EMHS – ch13

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 13: “Beauty” A Masterwork

Xiao Bao’s eyes are slightly curved up, his irises are sparkling and his ears red.

Although the little face is still frigid, anyone can see that he is happy.

Ah, how can he be so cute! This is simply cheating!

MuYan cuddles her son to her chest and kisses him several time before releasing him.

Looking at Lou Beiyu and the others, she says with a mockery of a smile: “Xiao Bao, let’s play a fun game, all right?”

“What game?”

“Hehe, you will know in a moment.”


A little while later, the two maids, and the head of the Flying Fish unit with the other guards, are stripped naked by MuYan and Xiao Bao.

Only the important parts are covered by leaves that Xiao Bao’s got from outside, barely half-covering them.

These group of people feel ashamed and indignant, they wish they fainted instead.

However, they don’t know what MuYan had fed them so that not only could they not muster any strength, but neither could they release their internal force. They can’t even make a sound.

MuYan walks up to Lou Beiyu while flourishing the thin, silken clothes and smilingly says: “Your Highness Third Prince, don’t you like this dress?”

Lou Beiyu shakes his head in fear, but soon afterwards, he tries to appear fierce despite being cowardly inside: “You- you can’t do anything crazy; I’m the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country. Raise a hand against me and you’ll never have a good end.”

“Rest assured, I won’t hit you.” MuYan laughs like a fox would, “I’m only interested in drawing a picture of you.”

Very quickly, Lou Beiyu’s clothes are stripped completely and then replaced with those transparent garments.

Xiao Bao wears an icy face, and positions the nude and immobile people into various positions.

For one, the head guard is The Drunken Beauty. (*an opera character)

Next, the two maids are a pair of mandarin ducks with necks intersecting. (*mandarin ducks = affectionate couple)

Then Lou Beiyu is splayed beautifully on the couch, boundlessly amorous.

Even the few guards have their legs raised up, making erotic and difficult positions.

MuYan looks on as Xiao Bao arranges them in various poses per her request, and couldn’t help herself but laugh out loud.

She feels that her son is really talented!

She very quickly spreads out the pen and paper, and begins to draw them.

On the other hand, Xiao Bao drives the carriage to continue on the road.

Once the carriage arrives at a lively countryside market, MuYan finally sets the pen down.

She gently raises her hand and sends her internal force.

Lou Beiyu and the others immediately regain their freedom.

However, they maintained the same position for too long, and their limbs are numb. Once they regained mobility, they cut a sorry figure and slump to the floor.

MuYan lifts up her newly-completed painting for them to see, “How about it? Are you satisfied with your own likeness?”

As soon as the guardsmen and their leader saw their own figures in the painting, their sight just turn black and they can’t wait to pass out.

Th-th-this, with both legs raised high, how could the man leaning against another man possible be him?!

There’s also that seductive and bashful expression, how can he make that face!

If they let people see something like this, they needn’t be called human thence after!! Just go directly to find blocks of tofu to bash their heads against! (like hang oneself with noodles)

The head guardsman’s expression turns ashen; he rushes to snatch the painting from MuYan’s hands.

MuYan lets out a laugh and opens the carriage window, “I can make several copies of this painting even with my eyes closed. It would be such a waste if I’m the only one that would admire it. What if I spread this painting out for everyone to appreciate… tsk tsk, it would be too wasteful to just disseminate it here so when we enter a big town later, I’ll have to make a few more copies.”

“Do not -!!”

“-not allowed to hand out -!!!”

“Aahh—!! If this painting is seen by others, how can I live in the future!?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch12

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 12 Xiao Bao is the Best

The Flying Fish Guard, who had just escorted Jun MuYan in, could not help but stress that: “Don’t you know that your younger brother is still in our hands right now? If you are sensible then you should be good and obey us, otherwise don’t blame us for being unkind to him!”

“My brother?” Jun MuYan stares blankly for a moment before realizing that they’re probably referring to Xiao Bao.

She couldn’t help but chuckle and with laughter in her voice, asks, “Oh? You guys are using the fact that Xiao Bao is with you to threaten me?”

“Exactly, so you better listen to the Third Prince.”

Lou Beiyu adds: “You shouldn’t worry, Miss. I will really just draw, and absolutely nothing else. And after the work is done, I will give you generous rewards. You will definitely not suffer any losses.”

