking halfway, Ge Changming becomes wary once again, swallowing down the rest of his words from fear.

He has a distant stare, as if reliving what happened four years ago.

Gong Qianxue suddenly gave them an order. She asked them to take a pregnant woman’s unborn child and deliver it to her.

At that time, Ge Changming was yet to be the nominal master of Jin Hong Men, but he was the main person in charge of that task.

He thought everything should be foolproof.

After all, the pregnant girl was so weak, she completely lacked the ability to resist.

In spite of everything, the final result…

That young girl must have died already. In the end, she’s a pregnant woman without the strength to truss a chicken. She wasn’t caught in their encirclement, so she must have escaped into the mountains. And when she entered deep into the mountains, she could only meet her end.

As Ge Changming is lost in his thoughts, he didn’t react even when Hall Owner bid goodbye as the other takes his leave.

Out of nowhere, he hears Hall Owner Ren exclaim, “Who are you?!”

Just as the voice falls, there’s a loud thud and a dark shadow rushes towards him.

Gushing blood spatters around his feet.

Hall Owner Ren has widened eyes, his mouth opens as if to say something but he only gurgled thin blood. The second he stumbles down, he completely stops breathing.

Ge Changming is alarmed and furious. He snaps his head up to see a young girl in snow white clothing, her long hair trailing over her shoulders as she unhurriedly enters the room.

The soles of feet are dripping with the Hall Owner’s blood. But walking on this bloody ground, her entire body is surrounded by an inviolably sacred atmosphere.

“You, who are you? Why did you enter the restricted area of my “Kuai Hou Grove” without permission?”

Before Ge Changming’s yelling, across from him, the young woman slowly hooks up her lips.

That pure and holy temperament instantly morphed, from the snow lotus of the Tianshan Mountains, to the fiery and flirtatious lycoris of a distant shore, enticing and dangerous.

“I took the liberty to visit at such a late hour. I hope Jin Hong Men’s sect master won’t take offense.” the girl’s voice is like the clinking of jade on ice, sophisticated and euphonious.

Ge Changming snaps his eyes wide, saying with disbelief: “You, how do you know that I’m Jin Hong Men’s…”

“How do I know that you are the master of Jin Hong Men?” Muyan chuckles as she glances up to him, “Not only do I know that you are the master of Jin Hong Men, but I also know that Jin Hong Men is about to disappear from the world! ”

Like snow, a clear and cold gaze stare at Ge Changming, making him inexplicably tremble.

After some effort to calm his mind, he asks: “Girl, what do you mean by this?”

“It means that today, I will extinguish the entire Jin Hong Men.”

Ge Changming stares blankly at first, then bursts into laughter soon after. Hot anger rises in his eyes, “The girl really likes to talk big! There are a lot of people who wants to extinguish my Jin Hong Men from this world, but none have ever succeeded. ”

“So young yet so daring to talk nonsense. I would actually like to see if you really have the ability!”

Before finishing his words, Ge Changming has already sent an attack towards Muyan, producing a loud, thunder-like rumble.

A powerful and oppressive Internal Force radiates from him. Ordinary people would shiver under the might of this tremendous force, even if they stand ten meters away.

Ge Changming’s eyes are filled with murderous intent and arrogance.

Although he submits to Gong Qianxue’s money and drugs, he is still an expert at the peak of Heaven Stage.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch59

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 59: Single-minded Desire

Muyan looks towards their frenetic and fearful appearance, her eyes sweeping through the young women crying and moaning on the ground. The corners of her mouth curve up into a chilling smirk.

Be it the past or the present life, the behavior of these animals truly hasn’t changed one bit!

Don’t they enjoy abusing others and letting them experience the loss of all hope, until they are tormented to death?

She will certainly accomplish their intent today.

The slender, crystalline fingers languidly move along the strings, accompanied by the terrified howling of grief. Tian Mo Qin’s honeyed zither melody is a sound that could move one’s heart. Just like its master, it doesn’t care for anything else but to enjoy this feast of massacre.


Muyan is so immersed in killing at that moment – she didn’t notice that from the void, there’s a pair of red-hot eyes fixating on her. There’s an unprecedented, single-minded desire manifesting within those eyes.

Throughout his life, he had always been disgusted with women and rebuffed them.

But at the first sight of this woman, his heart throbbed uncontrollably, his blood turned scalding hot.

