EMHS – ch179

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 179: Demoralized

“This fellow, why can’t you keep silent, didn’t we agree that we’ll do an ambush? Since you laughed, your father’s sneak attack is a fart!”

“Haha, do we still need to do a sneak attack to deal with this kind of trash?”

From these disdainful laughter, as well as the chattering voices that deliberately make light of them, it’s as if everyone from the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group are facing a big enemy.

“Who?! Hurry and come out for me!”

“No good, there’s actually an ambush in this courtyard!”

During this commotion, Chang Yu stands up from the bushes. Motioning with his hands: “All you fuckers stop hiding and go!”


With a cry, ten people instantly jump out and surround the eight individuals from the Raging Inferno.

At first, the people from the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group are startled, but when the see what level of cultivation the people surrounding them have, they can’t help but laugh heartily.

“Blowing out such big talk, thought it’s some very powerful people, it’s actually just a bunch of fucking rabble!”

“Hahaha, a dozen people and only two of them are at Earth Stage, and they still want to have a go at us. They’re just overestimating themselves!”

Within the Raging Inferno Group, the only man at the peak of Earth Stage waves his hand, an ominous glint in his eyes, “Brothers, kill this group of wastes for me, and that Jun Muyan would be in our bag! I heard that slut is one great beauty, so whoever gets the most kills tonight, will be rewarded with that girl, and be able to play with her as you please for one night!”

“The boss is great!”

The people from the Mercenary Group burst into loud laughter and show their enthusiasm to do this task, completely not putting the Ink Camp in their eyes.

The corner of Chan Yu’s mouth twitches up into a chilling smile, his voice clear: “Brothers in the Ink Camp, let this group of stupid cunts know our prowess!”


Under the crescent moon, a cold seeps into the dark night, and a terrifying murderous intent pervades throughout the small yard.

And from time to time, the sounds miserable howls and fearful shrieks rise and fall in succession.

Nevertheless, quite a long stretch time passes by.

It has taken a full hour before the dust settles in the battlefield.

From the eight individuals of the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group, seven are lying down on the ground, none groaning in pain, as they’re either in a coma or just separated from their heads.

The only one that remains standing is that peak Earth Stage. His face is overwhelmed with shock, and simply unable to believe what had just happened.

By contrast, the dozen or so people from the Ink Camp,

Aside from the injuries suffered by those with particularly low cultivation, there’s hardly any casualties.

There’s still a head in Chang Yu’s hand as he coldly looks at what remains of the crushed unit.

“You, who are you people in the end?”

How could a group of mere Profound Stage Practitioners completely overpower them, the elites of the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group?

Not to mention that he, Zhao Shan, is still at the peak of Earth Stage, the third handler in the Mercenary Group.

But they’re still rendered powerless by this rabble?

How can this be?!

Everyone in the Ink Camp has a sinister grin.

Someone even licks off the blood from the corner of his mouth, excitedly saying: “Damn it, after these days of getting tossed around like a dog every day in training. Today, I can finally, nicely vent my frustrations on these group of sissy grandchildren!”

“This grandfather really likes the feeling of slaughtering demoralized opponents!”

“But I’ve gotta say, Miss Jun is really amazing. Just a short half month of training and our Ink Camp can already kill a group of Earth Stage practitioners.”

Chang Yu throws away the head he’s holding, and uses his bloodied hand to wipe his face.

His face that’s covered in scars instantly becomes even more terrifying.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who remembers/cares about this.
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