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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 150: Please Enlighten

That’s because he was expecting that Jun Shang would simply amuse himself with the kid and con him.

But after hearing Xiao Bao agree to the challenge, Di Ming Jue doesn’t smirk like someone who got away with an evil scheme.

On the contrary, he adjusts his brows to be solemn and respectful. Hands brought together, he says: “Di Ming Jue of the Polar Domain, please enlighten!”

Xiao Bao is stunned. He also thought that this man in front of him just wants to tease and humiliate him.

But at this moment, he sees the man’s stern expression, and hears no inconsistency from the solemn voice.

Xiao Bao could finally feel a sense of respect from the other.

This man isn’t treating him like a child that he could make fun of.

Instead, he is treated like an equal opponent, someone that has an equal right to speak.

On the young and tender little face, all the anger and humiliation completely disappears.

Even to the point where, deep within the bottom of his heart, there’s a faint hint of joy and eagerness from being regarded an adult.

Xiao Bao straightens his back in return. His expression is neither servile nor overbearing, and with a crisp and clear voice of a child : “Jun Mochen of Chi Yan, please enlighten!”

Just as the voice falls, Xiao Bao’s figure suddenly disappears from its spot.

Han Ye’s pupils contract.

Even though 90% of his cultivation is sealed, he uses his experience and perception, but he can’t find how the little gongzi disappeared!

In the next moment, there’s a shadow in the sky.

Xiao Bao’s form is like a flash as he darts before Di Ming Jue.

Just a moment ago, he hadn’t leaked even a sliver of Internal Force. But in a split second, it suddenly pours down in torrents like the roaring of gigantic waves.

The small short legs create a multitude of afterimages, ferociously aiming the kicks towards Di Ming Jue’s chest.

A loud rumbling!

The small body flies out like a launched cannonball, then skids on the ground.

The little face is slightly pale.

However, Han Ye is unable to turn his sight towards him, since he widenes eyes, incredulously looking at his house’s Jun Shang .

He looks at the looming man, and sees that the vermilion-colored jade is still hanging on his hand.

The jade is rocking softly and the tassels are shining brightly.

It seems as if there isn’t the slightest change compared from just a moment ago.

However… however Han Ye clearly saw that just now… just as the little gongzi launched his Shadowless Kick*, Jun Shang unexpectedly took a step back.

*An actual martial arts technique, but for this, think of Chun Li’s Hyakuretsukyaku, or multiple kicks.

But that’s their house’s Jun Shang a!

Even if he doesn’t use Internal Force and has his spiritual power sealed, that powerful corporeal form is still unique and unmatched in the world.

If it was him, even if he uses all his strength to send a kick towards Jun Shang, he won’t be able to make Jun Shang move by even a fraction.

And yet the little gongzi actually did it!

A four-year-old child at that!

Even if he’s a child born from that outrageous Miss Muyan, that… isn’t that still too outrageous?

On one hand, Han Ye is so shocked from Xiao Bao’s display that his chin is about to fall off.

Yet Xiao Bao is very dissatisfied with his own performance.

The pair of small eyebrows are slightly puckered, the light within his ice-blue irises flicker.

Di Ming Jue expressionlessly says: “What? Will you give up like this?”

As soon as he finishes those words, Xiao Bao moves once again.

This time however, he doesn’t leap up in the air. He walks in a slow pace instead, circling around Di Ming Jue.

Han Ye finds it a bit strange when he first sees this.

What’s the use of going around Jun Shang like this? Does he want to make Jun Shang dizzy?

And with a speed this slow?

But after some time, Han Ye once again opens his eyes wide in astonishment. He reaches his hand up to rub his own eyes.

That’s because he finds that the little gongzi before him has multiplied.

It’s as if there are dozens of Xiao Bao’s clones at the field, grouping to surround Di Ming Jue.

It’s not like Han Ye hasn’t seen this kind of strange technique.

But they were all in the Xiuzhen or Xiuxian Continent, where it can only be achieved by using formidable Spiritual Power.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch149

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 149: Shameless, No Sense of Face

Xiao Bao’s figure drops down from the air, and lands steadily on the ground.

However, he has a very unsightly expression as he looks at Di Ming Jue. There are countless complex emotions surging within his eyes.

This man is too strong, he’s stronger than anyone he’s ever met.

So much so, that he’s even stronger than niangqin by quite a lot!

But even so… Xiao Bao clenches his small fists, his eyes are filled with determination… even if this man is more powerful, he won’t let him snatch his mother.

From high up, Di Ming Jue looks down at him and expressionlessly says: “You should be very clear that right now, you are no match to me. But I can give you a chance.”

Xiao Bao: “What chance?”

Di Ming Jue turns his wrist over, and a piece of vermilion jade hangs down from his palm. The golden tassels below the jade sway gently under the sunlight, scattering bright rays of light.

However, that piece of jade is still more fascinating than those tassels. Though the color and the luster is dull, and the shape is ordinary, but it has some strange patterns on it.

When you look at it deeply, it could give the feeling of being in a boundless sea of stars, the wonderful feeling of having one’s very soul cleansed.

Xiao Bao has never fancied treasures of gold and silver before, but he could feel an indescribable sense of attraction from looking at this piece of jade.

There’s an expression of longing within those big, sparkling and translucent eyes.

Di Ming Jue looks at him and says in a low voice: “I will give you one quarter of an hour. I will not use Mysterious Energy, nor will I attack. If you can snatch this jade from my hand within a quarter of an hour, I will give this jade to you, and I will no longer appear beside your mother.”

Hearing this statement, Xiao Bao withdraws his gaze from the jade ornament, turning to look at Di Ming Jue suspiciously, “If I can’t do it?”