“Putting on a half-naked attire to model for a painting, mn, well, that’s actually interesting… great idea!” Jun MuYan touches her chin and shows a smile.

“Excellent, since Miss is interested, please quickly change into this dress!”

MuYan takes the attire with an a smile increasingly expanding on her face. The little face that originally seems noble and holy, like a fallen immortal, changes at that instant – becoming incomparably evil and beguiling.

Just as Lou Beiyu is lost in a daze, a sudden light flashes in front of him.

He only feels a pain on his waist, and immediately loses all his strength. He gives a cry ‘ow!’ and falls to the ground.

The guards on the side jump up in fright. They cry out ‘You Highness!’ and rush out to come and help.

Their feet suddenly slip on something and they also follow stumbling to the ground.

The maids are even more vulnerable. Before they could muster up any sort of reaction, they are already completely immobile.

MuYan holds the half-transparent clothing waves it before Lou Beiyu as she approaches him, “You have a really good eye for this. I too, also think that this would suit you.”

“You … what do you want to do?!” Lou Beiyu struggles to sit up but finds himself unable to move.

They never would have thought that this fragile-looking girl would actually be so powerful.

That Flying Fish guard is even more shocked due to disbelief. He was a practitioner at the peak of Primary Stage.

His Highness has a much higher cultivation than him.

Yet they can’t even meet this girl’s blow.

“You, you don’t mess around ah! Don’t tell me that you don’t want your brother’s life?”

He barely finished what he’s saying when the carriage’s curtain is lifted open.

The cold, small and clever face of Xiao Bao enters, dragging along the leader of the Flying Fish guard in his hand and throwing him before MuYan.

He immediately treads over to her, then hugs her leg, “Niangqin, are you okay?”

The little sprout’s expression is still ice-cold, but those beautiful blue eyes are filled with concern.

MuYan pulls his tiny face up and kisses him on both cheeks, “Don’t worry, Niang is naturally okay. Did Xiao Bao subdue everyone outside?”

Xiao Bao expressionlessly nods. Not proud, like it’s nothing unexpected.

It’s as if taking on a squad of Chi Yan Country’s armed royal guards, is just as simple as taking on a nest of mice.

The immobilized guards on the ground looked at their superior, and looked at Xiao Bao who’s approximately only four years old. Incredulous, one exclaims, “Impossible! Our daren is an advanced level practitioner of the Profound Stage. How could he be dealt with by this little boy’s hands!? Who are you, what do you guys really want?”

Xiao Bao and Jun MuYan ignore him.

Xiao Bao raises his head to look at Jun MuYan with his big bright eyes.

Jun MuYan laughs knowingly and pats his small head. She says earnestly, “Xiao Bao is the best, always such a great help to Niangqin.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch11

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 11: A Painting of a Beauty in See-through, Flimsy Clothes?

If an ordinary man sees such a beauty, he would have long thrown himself over to get close to her.

However, Lou Beiyu didn’t even put her in his eyes. Instead, with a drawing tool on hand, he is seriously drawing on paper.

After sketching for a while however, Lou Beiyu suddenly bursts in frustration, throws his pen and shouts, “Get out, get out! Quickly get out of my sight!”

The beautiful girl is startled into crying, but she didn’t dare to say anything and hastily leaves.

“Your Highness Third Prince, what’s the matter? This girl is the number one beauty in Xia’an City. It can’t be that even she is unable to give inspiration to Your Highness?”

Lou Beiyu says angrily: “What first beauty, she’s just commonplace doll in rouge and powder!”

The subordinate wears a troubled look, and before he could ask more, someone suddenly opens the curtain and says: “You Highness, Li-daren requests an audience. He said that he has found a peerless great beauty for Your Highness.”

“Peerless great beauty? Is he not fooling me again?” Lou Beiyu says in disdain, “What cat or dog is he calling a peerless great beauty this time? Whatever, tell him to let her enter.”

Receiving Lou Beiyu’s command, the subordinate immediately goes to do as ordered.

After a moment, the beautiful woman does not enter but is brought in.

Lou Beiyu watches in suspicion until he clearly sees the appearance of the woman in white. For a while, he turns silly and just stares blankly fixated.

