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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 141: Lose His Mind

Right now, regret rises up in his heart.

That’s because Muyan is too strong! Strong enough to evoke fear from others.

And they have made such an enemy for the Ghost City.

If they can’t kill Muyan today and let her continue to grow in the future, the consequences is simply too horrible to think about.

That’s why Jun Muyan must die today!

A cold light flickers within Cao Wendao’s eyes, he sternly says: “Everyone, we can no longer let that person stay alive.”

The other three Magistrates also have equally heavy expressions, they slowly give a nod.

Muyan, who is at the center of their encirclement, has a white complexion similar to ice crystals. Her cyan clothes are already stained with blood.

Her situation is very bad right now. Under the siege of five people, she has already used up more than half of the Internal Force within her body.

Moreover, that palm strike from Cao Wendao is making her chest ache.

Even if she slips through these four’s assault, she would still have nowhere to go while she’s trapped within the Ghost City.

For Muyan, this is already a deadlock.

Such a desperate situation should make anyone panicked and frightened.

But being under this kind of impasse, Muyan only laughs.

A demon is contained within those beautiful peach blossom eyes, like water covered in swirling fog. There is a flame that slowly, ever so gradually, rises up from within her pupils.

This is indeed excitement, a thrill, a lust for battle.

She wants to see, to what extent would she be able to fight without the assistance of the Tian Mo Qin.

After four years that she was deep in the mountains, she also wants to know how her strength measures up.

The long sword draws a beautiful arc in the air, until the tip points directly towards Cao Wendao, “Want to kill me? Then try to see if you can do it!”


On the streets of Xia’an, two figures hurtle past like lightning.

Following behind the other, Han Ye looks at Jun Shang’s back and he could feel the horror from what’s radiating out of him. It’s an almost uncontrollable pressure, like the whole person is dangerous.

Ghost City, they actually trapped Miss Jun and they also want to kill her!

Oh God, are they courting death?

Wrong! They’re not just courting death for themselves, these fools want to make the entire Yanwu Continent be buried together with them!

If Miss Jun really suffered any harm,

Han Ye simply doesn’t dare to imagine how furious Jun Shang would be, and how he will react.

That group of idiots from Ghost City, why can’t they just bring disaster upon themselves – must they really involve other people?

“Who is it? Ghost City is in a lockdown, no one can get in…”

The Ghost Envoy guarding the entrance still hasn’t finished his words when he suddenly spurts out a mouthful of blood, and flies away into the distance.

Han Ye follows after Di Ming Jue, going unimpeded all through the Ghost City compound.

Along with more and more ruined buildings, the smell of blood becomes thicker and thicker. The atmosphere coming out of Di Ming Jue becomes even more dreadful.

Even Han Ye, who’s following behind him, can’t help but shiver.

What more for the Ghost Envoys; they wouldn’t even have the chance to approach, before they’re already foaming at the mouth and losing consciousness.

In just a short while, they’ve already arrived at the location of the drug ingredients’ warehouse.

This place can no longer be called a warehouse, but a ruin.

The air is filled with a heavy smell of blood.

Five figures are wrapped with the cold glint of criss-crossing blades.

Han Ye takes a closer look and sees that within those five Precelestial experts, there’s dark-clothed young woman who is covered all over in blood, and is being attacked from all sides. He immediately sucks in a mouthful of cold air.

This time, Jun Shang is really going to lose his mind!

Before he could finish his thoughts, Di Ming Jue’s form has already soared up. A powerful and terrifying turbulence emerges, like one that will topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

Cao Wendao and the others are caught off guard. They suddenly cough up blood, and are blasted away.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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