“If it’s impossible for you…” Di Ming Jue pauses for a moment, then continues with, “then you must accept the fact that I am your mother’s husband, and your father.”

Just as Han Ye arrives, he hears this statement from Di Ming Jue and he almost stumbles down to the ground.

Cold sweat dribbles down his head.

Say, Jun Shang-daren, can you not be so shameless?

In order to chase a wife, you’re even trying to con a child a!

Xiao Bao aside, he himself would find it impossible to snatch the jade from Jun Shang’s hand! It would be impossible to do it within an hour, not to mention just a quarter of an hour!

Jun Shang-daren, if you bully Miss Muyan’s son this much, aren’t you afraid that she would know of it and look for you to settle accounts?

But Xiao Bao isn’t easily fooled either.

His small face tightens and he rejects without the slightest hesitation, “Cheat, you’re definitely not niangqin’s husband!”

The light in Di Ming Jue’s eyes darken, he says: “Inevitably, there will come a day that Muyan will become Ben Jun’s wife… it’s only a matter of time. But this has nothing to do with you, you only need to know one point: if you lose today, you must accept that I am your future father!”

Xiao Bao slightly knits his brows. He doesn’t speak.

Di Ming Jue sneers, and disdainfully says: “What? Ben Jun had already given you such a condition, and you still don’t dare to step up? You said that you want to become stronger to protect your mother, but your spirit and courage only amounts to this much?”

Xiao Bao is intelligent, but he’s still just a four-year-old child.

What’s more, protecting his mother and getting stronger are precisely his sore points.

Getting riled up this much by Di Ming Jue, his small face suddenly snaps up, a blazing fire bursts within his big eyes, “Okay, I’ll bet against you! If you lose, you’re not allowed to rob my niangqin ever again!”

Han Ye listens to the pair’s conversation, then he turns his head in shame.

Jun Shang, can you be any more shameless?

What happens next however, changes Han Ye’s expression from blushing in shame, to serious.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch148

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 148: The Illusion of Two Jun-Shangs

But very quickly, he simply gives a cold snort and expressionlessly says: “Ben Jun was naturally attending to your mother.”

Unfortunately, his righteous explanation is only met with Xiao Bao’s disdainful look, the other’s eyes saying ‘lying to a child’.

Di Ming Jue gets mad.

He can’t wait to pull this little thing’s pants down, and firmly give his butt a beating.

One big and one small, glaring at each other and narrowing their eyes, neither stepping down.

Just then, the room’s door is suddenly pushed open, and Han Ye comes in carrying a steaming hot, black crock.

He lowers his voice, but still say animatedly: “Jun Shang, this subordinate had made some inquiries, about how the people of Yanwu Continent recuperate their health, this Black-boned Chicken soup is…”

Before he could finish his words, the two people by the bed simultaneously turn around and fiercely glare at him.

They whisper in unison, “Get out!!”

Moron, you’re bothering my niangqin’s sleep!

Fool, you’re bothering my lady’s rest!

Han Ye rattles from shock, the chicken soup in his hand almost spilling to the floor.

God, he… what is this illusion!

He seems to be facing two Jun Shangs!

This kind of pressure that assaults one’s senses, as well as the imposing manner of looking disdainfully out of the corner of their eyes… it’s simply making him pee his pants from fright!

Not waiting for Han Ye to react, a powerful gust of wind hits him in the face.

He stumbles back for several steps.

Then a thump, and the door closes shut against his nose.

Han Ye is scared witless as he touches his own nose and checks that it’s still intact. His eyes are still filled with a lingering fear.

It’s really very terrible to have two Jun Shangs.

Wait… hold on, wasn’t that the little Jun-gongzi just a moment ago?

How can he be inside? When did he get in?

As he’s thinking that, he sees the door open once again.

Di Ming Jue is carrying Xiao Bao, and he walks out with large strides.

Against his will, Xiao Bao is slung on top of his shoulders, the tiny face is incredibly red, and he angrily exclaims: “Let me down!”

Di Ming Jue ignores him and continues to walk towards the direction of the backyard.

Han Ye stupidly looks at this scene, his chin almost falling down.

Jun… Jun Shang is actually holding a child.

Although that can’t really be called ‘holding’… more like hauling…

But of course, their Jun Shang had always kept distance from others a!

Don’t even mention children and beautiful women, even if they themselves want to get close, they can’t just freely approach within half a meter of Jun Shang.

But now that Jun Shang is enamored with Miss Muyan and is pursuing her, even so, it still comes as a surprise that he’s willing to be this familiar with the little Jun-gongzi.

If people from Xiuxian Continent could see this scene, their eyeballs would pop out from staring!

Wait wait, what does Jun Shang want to do with the little gongzi by carrying him?

It can’t be because he’s jealous, so he’s taking Miss Muyan’s child with her ‘ex-husband’, and secretly deal with him?

At this thought, Han Ye’s face turn white.

Miss Jun protects the little gongzi like the apple of her eyes. If the little gongzi is hurt in any way because of one wrong move, Jun Shang will never be able to ask for marriage!

No good. He must follow them and, when the time comes, remind Jun Shang that he must never injure the little gongzi.


After finding out that he can’t struggle free from Di Ming Jue, Xiao Bao doesn’t fuss and cry like a normal child- bawling out of confusion. Instead, he holds his small fists and rapidly operates his Internal Force.

Very quickly, Di Ming Jue brings Xiao Bao and arrives at the backyard.

As he’s about to put him down, Xiao Bao suddenly makes his move.

A palm strikes against the other’s shoulder, and the small body suddenly leaps up in the air.

At the same time, he gathers Internal Force within the hollow of his palm, turning it into a sharp blade and fiercely brandishing it towards Di Ming Jue.