“There is a bewitching enchantress, vacillating along the Xiang riverbank. A glimpse is the quintessence of piquancy, a gesture the definition of grace.” Lou Beiyu murmurs, and wanting to touch the girl’s face, stretches out his hand but nervously retracts it right back.

“Beautiful… truly the summit of beauty. The beauty’s charm is in her grace, it is deep in her bones, not just the surface of the skin. For such an enchantress, how could those rouged, powdered commoners even compare? Quick, give her a change of clothes, this prince is now inspired. I believe that this time, I will be able to create the most delightful painting of a beauty.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Several maids heed the command and step forward, intending to take the girl’s clothes off.

At that moment, the girl in white flutters her eyelashes and opens her eyes.

Those eyes are so clear and lively, they look like the undulations of autumn ripples.

Lou Beiyu became silly with just the sight of it; his jaws slacken unconsciously and drool appears at the side of his mouth.


Jun MuYan yawns unscrupulously, lazily stretching her waist. Her voice is languid, laced with a hint of sensual huskiness. “Oh, that was a really good nap! Xiao Bao, hungry or not, we should go look for a meal.”

She turns her head but finds that Xiao Bao is absent from her side, and there is a man salivating in front of her.

But Jun MuYan is not alarmed at all, she is calm and unruffled as she asks with a smile: “Excuse me, this mister is?”

Lou Beiyu rubs off his drool and says: “This humble one is Lu Beiyu, the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country. Because I admired Miss’s unmatched magnificence, I asked Miss to come over. Hope Miss can help this one’s request?”

“Oh? Why don’t you go ahead and say it, what is it?”

Lou Beiyu picks up clothing so thin, it is practically transparent, and holds it up to Jun MuYan to see, “Please miss, put on this dress and let this prince draw a beautiful painting of you.”

“Wear this dress and let you draw?” the corner of Jun MuYan’s mouth twitches, “Are you sure this is clothing?”

If one puts it on, this cloth that will let people see what they shouldn’t, can you still say it’s a dress?

Lou Beiyu repeatedly nods, “Miss wearing this dress will definitely be a goddess-like beauty, and exude a charm that ordinary people can’t withstand.”

Jun MuYan snips in, light as a feather, “If I don’t agree?”

“Hmph, our Third Prince painting you is your honor. You shouldn’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!” The maid derisively says, contempt and jealousy flashing in her eyes.


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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch10

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 10: I, Jun MuYan, Shall Return

After eating the bear’s paw, Xiao Bao comes over with a wet cloth just as MuYan was about to get up.

Although he’s only a four-year-old child, he acts like an adult. He grabs her hand and wipes away the oil from her slender jade fingers.

MuYan can’t help but hug the little guy to her chest, coddle and pepper him with kisses: “Baby, you’re really such a darling to your mom. What would you do if I’m not around!”

Xiao Bao has a little blush a he sinks deeper into the comforting scent of MuYan’s embrace. He mumbles a whisper: “Xiao Bao won’t leave Niangqin.”

MuYan wanted to continue teasing her beautiful son, but the sky in the distance suddenly shines a prismatic glow.

She slightly squints her eyes, and lets go of Xiao Bao. Looking at the sky from afar, the corners of her mouth curve into a meaningful smile.


MuYan lowers her head and absentmindedly says: “Baby, we’ve been hiding in this mountain long enough. Won’t you come with your mom to go out and gain experience?”

Xiao Bao asks: “Go to a town?”

“Not just a town!” Jun MuYan shakes her head. “We’re going to leave this cave and go somewhere far away. There are certain things that Niangqin must deal with.”

Xiao Bao is somewhat confused but he still nods, “Where Niangqin is, Xiao Bao would be there too.”

MuYan holds his face up, and kisses each of Xiao Bao’s cheeks. She then picks him up and sends a reluctant glance towards the cave behind them.

This spiritual vein is really a good spot for cultivation but unfortunately, they have to part with it now.

Gong Qianxue, Jian Feng, Jin Hong Men, Heavenly Road Sect… everyone who had harmed her in her past life.

‘Hehe, I wonder if you people are ready?’

‘I, Jun MuYan, shall return.’


Flowers greet people, along with the gentle warm wind of a Spring afternoon.

From a distance, there comes the sound of hurried and disorderly horse hooves.