As if this woman was born for him.

His originally hollow and desolate life suddenly became full because of the appearance of this woman.

Jun Muyan –

It could be said that at first sight, he merely felt his heart move, yearning to obtain.

Now, looking at the rain of pink petals, the enchanting smile of the young woman who slaughters by playing the zither… his heart is baptized by the fire of desire, essentially igniting uncontrollably and irrepressibly.

Even the indifferent and unresponsive body has a certain part that is rampaging. He wants to possess this woman, wants to firmly hold her in his arms and impulsively plunder.

“Jun Muyan, you are destined to be mine!” a dark and husky voice streams out of thin lips, those pair of dark eyes sink deeper into the abyss.


Within the most luxurious residence in the inner parts of Jin Hong Men.

Ge Changming leans back on the office chair. He’s holding the information that he just received, frowning slightly.

“Is something the matter, Deputy Master?” waiting at the side, Hall Owner Ren couldn’t help but ask after seeing the change in Ge Changming’s expression.

With slightly knitted brows, Ge Changming says: “We’ve lost contact with all the units that were sent to look for that Heaven Stage kid.”

“How could that be?” the Hall Owner exclaims, “Even if he’s Heaven stage, he’s nothing but a four or five year old child. There is a peak Heaven stage expert among the people we’ve sent, not to mention the several peak Earth stage practitioners!”

Ge Changming irritably rumples the information and asks in a low voice: “How is the master’s injury?”

Ge Changmin is the master of Jin Hong Men only in name. The real master is in fact Gong Qianxue.

Gong Qianxue controls everyone in Jin Hong Men, including Ge Changmin, by the use of mysterious drugs.

Therefore, Ge Changming and the others are afraid of Gong Qianxue’s severe punishments if they handle their work incompetently.

Hall Owner Ren shakes his head, a glimmer of fear flashing through his eyes. “Because the Master has already signed a contract with the sacred beast, she will suffer a backlash once the vitality of the sacred beast egg disappears. This is also the reason why the Master urgently searched for the little rabbit… however, just as the orders were sent, the backlash had already begun. The injuries that the Master sustained were not light. She is currently in the Heavenly Road Sect to recuperate.”

They think of the anger and punishment that they will be suffer if Gong Qianxue returns and they still haven’t found the child.

The faces of Ge Changming and Hall Owner Ren become unsightly.

The Hall Owner optimistically says, “Perhaps the Master won’t be too angry? After all, we tried our best!”

“Hehe, won’t be angry?” Ge Changming reveals a sardonic smile.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch58

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 58: An Immortal from the Ninth Heaven

“Hahaha… Liu brother, you wouldn’t know! There are a several girls here that came from well-off families! They were like chaste and upright women when they were first caught. Before they were given Xiao Yan Powder, they still haven’t changed into the cheap appearance they show now.”

Saying that, from his feet, the killer grabs a girl’s chin up. With spittle and the smell of alcohol, he arrogantly says, “Dog bitch, why don’t you say it too?”

Tears of desperation trickle down the girls face, but to her shame, she couldn’t suppress a lascivious moan from spilling out her mouth.

At that moment, there’s suddenly something fluttering down from the sky.

Pink, petal-like things fall to the ground, and on the killers’ faces and bodies.

“What’s going on? Is it raining?”

“That’s not it. These are more like… petals?”

“But there aren’t any flowering trees around this yard, where would the petals fall from?”

Everyone is astonished. Unexpectedly, a melodious, pleasant sound of a zither could be heard from the distant horizon.

The thrumming and tinkling of the gentle notes are like pearls and jades falling on an ice tray, like the murmur of water running though mountains and rivers.

As the sound of the zither gets nearer, the music also becomes more moving.

From the high mountains and flowing streams, it slowly becomes a soft and euphonious language.

The killers of Jin Hong Men all exhibit expressions of intoxication, pairs of bleary eyes turn to the direction that the sound is coming from.

The “petals” are flowing abound, falling faster and in more volume, almost covering every part the killers’ bodies.

All of a sudden, from what they could see from the gaps in the petals, there’s a figure descending from the roof like falling snow.

The breeze blows through the pure white clothing, setting off the translucent jade complexion of the young woman. Those exquisite features stunning all the killers below.

Someone slightly gapes his mouth, not noticing the flowing drool as it patters down.