Di Ming Jue doesn’t even change his expression as simply waves a hand.

A wave of energy goes high up in the air, and Xiao Bao’s energy sword with the sky-swallowing might, suddenly stops and disappears.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch147

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 147: A Guilty Conscience

Xiao Bao is in no way willing to leave his mother at this time, so he immediately struggles very hard, like a crazy little beast.

The Internal Force of a Heaven Stage expert is recklessly released.

Di Ming Jue didn’t expect that this little guy’s cultivation is actually quite high.

While he’s caught off guard, a blade made out of Internal Force cuts through his clothes.

Di Ming Jue eyes darken and he coldly says: “Be quiet for me, your mother is tired. She’s just sleeping right now, do you want to wake her up?”

Xiao Bao stares blankly because of the man’s words, the strength from his kicks can’t help but lessen.

Niangqin is okay?

Just too tired? Just sleeping?

When he understands that his mother is okay and she won’t leave him, Xiao Bao’s constricting heart immediately relaxes.

In an instant, the rationality and calmness that doesn’t belong to his age also returns.

“Let me go!” Xiao Bao lifts his head, and without showing weakness, he glares up at Di Ming Jue, “I’m going to see niangqin, I… definitely won’t wake her up.”

Except for Muyan, in this world, within the Three Realms… who dares to shout and quarrel against Di Ming Jue? Even looking at him with furrowed brows and blazing eyes?

Those who really dared to be rude towards Di Ming Jue, have their dead bones long gone already- scattered to fertilize the grass for hundreds of years!

Could it be that this little guy in front him had eaten a bear’s heart and leopard’s guts? Even dares to order him around!

Di Ming Jue wants to get angry.

However, he sees Xiao Bao’s exquisite features that are similar to Muyan by seven or eight points, as well as that pair of ice-blue irises that are exactly like his own.

At this time, there’s traces of red lines within those stubborn eyes, showing just how scared and panicked the little guy had been just a while ago.

He doesn’t know why, but the heart that had always been as hard as iron, somewhat softens a little.

Di Ming Jue snorts coldly, but nevertheless loosens his hold.

Xiao Bao lands on both feet, then his small body springs away like an arrow released from it’s bow. He instantly rushes to Muyan’s side.

Only this time, his actions are very gentle and he looks at Muyan with eyes filled with attachment.

However, he tightly clenches his small fists.

Even though that annoying man said that his mother is only very tired so she’s sleeping,

Xiao Bao knows that she was bullied by some villains and got hurt.

When those bad guys bullied niangqin, he wasn’t able to be by her side and defend her.

He said that he was going to protect his mother, but he didn’t.

Huge eyes glisten with unshed tears, like they’re covered by a layer of fog, but he stubbornly refuses to let the tears fall.

At the side, Di Ming Jue watches the little guy trying to stop his tears. For some reason, he feels anxious within his heart which had always been unfeeling.

Just as he’s about to speak, he sees the small kid rub his eyes, and very carefully leans in closer to Muyan. Then he softly lays a kiss on her cheeks.

Xiao Bao speculates in his mind: every time niangqin kisses Xiao Bao, Xiao Bao feels very happy. So if Xiao Bao kisses niangqin, niangqin will wake up sooner, won’t she?

Seeing this scene however, Di Ming Jue becomes completely peeved.

This little scoundrel, he himself was unable to kiss Muyan!

Di Ming Jue grabs Xiao Bao by the collar and picks him up. Unable to restrain his anger, but he still doesn’t forget to lower his voice, he says: “What are you up to?”

Xiao Bao glares in return, not in the least bit hesitant to fight back. His big eyes are still red and watery, but his imposing manner is not lessened at all, “Earlier, when you were taking advantage of niangqin sleeping, what were you up to?”

Hmph, this shameless lecher. Don’t think that he doesn’t know anything!

Just when he successfully advanced to the middle of Heaven Stage, he went and out and saw this lecher wanting to make advances towards niangqin.

Di Ming Jue chokes on Xiao Bao’s question, and Jun Shang-daren has a rare, guilty sputter. His ears turn red.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch146

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 146: What do you want to do with Niangqin?

Inside the room, only Di Ming Jue and a still-sleeping Muyan are left behind.

He sits down on the bed, staring fixedly at the girl’s sleeping countenance. The usually cold and harsh light inside his eyes slowly becomes softer and gentler, becoming even more obsessive.

His fingers hover over those absolutely beautiful features, poetic and picturesque, wanting to caress them. But he remembers her complaints against him back in the Ghost City. Annoyed, his hands remain hanging in the air.

Muyan’s skin is so delicate, so exquisite, like it could break if he touches it. If she gets hurt again from the touch, what’s to be done if she wakes up with a start?

Di Ming Jue slightly knits his brows.

A part of him thinks of his identity. Isn’t it heaven’s law and earth’s principle to touch the woman that he likes?

Another part of him remembers Muyan’s angry look in the Ghost City and once again, he grows apprehensive in his mind, and the hand suspended in the air doesn’t move.

The doctor’s words suddenly echo in his ears, ‘your lady doesn’t have anything serious.’

Muyan, his lady, his wife.

Di Ming Jue’s ears are slightly hot, and there’s an inexplicable happiness bubbling over in his heart.

His gaze slowly moves, from Muyan’s jet-black hair, her smooth and bright forehead, to her thick and long lashes, her upturned jade-like nose, and slowly reaching those pale pink petal lips.

Even after a long time, he still remembers the sweet taste of those lips.

Every day and every night, haunting his dreams and enticing his soul, thirsting to get another taste of that most fragrant ambrosia.

Even though he promised Muyan that he will pursue her until she’s hopelessly in love with him,

But since it’s already a foreordained conclusion, him exercising a little of his powers as a husband in advance, isn’t that simply as it should be by his rights?