A closer look reveals a group of men dressed in black, close-fitting [flying-fish]-patterned* clothes.
• “flying fish clothes” refer to a pattern of clothing but it could also refer to a guard unit, from what I could understand.

Image result for 飞鱼服

They are headed by a middle-aged man, about thirty years old. His face is quite bright, and his fine eyes radiate vitality.

His level is actually at the Profound Grade.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man pulls the reins on his horse to halt, and looks over at a giant banyan tree.

Daren, what’s the matter?”

The middle-aged man did not speak, but quickly dismounts off the horse and goes before the banyan tree.

Once he has a good view at the sight under the tree, the middle-aged man gasps.

“Ah, a very beautiful girl and child.” The middle-aged man couldn’t help but exclaim.

It can’t be mistaken, under the banyan tree, was a reclining young girl that looks about seventeen-years-old, and an extremely adorable child that looks like a powdered jade carving.

The pair has their heads leaning against the trunk of the banyan tree. The girl’s long hair drapes down, framing her stunning features. There’s a sense of charm that makes people blush, and make their hearts beat faster.

A subordinate of the middle-aged man gulps and says, “DaDaren, do you intend to bring this woman back? If Third Prince sees her, he’d be very pleased, right?”

The middle-aged man only takes a moment to mutter to himself before he gives a command: “Take these people with extreme care, and by any means, do not hurt her skin.”

This snow white, perfect and flawless skin – the Third Prince would go crazy if there’s even a slight bruise.

Not far away from where the several horses had run to, there is a luxurious carriage.

This carriage is made to be drawn by eight horses. It is even divided into three stations.

The person occupying the carriage was Chi Yan Country’s Third Prince – Lou Beiyu.

At this time, there is a beautiful young girl sitting across Lou Beiyu.

The girl’s body is only covered by a flimsy cloth. The white skin and exquisite figure are faintly discernible through it.

Incredibly alluring.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch9

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 9 the Cold-faced Xiao Bao and the Enchanting Mother
A small face that is incomparably exquisite, too cute that it could make people want to scream.

However, that adorably beautiful face does not have any expression at all.

Raising his little head up, a pair of pure and splendid dark blue eyes calmly stare at the black bear.

The black bear seems to see disdain and provocation from those eyes.

“ROAR ~~~” the majesty of the forest’s overlord cannot be questioned.

The bear discards the food to lift its large black claws, aiming a strike towards the boy.

The Bear’s paw brings forth a powerful hurricane, relentlessly shaking the surrounding trees.

In an instant, it could be seen that the bear’s paw is on the boy, yet he did not turn into meat paste.

In the next moment however, the black bear’s paw did not land, but its entire stout body is lifted up.

The bear’s big eyes turn into spirals.

Once it looks down, it suddenly opened its eyes wide.

No matter how low the intelligence of the bear is, it could still show an incredulous astonishment at this very moment.

Because its immense form that is at least a few hundred pounds, it was actually lifted up by the Little Bean Sprout.

The Little Bean Sprout is still expressionless as his short chubby hand spins the black bear in the air, and then he lets go.

Boom – ! With a loud bang, the whole forest quakes, the birds and beasts flee all over the place.

After a quarter of an hour.

A small boy drags four strung-together bear paws before a cave.

He builds a fire, and with neat and orderly actions, quickly processes the bear paws. Afterwards he roasts them on the fire.

The fragrance of meat permeates in the air.

At that moment, a pleasingly carefree and lazy voice of a woman comes from within the dwelling, “Smells good, Xiao Bao, what kind of food did you hunt and bring back?”

The little boy turns and looks toward the cave entrance. The pretty little face is still without an expression.

But those deep blue eyes sparkle, as if stars shine within them.

Soon, a figure of a girl in white emerges from the opening of the cave.

It’s a teenage girl who is only 18 or 19 years old, wearing simple white clothes that serve to flatter her flesh of ice and bones of jade[1]. With that delicate and peerless appearance, it could make people open their eyes and widen their perspectives.

That appearance cannot be said to be capable of causing the downfall of a nation, but she comes with a temperament like an illusory immortal. Like a celestial that had fallen from the Ninth Heaven and strayed into the mundane world, it could make people desire to touch, but at the same time cannot bear to profane.

