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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 145: The Skies of the Ghost City Will Change

But after so many years, he didn’t ask Xia Yi to return the favor, only making an exception for Muyan this time.

Ru Yan kneels on the ground, her voice is trembling as she sobs, “I wanted to protect Miss Jun, but I am too incompetent that in fact, I’m unable to do anything for her. If honored Sir really must enforce a punishment, please punish me instead, since Miss Jun entered the Ghost City because she accepted my invitation. However, please sire, please let off the lives of the innocent people in Ghost City.”

Han Ye determines that Old Tao and Ru Yan’s intentions are sincere, so his expression looks much better. He turns back to look at Di Ming Jue.

But Di Ming Jue doesn’t even send a glance to these few people, as he turns to leave with the sleeping Muyan.

While he’s unprepared, the other figure is already quite a distance away.

Looking at the man’s straight and lofty silhouette disappearing, Xia Yi and the Ghost Envoys breath a sigh of relief.

Ru Yan and Old Tao suddenly slump down on the ground, like they obtained a new life after a calamity.

Han Ye doesn’t leave right away, but he looks down upon everyone there, “Considering the fact that two of you genuinely and sincerely wanted to save our Madam, I can open the net on one side*, and let off the rest of you. However, if there’s another incident where anyone from the Ghost City dares to be disrespectful to our Madam, hehe… you should know what will happen.”

give one’s opponent a way out.

Everyone who heard these words immediate go wild with joy. Each one of them swear to never act against Muyan again, and if they see Jun Muyan in the future, they will definitely treat her like their ancestors – in no way will they dare to show the slightest neglect.

Han Ye nods his head in satisfaction at this, then his line of sight falls on Xia Yi. A mocking smile appears on his face.

“I really didn’t expect that after a millennium, Ghost City has actually fallen to this degree. Can it only rely on usurpations in order to stay afloat? What a disgrace!”

Hearing this, Xia Yi lifts his head up, an astonished expression on his face: “What does Sir mean by these words?”

Han Ye’s sneer slowly disappears, his face turning expressionless: “Go back and tell [Gu Yue], that within a month, he will have to explain himself in front of Jun Shang; and give a clear account of the matter about the Madam being injured today. Otherwise, he should be prepared to disappear forever.”

Xia Yi snaps his eyes wide open, his body suddenly springs up and he cries: “Who-who are you in the end?!”

Han Ye no longer pays him any mind, but chuckles derisively and turns away. His figure quickly going into the distance.

Xia Yi dazedly looks toward his departing back, only returning to his senses after a long time.

Old Tao couldn’t help but whisper: “Ghost King, what’s going on? Who are those two?”

Xia Yi is silent for a long time. Then he secretly mumbles to himself: “Gu Yue, the one with the highest position within the Ghost City, the name of the Ghost Emperor. Except for the Ghost Kings, no one else should know.”

Then why? Why does that man know?

He wants the Ghost Emperor to appear before Jun Shang within a month. Again… what does that mean?

Xia Yi abruptly turns around, ignoring the questions from Old Tao and the others, and quickly leaves.

He must report this news to the Ghost Emperor right away.

Xia Yi has an intuition that maybe, the skies of the Ghost City will change!


“Gongzi can rest assured, your lady doesn’t have anything serious, just… just excessive use of Internal Force and physical overexertion – so she collapsed. As long as she rests for several days, and eat proper meals, she’ll definitely… fully recover.”

Under Di Ming Jue’s cold gaze, the doctor stammeringly finishes stating his diagnosis.

As Han Ye smiles and invites him out so they can settle the consultation fee, the doctor immediately goes out in a hurry, like he received some sort of amnesty.

Inside the room, only Di Ming Jue and a still-sleeping Muyan are left behind.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. Han Ye has been showcasing some real talent for acting like an evil henchman lately.
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  4. He was never their for her before so when she finds out hes the father then shes going to hate him even more


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