Di Ming Jue’s ears are slightly red, and his heart is burning hot.

A hand cups Muyan’s face as he slowly bends down, bit by bit, ever so slowly getting closer to those lips that he had been longing for, for so long.

Just as he’s about to seize those petal-like lips, soft as a peach blossom, and carefully taste that sweet fragrance,

A powerful Mysterious Energy suddenly strikes, coming from between him and Muyan.

Di Ming Jue is caught off guard, and is actually pushed back several steps by that force.

Having his soft indulgence cut short, Di Ming Jue’s face is simply unsightly and murderous.

His frosty gaze looks towards the edge of the bed, to the first one to bury funerary dolls* and bother him and Muyan.

  • originator of an evil practice

There’s a small boy, barely taller than the edge of the bed, guarding in front of Muyan and coldly glaring towards him.

The handsome little face is taut; and a pair of ice-blue pupils, that are exactly the same as Di Ming Jue’s, are filled with vigilance and alertness.

“What do you want to do with niangqin?”

The small childish voice is frosty, filled with the coldness to a stranger. That imposing manner is unexpectedly more formidable than an adult who had been sitting in a position of power for a long time.

After he says that however, Xiao Bao doesn’t care about Di Ming Jue anymore.

Instead, he impatiently turns to look towards Muyan who is lying down on the bed.

He sees the appearance of the beautiful person in front of him: her complexion is so white, it’s almost transparent. Even the originally captivatingly red lips are also as white as paper. The long lashes are hanging low, so still, like she’s never going to wake up.

The rim of Xiao Bao’s eyes immediately turn red. He clutches on Muyan’s finger and his very small body slightly trembles.

Endless panic and fear rushes into his mind.

However, he’s never been a child who bawls when he cries. So he just leans against the bedside and makes soft and feeble calls, like a cub’s whine, “Niangqin, niangqin… don’t leave Xiao Bao… Xiao Bao will be good…”

Lying on the bed, Muyan seems to have sensed something, and her long eyelashes tremble slightly.

Di Ming Jue frowns, and with a cold ‘hmph’, he picks Xiao Bao up by the collar, and turns around to walk outside.

“Let me go!!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch145

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 145: The Skies of the Ghost City Will Change

But after so many years, he didn’t ask Xia Yi to return the favor, only making an exception for Muyan this time.

Ru Yan kneels on the ground, her voice is trembling as she sobs, “I wanted to protect Miss Jun, but I am too incompetent that in fact, I’m unable to do anything for her. If honored Sir really must enforce a punishment, please punish me instead, since Miss Jun entered the Ghost City because she accepted my invitation. However, please sire, please let off the lives of the innocent people in Ghost City.”

Han Ye determines that Old Tao and Ru Yan’s intentions are sincere, so his expression looks much better. He turns back to look at Di Ming Jue.

But Di Ming Jue doesn’t even send a glance to these few people, as he turns to leave with the sleeping Muyan.

While he’s unprepared, the other figure is already quite a distance away.

Looking at the man’s straight and lofty silhouette disappearing, Xia Yi and the Ghost Envoys breath a sigh of relief.

Ru Yan and Old Tao suddenly slump down on the ground, like they obtained a new life after a calamity.

Han Ye doesn’t leave right away, but he looks down upon everyone there, “Considering the fact that two of you genuinely and sincerely wanted to save our Madam, I can open the net on one side*, and let off the rest of you. However, if there’s another incident where anyone from the Ghost City dares to be disrespectful to our Madam, hehe… you should know what will happen.”

give one’s opponent a way out.

Everyone who heard these words immediate go wild with joy. Each one of them swear to never act against Muyan again, and if they see Jun Muyan in the future, they will definitely treat her like their ancestors – in no way will they dare to show the slightest neglect.

Han Ye nods his head in satisfaction at this, then his line of sight falls on Xia Yi. A mocking smile appears on his face.

“I really didn’t expect that after a millennium, Ghost City has actually fallen to this degree. Can it only rely on usurpations in order to stay afloat? What a disgrace!”

Hearing this, Xia Yi lifts his head up, an astonished expression on his face: “What does Sir mean by these words?”

Han Ye’s sneer slowly disappears, his face turning expressionless: “Go back and tell [Gu Yue], that within a month, he will have to explain himself in front of Jun Shang; and give a clear account of the matter about the Madam being injured today. Otherwise, he should be prepared to disappear forever.”

Xia Yi snaps his eyes wide open, his body suddenly springs up and he cries: “Who-who are you in the end?!”

Han Ye no longer pays him any mind, but chuckles derisively and turns away. His figure quickly going into the distance.

Xia Yi dazedly looks toward his departing back, only returning to his senses after a long time.

Old Tao couldn’t help but whisper: “Ghost King, what’s going on? Who are those two?”

Xia Yi is silent for a long time. Then he secretly mumbles to himself: “Gu Yue, the one with the highest position within the Ghost City, the name of the Ghost Emperor. Except for the Ghost Kings, no one else should know.”

Then why? Why does that man know?

He wants the Ghost Emperor to appear before Jun Shang within a month. Again… what does that mean?

Xia Yi abruptly turns around, ignoring the questions from Old Tao and the others, and quickly leaves.

He must report this news to the Ghost Emperor right away.

Xia Yi has an intuition that maybe, the skies of the Ghost City will change!


“Gongzi can rest assured, your lady doesn’t have anything serious, just… just excessive use of Internal Force and physical overexertion – so she collapsed. As long as she rests for several days, and eat proper meals, she’ll definitely… fully recover.”

Under Di Ming Jue’s cold gaze, the doctor stammeringly finishes stating his diagnosis.