The boy’s eyes are bright, and he only needed a moment to jump up to the girl, as if he can’t wait to plaster himself to her.

Even if the little face is still taut and rigid, it could still be seen how much he loves the girl, how attached he is.

“I say little lady-killer, if you look at me so much like this, I could only fall in love with you!”

When the young girl opens her mouth to speak, the celestial temperament disappears without a trace.

She raises her hand to the little boy’s chin, her fingers feeling the smooth skin beneath them. She lowers her head and lays a loud smooch on the soft and tender cheeks; her smiling face has a particularly languid charm.

The little boy turns his head expressionlessly; he flips the bear paw above the fire, and said, “Niangqin, you can eat this.”

Jun MuYan tilts her head with her palm under her chin; she beams at her handsome and exceptional son, truly more and more pleasing to the eye. The more she looks, the more outstanding he seems.

In a blink of an eye, the mother and son have lived within the mountains for four years.

When they entered this cave four years ago, MuYan’s heart was still filled with hatred and darkness. But now, she can’t thank the heavens enough.

Thank the Heavens that gifted Xiao Bao[2] to her.

Of course, she wants to avenge the hatred, but the most important thing in MuYan’s mind is not revenge, but Xiao Bao.


[1]Elegant – it is used to describe manner and appearance.
[2]not his real name, just means little baby/treasure.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch8

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 8 A Little Bean Sprout Appears

The leaves rustle, and a huge leopard appears. Bright green eyes stare MuYan with hunger and cruelty.

However, when its gaze collides with MuYan’s pair of bloody eyes, the huge body unexpectedly shudders for some reason.

An inexplicable dread creeps throughout its body, and the wild beast’s instinct of forbearing danger makes a single thought come to the forefront of its mind—run.

The leopard crouches down and bares its teeth, giving off a threatening growl.

Then, it steps backwards, retreating away from MuYan’s line of sight.

MuYan straightens her waist, guarding her belly that’s getting more and more painful, and continues to slowly move forward.

“Baby, hold on for a while, just hold on for a little while.”

One step at a time, one hour and then another.

By the time when the day had completely turned dark, she finally found the markings that lead to a cave.

MuYan’s has a light smile on her lips as she gently strokes her abdomen, “Baby, look, we finally found it.”

In Yanwu Continent, there is a very rare spiritual vein of within this cave.

Training one’s Internal Force alongside the spiritual vein would allow one to advance, in a speed three or four times faster than normal.

In the past life, she accidentally discovered this spiritual vein but she foolishly handed it over to Gong Qianxue.

In this life, this will be the birthplace of her child.


Time flies, and a few years had gone by in a blink, rushing past.

In the past few years, there have been many major events that occurred in Yanwu Continent.

For example, in the first nation [Huang Yao Country], there emerged a name of an alchemist who could refine the Third Rank Ice Heart Pill – Jian Feng. After the Ice Heart Pill was released, it caused a sensation in the whole Yanwu Continent. Jian Feng became the great Alchemist that everyone sought after.

Then, in the middle nation [Zhong Cheng Country], news came out that their princess Gong Qianxue had broken out of Earth Grade, and while only 22 years old, had become the youngest Heaven grade powerhouse.

Another one in the lower nation [Chi Yan Country], a meteor had fallen in their land – a sign that a precious treasure is about to come into being. This is why many practitioners have gathered in Chi Yan Country.

However, all these has nothing to do with Jun MuYan, who is deep into the wilderness of the secluded mountain area.


Four years had passed, in an unnamed forest.

“ROAR!!” an earth-shaking roar resonates through the skies, and a powerful suppression instantly fills the atmosphere.

When they heard this roar, the smaller animals that wander the forest immediately tremble in fear, and scatter to flee in all directions.

Quickly afterwards, an enormous ancient tree shudders and down comes a huge black bear.

Looking at its eyes, they are a peculiar red. Its hands still hold a dead animal, and brings said animal to its mouth, chewing one mouthful of it at a time.

If people had been present at this moment, they would have found to their horror that this black bear is a strange beast.

And its level has reached the disquieting [Profound grade].

The Martial Practitioner Levels in Yanwu Continent are divided into the cultivation levels of: [Entry Stage, Primary Grade, Profound Grade, Earth Grade and Heaven Grade].