Another one pushes away the girl he’s unrestrainedly violating, lowly muttering, “Beauty, I want this beauty…”

When the young woman in white finally lands on the ground, her hair is slightly wind-tossed; amidst the petals wafting through the air, a small limpid smile is embellished on her lips.

Like an enchanting Immortal from above the Ninth Heaven that had strayed into the mundane world.

Someone gulps their spit down, eyes turning red.

Another one is already unable to stop himself from unsteadily walking over, lecherous swine hands stretching towards the girl’s delicate face.

The girl in white’s smile deepens further; jade fingers are like white scallions as they lightly pluck on the zither strings.

Boom – a single sound, the killer who is closest to the girl in white, like exploding fireworks, instantaneously blossoms into a dazzling red, spiking out and falling down

This unexpected development immediately snaps the killers back into wakefulness.

One of them can’t help but scream, “Who are you, dare to…”

The strings move, boom. Another sound, another man’s body explodes. It was the one who spoke. As with the previous man, no flesh is left intact. His entire body had turned into a mangled corpse within a blink of an eye.

“Who- who are you?!”

“Why… how did she kill?!”

“It’s the petals, the petals that have stuck to our bodies are from a special mysterious plant. So quickly, get rid of them!”

On the square, the killers of Jin Hong Men go wild, screaming and swatting away the petals that had fallen on them.

It was just moments ago that they felt that the petals were so beautiful, now they think how they are overwhelmingly dreadful.

And this beautiful girl in white is worse than a fiend, making them lose courage and tremble from the chill!

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch57

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 57: To Cut the Weeds and Eliminate the Roots

After listening to Muyan’s words, Lou Beiyu suddenly sobers up from his surprise and excitement. “Master, you… you’re leaving?”

Muyan nods, there is a tranquility in her eyes like clouds floating along a gentle breeze, “In these lands under the heavens, there is no such thing as an everlasting banquet.*”

  • All good things must come to an end.

“But you, you’ve killed people of Jin Hong Men for me. Their influence is very large within Chi Yan Country and Jing Cheng Country. If people from Jin Hong Men encounter you, they will certainly take revenge. Master, don’t you come to the Chi Yan Royal Palace with me? I will definitely protect you.”

Muyan chuckles, “Who said that I killed them for you?”

Lou Beiyu stares blankly.

He hears the pleasant voice continue, “With or without you, I won’t let off a person from Jin Hong Men. Well then, idiot disciple, until next time. Xiao Bao, let’s go!”

Xiao Bao obediently stretches up his soft and fair little hand, allowing Muyan to hold on to it.

Lou Beiyu is astonished, and the pair of mother and child doesn’t bother with him anymore, they just drift away.

Not waiting for Lou Beiyu to voice any questions, their figures have completely disappeared out the door.

Xiao Bao raises his head to look at Muyan. At this moment, he could sense that his mother looks odd somehow.

Although that beautiful face is still adorned with a charming and indolent smile, those peach eyes contain a dense, biting chill.

“Niangqin, where are we going?” Xiao Bao can’t help but ask.

Muyan bows her head and smiles sweetly at her son, “Niangqin is going to… cut the weeds and eliminate the roots.”


As the night falls, darkness shrouds the sky.

There was an originally unregulated outlying area located between the borders of Chi Yan Country and Jin Cheng Country. Since seven or eight years ago, a teahouse called “Kuai Hou Grove” was built there.

For a teahouse, the area occupied by the establishment is incredibly large. There are food, drinks and beautiful women inside. Everything one needs to gamble and while the time away could be found here. This has attracted a lot of martial practitioners to rush here, stop over and spend.

However, who would have thought that this place with all the colors of spring, like a money squandering establishment, is actually the headquarters of Jin Hong Men – the first assassin organization in Chi Yan Country.

“Kuai Hou Grove” is divided into two, inner and outer, layers. The outer layer is the area where guests partake in merrymaking, and the inner layer is the place where the people of Jin Hong Men spend their time to vent after they have completed their missions.

At this time, on a yard with the sky as the curtains and the ground as the floor, dozens of bare-chested men have gathered, making lewd and lustful laughter.

In front of them, there are about a dozen beautiful women that have been drugged. There is confusion in their eyes as they tear the clothes on their own body.