As Han Ye smiles and invites him out so they can settle the consultation fee, the doctor immediately goes out in a hurry, like he received some sort of amnesty.

Inside the room, only Di Ming Jue and a still-sleeping Muyan are left behind.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch144

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 144: Please Have Mercy

“Honored Sir, please have mercy!” a cry comes from a distance.

Afterwards, from afar comes a silhouette approaching as fast as lightning, urgently halting in before Di Ming Jue and Han Ye.

The arriving man’s outward appearance seems to be only at his early forties, he looks even younger than Cao Wendao.

However, there’s a white smattering on his temples, and the vicissitudes of life have settled in his eyes – making him seem very old.

Seeing this person, a lot of people in the Ghost City cry out in joy.

“Ghost King! It’s the Ghost King!”

“We’re saved! Ghost City is saved!”

The man who arrived turns out to be the man in charge of the entire Ghost City in Xia’an, Ghost King Xia Yi.

Everyone in the Ghost City knows how frightening and powerful of an existence the Ghost King is.

The five Magistrates all together can’t compare against the Ghost King, even though they’re all of the Precelestial realm.

So when they see that Xia Yi has arrived, the Ghost Envoys think that they’re saved, each one of them practically crying tears of joy.

The next moment however, they receive a shock.

When Xia Yi sees Di Ming Jue, not only is he not lashing out in rage, he shows an alarmed an guarded expression instead.

Even his steps retreat once out of instinct.

A change comes over his face and he ultimately, slowly cups his hands in greeting, “This one is Ghost King Xia Yi of this Ghost City. May I ask sire’s most distinguished name? If my Ghost City had committed an offense, asking sire to be magnanimous and give us a yard. As long as it’s within the scope of capability, my Ghost City is willing to put out any compensation.”

As Xia Yi says this, all the surrounding Ghost Envoys suck in a mouth of cold air, their complexions increasingly turning wan from shock and horror.

Even the Ghost King is so afraid, who is this man in the end?

What kind of meteor did they provoke?

Han Ye chuckles darkly and steps forward: “Compensation? You people undertook a task to injure our Madam. Do you think that the matter would be over once you speak of compensation?”

Xia Yi hears this, and a mouthful of blood rushes up his throat and he can’t spit it out.

He sends a quick look at the girl in Di Ming Jue’s arms, and sees that although she’s unconscious, it’s merely from fatigue and she’s not hurt at all.

And what about their Ghost City? Not only are the five Magistrates dead, more than half of the buildings have collapsed, and all the treasures have been thoroughly cleaned out. One can say that the damage is disastrous.

Aren’t they supposed to compensate him?

Han Ye sneers and says: “Since you have nothing else to say, then everyone must die, as an apology for your deeds against the Madam.”

As he says that, he unsheathes a long sword, it’s length gleaming with a cold light.

There’s no need for Di Ming Jue to make a move. Han Ye, even with his cultivation suppressed by 90%, could make Xia Yi and the many Ghost Envoys to shiver and show despair.

“Wait… wait a moment!” suddenly, a trembling old voice accounts, “Trying to kill Miss Jun, it was Magistrate Xu and the others who were simply willfully doing whatever they want. Ru Yan girl and I, we were desperately trying to save Miss Jun. Asking honored Sir, please do not judge too harshly, please give our Ghost City a way to survive!”

Old Tao follows behind Xia Yi. He thumps down kneeling on the ground, a beseeching expression on his face.

Han Ye narrows his eyes: “You were trying desperately to save my Madam?”

“Y-yes! It is thanks to Miss Jun’s draught that this humble one can break through my bottleneck. Miss Jun had given the grace of a new lease in life to this humble one and to Ru Yan girl. How can we just look on helplessly and watch Miss Jun die!” Old Tao points to the heaven and vows, “I would dare to swear that everything I said is true, please believe me!”

Old Tao went out to ask for help, precisely to Ghost King Xia Yi.

Because he did a very small favor for Xia Yi when he was younger, Old Tao was able to stay peacefully in the Ghost City even when he wasn’t able to make any progress in his cultivation.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch143

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 143: The Devil

If one could say that the pressure from other people is merely like a fearsome momentum,

The pressure coming from this man is like the concentrated essence of it.

There’s a pair of bone-piercingly cold hands taking hold of their hearts, abruptly squeezing.

He clearly hasn’t unleashed any sort of attack, but the four people suddenly grab their own throats. They open their mouths wide and let out terrible choking sounds.

Moreover, the entire area of the Ghost City itself begins to produce a violent groaning noise.

Even more pieces of debris fall down from the ruined ceiling.

That’s to say nothing of the four Magistrates who are bearing the brunt of it.

Even Ru Yan and the others who are hiding at the side – each one of them have their faces turning ashen, their mouths throwing up blood. They want to groan and call for help, but even the smallest sound doesn’t come out.

It’s to the point where even the Ghost City’s guests, who were driven to the Beast Fighting Colosseum, each and every one of them begins to find it difficult to breathe as well. Their bodies’ Internal Force burble and churn uncontrollably.

There seems to be an incorporeal hand between the heaven and the earth that has the entire Ghost City in a stranglehold.

It only needs to exert a little effort, and it can crush this enormous structure and all the people inside of it.

“Jun Shang, calm down! Calm down a little!” Han Ye could stand it no longer, so he dashes over and braves death, saying with a trembling voice, “Jun Shang, don’t forget that this isn’t the Xiuxian Continent, this is the Yanwu Continent. If you release even a little bit more of your pressure, it may cause this whole realm to collapse. This… this is where Miss Muyan lives. Is… isn’t it just a few dregs? This subordinate can handle it for you.”

When Di Ming Jue heard what he said, he looks down towards the girl in his arms.