[After Heaven Grade, it is the Precelestial powerhouse. ]

Only by breaking through the Heaven Grade and reaching the Precelestial realm can one be considered to have a foot stepping into the realm of true cultivation.

However, throughout the whole Yanwu Continent, the formidable people that have achieved the Precelestial realm could be counted with only one hand.

Most of the martial practitioners have their cultivation stuck on either the Entry Stage or the Primary Grade.

In this way, it could be seen how frightening this Profound grade black bear is.

Suddenly, the black bear stops chewing, and its small savage eyes turn to look down below itself.

What it sees is unexpectedly a Little Bean Sprout that had stood there since who-knows-when.

It is but a young boy – four or five years old, with a height that is even shorter than the stubby legs of the black bear.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch7

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 7 Search! Give me a thorough search!

Half an hour later, MuYan opens the door, one hand supporting her waist, and the other cradling her belly. She slowly and carefully walks out of the run-down room.

If one only observes her current actions, she seems like an incredibly gentle mother.

Behind her however, the newly-opened door reveals a room filled with human remains.

Each corpse is cut open from the chest to the abdomen. The five viscera and six bowels were dug out when they were still alive. (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys; gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, truncal cavities, bladder)

Their eyes are wide open, and no one can close them. There is only boundless terror, pain, and despair in their eyes.

As if they have witnessed the most dreadful hell on earth.

Jun MuYan did not take a second glance at the bloody scene behind her, but throws back a newly lit torch.

The raging fire, under the bright sun, flares up further.

The dense smoke rises up and covers the sky above the house with a layer of dark grey.

When a group of men in black arrived on horseback, it had long burnt to the ground. They are unable to find even a shadow of a person.

Several black people look at each other, and saw the anxiety and disbelief the other’s eyes.

At this time, a white horse carrying a woman comes in a lightning-fast gallop.

It can be seen that the woman has a slender figure, a purple dress on her body and a conical hat on her head. Her face is covered by a veil, only hinting on her pretty facial outline.

As soon as she sees the ruins of cinder and ashes, the woman’s voice becomes ice-cold and surly, like it could drip water. “What’s all this? What of the fetus that I want?”

“A… answering the Lord, this lowly one does not know how it’s become like this as well, it should have been perfectly secure…”

“Waste!!” The woman gets a whip into her hand and raises it, fiercely lashing it towards them. After striking several times, she says in clenched teeth. “Search for me, even if only the corpse remains, I’ll dig it out!”

“Yes, Lord!”

After a short while, several men in black hurriedly rush to report, “Answering the Lord, there wasn’t a corpse that belongs to a pregnant woman.”

“You mean to say that she ran away?”

“Rest assured, Lord. Although we did not arrange people around this house, the mountain is sealed and closely guarded by our brothers. If the woman really ran away, she absolutely can’t escape this mountain.”

The veiled woman grips the horse’s reins tightly in her hands, the face under the veil turned green then white.

If she wasn’t so scared of being discovered that she’s acquiring an immortal child, she would’ve gone and taken the fetus herself, then there would be no accidents.

She thinks that the insignificant little girl absolutely cannot do anything unexpected.

Cannot expect…

“Search! Give me a thorough search!” The woman fiercely commands, “Even if you dig three feet beneath the ground, you must find and capture this woman and her child!”

“Yes, Lord!”


After Jun MuYan left the run-down house, she did not escape the mountains like what that white woman’s men had expected.

Instead, she turns to the opposite direction and went deeper into the mountains.

This part of the mountain area, the deeper in you go, the denser the trees become, the more secluded.

Layers and layers of leaves accumulate, rotting quite a bit, and have slowly become a swamp due to the buildup of rainwater.

There are countless poisonous insects, snakes and rats in the forest. There are even some unnamed strange beasts that are comparable to Primary grade practitioners.

No one would have thought that Jun MuYan would go deep into the mountains.

Since an extremely delicate pregnant woman like her would only meet death if she ever enters this wilderness.

However, Jun MuYan’s expression is unperturbed. Although her footsteps are slow and heavy, they are remarkably resolute.

Roar – ! A beast’s roar could be heard, coming from in front of her.

The leaves rustle, and a huge leopard appears. Bright green eyes stare at MuYan with hunger and cruelty.

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