“So uncomfortable… give me the drug…hurry and give me the drug…” A girl cries out in pain, her clothes are torn and tattered, but her eyes are filled with pain and despair.

The killers of Jin Hong Men laugh more complacently, more savagely, “Do you want the drug? Then hurry up and obediently kneel on the ground to lick your uncles’ feet, hahaha…”

The young women are a hundred times unwilling, but the onslaught of the drug to their bodies gives them so much agony that they want to die.

Translucent tears fall from their eyes but they can only sink down to their knees. Like a dog, crawling over to lick the feet of the killers, as they are shamed and humiliated by these bastards.

The killers laugh even louder.

This is the favorite pastime of the people from Jin Hong Men. They capture and bring in innocent women, get them addicted to the Xiao Yao Powder that would make them abandon their nature, and become like dogs to be toyed with.

These young women absolutely hate this, but when the effects of the drug flares up, they experience an agony worse than death that these women would have no choice but to lower their heads.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch56

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 56: Tested on Chicken Legs

“Good disciple. Since you have this kind of mentality, then it truly can’t be any better. Just as I, your Master, was worrying about where to practice my hand.”

Hearing his words, Muyan’s face finally reveals a pleased expression. Her brilliant smile makes her look even more devastatingly beautiful, it could befuddle other people.

But looking at her little face, Lou Beiyu doesn’t know why a cold chill is making him shiver.

An ominous feeling rises in his heart.


In reality, The “Tian Du Vagary Powder” in Lou Beiyu is not difficult to solve. Muyan doesn’t need the Shen Musician’s skills for it.

She only needs the skills from her old medical expertise, and within a few months, she could slowly remove the toxins from Lou Beiyu’s dantian.

It’s just that the process will be quite long and painful.

The troublesome part is Lou Beiyu’s severed hamstrings.

In the Shen Musician’s inheritance memory, there are indeed skills that will enable her to reconnect tendons, the godly ability to regenerate flesh and bones.

The requirements needed in order to perform it are very demanding though. It also needs the use of Spiritual Energy to play the Tian Mo Qin.

Muyan only has the Internal Force in her body. She’s not familiar with what Spiritual Energy is, let alone how to use it.

However, Muyan found some relevant information in Baili Liuyin’s notes that aren’t recorded in the Shen Musician’s memory inheritance.

From the 21st century where Bali Liuyin used to live, that strange space-time employs an outrageous medical practice.


Lou Beiyu lies on the bed, his heart filled with apprehension. He looks towards Muyan.

Only to see her fiddling with weirdly shaped cutting tools (found in the space), and completely engrossed in reading a book.

Lou Beiyu can’t stop himself from asking, “Master, what are you looking at?”

“Hm… looking at the operation procedure.”

“What… what operation procedure?” Lou Beiyu goes pale; the ominous premonition intensifies.

Muyan looks up, a bright and happy smile on her little face, “I haven’t done surgery before, so I’m not very familiar with the correct procedure. That’s why I want to consolidate the steps before the surgery begins! Don’t you worry though, because I’ve just tested it on chicken legs. There shouldn’t be any problems… yea.”

Consolidate the steps before the surgery begins?! Just tested it on chicken legs?!

Lou Beiyu’s vision goes dark, he says with agitation, “M-m-master! Your apprentice is a person, not a chicken! You shouldn’t be too hasty, disciple’s legs are…


Xiao Bao pummels down with a fist and Lou Beiyu is immediately silenced.

His tiny expressionless face is lifted up as he spits out two words, “Too noisy!”

Muyan smilingly nods, her eyes are filled with praise, “Xiao Bao did the right thing, niangqin could now do without the anesthesia for him.”

After saying that, she kisses her baby son’s face.

Xiao Bao’s eyes are slightly arched up, the deep blue pupils are as beautiful as the luster of the sky.

One hour later, Lou Beiyu wakes up from a shooting pain on his legs.

He first cries out in pain, especially whenever he wants to move his feet. His whole body flounders in bed from the ache.

Soon however, the suffering on his face is replaced with euphoria, “Master, my feet, I could feel my feet.”

Does this mean that he… he will no longer be a cripple?

Muyan washes her hands and gathers the surgical tools back into the space. She then smiles and says: “I have already informed the city master of Yulan, a person from Chi Yan Country will pick you up later. I have already prepared three months’ worth of medicine for your poison, you should remember to take the required daily dosage…”

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