Even though he already did his best so his pressure will not affect Muyan, he could see that the person he’s holding has slightly knitted brows, apparently not having a restful sleep.

Di Ming Jue suddenly tightens his embrace on Muyan, gentleness and distress flashes through his eyes. In the blink of an eye, the pressure coming from his body disappears without a trace.

Having survived the mortal danger, Cao Wendao doesn’t care for his dignity anymore, as he kneels and prostrates himself towards Di Ming Jue, “We were wrong, we have eyes but we failed to see Mount Tai*. We beseech Your Highness to please spare us, spare Ghost City!”

  • failed to recognize something or someone important.

At this moment, Cao Wendao and the other three are truly regretting it so much, their intestines are green.

The people of Ghost City are accustomed to oppress and tyrannize. To think that they simply wanted to forcefully keep a mere draught refiner, and they unexpectedly provoked these two meteors to fall upon them.

Jun Muyan, this mere 18 or 19 year old girl, had taken their Ghost City and turned it upside down all by herself.

They thought that Jun Muyan was already dreadful enough, then this man had appeared before their eyes and he can’t simply be defined dreadful, he’s practically the devil himself ah!

In the face of this person, there’s only the instinct to be fearful. They can’t to have the slightest bit of resistance.

Di Ming Jue slowly raises his head. He looks at them, and a cold smile spreads across his stern face.

He holds up two slender fingers, lightly sliding them downwards.

There’s a ‘chi’ sound, and Cao Wendao suddenly grabs his own throat, opening his eyes wide in horror.

He opens his mouth, wanting to beg for mercy, wanting to scream. However, blood appears before any sound; it spills out from his lips and teeth, spurting out violently from the gaps of his fingers.

Boom, boom, boom, boom! Four muffled sounds, the four Magistrates crumple straight down, their bodies turning into bloody carcasses.

Han Ye laughs grimly at the side, saying to himself: hurting Miss Muyan and they still think they can retreat? Are they daydreaming?

At this time, Di Ming Jue’s gaze is already directed at the Ghost Envoys in the surroundings.

Everyone here is involved in harming Muyan.

He will not let even one of them off!

Ru Yan stumbles on her footing, falling down the ground with a thump. She looks at the handsome, god-like man and sees him slowly swinging down his fingers like a sword. There is only despair in her eyes.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch142

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 142: Take Me… Back Home

While Muyan is in midair, she is suddenly plunged into a broad embrace, holding her tightly.

“Muyan, how are you? Did you sustain heavy injuries? Does it hurt?”

A man’s hoarse and trembling voice asks impatiently.

The hands were holding her tight at first, but he seems to recall something and immediately loosens his hold. The embrace becomes gentler.

As if she’s a precious treasure, he seems terribly afraid that she would be hurt, faintly dreading that she might disappear.

Especially when he sees that Muyan’s clothes are soaked in blood, Di Ming Jue can’t help but shudder.

Damn them, damn those people thousands of ten thousands of times!

The one he holds within the palm of his hands, the person he places within the depths of his heart, one he couldn’t even bear to press in the slightest,

And this dregs actually dared to injure his Muyan!

Muyan had been playing to her heart’s content. Before she could fully vent herself however, Di Ming Jue had suddenly interrupted her like this. She just feels very depressed.

She turns her head, only to see that the insufferably arrogant man… now has a helpless and anxious appearance. She just stares blankly at first, but soon after, a trace of warmth flits across her eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’m all right. This isn’t my blood.”

Muyan hooks her lips up, giving a lazy and arrogant laugh, “For these wastes, killing me is nothing but a dream.”

When the she laughs, her eyes seems to have the glimmer of a boundless starry sky.

There is pride, arrogance, and the carelessness of a sidelong glance to the mundane world.

Only at this time does Muyan look like a 19-year-old girl. Mischievous, unruly, and cheerful.

Di Ming Jue really loves this different side of her.

Fingers gently caress the girl’s cold, tender cheeks; the pads rubbing the blood off of her face.

“Hiss—!” Muyan makes a sharp sound and frowns. She suddenly steps away, saying angrily: “Di Ming Jue, do you have something against me? Must you press so hard? I was not hurt by this group of trash, but I’ll get bruises from you.”

That charming and gentle feeling disappears in an instant.

Di Ming Jue grinds his teeth in anger, itching to grab this little woman and contain her in his arms; ruthlessly arrest her little mouth and ravage it as a punishment.

Doesn’t she know how anxious he was just a moment ago, thinking that she might’ve gotten into harm.

Before he detonates however, Muyan suddenly goes limp and falls into his arms.

The battle from earlier, although she was unrestrained against her four opponents, not falling into a disadvantageous position-

Her Internal Force consumption was simply too great.

Now that she’s coming down from the rush, she suddenly feels like the last thread of strength in her body finally leaves her.

For a moment, she can’t steady her footing.

Feeling the young woman’s soft body pressed up against his own, her sweet fragrance assaulting his senses, Di Ming Jue’s whole body stiffens up.

It takes him quite a while before he reaches out his hands to hold her closer.

In her dizziness, Muyan feels like there’s a buzzing noise in her ears, like the sound of a mosquito. “Di Ming Jue, take me… back home.”

Right after saying that, her eyes close and she falls asleep with a peace of mind.

They’re definitely just mere acquaintances.

But she doesn’t know why, that when this man appeared, she feels like she can be at ease. She feels like she can depend on someone.

As long as he’s around, whatever the predicament, he will definitely solve it for her.

She doesn’t need to be so tired anymore, nor does she need to bear everything by herself.

When Di Ming Jue sees the girl passed out in his arms, her complexion is deathly pale, his face suddenly turns frightening, like a demon from the underworld.

