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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 168: Ink Camp

Isn’t this kid a monster?

Muyan slowly walks over, looking around at the tragic sight of the dozen or so people. With an easy smile: “How about it? Will you serve?”

Some of them open their mouths to speak in anger.

However, Muyan’s next words intimidate their guts to shrink back.

“Baby, if there’s any insubordination, remember that you can hit them until they obey.”

Xiao Bao clenches his tiny fists and coldly nods, “En!”

All the slaves uncontrollably shake in unison.

Soon after, under the lead of that scarred man, each and every one of them clamber up and kneel towards Muyan: “Slaves are willing to follow Master!”

Muyan has a focused expression and she lowers her voice: “Your master isn’t me, but him, Jun Mochen!”

Muyan’s places her hand on Xiao Bao’s head, making it clear that he is their new master.

Xiao Bao stares blankly. He then raises his head to look up towards Muyan, softly calling out: “Niangqin?”

Muyan smiles at him and shakes her head. She then turns her attention to the slaves, “Any objections?”

Had this sentence been asked a quarter of an hour ago, these slaves will surely laugh loudly and derisively.

Now however!

If Muyan wants them to recognize her as Master, perhaps they would still have some hesitation.

But to recognize Xiao Bao instead?

The scarred man’s right fist is pressed against the left part of his chest, he bows and makes a salutation to Xiao Bao, “This slave is willing to recognize the young master as Lord!”

“This slave is willing to recognize the young master as Lord!” all the slaves shout together in unison.

Muyan continues: “From now on, you are all no longer slaves, and there would be no need to call yourselves as slaves. You are now members of the [Ink Camp] headed by Yan Haotian, and you will receive training and have a unified deployment.”

“In the future, I may dispatch you to undertake various kinds of tasks, but you must always remember one thing: your ultimate command and objective is only one, and that is to protect your young master. Anything conflicting with this command, even if it comes from me, you may refuse to obey.”

“Do you understand?”

The dozen or so slaves, or rather the members of the Ink Camp, fall into a very brief moment of silence. They simultaneously bow, and reply with clear voices: “Subordinate obeys!”

Xiao Bao looks up and stares at Muyan in a daze, his tiny hands couldn’t help but clench more firmly.

Muyan looks at the respectful manner of the Ink Camp’s members, but she knows that to genuinely tame them, it would still need some time.

However, she’s really not even a little bit anxious.

She believes that the process of making these people obedient will certainly be… very interesting!


After letting Yan Haotian take away the members of the Ink Camp to first help them settle down, Muyan crouches down to look at Xiao Bao, “What’s wrong? Is Xiao Bao unhappy?”

Xiao Bao’s little face is still cold, but there’s clearly an expression of hurt and grievance within those big blue eyes, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao doesn’t want protection, Xiao Bao wants to protect niangqin!”

“Silly child.” Muyan chuckles and gently strokes his head, “Those people have all the skills of a three-legged cat*, they’re not even a match for Xiao Bao, how can they protect niangqin and my baby?”

  • jack of all trades, master of note, unskilled.

Xiao Bao stares blankly and reveals a puzzled expression.

In the end, he’s just a four-year-old child and there are a lot of things that he still doesn’t understand.

“Xia Bao, you have to understand that becoming more powerful isn’t limited to the method of simply advancing your own cultivation. There’s still another way to make you incomparably formidable. That is to gather a group of people for you to utilize, making other people’s strength become your strength.”

Xiao Bao doesn’t really understand it as he nods, “So niangqin made me defeat those people?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. Xiao Bao’s difficulty understanding the concept of strength in numbers is understandable. How many times have we seen him take on group of confident people without so much as breaking a nail?
    Thanks for the chapter.

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