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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 157: Pleased with You

Some of them are even producing a pungent smell.

Is this… is this food for people to consume?!

By the side, Muyan looks at Di Ming Jue’s paralyzed look, and halts the movements on the strings. She rests her chin on a hand, and with a smile that isn’t a smile, she watches the man not too far from her, “What’s wrong? Jun Shang doesn’t like the food that I personally made?”

Di Ming Jue goes silent for a short moment, before he says with a wooden face: “I like it!”

Saying that, he directly sits by the table, picks up the chopsticks, and starts eating.

She watches as he takes the black lumps and places them in his mouth. He doesn’t allow his face to change color as he swallows it down.

Muyan herself can’t help widen her eyes in astonishment.

It must be known that she’s born without any talent in cooking.

Otherwise, the little bean sprout Xiao Bao also wouldn’t have had to attend to her diet, back when they were in the mountains.

Even dogs wouldn’t touch the stuff she makes.

Even her dear Xiao Bao decided not to eat a bite.

Yet this Di Ming Jue, he’s unexpectedly eating it all without having his face change color.

Soon, he really does finish eating a dish.

Muyan can’t quite keep her calm, “You… you’d really put it in your mouth?”

Di Ming Jue casts her a quick sidelong glance, coldly and indifferently saying: “As long as my lady made it, no matter what it is, Ben Jun would like to eat it!”

Muyan: “?!!!!” who is your lady!!

After a strange moment of silence, the corner of Muyan’s mouth twitches up, and she softly smiles: “Can’t have food without wine, wine without entertainment, isn’t that life’s blessing. Why don’t I play some music for Jun Shang?”

“…” Di Ming Jue coldly looks at her, neither speaking nor moving.

He has a seething appearance.

Muyan instantly understands, “Di Ming Jue.”

But this time, this Jun Shang-daren is still not satisfied, “Too unfamiliar!”

His body language, ‘If you don’t say it, I won’t eat, I won’t listen to a song’.

Muyan grits her teeth, and ultimately squeezes out two words between them: “A Jue!”

  • An “A” before a name indicates familiarity.

It should have been a very humiliating thing for the majestic Jun Shang to be called ‘A Jue’.

But Di Ming Jue seems to be satisfied. He bows his head and continues to eat those food that are too awful even for pig feed.

Muyan can’t help but feel up her own cheeks.

Calling out such an intimate appellation as “A Jue”, this guy Di Ming Jue responds like it’s nothing, but she herself is indescribably blushing and palpitating, unable to compose herself.

She takes a deep breath, calming down, and begins to softly play on the zither strings.

A mellow and touching melody flows out of her fingertips, gradually permeating within the room.

Di Ming Jue was just focusing on eating the ‘pig food’ at first, but he turns his attention to his ‘wife’.

Slowly, he finds that the blood within his body is gradually starting to boil.

Soon after, the heat on his body gathers at a certain area below.

And now in his eyes, Muyan who’s not far from him seems to ooze with charm and allure from every inch of her body.

The soft pink lips on her small mouth are moving slightly, snow white flesh is faintly discernible under the collar of her clothes. Those unadorned white fingers softly strum on the zither strings, seemingly provoking the lust within him.

Di Ming Jue can’t hold himself back any longer. He abruptly stands up walks over to Muyan with large strides.

The sound of the zither comes to a grinding halt!

Di Ming Jue gathers Muyan up from her position.

The tall figure firmly wraps around her slender form.

He puffs out a scorching breath on the girl’s skin, so delicate, as if it would break at the slightest pressure. An indistinct pinkness once again rises up on her cheeks.

“Muyan, Ben Jun is pleased with you!” he says in a hoarse voice, declaring the words he had been burying in the bottom of his heart for a long time.

Large hands grasp the nape of Muyan’s neck, and he leans down to capture those soft pink lips, ferociously ravaging them in an instant.

Since they parted in Jin Hong Men, Muyan had been completely rejecting him.

He had been haunted by the sweet and alluring taste.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. “Muyan, Ben Jun is pleased with you!” Even with all the CNovels I’ve read and all the ice blocks, tyrants, and narcissist ML’s I’ve seen I don’t think I’ve read a confession more arrogant than this, lel.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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