Cao Wendao and the others had just gotten up from the ground when gleaming, frosty eyes sweep over them. Then a husky voice that seems to have come from the abyss of hell,

“Dare to hurt Ben Jun’s woman, you should all die ten thousand times for this sin!!”

Cao Wendao’s group just got up.

Yet before they could stand properly, they could feel a awful might and pressure hitting them on their faces.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch141

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 141: Lose His Mind

Right now, regret rises up in his heart.

That’s because Muyan is too strong! Strong enough to evoke fear from others.

And they have made such an enemy for the Ghost City.

If they can’t kill Muyan today and let her continue to grow in the future, the consequences is simply too horrible to think about.

That’s why Jun Muyan must die today!

A cold light flickers within Cao Wendao’s eyes, he sternly says: “Everyone, we can no longer let that person stay alive.”

The other three Magistrates also have equally heavy expressions, they slowly give a nod.

Muyan, who is at the center of their encirclement, has a white complexion similar to ice crystals. Her cyan clothes are already stained with blood.

Her situation is very bad right now. Under the siege of five people, she has already used up more than half of the Internal Force within her body.

Moreover, that palm strike from Cao Wendao is making her chest ache.

Even if she slips through these four’s assault, she would still have nowhere to go while she’s trapped within the Ghost City.

For Muyan, this is already a deadlock.

Such a desperate situation should make anyone panicked and frightened.

But being under this kind of impasse, Muyan only laughs.

A demon is contained within those beautiful peach blossom eyes, like water covered in swirling fog. There is a flame that slowly, ever so gradually, rises up from within her pupils.

This is indeed excitement, a thrill, a lust for battle.

She wants to see, to what extent would she be able to fight without the assistance of the Tian Mo Qin.

After four years that she was deep in the mountains, she also wants to know how her strength measures up.

The long sword draws a beautiful arc in the air, until the tip points directly towards Cao Wendao, “Want to kill me? Then try to see if you can do it!”


On the streets of Xia’an, two figures hurtle past like lightning.

Following behind the other, Han Ye looks at Jun Shang’s back and he could feel the horror from what’s radiating out of him. It’s an almost uncontrollable pressure, like the whole person is dangerous.

Ghost City, they actually trapped Miss Jun and they also want to kill her!

Oh God, are they courting death?

Wrong! They’re not just courting death for themselves, these fools want to make the entire Yanwu Continent be buried together with them!

If Miss Jun really suffered any harm,

Han Ye simply doesn’t dare to imagine how furious Jun Shang would be, and how he will react.

That group of idiots from Ghost City, why can’t they just bring disaster upon themselves – must they really involve other people?

“Who is it? Ghost City is in a lockdown, no one can get in…”

The Ghost Envoy guarding the entrance still hasn’t finished his words when he suddenly spurts out a mouthful of blood, and flies away into the distance.

Han Ye follows after Di Ming Jue, going unimpeded all through the Ghost City compound.

Along with more and more ruined buildings, the smell of blood becomes thicker and thicker. The atmosphere coming out of Di Ming Jue becomes even more dreadful.

Even Han Ye, who’s following behind him, can’t help but shiver.

What more for the Ghost Envoys; they wouldn’t even have the chance to approach, before they’re already foaming at the mouth and losing consciousness.

In just a short while, they’ve already arrived at the location of the drug ingredients’ warehouse.

This place can no longer be called a warehouse, but a ruin.

The air is filled with a heavy smell of blood.

Five figures are wrapped with the cold glint of criss-crossing blades.

Han Ye takes a closer look and sees that within those five Precelestial experts, there’s dark-clothed young woman who is covered all over in blood, and is being attacked from all sides. He immediately sucks in a mouthful of cold air.

This time, Jun Shang is really going to lose his mind!

Before he could finish his thoughts, Di Ming Jue’s form has already soared up. A powerful and terrifying turbulence emerges, like one that will topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

Cao Wendao and the others are caught off guard. They suddenly cough up blood, and are blasted away.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch140

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 140: Dead But the Eyes Won’t Close

The expansive ceiling is on the is on the verge of collapse. Then it caves in and the dust flies up.


Each one of the Ghost Envoys outside the warehouse has their eyes wide open in horror and amazement.

Their bodies are shivering out of instinct.

This is a battle between six Precelestial experts, even if just a little bit of pressure spills out, it can make all of their Qi and blood lurch over and over, even breathing becomes difficult.

But even if they are frightened and find it difficult to bear, none of them leave.

All eyes are staring fixedly an the six crisscrossing figures in the warehouse.

As each moment passes by, the Ghost Envoys look more and more frightened.

That’s because even after a quarter of an hour had passed by, Jun Muyan doesn’t lose.

Half an hour goes by, and Jun Muyan still doesn’t lose.

The sound of the Golden Armored Cavalry* warp and weft along with the surging Internal Force.

  • folklore: shiny warriors on horseback.

Effectively cutting through.

Five Magistrates, five Precelestial powerhouses, and they haven’t made any progress for a the entire thirty minutes besieging a young woman.

Since the founding of Ghost City, this situation had never happened before!

Ru Yan puts her hands together and grasps them tightly, incessantly hoping for Muyan’s safety in her mind.

In the next moment however,

Cao Wendao suddenly hits Muyan’s chest.

The girl’s figure flies backwards like a kite with its strings broken.

The Ghost Envoys let out a cheering sound in that split second.

Ru Yan’s heart jumps.

Who would’ve expected that while in midair, Muyan’s body makes a sudden spin.

She turns towards Magistrate Xu.

The sound of the Tian Mo Qin abruptly transforms, like a whistling cold wind brimming with the lust for slaughter.

Cao Wendao’s complexion changes, “Wenhu, look out!!”

Magistrate Xu sneers in spite of it, “To use a mere Sound Blade to injure me, you greatly underestimate me, Xu Wenhu!”

As he’s talking, he doesn’t retreat but goes forward instead. He abruptly charges towards Muyan.

Musicians, so to speak, only have ranged and mental attacks as their strongest skills.

As long as one gets close, Muyan’s terrible sound blade attacks will be placed in a great disadvantage.

Once he catches this slut, he will make it so she would hate being alive but cannot die!

At that moment however, he sees that on girl’s face that is almost within reach, a beguiling smile opens to a bloom.

Like the blood-red umbel of a lycoris, alluring and filled with the flavor of death.

The next moment, the Tian Mo Qin suddenly disappears from Muyan’s hands, and within her grasp is the handle of a double-edged sword.

Majestic and overwhelming Internal Force pours out from within her body.

There’s a squelching sound, and indeed… a blade pierces through flesh.

Magistrate Xu’s opens his blood-shot eyes wide. He slowly lowers his head, and takes a look at his own chest.

Only to see the length of the sword that was thrusted out, piercing through him.

The sharp end vibrates faintly. Along with the Mysterious Force invading in, he could feel a rupture in his heart, and an outpour in his vitality.

But, how come? How… can this be?

They clearly have five Precelestial experts, while the other party is just girl that’s not even on her twenties.

Why did he lose?

And how can he lose?

The girl in front of him gives a small chuckle, resplendent like the red clouds of dawn, tempting like a peach, “Did you think that I can only use Sound Blades? As a matter of fact, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time already.”

She recovers the sword and Magistrate Xu’s body falls straight down.

Until the moment of his death, his eyes are still wide, tenaciously glaring straight ahead, unable to close them.

He really is unable to understand, even with all the power of the Ghost City, they surround this small and feeble woman to kill her,

Why is he still the one to die?

The entire audience is as quiet as a grave, one would hear it if a needle is dropped.

Cao Wendao’s face is ashen. He looks at Muyan not just with awe, but with a hint of fear as well.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch139

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 139: I Want Your Life

“This is still the first time that I heard it explained like it’s so clean, so free from vulgarity… by the one who wants to seize by force.” Muyan sneers, “And, if I’m not willing?”

Cao Wendao’s eyes flash and he suddenly strikes out with an empty palm.

With a loud bang, about a dozen medicine cabinets under Muyan are blasted into dust, the wood shavings flutter, its motes are everywhere.

The Ghost Envoys that are following behind to hunt for Muyan see this scene. One after another, their faces turn pale and they take a step back.

They look at Cao Wendao with worship and awe in their eyes.

“This Jun Muyan is definitely screwed today.”

“Hehe, this is five Magistrates, we’re talking about five Precelestial powerhouses you know? So what if Jun Muyan is also a Precelestial? Do we still have to guess the conclusion when it’s one against five?”

“In addition, isn’t this because Jun Muyan is so bafflingly stupid? Since she escaped, she should’ve just gone into hiding. She’s actually stupid enough to stay inside this warehouse. How could she still survive now that she’s surrounded by Magistrate Xu and the others?”

Within the crowd, Ru Yan is deathly pale and she sends a glance towards Old Tao by the side.

Her voice is already trembling the moment she opens her mouth to talk: “It’s my fault, I brought harm upon Miss Jun. It’s all because Miss Jun had accepted my invitation… what should I do? How can I save Miss Jun?”

Old Tao says through gritted teeth: “Miss Jun had given me the grace to have another chance in life, this Old Tao can’t just look on helplessly and watch her die. Ru Yan girl, you stay here. I will go out of the Ghost City to ask for help. Don’t let Miss Jun die before I come back!”

Ru Yan’s face is still deathly pale, but there’s a stubborn glint in her eyes, “Okay, even if I throw away this life, even if I have to kneel and beg on the ground, I will surely watch over Miss Jun. I can’t let anything happen to her.”

Old Tao nods his head and his figure shuttles through the crowd, quickly disappearing.

Ru Yan fixes her attention on the warehouse’s direction.


When the dust and wood shavings clear up, a cyan silhouette from above nimbly lands on the ground, like a slowly blooming blue-green lotus.

Cao Wendao looks at the young woman’s poetic and picturesque countenance, saying in a low voice: “Jun Muyan, I will give you one last chance. If you obediently bundle your hands and await capture, then I guarantee that your conduct and deeds towards Ghost City today will absolutely be forgotten and not bear recriminations.”

“Magistrate Cao, why are you still being so wordy with her!?” Magistrate Xu can’t bear it any longer, he angrily shouts, “This slut murdered my apprentice Lou Fei! In any case, I cannot let her get away today!”

Saying so, his eyes reveal a savage and malicious expression, “I’m afraid that there’s still something that Magistrate Cao doesn’t know about. This slut has a son that she treasures very much. When we catch her son and torture it, even if her bones are hard, how can she not be good and offer herself to be captured?”

Muyan gently starts to strum on the Tian Mo Qin, her voice is gentle and her smile is lovely, “Magistrate Xu, I could have easily escaped from under your eyes and yet I’ve opted to wait here, I didn’t leave. Do you know why?”


She plays with the strings of the zither, creating a random but sweet-sounding tune.

Muyan’s words accompany the sound of the qin, “That’s because, before I leave, I still want your life!”

In this world, everyone who insults Xiao Bao, everyone who hurts Xiao Bao-

She will not let even one of them off!!

Just as her voice falls, slender white fingers suddenly dance.

The gentle tone morphs into an explosion like a tidal wave.

Crack — ! Crack — ! Crack —! Crack —!!

In the empty warehouse, the base of the sturdy pillars are breaking.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father